Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 8, 1938 · Page 15
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 8, 1938
Page 15
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SIJTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA; IOWA the landlord's 1 share, which had been stored in an- outside crib. Peter planped on sealing the corn he bought. Fisher were Spenver week Wednesday. The W. P. Wets- 111 AVTH U ,1-AiO V A ^•^ ^ M^Q 17 Jewels i 'W^ bi^iicrlmlnatlna 'woman, who kit lomethtag finn. something richer •a Um»pi«c«- -This...May. loT«Iy. 17 I Buloro i* Id* very n«w«t §tyl- a great "'•"' LUSBY The Truman Johnsons visited the Beryl Bromleys, Fairmont, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Kennedy and Ernest Nauman, southwest of [head, and the hogs are fine ones the Dennis Hendricksens were at Bancroft, was cleaning out his which show that the boys know eht-^Villiam Alderson's for Sunday chicken house when we arrived how to care for hogs. "-•---•- ..... ' Fenton Saturday, and Mrs. Nauman was Helping him. These folks keep up dinner, Mrs. Arthur Voigt led the lesson The Rev. Adolph Kilian, of the In a follow-u ; p Farm Bureau wom- .helr place in tiptop shape. " We j German Lutheran church northeast an's meeting on this year's proj- noticed that they had a winter of Titonka, eaid Friday that Mrs. ect, Being Well Dressed, and supply of wood sawed and neatly stacked. Ernest worked four years Tor his neighbor, Maurice Bern- h<ird, and he says that Maurice is Kilian was at Excelsior Springs, Smartness in Dress. This .lesson Mo., where she had an operation dealt with foundation garments, last week Tuesday. Mr. Kllian's grooming, and iposture. A laundry rtister, a Mrs. Arendt, of North bag was cut out, and work was Iharles Gappa. and Mrs. Walter ' * PAGE SBVBN visitors last brods spent Saturday at Jos. Me- The Georga ovenr's, Whittemore. Mienkes called on the William Gallaghers at Emmetejburg Saturday evening. Many from Fenton mother and daughter 'dinner at the Depew St. John's Lutheran church Saturday evening. Thl« ganlzation meeting of ble). Arno Njaa, ettended a' \ . was an or- the (Ulegl- Minneapolisi helped organize. Officers were elected and installed president, Orlue Norlan'd; vice, Frances Gordon; secretary, Margalrite Barkve; treasurer, Virginia Berkeland. Eighteen girls joined. FARM MACHINERY — IF YOU the best man he ever worked for. i Dakota, was doing the housework, started on it. Comparisons were Now Ernest is on his own and do-1 and she remarked that Iowa looked made on selection and uses of ing well. He rents the farm where S°od to her. Mr. and Mrs. Kilian brushes. The four' singing num- lie lives, which is owned by the have two chldlren, a girl and a bers were studied. The meeting Crawford Bros., of Whittemore. |boy, both of whom attend school, was held Friday at Mrs. B. G, * * * » I It is at this corner where the Kil- Berkeland's, and 'assisting was niehard Leigh, of Irvington, was ; lans live that Hancock and Winne- Mrs. Sigurd Olsen. Sixteen women turning his cattle out to let themjbago counties meet. Mr. Ktlian, attended. amble to a field, and four big who likes to joke, said if the sher- Mrs. Weber Yager entertained mules had been turned out with' itf ° E Hancock ever called on hiui her bridge club Saturday at four the cattle, when we saw him last he could just step across the road tables. Mrs. E. C. Weisbrod won week Monday. We noticed that his j west and be in Kossuth county, or high, and Mrs. E. W. Ruske was stock shows good care, and we also could step across north and be In second. Substitutes were Mrs, _W. took note of several corn cribs Winnebago, out of Hancock juris- R. Wolfe, Mrs. George Jentz, and filled with this year's crop. But diction. But we don't think that Dorothea Gerhardt. Richard said he would have no any sheriff will ever be calling on Mr. and Mrs. Everett Dreyer en- corn to sell, for he will feed all of the Kilians unless to get a couplo tertained at dinner Sunday the it. So many times, when people of SooA votes. , Clarence Wegeners and the Paul talk or wrltp ihrmt thp r-mh vphip I * * * •" Eiglers. Mr. and Mrs. John Rabe, c acorncron. thev fall to remem- We called last week Thursday on Fairmont, and Mrs. Earl Murray, her that in Iowa thp hulk nfTis' Leonard Christ, northeast of La- Buffalo Center, were at Herman fed to catUehoKs etc Often when kota ' and he happened to. be at Struecker's Saturday afternoon. , cornisto v-nS U brines a wod home ' As the n«*8hborhood butch- -George Madden, Haifa, called at' or oe In stock We should tatk and' er he ls k <*t °n the go. He told us his brother Joseph's Monday morn- w, i. n i r f f Vl 5 that he had done some winter i ng . ,E nrtaes 6 etc .butchering already. The people of The John Lights moved Monday «',»** that community now store their to the Sorenson. house, .recently At Fred Shpplov's north of Swpa' meat in the Th aves lockers at La- vacated by the Henry Schultes, Oitv wefoundMr and Mrs Shee It0ta ' The modertl lookel ' 9 SystGnl who moved to an apartment above lev outside dotae chores Sato-' hfls run through this COUntry like Mr - Schulte's pool hall. rt,v wi.'«£.."?,, in°It B ',J. i" - ^ !ldfire and i g a «ne thing for the Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bollinger, have machinery to sell, or if you want to buy, an Advance Want Ad will bring prompt acton. AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE We are prepared to meet any or all COMPETITION on reliable Automobile Insurance. If you are a Safe Driver we can furnish you with a Special Low Priced Policy which will save you up to 40% providing you have no accidents or file a claim. There is no MEMBERSHIP FEE! or POLICY FEE but a good straight contract, easily read and understood. Remember our claim service is second to none. Come in and talk it over. : Kruse-Blossom Ins* Agency , Phone 125 Algona, Iowa corn that day, and Mrs. - .... Sheeley i., Bn feW Sr., of Algona. His Beat "Old Man Winter" to the Punch! Go"SpMth" This Winter in Your Own Home You'll have Florida temperatures in your living room all winter — with fewer trips to the basement — if you f stock up with Superior Block Coal NOW! Go "south" this winter in your own home by using dust-proofed Superior Block—the fuel that assures reliable, even heat with a minimum of smoke, soot and ash. Phone us your order today. PHONE 229 '. S.NORTON & SON Your Warmest Friends for 44 Years! . son Mrotto WicMendahl Mr and had picked every day. This time Henry and a Mrs. Heidenwith care Mrs' WHma WicMendahl Mr and they were done picking and glad to for him . M r. Geilenfeld, who is one Mrs' Edwin W ch endah ' Mr' and have it over with. The picking of Kossuth's oldtimers, was 88 on JJ™' W^HiL Lauck and Edw would have been a real job if they, MS last birthday. Mrs.. HeidenWith Tle i. atte nded a 30th weddinc an- had waited till after Sunday's , s a sist er of Mrs. Geilenfeld, and niverSary celebration by Mr and last week she was spending a week Mrs . John Ge itzenauer, Armstrong, snowstorm. * * : * * We were at James H. Doocy's southwest of Swea City, last week Wisconsin. Tuesday, and the men there were picking corn with two two-row pickers. They said they would fin- with relatives and attending Kolden wedding anniversary * * * • John Wesselman, northwest of Bancroft, on one of the Kennedy a Sunday evening. Some 35 persons ln attended. Mrs. E. A. Weisbrod, of Whittemore, Called on friends here Bun- R. Willretts, and Mar- spent the day at the home. The Emil Mrs. Kathryn ers. They said tney woum nn- ancro, on one o e en .. that afternoon and then would ( half-sections, said Saturday, that "J move to Nick Doocy's, where they he had finished picking and was had 40 acres to pick. It was tak- plowing. He said the ground had ing a real gang of men to care for; been too wet to plow when the the corn, and there were all sizes j early plowing was done, but was of cribs-ful. We hope the boys got now in sliape for easy plowing. We Herman Struecker'e all done before the Sunday snow- wonder whether he got flone before Helen Kem t ' t storm struck. Sunday s damp blizzard. William Lloyd, Ledyard, was fix- school Bancroft, were at of , last week wlth Ruth Wetobrod at MrS- at Emmetsburg. The Edgar Baumanns, Ringsted, were Sunday dinner .guests at Henry Berghofer's. Mr. and Mrs. We had a short visit last week J- C- Kresensky's, Algona. ing up the brakes on his school Thursday with George Winter, ™ ll ta* ®° na )} u « *™ k hl » *** bus Hst week Wednesday One of southeast of Lakota. A daughter to Oakdale Sunday night, leaving the MghwayJatrolmenhad been at'works for some big printing com-the daughter Maxine with relatives Ledyard and had inspected all the;pany in Chicago which gets.out the busses, but had found only a fewjcatalogs for Montgomery, Ward,& minor things that needed attention Co. for safe driving William soon had | ' southwest of Ban- his job done and was ready to -;o cj>oft &nd Mg brothers Andrew and out on his route. ^ j Matt'were cleaning out their hog J I McColley, south of Titonka, I lot and hog house Saturday. John was doing some repair work in his ( remarked that the _ weather mignt barn last week Thursday. He had change any day, and that this work a cement floor for his milk cow,, 1 ,.would not bejo^nice, a,nd he prov- also one for his cream separator GET THIS RED CROWN SPECIAL WINTER GASOLINE FROM YOUR STANDARD OIL DEALE* J. I. is a handy man who likes to have things in order. * * * * Dick Meyer, northeast of ed to be a good weather prophet. for the very next day it snowed. These boys, as a rule, feed out a herd of cattle every winter, but Tl- they are not feeding any this win- F FINEST GIFT ORTABLE tonka, his "son Dan, and a neigh- ] ter. S*^u^^r^^'tK| Otto Kelly northeast aTthe Meyer arm Dick said he O , wa s s when or Swea Algona, Wednesday, December 14 Bancroft, Friday, December 16 *?Y"^~ P ~rSf r^do r ldrteTto ]U ^e' 1 ^d ng ,Tne ne ^c^ not for men of lus age to *o ««r I had also come . yMr . Kelly had the more. Well, ««k can atm ao i, been flown jn bed but he has certainly^earned a rest. ^ dayg . ^ ^ & ^^ ^^ Frank Clark; of the Titonka Top- and he thought he might have tak- Ie as friendly as ever, says he' en cold while at work. But some "likes Titonka fine," though he people claim that the only way to I and Mrs Clark drive back to Gar-'. get a cold is to get it from some-: ner to spend an evening sometimes' one else who has one. This con- and see old friend.s. We ta.lked with ; filets with the theory that wet feet, him Friday, and they had been at sitting in a draft, etc., causes Garner Thursday evening, Frank! colds,\and most people are set m said he had noticed that some of the'ir beliefs and will not' agree the women he used to be well ac-! that these things do not cause qualnted with at Algona did not, cods. It is. strange that thei mod- look much older in the face now|cal profession^ has been able to have white hair. It is now 21 years .learn so many .things, about dis- since Mr Clark sold his interest in ease, but has never been aTjel to the Advance to Mr. Dewel and, settle the question of what causes moved to Garner. i colds. . -. » » „ » Frank Hellmann, west of Ban-1 Peter N. Hansen, west of Bancroft and a brother were cleaning croft, was getting ready to elevate up the floor where they feed their,the landlord's eUare o corn into a toes when we called last week crib when we were at his place Thursday They are feeding 140 last week Tuesday. He had bought this Christinas an for that boy or girl, ambitious young . Give them the sue. bit of more coq- ent writing, quicker ^ng, clearer express-Give them this »ble that's built for [service, with many *-typewriter features. Modern Idea In Tractors 'us how you can buy ED EC I »«convenient term?: ," •* " * * t typing Chart, handtom* carry •t n« extra «*»t. OFFICE See Our Window H you should happen to see a sleek powerful looking, stream- Itaed, modernistic vehicle go gliding by on the highway, don't be alarmed- It's not an invasion from Ma?? Chances are it will be the new MM comfortractor coming to town This new Power Unit lo-r ' and industry was designed built by MinnejtpoWs-MpJlne and recognised throughout the country ap the world's WSt modern tractor. This latest ^H crea- e»n «»«»,«' ^__.j wlti h a 8 oun<3 cushioned jfcftarter, •In i l&\ ool you. It is fully capable of lerforming any task required of a standard treati tractor of ? to 4 plow power. By simply removing ihe front fender this modern trac tor is ready fpr heavy duty bejt work; long hauling jobs are no onger a worry wltH road epeeds up to almost 40 M. P. H. In fact, this tractor has 5 forward speeds and with the variable $peed governor it should handle eyery ,ipb. at just the right spee^ JProvigJoj, • been made |OT the —" of a p "" x "" •preciate the w and Alsonar icraft, r ' uWWNF* $1 Atfafn'MINNEAPOLIS-MOLINE steps ahead and OPENS THE DOOR to a revolutionary advance in farm tractors, OPENS THE DOOR and seats the farmer in a cab as comfortable as, that ot , his modern automobile. Of course, the MM is more than a tractor with a cab — it's a "COMFORTRACTOR" with a cab as much a part of it as the cab on an automobile. There are comfortable cushion seats fpr two in the roomy air ventilated and temperature controlled cab with a hot water heater in cold weather and air circulation in. hot weather. COMFORTABLY seated away from-the dust and elements, the farme* has at his command FIVE SPEEDS forward — from a crawl to 40 M. P! H. Gears can be shifted "on the go". The variable? speed governor is controlled like a footfeed. Before the operator are ^ the speedometer, ammeter, oil pressure gauge, and water temperature gauge. Almost any convenience he may name is at hU command; including such luxuries as a radio and a cigar lighter. A self-starter and PPwerfui electric head lights obey hw touch. Foi night wort there u a powerful spot light controlled from the cab that can be turned in any direction. Naturally, POWER and UTILITY have not< been sacrificed to modem conveniences, and the new Special Pfi. LUXE Model MM Tractor promises performance record* a* astpnUb-i 'ing 99 it» comfort features, SAFETY, TOO, has been a walchwpfd -~ the Cab U m*d«-oi StefV£*!»*y glep,.^*,^ uwd throughout Vision is exeunt, . - , v >.. ..Tested and fl^MUpr HViiaJ y««» |ft Hi* Mohivt Pwt lt undar manv oth MM tractor" ' , operated. S«« many other SIONfor •••'< *,.!** > f<

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