Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 8, 1938 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 8, 1938
Page 5
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8. 1938 waft In ,Mason City |y?» mission. H. A. TuttAe were Friday ftnd Satur- buslness mission. lonerholm, Crystal Lake, Saturday of her sis- ,'"jtcEarb*, daughter of •Mrs. $• &•' McEnroe was S son, Humboldt. tlio former KOSStJtH COUNTY ADVAttCB. ALQOKA. IOWA fall. Bode, before' m^..^ 1 Z I><'(il, son Donald, lu ui nnd Mrs. C, H. LaBarre drove »""'"-'-!• Sunday to s the Hoy Jacobsens, farmers Ottoscn. Mr. and Mrs. Sol- an , " v ,ed neighbor to the Jac'ab- sens before moving to Algona. Willis (.'ohvcll, who had been bookkeeper for the Green-Colonial furnace company, of Des Moines, spent last week here with his par- Poterson la ents, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Colwell. <"••-- • He returned to Des Moines Sun- uay and next day began work for llle r °wa Pipe and Culvert Co. Willis was graduated from a business and M:-. colle se at Dea Moines last year. •I'liHIj) Hnrgreiucs, Los Angeles, ., Policeman, left Friday for home, ,. i after a visit with his parents, Mr. » * went two chidlren, Have been visiting relatives in Nebraska. Philip has been on the 1 Los es police force for some ssre last week , at Oelgel son Bobby attended a Picture appeared in a an International Harves birthday dinner Sunday at Mrs. Saturday Shopper, also a story etl ? g ir a Rov Brownoll cot ™7™ K< £*' Rellwick ' '» lion- f bout "is record. Mrs. Carney's nd Mrs. R^y Brownell got or o Mrs Dora Dean, Corwlth.i 1 ""*and ta with the local Ford ITuesday from a •week in Chi- daughter of Mrs. Henry Geiuel Tho ' last week's . eue o . wlth Mrs. Brownell'a ateter, latter k a sistor-in-w of Frank | »'• and Mrs. Donald' Hutchins, lEarl Stensen. . | Jvlalnc .MurUn, Lisbon, N. DJ^corah, are parents of an 8%-lb. and Mrs- R- «• MIUe_ r, D on- WC nt home Sunday after six weeks Slrl, born yesterday (Wednesday) e Merron, and Coach H.L. hero with her undo and aunt, Mr. «t a Decorah hospital. Mr. and y Visited the L. G. Iliomp- and Mra. A. M. Anderson, of the! M ™- Hutchlna have one other ft t Esthervllle Sunday' Ice Cream Cottage. Elaine, daugh- cllild - a bo^- Mr. Hutohlns, an eloc- Und Mrs. E. E. Lalng, who ter of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Martin, i tl '° lu * salesman, is a son of Mr. Lear Russell, were guests is a S i Xt]l Krndo . stlulen( nnd she ' and Mra. H. D. Hutching here. He eek Monday and Tuesday at, attended the Bryant school while |W111 bring the son here tomorrow " ...... fsonSupt. 0. B. Laings .hero. ! for a visit with the elder Mr. and MARKETS H008 Best-light butch., 180-200 $6.85 Med. hvy., 200-290 $6.90 Med. hvy., 290-325 $6.80 Best light butch,, 325-330 $6.75 Butchers, 350-400 $6,70 Packing sows, 275-350 Packing eows, 350r400 SISTER OF CORWITH'S TOWN MARSHAL DEAD Corwlth, Dec. 6—Word has been received of the death of Mrs. Anna Blila Cottrell, sister of A. S. Beckman, Corwith marshal. Mrs. Cottrell, who was 69, died at her home church. The Rev. Russell E. Pope, pastor of the Church of the Open Bible, was In charge of interment at the Clear Lake cemetery. l^og« are Drowned as Ice Gives. Way Irvington, Dec. 6—A herd of hogs attacked a pet lamb belong- ^u.iu on „,.-„„ ,<u ,, , $6.60 JL was' b ra at DuCh* * '' ™ Packing sows, -500 ...... .$6.50 1 ebruy 12 1869, andwa*' mrred Packing sows, 500-550 ------- $6.50 j to Delbert A. Cottrell January 1 <"! A TTT.l? ' IflHft nt T7irtf/*rt* n**., •»*„ *-t_ii_._-ii Hved.jng to Franklin, I and Mrs. George CATTLE at Forest City. Mr. Cottrell son of Mr. Wagener, last Wednesday afternoon. The lamb -was still alive when found by 0. L, Miller, but had to be shot. Cannem and cutters' .... $3.00-3.751 died' July 15, Yo227 >: ' Umb'had bee^^runnC ?n' ^o Stock steers $5.00-6.751 Surviving Mrs. Cottrell are two ame pasture with the hog The Fat yearlings $G.50-7.fiO daughters, Mrs. Walter Anderson,! incident demon«WW? Yhf?' Fat steers $750-850 M'"""""""- •' 1 " r — ™--" ~. - i - - aemonstiateu. that Fat cows II"II"I$4'.00-5!oO veal calves $6.00-8.00 Bul 's $4.60-5.50 No. 2 yello-w corn 36V 2 c No. 2 white corn No. 2 white oats No. and Mrs. Virgil Cho-j though called Mason City, and four brothers—'imals Richard, Forest City; David, Fertile; Fred, Chicago; and Alfred, of domestic animals eight nephews, and five nieces. COIIN-SEALING began yester- ! bushel are to run till next Aug- licc, daughter of Druggist and Mrs. Kolx-rt Mlddlokmiff, San! Mrs - Hutchins. Vohs, West Bend, was uj Francisco, arrived Monday and Mr* »»<! 31'rs. Edw. D. Sheehan guest of her grandpar- will spend part of the rest of tlv! win S° to Maxwell Friday to vis- iMr and Mrs. G. L. Vohs. and Mrs. Elliott Skllllng are .la of a boy, born Sunday [at the Kossuth hospital. Mr. , g Is a local street employe. , p. J. Braner attended the al at Britt Monday of Mrs. Tech, who died last week isday at the Kossuth hospital. er, elder son of Mr. and Mrs. . Didrlksen, has been sick [the "flu" since one day last and has not been attending John N. Kencflck and his I Stephen and Michael were lay guests of the doctor's Mrs. Thomas Keneflck, at Grove. |T. Solberg is up an'd about, _• an appendicitis operation he Kossuth hospital three ago. He Is; in White Rose fetation employ. Skinner has been here a ,ays, guest of her mother, Mrs. Skinner. Miss Skinner still lls for the Glnn & Col school- winter with her parents, Mr. andi il tne former's sister, Mrs. Joseph Mrs. A . L. Long. Her brother i uh1 ' f °r the day. From there they Jack drove to Mason City to meet win s ° to De » Moines, on a short her. The Middlekauff son Charles, buslness trl P' returning Saturday, two years old, has been with hl3) Mr ' Sheehan was atWindom, Minn., grandparents a month. (Sunday, on a business mission, Mr. nnd Mrs. Robert Simonson, lttnd tl took him Jour and one-half Graettinger, and Mrs. Richard Sor-j lloui- s to get home. He ran into ensen, Algona, were at Rochester i heavy snowstorm at Jackson. EGU8 Hennerys _ 26c No. 1 No. '2 ___i I.IIIIIIIIIIIH Cash cream- No. 1 27c: No. 2 26c Sweet 28c I'OUIiTllY | Springers, over 5 Ibs. I3cl Springers, 4 to 5 Ho! Springers, under 4 Ibs. 9ci Leghorn springers - ;)c' Hens over 5 Ibs. __: isol Hens, under 4 Ibs. I""" g c ! Leghorn hens 8c! Cocks, under 4 ] A Ibs. .'. 6c| Cocks, over 4% Ibs. 7c L ' Kratz - nastor of the Mason City the county. Geese, live Hens, 4 to 5 Ibs. I___llc Ducks, live, 4V Z Ibs 9c " ' ™" -.- —wti w-j iv.1. . --- | — o"« *.i»wj Aiciii^j uoi, UCCll IliU-i I Iclli iriday to call on the women's| A «i»i(?Hter, who has been named and neither of them had ever been! sister, Mrs. Bert Deal, who had a | Snaron Lee was born last week j away from home before. Mr Deib-i major operation there two weeks i Wednesday at the Kossuth hospital ler came alone first and from «n. n TIT T-i__i i . . t^ TVT,. „ — ,1 II* s\ »i i. *-i .. t .. » i ~ _ _. — ' *»*4.» via* , Will not bo able to come home for o£ tlle Good Hope neighborhood! ; publishing house, and Mrs. Prank Skllling, [ their son Donald, were Sun- pinner guests of Mrs. Mary Irvington'. Mrs. Skllling and iDole are sisters. gene Hill, Ruth and William ler, Lucille and 'Luella Stray- nd Irwin Maleug were Sunday of the Irving Urches at Concord, Minn. ;orney and 'Mrs. ' p. W. Still- |\yere called to Atlantic Friday e of the..death of Mrs. Still- sister's'"father-fe-law. : The Bans returned. Monday.' and Mrs. Milton Giddings t Sunday dinner guests of the r's mother, Mrs. Mae Harris, |the latter's daughter Mary. Giddings" farms near Wesley. , and Mrs. Harvey Hackbarth at'Corwith Sunday, visiting . D. Galloways. Mr. Hack- represents an oil, company, . Galloway Is a rural mail ler. , and Mrs. Lloyd Walker, of ktemore, were Sunday alter- callers on Mrs. Chas. Larsen [her daughter Buelah. Mrs. per is the former Lillian Heid- h, . '••. '. nnd MJS. Henry Miller are nta of a son iborn last week •silay at the Kossuth hospital. Miller Is the daughter of Mr. Mrs. Gottfried Struecker, who near Wesley. rothy Held and Jesse Beam- Iowa Palls, have been here «' days. Miss Reid is a sla- o£ Mrs. Raymond Beamish, s a brother of Raymond, a e fruit salesman. r. and Mrs. Wm. F. Steele, R. larrlngton, and Alice Rfct, the of Washington, D. C., at- d a surprise birthday party at r Saturday evening honoring BSlst George Free Jr. • and Mrs. A. W. Behrends at Renwick Sunday, visiting latter's brother, Louis Heeti and the . Behrend daughter w. who had been, there a few . came home with her parents. •fothy Kerkwood, Emmetsburg, a week-end guest of Jeanetto •tag. Dorothy, whoso father is re dealer,; Is a senior in 1 school, Joanette is a dauga- Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Sterling. w Anderson, Spencer, wa& a * Sunday at hia brother Homer Arson's. « e drives a truck for rosier company, and Homer 'lie Anderson Grain & Coal «oth are sons of Fred Ander- '»• W, D, Andrews left Friday 'ksviHe, Mo,, 'where she la her father, S. W. Swan- "oetor Andrews, left Sunday "Merent ppints in Missouri. are expeoteij hpme Fri- r - and airs, cafl Medin, Mason •are speeding a couple of .* H th the former's parents, MW Mrs. 'SanjiiMrt Medln. Carl Ames eolle^e extension em- tlo - e ^as Pecember for a '' a " d *«>, H. P, Norton spent week-end «t Boone with Mr. ' ^ lber(; Bcfc^^g, former - Mr. Eckberg is a sales- grocery com- at Ducks, live, under 4^ Ibs.. 6e ca-me to Kossuth county direct from Ogle county, 111., 57 years ago. They had just been married, ago. Mrs. Deal is recovering, but! to Mr ' Mrs. Orville Gardner, a week or two more. T ' lis is the first child, and the late Geo. C. Call bought the 80- j acre place where they have everj , , , . , si nce resided. The'land cost $16 Allen JSiiclinmin, of Mason City, lbabv weighed eight pounds and an acre. They later added to their spent the week-end with his par-j tour ounces at birth. Mrs. Gardner J acreage till they had 12 acres. ents, Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Buchanan. i was taken to the F. R. Haldem'an i They have four sons, two at home! He is stenographer-clerk in th2, nome nel- e Tuesday for a few days one near Titonka, and one near Milwaukee offices there. Gradu-' betore returning to her home. Swea City. One boy at home and ated from high school here two' J'llla JilcKnroe got home a week _.. . years, he followed up with a ? go Saturday from three months course at the Hamilton business in Texas, where, she made visits college at Mason City. at Sherman, Dallas, Waxahachle, There is only one grandchild. It Is interesting to talk to Mr. Diebler, who rememher s so many of his pio- Louls Kresensky, Mankato, with! and Ta y ] er. In the latter city, she neer experiences in the neighbor- his son Tommy, spent from Satur- attended a three-day rose festival, day till Monday with the former's she accompanied a party of her brother, A. E., and with their lfrl ends to New Orleans October IB- mother, Mrs. J. C. Kresensky, who 21 to attend an eucharistic con- has been sick. The elder Mrs. Kre- '• sress. En route home she spent sensky is now doing fairly well. ! Thanksgiving with friends at Om-i- Louis has been principal of the, Ila - , , r Mankato high school for some 15! Mr ' alul SICrs ' Edw - Callahan, of years. jwhittier, Calif., and Mrs. C. ' L. Mr.'and Mrs. Walter C. Andrew!-, i Morris, San Luis Rey, Calif., ar- and Anna Daniels, Lehigh, and Mr.i rlved Monday to visit the women's and Mrs. J. T. Graham, the lat- Parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Zanke, ter couple of Algona, were Sun- near Bur t- Their father has been day dinner guests of the Paul Wil-' in P° or health recently. Both cou- les at the Ambrose A. Call state P les ex P ect to return to California park custodian's house. Mr G ra . i before Christmas to spend the, holi- ham is an uncle of Mrs. Wille, and days with their children. Mr. Collar Mr. Andrews is in Lehigh Sewer ' har > i s a distributor of distilled Pipe Co. employ. i^f'i,^,,, Oliver Oliristensen, farmer near W. F. Delbler was an Algona vis- Ottosen, was a Saturday evening j 'tor Tuesday afternoon. Mr. Deib- caller on his sister, Mrs. ,0. T.'.Sol-Uer, now 84, does not get to town berg. He came to see his baby son las often as he used to come, but "Billy," who lives with the Sol-!ne and his wife are still hotb. in bergs. Sunday guests at Solberg's fair health. Mr. and Mrs. Deibler hood surrounding Algona. returned Sunday wherr, Rlta _ deputy recorder, HAVE A Better Used Car FOR YOUR CHRISTMAS VISITS! See these values now. They'll not be here long. 1937 FORD 2 DOOR ^ fil - no With heater ---- - ----- $465.00 1937 FORD 60 2-DOOR ' With heater __________ $425.00 1936 CHEV. MASTER 4-DOOR ft With heater ----- - ---- $395.00 1936 CHEV. MASTER Coach- $375.00 1935 FORD 2-DOQR ' fl With heater ---------- $265.00 1934 TERRAPLANE COACH $150.00 Three 1930 and 1931 Ford 2-door« at $75.00 and up. 1930 CHEVROLET COUPE _ __ $65.00 1929 FORD COUPE ----- ----- $55.00 TRUCK 1 932 I H. C. LONG WHEEL- 19 BASE TRUCK, only —$100,00 Perhap* your present car will make the down payment, Easy term* can be arranged for the balance. FARMERS! Don't wait for «ealin* before buying WRITE A WANT AD CASH IN ON STUFF IN THE ATTICA JACK SPRAT/ /STORES Friday and Saturday, Drc. 9--10 CORN MEAL, yellow Jack Sprat, 5 Ib. sack _ 106 CAMPBELL'S CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP _ __ 96 TOMATO SOUP, Jack Sprat ~__~l7e SYRUP, Golden, Jack Sprat, 5-ll>. pall 296 MA&IC WASHER, large pkg. 210 BAB-0, 2 cans _ _ 25e SODA CRACKERS, Sim Ray, 2-lb. pkg ~156 PANCAKE FLOUR, Jack Sprat, 3-lb. sack __ _ 15e CALUMET BAKING POWDER, 16-oz. can " 216 CAKE FLOUR, Jack Sprat, 44-on. pkg. _ 23£ CATSUP, First American, 12-oz. bottle 106 CRACKERS, Graham, 2-lb. box I9c WHEAT CEREAL, Jack Sprat, 28-oz. pkg 15c PORK ROASTS, end cuts, Ib 1 _ ~156 BACON SQUARES, Ib. _ II~136 BOILING BEEF, Ibs. " 126 PORK HEARTS, 2 Ibs. "II256 TOBIN TENDERIZED PICNICS, Ib. 19c ANDERSON'S Jack Sprat Store, Algona Road your car, Jhe next 30 day* WU take yput - npje for 30 day« without interest, tor Co. PHONES 420 AND 421 ALGONA, IOWA Store DELIVERY 4 DAILY FRIDAY, SATURDAY, AND MONDAY, DEC. 9, 10, 12 FLOUR Gold Nugget Guaranteed 49-lb. Bag 89C COOKIES Fancy and Plain Big assm't, fresh Lbs._ 25c CORN Standard white No. 2 cans for 25c Powdered SUGAR 2, 13c Omar FLOUR 40-Lb, Bag $1.45 PEAS Good Grade 3 Cans. 2pC Peanut Butter Fresh a LBS, 21C FLOUR IGA Fancy None better at any price. 19-lb. Bag- FIG BARS Fresh 2 Pounds, 19c Brown SUGAR 2-Lb. Pkg. lie fraham Crackers 15c Hard Mix Christinas CANDY (Limit) SUGAR 10, 48c SODA CRACKERS 2 Lbs. _ 19c P&G SOAP 10 BARS Van Camp's Pork and Beans 16-Oz, Can PEANUT BUTTER Carol pint jar 15c CATSUP, Ige. 14-oz. bottles 2 for Ovaltine, choc, or plain, med. size PORK & BEANS, 18k 16-oz. tins __ 5p PEAS, IGA No. 2 cans _____ 2 for 25? HORMEL'S SPAM, 12-oz. can ___29£ PANCAKE FLOUR, IGA Ige. pkg. 19p .Buckwheat Flour, IGA large ____ 22£ NO RUB FLOOR WAX, pt. cans 39* 8-oz. Bottle Furniture Polish Free COCOA Mnchmore ___ __ 2 Ib. box 15^ IGA CLEANSER—. _____ 2 boxes .9* Carol Bluing, dispenser top, S-oz, _9<i 18k Caiie and Maple Syrup, 22-oz. WALNUTS, large, new, Ib, — MIXED NUTS, fancy, clean, Ib, _-19r CHOCOLATE DROPS, fresh, Ib. _10c PEANUT BRITTLE, No. 1, Ib. —10* CORN KIX, 7-oz, pkg, ___ ^_2 for 25* Chase & Sanborn Coffee 1-lb. pkg. 24* New Navel ORANGES Large size, sweet, juicy, dozen ,^___________ 25c Medium size, 2 dozen - - 29c ALL QUALITY MEATS PORK LOIN ROAST, Ib SI* CENTER CUT PORK CHOPS, Ib. ,13* GROUND BEEF 2 Ibs, 29* PURE PORK SAUSAGE —2 Ibs. 29* BEEF CHUCK ROAST, Ib, - It* SPARE RIBS, Ib, t«* CHEESE —^—, 2 Ibs. box 99* ROUND OH SIRLOIN STEAK, Ib, 24* LEAN RIB BO|L 9 Ibs. if* SABEL 09 SALUQS, FRESH PIKE ft»d WHITTING, Ib.- |3U* OYSTERS _—— Qt«, 49*, pt«. 2«* POTATOES, Eurly Ohio's 100 Ibs. i.O» GJiAPKFUUIT, good size, dozen _3f p CELERY, well bleached 10* ana Iff LETTUCE, Ige. solid heads, each __8* POTATOES, Irish Cobblers, pk. __l»f CKAMiEHRIES T ,L 9 Ibs. 35* BANANAS „„_! ibs, M* PURE LARD ____31b.,27c THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY, DEC. 8-10 A treston, Iowa, farmer helped put on the Big Corn Husking Contest In "Down on the Farm" HOLIDAY SEASON BARGAINS Second Feature THREE MESQUITTERS —iU— "SANTE FE STAMPEDE" DICK TRACY SERIAL SUNDAY THRU WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 11-14 Second Feature * * * » EDMUND LOWE HELEN MACK —in— "SECRETS OF A NURSE" Life on the frontier when each day The Hindoo Lad of Elephant Boy Based on the story "Westside Miracle" THURSDAY AND FRIDAY, DECEMBER 8 AND 9 ROBT. DONOT ROSALIND RUSSELL in A. J. Crpnin's "THE CITADEL" Critics agree, best picture of the month. Top honors to Robt. Donot, actor, and King Vidor direction. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 10 THE STARS OF TOM SAWYER Roll back your years ....relive your adventures .... with t'ne pals of your youth! with TOMMY KELLY ANN GILLIS Edgar Kennedy Spunky McFarlaml Plus Popeye • 'Stardust' - News SUNDAY AND MONDAY, DECEMBER 11 AND 12 .. W ^"'* •-J i -f~' 1 J~ - t -' r J i- ' •£" .KAvW^v^ 'Jf-

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