Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 1, 1938 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 1, 1938
Page 7
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AT FOR EWIYWEDS Nov. 30—Mike Weg- MrS, Richard Wegner Mrs. Charleo Htnz •tO Rt- Verda Weg° Daughter- <tf Mike, to anddaugiu ^ rf j^ij.^^. Ifor.a Mrs. David Wegner was performed at ate"?"". at the there, and the came to J,U Verne family gathering and shoiver at hall the lo- dlnner KOSStTTtt flOUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA. tOWA at Attending the Arn'old the Carl Charles of Irvington, doing week Thursday. HIS said was all picked, but that ho always finds aomethinR to do when that Job 1 8 over. Two of his boys had been trying their luck at skat- Ing on a near-by Ice pond, but soon gave it up and came to the house saying their toes had got cold. * * * « Samuel Link, northeast or Swea City, had just come homo with a load of ground foed when wo arrived last week Tuesday. H 0 ' had his father, D. A. Link, of Lcdyard grind It for him. Dewoy Link a U . .Keeps her busy at him last week ' Monday, and It was keeping him busy, for a two row picker was, being used. His father-in-law, Herbert Trenary, was doing the picking, and he likes to see things move when he goes at a' job. We noticed, that he was moving all right— and then some. * * * * J. B. Hyiler, northwest of Swea City, was hauling manure last week Thursday. He likes to keep Two men were to look after them. Boys -wilt i h| s barn clean. De b °y s! [picking corn by hand, and Alfroii T»,, t * * * ihdped to finish last week. unlofl, nl' ? f Led y ard ' ° f thcm had Drained unloading corn when we saw < which slowed him up had been picking more" than . „„ bushels a day. Mr. Hyler-must be a good on .this renter, for he farm 22 years. 1 * * * * yard, was done with his corn-picking before last week which for him was one a real Thanksgiving. Mr* son takes great pride in hei\ Rhode Island red soh to do so, for she has as fine a flock as this writer theyjnnywhere. Chicken-raising ..__ One I once only a sideline for farmers: a wrist, j but nowadays they are cash income than , 100 • must be as lived of Led- orn-pick- Monday .ause for . Gustaf- ei\ Rhode has rea- 3 as fine as seen ng was place on the farm. * * * # Arthur Johnson, south of S*wea City, was cleaning out hie cow barn when we were there Friday. We like to see a basn kept clean. Mr. Johnson was through picking corn, and he planned on sealing some of the crop. His landlord builjt a new crib on the place this season. * * * * Martin Berh'ow, west of Leflyard, said last week Monday that he had been in close contact with a Heed that Martin's boys were nicking corn, which is some job in cHilling c'olld weather— a fellow has to hump, though, just to keep warm. There were more then 2000 bushels of cord to pick yet. They picked by hand. How well some of us old timers know how that goes, and how astonished we would have been to see a modern mar.hlne doing the picking. •* * * * They call David Gerber'g place southeast of Irvington "corn town," for he has one crib 144 filled, ar a large were , r Thanksg a neigh two-row hoped tl clear til f' 61 TlnnM PAGE SEVEN filled, and besides all that there.Is picking, though The meh It wall Thanksgiving day. Stanley Norrtfj a neighbor, was helping, aittd a two-row picker was la use. It wall hoped that the weather would sfcajr up some. Each ; producers and hdld an important . Tablets Salve. Kose Drops relieves COLDS, FEYEB AHi> HEADACHES due to Cold*, skunk and that it was not fun. if t. long and 14 ft. high full of There are a good many other Kos-|corn and another crib 60 feet long, m „„ . wr-sn » ™- , _* • suth folks who will agree. We no-'also full, a round crib was being Try "Bob-My-Tism," a Wonderful Liniment. , factory Mike Wegner, "ail-'of Lu Verna; Harmons, Bancroft; and [her and a sister of the cm, of Fairmont. work is somewhat slow, but it will soon be heavy again. * * * * Bert Olson, northwest of Swea City, was splitting wood when we called last week Wednesday. He said he warmed up on the wood | now and then even before llic In Ln Verne News— 'l bos 's i» the house got after him. q+rlnllnK Sherburn, Thc Olsons will move to the I-I. M. his son Rudolph were Smith farm south of Algona, iu , ere Monday. Kathryn the spring Tbto is tho farm own- t the week-end at Get- ed formerly by the Parsons estate, net's Mason City. Mr. |Mr. Smith ha* for many years been Invin Hot were Mason c °^^ engineer. IOJB Friday. The Bert Ra- Goorge w> *,„*,,* * outh oE gwcft ,lly came from Anita for| Clty> wag dojng h , g cvcning chor _ living at the Otto Ramusi es when WQ g(W h , m last weck rs. George Stoddard^ ™ | Wednesday. HIa mother, who llv- ar, i Wednesday. and Phratp Stoudara,i es at C n nlon) was tllere on a visit City, were Sunday visit- j and ghe remarked tnat she ]lkos it William.Blglngs home. Ghe Thanks Here- students who camo |r the Thanksgiving vaca- Earl Hanselman and Chapman, Ames; Phil Jr. and Hazel Nyg'aard, of ' Earl Legler,'' Irtndebak State and m'itli, who attend Waldorf. fForest 'City; Janette Hen- Mi nne'a polls ; Kathleen I A. I. B., Des Moines; Eli Wofto and Kenneth Marits. Donovan, northwest last week Tuesday. for In Ycriie 'Home— hd Mrs. Harold Phillips |rits of a daughter born There .Is one other j | boy. Mr. Phillips, former ar here, had for two years operated an I. G. A. Dows, but lately'sold ft led to Fort Dodge. He now •for an auto supply com- Ve. in Kossuth county. * * » * We had a little visit with B. D. oE Ledyar'l, He lives a mile south of the state line. Mr. Donovan, who is a a bachelor, owns a half section of land. He trades mostly at Pilot Grove, which is across the line in Minnesota. Tlie town is ouly a little over three miles from his place, and lie drives there with a fine black team, as he has no automobile. We noticed that 13. D. has' perhaps one of the best flowing wells in the North End. It throws a 4-inc'h stream of water. At times there is a fine white substance in the water, and it will stick lo In this one store you can find a suitable gift for anyone on your list. This year we have the largest stock in our long history in Algona, the largest stock of gifts in Algona or North Central Iowa. We invite you to come in — bring your shopping list with you, but we urge that you come now, while there is a selection. »^V&^W»W»WtWtWt'®*WltW*Wt Supper for Saturday— 'resbyterian. Aid al bazaar and will hold serve a E. E. Patterson, northwest of Swea City, was picking the last four rows of corn last week Wednesday, and was figuring on time off the next day for turkey or whatever the wife had in store for ' him. He picks by hand. He said he , picked 2,000 bushels, besides doing his chores. At first he; planned to have help, but he kept GIVC Mt« Glt¥« Of i^^&s^ft^^i^^^i^ |supper at the community prday afternoon arid even- — ds have been sent to for- nbers and old friends, arid he booths will be a mem- 011 picking, and so with no help Thanksgiv- with contributions from finishing before ing. * * * * Last week Tuesday we were .at Martin Gabel's, 1% miles east of )tlier In Verne. Sarth Roths, McGrath, lere Thanksgiving visitors ftrental J. S. Scliultz home [and Mrs. J. E. Schults Pella for the week-end. nma Lehman, Boxholiu, the Grant school, and found Martin hauling straw for bedding. down his stock. He said the corn picking was done, and that he had a good crop, move March 1 The Gables will to the farm where BerY'.Olsen now lives, a few mU- e.3 northwest of Swea City. Mr. and Mrs. Gabel have two boys at----------- tending Grant school, and may- ll Lehmain were Sunday | De they will have to change next It Fred Merkle'fl. Nellie year . oxholm, is visiting at the j * * * * Walter'fl. 'The Homer) When we called Friday on Clar- visited relative?. here and ence Gardner, southwest of bwea hck over the Thanksgiving '; City, it was noon, and Mrs. wira- IMrs. Thiole' teaches' at Ak- ner had prepared a goose uinnei We were invited to have dinner , Mrs. Milton Wolto, with! with the family. It certainly was kghter, 'returned to Scran- a fine treat for us. Mr. and Mrs Bay, after having spent! Gardner have two boys w noa™ nksgiving holidays with j the very picture of health, mother, Feminine Gift Ideas PERFUMES No erift pleases a woman or girl more than a bottle of her favorite'perfume, or a bottle oi a perfume u little bit better than she ordinarily 'iiscs—something for th(*« extra special occasions. Priced, per ounce, from 50c to $2.50 men Mrs. William I j Colemain came from Wat- week Thursday with the to visit her mother, trie Coleman. Seneca Albeit R. J. Kenneth, day evening at A. T. The Curtis Olsens Codys were dinner guests at bamSe: Oteen'3. near Fenton, Sunday. The IrVin Classons spent last week Thursday night at Amos ClaMon's. near East Chain. Joyce Bassett, student at Buena, Vietn «r.iiP2R. Storm Lake, spent V lolcl the W. Bassett'e. Ernil Elmer thday club met at Mrs. Cody's Friday and helped yody celebrate a brithday. jtia Olson and Harriett Ol- j Prizes in contests. Mrs. |din and Florence Jeison Itesses. foward Richards • was (•visitor at Spirit Lake Sat- ahlmar Rhandas, .near the Sigurd Olsena, and lei Olsena, all near Fon- I the Curtis Olserie wera r _ led at an oyster supper at|ida. employed at Tody's Friday evening, the| Helen Cody was e i [being Maxine Cody's and Marinus P au >f e "i '" ''sen's birthday annlvers- Friday and Saturday. ~ , week-end at the parental F. . assett'6. The Ralph Campbells, the linouncing be open for business at our new cafe and ser- station on corner of highways 18 and 169 Satur- wrning, December 3. t 'orntei Opening Date faturday, December 10 Y(mr'|i»ti99»ge wtll be appreciated. POWDER GIFT SETS A In a favorite brand and odor are certain to please. You will find many, many brands, and several choices of number of pieces to the set. Our sales force will know what kind she uses. ,Vri(?« ranee from . 49c to $10.00 [ME! LUJHfll GIFTS The Original Fiesta Ware (tonifts In six lovely colors—Turquoise, Green, Yellow, Blue, OW Ivory, and Red—all brilliant, nil cheerful, all endowed with a pleasant, foelinir of Rood fellowship, informality and gracious living. l?est of all, Finsla is extremely reasonable in price, may be honcrlit, tiy ttio niflce, and thus affords the purchaser of a chance to build up a set not only of whatever items, but of whatever colors, she desires.. Lu-Ray Pastels For Modern Charming Tables ]$cnutIfu 1. cJiDtlvjitinp pastel colors in dinnernare for your table, on the new Lu-Rny Shape. Streamlined this thin bodv ware pro-, vides exquisite charm. From the four colors—Windsor Bine, Pers- Ian Cream, Surf Green, Sharon Pink—you may choose one or any I'oiiiliiiinfion of Colors rtoslrert. .< any ; •• mod»rn — own lh« metl •4v«nc«4 typ» of camera —an Arfusl • Fast f 4.5'Anostlgmat Lena. • Stutter 1/25 to 1/200 sec.. Simplified rapid focusing.. Uses 36 millimeter motion picture Aim. • 30 exposures 1 loading • Takes natural color, nrgftt, stage sbota, They Look Twice As Good They Last Twice As Long Christmas Cards in Sets Beautiful, new, modern Christmas cards in packaged sets. Many designs and color combinations, in packages of identical cards or different designs. Most reasonably priced. Complete with envelope. Give your Christmas cards a personal touch with your own signature. Set of 21, a $1 value, only 59c Set of 16; beautiful cards 49c Set of 12, an ideal buy 20c Special Gift Bottles Toilet preparations are put up at~t£Ts time of the year in special Christmas gift bottles, and include such items as perfumes, toilette waters, powders, bath salts, etc. You aan't go wrong giving one oi the**. 59c to $3.00 GIFT BOXES We haxe a large, well-chosen selection of gift boxes suitable for cosmetic containers. Some are now filled with such items, others have paper, or other useful articles. They come in leather, mirrors, heavy board, and cedar. 79c to $3.25 BATH SALTS There is no sift that conies so well in this country of hard water—bath salts that soften the water and give a pleasant scent. These come in large- packages of several units, or in bulk packages. Prices ranee from ' 59cto$2.98 Atomizers Dozens of perfumes and atomizers can be combined to make a gift that will bo pleasing and express your wish for the holiday season. Yon will find. special prices on such combinations at the James store. Ask our sales force for details. 49c to $3.50 We have the largest selection of gift stationery ever shown in northern Iowa. Some come in attractive boxes of cedar, walnut, or mirrors, which alone would make an attractive gift. The prices are so reasonable that you will be certain to find more than one on your shoppnig list that would be pleased with such a gift and at a price less ihan yon expected to pay. CAMEO BILLFOLD SET M.lch.d ilpp«r by ««• •^ b jlt fold in fintit q««li»y »t*«rhid« with handtom* Fl»x- chrom. dctian ««d h.nd l.ctd .dg.«. A lifetim* flift. Others to $10 CAMEO TRAVELING KIT Sm«rtl Comp«efl 6tnu!n» l««th«r with *tpptr f«i»»n»r; w«t«rpr99»; oiUlin lining. C«\ITV- pltt* .wUK «CC«MO- ri»l •*« ill«»tr«t»d.. . CAMEO CIGARETTE CASE 6*nu!n* U*A«r with *!pp*r ftittn»rl Hpldt full ptckijt «nd pr«v«nti cruihinj. CXt.r, Here's a Suggestion for that Hard to-Suit Person SHAVING SETS All the well-known brands — we will know the kind he uses or prefers. Old Lavender, Wrisleys, and Itoyale special priced from 59c, 79c up Manicure Sets This year there are literally dozens of new ways in which these always necessary items have been combined Into attractive sets, ranging from four- bottle to a complete unit. $1.19, $1.20 up DRESSER SETS Combination comb, brash, and mirror sets that find a place on any dresser. Price range from the lowest to the ivory Inlaid "Special" gifts. $1.98 to $8.00 M*^**^^'feto^V)i^'y»E^^ Cosmetic Sets Complete ivlth powder, soap, dusting powder, bath oil, in Hudnutg 5Iar-. velous, Hudnuts Geniey, and many others. These make one of the nicest gifts. Priced reasonably from $1.00 up CAMEO fIPE *«<* TQIACCP fPUCH H«» wp»f«»« ofoM". «omp«r»' m.nt, fer pipt «n<J tpbwfiQ, 6»nuln» brl«r pip*. C J%e|| In M IMIB pr »»••'• 131™ hid* *i*h »'PP« r W f«»f*n*r . . i • Christmas Candy Hundreds upon hundreds of boxes of candy line our shelves ready to make many happy on Christmas, Selections in Gales, Joan Manning, Jane Horton, ^iggitt's, and many Others, ranging from half-pound packages up to five-pound family" slie boxes, ITEMS SEEN IN OUR LARGE STOCK There is not sufficient space to list'the hundreds of items purchased spec: ially for Christinas. There is the always popular Fiesta ware; copper and bronze hanging bowls; polished and hammered copper and brass table bowls; crystal sets of all kinds and for all purposes; cocktail sets; liquor bottles and glasses; pewter sugar and creamers; modern book ends, some with thermometer; and hundreds of pictures, some in sets of two. You must come iu and see these items before you start your Christmas shopping. All are reasonably priced, Perfume Bottles These are the fancy crystal bottles every »oman lores to have ou her van> ity dresser. Filled with her choicest and best perfume makes a gift doubly appreciated. Priced from 79c to $3.00 hrutma* Card* JTbls store has always beea. headquarters, .for Cfcristmu cards, and the selection this year is bet- larger, aid more at- ijtlve than erer, Cards for five cents to i Largest of Gifts In Northern Iowa to Choose From

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