Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 1, 1938 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 1, 1938
Page 5
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1,:1938. « i *"*"'"*"l*'r*M"l"t"l"$«.|«j ICALS H"M'1 1 l 1 1"i > 'M 11 ! 1> I*r % H''H~t**j~w«4j_i.A.i..i.. discharged Monday, there. He ha'l recovering lie H ves> • ' IP I. Qfl»ily» o£ B o de ' w'l-h Lnddaughter, CArollne Tor- 7 Monday < afternoon farm in to the - ---°"° WiU the Florida. Mr. mid Mrs. j arnes p fc . kbnhn . got home Monday "-'"wmii evening from KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA. IOWA , with Mrs - J"ba Guy' another daughter, of the fMlk statiml " em P'°yed In a bus llonry Ijcnrchg Jr., who attends Junior college at Mason City, was a week-end guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Dearchs. Esther Denroha, the daughtre, •who tenches the second grade at the Wilson school, Mason City, was also a guest, of her parents. Henry was graduated trom the local high school this year. Mr. and 'Mrs. W. L. Whitney got Homo Monday from Medford, Minn., on j where they had been since Thanks-•' -giving, visiting relatives. Dorothy •iitney, who teaches at Minneap- all ' s ;2 : thei::T' 1 "ft, 11 - A '— . ™I E - "- Sed Mnwftukee st - 'wlth Mr, ?ue,t, of°th I dro ."' IWcre «'"><"»'! '"'"« «Icnn Collinsons, of Clear with Mis. guc« s of the Arm c iior»r 01 -,i Sl p or ti^ake. were Thanksgiving guests of BO's Mi • D°° , iving |i' 9 mother, MM ;• PeBO's Mi • D°°f c - Mr. Horafoi-d. wlm f 0) -|Mr. hi, In international Harves- morly clorknil nt Gamble's hero, in'Mra ploy here. • now ass stunt manager of the Fort EiAi Mrs. Carroll Johnson "oofe store, and D. A. manage* n u , tthe weekend at Eagle Gi'ovo local store. ' '- Mr. | [the 1 former's • parents, i rs , Olous Johnson. Carroll sell rorrat, ;md Helen Thomn-in e local D-X station, and his all of Lu Vorne, Minn., wer" over- Is a farmer, v I Sunday guests of the Ila'h-jrt ind Mrs. Wayne Wolf, of Longs. Mrs. Perkins « m i Mr bo With their daughter Mar- ' F, on ' s j: nr e Bister and brothor of, , we Thanksgiving guests of Mrs. Long, and Mr. Long is a citv lCrla ' -- mother, Mrs. L. M., ma H carrier here. Wolf Is with .the John! Colllnson's parents, Mr. and . A. M. Colllnson. Another Ml. was Philip Waltman, Alwna, fnthor of Mrs. A. M. Colllnson Glenn does grading on products Mr. mid Mrs. j. u. Perkins RMS flom tne Sam Kennedy Jr. ell Forrat, ;md Helen Thomn-in tarm noar clcilr Ijake ' truck ... Mr. j company there and Mrs. M. F. Amphar at- a Fuller brush field nran- " meeting at the Cerro Gordo | Mason City, .Monday after- land evening. • Mr. Amfahr -is ger in this district, [and Mrs. Emll Bellinger, of t Neb., spent the week-end Brtth the formers parents, Mr. tfrs. August .Bellinger, and! [relatives at Burt. Emll fcved in a restaurant. Louise Gllm'ore went back Sunday, after having j the Thanksgiving holidays Iher parents, Banker and,Mrs. [Gihnore. Miss Gihnore is a nore in the State college. , Susie Engler, who had been few weeks,'reliirned to Ar- Park one day last week to Iher brother, George Munch, Ehe was expected here, again freek Monday and Tuesday. |A. Foster, A.- : A. :.Ste rii<ng, Sterling, and: Glenn Niel- Ittended a Philco nidio "deal- Reeling at the Hotel Hanford, . City, Tuesday .evening.' An [o'clock dinner was served. Sennit/', clerk at the Ben llln store, has .been sick since with pleurisy/ • and Mrs. Eagen has been 'eubstitut- tr her at the store. Mr. Eagen arpenter for Cowan & Son. with his parents,. Mr. and Roy Larsen. He 1 was f ormer- Iployed at the local Council (store, and is now' clerking in' Jouncil Oak store at Cherokee. I and Mrs. F. C. Scanlan sot yesterday (Wednesday) ng from Chicago, where the had attended a~ national „ clinic since .< Sunday. The i dealt mostly -with',diagnosis. Kruckenberg, Sioux is farm implement shop, Thanksgiving B uests at Barber onarles Clement's were Mr -md Mrs. Claude Whitehill and Mr. and Mrs. " Trillium mid Roberta Simpson npcnt Thanksgiving day at Grin- noil, their old home town. 'Truman visited Clark Wilson there; Rob- Norma Crowder. Roberta in the dress department at the S. & L. store here, and she and her brother are children of Mr and Mrs. C. H. Simpson.' fJeorgln. Ann Geigcl, music English teacher at Gushing, Albert Dean, of Sloan, spent and and a college Gelge . 31 J; »»<f " r *' J- W. Little went to Des Moines yesterday (Wed- nient dealers' convention at i Hotel. Savory. The convention ,~ pr^rthe d 1ocA L ^ tIel91niinHB -| week - end wlth the £ ° 1>rasr ' s P<»" „ L! ie l, local . 1Ka8sie earage and en ts, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Geigel south of Algona. Mr. Dean is senior at Buena Vista Storm Lake, where Miss . was graduated last spring. rmff <„„! M gU ,%r of Ban " Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Branc : e e Mrs \Vh» nil ° y , M Uy '! Ned B '' andt ' AmeS ' Mr ' and MrS cine. MIS. Whitehill and Mrs. |Kenneth Bmndt, Allison, and Mr nion a '' e r M St °'~; Mrs ' AnKUS a and Mvs - Bud Wenner, of Webster niece, of Mrs. Clement. oily were Thanksgiving guests o {Sunday guests of the E. R. De- the Harold Brandts here. Ned Lanos were Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Floyd, Kenneth, Harold, and Mrs T r ¥»• . f r ; Mr> and Mrs - Wenner are brothers and sister U U Uisterhoft, Erametsburg, with Harold is a local Decker salesman two daughters; Mr. and Mrs. C. . Thanksgiving guests at Mr. and uurtis tstherville; and Mr. and Mrs. Herachel Thompson's were Mrs. Carroll Johnson, Algona. All Mr. Thompson's mother, Mrs. Mary of the men are in DX employ. Brown, Des Moines; Mr. and Mrs. Homer Anderson, and his son Waller Friesner, infant daughter Kicnard were at Spencer Sunday, Lois, and Alice Bell, all of Gilbert; visiting the Reed Andersons, Reed and the Thompson son Edward, being -a brother of Homer. Reed student at the State college, Ames, drives a truck for the Jones trans- All of the visitors left Sunday. Mr. fer company, and Homer has the and Mrs. Thompson took Mrs. grain elevator and coal yards at Brown home and spent Monday at thet Milwaukee station here. . Ankeney and Des Moines. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Horneman, of Thompson is in Pioneer seed-corn Preston, and Mr. and Mrs. F. E. company employ here. Kut/li, Miles, with the Kutzli son A son weighing 7%, pounds was Jack, were week-end guests at born to Mr and Mrs. Henry Peder- Mayor C. F. Specht's. Mrs. Home- s en, Humboldt, last week Monday man and Mrs. Kuticli are daughters at the Kossuth hospital. Tlw baby, ot ." acres, which. would hold ootball fields. From Akron Vernerts went to Freedom tengheny mountains at a height of the) 2031 feet above sea level. Mr. andjWernert reports that Industry Is * 1Slt couslns They! now picking up in the East, with taking on more men. v»r*»m ,/ vere thrilled at crossing the Alls- ! factories gMV ALWAYS COOU / g M rilUBS. THRU SATUROAi 1-3 husbands are superintend- named Thomas Josef. Mr.5. Peder- ents respectively of schools at sen is the forme; Beru'.M Dearchs, Preston and Miles. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Mr. and Mrs. Willis Bradley, of Dearchs, Algona. Mr. Pedersen is Minneapolis, with their two sons, employed in the Humboldt cream- were Algona visitors briefly last ery. Mrs. Pedersen will be taken ^veek Wednesday. Willis, son of to the home of her parents today the late Mrs. Keziah Bradley, and,for a few days stay before going to his family, were en route to Chari- her own home a: Humboldt. ton to visit relatives over the Sirs. Irvin Cliapmnn, Advanca- week-end. Mr. Bradley, who is an Upper Des Moines correspondent at attorney, also teaches law in a Lu Verne, was here yesterday, ac- Minneapolis school. companied by her mother-in-laKv, SUNDAY THRU WEDNES. f New equipment doubles the' ! light on screen. psa^y* Randolph SCOTT in 7OXENO Hope HAMPTON vitk Helen Brodenck • Alan Marsha! Glenda Farfell • Samuel S Hinds Second Feature .. Jia MUM® Santa Says-- 1OYLAND OPENS It's full of the biggest, most comjplete line of toys and gifts ever packed into our store. And there are so many unusual items. You just must shop early to see all the new things, and have your choice in selecting your gifts. COMPLETE UtNE OF XMAS DECORATIONS—XMAS CARDS, SEALS AND WRAPPING PAPER Blackboards 21c, 98c up Skiis (hickory) 1.75 up Drums ,.39c up Box Stationery ....10c up TOP Attractions Xmas Candy i C_ fine qual. 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Mr. Kucken (came for his family Sunday. j and Mrs. Donald Erickson, (Arthur Gade, Mrs. Henry ' Plus Dick Tracy Serial Ridding the range of raiders...while riding • the roadx^to ~,i< Doll Cabs 1.98 and up Sleds 98c, 1.75, $2.75, 3.50 THE MOST COMPLETE LIME OF HOLIDAY MERCHANDISE WE HAVE EVER HAD nweott & Ogg Prices 10-2G-3Gc rtnur i^aae, mrs. neu.y ery at Minneapolis, were week-end Mrs. F, I. Chapman has now nveu er, Mrs. Mary Dreyer. ana guetste of thelr p al . en ts, Mr. ana la: Lu Verne 49 years. The elder v ™A Mrs .P .T. Braner at- ' he |ev. and Mrs; -P. J. Braner a' a mission festival at the Jran church at Fairyille Sun- |7 Gisch returned to L'one i Monday, after having spent leek-end with-her .parents, Mr. llrs. L. Gisch, farmers north Igona. Miss Gisch teaches the and fourth grades at Lone Ihlecn Evans and . Mrs. Dora Kent to Iowa City Tuesday, Kathleen remained for ten lor two weeks of treatment of lyes. Mrs. Urch went for a f-up, following a recent eye Itlon. - • , I and Mrs. Gordon IjCuhn, with ] children, Helen and Bobby, Thanksgiving guests of the Clums, Emmetsburg. Mrs. (Is a sister of Mrs. Kuhn, and pusband owns a recreation there. Hleeker, who had picked (four weeks at the Paul Black V southwest of Algona, le£,t fesday for hla home at Emery, He IB a brother of Hiram, |clerka at the Richardson fur- store. • K. K, Rising and her daugh- parian were at .West Bend i visiting the former's moth- i. Ira Hoover,' who is- sick, bookkeeper' in an Insui- I office at Des Moines, epent |jeek-end here. ' »nd WIHI»m Quarton, both "" Rapids, spent the week«re with their pavents, Judge «fs. W. B, Quartpn, gumner is J»«nt, William manager, of ra-l JiUtions WMT,, Waterloo, and E-, Cedar Rapida. . | Jenkiug an4 Evelyn Gra- I spent Thanksgiving with the Ts srandparents, -• near Dea f?- Mr.' JenMhi terms with Waer, Leslie. Jenkins, east of ""», and Miss Graham teachee . Bryant school. P'et Faith, Phyllis Richardson, (Martha Olsen, AJgona, and Gale, and G^r^ Leek, era- near Algona, were Sunday 5 dinner guests o? Mrs. Chris kotts Creek. Hre. Olsen w « and Martfea'a mother. . B«v. and Ura, ». J. Liaeir sons Donald and , g ; Parents? Jfann^Mrf). A)f- l^fons, Bronson, The elder f 0 °" gfi8 » *»m*r, »*cl E. J, lo " nf the local ' Nazarcne Mrs. G. W. Banwart. Harold is; Mrs. Chapman's husband and the preparing for the ministry. . son Irvin have for 30 years con- Cliester Call, Kansas City, ar- ducted a Lu Verne hardware store, rived Monday evening on a busin-j Mr. and Sirs. I. Wernert got ess mission and will be here for several days. Mr. Call is staying at the Algona Hotel, but spends part of his time with his sisters, Mrs. Archie Hutchison and Mrs. L; J, Dickinson. He is ettll with a 'home last week Tuesday from five Kansas pany. City life insurance com- weeks in Ohio and Pennsylvania. They stopped first at Akron, Ohio, Ignatius, re- the Firestone company. This was the first t'me the Wernerts had seen a granddaughter, now nearly to visit their son search chemist for new eight Kdiui Mae Sill, bookkeeper at the j months old. While at Akron, they Richardson furniture store, her I visited a large airplane field where parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Sill, and Mildred Richardson got home Saturday night from where they had visited since last a U. S. dirigible was built. 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