Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 1, 1938 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 1, 1938
Page 4
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COtlOTt At&OMA, Want Ads- REGISTERED HEREFORD bulls for sale.-^-J. W. Thorn, Lu Verne. FOR SALE — YEARLING DU'ROC boar.—C. Winkle, Burt. 7pll HAMPSHIRE BOARS FOR SALE. —Mike Loss, Algona. 8tfu T. H. Holmes Winds Up His 24th Year as Cleaners Head T. H. Holmes ended his 24th year as proprietor of the Modern Dry Cleaners Monday, and in honor of the occasion entertained the force at a chicken supper at Cook's Tavern. After supper, Bingo and Chinker-Chek were played at the home of Mrs. Eva Deim, seamstress for the cleaners. Mr. Holmes hails from Oskaloosa, .where he was employed in a laundry for some time. He has a son, T. H. Jr., who is employed A.UTO LOANS — REFINANCING. Lower Credit Co. payments. Western 8u30tf FOR SALE — DUROC BOARS.— P. M. Christenson, Lone Rock. SuStf FOR SALE — DUROC JERSEY ' boars. — I>eo Kollasch, Whittemore. 8pll-12 FOR SALE — A FEW DUROC wood, Calif. Others employed at the GOOSE THIEF GETS 30-DAY RESriN JAIL Ray Gross Case for Poultry Thievery Still Pends. „ dn y s tn ^ a11 b y Judge F. C. David- dry son Monday afternoon on a plea of cleaners, besides Mrs. Delm, arc! guilty to a charge of stealing a Luella Bell, bookkeeper; Dwaine goose. Ray Gross, arrested at the Lighter, Delbert Brown, find Aug-jsame time a week or so ago, and ust Romer. charged with stealing chickens, did not aPPear m the case and it ] a rumored that some disposition Five Tcrmlts to >Ved. _ ^ Five- licenses to wed have been'may be~made""so"on"ta"his'"MSe." issued. Couples were: Gary Ben-! The poultry in both cases, it is rends, Bode, Nila R. Burtis, Algo- charged, was stolen from the E. M. ma; Peter W. Hansen, Rosa Fitch, Gross farm, and it is alleged the Jersey boars.—Marty Bros., Lujboth of Sexton; Louis Dudycha Jr., pa lr were caught with the poultry Verne. 10(2)11-13 Vivian Hansen, both- of Austin, | ward was given credit for seven Minn.; John F. Winter, Buffalo days ne has , gpent ln jall awaitlng Center, Gladys M. Htll, Bricelyn,! sen t e nce on his 30 days, hence he Minn.; Otto P. Hertje, Alfa Slep-j w ill only have to serve 23 and will er, both of Lakota. be out before Christmas. FOR SALE — 60 HEAVY MIXED pullets, 15c pound.—Otto Vaske, Bancroft. llpll FOR SALE— SLIGHTLY USED oil burning heater. — Chester Schoby, Algona. lOpll USED HEATING STOVE—IF YOU have one and wish to sell it— try an Advance Want Ad. Opens Hnniboldt Store. Mrs. H.V. Hull opened a woman's Chicken Thieves Active. There is a minor wave of chink- ready-to-wear store at Humboldt en stealing going on now in t]»e last week Thursday under the county. The chicken thief is e.n name of Hull Clothing Co. Mrs. j elusive creature to capture.* He Hull and the children now live at strikes usually when no one is at Humboldt, but Mr, Hull is contlnu- j home at the farm. The chickens FOR SALE REGISTERED REDJ ing worlc for the Investigators Sy- are hard to identify, and if the Poll Bulls. Maurice Bernhard. n dic ate here. Bancroft. 9-p-10-ll-12, FOR SALE—A FEW DUROC JER- sey Boars. C. E. Sigsbee, Phone 12 on 96, Burt. 12-p-lO-ll FOR SALE— 40 SPOTTED POL- and China boars. Good ones. Anton Vamrnen, Ringsted. 15-p-10-ll Mrs. A, R. Zumach, Lone Rock. culprit is a farmer he can always claim to be selling his own chickens, and because chickens, unless , wing-marked, look much alike, WHY PAY MORE WHEN YOU can |-±™ it "° ^""^ W '°° f t0 ^ NEW ENCYCLOPEDIA GIVEN TO LIBRARY FROM'LIBRARY AID' Contribnted. The Algonn public -library fins been presented with • a 24-volume set of the latest edition of the New Britten• nica Encyclopedia. This grift came from the library Aid. When that organization gate np Its exist* ence to help form the Woman's club some ten years ngo, It had a substantial snm of money in the treasury, and it was placed in the hands of a committee, to be expended for the library in whatever way and at whatever time the committee chose. The gift fills a real need nnd is appreciated, not only by the library board, but by patrons. The gift recalls the I/I- brary Aid, which presented many valuable sets of books to the library. During the 40 years of Its existence members were centering In efforts to aid the library ami in every way possible npUft the cnltnral side of community life. In some years it contributed the only new books the library received. Many women In the community experience a feeling of pride when they remember that they once belonged to the Library Aid. W, C, BOWMAN DROPS DEAD IN HOME YARD W. C. Bowman, 70, was found dead.'in his yard Tuesday morn-. Ing at 8 o'clock. Mr, Bowman, who had -been having heart trouble, had gone out to see how a saw he had sharpened was working. Family funeral services will be held this afternoon (Thursday) at the McCullough funeral home, | followed" by public services at the Baptist..church at 2 p. in,, with the Rev. F. C. Volzke in charge. Pallbearers will be Everett Bowman, Russell, Donald, Chester, and Elmer Cook, and Ernsst Moe, ,all nephews of Mr. Bowman. Mrs. ! J. B. Wheelock and Mrs. Russell Cook will sing Abide With Me and 'Going Down the River, acdompan- ,ied by Mrs. R. G. Richardson- at the piano. I Mr. Bowman was born In Carroll County, 111., December 6, 1863, his family moved to a farm near .Grundy Center, la., when he was 'about 20 years old. Two years later he came to Kossuth, arid on February 24, 1903, he was married' here to Anna Cook. He follawed the trade of stone mason. BRIDE-TO-BE ''^'^SMHKiaateii Dorr. W. A. Short a Hand, But • Expert at Typing GradUSWd, from ...the Hamilton School "of Cbrtttw'ce, !Masbft City, ovuuui VL uuiiiiuviuB, ;»I»BUU vjiiyi BU HiiiKeiitlv •• hi last'Week Tueeddy evenittg were she comninin,, a , nd faitbt Bugerie^BlaAchard, Lone ftock, and think it m , lft hcr "oursl Roslee,Dorr, , St. .Benedict. The has actiHiiv !'? m!u ' k aW(!' latter, borff withouta left aria, la 165 to GO „„,..., (al "ed » .. " daughtei^ of Mr. artd iMra. n»»iwi«- "•- THtJKS..FltIi»A^ DEC, 1-2 MATriMUv i^lr^l .-.- ' 1)KCK *BEl1 jrfSnWSMHDkT . • ^•*~tt&?%£f&-- f i -r--,, "I 1««» \lf ***rM E LINOR ANN, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. O. Cole, Maxwell, whose approaching marriage to J. Morris Christy, New Providence, Smith-Hughes agricultural teacher at Fredericksburg, was announced at a Maxwell party re- Besides the widow, Mr. Bowman ported in last week's Advance, is survived by one brother, Rob-.Miss Cole, a former Algona girl, is jert, Algona, and a sister, Mrs. Jen-!a niece of W. C. Dewel and Mrs. B. ;ny .Allen, McGregor. There are noJA. Thorpe. ! children. Prizes are Won at State Pigeon Show OLDTIME REVIVAL ON AT TABERNACLE A comparatively Algona get the best quality certified seed available at the following prices? Edge drop, $6.50 per bu.; medium hill, $5.50 per bu; large hill, $4.50 contrary. A farmer who had been plagued . Three Algonians and one Fen- tonite won honors in a 13th annual state pigeon show at Des Moines , . ... . . . . ., Saturday, Sunday and Monady. A! church organization is that of the —; 'story in the Tuesday Des Moines Gospel Tabernacle, which has a week the jury can be called into Register announced that Lyle building on south Thorington recently by chicken thieves asked j service. There appears now little Reynolds of the Williams-ReynoMs.; st reet, the street which leads to Sheriff Casey Loss if there was'likelihood that any of the present;,clothing store, and his son Jesse'.. «, wlm ~ )n! , nnn , Thp Rp ., any penalty for shooting a chicken leases will be ready for trial. • had pigeons which .placed among ' the swimming pool, ihe Kev. nor hii fUnnlne TIJlJ™t, O ""' i'CUcllL> IUI SUUUUIlg a, UU1UKCI1 "U.OVB " "« »*> usivuj lui u mi. i , «•-«" ......... ^.nucu evuiunfa . _ , , wLi v u p, o , ildmftn .So. tn , ef _ The sheriff advised that if I Emma Askin was granted a di-1 the high 16 in the champions, Cyle Ravis, a young single man PUREBRED HAMPSHIRE BOARS for sale. Can be registered.— Joseph Thorn, Lu Verne. 12p9-12 _ FOR SALE—PUREBRED HAMP- j P_ shire male pigs, 2 weeks old.-- EXTRA VALUES IN GOOD USEI>!"] fi , to k . Ul is 'P 0 serious, partlc- W. C. Taylor, Sexton. 12pll-12 S? ^£1 ^IKO^E- u ^r ; ; =i »S ™ *™ ™ farmer ^iX£'£K^LS» r A^ u -^ t ^^ -^, l ^ Farmers' Hybrid. 62pll-12' 1^5 S**™ 1 " ™*™ l r t ? , vorce from Noah Askin. The peti- group. There were almost 500 en- who has been here a year, is pas tlon stated the couple was married trants In the" contest' from 27; tor. , wound him rather than kill. Shoot- ' n year. and separated the cars— 1936 Chevrolet coach, very! ul a rl y when only a few chickens, clean, heater, defroster, J4.15; ]!)35' nl ' e concerned, even though the FOR SALE — BLACK POLAND Ford srtr.ndrr:! ."-floor, heater, de- "'"''"* '"' among the most "sneaky" District W. H. M. S. Conference same states.. Going to the show Sunday besides Mr. Reynolds and Jesse :nT4rs rt ,Lr^ 1 r"H=»s."™;" ,r.T.r ^. <E Mr. Reynolds entered ten White China boars.—Wm. Maasdam, 4 .froster. $205; i:)35 Pontiac De Luxe i in the catalog, miles northwest Lu Verne. 12pll-13 jsedan. radio, heater, defroster, Fanners Shooting First. FOR SALE-PUREBRED DUROC \%£ ^ WMS. dSii tente^an^faimers ITgT boar,, .mrnun,^^»lth^ J«.jer. WM: 1P36 Pontiac 8 Do Luxe 'mad "gui'ohtaL? VhTeves, 'and^o * ' ' e ' "iH, 6 ;!, «o? n ' 10 o^n?i h l ator> "^""er. shoot first and ask questions later. - 13pllgl2 J595, 1937 Oldsmobile 8 De Luxe Usually a few buckshot in the thief What is described as "an oldtime revival' is now in progress at the en, Monticello, Ind., is the ev- tCK.t dh^ot 1 PigmyTo^rl »™ **« ^^^^^ An Algona 1 - district Methodist [A picture of one of Jesse's birds Woman's Home Missionary leadership training conference is be- appeared in the Des Moines edition of /the Sunday Register. ing held at the church today, 10 j Alsroninn Loses a Sister. — , -, n . . .. , • •> "• *«•'" "«^*i*31»<Jl, in. LliC LlilCl. FOR SALE-DUROC BOARS. 2* "os t e'r VK- f-isf^ni -T'i ^ 7'"* CaUSe W f l ° (Ataln medical miles northeast of L --'-- ~ - ' ? ' " Buick De Luxe i treatment and in t.hnt wnv fnrop Price, |18.—William Poppe. a. m. till 4. An attendance of sonte 60 was expected, with' three mem- 13pll-12 FOR SALE—FOUR REGISTERED Holstoin bulls. CTA records on dams. Herman Soderberg, Bancroft 13-p-10-12 FOR SALE — TWO PUREBRED Poland Ch'ina boars. Fall yoar- linp:s.—0. A. Laabs, phone 11F5, Algona. I3n T ...j.,,,,^ . , -, '••-• ~^.v.... ^w uu.xu i treatment and in that way force, Led> aid.; S edan, heater, defroster, $5-19. See; him to reveal himself, the sheriff these car bargainn before you buy. | pointed out. Mr. Allen has had'.long experience at Evangelistic preaching. He has a wife, but no .children. A member still of the Methodist church, he has served ' pastorates ,, . . ,„ [In Indiana, Iowa, and Nebraska, Mr and Mrs.. Ernst Thiel, Mrs. i but his work is now solely evan- an ' »1U 1 ibd ' /fitiC flfttMUtt/t I&INER • GRAVET News Plus "Crime Doesn't Pay" I "PliT«? ' " u «» . "»«i ' "UnuS of •""BERT'ATWILL 1UUITVII "* H*0>M FICt Ull S\ Time" /fete^J.l^asW ; SPECIAL SCOOP MARCH OF TIME "UNCLE SAM—GOOD NEIGHBOR" . An outline of Secretary Cordeli Hun anrt D |, with pictures of his force combating Nazi - Kiindu in South, America. SUNDAY AND MONDAY, DECEMBER 4 AM5 ~~ITHE mmi/M'~ AIR DRAMA \ EVER MADE!^vfl I \ L^JP^I __fc0*~Y^n 0^11UTOl^™ €^r1 uM2<r«r Ernestine Bast,, daughter Alma, igelistic. Liberal terms and trades.—.Btrum- Olson Co., your Buick dealer, 401 East State street. Phone 121,, Algona, Iowa. 90pll Court for this term is expected to be very tame, and the jury was released "on call." Thus if a tri- able case comes up during the next bers from each auxiliary repre- a ' nd Mrs. Max." Bast, all of Algon.i, | Mr. Allen prepared for the min- senting units. Representing Algo-l with Mrs - Em anuel Ostrom, Whit-'istry in a Bible school at Indian- itemore, attended the funeral of apolis. He has been here about a Grackel, West | week, and it is expected that the na are Mesdames C. L. Ingersoll,'MrT W. L. Whitney, J. C. Buthmon, F.i' Earl Burgess, and S. W. Meyer. Mrs. George Eggleston, Galva, corresponding secretary, is leader. AT U Ttr ' J ' -*•-.— iv «j •JJ'-XJ^VII.^-VA \,uub L11U Neb., Monday. Mrs. Grackel meetings wil continue for nnoth- a sister of Mrs. Ernestine er two weeks. There is always All returned-Tuesday. 'special music at his meetings. t^FRED MacMURRAY Pius "^ RAY MILLAND PATHE NEWs-«how-| N LOUISE CAMPBELL j ing on release date here! paramount TAKEN UP—SPOTTED POLAND China male hog. Owner can have same by calling at farm.— Herman Carlson, Wesley. 17(2)11 i. 1 FOR SALE—PUREBRED HAMP-11 shire fall and spring boars. A'*" large group to choovse from.—Joseph A. Skow, Wesley. 17(eow)3-15 FOR SALE— PURE BRED POL-1 and China boars vaccinated J /» mile E. and 3 north of Hutchins", Roy Wiseman. ' 17-p-lO-lS FOR SALE — PUREBRED SPOT- ted Poland China boars. Vaccinated. 3 miles northwest Whi'tte- more, on pavement.—Mike Higgins. 16pll-12 FOR SALE-14 DUROC BOARS, April farrow, weight around 200 to 250 each. Price, $20, $25, and $30 each.—J. P. Mousel, Bancroft, la. 22p9-12 FOR SALE— TWELVE SPOTTED Poland China boars. Also two 18- months old and two fall yearlings Carl Paetz, Phone 33 F121, Algona Sl-p-10-12 TOR SALE—SPOTTED POLAND China boars, vaccinated, pric ?18 and $25 each.—Howard With :im, 4V 2 miles west of junction 16' '"•* " 8 - 23pll-12 GIFTS FOR BOY'S AND GIRL'S PLOORS SANDED. REFINISHED with permanent floor finish, f new improved method guarantee tag satisfaction.—Cowan Building ft Supply Co. 38t PROGRAM AND SOCIAL AT THE new Plum Creek Center school Dist. 5, Friday, December 2. Luncl be served. — Genevieve Alt teacher. 21pl SARGENT MINIIAL MEAT MEAL feeds twice as far as tankage •;osts half as much as mineral, nuj trial bag on guarantee.—Amlersoi Gmin & Coal Co. (11 ONE MINUTE WASHER — NE\ beauty combined with plus-anal ity. Greatest washer value avail able. Get the facts. Ask for horn demonstration.—L. W. Swanson. (11 HOME LOANS — MONTHLY RE duction or straight term. Till 2 FHA loans low interest rates, n commission. Loans for all pur poses.—Algona Federal Savings Loan Ass'n. 26u8tf CLUB PAPER TO READ, speec. to give, anything to bind for keep ing, briefs or notes to preserve Set a handsome colored brief an report filing cover, letterhsa e, at the Advance office for lOc FOR SALE—DUROC JERSEY „ Poland China boars; the good -ugged, easy-feeding kind. Goo mnch to pick from. Cholera im mine. Also rams and Shorthorn mils. Come see them at once. Ben Huder, Weeley. 32 (2) 10-1 WANTED—AIAN WITH OAR FOR profitable Rawleigh route in Eas "Immet and Northwest Kossuth •ounties. Must be satisfied with ood living at start—Write Raw 'eigh'e, Dept. IAK-10-101, Free- ort, 111. 26pll MAY WE TAKE THIS METHOD of thanking our neighbors ther frien<fe for their kind 'oog of sjrojiitliy to, <>ur \ettt? 1 <»* WETTUMS Doll Set $1.00 Drinking and "wetting doll. Complete with 'bottle, diaper, hot water bottle and soap. DOLL TRUNKS Shell need something to pack her clothes in. 49c to 98C DOLL CABS That every little girl must have for her new dollies. $1.98 to $3.98 TELEPHONES Hello Central! Have Graham's send me one. They are 25c to $1.00 _ BUILDING BLOCKS Build catles the skies. clear to Dolls! Dolls! Big dolls, little dolls, with curly hair, and dolls with bobbed haid.' Baby dolls and mamma dolls. THEY'RE ALL HEBE AT 25cto$1.98 Glass and China TEA SETS W<ill be appreciated by any little girl. S and 23 piece sets 25c to 98< MUSICAL TOPS _„ _ _ WASHING MACHINES SINGLE DOMINOES ~ ~" CARPET SWEEPERS"IIII""25 Speedway Buses Boys want one, of these. They are new and different. 50* to 49? DRUMS Of every size with fibre and sheepskin heads. 25c 49*, $1.00 DOLL BEDS Your new dolly simply must have one of these. 49* to $1.98 SNOW WHITE BANK lOr ANIMAL PAINT SET _ _ _ 25* CELLULOID ROLLY POLY _ IOC CLAY MODELING SET 125J Silver Streak Sleds Black Beauty! Ply Away! Streamlined, all steel runners, and easy steering. 98* to $3.98 COASTEB WAGONS That are all steel. Just the kind boys need — can be found here. 98* to $2.98 MECHANICAL TOYS Wind them up and watch them go. Scottie Dog, Clown Tumbler, Donald. Duck, Doodle Bug Car," or Pluto the Pup, each as* GAMES We couldn't possibly list each one for you, There are so many at these two prices. 25* 49* CHINESE CHECKERS Th new checker game sensation. Will make an excellent gift. SO* CASH RSGISTERS Just what' every boy and girl wants for Christmas. 98* TABLE AND CHAIR SETS . Sturdy table with two chairs. In maple and colors. f l.M to S2.98 i A TEDDY BEARS Brown silk plush. Gla^s eyes. 98* Department S/otw like, ifce > 49* Christmas Tree Light Decorations 8 lights on a string, priced from 29cto$1.25 Ljimpa— 2 for 5c to 3 for 25c HOW ABOUT THESE Suggestions! • Toastmaster Hospitality Set* • Matched Breakfast Set* • Hoover Vacuum Cleaners • Sunbeam Shavemaster Electric ight Fi*tw<* More Power to Your Gift If It's Electrical Electrical gittt get warm welcome in any home. We've hundreds to choose fronv-handsome, 99 oJL looking electrical tflte that cost little. Thoroughly practical, too, they're all guaranteed to give PER' PBOX SKteVICE in RECORD TOMB, CHy« them to the home you like best. Electric Toaster* $3l95 . \ Electric Heater* $4,05 Electric Roasters $17.00 Hamilton-Beach and Hotpoint & Westing- Mi^ ma »ter Food Hoiwe Elec. Irons Mixers $21.00 $2.95 and up I.E.S,Fiooir De.k Red Wing Umpt Model Umpi pottery lamp* ?5.95up $i,§o up $2«P t v , Automatic Toartma»ter r . f 10.^0 Silex Coffee •Vi^r^w*?

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