Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 1, 1938 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 1, 1938
Page 2
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PAGE TWO KOSSTJTH COUNTY APVANCB. ALQOMA. FOUR BIRTHDAYS ARECELEBRATED AT WHITTEMORE Whtttemare, Nov. 29— Relatives and friende gathered at the Henry Schultz home Sunday evening to help Mrs. Schultz, son George, and the twin daughters, Edna and Mrs. Herbert Potratz celebrate birthdays all of which fall on the same day, which was Saturday. Attending: Mr. end Mrs. Henry Kuecker, the George Maahs lamily, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Meyer, the William and George Meyers, the Arthur Heidenwiths, Mrs. Dorothy Sobers, son Ralph, and the Herman, Voights, all of Whittemore; Ros-' ella Voigt, Algona; Ruth and Billie Bruhn, Fairville; the Herbert Potratzes, the Edw. Kueckevs, all of Lotts Creek; Peter and James Christeeen and Edna and Elaine Schultz, Lu Verne; Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Kuecker, Ames, son Maurice. The diversion was cards. Milwaukee Folks Visit Here— Emil Braatz, Mrs. Werner Braatz, and Mrs. Louis Branz, of Whittemore, with Mrs. Rose Zabel, her children and Mrs. James Brunette, with the latter's children, all of Milwaukee visited at the Herbert Braatz home, Mapleton, Minn., Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. George Zabel, t's.e Rose Zabels, and the David lUckabys, New London, WU.J were Sunday dinner guests at the Louis Braatz home and in the at- ternoon the visitors left for home, after having spent the Thanksgtv- ! ing vacation at the Louis and the' Werner Braatz homes and Emil Brattz's. The Brunettes went home Saturday night. Among Thanksgiving Gne.st.s- Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Kuecker, Ames, son Maurice, the Herbert Po- iratz family Lotts Creek, Edna and Elaine Schultz, Peter and James Christesen, Lu Verne, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kuecker, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Meyer were Thanks- THE POCK ETBOOK of KNOWLEDGE rue N -rue u. f/fOM • u.%. 9, 25O.OOO IN /929 ro 26.66j.OOO THlt 1929 "O OOp 9AD/09 1918 IS. ft«7. OOO WO>0< Trif fEDtWt GOVfRNMFNT PURIN6 THE CURRBTT FI4CAL VEAR WILL 5PENP AIMOVT riaice /»* MUCH** ir wiu COltKT IN TAfFf. ACCORD- IN6 TO lATE?T BUPSFT . ESTIMATE? AFRICAN IN THE COMSO. $0 FOND OT M\-AT THEV HAVE A SPECIAL WORD fJUO) TO DISTINGUISH THEIR MUW6ER FOR MEAT ' "?OM RESUIAR HUNGER/ CHAETOOON. f\W. Of INPlA. ' HA 1 ? A BEAK WITH UMlCH IT "SHOOTi" IN$eCT$;-- iWB OBOPt OF WATER FOK "SUilfTf" KEPT IN THE PARLOR. 'IN _. _CASKEK, By IB™ giving dinner guests at the Henry Mr. and Mrs. Peter Waldron Jr., Schultz home. The Arthur Fan-!the Ray Waldrons, all of Ayrshire; dels, Burt, and Father Fandel, of'Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Miller, Arm- Remsen, spent the day with Mr. jstrong; Mrs. Frank Hand, Mr. and and Mrs. M. W. Fandel. !Mrs. Mi-ke Con-Ion, son Floyd, Mr. _ , , r 'and Mrs. Jos. Joyce, son Merle, Surprise for Jfrs. Waldron— j a ii O f Emmetsburg. Mrs. John Waldron was taken j by surprise Sunday evening, when j Discher Preaches at Hinton— relatives arrived to help her cele- The Rev. and Mrs. W. H. Dis- brate a birthday. The guests were'cher, with their eons Norman and Mr. and -Mrs. Peter Waldron Sr., : p a ul, returned Sunday from Hin- ton, where they spent the weekend with .the Rev. H. D. Stahmer. Mr. Dis'clier preached at the.Luth- eran church /-there Sunday. Gx'CoIIegiAns In Oet«To(tctlter- r * "fhe: HeV. John -L. Stephans, 1 J. O. R.,' tutor at the St. Francis' college, Altoona; -Pa., visited Luctan MeUrer last 1 Week Thursday. Father Step'h'ans who Was a college schoolmate of Lucian, was on his way to Milwaukee. t'atlent's Gallstones JRemoved— Mr. and Mrs. Lester, fiaaa and their son Charles, with Wilbur, Maynard, and Melvin Roeber, drove to Rochester Friday to visit Mrs. William Roeber, who recently was operated on for gallstones at a Mayo hospital. Visitors Buy a Cnnnry— The J. T. Meurers, Wesley, and the Andrew Redings, Rodman, spent Sunday afternoon at the local Meurer home, and the Redings took home one of the singing canaries which the local Mrs. Meurer sells. Broken Leg Cast Dale, eon, of Mr. and Mrs. rFan- cig Elbert who fell from an apple tree and suffered a broken leg three months 'ago, had the cast removed Friday. Tafe Under New Management — The Ewoldt Rusch family arrived from Watei'town, Wis., Sunday and Mr. and Mrs. Rusch now have charge of the DeLuxe Cafe. <ith«T WiiHteniore. The William Kellys and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Yankee were Thanksgiving dinner guests of Mrs, Joe Brennan, Emmetsburg. Dinnei guests the same day at Willian Diedrich's here were Rudolph Diedrich, Grundy Center; the John Behnkendorfs, Lu Verne; the Arloj Chisins, Emmetsburg; the Gus Diedrichs and Arthur and Julius Diedrichs, Rodman. Terry, son of Mr. and Mrs. M. K. Cullen, Mason City, spent the week-end with his grandparents Mr. and Mrs. John Cullen. Postmaster and Mrs. Cullen, daughter Mar- cellci, and Verna C. Emnnuel, .of Yanktown, S. D., were Thanksgiv- ing dinner guests -at M,' K. Cullen's. • Margaret Greteman spent the Thanksgiving vacation with relatives at Merrill, Tom Farr.ell, Dav- nuort, was with His prffents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Farrell. Robert Finnell, .Ames, spent the v day with his parents, Mr, and Mrs. R. H. Finnell. Mr. and Mrs. Winfield Carlisle, Lincoln, Neb., arrived last week Wednesday for Thanksgiving with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ray W. Carlisle. Mrs. Mary Foley, Josle, and Dan spent the day with Sister Mary, Cecelia at Gilmora City. Hank Prlester, Taopi, Minn., spent a few days last week with relatives and old friends here. Mr. an<d Mrs. Stephen Tiel, Rushmore, Minn., were Sunday guests of their uncle and aUnl, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hahn. Mary Chalua and two girls from Claire and a Miss McEvoy, Algona, visited at Dr. J. W. Mc'Crae- ry's an'd H. S. Dailey's Sunday. The J. F. McCreerys, Fonda, also visited. the Dalleys and the local Mc- Creerys. Thanksgiving dinner guests at George-'Fandel's. were Mr. and Mrs. George Kohl, Lulu and William, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Kohl, Al- gona,' iff/ and MM, George Ifohl Jr., St. P&uli ftftd the a. fl. fit* bertfl. ' <• • The George SchulW family, Mf. and Mrs. Henry Kue<*er, and Mf, and Mrs. Leonard Meyer, With Mf, and .Mrs. Irvin Kuecker, Ames, Ana their son Maurice, were Sunday dinner guests at the George Maftha home. Mr.'and Mrs. Arnold-Mllljert, of Hartley, were at Mrs. Emma Hubert's for Thanksgiving; the Mike Bowmanns, With Mrs. Bowmahn'6 mother, Mrs. Andrew Miller, of Rockwell. Mildred Fandel and John Conoley took Dorothy Fandel/and Lillian Bargman to Cedar. Falls' Mon-; day. Dorothy and Lillian resumed studies at the State Teachers college. •- - Thdnksgfvlng dinner guests at R. A. Behnke's were Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Kollasch, Burt; the Julius Baas family, Plum Creek; Mrs.. Fred Lehman, and Selma Meyer. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Struecker were Sunday callers at William Tiede's, at Llvermore. The E.. G McMahons, Algona, Called on friends here Sunday. The Albert Baas family, Burt, was at WUli'am Lauck's for the Thanksgiving dinner; the John Gleidons, at Jos. SUiven-s Webster ears «er«.,! .A Urge hutabeFfrom St. Paul's Lutheran oongrfeiatkwji 'Here at* tended A Falrville nilwloti festival Sunday. ..','• "i • • Mrs. Emma Hllbert Is a new clerk ftt the Zuirrach Market. She started to Wofk Ruth Ann aftdUBiiiki, Children of f. *fti MM; fiftfln Brubn, Fair- Vtlle, ftr* fpendlftK tKfo week at Mrs. Dodge Writes of Vilit ort Coatt Mrs. D, P. 8ml tH recently had ft letter from Mrs. Emily 0. Dodge, Fallon, NoV., whom Algona -old- timers remember. .Recently Mrs. Dodge Vlflited her niece, the former Marjorie Carlo*!, at I/on? Beach, > Calif. She called on Mrs. Nellie G. BoW^f, Hdllywodd, •whom se found ailing and bedfast. Marjorlc's husband and brother Kenneth, both civil engineers, were building a cabin In the San Bernardino mountains, a mile ! higher than the lowlands, and they called it Marjorie's ' house. Mrs. Dodge called on Anna Hamilton, sister of,, Harrtld,' the Bancroft chick- hatcher, and found hev in i good health. Marjorie gave a- party news of Mrs. it the )r a St Benedict Gcorirc fJri/v, visitors at . Mauri ft Wnltcr l,ichi. 0 ," U S O" 11 ^ er at John ArndJ ft GO Imtne ' nt Orlen's .uui"on Mrs. Philip Jmmarfali '1 Jimmic Uwonfeiddr t»*'l Wltn 1 !,? 0 TIltt ''fcfti J*l son h hls sistw >»«. Vp Bessie Ilimnphry, f !Friday and Sntiirtlnv «,i ter, Mrs. Glenn Wort,* M> COMMONLY , s ,, AD MEDIUM K\(' RATED \s MORE FOR YOUR MONET at L.USBY'S ^r.* Christmas DIAMONDS .... BDLOVA Watches , -, , SILVERWARE CLOCKS .... RINGS . . ;;. and so forth $50.00 $75.00 $90.00 ^ Rodksij* darding! A P«rfecHy mcrtdMdlaw Thh *«qui>ii* ring will ffl Ic-ge, full cut diamond trkw«..A spUdid en- eogog* H«f heort! A fS with notching dia- oagenvurt ring with 3 lorg* diamond with •on* in a Wwti/oJ bfiOion* diamonds, a perfect I vmotch«Jdio- Mllll'B I ••arVTinn rinnrl ••! nilli J. ^_ -!kl !-!_ tcttiag. ••—- —-—-— -~~, f pvn*uiymaicn«aaia- w«dding bond set with moods M either side, diamonds. BULOVA MISS AMUICA X! N\] BUL OVA BUIOVA ooeeus or TUMI '24 75 '29 75 - MAITNAWASHINftTON Small, slender, beautifully engraved; in the charm and color of natural gold) A grtat watch vakMl SM Ihb (taiart, n«w, accurate 17 |tw«l eUlOVA. 17 i»w«ls/round, small at a dime, and set with two sparkling diamonds) LADY BULOVA 17 Jewels : 29 75 •ANCU $ 24 75 1S jewels, in the popular new natural gold color. AMERICAN CUFfER '29 75 Streamlined ... a new ... sturdy ... dependable 17 Jewel Bulova. •*• MINUTf MAN 75 $ 33 Curved to fit the wrist, 17 jewels. The aristocrat of _, fine watches! 6' There is no gift so precious as a dependable timepiece . . . none that lives so long in useful service. Select a Bulova! Regardless of the price you pay, it will be true to its trust, to tell time, on time, throughout the years. STUD SITS Cuff links and studs are always welcome. In beautiful gift ,, boxes, from..... CASI AND LIGHTU Combination cigarette case and lighter. A complete se- f _ ftft lection from....'5°° UICTIIC KAZO* No brush, latter or water required. A useful, practical aid Tor HIM/$12.50 STONI tIT tlN«S A variety of stones to choose from * . . Ruby, Zircon and other brilliant gems from..,, LUS Jeweler and Druggist 177VFOLDS HV A BLAZE OF CHRISTMAS GLORY MEN'S TIES You can TIE these . . . but not for price and quality. They're hand made in the season's smartest patterns. . to 49* to 85* S H I R T S The kind he'd buy for himself ... with fused collars and definitely masculine patterns and colors. Priced 98« to *1.98 MEN'S ROBES Novelty pattern blanket robes . . . wool flannels in popular shades. He'll b« gUd you shopped here first. *L98 to '4.95 GLOVES Several styles and.leathers some: warmly lined, others typically dress stoves for a discriminating man. 98* to n.98 SUSPENDERS Single pairs or matched with • good looking tie in a handsome gift box. Here's ft gift he'll gp for any time. 49* to 79* MUFFLERS Here's a gift with style, color, design ... without lookinj like a Christmas tree. Choice of woolens or fayon. 49* to 98* PAJAMAS Yes . , . most of them arc plenty "loud" ... but men like em like that. We've got every conceivable style at 98*to*1.98 DRESS SOX Fine cjuality, fcincy pattern ray. on ... double h*$l and toe. They come ready gift wrapped in a giveable box. 4 pair 98* MEN'S SWEATU. Plain knit or novelty brushed wool in a dandy assortment of styles and colors. Some with short zippers. *1.98 to '2.98 HANKIES Big man sized handkerchiefs in plain white, fancy border, or linens. Some packed in attractive boxes. ' 25* to 49* ,_ . ER P U R S E S And what a magnificent selection. Suedes, patents, velvets, fabrics with jeweled sequins •nd what not. 49*to*L98 SILK HOSE "Silhouette" crepe' (wist, full fashioned, pure silk hose.... A gift that any woman will find "exactly right." 79* pair / MANICURE SET SWEATERS Several lovely sizes end styles Captivating new styles in plain in manicure sets. All practical- knits or Angorelte. A host of ly fitted and unusually low . .highly desirable colors to pick priced at only from too. 25* to O.49 98* to *1.98 KERCHIEFS Pretty ones and practical ones' . . . every imaginable new innovation. Individual or in attractive gift boxes. 25* to 49* LADIES' SLIPS « •• mr m mm m »—•- — "Sorority" pure silk crepe « Mtin . . . also in rayon satin or crepe. Plain tailored, or frill, 1 Uce trim. 98*to $ 1.98 PAJAMAS ' 1 "'. bfmbwsi, wypri crept, , A stitch and many more . . . •IM 'key«d" to the spirit of giving. ' Riyons, silks and satins in many interesting patterns, desisnsand colors. Also in wool squares •nd oblongs. '* 49* to 98< Frothy, effeminite organdy made up in the most flattering styles we ve ever seen. For rormaj and .informal giving. 25* to 59* & Dance Sell Plain tailored, embroidered or lace trimmed styles Fashion^ of pure-glove silk. Olheis in knU »yon and rayon TOYS Auto Toy* Heavy, sheet metal toy trucks, fire apparatus, excavators and many other inter: siting combinations. '— HEW DOLLS Some brand new Uees in dolls Including the fam- "W-um" ous them in endless variety, '•tit t* «4.9S BRIDGE SETS A rare oppor ty to -(ecHr 26 piecf ftt "ebtrmi|ig u lilyerware »pr LACE CLOTH Ur ?'« dx S l f '*? f ""*' ^ ' - eral attractive designs and patterns. . . TOWE& SETS ™"^i'4|jflP •Mf.fVWd^oodwiMtfbowis f*t«f picks ineJii^til.GlvjwWf

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