Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 24, 1938 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 24, 1938
Page 9
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EO, SURVIVE KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA NIN8 Ion, N0 v 22—Mrs. Morris rece'lved word of the lylord Burtis, of Mrs. Parsons was . : n r^i £ T • A D piiiiiiiiiiiii^^^^^ is L Unce of Irvmgton, Passes n 11P TI fl il • ^1 ^1 ^1 ^1 ^1 ^I^^H h. Maori Tnnekn J°" or URl "von ^L-LTNo high line* that Wm. Ricklcfs, of Tilonk;,, ,.-, , t busy man tlios days. Now you sec ,,-.,„ ,„ , L , , ,. him, then you don't. u c j,., s iholmi'V m , ' ,, ^ u a u £t job of doUvorlnc nnW fo, „'„«, if"?* wlth _.? traw ' wllich absol ' bd season, that the writer has seen. Tt, FENTOHITESTO GOME HOME FOR THANKSGIVING Fenton, Nov. 22—'Students teachers expected home arorle, who were recenty Thanksgiving are: Mallnda Han- brought home from the Lutheran telman, teacher at Allison; Sellna hospital, Hampton, where they had week Sunday were the Rev. R. W. Kabelitz, daughter Ruth, Irene j Bieckwenn, Selma Meyer, Viola!: Struecker, Viola Mueller, Leona j Boeckholt, and Lorena Dreyer. Mr. | Kabelitz was in charge ot the | meeting. j j ; Accident Victims Brought Itonie— i j Mrs. Kate Wcgener, of Algona,' j i is visiting the ./E. K. Johnsons and ] ! helping care for her daughter, Mrs. ji aurl , Johnson, and the latter's daughter ' I for i Marjorie, who were recently Having rented my farm I will off jr for sale at public auction on the farm one mile east of Fenton, first place north of railroad track, on known here; but It t death was caus- Burtla was as Lrtls left Son Son, am boliiK , around Wesley urn! Tilonka. Ilnntl- ling such big polos is some job. iane; two "brothers. ," Mipn., and Albert, " a few years ago. formerly who Wo called lit John 1!. We!l;ind's Jr., west of Wesley, lusl. week Monday and found liiiu cleaning out corn-picking for raises but it yiclrti Ttis 20x42 feet, and it has a loft Thanksgiving are: Malinda Han-' brought 'home from the Lutheran 55 A*JI"jllm*W. ] lilled with straw, which absorbs j telman, teacher at Allison; Selina hospital, Hampton, where they had — * moisture. There is a wood floor i Hantelman, grade teacher at Cedar' been pa ti e nts since a frightful = SALE HECHES AT NOON built of 2x8 lumber, and the I Falls, at Mrs. Dan Hantelman's; 'uuto-train accident on October ii.' Es OAIJJjl »*•»*« a planks arc not nailed, which lets 'Tflnrenr.p. Wp.lshrod and Edith I SS -., .••IIMUMMI mimii n , November 28th •*....i, IJL i.Ao mmuur, uiiu inui rails, at planks are not nailed, which lets' Florence .,_ ~_ him take them up to clean out l/aago, Des Moines, at W. J. Weis- bclow, a good idea, it seemed '-''----" ---' " " " T '- us. i^iuicimo Weisbrod and Edith to I brod's and C. F. C. Laage's rcspec- j M,-. and Mrs. V~ J. 'fa turn will =5 A S5 Tr . i tir n n rnriiUji i y A»it* i , i > -i i Burtis wtis iuii"ci*j * ^ ; this yojir. Ho :ni' L^ Gild uttor °* 1 ™ .. , a two-row mount St^^ r A i*** _ ._^»-.,» 4Yin»s\ rm* Tiitunis on A'lHlting Trip •~i-— | Mr. and Mrs. V. J. Ti • iiveiy, .Jt«ui wB,,,v C ,, ^-a. Palls^eave t hi s week Wednesday for SS -i t* am I inntphprl csnrrplcs S nnrl 10 Ivrs old wt 3200' 1 * * * * I student, at W. J. Weisbrod'e; Ed- Nora Sprins to visit the W. F, Ta- — •"• leam matcnea sorreis 8 ana J-U yrb. oiu, WL. o-suu, j. Merman C. Tjarks, northwest mund Krause and Lyle Newel, 1 turns, and will be accompanied by == colts coming 2 years old, 1 gelding, I mare. '•; •'"" "'""lor Titonka, was picking the five'Ames, at Ous Krause's and Chas.' Miss Finn, local music teacher, ~ it, or som<!p ns | rows nt corn ]tls( . week wed-! Newel's respectively; Hazel Weis- j Dorothea Gerhart, and the latter's ''. ,, l . c conl '!!iCK(lay and said he hoped to finish brod, Des Moines, at her mother, daughter Georgia, who will make icineu weiim,.,! ,i nv J.J Q nft( j pj c ] {e( j most of Mrs. Frcelove Weisbrod's. !,,ioit_ „* /-<„„„,„. „„•,! »T. ./•«*,, LUNCH WAGON ON GROUNDS S 41 team matched sorrel and so get " Wll |liis corn with a machine, leaving' ,. . ,——-7- .„ . '""•y|ii few rows along hi s driveway at Hnppy Birthdny Uiib Meets— 111 the northside" of his yard to let' Tn e w """ v ™''»»^ ^""* ^t^^^ereforl -*** j visits at Geneva an'd Mason City, all to return-Sunday. '*** (Jailed on Hospital Patient— 23 i t years, the *• . where u " the northside of his yard to let' me s niuw "< "i""* % i a ° l (Jailed on Hospital Patient— tho stalks serve as a snow fence, meeting was with Mrs. Oscar boi-, Ml , and Mn3 Richard Hengel, n1 Olaus Tjarks, Herman's father, berg, 21 members and five visitors Ml-s Jacob He el| Mrs _ Frank Kl-!,„!,„ , ives norl h Gas t of Wesley, attending. A new member, Mrs. gc i lat tschneider, Fred McWhertev, there, and he owns this farm Edward Solberg^ was admitted. i and a SQllj Wlllttemorei reoent i v HEAD OF CATTLE H li head of milch cows, Bangs akd t. b. tested; 4 holsteins; 4 Swiss; S: Guernsey; 1 Jersey; 1 Shorthorn; 4 yearling heifers, Jerseys and Guernseys; 1 == SB yearling steer; 5 fall calves, Jerseyd and Guernseys; 1 yearling Jersey bull; 1 10- pa S weeks-old Guernsey bull. — more, and ills KOH 1'n.liYiov wovn , . ,' .,, ••••"""-' wt,i» was lncro anu ne owns t ni s rarm ""••"•« ~^>~^. 0 , ..^ ---picking corn with a two-row pick- loo . Tlle llouse is being rebuilt -Mrs. Dennis Hendricksen had Ol* H 1*1 fin V t-*o1 01* en i /t ( lini'n «mi«ft , . . . _... . n>in *>rm nP nn f*\i*tjo imvion T on n 1 tl nily movd to Spo- « F ' ^^ ^ e cr ^W Ihoro were nml it now hns a full basem ent charge of entertainment, and In tlent at tne Luthemn i lospltal BUrtls was asso- f.° acres to pick yet, and he hopad ; iln(] a ciaten] . A lot of improving S^mcs Mrs. Ulrich Juhl and Mrs. D M oinea, who had an operation .' Royal Neighbors the feather would s ay us fine, for, nna been dono on tllis toml , n the John Kerber won prizes. Mrs. Car-....... . till Ws death somG! an ° llel ' Wcclt ; Mr. ; aiBBcin U o,,o ]lnst two „_ . ,oline Juhl and Mrs. Delbert Long tin ii*o uo«*t.*» ««. . ^j. I.^Q men who feed *i I'lriro num- : ^ n "^^ t*™** /^p i«/\?»«*-iciVim<info T'no brotnor 01 Kftti ^^ nn)(lrt n ., 0 i. r-.n Hc'has 380 HEAD OF HOGS 361 tin He was s. Mary Patterson Lampion Still Fatfent-- P . of head in the Iced lot at present. .t, •*• * 4. When we stopped at Herman December meeting will be liunkofskcs, east of Burt, last Mrs ' Martin Meiners, Ringsted. •- h M. R. Smith, the LotlB Creek hut- ] £ ocl 5 Wednesday Mr. :0? Q «mn! terniaker, was scrubing a cream ^p™,^ ^^ng John Kerber won prizes. Mrs. Car- ' th t wnpkn n en ,oline Juhl and Mrs. Delbert Long tnele two weeltg a l° ihad charge of refreshments. The «; ec Oljlalioinn-Aines Game ^ Spotted Poland China and Harkpshires, all vaccinated: 20 sows, wt. 200 IbsT; 15E 16 fall pigs. There will also be 6 D|aroc Jersey spring boars. Edward Lindsey, Clarence ^« ser, and Burton and Ernest Skare and Mrs. Tcn to 4 _ H clnl> jinnqyct,— ma'" » ,, • v onmo i usi-muRKi, vvu.-i suiuuiuK « uruuiu . Pr]< , , , ' ,j „ 0 - Mrs. Walter Weisbrod, Independ .omobile accident aome! wo to Mtonka, having *old soma geese ^ t . HeallBt 4 . H club leader , a, is still a patient at ftfl fi fl , which "joy were to deliver-by 10 d hter Helena, Mrs. Carl Kern, hospital. She is recover- thing ^^ ^ prom | aos , n good ;n. m. Mr. Bunkofske said he was daughtel . Helen, Irene and Virginia Guest Day at «10Wly Q-ft*^ HCr pnySlClaU Q../IPJ. „„,! „,-,,-,. „„,! ,.,,.,.^ nr , t n r tU {«•» i £'< l tl tllat tllC ClreOKO ClltCll wnlCll -D«,,T^«7«-n,7 T\Tr.i.o-m.a* 'Roi'in/'a T.nr- >nu« T7l_i....! iat if she'is abto-ttrgo home tjstmas she will Irs, Champion s out, and her UCll bad Condition v-«- LUU uujrn \vaa ^L mjii.wj v..» w^..w ; •has to be taken in Ha-, having gone to a .sale. These boys'.ditch is the outlet. .mi through a tune. Mr. "batch it," but we'll say that when Jon and the small daughter i t comes to housekeeping they do t Jean both of whom were a goo( i j 0 )j. However, we don't be- isame accident but did not lievo muc u j n these bachelor I such serious injuries, are ( homes, and we are waiting to see I their' home east of Irving; eac h O f the Oppodals duly fitted Id Mr. Champion is able td oll t w ith a team-mate. John Deere Machinery—Model A Tractor, 3 yrs. old, attached cultivator; corn as LONE ROCK i= harrow, 3 sections; drag cart. International Machinery—14-ft. disc; 10-ft. disc; manure spreader; endgate _ Foswl work. A hired girl IB • the house. The baby, * * * '•• We called on I-Ieilto Dell Marlow, N. L. Cotton, and tCL UtlllVJUCU ill. l/UO MM.tJX'"-"-'*-*!' "•»• n»»— JJ1C\ St. Thomas Catholic church, Em- der. metsburg, Saturday. Lois Kerber, of the Independent Idealists, gave i TENi'iiN NKAVS a toast on spring flowers. The Afternoon Bridge club met , ,.^ . i Saturday at Mrs. Charles Newel Eight Attend Lutheran Institute - - 'Fenton people attending a d,., (JJ . au uuauu. winning nign and -Mrs trict meeting of Lutheran minis-j Frank Eigler being low. Substi-! fm-« nriH Rnnflnv school teachers at fnfns ivoi-o TWi'o nnr.,.0-/, T/,.,*,. j m jointers; De Laval cream sep- =E —3 aiciuui, ^ u . j-«, wim *i^i^ ^<.~* „ .., 0 i..-.., New Idea horse-power for ele- s Reh- 5= vator, single-row cultivator, fanning mill No. 3, top buggy. == S Miscellaneous—Zenith wind charger, Zenith radio with new battery, 1 set of =s S harness, 6 tons wild hay in barn, shaft, 10-ft, attached pulleys and hangers; 3 /i-.,S et '5Es horse Mogul gas engine; Meyers pressure pump; 220 gal. pressure tank; Perfec- aa piweaour B UG S tion oil burner for water heater; Fuller & Johnson gas engine; square wooden s Johnson winning high and Mn£ = tank; steel ta?ik; litter carrier anl 100 ft. cable; 2-wheeled cart with sprayer and =| « uninjured, is with Mrs. east of Titonka. 1 1." .utftr at Osage. day. The Brunscs lion's sister at Osage .wbvig Visiting flaughter- | Dell Marlow, N. L. Cotton, ana ters and Sunday school teachers at. tutes were Mrs. i\V. J. Cotton attended a plot dem- the Algona Lutheran church last Virginia Fr&nk. •Bruns, north' onstration on corn at Kanawha The Walter week Thurs-1 Vast week Tuesday. ' Kossuth hospital last week Mon- and Mrs _ A]ex iolly folks.! Mrs. Caroline Ackarman and day. _ _ _ were entertaine , east of Titonka, last week Thurs- 1 Vast week Tuesday. George Jentz and Fishers, with Mr, Jenswold, . , , were entertained Sunday at CUaee ' nozzle; 5 bu. popcorn; forks, scoops, hose, axe, pulleys, chicken feeders, mall grindstone, and other articles too numerous to mention. Utlj . * uu J-*» unnu;i tii v^ ,i"".* '•"**»-'• - m i .3. v.'cii uiAiiv, A^W.^IV. .^ rni'O "" — *""" —«****• Mrs. Bruns, who kidded us about Mesdames Earl and Mrs. Robert Mr. and Mrs. V. J. uross^ w I, iPink's, Graettinger, in honor of jniuKiii."— one farm news, claimed that they,' Ackarman attended a home dem-1 Sunday afternoon guests at A. it. Mrs Fink , g D i rt nu ay anniversary funeral ser- too, shot every seventh agent wholonstration meeting at Burt last'Gardner's, Plum Creek. Mr. ana, , M) ,_ anfl M] , & A ^ pox ^ Wa]nut week Mon-1 came along. But they said we'week Thursday. Mrs. Alex Krueger were suppei., Gl , ove| Minn • we ,. e lag( . week a former "frvlngton man,'didn't happen to be No. 7, so liifly The Rudolph Peters family spent guests at Lawrence Newbrougn.,. . , . . . let us go with no holes in Sunday afternoon with the Mrs. C. Mr. K OBC6 lTltin3.S6Q. 0* fitOVG llGl tJ >VUVilv , ,,..,, ,..., nu ,,. t .. — — _ ., -- tvsnrc -ico Mrs. Ludw'g has t h e s Ki n to be patched up. JW. Peters family at Algona. l/eais at, • ^^ ^^ daugh-, * * * * 'land Mrs. Frederick Schultz spent ,1m Hartln •'Sioux City,' At Lawrence Newbrough's, south ;, ho ;l f te moon at Carl Zoller'fl, I inrt visit before • returning west of Lone Rock, the men were .uncelyn, Minn. The Zollers are liinmp ^ Fort Dodge. Before unloading corn last week Wednes-, [ol . mei . Lone Rockers. f UU1UC UL *•""• .,"= . In'Amr /1,1 rl nrnrn IIC i 11 IT till illf.'.dfi ClG-. n rp A,,cr,,n o ,1 rl V lUdwig's death [caving for an Thr^ton Hunburts and the May- -«' nard Kuecks, Whittemore, spent 1 the'' couple, day, and were using an inside ele-j R T Angus and his daughter need Fort vator. This was working well. Q nice w ni drive to Cornell **& _ . !_.... •_ ..1. I,,,] rt .i4- nf tVlrt _._ , , . i • 1. T 11 1 ' „ ., at Robt. Kyhl's. Fox are sia- Bailey, . Mrs Ludwig 1 Little corn is shoveled out of the ' wagons nowada>,._ ents, Mr. and Mrs. Nelson. Sylvia Wiebush, of Prairie Du Chien, Wls., arrived Monday for Marshall, Minn., •end at his father i nd A. H. Krause's. = EVERYTHING OFFERED AT T IIS SALE IS IN FIRST-CLASS CONDITION || TERMS: Cash,'or see your banker. No property removed until settled for. = | Peter Hayenga | = FLAIG & HANSEN, Auctioneers N. L. COTTON, Lone Rock, Clerk || llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllJIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllH Lr Gronbnch Boy Operation- anil Mrs. William Gronbach The St. Benedict women , rne io(jai lx( , u , ol . uBa uliyc culi . a fine chicken dinner Sunday ev-J ed ]ag( . w(jek Wednesday wit h 30 'and Mrs. William Gronbach.a line cnicKen umnor -omma, u, , ]ag( . w(jek Wednes day with 30 icalled to Iowa City one day.enlng, and clmrged^ only 36c toL it.! membel ., 3 . Mrs . H . E. Micka, Fred reek to be on hand when their not enough. Most of the chuich^^^ H x Rice) otto Jen . Louis had another operation, women at and around'Algona ^, Eyel Eadng| Havold W o 0(1> reported here that this oper-j now getting 40c. All of them, 1 It-, y y Frye> Mary Glsoh| D w> Fer . ' was for mastoiditis and was the St. Benedict women, b ^e, Margaret Schloeman, Dorothy econd of the-kind which the meals worth 75c of anybody s m " n | Walker> A rla Wadsley, Lorenz ashadsincehe. was taken to ey. Thei-e,wa S auenoimousci)A Geltzenauei . f Ray S nyder, _A;_ A. hT waa taken to ; ey. iClty late in the summer. Ho, at blso had his appendix remov- or four tablesful. A good many ic.o,.••»" "•- Geitzenauer, Ray ou^uui, ».• *v. Benedict, enough for th.ee Kruegev> Alton Pettit Fred r i aigi or . M ^ aoumei . i . . oon, gona folks were among the nui J - iN L cotton, E. M. Jensen, J. M. u,.. :TVirt cjnfnrrinv ShoDner cai - ; „, _, ._ , -,** n -m_i™ A ,.*.V.I.K (Matt Kelley Sick— !. Matt Kelly, who with Mr. per ., had spent Saturday and Sun- rlth the Ralph Parsons family, her. Tho Saturday Shopper car- (B , anchard> w _ G Flaigi ried an announcement of tin. sup- R Jenaen Alex We were * * * at Dick Wth the Ralph Parsons lamny, "= ••-- • • k [red a heart attack Sunday ev- north o ionka, last yek Franzen'a, reu a neari ai.i.a<;iv ouuuaj >=" , son the way to H«rvey John-!day and round and was brought back to arsons home,, where she was lent Tuesday. lllytlio at Dnbujjue— was , mm * a shed. He fine when the and get a bale of dry straw with yo a uj- i, Nina Blythei'who had been which to bed down the stock * . ' ' ' _— « i . .1. ili *e dl iher son Arthur at Wahkon, 1, since September, has now, I; to her son Roy's at Dubuque 'he winter. •-•;••• • • .| James M. Long, who lives in the yard where Lawrence Newbrough lives, happened to be ^at home last week Wednesday to bring home Lillian (week with her mother, Mrs. Lillian Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Cotton, the W. J. Cottons, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Dittmer, and the Arie Dittmers at Burt drove to Ames Saturday, and the Dittmers visited at G. J. Morgan's. Dr. and Mrs. H. A. Angus,' Dr. and Mrs. Donald Angus/Law-, ton, Okla., and the last-named couple's daughter Mary Elizabeth, and Dr. Howard Angus, Denver, met the Cottons there, and all attended the Oklahoma-Iowa State football game and were guests till Sunday at Harley Shellito's. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Radig had as Sunday evening guests the John Schalllns, Lotts Creek, the; Alex Radigs, the Martin Dreyers, and Mr. and Mrs. William Boettcher, Fenton. The Henry Kuecks entertained' the Maynard Kuecks, Whit- A Maoumbei . i w . j. Cotton, Arthur UCTIOH Priebe, Roy Jensen, Alex Krueger, Ytrs. Lillie Thompson, Charles Morris, Tinus Madsen, and Fred Genrich. Donations were given by Mrs. Emil Kraft, Hiram Ackarman, Mrs. P. C. Olson, Ervin Mittag, Victor Rogers, Mrs. Hattie Sprank, Frank Householder, W. J. Murphy, Mrs. Melvin Hawks, Mrs. Jack Quinn, and Frank Flaig. Supervisor and Mrs. Charles Morris were at Jay and Mrs. Morris As I am quitting farming and intend to ntove to Eiometsburg, where I have bought a half interest in a machine works, I will offer for public sale the following described property on— temore, the Fred Wegeners, and Myrtle Orvick, Ledyard, in the. afternoon. - i The Walter Thompsons called at - - - - - - * a f- j the , the Wil- Monday, D at my place located four miles east and three miles north of Algona, at corner of new center ... '. i rt . _. _ Jl n T-» I fN A'T TT1 fNm A T-» rTVTVTVN A FT* •*• /*\ H"YT /"Vl/^fiy school, or three and one half miles east and five south ' • He , Otheri^lngta,,. !«£. ^agMne % the Bounty, h. Vern Barker . entertained which is no snap. A gieai Aid at her hpine last- week |rsilay. The Missionary society meet Friday at the church for farmer iiitti x- i luttjr Ul> tl»« ^JM«^ w»* * — - i usual November tea. A special j fali mighty glad that areaB« uu«.» had been cleaned out when the heavy rains came this of Eram under the direction } 0. L. Miller will be given a 25c luncheon will be eerv * * * * frs, 0. fc. Miller accompanied | p. E. Colwells to Eddyington' pflay to get the Colwell daugh- Mrs. B, O. Paris, whom they kht here Sun'day, Mr. Davis ps to join his wife here In a weeks. 'he Rev. Mr, English preached •Thanksgiving sermon Sunday the text, I Will o«er to Theo Martin Krapp, southwest of Bancroft, was in the field picking corn, last week Wednesday. He picks by hand. Mrs. Krapp showed 4 the couple's fine boy Soon be able to help his daddy. north of xv, i fVUl OH" 1 i" t " vu noreep. jnvoiji.»"MD —e of Thanksgivlne- \ B kept in fine shape. P^e was employed last _ Jr* M m e r' * * * * Bennie Bennken Jr., MethodtatBervlceaatAlwnalnthe "«aZunwo, Herman . the week-end Ringsted. Jesse Hoben- guests. Hanna - s iJCUIlJo JJCUW-V"- " - -' Titonka, was cleaning off the- oe- ment floor where he feeds his hogs when we saw him last week Thursday. He drives a dandy black team and takes great pr de, In his Everything on this place -ass hones. (161*1 8.11(1 u»»* «ww - -, of Fenton, attended a Polled Hereford cattle ,show at Des Moines gt'at Edw, Ifpf'B, Lu Verne. SESXTON At George H. Miller's, north of Lone S we always take noUeo of the fine brick house, one of the best homes in the . John H. Rode*, uortheast of Tl- Tll her own • and Mrs. W. C. Taylor, with i son Dean, spent Sunday at Gil- with the Ferris John- . rron and it was easy to see 'etty Holdcroft, Titonka, spent ^ e ^ poke the truth. Mrs Rode al- i week-end with Mr. and Mre.i ralsed a good crop of chicii |rman Wise. MiBS Holdoroft and gh h d a i ttrge table stacked i Wise both formerly lived at ° fnecnlcken bodies that she was Verne. Miss Holderoft now " rBnai . lnK for canning. The Koaea ,ches in the Titonka schools. Nr Sunday dinner guests of Mr. d Mrs. Wise were' Mrs. Wise's* keuts, Mr. and Mrs. John Voss Lu Verne, Mrs. Sarah Wise, the latter's- daughter, Mrs. stlla Noble. Jra. William Hartley, Mrs. Ot[Neuman, Mrs. Dlueilla Noble, te. Verle Schmiift, L^Vonne San- Dorothy Fi'aser, Katheryn -• —w» UVU/ $'4 <^Q1?* , *•.*»».»-•«•-» Iffchbaum, Edith Qreenfield at- Ned a cptton an4 linen show- f or Gladys Paetz at the Plum center schpolbpu^.e Sunday 'on. S,oine 50 women attend- J hoate^es.wflre W[rf.' Henry Mrs. Leslie Huff, dad Mrs. Mar^ejfe. Gladys will te larried to ^dyril V«ntej,cher Nov- "^er 24 at the Algona Catholic _wd MTB. S. B. J8to4«f«. *?* Wednesday. ank Oeo. been * * * * Fangman northeast ve tt»»»iv- . The Fangmans wi 1 to the farm wher ^ ^Snkal CLOSING OUT Farm Sale Tuesday, Nov. 29 Sale starts «t 13 O'clock 22 cattle milk cows and heifers: 10 horses; a com, SpJSi ™ ferm machiuerjr and other articles too to mention. A complete closing out sale. Nine miles east and 5 mile 3 south of Algona, 1 Sth^f the H,nna ranch, 6 >p» north w4 1 east of L« Verne. Lunch will be served by the Doan Ladies' Aid. -HORSES Bay mare, 8 yrs. old, weight about 1,500: black gelding, smooth mouth, weighing about 1,300; bay 2-year old gelding. ' 13-CATTLE-13 "Esternton 4th" Black Angus registered bull, age 23 months; "Blackcap Luca", Black Angus registered heifer, bred Sept. 1 to above named bull; seven good milk cows, 4 milking now, 3 due to freshen by sale date; four calves. 7 -HOGS i Seven sows, not bred, her 5 SHEEP Three ewes; three lambs, two of which are ewes. 50 MIXED HENS and PULLETS 6 u interest. on bankable notes |JO ajftd under ^ TERMS; Cash, or §e« ypwr Wwker fore d»y of §»le. of Burt, SALE STARTING AT 1 O'CLOCK. FARM MACHINERY Good, 2-wheel trailer with triple box; reg- ilar Farmall tractor with special spade lug wheels; McCormick-Deering tractor cultivator to fit regular, F-20 or F-30 tractors, used two seasons, good as new; McCormick-Deering 10-foot sinder complete with power take-off attachments in good condition. McCormick-Deering corn planter with 160 rods wire, planted 10 acres; two McCormick- Deering 10-foot discs; two bottom McCormick- Deering plow; spreader; John Deere mower, 3 years old, good as new; Letz 10-inch burr feed grinder, in good shape; extra good hay rack with tracks; two wagon boxes; sled, Endgate seeder; hay rake; hay stacker and buck; single row cultivator; surface cultivator; sulky plow, Hudson .tank heater; set breeching harness; grindstone;>-Melotte cream separator, MISCELLANEOUS , Tw9 400-bushel slat cribs; 800 bushels velvet barley; feed bunk; cooling tank; Martjq. brooder stove; 5 gallon galvanized heated fountain; and other articles too numerous to mention. w^flfiHsfe.™?

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