Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 24, 1938 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 24, 1938
Page 5
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Ifitt 24, 1938. ISINESS IECTORY """^ KOSStTTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALQONA, IOWA PAGE PtVi •H-M- H. W. Mill" 427, .residence BM 460-W. Algona, low* fclllvan s ' Bl I IJ.B. Linnan t Attorneya-at-Law '^w County Mutual Hice, 261. .Algona, Iowa ^OTOJJ & LOWE iss^Ar- Mrs. Adiini I,| C tack of pleurisy. having an at- were at St. Benedict Tuesday morn'"S- atlonding the wedding of Mln- the ThanksRlvlns nl ° Kutsehara to Frank Bleich. Is no school today I M !SS Kutachara was formerly employed at the Durant home. has ...., Spencer, was n. Friday afternoon guest of Mrs. Addle Hills, who lives with her daughter Mrs. Clinton Lighter. Mrs. Mills is a former neighbor of Mrs. Brunaifi at Spencer. Harrington and Alice dren of Mrs. C. E. Walker, and W. R. is a farmer. Wnde Hansen plans to leave late and will be none Friday. Mrs. Walter Uood wont, to Lake this morning to spend week at. her son George's. County Am'iit A. I,. Brown ben absent, from his office so fur this week, nursing n severe'cold'. Hock schools, .spent tlie week-end.!' 1 ' 0 '" 0 W0! '° Saturday eveiiing call- his father, E. W. Hansen/ local Palmer Sellstroni, who attends the Augustus Adalphus college, St. Peter, Minn.'i was an over Tuesday night guest of Glenn Nielsen. He was en route to his home at Rockwell City for the Thanksgiving holidays. The Selletroms are former Algonians. Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Walker, . . , Ottumwa, with their son Harlev,' home are inestimable value of free 'Speech, fiee press, and freedom of' religious worship. llnby Ernst, Humboldt, was a week-end guest of her sister, Mr?. Albert Hagg, and was accompanied by a friend from Gilmore City, M/. | Hagg is a local painter. Other O f Thanksgiving guests at the Hagg Ernst, Humboldt, were week-end guests of Mrs. C.l and Franklin Ernst, Wesley. E. Walker, the J. M. Pattersons, 'Franklin, Ruby, and Mrs. Hagg and Halpins. Mrs. Patterson, Mra. I are children of Frank. Halpln, nnd Mr. Walker are chil- Mnry Elisabeth Godden and Qert- rude Zender, freshman and senior respectively at Clarke college, Dubuque, are spending the Thanks- ley; Doctor Wlnkel; Mrs. Mayrrie Winkel, Mrs. Clara Walker, two children, and Edward Capesius, all of Algona. Howard and Russell Medin, students at the State college, are spending the week-end with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Modin. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Medin, Mason City, and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Medin, Estherville, are also Thanksgiving guests here. Added to the usual reasons for giving thanks, the Medina are rejoicing because Mrs. Medin was brought home yesterday (Wednesday) from Rochester, where she had been a in the week for Minneapolis, where . K ' vlng week-end with their respec- patient during the last few weeks. he will again attend Dunwoody In- " v « ^ en *'» ?*£ * nd , MrS ' MW ' H J stitute and take his second year in ?° dde " f? d F ; Cl Z . end "' Mr ' an architectural course. He has for at Fort Dodgo with Ut rothy Mur Phy. KdKiir Hunker, farmor Lltchfiokl, Neb., is S | Thanksgiving hero with lii.s sister i Mrs. L. F. Hide. '| The W. I!. Hues, Manon City, arc! Thanksgiving dlnnnr guests at K.| N. Taylor's. Mrs. Riu* is a daughter of the Taylors. Mrs. S. 0. Anderson Ins been sick abed u week with the "flu." Mr. Anderson Is in I'.Hernationa.i harvester employ hero. U.II. (4.1 VJiJ J H^VJLII J (I J X^ULl J OC, J. J.C JlCl-B XL/J ftr j -I , some months been in the employ of Wednesday evening to meet his fnthRi-. R. w. HnnsBn. in^i K\r}a and bring them home. Godden drove to Mason City the or.s nt Fort. Dodge. Bernice is em-1 building contractor. Ployed at tho F. S. NoVton & Son! Mrs. Clinton Lighter attended a lumber office, and Alice by the Legion Auxiliary carnival at Bode ^O^'M™." H^m' mrd,' Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Lighter,! llveg there . Jtosanne Brown, who has been in a Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., hospital for the last month, following an automobile accident, is now reported ALWAYS COOL _^^ WE'VE ADDED NEW EQUIPMENT AND DOUBLE LIGHT ON IOWA SCREEN THTJRS., FRIDAY, SATUR. November 24-26 Prices, 10-26c. Sat. mat. 21c SUNDAY THRU WEDNES. Prices: Sunday, mat. 10-26c Night, 10-36C »°™ I -a Burro Insurance Agency. Ibi Mm- I/effort came last even- who with their daughter, Mrs. LeHoy H. W. Lawyers '••.'•.. v , new Helae Block. V Algona, lowh •i '• i — ' — E.D. Kellj ft KELLY !Attorneys-at-Law . Hutchison Building. Algona, low* I,. A. WttKET> Comty Attorney. _ Attorney-at-Law iHiitchison Building. Phone 180 [HIRAM n. WHITE Attorney-at-Law Hutchison Building. 'Algona, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. August \t the Chrischilles store, was un-! Schoonmacher, are spending a ' d Cronans. Mr. Cronan able to work early in the week be-(Thanksgiving with Mr and Mrs variety store there. Donald and giving at Chicago. cause of an attack of the "flu." j Frank Ostrum, parents'of Edward'. hl s wife are spending today with Mr. nnd Mrs. C. L. Holdron, " ; j 3n ~ K ; 5 j. < roni~ near" Wesley and ac- Mr. and Mrs. Roy Uighn, Kxira, Tin- Hev. and Mrs. W G Muhle- thelr respective parents, Mr. and Compton, 111., left last week Wed- c * . ^. hose K0 ia en w vith their children, wore Sunday man, now of Ackley with the lat- Mrs> Bert 'Cronan here, and Mr. -— J --- '-- -"-- J -— J ~—' P. A. DANSQN Attorney-at-Law over Iowa State Bank Office, 460-J; Res. 316 CHISON (deceased) RAM) 0. HUTCHISOH 0. HIJTCHlSOfr Attorneyn-at-Law [tiinity State Bank Bldg. Algona, lew AURICK C. McMAHOH Attorney-at-Law (Mice In Helse Bldgi Algona; low* DOCTORS Ing from Ames for the week-end Peterson, Humboldt, and her hus- \vitli her parents, Mr. and Mre. D. band, were Sunday guests of Mr. U Lotfert. She is a senior in tho Lighter's parents, Mr. an'd Mrs. C. State college nnd is majoring in C. Lighter, Moneta. entomology and industrial science. Mr. nnd Mrs. Lawrence Hansen, Mrs. Taylor «soom-l , u , panied him to attend a shower for Ruth Brown, who is to be married today. Mrs. Taylor was the attending nurse at the birth of Miss Brown and a twin sister 22 years ago. Until Payne, student nurse at St. Wesley, Mrs. May Harris, Algona, j Anltn Hose Kohlhnas, who at- Josepli'H hospital, Sioux City, and and the latter's daughter Mary, > tends\ the Hamilton business col- „,„„,„., ,,,„ „...,-,-,, ,-,-,,,,-,«= Eleanor Payne, R. N., Mercy hoa- are Thanksgiving guests of the lege. Mason City, is spending the ™ vy 'I.„"'* , I," H^rH^ isnow pita!, Mason City, are spending the Homer Andersons. ™"° "«-<•«« ',.,„„!,-„„ ,1 ,.,<*T, »,„.. „„,.„„»„ !»«„,.„_i 1 ^ 1 "* 1 ' au " 01 mla - "•»'"•'» '» " uvv Rosanne, who is 11, has made her home most of her life with the Edw. D. Sheehans here, and they plan to bring her to Algona as soon as possible. Mrs. May Harris and her daughter Mary were at Estherville Sunday, visiting the Everett Harrises. Mrs. Haneen,' week-end with her parents, Repre-i '^,^ ' j ° ,° Mary are the sentative an'd Mrs. P.' J. Kohlhaas.| f,",,' y m h . 1 a furniture store Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Cook went (Thanksgiving week-end with their Mrs. Anderson, and Dubuque yesterday morning i Parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Payne, daughters of Mrs. May Harris, and Other Thanksgiving dinner Kuests'i""^' ' Wednesday) to attend tho. tuner-! .Mr. find Mrs. Edward Ostrum, of Lawrence is a farmer. |of the Kohlhaases are Dr. and Mrs. 1 i Lylc, Minn., with two children and '^ ne Alwln HUenholds spent the C. J. Scanlan, Dr. Karl Hoffman, "" '"" "" ' thervllle. Mrs. Harris, a former deputy district court clerk here, is of an aunt of Mrs. Cook. Mrs. H»n(! Sciinlan, bookkeeper'Airs.' Ostrutn's "mother""'" Mrs" week-end at Toledo with the Don- daughter Joan, and John Frankl. Bleich, Burt. , den weddlng ap . ivesday morning after two days , this week's Wesley col- with the formers sister, Mrs. ' llnner guests at Samuel Baylor's.'tor's sister, Alice Vennink, were and Mrs Mr. Caghn is a cousin of Mrs. Buy- business callers here Monday Miss f*r. nnd Mrs. J. B. Winkel, Fran-.Mary Runchey. Before coming to ( Mrs 3[ ar ,- c Rosewnll is en- Vennink plans to leave for her ces Winkel, and William Dodds, Algona, the Holdrenshad visited . , tertainlng her family at fhanksgiv- or. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rngol wont to Davenport Tuesday for the Thanks- jiving holidays with relatives. Mr. Sngel is a mechanic at arage. home at Los Angeles early in Jan- visited Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Hut- George Holdren, brother of C. L. h dinner today . Quests are Mr. uavy. ley, Mason City, Sunday. Mrs. Win-jot Sioux Rapids, and from here and Mrg Pau i Rose w a n, Chicago, Mrs. 15. M. Klirle and Harriett kel and Mrs - Hurley are sistera, they went to Albert Lea to visit an-i Ml , and Mr6 H A c.ahill, Iowa Dan! Gillette, both of Sioux City, are Mrfi - Hurley being the former | other brother. Z. T. Both C. L. and c^ their baby S( j 11( Mr and Mrs _ spending tho week with their sis- Irene Capesius. Mr. Hurley is Z. T. are retired farmers. J H _ R R O sewall, Blue Earth, with Mr. and Mrs. John Potli spent) ter, Mrs. Norman Frlcde, who is at cashier of the Northwest Savings Dwnine Liuliter, 1938 graduate, two gons Paul and H R are Sunday at Fairmont with the lat-1 the Kossulh hospital. Mr. Friede !a bank. of the Bode high school, played on| gon8( m , s Cahlll a da ughter, of ter's brothers, Julius and George' manager of the new S. & L. stove Myrtle Hasmnsson, Mildred Er- an alumni basketball team in an j(,. ai Rosewall. Paul is manager o° Bllnkman. Mrs. Foth is a clerk at i here. ' daHl, and Ruby Marine, all of Min- alumni vs. high school game Tues- | a Chicago printing company, Mr. raham's. j Mr. and Mrs. C. I. Mansmith, of neapolis, were week-end guests of, day evening at Bo'de. .The score Cahlll ig an a ttorney, and H. R. Carmen AVcllendorf was able to Bancroft, were week-end guests of Df. and Mrs. S. W. Meyer. MUajwas 22-19 in favor of the alumni, i conducts a m en's clothing store, be up Monday, after a week of th-?, 1 their daughter, Mrs. L. W. Gilles- Rasmusson_js _a steter of Mrs. Mey- Others there from Algona' were, The Cahill 3y 2 - ye ar-old son will be Second Feature Mexican Cattle Rustling in the U. S. TEX RITTER —in— "STARLIGHT OVER TEXAS • Plus Dick Tracy Serial Thi Minims and hurt tending tile of a family o! COT- tree vagabonds «h> turn out to to limbs In black sheep's clothes! THE YOUNG GAYNOR DOUG. FAIRBANKS, tr. PAULETTE GODDARD Second Feature Top Musical Western NEW EQUIPMENT AT IOWA JUST INSTALLED DOUBLES LIGHT ON SCREEN flu. She is the three-year-old I »ie. Mrs. Gillespie and her'daugh- er'and of H. R.\ Rasmusson, music daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd' tor Marlene spent Saturday at Ban- instructor in the local high school. Wellendorf. I croft and brdught the Mansmiths ' A _ n three girls are in business em- Ilnrbcr nnd Mrs. C. II. Clement,'down. with their two daughters, weru Representative and Mrs. Sunday guests of Mr. Clement'^ , Ploy. Dwaine's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton .Lighter, and Bob Muckey. Bob, an Algona graduate, substituted for one of the alumni taken home, after a,visit here since Armistice day with his grandmother. P. j.! Mr. and Mrs. Sigurd Fardal, of,boys during part of the game. ou^aj ftu v» 10 u -- - Kohlhaas were at Mason City Mon- Adel, are Thanksgiving guests of I Mr. nnd Mrs. D. L. Leffert, Mary parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. I,. Clem- day evening, attending semi-annual Mrs. Fardal's parents, Mr. and Ellen Halpin, and Margaret Ann ent, Bancroft. U'rnduation exorcises at the Hamil- Mrs. R. S. Blossom. Mr. Fardal isJEeardsley were at Ames Satur- Mrs. Margaret Dumas, Jackson, jt^n business college. Anita Rose, music instructor in the Adel high day, attending the Ames-Oklahoma and her daughter Pearl are guests their daughter, sings in the college 'school. Formerly .he taught at this week of the P. J. Waldrons. Mrs. Waldron is another daughter! choir. Burt, and his wife, the former Mrs. R. Jf. Wallace, Mrs. J. O. F. Margaret Blossom, is a former Fen- of Mrs. Dumas. i Price, the latter's sister, Mrs. J. ton teacher. The 11. AV. Culd.veils, who weni IT. Brechtbill, and Mrs. Wallace's | Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Tuttle, with N. KENEFIOK bysician and Surgeon over Rexall Drug Store Office phone 300 Res, phone 326 CRETZHEYEH, M. 1). lirgeon and Physician John Galbraith Block Phones 444-310 • '. low* to Salem Ore., a few months ago, sister, Marie Grover, Burt, attend- their two children, are spending route for,ed a 1 o'clock luncheon last week, 'Thanksgiving at Perry with Mr?. Thursday at Mrs. Baughman Heat- Tattle's' parents, Mr. and Mrs G. are reported now en Phoenix, Ariz., where they plan to spend the winter. Mrs. («eo. L. Miller daughter Elizabeth got home Monday morning from a week with the former's mother, Mrs. James, Flint, Mich. Uelores, daughter er's, Fort Dodge. and her. Guests today of County Treasury er and Mrs M. J. Duffy, are Mr. Dulfy's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mar- Edward tin Duffy Sr., Whittemore, and M. J.'s sister, Mrs. Ferdinand Mon- of Mr. and I tag, West Bend, with her husban'd Mrs. Mike Elbert,' farmers near I and two children. Algona, has begun clerking at G-ra-j Mrs. (.'. F. Krickson, Minneapp- ham's. She clerked there last year. Us, has been a guest since Friday during the holidays. j of her sister-in-law, Mrs. O. W. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Hain return-1 Krickson. Beverly,- daughter of etl Sunday from ten days with rel- Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Howie, Em- atives at Cedar Rapids and friends metsburg, was a week-end guest o£ at Grundy Center and Voorhies. j the local Ericksons. Mr. Hain is a local mason. ' Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Bourne left football game, and Mrs. Neal Smith accompanied them to visit her daughter Harriet. Mary Ellen visited her sister Ida, sophomore in the college. 'Charles Beardsley, brother of Margaret Ann, is a G. BOUBNE Physician and Surgeon. • Office, 197; residence, 194 DENTISTS DR. II. H. OLSON Dentist [ In New Call .Theatre Bldg. Business, 16ff;' Res:, 78P Algona, Iowa IMt. C, D. 8CHAAF Dentist ' Algona, Iowa Hutchison Building. ones: Bus. 133, res. 174. KARL It. HOFFMAN Dentist Kice in New Heise Bldg. Office 44, res. 116. County Treasurer and Mrs, M. .T. Duffy spent the week-end at Al- Priday to spend the winter in the South. They are headed for Flor- bert'Lea with Mrs. Duffy's par- Ida, but are making visits with relents, Mr. an'd Mrs. Chris Larsen,!atives and friends, en route. They and'other relatives. Mr. Larsen is 1 1 ~ 5 retired. " A. Burrell. They will be at Des Moines tomorrow with Mr. Tuttle'3 parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Tuttle. Mr. Tuttle travels for'a Northwestern Drug Co. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Bateman, of Webster City, with their daughter Lucille Ann, and Mr. and Mrs'. Frank Hossman, Eagle Grove, with their son Francis, were Sunday dinner guests of the A. A. Sterlings. Mr. Bateman is a brother of Mrs. Sterling, and Mrs. Hossman a sister of Mr. Sterling. I)rs. >V. 1>. Andrews and S. W. Meyer wer,e at Mason City last week Thursday evening, attending an osteopathic meeting". A 7:30 at the Hanford given by including visited their daughter Mae. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Capesius are entertaining at a, turkey Thanksgiving dinner today at their country home, southeast of Algona. All four of their chidlren are home: Mrs. L. W. Hurley, Mason City; Evelyn, of the Fort Dodge Beauty School academy; Edmund, of Ames college; and Mrs. J. B. Winkel, Algona. Other guests are Mr. Hur- Notice Prices Paid as Follows from November 1 to November 15, '38 Wholemilk B'fat, 35c Sweet Cream B'fat 31c F. O. B. Algona Phone 400 Algona Co-Operative Creamery Co. SPECIAL SHOWING Dr. ami 5H-S. F. Earl Burgess went to Rochester Sunday afternoon, and were to return yesterday (Wednesday). Mr. Burgess, who has not been well, went for a check-up. Mr. nnd Mrs. G. L. Vohs are entertaining their son Carl, West Bend, his family, Mr. and Mrs. D. B, Austin, and Bernice Bowel, also West Bend, at Thanksgiving din- Ton. liailevs the' A W ^ Pictures were shown. loin i/aiiejs, me A. n. _ ., „_ , . , , , Behrends family, and the Herbert The 1087 third and fourth grade Fu „ wU be enteined at «tudent s at St. Cecelia's academy sss ?^:^i^^^s^\^^^^^ ^L^J^. Dailey, Behrends, and Furst. dor, the teacher. THe plays were, a n August ^uenhold Curing an Invalic L OgJ are entertaining at a Thanksgiv- Feather, and- Red Riding Hoods in? family dinner today. Guests Rfwa rd . Songs were sung by the are Mr. and Mrs. R. A. J. EA80N DenUst over James Drug Store. Office, 59; residence, 359 VETEBINABIANS L, W. VOX J. B. WINKEL Veterinarian* State Street, Algona. «: Office, 476-W; Rea., 476-B INSUBANCE — ... 88UTH COUSTre MUTDAl ASSOCIATION ),000 worth, of Insurance 1" A home company, Safe, se- D. D. Paxaon, Secretao fS AND IBfSUBAIfCE MllHTAGII A SON > Loans Bear Estate Insurance and Road* Hutchison Building. Phone 105 ! Money's - ESTATE, REAL ESTATE OAH8,;AN» INSURANCE Is. State W, ?koBe 98 Algon*, v lowa Tuttle and her little son were at Mason City Friday, visiting the C. V. Smiths, former Algonians. Mr. Smith is budget credit manager there for the Goodyear Tires Co. Evelyn Smith, music teacher in the Carson schools, and Louise Smith, freshman at the I. fa. i. u. Cedar Falls, are spending the week-end with their mother, Mrs. j. Clyde Smith. • OlMil Croniin, teacher at i^ni hurst, 111., is spending the Thanksgiving holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Cronan. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Cronan, Toledo, are here for the day. - of the "Messiah" IJ1U OUIl -til W lll| »41i3 If li^» W«i.l. «—•••• I , Fred Singer, Sheldon, and • hta week-wjd daughter Etta were Saturday din- »"• the with Lewis's mother, . Ferguson. One of the Burgess, the Methodist church at Sheldon, the Rev. Mr. Burgess held j architect, and the other is a majoring in electrical en- a pastorate before coming to Al- K«jw« ««• A> Genrlcheg are spend . Anderson went to Spencer Jf^*^ Genrich's cousin, Mrs. William Hillman, and with Caltf- yesterday (Wednesday) for su week-end with his daughter Mrs. talceplacesundayatsocioeua but the First Lutheran church, he orchestra will rehearse at one o'clock in the basement of the Methodist church. Marie Lamp* Mason City, was a Sunday guest hero of her i sistei are a guests farmer, employ. Neal Smith and her chit- «Pa«f The J. C. Ilutlimnu, newly daughter Harriet, who is bookKeep- ''• ^ Firgt " "~ " 1 unay Rose Marie is a stenographer for tate Brand Creameries, and tavemployed at the local er in the chemistry the State college, teacher in the Dakotab. boldt) schools. He urg.d. the con(Hum- gregation to express thanks in a ^tium l and em phaslzed tha Bee D. [Town Dwelling, and Insurance, neglect yoi«r, policy for of- when" iusjirance y Newspanej , Entered to ClW* otfioe at will bring prompt action. ^ Small Loans Up to $300 ON FRIPAY, NOV. 25 (Continuous from 1 O'clock LAST SHOWING BOB BURNS IN "ARKANSAS SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 26 CHANGE OF PROGRAM TONY MARTIN PHY1MS BROOKS BILL ROBINSON —in- SLIM SUMMERVILLE tervice. lOBTHIOWFIKAIClCO #pr;r T5w*i THE RIVER* Prison Coine4y Cartoon News Lucas Ban* SPECIAL MIPNIGHT SHOW, 11 P, M, Preview of the year's best ' JANET GAYNOR, »OUGW FAIRBANKS JR. ' "THE YOUNG IN HEART" SUNDAY AND <r Suatoy f. NOYEMBEK ?7 A1!J» ^8 12^0,,?, 5: OA The Measure of the dealer is your surest meas. ure of value. It's very smart to pick your dealer before you pick any used car at any price. Besides giving a heaping measure of volume — we assure you fullest protection for your investment. Our used car values are not irpassed — our guarantees are sound and lib— our service as economical as it is excellent. Come in when you can. Let's talk it over. We'll give you "A Good Deal For Your Money." 1937 Ford Tudor, heater _ _ „ - $465 1936 Ford Deluxe Fordor, Heater _ _$395 1935 Ford Coupe _ _-_ - - -.- -$295 1934 Chevrolet Master Coach _$215 t Commercial 1938 Ford Pick-up, with heater, only 15,000 miles--, ------$495 1935 Chevrolet Truck, L. W, B $225 1936 Ford Pick-up, rough - -$175 \ : \ WE TRADE— Perhaps your present car or truck will make the down payment. Easy terms on balance. . - Leadership Month Values $59 $77 $96 SI29 $149 Kresensky's Algona Tuesday and Wednesday November 29 and 30 I Extra Values In GOOD USED CARS 1936 Chevrolet Coach, very clean, heater, defroster 15J5' 1935 Ford De Luxe 2-door, heater, defroster __$275 1935 Pontiac De Luxe Sedan, radio, heater, defroster $*J5 1935 Buick Sedan, heater, defroster $425 1936 Pontiac 6 De Luxe 2-door sedan, radio, heater, defroster _ $495 1936 Pontiac 8 De Luxe sedan, radio, heater, defroster : $S95 1937 Oldsmobile 8 De Luxe sedan, 6 wheels, radio, heater, defroster $778 1936 Buick De Luxe Sedan, heater/defroster $549 SEE THESE CAR BARGAINS BEFORE YOU BU\ LIBERAL TERMS AND TRADES Birum- son Your BUICK Dealer Co. Phone 121 Algona, Iowa 401 East State Strete MRS. HOUSEWIFE rfj :• fjt.A & £&-$ MWi You'll Like Our Cleaning! like ii njbove all, because «?§ ttnorouif bjw| fltowiwt of draw* fa» ru«s and drap* tre»tmwt ¥W}1 find very Servm

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