Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 24, 1938 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 24, 1938
Page 4
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HAMPSHIRE BOARS FOR SALE. —Mike Loss, Algona. 8tfu FOR SALE— PULLETS. CHAS. Egel, Irvington. 6-p-9. AUTO LOANS — REFINANCING. Lower payments. — Western Credit Co. g U 3otf FOR SALE — DUROC BOARS.— P. M. Christenson, Lone Rock 8u8tf REGISTERED HEREFORD bulls for sale.—J. W. Thorn, Lu Verne. 8p9-10 FOR SALE — POLAND CHINA boars.—R. A. Bleich, Burt, la. 9p8-10 CQtTNTIf APVAKtitJ. ALQONA. IOWA ENGSTBOMS, OF WESLEY, WED 50 YEARS AGO Wesley, Nov. 22—Mr. and Mrs. August Engstrom, whose golden wedding anniversary fell on November 9, celebrated a week ago Saturday. Dinner was served at the old home place, where the couple settled In , the early S0\ and wa s followed by evening observance at the Congregational church. Mr. Engstrom came here from Sweden in 1886 and did carpenter work for some years, then started farming on the place where the couple now live. Two years later REWRITES , Prlefs snmmnrlzlng principal news In Tuesday's Upper DCS Moines. HOSPITALS GENERAL Nov. 17—Elaine Rochleau, Whittemore, medical; Mrs. M. E. *Ludwig, Algona, girl. Nov. 18—Mrs. L. C. Banker, Al- Anderson's slater Mrs. focob gona, tonslllectomy. Nov. 2'0—Mrs. W. Wesley, boy. F. Loebig, Nov. 22—Lester McKengle, of Hardy, major surgery. WESLEY THE GOAI, OP the Red Cross has nearly been reached hi Kossuth, and a final drive is expected to finish the canvassing this week. More than 300 persons had joined in Algona up to Monday, and It was hoped that the membership would reach 600. Last year there were, __ 416 members here. Bancroft has | Mrs. L. L. Pfetfer, P. T. A. pres- signed up 40 members, and morejident, announced a Wesley histor- are expected. Lone R'ock Avas the I ical pageant for a meeting this only town to exceed its quota a j week Monday evening. Some of year ago, with 36 members. Lujthe early settlers appeared In the Verne was ehort only one of its!pageant. Facts concerning the ciuota a year ago. . Many first aid | first settlement and the growth of stations have been established in'the community were read and were called to Irvington Sunda — t .._ ..„„ .., 0 . i ,, u _, caJS jii lB1 OLCIL.UIIJS juivB ueeii escaoiisnea in'tne community were read and en* Mrs. Engstrom came to America. thc cou nty where help .can be given j acted, including an early wedding She was Hettie Sofia Thorn and «° P ersons injured in accidents be-j Free lunch was served. Much in" marriage took place in 1888 at Ole ^ * d ° Ct ° r arHveS ' ' Peterson's, just north of. the Con- SIXTY-TWO reservations . - terest wa s shown last week in ° FOR SALE—P. B. POLAND China ie>'egational church. The Rev. made for ft high school ~ " •"• ••• v.ut-»-iT .1^ 'V^llUltl boars. Vaccinated. — Henry J Hauptly, Wesley. 10p8-10 USED HEATING STOVE—IF YOU have one and wish to sell it— try an Advance Want Ad. FOR SALE—IVORY AND BLACK insulated five-burner kerosene range.—504 Fair st. 12p9-10 FOR SALE—DUROC BOARS AND Charles Johnson, first pastor of the church, performed the mony. cere- charge of the mothers, Alfred Schultz was TJ,. . ,. , ."•ncu OU11UIIZ V Five children were born: Mrs. Sheriff Loss, Algona — • -' — ~-~ ti t -•_•%»» b t W»JV>t*l Ottumwa; Otto, Elmore;" Mrs. Everett (Martha) Harris, Estherville, formerly Algona. There grandchildren and three and Mrs. chairman, mem- Mamma Runs . _. — Lane Theatre Circuit, of Carroll, at the Kleinpeter hall a week ago Saturday .night was well attended and Rob- TT WA V V***1VU 1V/ Aft T4J«BI\S1L TiJUUUfK evening by word ot the suddei suckneiw of Mrs. Matt Kelly, " Johnson's mother, The Kelly ...„ visited the daughter Mrs, Ruth Parsons, and were on the way home when Mrs. Kelly became violently sick. They ItomedlaUy returned to the Parsons home am sommoned h, doctor, who advisee Mrs, Kelly to rest abed a few days, Wilma, Rita, Norena Arend call* ed.on Marcene Noonan Sunday afternoon. Ed. Qrandgenett is now helping Herb Arndorfer at corn picking. August Fehr was unable to do the job because of poor health. Angeline Immerfall, Aven, Minnesota, who is visiting here, spent part of last week at Irene Studer's, Wesley. / Mrs. Henry Nelson, Algona, won a door prize, a blanket, .at the church supper Sunday evening. Donna Stufilck, Mason City, was a Sunday visitor at her home here and attended the chicken eupper. Jos. Grandgenet is proud owner, of a new John Deere model A tractor, bought from the Corwith Implement Co. He has leased the Mrs. Samuel Hauser's farm near Corwith. and won $10 given away, a show every |Th_._ .-o, -o^ cl v.,, c , „,, , ;S > of Llvermore,'night. There are 20 £™.?.™ eek **° ]°f most of their A large group of women and *;?•««»'- the n Ro c £? °«?, ln ' "I,? g ' rl f-^!» ded - Pre-nuptial show- FOR SALE— REG-ISTERED RED Poll Bulls. Maurice Bernhard. Bancroft. 9-p-10-ll-l2, FOR SALE—A FEW DUROC JER- sey Boars. C. E. Sigsbee, Phone 12 on 96, Burt. 12-p-10-ll FOR SALE— 40 SPOTTED POL- «nd China boars. Good ones \n- ton_Vamme». Ringsted. 15-p-10-ll PUREBRED HAMPSHIRE BOARS for sale. Can be registered.— Joseph Thorn, Lu Verrite. 12p9-l2 all ment, where ana tnree great- ,v,; ^1 , V, v '' ul "" 1 » '» a »>e at gins attended a pre-nupt Some 125 relatives ^X^^M ^^i"** ^ K»toh.£ at the school hall at St. Benedict last week Sunday. Bridge and 500 were played, Mrs. Al Rosenmeyer and Mrs. Ben Kunkle winning prizes. The bride-to-be received many gifts. DOAN Berg has coffie ho»e, ahef helping for several Week* with the housework «l her aunt MfST Laurence Saxton'e. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Ifienberg, Minneapolis, visited friends here and Mr. Isenberg's mother last week. Mrs. George Harner entertained ihe Methodist Sunday school board ast week Wednesday evening. LOTTS CREEK] Algona, tele- and friends attended the celebra- F ms Sunda y of « thief who broke ll-g-10 tion at the church. , into their apartment over the de- Anna Flora played the wedding pot aud stole a coat and a dress, march as .the couple entered, foi- !? v ° f . the few tllln Bs saved from lowed by relatives. Then followed tne flre ' ml !f lo , and talks - af- W. A. TIGARS has been promot- and Products _ of 'hide ..._ for the National he entered .. A girl was born to Mi- Mrs. George Vitzthum last and week Monday morning at the General The Rev. J. C. Buthman, Algona, new Methodist district superintendent, preached at the Doan church Sunday morning. Mr, and Mrs. Bryan Asa and Fred Asa were Sunday dinner guests of the Frank Asas at Irvington. Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Boleneus, Mrs. James Asa, and the latter's children attended a dinner Sunday at Mrs. Marie Amesbury's, Algona, Mildred Faulstich and Huth tfetne were Sunday guests with ".nolle and Gertrude KuecHeh The Hugo Faulstiches were Sun day afternoon visitors at Erall Jterstedt's, Fenton. The Edw. tueckers and- the Rev. and Mr«. th-nst Flene were evening callers t Faulstich's. The Lewis Haack- larths were at Arnold Melne's. The Ladies 4-H club met at Gerrude Kuecker's Saturday, and of- icers were elected: Anna Mae Butler, president; Alda Haack, vice resident; Dorothy Wlchtendohl, ecretary-treasurer; Phyllis Genger, historian,. Mrs. Hicks, the H, D. V., attended and - explained the ear'e club work on home efficiency. The next meeting will be at Ruth Meine's on December 3. HOLIDAY! honoring Betty Asa ^nd M Ames-' totar, ' who had birthday8 JfOTICE OP SHERIFF'S SALE No. 15893. STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, SS. Notice is hereby given that b virtue of General Execution direct ed to me from the Clerk of th District Court of Kossuth county Iowa, on a judgment rendered ir said court on the 5th day of Oc liiri it i in,,,, A™ j iir , , -" ""• ."ciute ue emerea •"»"«»«/ uiuiumg ac me vieneral others wprp «,.vArt ra f ' &nd rendering works business here hospital, .Algona. She tipped the Bold and whHp H ° n » ?**?•. A S ° me years aso he was ™>th ^ Chi- scales at 7% pounds. The Vitz- cake eracJd thP f h°i rated ^'l^ 1 *"$? Wde com P' an y ten years. He thums now have three girls and nf^ Q T 1 table as center- will continue to be an Algona resi- seven boys, piece. Larce bouounts nf r-hi-vonn. rtonf <6""<i 't«>i . •> Large bouquets of chrysan- dent, themums were gifts from the great- FOR Jersey boars, immune healthy.—A. C. Carlisle. grandchildren, th" grandchildren THE XORTH IOWA Flour & se ™fd their 30th wedding annivers- the Priscilla Phoebe society the Feed Ca nas taken over the quar- a P , ™ y ' November "• A group I Sunday school, and the Young tel ' s foi< merly occupied by the Ris- P neighbors took them by surprise ! People's sotMotv ins elevator and will nnndnpt n in tne evening, and an oyster stew society. Atte!ldi »s: from a distance were wlloles a'e business in this terri- -.n . . ui.i n W.IO ttllUJC IV Ul K " * t»*(»J 1,^-111_i Mr> illld Mrs. Albert C. Johnson, tol>y - A Mr - Br okow, Fort Dodge,, Edn a Mae Llckteig was honoree FOR SALE—TWENTY-FIVE "•oo-l! lliaughter A S nes - Mr - and Mr.?. IS nw "«iPer. Operating will begin , at a Pre-nuptial shower at the lo- Hereford steers, coming " vmrs! George And erson, daughter Cath- tllls w eek-end. cal lodge hall Sunday. v old.—Mike Loss, Algona. Manful?}' 111 ?' £ U ot Grantsburg; Mrs. i THK HIGH SCHOOL deba*o AT- ^' E1 J Z ^ eth Hanl ® y> L 'iPeer, > ttu -H"M, Parker. Wausau. Wis.; Mr. t.am, under dlrecilon of Edson B ^?-- an . d Mrs ' E - J - Walker, De- DUROC JERSEY and M™. Henry a,^ ro »:'BurtV Attl«« a t «ded a d4^e r?ITIrroH«,,P ,1 m S1^~ OSf'fll* T^Tlp-C!*-l'/-»n /4 n ii«.1, *„.. T 111 -• _ _ , « .. _. _ _ U^UtlL^ ' a " lvy «" ltol ago 3R SALE , ~— — — ^ o tjiv^i^ A ; _ ----. _.^ t .. , »-n.±(-,^fct uni, AJUM , ^vmesun. ttttenaed n riohnfo tnnv ' -n ii' — ~" •~~ i "-' ** »»^civ as* boars-Roy Rinpsdorf, -1 miles (Oscar Engstrom, daughter Lillian, ney at Council Bluffs Saturday On F /, tO VISit Mlv3 ' Ha nley's sis ^t, 3% nnlcs QO uth, Burt. 12 p2tf i««jn Ernest, Harold Sample, all of the team are EKredn LehmSi " ' Ottumwa; the Otto Engstroms; the "--- - •• - - ua -^enman, ™L S & E 7 1)PDHE »«>^o£- ^^; =...° ?rssr »sf, Ch i' , h s a ™s"ssiJiasa, sfssis" se -™, toy Wiseman. 17-p-10-15' FOR SALE — A Hampshire ram. PHILIP HARGREAYES, police- Aline Martinek, Waterloo teacher, is to come home this week for Thanksgiving with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Martinek. Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Hawkins spent Monday at Blue Earth with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Sparks and Mrs. Ruth Sparks will have as Thanksgiving guests the Guy Dim- onds, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Dimond, Britt, grandparents of Mrs. Howard Sparks, and the Jos. Goetz failiily. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Swanson, .of Alexandria, Minn., spent Friday with the former's sister, Mrs. Guy Dimond, and niece, Mrs. Howard Sparks. Minn., but will return this week Saturday to pick up Mrs. Haniey and leave for home. . -...» Jm -i»in," jujji. t .ijOj IJOilCe- " 1IU icavc iui liujlie. and friends for the beautiful flor- m «n for 11 years at Los Angeles Larry, eldest B on of Mr and Mrs t-ll flltlMli-n— _ „ ,1 „•!• 1 n-r.r3 !.:.-£ »1 .... *-^ *TT? . »—. . . H.*»U *IA L O, . - ner, Lone Rock. Phone 90!l Lone Rock, 11P23, Algona. 10-u-lO rTvryr r-i \OT~T^ i ---*- -^.» «m._. t j^i/* - - - - — ^ ^m.^ atl xjuo mii^tmis, [ •"»** •< j t «^uci3(, sjuii ui ail . allQ iVirS nm/ni n P i , trlbutes and raany kindnesses and his family are visiting "here. Vincent Kleinpeter, recently had nV, onn T* S l 10Wn Us at tlle " me of the death llp ' s a son of Mr - and Mrs. P. "is tonsils removed at the General PICKET CRIBS—WE HAVE MAT- erial for your surplus corn. Can provide any size desired. P s Norton & Son, Phone 229. (10)' FOR SALE—FOUR REGISTERED Holstein bulls. CTA records on dams. Herman Soderbe'rg Ban crof t- 13-p-lO-l Lorraine Arndorfer, who will become the bride of Philip, son of Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Goetz, this week Wednesday morning at St. Joseph's Catholic church, Wesley. ' , 1 as defendant, for th sum of Two Hundred Thirty an-j 95/100 ($230.95) Dollars and costs "^-three and 30/10 Dollars and accruing costs, I have levied upon the following described Personal property as the property of the said Ell4 w£ < : C ^V atisfy said execution, tovit: 400 bushels of yellow ear corn in west end of long slat crib, 300 bushels of yellow ear coi'n in vniinrf oj«* — 11. n~* "^11 jn slat crib, 300 , yellow ear corn In bushels field, ol T ,,,,, — —«•* -ni iieiu, ana I will proceed to sell said pro- erty, or so much thereof as - • — "'"\-u iiicreoi as may be necessary to satisfy said onr"^,^ cos * and Accruing . of our son and brother, Eugene. H. Hargreaves, Hobarton, who .hospital, Algona. Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Zeimet ami Plan to move to Algona soon leav- family. p-10 ing the farm in care of another son. St. BENEDICT FOR SALE — POLAND CHINY boars, vaccinated.—Louis Grein ert, one mile southwest of Whitte more. S.g.j FLOORS SANDED. REFINISHED with permanent floor finish A new improved method guarantee- 'ng satisfaction.—Cowan Building 6 Supply Co. 3gtf FOR SALE-14 DUROC BOARS April farrow, weight around 200 to 250 each. Price, $20, $25, and $30 each.—J. P. Mouse!, Bancroft, la. 22p9-12 FOR SALE— TWELVE SPOTTED Poland China boars. Also two 18- months old and two fall yearlings Carl Pnetz, Phone 33 F121, Algona. 21-p-10-12 FOR SALE—DUROC BOARS. THE choice blood lines. Cholera immune. Reasonable prices. John P. Weber 2 miles east of Irving•.on. Algona phone 15-F-22. 201pl9 LADIES! — THOSE BEAUTIFUL Heel Latch shoes (advertised in vogue) are here! Famous for snug •jeel fit and bracing arch sunport. •see them now.—Kresensky's." (10) flOME LOANS — MONTHLY RE- duction or straight term. Title '., PITA loans low interest rates, no commission. Loans for all purposes,—Algona Federal Savings & Loan Ass'n. 26u8tf ACREAGE. PROPERTIES. FOR Sale— 3, 12 and 16 acres, with buildings. Terms s^iven. For details; ask H. D. Hutchins, Real•i°? " V £ r «r Ban ' y ' s ' A] e° na . lQ wa. lei. 205-W. oj.n.d FURNACE INFORMATION—x^u est developments in home heating sent on request. Advise number rooms in your home. Gr-3°-i- Colonial, Engineering Department, iJ&s Moines. (jQ) WANTED — A CONVENIENTLY loeuteei 3 to 5 room house, good condition, which can be purchased for about $1250.00. H. D. Hutchins, Realtor, Algona, Iowa. Tel. 205-W CLUB PAPER TO READ, spe^c" to give, anything to bind for keep ing, briefs or notes to preserve Get a handsome colored brief an report filing cover, letterhea size, at the Advance office for lOc ln Bank of Chicago owns and here, was recently killed at Ma-for sale farms of all types p us > when he cranked his car while =^^^,zJ^:=s^ outh, Iowa, Fieldman, or Harold tow T *}* *"™ ** a championship jat niHimr,, T^,^, o i o . , town for producing sa or s for th, Oldham, Iowa Sales Supervisor, Uncle Sam. li.ivi™ , *„„„„ «J.Ji, 422.') Beaver Crest ivioines. iiiii • —•" —"»"i.^v*, iiaiuiu r uiitirton, Arthur Olson, and Lawrence Fred- SWEA-EAGLE p^r£iJJi 1 '""" u auction, to the high- ?f^ 5 '' ° r Cash ' in han<3 ' on the fim " a 7 ^° f Deceml >er, 1938, at he east door of the Court House in Algona, in Kossuth county Jowa, at the hour of 10 o'clock a! m., of said day, when and where due attendance will be glVen bv the undersigned. y i day of Mr. and Mrs. David Collin, nea> Windom, Minn., their daughter St. Benedict, Nov. 22-The chick- Em^Lr^sTB^w^w 8 ? at i supper served herejunday night | day Sey cami^ altendThe S »— ,. wn for nroducinir «,(!„,„ ^,!.,.. .... l , .^"5 £' a ™ e 'f n ^| '"northwest Kossuth 50 years, but Drive, DCS with the coiors, and ~ t^.~ rn^e i w '^ n"". ^ V^SUTt | ^ SSj* tWS *«* tO C — ^) ^..^l^^-d Eullerton, well repreSd, 0 ^^^ ViSi, TeL^ M^ M^rd SS erickson. The Clifford Dehnerts, Mason — I i *"" ^"i"jiu jJBuueria, mason BARGAIN AT LU VERNE, IOWA! "• M « HOWARD and L. M. Mer-! City » were here Saturday and Sun- the former Stephensou house, S. ritt save their life histories before' day - Mr. and Mrs. Fred Anderson, r\cn» f np *rt*..« n «A_^— — -.I/ .,_ lt}lO TJnfo l»Tr /lll.V. HiT A _.T -. — 'RflM'Virlnlr l,rr\**n O....J me luiujci oiBiJueusoii nouse, .s. "" f" 1 * 0 mcu- me uisiories Deiore. •" • u " u J»IIH. rrea Anderson, !. part of town, 7 rooms, 1% stor-! tne R otary club Monday noon. M. ! Re nwick, were Sunday guests at js, cemented cellar floor, nearly p - Weaver presided in the absence ! Jonn McKenna's. jew furnace. Besides the house ot G - s - Buchanan, who was at-1 Henry Grandgenet, Bancroft, ot, the acre of ground aud garage ' tending funeral services for i his vls 'ted his pa|rents Sunday, and across the street goes with it. , fa ther. h'- 0 ='=^" T»/,— -f A, — Owner has listed with us at a low MRS. H'D " f Mff~^y rd ^^^ H. D. Hutchins, Realtor, over Bar- e d changes in dates -i, Algona, Iowa. Tel. 205-W. UchoolsTlnd 61-P-9 notified. ^ h ° me sister also here. Algona> Shirley Capesius, who is Mr. and with Mrs, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Johnson , . son, Mrs. Emil Larson, Mrs. Francis Torino, and Lydia Eckhohn were dinner guests last week Thursday of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Faugust, near ~ occasion being first birthday. East Chain, the Karan Faugust's Mrs. Maud" Brimmer, Armstrong spent Sunday at Emil Larson's Alice Glass, teacher in Swea Dist No. 5, attended a football game at Ames Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Mathew Anderson, imnell Minn., and two children visited last week Monday at Mrs CASEY LOSS Sheriff of Kossuth County, H. B. WHITE, Plaintiff's Attorney. ?Mm Tl "G-3» 'ALL-WEATHER I a really SAFE Tire! • It's greater than ever thanks to its -'•-• • ' ' j ' improved tractton grip, for high a, thick, rugged u mileage .. . pa te(lt cd 'cord ,o every plvfo. blowout protection. A great J ,... f6r greater safety... batap j that makes it a great bu! USE YOUR CREDIT TO BUY TIRES, BATTERIES, RADIOS, AUTO SUPPLIES KEGROOVING • Smooth lira ildd ~ Mid.iUddlar causes •eeldent-j. H«v» your «mooth tires ' rctrrooved with an AU-W«th«r non-ckld tread dcelBii and .j . drlvo In iaf«tyl SPECIAL ANY PASSENGU CAR SIZE— 69 C Full size, 5- 1 , tubes, pill button tuning _ 5" speaketl gives rich, full ' tone — Walnut Bakelite. Also white. DUTCH'S Super Service! PHONE 38 Be W B SAV Trade in Your Old Stove on a FOR SALE—L. C. SMITH secon hand standard full-sized.machin at a bargain price. Also an Under wood standard full-sized machine See our display window.—Advanc Publishing Co. SALESMAN WANTED — RAW leigh route available at once, i! East Emmet aud Northwest Kos suth. Good opportunity for man ov- ar 25 with car. Write at once Rawleigh's Dept. IAK-10-105, Free- uort, 111. 30-p-lO FOR SALE-^DITROC JERSEY & Poland China boars; the good, rugged, easy-feeding kind. Good much to pick from. Cholera im- Tiune. Also rams and Shorthorn >ulls. Come see them at once. Bea Studer, Wesley. 32 (2) 10-13 Card of . We wish to expreaa our appreciation to our neighbors, relatives, SPIR-0-FLAME OIL HEATER A Leader in the Field Model No. 6213C Circulating Heater Beautiful walnut brown crystallized baked-on enamel. Chromium plated trim. Height 46 in., width 26 in. Depth over-all, including tank, 28 in. Size of Burner 13 in. Size of heat drum 13 in. Diameter of" vent-a- ductflu7in. Size of pipe collar 6 in. Capacity of oil reservoir 7 gal. Approximate heating capacity, 6,000 to 9,000 cubic feet Oil consumption in gallons for 24 hours, minimum 2gallons, maximum 9 gallons Weight 250 Ibs. Regular Price $99.50 SPECIAL $79.5Q Save $20.00 Plus Liberal Allowance for Your Old Stove ' Terms Bjustrom's Furniture—Appliance. TDYTOWN OPENS TOMORROW AT 8.. Come/ See Our Complete Line ot Toys! SEVEN DWARFS FRUIT DROPS What a value! Gift box of 7 rolls for only _ _____ ;_ Gee! Each roll has a picture of one of Walt Disney's dwarfs for you to cut out. Seven flavors. Limit one box to a customer. Win. Drinking and Wetting ~* """"" *~ "*""* Big Table Tennis Set Gypsy Glass Tea Set 494 Checkers and Backgammon. Toy Sewing Machine . Paint and Crayon Sets « 'Snow White" Block Set " ~2B I "Suow White" Print Set . Story and Cut-Out Book 8 - heckers Set Army ,Tan k STURDY BED CHAIR for little tote} 49 c STREA31UNKK "Union Pacific" wind • op train with A strong Oxf spring motor! _ «/<-'v LOOK! BEP EJTAaiEtJJJ) Sturdy-wood wagon for little 20 Inches Jong. BrJnking ana Wetting 9-iwch Drinking aud Wetting "Oil ;/ BEN FRANK!IN

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