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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, November 24, 1938
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* , 'rhuch pre- Indicated{•' seasonable for mcit part. iwspupor Rlcvcn, 1927 ALGONA, IOWA, THURSDA^ EVENING, NOVEMBER 24, 1938 10 Pages 80 Columns Number 10 EDYARD MAKES NATIONAL NEWS Wsture Content for Sealed Corn, Crib Limits, Specified 1H SEALER ilLLWORKIN 2 TOWNSHIPS plications Can Be lade Now at the Jgona Office. Isiita farmers- intending to Mr 1938 corn crop may have buy unless their, cribs meet i requirements 1 recently set According to the U>cal AAA JKossuth county is in the,,7-ft. krea, and corn etored in cribs f feet wide must show a mois- lontent less than 20% per cent. For 8 j Jt. cribs the moisture must not exceed 19% per cent; for 0-ft. cribs the maximum is 18'/2 par cent; for 10-ft., 17% per cent, and so on, decreasing the moisture one per cent for each foot added in width. Grade Low Limit, No. 8. In order to bo eligible Cor sealing the grade must be No. 3 or better, and the farmer -whose corn is being sealed must have complied with the 1938 acreage allotment program. Another factor which may result in disappointment for farmers is in the manner in which the corn ie cribbed. Many cribs constructed hastily during the last few weeks may not pass inspection. Cribs must be substantially built, and must give Indication that they will etand without attention for a two- year period under normal conditions. Applications Being Taken. . The county office over the Barry Recreation Parlors is taking appli- cations for seaing, and it is expected that proper forms will come by December 1. The present sealing program is under the soil conservation part of the domestic allotment act, and is federal. The state warehousing act, whereby a local board sealed corn under a state law, does not apply to the present federal set-up, though it is active at present on sealing corn for private loans from individuals or banks on corn not eligible for federal sealing. List of Sealers. The list of sealers for the federal program is: • Hebron and Lincoln townships— Wm. H. Patterson. Springfield - Ledyard — George Hagge. Harrison - Grant — -Richard I. Anderson. Swea-Eagle—Walter D. Offenstein. Whittemore-Garfield — John W. Simpson. Sherman-Riverdale — L. N. Bor mann. Lu Verne-Prairie—Joe Matern. Irvington-'Cresco—Hugh Raney. Union^Lotts Creek—Adelbert H Banna. Fenton.-Secena—Chas. H. Newel. BurMPortland—Earl Miller. ., Plum Creek-Wesley — William J. Frimml. Buffalo-German—Herman Dreesman. • 'i ^ Ramsey-Greenwood — Andrew A/ Fangman. AAA Checks Expected. The county AAA committee sent 1921 summaries to Des Moines Friday on the 1938 program. From these summaries, if approved, an application for grant is made out and' sent back to the county committee, which secures the signature of the farmer to this application. This then goes back to Des Moines for checking, and thence to Chicago, from which office federal benefit checks will be issued. These applications from these 1921 summaries are expected to arrive here about December 7. AL60NIAN GETS 10-YEAR TERM FOR FORGERY Divorce Granted and Drunken Driver is Fined. Walter Heldt, 25, Algona, was sentenced to 10 years in Fort Mad- Tale of a Dead Skunk, and a Skunk Not So Deceased! Igona Places 2 on 1st Team .E SQUAD NAMED BY NEWSPAPERS derson arid Schultz let Berths in the Selections. 0 members of Algona's high 1 football team were given s on all-conference team se- ns made in' the last week by s writers of the newspapers in rence towns in : cooperation the coaches. The selections Wesley Schultz as tackle and ilu Bud Anderson as center. norable mention was given to 1 Spear, as end; Dale Ehrhart, ckle; William Divine and Bob Hn, as guards; and Roger B!I Le Roy Lee, and Junior ,ln the backfield. Ight Jfewspapers Co-operate. wspapers cooperating were Clear Lake Mirror, Clarion Itor, Iowa Falls Citizen, Hum- Independent, Hampton nicle, Webster City Freeman- nal, Eagle Grove Eaglei and Advance, candidates were, given fiv-3 • for being picked for the I team by any newspaper, and p points for a. second team p, The Eagle served as cleat- TOuse for the final tabulations. Icture of the all-conference i will appear next week; in the Bating newspapers. [The Conference Choice. flowing is the all-conference [team: t > — Bob ' Green, Iowa Us; wills Folkedal, Eagle pre, kles — Charles Oldson, of Grove; Wesley ScbulU, 'ona. guards, Leon Martin. Eagle 8»l Keith StrKhoro, Iowa 'enter — Bnd Anderson, Alia, Buarterback — DeWayne Tan L !en Eagle Grore. alfbacks—H»rold Trickey, of Lake; Jerry Rowland, Iowa Falls; Dale Ehrhardt, Algona; Carl Larson, and Enabright, Clear Lake; Howard ElleCson, Iowa Falls. Guards—'William Devine and Bob Conklin, Algona; Dick Middleton, Clarion; Bud Hall, Iowa Falls. Centers — Weigert, Humboldt; Minor, Clarion; Paul Anderson, Clear Lake; Merle Smith, Iowa Falls; Bob Norris, Eagle Grove. Backfield—Bud Schalk, Iowa Falls; Roger Michel, Le Roy Lee, Junior Long, Algona; Dick-Noonan, Eagle Grove, Joe Seger, Webster City; Bill Leffingwell, Clarion; Ora Ostrander, Clear Lake; Dean Hamilton, Hampton. Banquet is Planned. Plans are in progress for a dinner at Iowa FalUs ivext Monday night to honor the all-conference team, and Algonians on the team plan to attend. Leroy Timm, backfield coach at SIXTY-EIGHT ATTEND, THE F.B, BANQUET Annual Event at the H. S. Bldg; is Held Tuesday Night. ullback—Hyte ' Lowiuan, of •' lake, 'toe Alternate — Bob Hudg- • Eagle Grove} backfield al- Ba te» Carrol Swanger JFfc, "on. lie Second Team. for second team were: — Francis Shaw, Eag 1 ' Bob Morris, Clarion. . ickles—Don Mlchelson, Hum 1 •—- Reasoner, Humboldt. . n , Ran Bruner, Webste • Oliver Beckett, CJarlpn. pter — Bob owa State college, merican guard, Ed Bock, all- and Everett 11-11^* *wt*i.» O—"- "• - . . Fischer, quarterback, are scneaut- d to speak at the banquet. lushing Trade in Wedding Licenses in the Last Week Nine licenses to wed have been ssued in the last week, which Sixty-eight men and boys attended the annual football banquet at the Algona high school building Tuesday evening. The dinner was served in FOUR-H BANQUET TO DRAW CROWD OF 200 Some 200 reservations have been made for the annual girls and boys 4-H banquet to be held at the Lone Rock high school gymnasium Monday evening. Serving will begin at 6:30, and a program of talks, moving pictures, and music has been planned.- A Fort Dodge patrolman is scheduled to give a talk and show a movie reel. Lloyd Bartlebt, Ti- tonk theater man, will show pictures taken at the county fair this year. Six girls fro» the Whittamore Whizzers club will give a folk game, The Gavotte, and the Fenton sewing room at a large "U-shaped" table, with a small table in the i center of the "U." Ferns and Thanksgiving decorations were used, and favors were nut cup turkeys. Senior mothers did the cooking, and the fathers served. . One of the highlights of the program was W. A. Lorenz's moving picture film on the Armisting day football game between Algoua and Humboldt. An important announcement by ,„„„„ - . Coach Findley was that two of the rought the total for November so Algona football boys, Wesley ar to 27, a record comparable to Scliu i ti5( tackle, and "Bud" Ander- une, month of brides. Licenses gOIlj centeri na( i Dee n chosen for fan. .vere issued to Herbert C. Neilis, a u_ 8tar conference football team. Tvonne V. Johnston, both of ^est ( .. Bud » was captain of this year's lend; Clayton Ruby, Sheldon, Mil- teanlj and he ^MeA on all of the dred Schoenlng, Sutherland; Pump footbaU boys for speeches. Lewis Joetz, Lorraine Garman, both or Nevi u e was elected captain for Wesley; Elliott Waldschmidt, Edna nex( . yea y s team . Mae Lickteig, both of Wesley; short .. ta iks" we re given by- Howard K. Renfrew, Calvin, N. D., Coach Fi n( ji e y an d the assistant Florence A. Laabs, Fenton; Frank coacheS) Ridenour and Wilson. Bleich Philomena Kutschara, both shel . iff Casey Loss, guest at the of Wesley; Fames E. Fickbohm, . - —,Mabel Arlene Zeigler, both of Algona; Elfred D. Soberer, Marian Pride, both of Emmetsburg; Kran- cis D. McNally, Emmetsburg. Maxne Devine, Algona. Mis* Turn in Road 2 Ledyarders Hurt Ledyard, NovTU-Glen Yalmke and vTnce Otley suffered injuries Tan auto accident Sunday night. 4-H club will sing two music mem- the ory selections, Berceuse Lullaby and Over the Summer Seas. Patricia Matern, county 4-H girls' president will be toastmiet- ress. Floyd Bode, Union township, will represent the 4-H boys club in a short talk. County Agent Brown and the county H. D; A., Mrs. Ruth Seaton-Hicks, will also speak. . ^ . ; ison late yesterday afternoon by Judge F. C. Davidson on a plea of guilty to a charge of forgery- This morning (Thanksgiving day) Sheriff Sexe, of Humbol'dt, was here investigating a possible connection with forgeries in that county. The checks were written on Edward Mawdsley and John McGuire in amounts ranging from ?10 to $24 on an Algona bank. Ray Gross and Hugh Ward, Algona, were bound to the grand jury Monday by Justice Danson on charges of stealing chickens. Court was opened Monday by Judge F. C. Davidson, of Emmetsburg, for the final term of the year. Because of Thanksgiving today court was recessed yesterday till next Monday, though Judge Davidson indicated he would come Friday or Saturday If attorneys had business for him. No work appearing for the grand jury, notices were sent out before court met informing the jurors they would not have to report for duty at this term. C. E. Dearchs, Algona, was fined $50 and given a three-month jail sentence on a plea of guilty to a charge of driving wh,ile intoxicated. The jail sentence was suspended, and he was given till January 2 to pay the fine. He was ar- reste'd by Marshal Moulds November 1 on Call street. One divorce was granted. Anna E. Haskins, who lives near Swea City,. was granted a divorce from Riley Haskins on a charge of • desertion. They were married in 1914, and desertion in 1920 . was charged in the petition. Notice of the divorce was served by official publication and the husband's whereabouts is hot known. « Dewitts, West Bend, Wed for 50 Years; Open House Sunday West. Bend, Nov. 22 — Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dewitt held open house Sunday in observance of their golden wedding anniversary, and a large number of friends called. Irvlngton, Nov. 22—Since the trapping season opened Home good skunk stories have been reported here. Ono happened last year, but has been recalled, and is still good enough to pass on One Sunday afternoon Gene Colwell and Hereto Davis (now Gene's brother-in-law) took guns and started for a stroll. Cp In the Honey pasture they found an old cattle shed, under which, they decided, might .be a skunk. They approached cautiously, peered under, and, sure enough, there was a big, fat gknnk. After a council the boys de- cided to go home, don the oldest clothing they could find, and return for the attack. This done, they again crept up, and, taking sight, Bercle aimed and fired. The boys then pulled the carcass out—and the skunk had been dead for weeks! The latest story Is told on Bob Watson, who trapped a skunk, then shot at it before attempting to take the animal out of the trap. Unaware that he had missed the animal, Bob walked bravely up to the trap- whereupon the gknnk, in his turn, took aim, fired—and didn't miss! UNAMERIGAN ACTIVITIES ARE CLAIMED drove windshield. The --SrrAr.ts , Both men were brought doctor's office and x-ray an eye es to a jti ever, J, W, Kelly Friend, De« Moines, Passes ks~Dick , Lypns, low . Bert Lj3o.n,ey, Humbpld*. Iback— h a Alternate -* Mjireh, Hum- ows.e4 tfe rinquei, also spoke. As a surprise, the entire football quad was presented with caps in he school colors (black and red), ith the name Bulldog printed cross the center. Another presentation was tie asps, with initials, to each of the enior football boys, as a farewell iken. Cellar Door Drops on Woman's Finger Lu Verne, Nov. 22— Mrs. Harley nristensen, on a farm south of ,u Verne, suffered a painful acci- ent Sunday afternoon at the ome of a neighbor where a now asement was being inspected. As he was going into the basement a oor fell, and almost severed the bird finger on her left-hand at a oint just below the first Joint. he received surgical attention immediately, and it waa. thought that he finger tip could be saved, Mrs. hristeusen, who was Blva Han- Faculty Will Play the High School's Basketball Team Coach Lawrence Findley announces that there will be a faculty and high school "varsity"-basketball game next week Tuesday evening at the gymnasium. The game will be a sort of opener for the locals, who will start their regular season .next week Friday against Emmetsburg. They have only three weeks ia which to prepare for the season. The game will begin at 7:30, and admission will be lOc.'On the faculty team will be Ridenour, Cutler, Wilson, Miller, and Findley. The game is a benefit for the H, S. "annual". On the regular basketball team this year the. following will see 'the most service:, (Roger Michel, Junior Long, Le Roy Lee, Wesley Schultz, William Devine, Hicks, uls Neville, Bob Ditsworth, Lloyd Spear, and Jim Neville. The Dewitts were married at Clinton, November 20, 1888. They farmed northwest, of West Bend, but moved to town some 30 years ago, buying 'the house in which they still live. Both are now 74. They have always taken an active part in church and lodge. A family dinner was not served, because of the sickness of the youngest son Errol, Maywood, 111. The other children are Mrs. Edw. Anderegg, Mrs. Ernest Anderegg, and Walton, all of West Bend, and Mrs. Leo Mimbach, of Renwick. There are 16 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. The couple received many gifts, telegrams, letters, and cards from friends far and near. »— ; " HUNTERS ARE MULCTED FOR TRESPASSING Four Draw Fines for Hunting on a Farm in Portland. Justice Danson. was kept busy last week with cases in his criminal docket. He handled ten, four o£ which were on charges of pheasant hunting on Roy. Mann cultivated land in Portland township without permission. The defendants were Frances Merrill, Rockwell City, and Harley Merrill, Paul Scheppel, and Emil Anderson,.all of Fort Dodge. Each was fined $2 plus $2 costs. Walter E. Roberts, Algona, was fined $10 Plus $2.85 costs on charges brought by, Warden F. H. Davis, Estherville, of shooting a hen pheasant in the open season a week ago Monday in Eagle town-' ship." A charge of reckless driving and on 'the wrong side of the road, against Clarence Lohse, Bancroft, brought by Walter Ditsworth, was dismissed on recommendation of the county attorney Friday. Albert C. Anderson, of Seattle, was given a 30-day sentence Monday on a charge of drunkenness at Swea City. The sentence gave local officers time to investigate his record. Ray V. Gross and Hugh Ward, both of Algona, were bound to the grand' jury Tuesday on a charge of larpeny of domestic fowls from the E. M. Gross farm in Plum. Creek. E. M. Gross filed the charge against his brother Ray, who implicated Ward. They were charged with taking a grey-white go'oee. Bond was set at f 500, which neither furnished. PROMOTED W A. VIGARS HAS been named chief inspector for the hide and leather gales department of the National By-Products Co., which has for some years operated the local rendering plant, of which Mr. Vigars has been manager. The new duties" will take him to various points in Iowa and Nebraska. The family will remain in Algona. R. J. LaFarge, district manager, will 'have charge of the local plant till a new man can be named. Dies, Congressional Chairman, Accuses Depping Group. Some Kossuth residents were startled, some amused, to read in Monday's dally papers that Chairman Dies,, of the congressional committee investigating un-American activities, had named Defenders of American Liberty, of Led- . yard, Iowa, as anti-religious and anti-racial. Most residents of the county had never heard of the organization, though it is sponsored in the Ledyard community by the Rev. A. A. Depping,. paistor of the Reformed church there, and is said to have, loosely knit affiliations with groups in other communities. The organizations have held summer meat- ings at Forest City in each of the last two years. So far as local citizens are concerned there has been no serious note of anti-religious and anti-racial tendencies in the group headed by the Rev. Mr. Depping. Committee Methods Condemned. 'Chairman Dies and his- committee started work last winter, and at intervals during the summer flare-ups of sensational news re- ,elman, is daughter of Irs. George Hanselman. Mr. and Old Man Winter is ettingNew Marks The lowest temperature of the season was set Tuesday morning, when the mercury dropped to 7 above This was 10 degrees lower ban any other mark this seaeoo. The record for the week follow New Culvert Ridge Causes Auto Upset Irvlngton, Nov. 22—Elsie Hunt, near Lu Verne, was badly "shaken Sunday evening, when a car owned and driven by her "boy friend" and in which Mis Hunt was riding, got out of control at a point just east of Kuhlman-' farm,, south of Irvington; ran into the ditch, and it is reported, was tipped /over. Neither Miss Hunt nor the driver were seriously injured, but both suffered various bruises and cuts. The cause of the accident was a ridge of dirt left across the road following installation of a new culvert, Secret Wedding in July Now Revealed SWea Twp. Nov. 22—A.miscell- aneous shower was given at the Swea City Lutheran hall -Monda;/ afternon lor Mrs. Arthur Glass, the former Leonia Johanson. Hostesses were Mesdames Jacob Petterson, Milton and Linus Peterson, Matt Anderson, Lyle Blair, "and Frank Johnson. Leouia, daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Ole Johanson, and Mr, Glass, son of Mr, and Urs. Charles Glass, near Fenton, were married in July, but the event was a secret till recently. . The couple are now living with the parents of Mr. Glass, and Arthur works for his father. Eighty-Five Attend Lutheran Institute The Rev. R. W. Kabelitz, Fenton, presided over a • Sunday school teachers' institute Sunday at the local Trinity Lutheran church. There were 85 registered delegates from Humboldt, Livermore, Lu- Verne, West "Berid, Eminetsburg, Garner, and Algona. The Rev. H. F. C.' Mueller, superintendent of Christian education -. from Fort Dodge, was principal speaker. The Rev. Walter Wagner, Emmetsburg, gave a demonstration with a class of eight Emmetaburg young people on how to conduct a Sunday school class. EX-WESLEYAN IN FLORIDA WINS HONOR Felt Daughter Named Member Exclusive Society. Wesley, Nov. 22—Mrs. Nina Felt- Ranck, Rockledge, Fla., daughter of Mr. and Mrs., Ben F. Felt, Wes- .ley, won recent honor through elec- | tion to 'membership in the National Society of Daughters of the Founders and Patriots of America. To be eligible, a woman must be descended in unbroken paternal line of either parent from an ancestor who settled in any of the colonies from the settlement at Jamestown, Va., May 13, 1607,' to May 13, 1687, and in the unbroken line there must be an intermediate garding spy activities and communism have been aired. The activities of' the committee were such that shortly before the elections President Roosevelt publicly came to the defense of Governor Murphy, of Michigan, who was attacked by the committee for alleged un-American activities in connection with sit-down strikes. President Roosevelt spoke over the radio specifically on this point in one of his pre-election speeches, and Chairman Dies took advantage of a nation-wide hook-up to speak in rebuttal. Dies is a democrat "'Ledyard Organization SmalL The Ledyard organization has not been strong enough to figure in any way in the news, or in recent elections, nor 'have the literature or other activities of, the group come to general knowledge in the county, or even the community of Ledyard. The Dies committee is in a private feud with the LaFollette civil liberties committee over congressional . appropriations. The LaFollette committee was given an appropriation of $100,000, but the Dies committee was allowed -only $25,000. Dies has charged that departments of the government, including 'the department of justice, have failed to cooperate with hi« committee. ancestor who by personal service in either civil or^military capacity, or by other acts assisted in establishing American independence from 1775 to 1784. Mrs. Ranck Is the 62nd woman in Florida to be elected, and she entered on her father's paternal line. George Felt came to Salem, Mass., with Endicott in. 1628 and helped cattle, M. A. and an- Bight and came across which the late George November 16 November I 7 November 18 November 19 Npvember 20 November 21 November 22 High 55 ?9 37 Operation Mrs, Fred McWherter, we TWe*i J F 27 20 of Free Poem Resurrected. Jimmie Neville' was .rummaging around in old papers the other a H. poem Free wrote some years ago about him ami his store. Readers who like a little amusing poetby will find the ooem to Jimmie'ff advertisement this week. Algona Carpenter Loses His Mother Mrs. Hardyk, mother of -J. G. Hardyk, died Wednesday morning at 1 o'clock at the home of her son here. She had been sick for several months and was an aged woman. The body wa'S taken to Delmont, S. D., where funeral cervices and burial were to take place. Mrs. Hardyk had been with her sou the last few months. Sho has other children, but not living here. Her husband died several years agp. J. G. Hardyk is a carpenter here. ^ Teacher Is Beleased. Dora Carlson, Bryan.t principal and fifth and sixth grade*? teacher, was released from the teaching staff i%sterday and W 'W leave for wret, III,' where she will h e , new teacWns duties Califonuan Yisttis Sere. nr. Paul Southgate, Long Beach, CaWf-., arrived Tuesday for a vjfit over Thanksgiving with Mp mothejr, Mrs. B. ¥. Soutfagate,, aad sister Mrs. T. T, Herbst., He is on his way home froin Hoover, N, p., where he spent a jaoatfc <rf postgraduate ftwdy at Dartmouth college,, On One way tuere he.-vetted I, brother at Ex-Oakdale Patient Now at Albuquerque Lu'Verne, Nov. 22—Keith Biegger, who had been a patient at .Oakdale 18 months, is now at Al- bukuerque, N. M. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Biegger, took him as far as Kansas City, where he boarded a streamlined train at 11 p, m, which reached Albuquerque next morning at 4 o'clock. He writes that the climate there seems tp agree with him and he is improving. : Shortly after arrival at a sanitarium there he attended a "get together" of patients from Iow£i\ and it was found that there were nine there, who had come Jrojn Oakdale. Herman Dau's House Sold to Lampright The new Herman Dau house at No, 705 east Oak street has been bought by Mr. and Mrs- Havold Lampright, who are already at home there. Mr. Dau plana to spend the winter in (the south. The Lamprights hag been living so'«h of Albert Granzow's. Mr. , Lampright Is window clerk at the post- office. H. D. Hutching made found the towns of an'd Maiden, Mass. Charlestowa His great- great-grandson, Samuel Felt, was a soldier ia the French and Indian war and' later played an active part in the Revolution, being commissioned ensign in. 1776, later promoted to lieutenant, finally to captain. Mrs. Ranck, actively engaged in club work, is a state officer in the Florida Daughters of the Revolution. Her parents spend winters at Rockledge. For many years Mr. Felt, now retired, operated, a general store at Wesley. - ' Fenton Girl Weds North Dakota Boy Fenton, Nov. 23 — Florence, daughter of'Mr. and Mrs. Reinhold Laabs, and Howard, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Renfrew, Calvin, N. D., were married at 8 p, m. at the Methodist parsonage here Saturday, the Rev. J. G. Waterman per- orming a single-ring service. The ouple were attended by Lloyd Cornelius and Irene Laabs, sister oi he bride. After Thaaksglying Mr ud Mrs, Renfrew will live at OaJ- vin. Two Farm Auctions Next Week and One Week from Monday . Three farm sales are advertised in today's Advance. Peter Hayenga, Fenton, will hold a closing out sale next Monday, and will sell four horses, 23 cattle, 36 hogs, and a line of farm machinery. Flaig & Hansen, Lone Rock, will be auctioneers; N. L. Cotton, clerk. J. E. Kollasch, Whittemore, will have a sale next Tuesday and in the offering will be ten horses, 22 and all farm machinery. Hauenstein, four miles east three miles north of Algona, nounces a sale for Monday, December 5, in which three horses, 13 cattle, seven hogs, six sheep, farm machinery, etc., will be offered. Mr. Haueasteia will move to Emmetsburg, where he'has bought a half interest Jn a machine works. Paving from No. 18 to West Bend Done West Bend, Nov. 22—The paving on No. 44 was finished last week Wednesday evening, and the Koss company, contractors, gave a danee that evening at the Legion, hall. Three trucks are still here to haul ;ravel and cement to the mixer ill the flumes are finished. The lumes were all .ia by Sunday noon, and most of the men and their amilies have gone home. The company is leaving its machinery here till spring, and Jack SheHon s watchman at the plant, he and, his wife living in. e, trailer house nearby. otnff vfesterdav ana Will leave lor grawuttw pmwj *v *«?•»w**v»v.f w-_ *v., —- ' "'Ti.r "nZtTTtZ*, fiwstm-Se she will be- l«ge, On the way ^ere he.yfelted LJnfc gweaCtty, Pr, M, I. Lfe£ Sw^«£ toa&ine duSes Monday, a brother at Petrol*. Poctw South,* ter; B,urt, <%eyroie1»; $$m &§W ^ ; -J^^ *Six , jx new automflWes were gold in Kossuth th,e past week, bringing the total for toe month sq to Geuricb, ler, Lu' Verjj.e, Buyers vere F*ed Rofik, Lyell W. Bags Cooa in Kossuth. Corwith, Noy, 2?— Letter Hash Fairville farmer, hag become an enthusiastic • coon hunter, On , ' recent fcuatkis trips he a- IS-lb. spon- ••"->&'• Local Boy Honored at Simpson School Mr. and Mrs.. M«x Miller received, word Tuesday that theJr wn Jryteg bad been initiated iato t*£ •?,$, Gamma Nu natioaa) fraternity. He one of, the ,mea grades 44 saye he' saw, two of them, uaaple to get me other. *. •

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