Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 17, 1938 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 17, 1938
Page 9
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KOasttTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA. tOWA ITH WINDS p 40 YEARS AT oung, Telegrapher, Passes jrltb. Nov. Walla Walla, Wash., who.is spending two mouths in Iowa nttnmi 1 )i' Kl Mrs ' Rohort Mastcraon attended a sweepstakes corn-husking contest at Port. Dodge Fr™iy and visited Mr. and Mrs. H PI! na « Daultan al Humholdl and thf 0 Bae Godfrey*, U, Verne ln^ n » t0 » V ny<U ' d ' wll ° " ad "eon '\L n f n yoar ' has ™lurnoa for the winter with his parents S. S. Ml V, nnd Mrs. Clem Hilyard Maxine " • ' ,1 whom death October 31 hn "* x '" 0 .. 1>cl ;' (f n« was brou R hi : 71) ,-4 T« laat WP.ek's Al- I 1 ?" 10 Fl ' ill «y from the Fnrt II,, i™ as - , or Moines, waa born- *J° c - v . >'°*l'ltal, where she f Uert iVHjmeoi woo uuin i,, i t ' "•"•'»* 1867, in an English . ly ' lad an operation. '' .- 8 ." .'». !„ La Orange H «' - '-'et GOUKO. Sh, recent- H. KM HI'. FMd n..|>r<>«i'nlR\lvp father and mother. The Hartshorns | and a half mile east of Pilot Grove, the Larrabee farms, now owned, Iine> Mrs> Sager was formerly we believe, by a son of Governor Ml '«' William Thornton, and 20 Larrabee at Fort Dodge. Mr. Hart-' years ago the Thorntons lived in fa 1 ™"™ 1 ?! ,!i' 8 ^° ys o? av6 had /I 1 ' 8 the Good Hope neighborhood. Mr. « Inmo , I * i mi? years ' w h Thornton died a few years ago. Mr. hnnSPt •m « ' e Wre ml 10 and Mrs. Sager own the farm InnnhPo nl 26 . years , a e°-, The where they live . They have bulu nnvhfnftvM, T. g ff a '^ tate , °P; a new-silo, also a new corn crib, poitunlty in the north Kossuth of ihu RP! ,«nn Mrs £?nn-ov rtn 0o r,«t early times and invested heavily orLfute AlEona Mkfshe used ?o there. At that time Ledyard was l nn w AIgona rolks slle used to | the hay center of the United i State. Everett is a brother of El- Imer, the barber at Algona. * * * * Last week Tuesday, at Mrs. Anna Lovstad's, northeast of ' Burt, we ^^^^^^^•^^••^•^^•••^••^•^••••••^^^^•^^^ 1 **** ""••-•••« •-«*-'l*«.w*».*.*\*MiW»*\^l.JJli,l L| VY ^ Otto Schmidt, south ot Bancroft, one of the Holt farina. Sam has a William Oldenburg,'east of El- 1°,^ ""'^ys Picking corn. All nu r^rtrll..^ T,:,. ««...» ...i*~.. ,..« i .... . . I . . y .v»c*»uui t,, caou ui .cji £)Mh:3 nn *ho nlo^n «7nt>a Full v^f was feeding his cows cribs on the place were full, yet it"that time. .'Some years ,6 family moved to De War, her father served a paS- Ihere when we two-row mounted cornpicker,' more, had just come home -from ^'"* "" u ' e MnTr?,mTV, UU> yei > called on election day. Otto has a mounted on rubber tires. He had -town when we arrived last week * e "? pwer ° stln *'™> , busl ] els m , 0! '1 „ „,„,,—o-J - «- —e,- .... „. Gl) "K°. Sfnio Teachers f " e h .«! rd ( ° C OuornsoyB, and he sup- Ills own picking finished but was Thursday and had brought a box J° 00P o h, 1 .,,,:,, 1 '.^ *****&,& »** ir where her father was « tud e»t, spent the week-end wilhl" lios Ulc town with milk ' He teeds Picking on f./e Geo. W. Patterson of apples. He gave us one, and it MM i^n u V, , P ™ Ind., wnwi _ a _ hoi- parenis. Mr ,. ni , „„.. r , ,Vno silage to his milk cows, having farm north of Swea Citv. was a dandy William hn« n. rmnd v bushels of new corn. The round that the milk was better if. * * * * ' „„*,. h]g ^ y \^" os ^ ^ *°y*™n P ickin S wlth a two-row alfalfa hay and ground feed were' Herman Herzog lives at the -flock of tame ducks. These swim, fed He told us that ho had sold a southeast edge of Ledyard, und In the pond and attract wild ducks. \ T p Mnn *, * *,* ,,,„ ,,, =f half .merest in his cows to a hier haben wir Deutsch gesprochen Sometimes the wild ones come' JLf f h .S' «? f" V f,'? 0 J"" 1 dairyman from near Des Moines, last week Monday when we called, right into the barn yard to feed a f ° ss th e ' °ad west from the Ban- and that a new family would be Mr. and Mrs. Haruog read some with the tame ducks. I A In, ' vtHnr TH,^ V^ M? on the place soon. Mr. Schmidt English and they enjoy the picture * * * * l^r , 1 , vlsltor , Saturday. Mr. owns n house at Burt, and another pages in our daily papers. Their Otis Midthun, southeast of ]^.'f ous el is one of the comparatively ' " ' » he has his choice hoys like to read the funnies, more, was building a new chicken jew purebred hog raisers who kept but will probably These lads said they were glad the bouse last week Thursday. He also to the Business after the depression PORTLAND trlaee took place October 30, 'savannah, Mo. Three chll- , e re born: Hazel Olive, John _ jour, and Finley Lewis. All, Men here: to hunt pheasants elr father, survive. There Martin Becker's Sunday were T -it . grandchild, .Robert Peter- W. Thorpe, of the Thorpe Well Co', of The family came to Corwith Des Moines, son Wesley D inv ••--- - ..... . MltfVioii T i<r r\ •—"••••'> "• «•. niuvu 10 uuncroii. rie u»ea to IIVK season; l8 ' ' , i, ,,«" rniiwnv (»l no n how w'-ir ^' tho laUel> ' 8 at Bui>t and w »s section foreman hauled - Y ? un li°, 0k "51™ 1 nJfe ^"T 1 ^!^' ?" d L OU|« there. Then he lived at Fenton, crop o, II. move to Bancroft. He used to live seasonls beets were at last all has a new corn crib, and the crib There was a good was nearly filled with corn. At of and a sals. He still raising Durocs has a few boars for Mousel have had , and her husband were m erworks there; Mr. ,, . H lh nontQ.li,' -,iV 7'V-. "'"•" """ 1JUUI -' i uiei-K. men no nvea at renion, crop on land where the beets wero this homo, there is a pair of twins, . „,,,, .. . ... ^in,yQUth r and 'became u Deutsdh. 1 ot Fort Dodge. .1. W. where he was also section foreman not drowned out. : but we did not see these boys this !* chl " en ' fthl ' ee boy £ and thrce blUhed j «weraton -Foutnan Fioy is supenntendent of the wit- for some yeare. He has done a lot « * * * I year. Their mother said they were * ills ' but not . "J 18 . at home *™^ - 1 ""••"««««"* »»« '" C1 ' w "'- 1 « """- "" Mitchell ls of hard work in his lifetime, and 0. J. Rlnnentron. southwest of sleeping. i?f b ?J V 7 & klUTed ln an a f ldent ! The oldest son, Lawrence, is run- east of Led- nlng "a gas station at. Estherville. arid Paul Gel- J° e R- farms near Bancroft. One unuBU^reportrSut'ute'ex^alneli !f» C ?, ld Fl ' ida ^ ~ ™* ' a tter is tho daughter Is a nun at Sioux City; * _ * _ . . "trrt*" n4 T nlmt: B ub »••- - ^« Mrt * ««,„.„! i „ •.n.wnwii in ui naru wuriv 111 ins iinjumu, aiiu u. j. iiipuenuon. fiOiiinwesL UL »ict>iJiue,> ;e .of the M. &\St, L depot coinnilssioner of public property; he said he was still putting in 14 Lakota, said last week Thursday! . „ .. * * * * A fc w yea» r ««o they re- and Wm. Pray and Mr. Deutsch l.n,,-. a day. Certainly he has that he did not have -as much corn! At Dan O'Keefe's, because of P 0< » oh f a ' th - nI 2 nwl , th Ul ? Iobi » 1>!icki »« <"^o. earned a rest. this season as last year. This is an yai ' d ' 1 J ( L, f ° un(1 Dan ' 1 uavvinOA WP.rfi no.ld nt. SlllHl:iv VG.(f\f.. ,,i Air i ^«_. . . . ...... ... IpnTolrl T?v!Hnv Tlio services were held at Sunday visitors at Alfred God- lome Thursday, November 3, frcdaon's were Mr. and Mrs Clar, r pastor, the Rev. Karl W. ence Talbotl, Des Moines; tho Oran Illler, assisted by the Rev. Al- Micklcs, Hoono; and Mr. and Mrs iRust. Mr. Killer spoke from Peter Godfredson, Bancroft fer bs 31:27. A-: auartet-'Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Larsen, of iam Wood, Mrs: John Mullins, Waterloo, were Sunday guests a 1 ROSS, Elaine Chambers— S. M. Peterson's. | Rock of Ages, What a Friend Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Godfredson ve in Jeaus, and Sometime have moved from Mason City to Understand. Mrs. • Beulah Osage, where Lyle has employ- more, was placing a pipe on his drowned out a lot of his "arm •well last week Wednesday. There have been plenty wild ducks The rains this season raised the around his place this season, more, well was accompanist. ment. They K|iont Sunday at Ail- illbearers were Arthur Schef- fred Godtredson's. In, James Zfwelfel, Jess Hul- Mr. and Mrs. Henry Smith fer, John Hippen, Lewie Larson, tert'ained Mr. and Mrs. E. 0. Rcib- [Robert Hartwlg. Interment hoff, Bugle Grove, and Mr. and Mrs [made in the local cemetery. Veru Phelps, Central City, Sunday. "~ . | Seven women attended a Burt Sponsors B. 1*. t|ulnt— Locion Auxiliary meeting at Mrs |hn 0. Mullins, local hybrid William Grove's 'last week Wednes[ com dealer, will sponsor the day. independent basketball ing. this season, and it will be as "Mullins' Hybrids." equipment will include royal 't silk sweat shirts with old gold svcs, and on the backs will be a large ear of corn, with i team's name. The playing The time was spent "at sew- Albert Zierke, northwest of El- bta aii at Lakota, and he was treat- tne other two are Mrs. Patrick ing Dan's hogs for worms. Dan has Nertney, near Bancroft, and Mrs. a fine lot of Hampshires and he. Lawrence Killip, Ottumwa. Tlo keeping them McNertaeys and the Killips have good can now use a higher tank. Albert ens on the farm. 0 J added that I 1/isl week Wfidnesday we called grandchildren for the elder Mous- has three wells, and two are wat- h* fed the ducks and let other peo- on M Isabel! Saepr a mil P nortli els e c uei er-flows. Each well*has a differ- pie shoot them, for the family does 0 _ n J^ lsabe11 ^agei. a mile noith els. ent kind of water. Good Fencing Keeps Stock in its Place Farmers Attention For the balance of this month we are ing very special prices on all FENCE MATERIALS. If you need f encing, it will pay you to come in and see u^. Botsford Lumber Co. Phone 256 Jim Pool oral water. One is a min- not care for wild duck meat. One of the wells is * * * * near the house, and he has it fixed. We wore at the William Mabus 1 with a fresh-water lift for running : .Tr. house southwest of Lakota on water In the home. He has painted all of his buildings, re -i the day when Iowa voters handed and i the democrats a solar plexus. A has built a new sun porch and ti'np.w corn crib was being built bath room on the south side of tin there. We had a short visit with fine house. Albert certainly be- Mrs. Mabus, the men being too 'iovcs in having everything com- busy to talk. We always find Mrs. fortable. Mr. and Mrs. Zielske Mahiis busy too, for .she has to hus- OTTOSEN tle to keep up with her housework. * * We called at Louis Miller's, A fl'/^-lb. boy was born to Mr. have two boys and two girls. * * * * Otto F. Ban man, southeast of Ledyard, was at his neighbor Ce- southeast of Klrnore. last week oil Black's last week Monday, and rn Vinv.arl*\.v, oncl the men were pick- tho men wore sawing wood there, in^ corn with two two-row pick- Otto said lie .still had some corn to er.s. Lnuls was- doing the unload- pick. lie built a new corn crib, jnt; w Hh an elevator, and it kept will be old gold jersey and and Ml ' s - Lo Rov Kleppe Saturday. ... blue satin trunks. L. D. Hc hi >« bec » 11!llned f'onard Alvin. |ders will be team manager, T ' e is Ule » r st child and is a he is planning an extensive grandson of Mrs. Reno- Enockson. iedule. Mr. Mullins has dealers T »c K' 1 ' 18 ' and boys' basketball fcughout northern Iowa and teams opened the .season by win- hern Minnesota, and the team " in K a double-header from Des . probably make a : tour of all Monies township here Friday even- towns in the list which have ing. The scores were: girls, 51-13; lepemlent teams. Members of 1)ova ' 16 ~ T1 - irst team are: Carl Long, Ed- A "white elephant" sale look (Ed) Evans, George (Dutch) nlace and tui oyster supper was _js, Robert (Bob) Barracks, and served Saturday evening and was ward (Eddie) Nail. Other play- largely Patronized. are Marion Sorensen, Eli B - p - Holt and Adolph Holt, of lit) Brown, Virgil Maw, Jack Ellsworth, visited over the weak- . trr\ -r nn^l n4 T)«\f«.. 1.T.-.1 *• 'r. ^li.-!*.*! \K7.if •riam, and Terry Long. islonury Society Meets— Tie Baptist Woman's Missionary end at Peter Holt's. Thorn Wat- nem and two other men from Burlington spent the .week-end liere. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Worster and Yon ran a new crib in almost- Viim ninnt.v busy. For power any direction you turn your eyes t i.s fall. TJyron Robinson, Lnkola, told us last week Thurs- p.i.ovn+nv he was usine an old i ivinrifii T Fnrd motor. There are 1 still n. great ma-nv of these old mo- southwest of tn ,, s in U8e on Jarras> Rich Point ilety met last\week Friday with the Russel lEnocksons, Plover, vis- Is. Bert Meyers, Mrs. ' Lestur ited al tlle Le Rov Kieppe's Sim- ish and Mrs. Rudolph Glawe as- day. ting. The meeting was-opened Mrs. Edgar Jacobson, of Belle Jh a gi'oup song, whicl) was fol- Plaine, 'has gone home after a v.sit hd with prayer by the Rev. here. A Mr. Glass, Des Mohii'S, ' Williams. The lesson, in spent Saturday at the Holt home. irge of Portia Johnson, was on _t _____^ ts, and Mrs. Williams .re- J~™ a magazine article- Under- I und Bridges was giveni by Syl- I Stilson. Mite-boxes were " | med. The next meeting will be Mrs. Frank Capesius visited her 1 I December 2 at Mrs. W. Puffer's. Daughter Evelyn at Fort Dodge |lvia Stilson assisting. Tuesday. Evelyn is attending a, M » w "-\ ^T , beauty school there. I Hall Nearly Beady— Pauline Black and her pumlsi s remodeling of Corwith's new W jn gj ve a social this week Fri-1 hall has progressed to the day evening at the No. 3 school-, tot where the place Is ready for house. rtial use. The first official oc- The Hugh Raneys were dinner ncy of the building was on KUes t s O f Mrs. Raney's sister, Mrs. :tion day. Marshal Beckman c. W. Patterson, Burt, Sunday. 1 his aides had spent all of the Milton Burlinerame "combined" 1 before at removing partitions sov heans for Hugh Rauey and R. 0 rooms formerly occupied by H. skilliug early in the week. 0. K. Lunch. Polling booths Mrs. Hazel Marson, St. Cloud, 1 judges' tables were then in- Minn., and daughter visited the H. When the remodeling is E. Johnsons at Algona over the npleted the rooms will be used W eek-eiid. The Johnsons once liv- r storing the fire" equipment. e d on the Lewis farm where the Jos. Metilles now Vive. flay that he will move to a farm! near Graeltinger next March. The farm whore he lives was sold recently to Joe Johnson, of Bancroft. * * * * How good is 300 bushels of hand! "orn-nickiiiK for two men in nine' hours? Mike Loss, just south of! Mgona, reported that record for| two of his men the other day. If we i ••^member correctly the <pickers hail from Missouri. # # •* * Ram Shinier, .southwest of Lakota, was doing his evening chores "•Men we called 'a-st week Thursday, and was feeding hogs. He has liow north, west, and south of his~ farm yard. He did not say how "i-uiv, hut he has a fine lot, enough to stock a larger farn^ He keeps !iis place in tiptop sho~pe. This is T^vfu'Ptf. JTnrt ci hoMi. east of yard, and a brother live with their Small Loans Up to $300 I.IVK STOCK •"I courteous, confidentln' NORTH IOWA FINANCE GO <l til l'(t|IIT I)CN Ear Corn We are now buying ear corn Anderson Grain & Coal Co. SPECIAL! FULL SIZE 34" SLED Selected Northern hardwood. High grade, grooved steel runners. Not a 30" or 32" sled but a full 34" size For children accompanied by adults visiting our store on Friday evening. (While a generous quantity lasts 2) Hiawatha 45" Sled Large 34" Size SPECIAL! $3.00 VALUE TRACTOR SET Heavy duty tractor, trailer, bag of blocks, road signs, miniature shovel, hoist, sand scoop, log chain.tractor shed, scraper or plow. Complete set SOFT, BABY PANDA CHARLIE MCCARTHY Natural blmck and white colon. U'bigh ALGONA, IOWA ri After 38 Years- evening, when relatives and elghbors gathered at their home >r an old-fashioned charivari in por of the • Larson-' 38th wedding fnlversary. Attending: Mr, and • Aner Larson, Mr. and Mrs. 1 Sorenson, s on Marion, Mr, Mrs. Charles Sorenson, the ory Steinlichts, al) of Cbrwith; 1 Mrs. Aksel Neilsen, and CLIMBING TRACTOR 'Heavy duty motor, sure Strike Felt Here— strike among commercial ^kers is felt here. There has "•• no trucks since Tuesday, Oc- r «. It is understood here the Brady Line is tied up at ff Moines. Corwith's newspaper, ? "Ustler, faces a paper famine, ' we Methodist women are hold- 'arge couejgnmfent of canned i and vegetables inten'ded for 'inux City hospital and mis- there. . Aid Circle Meets- . n rvlew Aid Circle met last ^ edn esday at Mrs. WilMam ' ]2 members attending Smith read devotions, 8 ' iesson, MulUns condu(jt- Rftgf were sewed ,,., ^ he ftotd at an Aid r Wednggiiay, rjpvember 30. church paisemeht. The next r 22, at Mrs. Robert Master- Dinner at of their Mrs. on(l - Mrfl their, a-. A fittting climax for the best meal of the year .,. Taylor Made Ice Creani for dessert, The whole family will hail your choice. Taylpr Made's delicious flavor, its purity and goodness, inake a hit with everyone from toddlers to grandparent, Of course there's a wide choice .of flavors, in molds as well as bricks and bulk, Order from your dealer , and order Algona Phone 270 TURN OVER TANK Moves ulonu, lurns completely twer and continues in game 0 A£ direction 99 LOOP THE LOOP AEROPLANE Runs along floor und makes a 9OC complete loop.. 4(l9 TRACTOR AND PLOW SET Life - like reproduction. Beautifully enameled. Tractor|and|Ptow BothtorT CONTRACTOR'S DUMP TRUCK With miniature wheel barrow and 4 B C •hovel <fi9* A REAL CHRISTMAS BARGAIN! REMOTE CONTROL ELECTRIC TRAIN One of the finest values we have ever offered. Consists of Commodore Vender- £ 4% 4 A bUt electric locomotive, tender, 3 passenger cars, 2 sections straight track, 7 K JgP 8 sections curved track and transformer. 108* ot track. All For %0 "*" Commodore Vanderbilt Sparkling Wind-up Freight Train 98* SAVE ON CHRISTMAS GREETING CARDS AT GAMBLE'S Complete Christmas card assortment of 20 cards with envelopes. All different styles, designs and sizes. A very tastefully serected assortment. Complete, 20 cards with envelopes. 35c Value.; DONALD DUCK RAIL CAR A II.M value. A wiad up toy. Runs on BAC track. 99 CHINESE CHECKERS 4 ntw popular game. Dp to « people B A£ GANG BUSTER SPARKLING MACHINE GUN Sparks noise. turret, 22 ' with STEAM ENGINE Thoroughly twted SUNBAEc DRINKING AND WETTING DOLL Here is «, doll that thrills «11 youngsters. Flesh colored, jointed rubber, 10H" high. Complete wife diaper, s«fety phi, nursing bottle, nipple, undershirt, booties, bath towel, rubber sponge, bath mat,

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