Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 17, 1938 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 17, 1938
Page 8
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•DITORIAL PAOE TBRAfS OF StTBaCRTPT-Tnivr l-»o Kasauth county postoftloes and bordering Mstottlcea at Armstrong, Bode, Brltt, Vjffalo Cfeater, Corwlth, Cylinder, Etmore, Hardy, "*"*""" Mvermore, Ottoscn, Rake, Rlnssted, Stilson, West Bend, and Woden, Rodman, rear U.60 *-AdY»nce and Upper Des Molnea both to same adAreao at tfny postofflce In Kosaulh county or any neighboring postotflce named In No. 1, »2.BO t— Adranoe alone to all other poster flees year $2.50. «— Advance and Upper Des Molnes both to «ame address at all postofflees not excepted In No, J, .......... - ............ «,oo _,..-.-- subscriptions fp.' papers going to points witnin the county and out-of-the-county points - NOVEMBER S M T W T F 8 .,12345 « 7 8 9 10 11 12 1» 14 15 10 17 18 19 2« 21 22 23 24 25 20 87 28 29 30 named above under No, l are considered continuing subscriptions to be discontinued only on notice from subscribers or at publisher's discretion. S u b- scrlptiona going to non- county points.not named under No. 1 above will be discontinued without notice on«> month after expiration of time paid for. If not pa,m. nt will be extend ^MSn"™ tw The Real Issues in American Government Today centralization of government, the growth of I * bureaucracy, and the menace>of ultimate dictatorship. Which path shall we take? You, the voter, will decide. And, mark you, you cannot decide merely by returning another party to power. That party, too, will in due time menace lib- my. The price of liberty is eternal vigilance. Demosthenes eald: There is one safeguard, known generally to HODGEPODGE Webster— A stew of tarloBS <•* gradient* ; • mixture. LAST WEEK.J5ND an Algona poker player held that rarest of all poker hands, and con« sequently the most valuable, a royal flush, hi clubs. The game was seven-card stud, and he G, O.P. Anxiously Awaits Senatorial Recount Faint Hope That the Official Canvass May Yet Oust Gillette and Seat bickinson the wise, which Is an advantage and security i to ™* a • " r » lBer " acros * the table, «"* ™» he <o all, but especially to democracies against! ga " e had the ace of ' hcerte> ace of clubs ' • _ . .... . . ... _ ••B**"" 0 * nilonrt nf ennrina n *.A 4««1» «* «1..v.~ H v «.«.!..» despots. What Is it'I DISTRUST! spades, and jack .of clubs showing. (Weekly News Letter of the Iowa Press Association. The ma' terlal presented herein does not ial policy of this paper). The senatorial' election own. | "Dick." So II remained a serious Possible loss of prestige by the headquarters, In fact, the eucces- governor, who calls oue the troops, slon of three defeats on senator ,ls under speculation. Kraschel ear* made the republican Hod Woodbury county by only rather grim place, which ,i,°00, but Glllette'e majority flue- quarters a resulted in an unofficial victory tuated around 6,000, ^ depending on 1010— f> >n the For Ways That are Dark— the Civil Service! Eva, Keith, known to this writer for mow than 50 years, labeled republican though not politically active, has been Goldfield postmistress 38 years. Democratic politicians have tried to oust her, but Goldfield people Irrespective of party would not stand for it. Recently she received notice that if she wanted to stay on the job she must take her chances in a civil service examination. This newspaper does not know whether this is a routine requirement or masks another ouster attempt. In either case there will bo an opportunity to play politics. . The post- mastership does not necessarily go to the examinee with the highest ranking. Selection The rpal i«n 0 = )„ A • m<iy b ° made from tne three hl &hest. This is ihe leal issues , n American government did! a political device. If a member of the week True election. they were occasionally mentioned by political speakers or ill the press. But they were not stressed; they were not dominant. the plum; or if there is more than one member selection is made from the number. Theoretically the object of civil service examinations is to discover who is best qualified *^£^ U £? aa ? toV ? r in " UenCed * ! * BePVB UlC PUb " C lntereSt ^ »™«™' h ™- helecfoSerJh * fT e ' ement '" ° Ver> ^ ° bJeCtive has alwavs bad * ^eld to uie eiectoiate, perhaps a majority. But the campaign was not fought out on them. The biggest i.="u e was a side-questlon- •ag- riculturc. Nearly all of the states which deserted the democrats are agricultural—Iowa, Kansas, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, etc. Even in New York the upstate deserted; New York City reelected Governor Lehman. Everywhere many farmers and the rural towns and cities were not satisfied' with the agricultural program. The financial policies of the administration cut a figure. The huge and ever-growing debt has alarmed the common run of voters. There politics. In this respect the record of both loading political parties in America has been in the "hole" woe the king, queen, and ten ot f< "' Gillette over Lester J.the latest report from the Wood-' It Is safe to predict that the re- "° SCcl bil1 wording have ... *..a ..u»o wno me ILUI£, vjucea, aim lun Ul — -•-- -- -- -- -- tillhllfiflnn will tin* rna» -nrlik n. ""'uing that „ "»W(\ clubs. He must have won 87 cents on the pot. Dickinson will be much more Ur.bury auditor's office, where totals " B " " ,". .; .™ tn ^eir ganfcation too?**"* . * * . . Mr. Gillette's Hklng if the off Icial i seemed to change positions like mur f' s ' Ilie "8 nt is J"«t begun, hcst i,i cco ot n Jlf H), A RKSm.T OP TIIK WAV ,„„ «,..., m result comes out the same way onistunt flyers. | Xt alma ' no ^s/at the presidency eve ,'; written. mk * W A RESULT OF THE WAY the election went is pointed out by wlsecrackere on State street, who allege the prompt removal of the democratic headquarters* sign, while the republican sign remained up, tells the story. should show as winner the man THE KIWANIS NOMINATING COMMITTEE, , who ts on the s hort end ot the un- result comes out the same way onistunt flyers. I" u "" e " "" 1TOB > «"•">«. presidency "'«'- written. November 28. | The retiring governor Tost Jas-1 lntwo years> v ' years D° erE " nl * u »» b There are often changes in tho I per county, scene of the Maytag " .?*°. n atet «n>ent that, legislature t oJ", g !° official result, as compared with strike of last summer, by 7,000 badly llcked M ***? have been, Partly to be the unofficial tally. It is not be-j.Gillette' eased through with 120 tho demoCra ^ '"I. 1 * " ln tnere - .111" C08 Uhe ,yond reason that the official count majority. a couple of weeks ago after completing the official count- One has only to go ' serious business at hand, passed a few reso- back to'June for a precedent," wheiii JfADRID— It's about time to suspect too, fighting, 1 ' for tho next two h b ° v °, menU o»«lVl years. Remember that the poll- tatlve Z, Csllm ^ 8 tlcal federal agencies' still will under the «1 . A !'°'U clear through democratic head- tlon '" Just why for" iutions for observance for next year and the .unofficial tallies nominated George! * mes) , wi ", bo " nder slege lon S 9r F or another t»lng, the democrats ' [hi, C ia S8 of bulletin gives the first resolution as follows: Brown for superintendent of pub-l tluvn the MadHd of Spain ' Jud »° ln 194 ° wlu """ *— ' ~ on "Whereas, taking cognizance of the increasing numbers of ulcers among members of the Kiwanis club, and "Whereas, an army travels on its stomach, and "Whereas, Kiwanis cannot build Swiss steaks and soggy biscuits, "Now, therefore, be it resolved, to discontinue the use of aged and discouraged bulls for purpose of nourishment at weekly luncheons." The bulletin promised further "resolutions. 1 lie instruction on the democratic ^nated Lucy Hall, of Newton. So both sides are giving the mat- Hubert UUerback and are dentlal year, with hope ticket, but the official count nom- c ° nvlnced th(lt n big dam on tho magic name at the head of the DCS Molnes river would provide ticket will do wonders for the state recreational facilities for thous- ticket. in central Iowa, besides em- So there is no reason for Ss O nonnl. 7"! presi- enough knowlK*| ,-A • Rlirn of .i.__ u » c tOtaiJ that a £" rc "f thomseil ?< „„ „._ bo expected of ttTL* 1 ; llk o education If we the w "«'l(Ut the 99 counties to insure an honest !!!°! ment tt few years for B.OOO ( democrats _to give up, and plenty ^'"'.^^LrC' ^fficial count. Yet when the official count is completed it is like- .ly that the losing side will contest. When George Wilson lost to Governor Kraschel two years ago the margin was 2,440 votes. Wil- Ison decided not to contest, but he .shameful. Violation of the objective has been '. the following: A RECENT DAILY PAPER, reporting the ' had another chance in only two coming of the 1040 census, said among sug- , years - whil e 'he loser in the Gll- gested questions to be asked the public, are • lette -' Dick Inson contest will not .?o open, so notorious, and of such long standing that the public has become callous to it. If Miss Keith is now ousted as the result of such violation no one will be surprised. The wonder is that politics did not oust her long ago. In the meantime the grim humor involved in .requiring a postmistress who has satisfactor- i'y served her community for 38 years to take the examination has not been lost on. commenting Iowa editors. The Knoxville _ — u .*» u *u b . x llt; jjtsujj iu have begun to realize that they and their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren must pay the swollen debt. There wa s general irritation over a variety of minor issues—relief, WPA, PWA, the confusing muddle of other alphabetical agencies rising taxation, labor excesses, etc. Finally there was the intuition calling for change. After six years of experiment reform, and turmoil, the people sensed need of rnn Kr» K -~ -.w*« — ---—«—-vwiu. j. uc xvuuAViilU too ^ihi» SU /1 " co ° sciou _ sness ab ° u t that; it ifll-Tournal, for example, suggests that Miss Keith ... The , )eOT) j e • may have learned something about postal affairs in her 38 years, but asks, "Can she prove it?"—meaning to Washington politicians intent on finding a job for another "deal. democrat." some "deserving being Timely Topics Beware of the shortsighted conclusion that ••"'"", so long as it observes moral decencies, t to be censored. The first step »» •"-- .h M the New Deal. The recession had shattered T-n hero and many ° f ws ~ ° f -^ p — ^^ grown a bit tlred of !i mg is no advocate of dictatorships but he is They were ready for some- , d " ln * ehallow t hi «king on the quwtlon of ra- thing else, even if they knew not what. So much for the issues on which the cam- , ' reman 1<adlO> the PreSS> must all be met and in due time solved under gov- f tate of Presidents and his record and ernment as it was established in the begin-' °h ^h^ I* 6 measures U P to the presidential ning and continued till Roosevelt. The one trig Utah"!d tir* U P60ple like to honor dis issue today in America from which all others and son, WUHam H. Md^Benja^h^HaiSs 1161 ^ flow is liberty. Herbert Hoover's voice cry- wandfather and grandson, T. R an d P S R n ' mg in the wilderness is right, even if it at- oousins - Aeain - ke ep an eye on Taft. ' " tracts no more attention than did John tha Governor Wilson needs to prepare for such ^P^'s- publi ° f rutiny as no other Iowa governor jr^s-jr- - - - — 3 1—The extension of federal power. """'" i—...... - . *t,mn 3—The centraUzation of government. *—The growth of bureaucracy. *—The menace of dictatorship. 'Within the limits of an editorial these issues cannot be adequately discussed. They can only De singled out for tho reader's own reflections and deductions. And nothing else in current 2M v"o7e s American political development ("political" in and would the broad sense) calls for more earnest, clear- j " g ' tne complete reversal in the politlcaVcom- headed thinking. We have reached a cross- « l county in the space of only ten ways and must decide which way to go. Lib- I *' erty lies in one direction; ultimate Hitlerism hJ 116 ^"^' 0 ^^ 6 election results seem to in the other; the path our fathers trod or th° ^ ac! f ed Hem ' y A " Wallace and H «".v — - dlners troa ' or tne Hopkins, both lowans, out of the picture of If you're not married, why aren't you? Have you a Bible in your home? What boat did your ancestors come over on? What do you read? Are you over six feet tall? To which might be added a few nifties from the middle-west such as: Do you know which side a cow is milked from? How tall is tall corn? Why does a chicken cross the road? Are blond milkmaids better at milking cows than brunets? Is there any truth to those stories about the farmer's daughter? DEMOCRATS NOW FIND themselves in tho unenviable position which has been so familiar to republicans during the recent six years. . There should be no grumbling among the new • ' and his boys like ' :nc dealers at the ribbing they must take, for they •* ports< The y a » hunt witn their certainly poured it onto the long-suffering re- g Freckles - ( have another senatorial opportunity till 1942. The present result is .even closer than the 1936 Kraschel- Wilson vote, according to the un- .official count, Gillette's margin .(as of date of this letter) only 2,100 votes. WILSON— Iowa's new governor is 54 and .is the fifth Iowa native son to .reach the governor's chair, the 28th governor of the state. He .didn't marry till he was 37. In 1921 he was wed to Mildred Zehner, and there are now four chil- ,dren: Jim, ie ; George Jr., 14; John, 12; Mary, 7. Wilson's hobby l s i n f u n with the hobby of other statesmen —he likes to fish. He also likes publicans during the darker days of the elephant's decline. HOW SURELY the -pendulum swings in this country—from conservatism to liberalism and back to conservatism. On the long range view this is-good. During the past six years of liberalism the country has been subjected to more radical changes than the structure can withstand. A period of conservatism should be had now so that these great changes may be assimilated, made to work properly and without undue stress at any point in the nation's structure. One of the saving graces of this country is its ability to swing from one to another and consolidate the gains of that which is good, and. throw out the bad. super-independent in «,«of a new administration. Let Mr Wilson take the most careful notice. Kossuth county alone could have reversed senator. Gillette carried — — »»c* Ch ° 0U " ty y a 27 Vote " If the Kossuth vote path of a new philosophy of government. A strong statement that, about Hitlerism. New Dealers who would "make America liberty declines as government grows. The 1040 democratic hopefuls. Many observers regret elimination of Wallace, but there are few mourners for Hopkins. Both are In for an un- turn to swinehuskB. Italy, . f - — — — - •• V»«AV>M - -— f v -..!-*»»* w-Jij m jf ataiijii uj. L/JU1 HH OUfifht and m a few countries has liberty in the to strengthen into steel support of the demo- American sense overcome despotism Onlv Cra i' C form of government in America. The v«^_ j - . r «***. viii,) inn.nmftn \vhr» o-mmf» *v»- **. . , , • • • * • will NOW THE DESERVING republicans descend upon Governor-Elect Wilson in hordes demanding those 8700 jobs, of which some 5,000 have been made since republicans were last in office. Let no democrat expect mercy, for republicans remember the sound of tho axe when Herring took office. sir; r;r: sr£sv£: ^ *•£$= —-='" in government from tho bottom up, not from the E«*Potism in the modern world is an ana- top down. And now the whole world is teeter- 1 chronism that tlme must utterly destroy. ing towards absolutism again. Liberty, scarce ' One °an feel genuine sympathy for many of a hundred and fifty years old, is under assault the P'J^Jea in the rear ranks of the army of Dictators openly deride democracy DeS Molnea ' Under the to the means of support will have to seek private em- Power feeds on power. Since the turn of T. lo ^^ nt without much chance of success. Let he centur fed e h °P ed that the new administration will i cu HOW MANY PEOPLE fully appreciate the kindness of a friend who brings pheasants, fish, or ducks at this time of the year? Too many, who are not hunters themselves, fully realize what that gift means to the hunter in time, downright hard work, and no small item of expense. True, it's all fun and sport for the hunter, but it's too bad there isn't some -way to convey appreciation other than a meager "Thanks." * * * • • IT WAS ONLY A YEAR or so ago that John u Lewis loomed as the,b|g figure in undercover American government. Now, deserted | "7^ indirect by one of his strongest unions, he may be face to face with a second-rate position or none at all. In the meantime the A. F. of L., playing the wise middle course, has grown in favor PROBLEMS— The new republican administration inherits from the democrats o „_ D -. w »fi *»i»u v i vlltj' n|.u -"«i mc »- lot reason for republicans to admit er ^T 8 ' But'last week the state board of that all Is not yet won. Iowa will mine inspectors was added to the thus remain a two-party state, opposition. .The inspectors weigh well reports that the river bed Is not as safe as might be supposed; \ Into the background, "however, .that have been flooded. While they don't hold up the bu- touch with your' l, c'octod and have W he is going to voto You should aho'. several coal mines already' goea the Presidential ambitions of i same" Wisla? "'"I im been flooded. Secretary of Agriculture Henrv A. vote to w,l5. wlllltll « Wallace. Agriculture Henry A. vote to Increase' OUr , But there was always ". no tax law, and .gaboo of pressure undermining the' plenty of reason to doubt that that' £", 1 j':!° so and '» what dam and wiping out the city of Des tlower would ever bloom. Moines, they still say the project! The chief thing Is that Wallace iirntilsl V>M •.„„..*_ * _ . i ' TIP VOt* Ivna fi /lAmr\ni*si *• 4(11 1 no<* TT_ would be unsafe from an engineering standpoint. REJOICING- never was a tiU 1936. He spent four years in the Roosevelt cabinet without changing his regis- t trntlon. Despite boom stories for When the democrats used to win Wallace from Washington, it has state elections there was great re- been evident all,along that the joicing at state headquarters. 1940 choice -wbulu be a democrat point is tha t gallon. Gasoline tax e increased nearly $5 , the lost five years The Of her! [Webster City There was none this year, of from away back. cour se , but , .surprisingly, there was j Wallace, in the current ._„- BW1U l;ulluenlln , ,, little at republican, headquarter, nalgn, claimed he really deserted ments on politics «|,' Pose a s an Impartial o its readers need to 1 cam- guard concerning ,,|( either. . the G. 0. P. ranks In 1928 and any nv °wetily Partisan i The reason was that the party, merely didn't say so publicly tlll. g ° na Advance chieftains, were worrying* about;two years ago. THE MOVIES By T. H. C. SUEZ AND MISCELLANEOUS- thing. By the time the show is You probably didnt' even miss only 15 minutes along I'm hope- In other words, rew, be suspicious of the sit Partisan sheets. Thei. Per, ably edited, ic cert] free from partisan Unit hence, according to Ediii "it will bear watching." Secretary of Agrlculfa is not now connected |i| with the editorial depatf Wallaces' Farmer and ill the movie column last week; lessly confused. The present pic-l t! ? ry is ever (iuotcd which, however, is all right by me. ture was no exception. gl ™ n ' I went to a Beloit college homecoming, after an absence of exactly 28 years, not counting my com- The6e wtl1 » mencement return. I checked But though I couldn't follow the murders, or the whys and the Wallaces' Farmer i only to the extent of t go before a legislature which will be overwhelmingly , republican, a reminder of the G. O. P. '"good old " I learned may the beautiful , an e ,, , wherefores, I enjoyed the smart f, ies an ?, tho electlolHl (though sometimes asinine) dialog ' days." There will be 89 repuo- licans out of 108 house members and 38 republicans out of 50 senate members. If It was an embarrassing election for the democrats, who previously, for some years, had had everything their own way. The biggest embarrassment was in the election of state senators. For the democrats elected a grand total of one over opposition! The legislative docket will conr tain such problems as: * 1. Farm-to-market road construction from four per cent of the primary road fund. 2. Farm tenancy elimination by easier purchase plan. 3. Turning emergency relief back to the counties, with perhap an end to thd $2,000,000 "annual state appropriation. 4. Consolidating state bureaus with perhaps an end to the state planning board. 5. More old age,penslons ($1,300,000 a year additional- needed to maintain current payment rate), and perhaps more local administration. 6. Chain store tax repeal or a new support for .property levies, partly cash to gl ve the country as a whole, instead of being rele-1 g. {rated to the dark ages as so freely predicted' higher •*" m - 18 months ago. The American public j 9 it, is the beginning of Hitlerism; for minute and Incessant regulation and dominance of the citizen is the very essence of fascism and communism alike, of dictatorship, absolutism, despotism. It is time, high time, to think on these things, while yet the choice of our path i& before us. It is time to reconsider the fundamental prin- ciplea of government established by our forefathers. Thomas Jefferson said that government la best which governs least. Our fathers knew that government tends ever towards absolutism, aad they endeavored to guard against it ia America by a system of checks and. balances. If they were to come back to earth to- dfey-.notfting woi^ld asfctmUsb, and alarm thftnv more than the extension of federal power, the the century federal power in thT „„ , , e °P ed th * i cue rut power in this country has deal with them as gently as a been expanding. !„ their daily concerns the "Stable systenTplrmits. people seldom had contact with the federal ' - — government before 1900. Insidiously, by slow degrees, a little here, a little there, finally wnce 1932. by giant strides, government from Washington has grown till every citizen feels its heavy hand. This, make no mistake about Opinions of Editors That Boost in the Gas Tax. ate - Trlbune ~ . - ,» --—«*- ***o pj VyUQdl LU boost the gasoline taxes a cent a gallon is not weJJ.taken. We are not in favor of increasing Iowa's state tax bill. If e high time that Iowa tax spenders were given to understand any increase in the present annual tax bill of approximately 150,000.000 would be vigorously J>rtTlr\OAH w ——*tr opposed. What's the Truth in ThlsJ Red Oak Express-We in the corn states have been duped by the new deal deceit and C6Ck8 K We are ben redl «fce too late corn acre, nw » , age and killing off our piga, under New Deal orders, the other foreign nations been i C ^ rn ' Pp; hama ftnd ba»8 by mtlliona ol pounds, according to the t ed' ,, tan the acre*fe« of and replacing cotton with great will stand about so much claptrap, and then make .promoters slaphappy with a sudden shift of public opinion. • • • * * A DOOMED MEMBEB of the former Brady gang, killers, kidnapers, and robbers, recently sought to forestall death a few weeks by offering to become a human experiment in the ravages of incurable disease, much as the western convict whose heartbeats at death were recorded by an electrical instrument. Sounds like a last desperate attempt of a human being to be remembered aa something of a hero rather than a rat. • * * » » THE WOLF PACK Is closing in on a for requirements. ' annuity and never find print. Anyhow I'll stick to the movies here. When I got home, after 350 miles of rain and sleet, not counting a young blizzard I ran into around Waverly, I was in no,mood to review Suez. But I did-go down,to the New Call last week Monday night, saw the last reels first and the first reels last, missing'three- quarters of the middle—which is not a bad idea for some shows. I did it with Lost Horizon the second time through, and enjoyed the show much more. The last lines of Suez are impressive. Says Tyronne Power Yes, I've won and lost—lost everything that's dear — that's the price of fame." Now, there's cinema mouthful. It harks back to Dreiser's famous philosophy of life—life is only a matter of compensation; you pay for everything Which Is pretty true. Fame has Us price. So has everything else If you want to become powerful you must sacrifice something: you must trade one set of joys for another. So says Dreiser. And you are no better off than before. Always you pay for one thing when you get another. "s.wnen Tims Lesseps buiit the Suez canal, but he lost, the. one, thing that was dear to him—Annabelle W" t inspiration his moral bulwark tar-off desert country Is a beautifully considers for the I ~. agriculture, and it * ™® Freeman that Is junto pers should do. Wedoj ™ any agree with Wallaces'] we have never doubted-ll have had wise-cracking lieutenants of the police department mi times 'before, but Sam elves it new twist (or kick-in-the-pants"; wo nilve " ever "«»» whichever you wish 1 ) ' | *<?> even lf s ° me who There are a lot of rather useless tisnn as U i3 \ debutantes running around -in evening clothes, there is the.usual A rtsiin Tits Planned confusion, also the staged ^SUIM, J lit deception; but all In all The Mad r ,,, nf _ Tlllt „.,, Miss Manton isn't bad show. P1n[ {'"'" ,|•*• D f 8 ' I wish I could say as much for t J 1 *'" ™* *" * the orchestra short. I do not share 1 fact tlmt W- 2fraja u s =*»•-,«!-; 0n ° Ur the plcture-and this mortal lif- ^ , when they "swung" Martha refe7 right next to i shears) I pot. Congratulations, 8 ° easy on eyes , Is an enormous caet. name after name, and there is a terrUlc scene in which the Devil Wind sweeps everything before it, literally levels the temporary village bunt to house the canal workera We have now had earthquakes Hres, hurricanes, and, last this Devil Wind, each more realistic in its fury, till customers almolt £S onto seats, waiting for dlsaeteTto ?i™,wY and ° alm agttln ° n t«e troubled screen. I am somewhat ment <*l,000,OpO a year, at least). 10. Board of control request for a 16,000.000 gradual building and .repair program for state institutions. 11. Board of education's request ;or ?1.100,000 a year for the game purpose. 12. Conservation issic commission's and other,number* of the c 9 achin g -^ O f ^^gyTto aT^or Iowa's unfortunate footfall•*.«« n^.^ •.«..&•._ ..." "*/ ave ey « to ask for lowa.'s unfortunate football team. The shaka,-t up will extend to Athletic Director "Dad'^ Schroeder. and a thprpuarh, nousecle»|ijng from top to bottpnj is a e«t« bet. that's the set-up. request for higher license fees, 13. Liquor by the drinfc It's just as well to stop at 13. although the list could run to 60. Thirteen is en unlucky number. But, then, there's lots of both gqod . luck for a!} Bjdea in Usual legls- two though ring to the musical c. m ' ?, ot - Cong not quite so sensitive to musical Dewe1 ' and horror, but I must evor B' -ammatlc Jimmy may have a good band, but there isn't any evidence of it in this short. FIVK OF A Advance! years to come. [Hamilton (!hn W. C. Dewel, sage ol U Advance, has been at I that always excellent • little Dlonne quints in their latest ,„ „„ Picture. Considering the odds to.be ' a , ™ e , sive to a marked depi ^^^Safa2-==A£ij5t gal; also everything tbftt takes Places In a dramatic .way, is .Just- a b j: eathl »e snell between times when the five little cutiea occupy the center of the stage. WIIKRK [Story City H« Th federal governmeiit| ing every year money - * * long persisted in, well brings I ^^^SKEasS 11 mr <or t&Q coloj'GcJ c&rtoon But I i u a In gajstesiisa !±SHh- directed, perTectly and balanced., But. etill. I don't like too much at a,time. • The only weakness I could find legteJative bills end, settle for one. The election caine and weat, but .the Sioux City meat Continued, with 1 108 « (rlke. «ass^rar5S2 Part of the glober-Uftder ^SSSt ISSi. 80 ^ retta ' 8 M *Z • *— , Bock _. the Poor »«nty of ajv months and Hel>; those elected to incumbency a Is, efltjrely *ejr wor , They'll have partisan kind parties'* »"»". ""Ti.,., by I prejudice rathw tlwJJJ kind that prpnipts ''**"**&%* Public Opinion OMer4kta«»» sm . ..' .™r ."^^fjSff^^f* vM ergency

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