Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 17, 1938 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 17, 1938
Page 7
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PAGE? a torn tire NOVEMBER 17, 19: « V INERALJERVICESFOR TWolFffiLD~AT WHITTEMOltE il ESSER, ,SAGER,78, iSEDAWAY Nov. — Funeral Albert Esser were con- fA morning at the by the Rev. Wil- . W as born May 8, 1863, f -Via., and wafl 75. from a stroke sev- j His parents were lunegundes Esser. |unergled to Mary Schus- Armstrong Again Member of State Line Conference Armstrong, Nov 15— is again a member ot "thTstn'te n °° n at Me ' V ' n Johnso111 ' 3 near Line Basketball conference Other Ko<1 °' alld the ^Blinds formerly schools aro Swea City, Uhigfiteil,! HvC(J in I5( "le till moving here this ™ tp , IjCdyurd alltl Thompson. 1 spring. tii °^ruA~ w r pl sj: w s r a r r Mrs ' H - M - irmiter - d GOOD HOPE'S CROP OF CORN BURSTS CRIBS the conference, and A. Schuer ""*' Good Ho *> e > Nov> 15 ~ The ama '' ! " section Swea City, (9 secretary. Tho conference pegged slon chargest at. 30 cents. p K , lng corn cr °P in thls ° r S brter ' would seem to be old news home $1.50. i Wednesday evening at H. admis- tor's, near Ringsted. Season. Mrs. the and Mrs. J. Ames were here Saturday and Sunday for the pheasant-shooting. The group included H. H. Harrison, son Harry, brother-in-law and nephew respectively of the Gross men, Fred Wheeler, son Robert, and Mr. and Mrs. George Gross. The junior Mr. Wheeler is the newscaster Bob, heard dally via radio station WOI. Irml- sen, Approved officials aro Andy An- all of Chicago dorson, Laota; 0. F Moore fin^ '• M ,« r- TT w field; Chick TompkinT Oraett £l Marh, iZ I . -rac tti I Marian Blue Clemmensen, Cow In Unusual Death— Last week Bourne & Teeter suf- - jfered a serious loss in their herd isui how can it be old news so 0 £ Holsteints by the death of one long as the landscape is changed o£ their best cows. She forced a In the back yard at every farm bj way through a barbed wire fence, great piles of corn added dally? lacerating one of her teats so bad- Whatever the enemies of the New i y that she bled to death before Deal raay say ' H seems they must and settled „„.„. which he pur- 1922 Mr. Esser moved lren were born, eight of U «' _-* , s*****>F-t WTt* 'then'f. er ' , H - M> Banner, Lodyard; J.U'iUi her . Blanchard, Mrs. Esser, [Crosee, Wls,; survive, the week-end „ , parents at Lake Park. Merle She also -attended the homecoming Mclntosh, Arnold's Park; and A C Evans, Lu Verne. The local girls' and boys' teams ... - " " WUJM Llamft -. ...i t .. lv . *J»V;I^LL, \YUH3 OUI1UUV will play the Ledyard, north east guests at their daughter Mrs. Ar- Vista college at Storm. Lake. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Halvorson and Irvin and Everett, were Sunday Joe of Kossuth team at tho usual Thanks-' West Bend;'Ed-i8 lvln s n 's ht eamc. Des Former llesidents In Visit— Clair Strong, of Hnlstoin, visited friends and relatives here last week-end. The Strongs formerly lived on a farm in northwest nold LeMalre's, at Blue Earth. Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Halvorsou, of Elmore, visited Friday afternoon ttt_the parental Carl Halvorson's. Oamden, of Minneapolis, over the week-end at the parental E. S. Camden's. Mrs. C. A. Nicoson spent Clltford llasmusseri, who lives near the Kossuth-Emmet county line. ' Other Arinstronir News. Mr. and Mra. WiVliam Hagllnd visited a week ago Tuesday after- Mrs. W. J. Morsch is recovering from a severe siege of influenza. Christie Kreul spent the weekend with relatives at Laurens. Donna McCreary spent the week end at her home in Bradgate. Lake; Leo, My'lll'lford; Raymond, Des Molnea. ilso survived ny ten. "en and three „ sisters others: Lizzie. Koppen, Ira Henry Felder, Mra. lebsbacb, Whlttemore; ,ona; Joe, Midway City, J Sager - Iservices were held last | or Mrs. Ernest Sager, y at the home of her fell Schmeling. j er fell at her home May nd suffered a broken |was taken to the Lu- fcpltal at Fort Dodge, Iww under care for two fcen she was finally tak- fhome of her brother, •stayed until death. Mrs. Vred a stroke which, latter death. lira Schmeling, daughter IMrs. August "Schmeling, , was born January |at Mauritz, Pommern, January 29, 1860, she bed by the Rev. Mr. In 1884 she was married [Sager at Deunaw, Ger' child, a boy, was born, hen only a child. In In attendance. Mr. Olexa dis- evening. Speakers were the Rey. POSTMASTERS HOLD MEETING AT SWEA CITY visor W. E. McDonald. Supervisor Helkon not only got his limit of the birds but also shot a fine red fox on the Pearson brothers farm Saturday. Dr. and. reasonably admit-that with such a crop we are probably saved from' ten cent corn through the government's corn loan plan. Incidentally there are still thousands of bushels to be picked In this region, and farmers are hard pressed for proper storage facilities. The corn is of such high grade (most of it No. 3, some No. 2) that some farmers are shelling and sell- Ing new corn. rioncer Girl Visits Here- Guests of interest to Good Hope people were entertained by the W. J. Bournes at their home in Algona from last week Friday to Monday. They were Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Howard, Visalia, Calif., who were en route home following a year spent in the middle-west among relatives and friends. Mrs. Howard is the former Florence Patterson, whose father, E. A. Patterson, was once owner of the present E. L. Broesder farm and who built or remodeled the house. Mrs. Howard was born on this farm. Her father's father originally lived on the present Mary Steinman farm, and her mother a veterinarian could be got. Glen tried to drive her to the barn, but she was unable to get that far. Miss Morgan Getting Jlcttcr— A letter to the A. J. Dlttmers from Clarence Morgan, Ames, concerning his sister, Phoebe Morgan who Is sick at her brother's home, reports her condition considerably improved. She was able to take a short ride recently and is now outdoors some every fit day. School Social is Planned— No. 3 pupils will present an entertainment at the Good Hope Community Room under direction of . their . teacher, Mildred Elmore, Friday evening. The program will be followed by refreshments, and a nominal charge will be made. The public is invited. Other Good Hope. ' Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Bourne were guests Monday afternoon and for dinner in the evening at the Rev. FEATHER PARTY Turkeys •. and Mrs. Allen Wood's. leave soon for Florida Sivea Cityans to Jfeir Home— A van arrived from Kansas last rt h willinm Martin now week Thursday and took the house- °l n ,ll? y , wmiam Martm now was born on what was known as the Wheeler farm, afterwards hold goods of Mr. and Mrs. Charles occupied by the Orville Gardners. Collins to their new home. The Kew Family Is Coming— Swea City, Nov. 15—W. S. Olexa, 1 R ^ v " * nd Mrjs ',?' Pl B ™nleewe will There is to be a change of ten- state secretary and national vice, , e Mr ' and Mrs - Collin down Iate ants on the Milt Moore farm in president of the national league of . tllia week. district postmasters, was speaker at a meeting of Kossuth postmasters at the Legion hall here Saturday evening, with Postmistress Ida E. Larson as hostess. Thirty Forum and fellowship dinner at postmasters and postal clerks were the Algoua Baptist church Monday Gtaer Swea City, Some local members of the Baptist church attended a church ger came to the U. S. Ihusband and lived near unity till her death. Mr. I August 20, 1934. In the J934 Mr. and Mi*. Sager their golden "wedding ;er Is survived by her nil Schmeling, of Whit- jsides a number of nieces stmas Party— Aid held -Its iling and social in the lement Thursday after- next meeting and bo- December' 15 as a I party with the exchange pd a tree. On the serv- littee will be Meslarnes td Herbert Zumach, Ger- pspan, and C. C. Baas. ICorn Picker— (Mrs. Frank Farrel drove Isburg Monday to see ll's brother Joe Korlesk., linjured.in a corn picker cussed civil service and the value B. H. Ward, director of promotion, the spring. A family named Stueve (pronounced as though spelled Steevie) from -western Iowa has the lease. The father, Arthur Stueve, and his son Henry were here recently to do plowing. In addition to the parents there are three boys and three gfrls at home. The Butterfields, who will They will and oth')r of organization. Bridge and rook and the Rev. Mr. featured the later entertainment, ary. Frost mission', move to a farm just north o£ the irost, mission-1 Fmnk HoflU8 _,__ T.— ^^ and an oyster supper was served. Mrs. Minnie Thompson, Mrs. Postmasters and others here from Fern Peterson, and Mrs. Helen Nel- place, have been good neighbors and good citizens and will be missed in this neighborhood, though they expect to re- other places included Clara Ken- son entertained the Legion Auxll- ""/""JQ ^"^" U and social rela- nedy, Estherville; Clara Lockner <-"•«• -" "- M " 1 *— ^ m.^,, tain their church and social reia and clerk Caroline Cruise, Terril; Marion Davies and Louise Mcln- iary at the Nelson home Friday evening at bridge and 500. I Elmer Hoeck came from Le Mars tyre, Armstrong; H. Lewis, rural for the pheasant-hunting season. carrier at Batavia. Mr. Alexa and his party were week-end guests of Postmaster Walter Leslie, Lakota, for the pheasant-hunting. Lotto Greek Mr. and Mrs. Frank Shellar, tionships here as far as possible. Thanksgiving to be Observed- Services of worship at the Good Hope and Whlttemore Methodist churches next'Sunday will be special in celebration of Thanksgiving. There will be special music and an appropriate 'sermon. Members of the congregations are re- points in the South for the benefit of Mr. Bourne's health. Mrs. R. B. Johnson, Long Beach, Calif.', left for home via Rutbven and Des Moines last week Wednes-. day, after two weeks with Rev and Mrs. Allen H. Wood. William Dodds was brought home Saturday from the Kossuth hospital, where he had a complicated operation a week before for a ruptured appendix. He is making a unusual recovery. The Rev. and Mrs, Wood and Martha Madson were guests of Misses Warner and Whitney, of Burt, at a pheasant dinner Tuesday. Mrs. Skow to Speak. Swea City, Nov. 9— The W. C. T. U. will meet next week Tuesday at Mrs. A. B. Tweeten's and Mrs. Louise Skow. county president, will give a report on a state convention. Outside guests will be the members of the Bancroft union. Emmetsburg, were Sunday Dinner queste d t o prepare unsigned slips Ducks ANNUAL AMERICAN LEGION More Turkeys Mon. Evening, Nov. 21 7:3OP. M. at THE LEGION HAU EVERYBODY WELCOME — ^-ADMISSION FREE L ver, dean of chemistry at Iowa State college, the latter's eon Ned, and John Dwyer, of the Iowa highway commission, all of Ames. It being the 25th wedding anniversary of the Larsons, Mrs. Larson served a turkey |afternoon. Mr. Korleski i guests were Mrs. Anna Larson, ag corn durnig a high Mr. and Mrs. Emil Larson, the I in some way his clothes! Francis Sevolds, Maple Hill, Mr. tearing them from ad he was badly burned. i Kings Husk— 1 Mrs. Archie Voigt, Mr. [Henry Lauck, .Mr. and " P. Baas, Mre. Herman I Harold, daughter Eve|Mrs. Dorothy Sobers, of 9, and Rosella Voigt, of ided the corn husking r Fort Dodge Friday. i Foni Planned- IP. S., of St Paul's Lu- ngregatlon elected to the Christmas fund , Jr., Melvin Heinrlcb, waellng, Elmer Bell, Amelia Bernau, !, Maxine Helmke. i Fire" of the Whlttemore fire ptnave announced a par- Academy hall on Thure- w 17. Each woman to take a lunch b»s- | ml be awarded a spec- There will be games and i for all. [jes O'Brien and Catner""" Edw. Flckbonm. at- laneous shower for Algonn, Sunday 11 become the bride Hekbohm next week z and "BUI" Flaherty i, were at James Qee- ! hunting season, Bert '« daughter Evelyn Fitzgerald, Fort Podge q ay visitors a,t James <3ee- i 0l .-~- e taier and spn IWumwa Monday mor..,..,: Bestenlehner'a broth Harry Nau and John ne, were over-Sun Prank Bestenleh Ames Men Hunt Hero— Guests over the pheasant-season ,,_ „ ,.__,,___ „— and for dinner Sunday evening at '. guests at William Deckers. L>a- expressing the things for which Paul W. Larson's were Merlin D. vonne Meyer ate dinner at Lorna tlie y are especially grateful. These Larson, and a Mr. Bauze, of the Ruhnke's. Mr. and Mrs. Robert are to be read at t t, e services. At Bauze shoe store, Carl Dreyer of Reisner and Mrs. Kain, Algona, Good Hope contributions of canned the Bell Telephone Co., U.. S. Cou- were Friday evening visitors at frultSi vegetables, or meats are Carl Zumach's. | requested, to be brought for the The Aid met Friday with Mrs. h OS :pit a l at Sioux City. A commit- Carl Zumach, and visitors were tee w m ^ a jj e charge of donations at Mrs. Robert Reisner and Mre. t j le a 00 r. Kain, Algona; Mrs. Walter Pertl • and Mrs. Paetz, Sexton; Mrs. Her- Thanks for the Pheasant- dinner Other m an Luedtke, Fenton; Mrs. Wm. if a fellow comes • home after 1 Zumach and Mrs. William Boett- d ar k, and finds a pheasant on cher, Lotts Creek. his back porch, without Informa- Parish night will be this week tion as to -where it came from, he ' n * e "j! Friday evening in the parochial i s justified in thinking that it Is school basement. On the serving either the gift of a thoughtful committee are Mr. and Mrs. Alex'f r i en( j or a wounded bird which Radig, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Ruhnke, alighted there, the victim of eome and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rusch. hunter. But in such a case as the William Rusch. Jr. and Herman Zumach, Whit.temore, with Nick Gengler, Lotts Creek, and August Zumach, Rolfe, drove to Water- way town, Wis., a few days ago on a business mission. Mr, and Mrs. Wilmar Witchten- dahl and Lorena Meyer, Fenton, were Sunday dinner guests at tho Richard Potratz home. and Mrs. Francis Torine, daughter, and Dorothy Anderson, East Chain. After dinner the Lar- ons were presented with a silver :andy container and charlvaricd by he guests. New Bridge Club Meets— Mrs. Dick Berg was hostess Friday to a newly organized bridge club whose membership includes iiesdamee R. M. Minkel, John Sanftner, Keith Albertaon, Gayl Johnson, Arthur Collins, J: B. Vaux, Martin Dahl, and Arthur lft t ei vlsjt Ihrlstensen, besides Brs. Berg. At 1:30 p. m. Mrs. Berg served a two- course luncheon. Mr. Sanftner captured high prize, and Mrs. hrlatensen was low. Supervisor Bags n Fox— Among the many pheasant hunters in town Saturday were County Engineer H. M. Smith and Super- latter, it would hardly have been able to crawl in between screen and the outside house door. Any- was appreciated. Aid Flans Food Sale— The Good Hope Aid met with Mrs. William Ehrhardt last week Wednesday, Mrs. Elmore aeaist- ing, and plans were perfected for course in Hamilton college. Mr, and Mrs. Martin Meyer, sons James, Edward and David, of Garner, were Sunday visitors at the parental Fred Struecker and William Meyer Sr. homes. Rosella Voigt and Francis Duffy, both employed at the courthouse in Algona, visited over Sunday at the parental Herman Voigt's and , M Mr! n and lf Mrs. Ralph Walker and 9 on Ralph Eugene were banday guests of Mrs. Walker's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Dietrich, Em- Mr and Mrs. Noah Reisner, Mr. a bazaar and food sale at Algona and Mrs. Hugo Faulstich, Mr. and December 10. Birthday dime plat- Mrs. Otto Ruhnke, Mrs, Nick Geng- es were distributed, in addition to ler the Rev. and Mrs. Ernest those already given out to mem- Flene Mr. and Mrs. Herman Rels- hers, and other business waa dle- ner, Mr. and Mrs. William Fuer- cussed. Mrs. R, F. Hawcott con- stenau, and Mrs. Ed. Kresstn at- ducted devotions. The social hour tended a Lutheran centennial cir- was an enjoyable feature. . "JTewscastef in Visit Here- Sunday Friends and relatives of the Loyd and Vern Gross families from brate English communion at 10 a. m. Sunday at John Mrs. Bal Hrp,' Will Uy> Ppn returned Mflll till and Jensen K ay ^- tb * p*w»t»i . ' e *J S ^t WhlttOfflOJ^Q in ^Jl Jr o * Say "" *"• rl HW.M Jpallp) o|j"wv *• 'iSyS^auS^^ len S were Mr. and Mre. Jos. Again More Quality AT SUBSTANTIALLY REDUCED PRICES ALL PRICES REDUCED cost. The Junior Class of the Algona Public High School presents 'Night of Jan. 16' MURDER TRIAL Friday, 8 p. n The Algona High School. Auditorium ADMISSION Adulu25c Ch*ck th« greatly r«duc«d price* off Chevrolet for 1939 . . . Consider th« greatly lncr«ai«d quality off this beautiful now motor car . . . Examine Itc many now feature* of styling/ comfort, performance, driving oaso . . , And then you'll know that, price for price, feature for feature, Chevrolet Is tho nation's greatest dollar value, •uy a Chevrolet and be satisfied. A General Motor* Value HI YOU! LOCAL CHIVRQIIT DIALSt CHEVHOLET He Cor" '«si,te" THf CHOfCr •^•n ^H ^Qbgi&t ^(f J^ ^^B(^ BsBK wswBB WPwKeWsw «^W ^^^P ^^W ^^81^^^ ^W^WSW ^^WfflW^P W^»W ••••• VHt^ ™<Utir' "raw • ** •'^ Hf^K^tr ^m^jfr ^P^P ^^^PWI _ ^Rv^ff^^'i'^^^BF'fpp CLABE])ftJi MOBE1LL, FiAIG,

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