Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 17, 1938 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 17, 1938
Page 3
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(V •"**«• T( ( 1 * HfflfliiMBI It. 1988. AT NTON PLAN IEAIS DRIVE Nov. 1 — The Fenton League met -Thursday the church basement. NUJ "Your Music, You Congregation,"' which by'Fred Wolter TH AfrVANCfe. ALGONA* IOWA PAOETHRBE In had charge of meeting.. The cast | iroT^enUhe'jilayatWest, tonic time after : Thanksglv | 16 " , na Borchardt, Irene r«m a" d Lorena Dreyer arned to send out Christmas KO various homes. 1 ue hopes to sell more _^ in other years. The =5S eo'to the Lutheran sanl- as teona Borchardt, Arthur as , r and Evelyn Elmers were as j to serve as a ..committee on Lions for the .election In were 25 members present visitors. The committee iertalnment was Delores and Edna Elmers. Lunch ,rved by Kathryn and Ver- m •£ — _ " T-WV • • VVTWT*^ Wash Dress Special Spun Rayon R a y 0 n Challle Cotton Print Taffeta f !!S!Lr f ;; r »r 8 r" (lrcsscs >«i house, for work, for ninny nc lv ~«~^ MM ^!!!™ !|1— ^^^ Goat So for ftlltl K t« 52. $1.69 Entire stock of $1.98 drewes SILK HOSE Sale of Fine Hose This first quality full- fashioned hose usually sells for 69b. Po ( r Friday and Saturday only, pair Wool Sweaters Barrel sweaters, short sleeve sweaters, and long sleeves, all wool. Sizes 34 to 40 Sale Untrimmed Winter coats in fleece and mixtures. Values to $14.95. Sizes 12 to 42 I 200 pair School Oxfords "Pan. Fathion" "Great sLtt" Leather soles, Goodyear welt, of calf, suede, and elk; brown, black and russta and wine. Fine for school year and farm wear. Sizes AAA to C, 4 to 9. Values to $3.50 ++»»»+»»+»»+»»»+»+»»»»»»»»»»«»»»»»»»W»»»»««»»»» = toSfmat Norland, Melviii hecr Derwood Kern, Ernest ",sigurd Olson, H. J. Muir, '-> Weisbrod met at the Mrs. Alfred Myers on evening to plan the pro- tor a Farm Bureau meeting __ W as to have been last Fri-1 a it was postponed to this | —• Wednesday. This meeting; S held in the Center schooV, JS les west of towri; One num-1aa the program will be; a talk gas Rev. J.. G. iWaterman, The as t Program of the ; Church. IS details will be given next 1 MAKING ROOM FOR THE HOLIDAY GOODS Entire Stock of NEW DRESSES nt Victim In Vlsltr- ', and Mrs. A. H. Meyera en- ed at dinner Sunday IV^r. and [ii, H. Rozeboon, Orange City, Ur, and Mra. Andrew Hansen laughter Sheila Ann, of Tl- Mr. Hansen. had the mis- Je recently of getting his. |b In a corn elevator when the was started by someone linexpectedly, and It was nec- ty to remove the end of the |b to the first joint. ' Krai Aid in Meeting— i St. John's Lutheran Aid met church basement .Wednes- I afternoon with Mrs. Theo. |ler and Mrs. Edw. Mitchell Guests were Mesdames Ijaskulke, Ferdinand Bierstedt, tin Wllberg, Albert Mitchell, J Mitchell, and Mrs. Milforrt •hell and Mrs. Hugo Mlttag, the |r of Truesdaie. »y is Observed— and Mrs. Martin Olsen, of !a, entertained Sunday in honor Mr. Olsen's birthday annivers- [llr. and Mrs. Ole , Pedersou, land Mrs. Ben Mitcnell, arid land Mrs. Edw. Mitchell. Other Fcuton. , and Mrs. Paul Eigler enter- led Saturday James Matheis, JSeiler, Cliff Chants/and a Mr. i and his son Dick; (ill of and Sunday Eula McPar- , Spec Snyder, Earl Kern, ^el- Bacobsen, and Floyd McFarland, |ot Boone. They all returned sir homes on Sunday." ) Rev. and Mrs. Tt: W. Kabel Mr. and Mrs. Henry Berghol| Mr. and Mrs. William Elmers, i Borchardt and daughter Leo- ISelma Meyer, and Fred Wolters ed a centennial circuit meet[Sunday in Algona. "500" club met Thursday ling with Mr., and Mrs. E. C. lerby. Cards were played at ' tables, with high, score going Irt Mueller and Mrs. John Gra«. Mrs, Charles Glaus recelv- |the draw prize. . and Mrs. Earl Murray, of lalo Center, visited at Joe Mad- Sunday. Mrs. Marian Nel[ end Mrs. Knut Thompson and hter Elnoi-a, of Riugsted, were 'alned at Joe Madden's Mon- E. W. Ruske, Mrs. Walter , and Mrs. J. A, G. Smith at- 3d a special board meeting of | Woman's Federated clubs, and " a one o'clock luncheon, Sat"' at the Algona hotel. and Mrs. S. E. Straley, ac- wled by Mr, and Mr*. Fred pch, Loue Rock, attended a rural mail carriers' meet- the Methodist church at Tuesday evening. d Mrs. Harvey Hlgley and er Deana, Mr. and Mrs. Simmons and two children, r, and Mrs. Walter Jentz. all IWirmout, visited relatives here Robertson, Fred Beggis, and to Williams,, of Highland W'* m e Sunday evening. to vialt J Wolfe's. Mr. Robertson «r. Wolfe were echoolmates. . and Mrs. John ' Wght left ^turday for Iowa Falls to jneir daughter and 80»-in- we Clyde Brooks. .They re- Save Up to 30% on All Your Fall Purchases Coat Prices on Sale The smartest dress styles of the season are here. Garments picked by our New York buying staff. The rreatest values in dress history, and now you can buy hese at reduced prices. "Every dress on sale." Crepe and Wool Dresses Dresses for every figure, short or tall, slim or broad. Princess styles, jacket styles, Durndal styles. Many novelty silk weaves, in black wine, teal, and rust. Sizes 11 to 46. Values to $6.95 New Dresses "KAY DUNHILL" «LOMA LEEDS" "FINE DRESSES" "KITTY FISHER" These are really wonderful dress values and styles. Tere you find wools, jerseys, alpacca crepes'. Rib oil silks, and many others. xj% prt **} f^ Lots of colors and sizes. T^^^ J^&^» Values to |9.96 *p*JJ«%Jv DRESSES FOR THE MISSES Whatever you need in women's clothes or children's clothes you. will find a large selection here. Our New York buying .staff see to it that we have the newest and best styles and best values to be found anywhere, and at the lowest prices'. Unseasonable weather this fall has made it necessary to sacrifice on thousands of dollars of new fall clothes. Here you will find the grandest values the apparel market has ever offered. —A. E. Kresensky. LUCKY'YOU-HOSE -SALE- Our regular $1.00 Rollins chiffon hose, correct costume colors, clear texture, flattering fit, and the Rollins Run-stop to prevent garter runs. You simply can't afford to paes up, buying several pairs at this attractive price There is a great assortment of missy type dresses; also some for women, mostly silks, with some wools, jerseys, and taffetas. All ,the new colors and styles are here. Sizes 9 to 12 and 12 to 46 1VS, Wllll BUIUU VVUUJb, $2.69 84c 3 pairs $2.40 Ladies' and Children's Fine Cotton Hose 19c Children's long ribbed stockings and ladies' fine lisle hose. A regular 25c value in all sizes, on sale at 19c SMART HIGH STYLE DRESSES Dresses from our $10.95 and $12.95 lines of dresses. Lots of large youthful Styles, as well as missy types. Many original creations in this group. All new colorings and styles, the monastic-silhou- otte, jacket styles, princess types _ 1 PRICES ALWAYS LOWER AT KRESENSKY'S WARM NEW SWEATERS Soft fleecy sweaters of zephyr wool, angora and hand knit, long or short sleeves « • . H gr. and Mrs. Donald Welsbrod auguters and Mr. and Mrs. ark and children, of Al- Sunday dinier guests at ' . Mrs. carl Kern, l/oyd. and Mr. and Mrs. Derm dinner guests at Melrln ?*• near Sexton, iBft °£ ee Boe ttoKe,r and son •<«t Tuesday wining tor , wjwre Pon will have a to j " Henry Jr., of J^afayette, Saturday 'for a brief TWIN SWEATERS REDUCED Many variations of the trim sweater idea are included in this group. Sizes are 32 to 40. £O OQ Values to $3.50, on sale at -__ 9£'Ov i The Season's Smartest Hats on Sale *«, hut *tvles for both the lady and junior types. So many cute hat styles tor wu All hats sold to $1.98, - $1,00 now on sale at ^~ . HAT VALUES TO $3.95 , Original band blocked creations in this group. Also fur felts and velours, fine felts and new , ( M j fabrics and new colors ^ • The Smartest and Newest Styles at Kresensky's • .CARTWRIGHT DRESS Only original creations are offered in this fine group of dresses, in silks and pastel wools, for junior misses —black, blue, wine, beige, brown, and rust. Sizes 11 to 19 $15.00 RHYTHM STEP SHOES 100 pair of these comfortable high style shoes. fered in our pre-holiday sale, regular $7.50 values, at --------- _ Of- Styles at Main Street Prices • Kresensky's 300 pair of New Fall Shoes "Paris Fashion", America's g-eatest shoe value, go on sale at tSs low price' Suedes and leathers,^ black wine, ?nd copper. Sizes AAA to B - U*C} Af\ and 41/2 to* 9. Values to $4.00 Jh^ •TTiJ included- — *T^* * *~ 200 pair Suede and Kid Style with comfort is^e/wo^ for this group. and brown kid ties. Suede Pumps dines, oxfords, and pumps. Plenty of sizes and colors.—- --"• and Nice black step-ins, Gaber- EXTRA SPECIAL Rollins Silk Panties, Regular 59c Also bloomers and step-ins. These fine fitting, long wearing garments Satin Slips, Dancettes, Gowns Washable long wearing, fine fitting rayon satin garments Pleated and Velvet Shirts These fine pleated wool skirts, also velvet, sizes 24 to 30, only , FOUNDATION GARMENTS Miss America and Perfit Fine quality two-way stretch QQf» garments, comfortable, at ... 9OC Wrap Around Hook Girdle A popular garment is this high ^4 JJQ grade web elastic ; _, 9 • «w^ Linen Embroidered Handkerchiefs Lay in a supply of these beautiful M Cl HO handkerchiefs for Christmas gifts. *» for 9 I «UU Wool Unlined Jackets Wear these with skirts and blouses £9 Oft to make a smart fall outfit-———-___9C»5IO Hand Bags, Regular $1.00 The finest bags you ever saw fiftl* for $1.00, now on sale at — . OOl* Children's Strong Oxfords 35 pairs of these sturdy oxfords, £4 in brown elk, at only^— —*.-*-- —— ^--—<9 1 » Cotton Wash Dresses Regular $1 cotton dresses in ladies' and children's sizes, fast colors-^--,—„ Fabric Qlovei, Fall A group of black and brown AQf* gloves, specially priced _—-..—--,---——-f lllf Take a Big Cut Fitted coats, boxy coats, fur fabric coats. The season's most popular coat successes. Some with fur trims in tweeds, boucles, and monotones. Values to $19.55. $14 Fur Trimmed COATS Beautiful fur-trimmed coats ill camel's hair, silvertone, boncles, kurls, with gorgeous fur trims on collars, and many with the fur sleeve treatment. Sizes 12 to 44. All warm interlined. Black, rust, wine, teal. $22 Beautiful Fine Trimmed Coats _ Our better coats noted for superb tailoring, individually 55 selected, flattering collars, of Persian, f caracul, and fox. Values to $49.50 ______ __ Complete Children's Pept. • 2nd Floor Kresensky's ; =| Children's Dep'tment 1 You Always Buy for Less in Our 2nd Floor Children's Department Sweaters Children's fine wool sweaters,^ 4 slip-over styles, sizes 32 to 36$ • " Coat and Tarn Sets Our reg. $4.95 sets, warm good looking, sizes 3 to 6 ___ Girls' Coats Children's warm winter coat@, siz. 6 to 12, values to $8.95_ All Wool 3-Piece Snow Suit All wool warm 3-pc. snow suits, sizes 4 to»12. Regular $6.50 Sonja Heine Kn Knitted caps for girls are the rage this year. One group at ...£. Children'. Knitted Tame Warm woolly knitted tains for the children, at only Shirley Tempi Holiday group of Shirley 1 here. New prints a.nd styles -J „_ $5.951 ttedCaps S 59o Dresses emple dresses are Fa*t Color Prii^l Dreste* Children's fast color print dresses. Many were regu ar $1.00 ^ SALE OF OPP SHOES _^_^ . .dCfa, $1.98 , lJ '.}wJiib£>fe,AV

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