Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 17, 1938 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 17, 1938
Page 2
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PAGE TWO KOSSUTtf COtttWt ADVANCfl. ALGONA. IOWA • —r^ '— — ' • - . ,.-,,—. _ _ ^^^^^^^^^^^"^^•^^••^^•^•^••••••••••••^^••••^•^•••••^^^^^^^••••^^^^••^^^^•MMi^BMMi^^^BBM^^MBBBM^BMBMHPBBPMMMBI^^BMiMBiM^^BJi Bernard Frank!, ex-Irvington Youth, Marries WED NOVEMBER 9THTOGIRL IN THE EAST 15— Bernard Below-Freezing Weather Halts West Bend Pavers West Bend, Nov. 15—The cold, dishes, weather the last week has held up L , ... . the pavers and work has been) J 'S^uSr slow. By Saturday there remained Sake, was presented 1800 feot to pave. Then the tern- For Pete's last week Friday evenings. Irvington, Nov. Frankl, Brookllne, Mass., eldest! perature dropped too low and work son oE Mr. and Mrs. U. B. Frankl' ]) ad to be stopped. The crew work- here, was married November 9 to ^d °not woHced^an 8 Sunday ,', but Betty Van Wormer, Brighton, Mass. Mc-mlay, the'temperature bei°ng be- i ^Pcr-llnngor Ends Season They went to New York City for low freezing. a two weeks honeymoon. CANTATA IS PLANNED FOR BURF CHURCH Burt, Nov. 16—Tlie final services Bernard, reared Here, was grad- , , uated from the Algona high school, J. fmrSUily £H1Q A* i tutlj' WU11I11KQ>| -" wm t,j A i u T t j.w a.'jtiv i. tn en »vi v ivn;tj The Thursday evening audience'° f FeMowship week will be held at was not large. Miss Riter was the the Methodist church next Sunday. """"'' Special features at the Sunday school and preaching hours will be given, and roll call of the church —. ..— „. . . _— — „ ,.„ „.„ membership will be called. The af- home In Missouri, through with ternoon will be given over to visl- Iheasunt Hunters Numerous— | paper-hanging for the season. Hla tation in the homes. A cantata John Bowen has returned to his • >vi«>J>a"U iM-iiimivi o J.1 II1IIV<« 17WC1^~* f»n^\*» litllL^, lll.g L\J I I, life! aGlloUIlt „.! suiiuui, Pheasant hunters, from far and, home is near the Ozarks, and then attended Creighton unlver-' near arrived Friday evening. All i has a daughter there. sity, Omaha. For the last several hotel rooms had been engaged be- _. years he has been In Brotherhool forehand, and rooms in private Other Wost Bend. of Railroad Tranter Men Insurance homes were in demand.. Paul Kol- he bused on the poem "Choose the Way Out," by John Oxenham, will be given In the evening. ^vf^-m T* *'<lt> *J\Jtf\l* i Mr. and Mrs. William Riley, and \ IHrthdny Is Observed— vr* jvtui i utiii A i unid luyil. incjui tllluu * i ^»"*-*> i»^*c ,u uc;iiiciuu.. itiui xxui- *.AI . xiiiu j.»iia, Yviniaui Ivliey. ailU I "•* unui j is vwm>I?uu~—* employ, and he is now field sup- loach and a party of friends came I daughter Ida, and Oscar Riley I Sunday Svas Mrs. W. H, Schwie- ertendent in four eastern states, from Jefferson Friday to hunt, snent Sunday at Livermore with tert's birthday, and ner children For sometime Bernard had made Mr - Kollasch is a brother of Mrs. ~ ' ••--—----- ... ... headquarters at Brookline, but,'Russell Nellis. he and the new Mrs. Fraukl are L, , v .. , TT, ,., now living at Brighton, a suburb ''"st-Ifiiptial Shower (Jlven— ~e T>n*,t n ,, A Post nuntinl shownr In 1 of Boston. News of the George Grays— Mr. and Mns. John Gray A post nuptial shower In honor of Mrs. Mac Tarwater, recent bride Oscar's sister, Mrs. Frank Collins.] were all at home to help her cele- , . . Lawman spent Saturday ev- brnte the occasion: the Melvln oning here with friends. She has Hunts, Dolliver; Loren.i, Mason been at Corwith six weeks, em-jCfty; Myrtle, Des Moines. Mrs. ployed in a cafe. 'Clifford Munson, Wesley, spent , . . (Bertha Sehwietert and the Merle Algona, were also -_....,.„., .^«,,..^ un.^, vjiiiiuiu muusuii, wesiey, speni ouuwieieiiB, Aigona, were also at the Methodist church Sunday at the parental M. T. Mun- present. Wesley Erba, Miiquokota, '>o bi' ' was o--v- .^ v^ c ««iiiuui»i tiim-uiijouiiuuy ai tne parental M. T. Mun- present. Wesley Erba, Moquokota, inr. ana Mrs. John Gray and *'""»>'• 1110 bridegrooms friends ! son's. He is employed in the bank Art Erba, and Mr. Wolf, Postville, the John Franklins all of Winn-'^ llvp couple a 44-monp. snt of. thorn n ,,j \i,. n..*t. »r_i-i i_. ebago, Minn., spent Sunday willing on relatives and old friends in this vicinity. The Grays reported that the George Grays, who left Burt vicinity a year ago for St. Cloud, Florida, where Mrs. Gray was to care for an aged step-father, are well. Mr. Gray has pur- eiits and Arthur is her brother. Mrs. Frank Latin-op visited from Wednesday to Saturday with -the S. J. Fardale at Adel and her sister, Ruth Thompson, Ames. Ruth came home with her for the week-end. The H. A: Thompsons visited with friends at Mumboldt Sunday. The Donald Salisburys, Trenton, Mo., and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Spear and two children, Elkton, Minn., spent the week-end at H. A. Salisbury's. Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Dltt- mer were also Sunday dinner guests there. Harve Whltehtll, of Floodwood, Minn., is attending a few days with his sister-in-law, Mrs. H. A. Whitehill, and niece, Mrs. Dora Armstrong. Friday he had a serious attack of illness. Mrs. Maude M. Hanna and LueMa Blelch attended a postmasters' meeting at Swea City Saturday evening. W. S. Olson, Batavla postmaster, and Mr. Lewis, also of Ba- tavla, were guests. Ze'lora Armstrong, Des Molnes, spent Saturday night with his mother, Mrs. Dora Armstrong. Friday Mrs. Mary Dole and four daughters, Irvington, visited Mrs. Armstrongs' Luella Blelch was a Sunday dinner guest at the H. W. Mauus P. Elvldge. Qulnn Albright, Des Molnesj, and George !»uffet,°Boohe, visited ftt C. G. Smith's Saturday and hunted pheasants. Harold Graham, Des Afolnes, and OrvUle Ingle, Boone, were week-end guests nt J. H. Graham's. The Vural school taught by Mario JBahllrfg will give a Thanksgiving program Tuesday evening. Mi-Si Bernice Peterson, 6f Sioux Palls, S. D., called on her uncle, 0. P. McDonald, Sunday. The Hdrmnn Bussles spent the week-end with Mr, Busslo's relatives-at Avoca, W|B. The Presbyterian church will by 1938. r of gftid fay when and due ftttendftttce the «nd«fslgfled t Dated thl» 18th ,<Uy of October, v \ fc , CASEY LOSS, ,<• ^f tfrtesuth County, Iowa. FRED j. KEEFB5, Plaintiff's Attorney. g-9 NOflCK LUCIBN C. SPRAO.UB, RECEIVER OP THE MINNEAPOLIS & ST I LOUIS RAILROAD COMPANY ' hereby gives notibe that on the 17th day of October, 1938, ne filed with the Inter state Commerce Commission at Washington, D. The Presbyterian church will v,.,i.im,ooiuii. <», nnamuBiun, u. u., hold Its annual chicken dinner and an-application tot* a cert.iftcalo of u« H « n « Til..i.1«.. «.».».. ~ nUbliC COrtVftmetlCfl fllln Unnnaultv izaar Friday noon. * ^uuno convenience ana necessity The Rev. J. M. Doms attended a 'Permitting abandonment of the eeting of .the Algona Flower club JJ n <> of railroad ,extend)ng\ from nd Corwlth northwesterly to St. Beiie- Monday evening onday evening. •.«*«« n.im iiuimweoicujr tu 01. KCIIC- The W. J. Lockwoods spent Sun- diet, a distance of approximately day with Mrs. Lockwood's relatives 6 - 6 miles, all in Hancock and,Ko,«- m Ren wick. suth counties, Iowa. lone! al Renwick. Kenneth „ spent the weekend at his home at Blyt'hedale, Mo. I The Arthur Fandels spent Sun- ] day at Tom Miller's In Armstrong. Ralph Jain spent the week-end with L. R. Daniels. ' NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE No? 15860. STATE' OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, SS. LtTCIEtf C. SPRAGUE, Receiver of the Minneapolis & St. Louts Railroad Company. 7-9 PUBLIC AUCTION To Whom It May Concern: The Boafd of Directors of Lotts Creek township will ,aell one frame school house 20x32 feet,'one .book cade 3x4% feet, one'-book case 3x5 feet with glass door, for cash Mon- Lu Verne ( carrier at Ledyard, and Mrs. honle> Thompson^ took advantage of the Birthday Party is Given— „„— »., „„. leei. wuii (JUIHH uuur, lor conn raon- Notice is hereby given that by day, November 21, 1938, at 2 o'clock and Mr Bush McGreiror were also ~tT" °~~~~ — -"" "• "• ••«""•- virtue of Special Execution direct- p. m. to the highest bidder, Sale week-end guests at the Sehwi'tert M^f,' A a , * ^if l?° n < Mr ti ed /to mc from the Clerk of the w111 be'held'at the echodlhouse lo- home scnwi.tert Manns and daughter Katherlne and District Court of Kossuth county, cated In the southeast corner of .Ulella Visited at Edw. Blumer's in Iowa, on a iudemmit rAnriRrari In SAp.flnn 14-nfi-30 T.ntfo Troolr frm,,,. Kermit Parks, Walter Peterson, Mrs. Walter Faulstich entertain- vacntion Friday and visited rela- ,, '' ele ' cu HL u. ouu jinny in noiior ot Mr. r. ~r ~, , v o—~*> ™...~ Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hesse were Faulstich's birthday Sundav even- Saturdav for Pheasant hunting c.nd here over the week-end. Mr. Hesse ing. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. R. vlsited tm Sunday at K. J. Smilh's. ed at a 500 in honor of Mr. Luella visited at Edw. Algona. Robert McFarlane, Sioux and John Little, Kingsley, came City, CHieSS ™L yc . a /: sb "<»ndbi , : , " " u isesn gir s conicst-the _ . IT* rt t t " " *"" *'*** ' •* i ^*^ av * »"CV v» ucoLa WtJi't! JWll'. (till operating i men's ; "'"""' V Lc-rine Olson, has been tied up during the meat. A. Bleich, Mr. and Mrs. H is u there, and Robert teacllers - visited their various Packing plant strike at Sioux City, Rachut, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Rey- only son, is clerking for his fath- homes Saturday and Sunday. The and was in the plant for over six nolds, _Mr. 'and Mrs. P. ' W. Kol- It'no ,T,.r,r1,lotnH f,.r,,« lllttOl' llOt Olllv ViSltPfl ll£>T tlr>TnO WCCKS. er. Robert was only visited her home sister who became the LilUU- graduated from ^'^ttci the Burt lii s h school, a few years blu also a sister who becamo~"~uie , Hans Hanson - Forest City, has _. „. _ ctcll> iul . ago, then attended a college in ln °ther of twins, at an Ames hos- H ce " a gu ? s ' at Llovd Smith's. |and Mrs. Julius Baas, and the Al- Florida, after having gone there 1)ital s «nday morning. : n e ,°J ge nn Frnnces Ka bele, Gold-ibert Baas family, his parents. The former Hulda Fritzemeier and Mrs. F. I. lield ,' w , el ' e guests at Irvin Chap-1 with his parents. Maybelle Gray, only „ They are brothers-in-law of Mr. .r Smith. George Schroeder, Ames student Prof. Smith, and Prof. Virtue, , . . . . |Jasch, Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Bierstedt, rof- , "!' and ProE ; 7 il ' ;tue . a" d ! Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Sehwietert, Mr. sove / al ° th er Ames friends were ° hnt shootl and vls " The former Hulda eer an rs. . . ----- ; ••-- °— George Gray c -'hapman attended an executive ma ' 1 s ba turday. ' ' - i Skating Party l s Planned- shooting and visi at J. H. Schroeder's. Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Dremmel jSunday dinner guests at Paul Maybelle Gray, only George Gray l -"apmau attended an executive """' a ^ "'"»y. """, s '"."> 'SJiumea— i """" a * „, .' r , * al , • daughter is now Mrs Edcir In- board one o'clock luncheon at the' r ' and MriS - Jacob Kubly were L 1 , lle senior and junior Christian JJiemmela at Irvington, it being ,„„•>,.,._.„ ' b Algona hotel last Saturday Mrs '" Mason cit - v Sunday to attend the ^"deavprers will have a roller the sixth birthday of Ronald Drem- lay, "Lakota. . ^nguiia iiotei last Saturday Mrs *••""»»«« V-IL.V ouuuuy 10 acteiia me •"•••""*<v=ia inn nave a loner **"• a—^" "j'o«uaj ui i W. E. Woodward county chairman h we(idi ns anniversary of Mr. skating party at Titonka Friday mel> ' tnelr grandson. ! nrpsiHnH siio 1^1/1 «p .1,- i '.'_ and Mrs. John N.n!?p1s vpintKmo «f eveuine. Next Sundnv nvonfnrr tii.» i A. W. Radeke an Currnn Twins Doing >Vell— j l»'esided. She told of the work Vo f" d ™ r *: Joll » Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Sabin visited bo accompliahed by the clubs of. Ule . • Kubl J'' s - jit T-Tm-niii r'iii.,-.-ii-i'o «i>,,,i.,,y .,ft«,._ the couutv durinc- tins fnii r,,,.^ •"• number of relatives of '• evening. Next Sunday evening the ! , er o Iowa, on a judgment rendered In Section 14-96-30, Lotts Creek town- said Court on the 27th day of Sep- ship, District No. 6, Kossuth coun- ,*1 ,,~?, sta ", lin KPagcaiitof tember, 1938, In favor of Home ty. Iowa. Purchaser may take j other fjirin ,t ;Ca8 ° offc " • Owner's Loan orrion s buildi on—- 1 '"° S ' a " 1 " Nl Owner's Loan Corporation, plaintiff, and against Hattie _. Moulds, widow; State of Iowa; and State Board of Social Welfare of Iowa, as defendants, for the sum of $d230.45 Dollars and costs, taxed fty $95.75 Dollars and accruing costs, I have levied upon the following described Real property as the property of the said Hattie B. Moulds to satisfy said execution, to-wit: Lot Two (2) Block Four (4) Algona, Iowa; and as building at once.—Oeorge J. Win- B. kel, Secretary. 8-9 crn's" Low Fare to enjoy it all. Clean as They Polish — Fuller Polishes and Waxes will proceed or to sell said pro- as at Harold Cumin's Sunday after- tlle c °uuty during this fall and noon and inspected the twins born "'inter months. A round table dis- Y ero at , to Mr. and Mrs. Curr'an last week cussion took place at the close V m f" ie . ? Sunday morning. The babies are °' : the meeting. tora ' A. 1. doing well, though they do not „, ' rlle Missionary play, Yesterday, -- college students were at home over the week-end. , - 0 _. A! ^-Radeke-and sons Vernon may'be'necTssaTlo Stiff n " seniors will be guests of the Al- and Wayne, Mitchellville, snent the execution with costs and acr son Endeavor ut a candle light w eek-end with Burt friends. Mr. jcosts ot puWlo auctKo.th" feuu ^nueu-vor a.i a caudle light »<~-™u wiui curt inenas. Mr. cos ts at public auction to the hieh- ^r^u-r. 8 s! s^-s ?±su?o?sir!i. 8iirage here tOF ^^tr^^ ^*° *!-.« T\T«.I.« j:-^ -i . -. ' i TOri-... n ..,i o^ i —1. _ .__.,_ / . i *' UL " ""j ui iNuvemuei, lyoo. at „ Des Moines; Phil r the Methodist church afterwards. and Hazel Nygaard, Hami'l-'n T> , T D iv,^ nn __i,._:"»?;' 1. i Doing Preaches at t. R.— The uoum wen. tnougn tney uo not iljc luiooiuuury piay, aesteruay, — ^ — "«—^' i>js,u.aiu, nuain- weigh exactly the same, contrary Today, nnd Forever, will be pres- B 11 B "f i " erss college, Mason City; to first report, the girl, who has < ; Iltcd "t tne Evangelical church i ven ," etl1 Mar *y» Western Union, been named Kay Anne, being the Sunday evening: in connection with if Ml '~"' heaviest. The boy has been mini- annual Thank Offering. Those tak-. °™ st . ed Keith Harold. i'"K " ill 't ure the members of the' , |W. M. S. ,»ew daughter born to the Lloyd Ml . Dom ' will be a union Thanks- , entners last week Wednesday. A ,, « , . _. 1 ( in n ji"1i f oi» iiro.rt lini'Tl t n TV'Ti* "" "* * City; Mars; and Bob Smith,"Waldorf' •est City. Marilyn Ann is the name of the at a number of years. 1 Edward Stewart, who teaches'at lu Grimes, came home for the week-| m Hunters Hag I-Y>v Pheasants— Pheasant hunters who came from --- — ..^,.. southern Iowa to this vicinity last church jiext week Wednesday week-end were disappointed. Many went home without firing a shot. Farmers have reported the birds scarce. on '" um win ue a union rnanlcs- ,—-•-•=> "«>i >»--c .g service at the Methodist ! 'l^ 11 ' 6 '' was bon ch next week Wednesday ev- 1 , " J ^«"- q e!maii at a Fort Dodge There will be special music |" ospital Sa turday. ".. me different choirs, and the Mrs. Allen Thompson was oper- Rev. E. R. Walter will give the 2, ted on for a ''uptured appendix at sermon. .Fort Dodge Sunday. The children The pheasant season attracted S,'.' e bein S cared f or by Mrs. Peter j were held Saturdav many out-of-town hunters in this I T1 }°™ pson ; a ! community. Shortly before noon! „ ,, Wa J'ne Dornbergers, Sioux ~ ' — J the Richard Wermer- end, accompanied by three friends preached at 1 " llrl "ame up for the pheasant orning and hunting. —jregational meet- A . J. Lewis, Ames, and Harold the close of the service. The Lewis, Newton, hunted pheasants H. Wessel filled the Rev. in this vicinity Saturday .ind wore s pulpit here. . ovfir-night guests at C. B. Chip- *'Mr "nTSs F T* h T r w GS ~ ]m ^ Se H ' L ' ^«e™«"«i. Sigourney, MI. and Mis. j. T w««o w re . spent the week-end at Al Staehle's. Krlethe went home l ' Ofhor Conies to Algonu for Winter— Mrs. Ella Potter, Sioux City, is i community. Shortly before nooni_*" c at Algona and plans to spend tho Saturday cars from n counties be-l ' _ winter with Mrs.. L. E. Potter. si(le Humboldt and Kossuth were' sen f'. ^stherville, came Friday Winterset and *Mr "a Mra. Ella Potter spent several "° ted Parked on main street here. j"' B l t ,° vlsit the D - H - Wermur- thur Christensen and weeks last summer with relatives i Whether they were successful m r 6 ," 8 ' i.. 6 , meat Packing plant [Albia, spent Sundav ai here. i getting the birds is not known where Richard is employed ' ' 7 i The Blumer school, taught ' by closed r °r ' Other Irvington. j Mabel Kubly, had a program and The Ralph Ballards, Redwood !„ $2S ° Cial Priday evenin & alld took Falls, Minn., and the Ira Hewitts, Norman 1 | W T Sl 1 ^' ^! reT .!: e i e " t , B °J» te . at Oborhelman services tendPd a school cu.°.tndia~ns' ineo.thig ( at William Christensen's, .it Swea Hurt Vowa ! Citv Saturd n-y- nnvA-, Mr. and Mi-s. J. G. Sewick visited Koy i^nnstensen, of Sunday at the home of their son a time - Sunday at P. L. Staine Roy Christense Mrs. Laurence Stainbrook's _„ Mrs. Kenneth May, Billie, Emmetsburg. at K . • j«.iuev.r HL j.. j_,. oLain- Kqt.iirvn Elvido'n nnrtm. Trilli na S! brook's. The Roy Christensens are student,'spent the' w2k end here par- with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. .R. to . Moines- who will spend several weeks here Mr. Davis, a carpenter, is working away from home at Present The George Wageners went to Fred" I,,? ea °stn d ay a t g o "eVs'john Kayser and a Mr. Dressier, both of Port Washington, Wis, who had foD been visiting relatives in the Bode tzpent ^';. • Zetnei « , p a / tO1 ^' , „ , , ' Geo ' Wah-alh dau B hter 6 l )e »t last week-end with •vicinity for several days. The Rev. A. English preached Sunday on a text taen from Rev. 6:17: For the Great Day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand? Mr. and Mre. Ainsworth Powell, Luaha, and their son Harvey, Mrs. Mabel Potter, and Mrs. Ell'a Potter were Sunday dinner guests at O. L. Miller's. John and Glen Estel, Winterset, hunted pheasants here Saturday -Sunday. They are relatives of the Paul Hudsons. The Aid will me«t Thursday af- ternon with Mrs. Vern Barker. T ' M M '' S ; are yisHlt ' Tn f *J WlUianls and Lloyd Cole Cam P Doan Four Rife brother, from Carroll 1 f We , lU ^, SPend th Thompson, a , rural mail SAFETY SAM SAYS Don't do you picnicking ou Mrs. Edniond Larson took her husband by surprise Sunday evening by entertaining friends at three tables of cards. It was Mr. Larson's birthday. Visitors at A. J. Martinek's Sunday were Gladys Paetz, Cyril Veu- teioher, and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bailey. Tarvel Lai-son and Walter Adams drove to Mitchell, S. D., Suu- dav and brought home Walter's sister. , Relatives took Mrs. L. A. Bole- neas hv surnrise Sunday in honor of her birthday. Guests of Mrs. Ruth Sparks Sunrtnv wpi-fi the Gnv Dimonds the Vincent Kruses, Katherlne Wolf, and the Jos. Goetz familv. Mrq. Rlla Martinek will entertain the Doan Aid Thursday, December 1, Mrs. Ruth Sparks assisting. If your car steers hard, it's dangerous! A twisted axle is usually the cause. We straighten axles cold, without removing. WM. G. DAD, GARAGE Phone 1C5. South Dodge St. Benedict Mr. and Mrs. E. F. R'ahm, Clarence, Julia, and LeRoy were here Saturday, calling an Philip Immerfall and looking after town property. I The Everett Steussys, Mason City, were guests Saturday night and Sunday of Mrs. Steussjf's mother and brothers here and attended a shower for Minnie Kutchara. The body of John Ludwig Sr. lay at Gregory Studer's till the funer«1 Monday. A large number of relatives came from Algona, Irvinffton, Woodbine, Sioux Falls, Spillville, Fort Atkinson, Wesley, Mason City. St. Paul, and Colorado /or the final rites. Mrs. J. Lud-j children that evening, and arrangements tor her future residence were to be made Tuesday. 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AMFAHB Round (rip i,, GoNot.2Bot!» returning Jili,, latcofsik CHICAGO E Phone |MUNSINGWEAR 1 —for— I WINTER S Munsingwear—Men's short or long <f4 OC S sleeve, ankle length, light weight___«P I .CD = Munsingwear—Men's short or long ** PA ^ sleeve, ankle length, heavy weight __$! .OQ = Munsingwear—Men's short or long <f» 4 Af S sl eeve, ankle length, heavy weight __$ • -8S ^ Munsingwear—Men's 25 per cent *O AP S wool, heavy weight ' $2.95 = Munsingwear—Men's "skit" athletic eg knit shorts 53 Munsingwear—Men's knee length == athletic knit shorts s Munsingwear—Men's % length SB elastic band drawers 50c 75c $1.25 We also have shirts to mati each drawer. 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