Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 10, 1938 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 10, 1938
Page 9
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IBEIl 10, 1938 T KOSStfTH (lOttNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA. TOWA PAGE . rton H. W. Mill. StiRTON * MlttEK •DA*** . 4w«t*Mt . ..f^ip OilluvB. 427, residence li« i wins Run in the Johnson Family for Three Generations EX-IRVINGTON ~" GIRL CARRIES ON TRADITION Algona, L State Bank Bldg. 50-W. Algona, low* A MSITAX Llnnan Office, 261. Algona, low* Attorneys-at-t«w Harrington J- 1287 I >'. J Lawyers lice to-new Helae Block. j 21 j _ Algona, low. E. D. Kelt) Attorneys-at-Law Hutchison Building. IBS Algona, I. A.WWKEL Cimnty Attorney. Attorneyrat-Law Hutchison Building. Phone 180 Irvington, Nov. 0-Mr. and Mrs.j Harold Ciirrnn, near Lu Verne, i Dick Steenhard, south of La-' are parents of twins, u son an d kola, was 'doing the evening mllk- daugnlor, born Sunday. The in- ing when wo arrived Friday. He fonts wcighotl 6 ix pounds apiece, milks seven cows, and he has high- and are doing well, as is also the grade milk type shorthorns. He mother. The Currans arc parents raises a few bulls, and he now has of another sou and daughter, and two dandy roan calves which he Mrs. Cumin is the youngest duugh- showed us. ler of Mr. and Mrs. Home Robison '. * * * * here, who wore also once parents ' David Farrow, northwest of Led- of twins, though the children died yard, had just come home from a in infancy. 'Mrs. Hobison's pur- neighbor's when we arrived last en la, the late Mr. and Mrs. August week Monday. We had a short visit Johnson were also parents o£ with him. Mr. Farrow owns and twins, namely, Mr.s, Cornelius Uir- farms a half .section, eo he is a son and George Johnson, both llv-jbusy farmer. Ho has a good set of ing at the Johnson farm. The ten- i buildings and keeps all of them dency towards twins for genera- Painted white. His boy and a hired tions In some families is well nan were setting up a grain el>3- known to doctors. I valor in a second corn-crib, the -- first crib having been filled. We News of Kx-lrvlngtonliins — \ wonder • whether some Advance A recent letter from Mrs. Nina subscribers in less fortunate states Schichtl, Staples, Minn., told of a ire reading these Items we write i visit she and her daughter, Mrs. about bulging corn-cribs and are Nellie Andrews, with a daughter- envying our lucky Kossuth farm in-law, Mrs. L. C. Schichtl, made ors. to Verndale, Minn., where they j * * * * visited Mrs. Charles Rcinecke and I Wc were at Jerry Heetland's her daughter, Mrs. Owen Barnhart, south of Lakota, Friday, and plow bolh formerly of Irvington. They '"g was going on in a small field found Mr. and Mrs. Barnhart par- Jerry has made some improve ents of a new daughter, Marlcno ments on the farm, which is owned La Vay, first child, born October b >~ his mother. He has changed th 12. Mrs. Barnhart was Dora, driveway, which in 'the old locatioi youngest daughter o£ Mrs. Rein- was dangerous. A stop sign, as on ecke, and for years before her mar- drives out, is a good reminder t riage she cared for her mother, loolc alld listen. who is helpless. Mrs. Reinecke , , " " Ih last • week Wednesday. He lives day at Algona. Local committee ferson Monday to work on northwest'of Wesley oh the Peter men are Hugo Faulstich and Noah phone llnee. p rv-d Munson came from Wes- Mrs. Otto Wlchtendahl ley Saturday for Sunday with the eally enjoyed rare HIRAM Attorney-at-Law Hutchison Building. |206 Algona, p. A. DAN80N Attorney-at-L«w flee over Iowa State Bank Office, 460-J; Res. 316 Seaberg farm, where the buildings Ileisner. are being improved. Every time Mr. and we call there we find that some- and daughter 1 Dorothy, and the ^ome folks. He is employed in the thing new has been done. Ju.it Richard Potratz family were Sun- bank there and comes home Satur- now a building originally erected day guests at Wilmar Wichten- day nights, going back Monday as a cattle barn was being re- dahl'e. mornings, with his brother Clar- paired, and it is some building, for The Waldemar Riedel family of .......... it Is 190 .feet long. Peter says the Hurt, were Sunday visitors at the ~ i folks call his place the county fair Lotts Creek Lutheran church. ••••«•••»•••»••»•««•••«• ! grounds, for there are so many Mrs. William Schmiel and Iris Kressin have been ill. The Y. P. S. met Friday evening once, who drives a track Mr- Hakes ',. company. Mrs. P. O. Dbrweller rettrMd Sunday, from Kansas City, wfcer* she visited her sister, Mffl. DM*. The Rev. H. J. Needing *n« bit family attended a 60th anniversary celebration of the PfesbytarlaBi church at Lakota Sundm* afternoon. Oscar Riley and 0. A. Mabarry were business visitors at Dodge Friday evening. hauling corn m *""<""&• where the boys | Las , weefe Monday we ca ii ed on> ln the parochial echool basement. Lyle Marlow, east of Lone Rock. Election of officers was held: Alon, is with her, his -parents being He llves on tho Bdw " Bterstedt vin Ruhnke succeeded Edgar M^fCrt a.s.'sus'a a, ss i % t it jnew steel bin was being used for the shelled corn, and the men Saturday, when we arrived at ay Taylor's, northeast of El- about only a isi t Tli 6 ci*i 1m WETS full of corn» nd Jay said there were 800 bushels to pick yet. He was going to mve to make more room. * * * * Selina Alne, of Wesley, who operates a beauty shop, told us last week Wednesday that she has had good patron&ge since she located .here. Mr'. Alne works at present on the new echool gymnasium which-is being built in part with government funds. * * * * were getting ready to elevate the corn from the shelter into tho bin. Lots of machinery and other devices for farmers nowadays. Sometimes we think of how astonished a farmer of 100 years ago would be if he were to come back to earth | and see how his great-great-grand- json does things. to tratz was re-elected secretary-! ', A treasurer; and "500" was played. ' Alvin Ruhnke won high, and Mildred Faulstich low. Lucille Kressin, who has been visiting with the Radigs, Fuersten- aus, Laabs and other friends, returned to her home Wednesday at Barney, N. D. WEST BEND LOTTS CREEK The local teachers attended .state teachers' convention at Des Moines last week Thursday and ___^_ Friday: Supt. A. P. MoMul'an ! ' Harry Potfenberger, Lowell Diddy, The Arthur Jackman family, of Mis.«es Riter, Dinsmore, Green, Lotts .Creek, and the Jack Dlts- Layne, Brandt, Schmidthuber, John Harringa, northeast of Tl- j worth family, of Algona, were Sun- North, and Hartung. tonka, was at Clarence Seefeld's, day guests at Leonard Crulk-| Arthur Mills drove to Kansas his neighbor's across the road, shank's at Algona. I City Saturday for Sunday with his when we called one day last week. The Art Jackmans were Thurs- family. He is foreman of a truck- We always like to see these good day evening visitors at Hugo Faul- firs' crew which hauls cement for folks. John had got Clarence's trac- stcih's. , the paving, tor to hitch to a pump to take Lorna Ruhnke and Elivira Mey- water out of the basement at the er visHed Phyllis Gengler Sunday Harringa home. Ho said it was afternoon. Hie first time since 1918 that water Mr. and Mrs. John Schallin had invaded the cellar. , were Friday evening visitors at * * * * : Robert Drever'fl. F, J. Hauptman, of the Wesley • Those who attended the budget Auto Co., was repainting a car meeting of the Algona circuit at when .we called last week Wednea- Lu Verne Wednesday were Mr. and week here. day. He does this with a spray Mrs. William Fuerstenau, Mr. and and it looked to us as if he is Mrs. Otto Ruhnke, Mr. and Mrs. ilrs. Nels Jensen, t Mrs. Reinecke. Algona, sisters TCHISON (deceased) C. HUTCHISON THEODORE C_ HIJTCIITSO* Attoruey»-at-L,aw curlty State Bank Bldg. 251 ' Algona, Ic wr IHAURICE c. MCMAHOU Attorney-*t-Law Office in Helse Bldg. 325 Algona. low* DOCTORS Jnby is Born Dead- Mrs. Orvillo Norstrom, who is .vith her parents at St. Anthony, gave birth to a .stillborn son last veek Thursday. Orville, employed at the H. T. Sabin farm, had left or St. Anthony Wednesday. Both p- Mr. and Mrs. Norstrom are well cnown to many here. They were ormerly employed at the Chester Schoby farm. was right, for this farm is a big one. We noticed that carpenters were busy at the place, building a new double corn-crib. A lot of farmers' money is going into cribs to house this year's bumper corn * * * * now lives with the Barnharts, who Ardon Reynolds, north of have purchased her farm. Other Gl ' tt "t consolidated schoolhousi guests at the Barnhart home at the was wa >" out m a Jield Picking cor time of tho visit of Mrs. Schichtt w )th a new mounted single-ro WPFP Wr<< Pink nf Tlinnka nml P'Cker when we found him last KUH veie Mis. link, of litonka, al ' a WRek Mom]ay Mrg . Reynolds had a handy man at such work. We Charles Vlgdahl, the Rev. and told us that it was "some distance" (lid not see F - J -'s dad this time. Mrs. Fiene, and Mr. and Mrs. Win. to where he was working, and she We missed him too, for he always Schmiel. has a good story for us. I The Aid will meet Friday after* * * * I noon in the parochial school base- We met Charles Eggerth, north- raent with Mrs Carl zumach as west of Lakota, Friday in his hostess. driveway. He was just going to Quite a few people from Lotts town to have j some work done on Creek attended a class play at his trailer. Charles said he raised Fentpn -last week-end. 1000 bushels of Eggerth hibred, The centennial meeting of the seed corn this season and already i Algona circuit will be held Sun- had sold more than.^half of the I to |.. : Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Howland re- lU'-ned Saturday from Beloit, Wis., where they looked after property belonging to Mr. Howland. Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Rolf son drove to Graettinger Sunday afternoon to take home Alvin's mother, Mrs. had spent a "Guilty or Not Guilty Murder Trial Set for November 18 William Daubendiek went to Jef- JOHN If. KENEFICK Physician and Surgeon jflce over Rexall Drug Store Office phone 300 Res. phone 326 H. CRETZMEYER, M. D. Surgeon and Physician ce John Galbralth Block Phones 444-310 low * * * * i Jerry Boekeiman, north of Ger- mnn Valley store, was rather discouraged Saturday, and with re^a- on, for he had 75 fine hogs averag-', ing 200 pounds which were sick nnd had lost 2G. The hogs had been vaccinated for cholera but were dying anyway. * * ¥ * L. C. Richardson, northwest of TT . .... . . Ledyard, was not at home when we Thursday. He is still In serious pa ,, ed ]aat weefc Tuesdayi but , Mrs . Richardson was there, and she said he was "combining" soy beans at the Herbert Trenary farm, north of Gerled. Mention of that hamlet, Iowa City Patient Home — Guy Rancy, who had been in an Iowa City hospital since June, suffering from rh^Himatism and complications, was 1 returned to his home at Livermore last week condition. Daughter for August Kobisons— ' Mr. and Mrs. August Robisou, of Swea City, are parents of a daugh- hy the way, makes us remember - ' - , -ir ".V LJltl WtlJ', lllalxua uc, * v-nml«Awv,» ter, Janice Lee, born at the Kos- ]ww n R0t jts namG| as to i d recent . suth hospital last week luesday. , , Edjtor SnerDeckf o f the Swea nil*/* "n/iHiaf\», o ovo fnvmnp Tp-mnfilliS *... ' -. . » •«« • ,, • _^ r^ The Robisons are former residents here. Hoy's Birthday is Observed— The Robert Skillings entertained Tjakotn) and the first three letters Mr. and Mrs. Ray Fitch at a birth- Q{ Lodyav( i were ta k en to form the day dinner Sunday, aoworing the - - City Herald. When' the .place was established at the C. & N. W. and Rock Island crossing the first "iree letters of Germania (now MELVIN G. BODBNE Physician and-Surgeon ea: Office, 197; residence, 19* DENTISTS DR. II. M. OLSON Dentist |te in New Call Theatre Bldg. es: Business, 166; Res., 78^ Algona, loya DU. C.». 8CHA/AP Dentist f"? Algona, Iowa Hutchison; Building. [Phones: Bus;'133V r?8. 174. son Dewey, who was w'.ebrating his 12th birthday. School Program Tonight— Maxine Devine, No. 5 teacher in name. We wonder whether there is another place anywhere which got its name in such a unique fashion. * * * * -.. At William Bauman's, northwest Cresco, will present her pupils in Q{ La)cotai we found Mrs. Bauman a program this week Thursday • somew h a t under the weather Fri- than seed . He is planning to drive South St. Paul to buy sheep. He leods a few sheep every winter. * * * * Mrs. Myrtle Lease, of Wesley, a busy woman..' She is bookkeeper ; | for the farmers' elevator, also keeps house, and is a news "reporter. * » # * William Bolken, of the Titonka Savings hank, always wears a smile and always calls this writer "Senator." It might 'be all right! to'be a senator in fact, but at that selling newspapers is not so bad when one meets up with so many | fine people, as we .do—not,forget- 1 , ting Mi\'Boykeh among them. Our Advance editor has said many times that he would like nothing better than to be calling day in and day out on the farmers of Kos- euth. * * * * We stopped at George Seaberg's NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING AT YOUR SERVICE TCKHELPYOU SELL Ear Corn We are now buying ear corn Anderson Grain & Goal Go. ALGONA, IOWA Now's The Time . . . SHOES for milady . . . WOMEN'S PUMPS Black Suede only $4.00 evening. Other frv!nfftoii. The R. Hanseus and the Ivan Mullins family, who had been liy- Txist ing in rooms at Henry moved Saturday to a north of Henry tanning's, recent-j ly vacated by the George Ramus' family. day, for she had had a varicose vein burst on one of her legs. At that she is as jolly as ever, though -.he can't walk just at present. —- -«>- k year when we called there Hahle's, Mr. and Mrs. Bauman were both in house just t no C orn field. * * * * Warren L.loyd, southwest o£ Led- ynrd, was feeding his hogs when we saw him last week Tuesday. It was noon, and Warren figures thai the same as KARL B. HOFFMAN Dentist ' j Office in New Helse Bldg. | |Phones: Office 44, res. 116. A. J. EASON Dentist Uce over James Drug Store. Office, 59; residence, 859 VKiEUINAJUANS L. W, FOX J. B. WINKEL Veterinarians West State Street," Algona ""•• Office. 475-W; Res., 475-H INSURANCE ~ W8SOTH COTJNTT MUTUAL [HSCHANCE ASSOCIATION worth of insurance A home company. Safe, se- D. P. Paxsqn, The Elmer Doles, of Woodbine, spent Saturday and Sunday with ( .__ . relatives here. They plan to re-.hogs need eats tnen main at Woodbine till Christmas , he does. His hogs show good care time, when they will return to Irv-; Warren's son, who was badly hurt ington for the rest of the winter. a year or so ago, when hei fell OH Mrs. T. E. Wickwire and her son a wagon, is now getting along fair- Paul drove to Montezuma Friday to ]y well, attend the funeral of a cousin, and: ^ * t * !^* ltel . Goch e's, remained till Sunday. ,„„.„., L, D t nf .-Rnnoroft. Friday. We find The Rev. A. English preached Sunday on Rhythm, Good and Bad. The text was taken from Exodua, The Chester Harmons, Woden, brought home Mrs. Mary Dole Sunday She had been with them a • Neat! TIES Black suede and wine suede $4.00 AND INSURANCE MDB1AGH « SON Loans \ •' Real £stat<> Insurance and Bonds Hutchison Building. Phone 105 The Forbus Stiltz family went to Ruthven Friday to visit the Jesse Schmidts, returning Mon- „„„. Lillian Zink and Marie Wiener spent Saturday and Sunday with the Andrew Becks. Mrs. Goche was washing the Utensils for the cream separator, and Walter and the hired man were .repairing pasture Jence. Paul Nitz, the happy trucker at T.edvard, told us last week Tues- SENECA , that heet trucking was now finished for this season. He said day rmuijiou *•"* •.*«« -— '•i«.A that he had had. his share of the work. A lot of the beets have gone out of the county this fall. Tesse Dugan, southwest of Burt, was feeding his pigs when we arrived last week Thursday, and he told us that the pigs were to *e vaccinated that day. He said he hid -finished picking corn, and we'll bet he was glad^ of }t when One of the finest stocks in North Iowa with prices cut to the lianit. Hundreds of home owners prefer to choose from this fine stock. No matter how exacting one may be as to pattern or type of laying, we are equipped to do your work. Remeiaber this—It will pay ypu to get our priqe before buying. state Supt. Slagle spent tho week-end at Des Moines, attending a teachers' 'convention. Mrs. the son spent the time *onr Money's Worth in H ESTATE, BEAL ESTATE MIANS^ AND INSURANCE M, HEBBST la. State UJt. Phone 9! ""'See ''' • ' », B, FAX80N ,Town pweUing, HouaehoW . » n d Automp^iie Jnaurance not neglect ypuripljicy for, Ojt 1 ln " occur? when 3 - 1 - and with near Fen- Curtis Olsen's. The have more was of farmers were not though now that V* mechanical pickers many » are through at this time than the case when all picking had „„., t'o"he dons by Jjand, ^ We called on last week Wednes- Mrs. Jos. Scnuler, north* Wesley. Mrs. Schuler hw day on callers at Arthur Paulsen's . •>-•'. TTiroughout our fine stock of MOHAWK RUGS SPECIAL PRICES 9x12 Wilton Velvets —. --$*WfP 9x12 Velvet, tw»ous »idewalk test rug $2^.75 9x12 Bigh gr^e Axminster, only ^_ Stylish! SPORT OYFOUIIS Fine for school, black, brown or wine, calfskin or suede $3.50 $4.50 Practical! PUMPS December ** funded Bfl. - 19Q8, ftt BARGAINS 32-volt HgM plant battery 2 yew 82.volt Pbilco Radio 32VOH Fan, Iron, 3 Motors Deluxe Waffle H^irBu&P^fls .$575 size 9x12, only --.--———— • (Only ojje to a custoineT) ' i In black suede and tan $3.50 iSb nri»ww \ G^te?^^ y -T Kossutb Radio Sturdy! Boy's Buster Browns Shoes and Oxfords, dressy .but serviceable 1,98to3;95 A City Btore With <owntry

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