Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 10, 1938 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 10, 1938
Page 7
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At?»* Iowa at Telephone his car plung- Bouth o£ Des BBVi Campero, 70- man; in ft head- miles north of Alleneteln, ont man! when hU highway and over,'•' Mr> fttio of, Cedar *£on collision seven 5** 1 * . . "ElAt*** I Waterloo [the Four Catot>bell Jr. d()W ; IS; Eiohard, 18} Jeaji- "V head-on colllsibii 'near Indianok . . hoff, 68-year-old when the car in ,„ riding left ^the 'illes west of Arllng. ar les Ernet, 65, pi rben the car in whicn "L with his son turned 6 —' , , .Louis 1 Clinton letrucV by an auto If 48. Minneapolis car h.'lna coJHslon with a B freight train seveu uest'of Tract .. . W. 69-year-old Montour ad . on collision with a jck about two miles aniceville. _ IR, 22-yew- tils "taxi-cab driver ac- PAGE? <£u ti ttt jj SV town r e NOVEMBER 10,1938 ADOLPH PERILS, OFFENTON,WED FOR 2UEAR8 Penton, Nov. 9—Mr. and Mr*. Adolph Peril wore taken by surprise Saturday evening, whan relatives and friends came to help Celebrate the Peril silver wedding The evening wns spent at cards, after which lunch brought by the guests was served. Attending were Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dau, parents of Mrs. Peril; Mr. and Mrs. II. H Dreyer, their daughters, tho Jolni Rulmkes, Mr. and Mrs. lloy Chris- chlllea, son Donald, Mr. and Mrs Phil Wander, the Merlin Andersons, the Emil Krafts, tho Arthui Zumachs, Lone Rock, the Alfrec Dillons, Swea City, the Harold Smiths, Lotts Creek, the Theodore Bieraledts, the George J, Winkols the Louis Webvspanns, Mre. Martha Pompe, her children, Mr, am Mrs. Andrew Alberta, Mr. ant Mrs. Hugo Bernlnghaus, son Ed ward, Whltlemore, and the Waltei raping a 19-year-old Perils, Sexton. Mr. and Mrs. were laken by Arthur surprise Muelle Sunday 5 rs co-ed, was cap- .iumwa, where he-liad H said Olsen was hired Bis Central station late Uter forcing her to ac! into the. country at a gun he criminally r. Then he took her "dormitory and threat- jm her if she reported (Afterward, Olson stop[• Waterloo home for fled, leaving wife and THE POCKETBOOK '/ KNOWLEDGE B/ TpPPS PUBIIC THE YEARJ IHTfKBfT AlOftg r V/OULP HAv/wwed f FI2ERAJ. E"Byc BET 4-5 VEAR« MOf Whittemore News Mr. and Mrs. Russel Brady are parents of a girl, born Sunday, named Colleen. Mr, Brady is may- sr here. Mr. and Mrs. George Strelt also have a new girl, born the ame day. The Herman Fandels were at Algona Sunday. Llda Potratz came home Sunday, . BOIL coffee. UNTIL n i* M THlCk M MOtAHe*. AWC WEN PRINK IT WfWOIT <»UGAR OK CREAM... IS PARENTS listened L upstairs,'19-year-old _ t Jr., a correspondence (u . st time teur chemist, conducted had been b in his basement lab- fuddenly there was an |nd when the boy's par- 1 down they found him 'ofusely from deep cuts, i and steel were blown dy by the force of the (result of a gunpowder I, and the youth died fcf internal hemorrhages evening, when relatives and some friends called to remind them o their 14th wedding annniversary Seven tables of 500 were in play Arthur Krause won high for men and Mrs. Fred Jacob, Algona, wa high'for women. Mrs. Mueller won a prize. Besides Mr. and Mrs, Ja cobg out of town gueste were Mi and Mrs. Walter JenU, Fairmont Itonnion of Hoovers Family— Mr. and Mrs. Philip Welsbro entertained at a family reunion ~ Sunday honoring Mrs. Lena Pierce, ents, Mr. and Mrs. Morten Nernas, Dwighl, 111., a sister of Mrs. Weis- Slater. Mrs. Anna Osborn spent brod who has made an extended Sunday and Monday with Mrs. visit here with relatives. Other Jennie Jensen, Ringeled, and Mrs. guests were the Walter Weisbrods, Jensen also entertained relatives the Carl Kerns, and Mr. and Mrs. from Bode Monday. Geo. W. Boevers, Algona. In the Mrs. Amos Finnestad entertain- afternoon George and Henry Boe- e a the Afternoon Bridge club Sa.t- vers, brothers, their sisters, Mrs. urday. Mrs. B. C. Weisbrod won THE AVERAGE HOURLY \WAGE Of A WORKER IN !•*. MANUFACTURING I* IJ7°/> HIGHEK THAN THAI OF A SWILAR WORKER. IN SWEPENi ISS°/. HIGHER THAN IN GREAT BRITAIN , 235 '/• HIGHER THAN IN PRANCE. AND A *PeCIAl PVE fOf. COVEWM6 BROWN STCT& IN lAWN GRAW tt NOW WIDELY U4FP... and Arthur Zabel, Milwaukee, Mr. and Mrs. James Fleming and Mrs. Fleming's sister, Anastacia Nelson, all of Mason City, spent Sunday with the women's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Flemihg. Joan Fleming is here from Chicago for ten days with her par- ifter three weeks at the Sherman' ents, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Fleming, lome, Wesley. j She Is employed in the big Stevens The Rosary society entertained department store as a beauty op- at a second card party at the acad-! erator. cmy Sunday evening. Mrs. Leo | Mr. and Mrs. Gene Martini spent 3wanson and Harry Seeley won: Saturday evening at Armstrong high at bridge; Mrs. Peter Fuchsen with relatives. and Gus Elbert at "500." Peter Fuchsen won a door prize. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Helmke's Mrs. Edward Kelly, Emmeteburg, was hostess to the Friday club last week Thursday. The speaker was Sunday guests were Mr. and Mrs. I Mrs. H. E. Woodward, of Whltle- John Hanselman, Emmelsburg. j more, who discussed peace be- James Gleason, Fort Dodge, vls-|tween nations. Ited last week at the Mike Hlgglns j Mrs. Nell Farrell and Kenneth home. He Is an uncle of Mrs. Hlg- . Farrell, accompanied by Sister gine. . . . j Mary Irene and Sister Monica, of Mr. and Mrs. Gus Baker, of Gil- j Dubu'que, drove to Danbury Friday, more City, were last week Thura-'and Mrs. Farrell and Kenneth v *day guests of Mr. and Mrs. Kelvin ited Mrs. Farrell's daughter, Henely at the De Luxe cafe. Mr. ter Marie Celene. Sla- and Mrs. Kelvin Henely were business callers at Ritland Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Waldschmidt, of Mrs. J. S. Cullen entertained Mason City and Whittemore women at contract bridge last week Wednesday. Wesley, spent Sunday with Mrs. day. Mrs. Leo Swanson here won Waldschmidt's mother, Mrs. Mar- ; high. The visiting women drove to garet Elbert.' Mr. and Mrs. Frank (West Bend'to see the grotto. Sprong, Llvermore, spent the day| Mrs. Maude Fish returned Mou- wlth the. Werner Braatz family. . d a y from a visit with a sister at The Methodist Aid will be enter- Balaton, Minn. Fred Fish, of the tallied at Mrs. James Crawford's ICCC camp at Bancroft, spent the next week Wednesday, and assist-! week-end with his mother. Ing hostesses will be Mrs. H. E. 'Mrs. William Riggings and her Frost, Mrs. Cecil Bjustrom, and son Billy drove to Graceville, Mrs. Anton Hurlburt. jMinn., Saturday, returning Sunday. Guests at Arthur Heidenwith's Mary Cauley, aunt of Mrs. Higgine last week were Mrs. Martha Braatz -died there Saturday evening. GAMBLE'S Philip Weisbrod and Mrs. Pierce, high; Mrs. Frank Eigler was low. had pictures taken. "" ' " in years together. This was the that the four Mrs. Pierce went to Algona the same day for Substitutes were Mrs. Raymond stoeber, Mrs. George Jentz,- andi Mrs. Alvln Zumach. - | Eula McFarland, Boone, and' a visit till late in the week, when , Spo ,., Snydel ., stanhope, were .Sun- she leaves for home. Patients at Hospital Visited— Mrs. G. B. Johnson, Eunice and Ke'nneth Johnson, LaVonnc Newel, Lester Johnson, Bancroft, and his children were at Hampton Sunday. Mrs. Erwin Johnson, who day guests at Paul Eigler's. The B. G. Berkelamls, Fcnton, and Homier and Edward Berkeland, Hampden, N. D., visited the Curtis Olsons, Seneca. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Cashmark, Albla, with their children Junior, Barbara Ann, and Charles, are ex- "&L: '""-1-; I CANDIDATES' seeking •have not been the only fug to the good condition isiness. Economists and Ixperts here and else|the same thing. "Iowa," t-'E. Hoffman, dean of the ersity school of com] finance, "is the brigbt- (the whole picture of re'. The dean said/Iowa s was $5,000,000 ahead ol |a proportionate increase i state cpuld match, FOUTCH and Malls- tboth of Waterloo, both [of state old-age pens- 1 last week that 80, tho |ch, was no bar to mar- oue is lonesome. Both Mrs. Foutch have been. ffice before, having lost isea by death, but where . has only two cbildren, (children, and two great- bren, his wife can certify |hildren, 25 grandchildren [eat-grandchildren.' RIAL OF James J. Bur. |year-old Ottumwa man ^^aKm'ptn^oh^M P-ted Friday for visits^with Mrs. *-t$t, •''> • Cashmarkl's sisters, Mrs. Don I Weisbrod, Fenton, and Mrs. Art Have, Ringsted. I Mrs. Chris Geronsin returned Saturday from two weeks with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Willadsen, Clinton. She was called there of the serious illness of her father, who is 79. Bell, who was celebrating his 69tlii The Derwood Kerns spent Sun- birthday anniversary. Dinner | day with Mrs. Kern's parents, Mr. guests were Mrs. J. W. Bell, Em- j ;uid Mrs. Charles Blighton, ™ - has since been a patient there, is the mother of Eunice and Kenneth. The daughter Marjorie is also a hospital patient. J. W. Bell Birthday Honored- Mr, and Mrs. John Kerber entertained at dinner Sunday honoring Mrs. Kerber's father, J. W. '• melsburg, Millon Bell, West Bend,' metsburg. brother of J. W., and Mrs. • Margaret Flindt, Bend. Deformation Program is Given— sented at St. John's Lutheran-) rfhe gt John 'g Lutheran Aid will church Sunday evening: questions h(j church basement this on the Reformation period ask-, woefc Wednesdayi - - -- A Reformation program was pro- Em- Dorothy Airhart left a cousin, Sunday for her home at Clarion, also West ^ Ue g ew and so club met Friday afleruoon a Mrs. E. C. Weisbrod's. Mrs. Robert Kyhl will eii- tertain the Hook & Needle eewing circle this week Wednesday. ed by Fred Welters, teacher, answered by pupils. *.«.» hostesses group and a newly '""* church choir sang. Mrs. Theodore Edw. Mitchell r c s;=£p^ organized °^ rs H en ,, y Tjaden, Algona, is at her daughter Mrs. W. Laage's. Billio and Mary Tjaden, also Al- Latest Style * CONSOLE GRAND 8 Tube Coronado A.C. Compare with $100 Radios A style and beauty acclaimed by thousands. New lower and wider console grand cabinet of fine walnut expertly matched. Beautifully rubbed and finished. The style you need and want in your home plus the latest radio improvements for 1939. • Automatic Push Button Tuning • Foreign Reception • Finest 10-inch, Speaker • R.C.A. Licensed Model 816B Cash Price Liberal Trade-In Allowance $1.50 Pei WMk Piyibk Monthly - Inclidei fn», HNd «nd torudo inturiiut Son for the Lloyd Finueslads— | Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Finnestad; are parents of an 8-lh. daughter, — — ~ • ^ eyenlng tm born Friday nl B h>_ Mr. and Mrs. l^f 0 ^,, Donnle B oettcher. pth the murder last April flndahl, elderly and ec- iloosa money lender. | set for November 14. S 46, also Ottumwa, ac- Burrier of the slaying trial immediately' after kWindahl was found dear jome of gunshot wounds ttch found near the body ) arrests. KEN'11 years slice Movie fry Cooper attended Grin- Last week 638 atu- ed a petition Inviting ktend homecoming. At Chi- Mer graciously received >tlon, but told its bearer, Beta Gee, Shenandoah, i Mrs. Cooper must bus|New York to sail for Burer last attended a Grin- Amer Cody called Sunday to make the acquaintance of the new arrival. Other Fcnton. Mrs. Derwood Eigler, her son, and Mrs. Eigler's father, E. Hus- Sunday with Donnie His parents came for him. Mrs. Mae Voigt, Welcome, Minn., the Paul Klenz family, Ceylon, Minn., were Sunday visitors at the Henry Boevers home. _ Alice Dreyer, R. N., of Des ^^^^^^^rS^ s ^ Wesley Witter. Mrs, E. Huatomp, ^JM^^jf^ranBe drove to Rochester lost week Wednesday, and Mrs. Kmuse was to go through UI1U tl«3 i» ivi,i-»*i - tfi • j iir_Tfrt home with the Fenton party. \ th > Mayo TVCRiC/ f» »uvv-» . - ----- — • who had been visiting a sister, Mrs Edw. Beeler, and tbe Witters Litchfield, 111., weeks, came AS YOU LIKE if Craning Service , . FocakOBte» farm- Jrta a corn yield of 140 [an acre on a 72-acre tract After moisture deduc- 1 net yield was figured at . William Glenn 1 wunty farm near Klrk.- ptt a county alfalfa field i A six-acre field sown to lylelded more than 40 tons [cuttings. ' OLD AGE pension p»y , exceeded 11,000,000 las ]' the first time in the »u old age assistance Ise, pensjfou recip F the first time In fou exceeded 60.000, Bxactl f» was mailed In Octobe 50,445 pensioner^, > Payment of |19,83. whose have attracted wido •nf ,v -- 1 resigned a» dl- IM the Iowa WPA historical 7 survey, a job paylB g | 2)< oO sSf*? h° |0 ° W< 1u, 0 er I there. *S, e« Just as close AS OALI r prices reasonable.' NEW 1939 CORONADO 5 TUBE A.C. RADIO WITH Automatic ' Tuning. N»we«t StyU PUstlc Oblmt R.C. A.: Licensed Cash Price 1939 CORONADO 7 TUBE A.C. CONSOLE Another beautifully styled Coronadp console. Attractive walnut cabinet with sloping center panel and waterfall top. - • Large 10-inch Speaker • Fine Tone and Performance • R.C.A, Licensed > Automatic Push Button Tuning • Electric Tuning Eye • 7 Tube A.C. Chassis Model 807B M „ „ Compare with toy ftM.OO Radio, Cash Price , .-»... ».M P«r W^k,P.y.bU Monthly ' Includes $3985 SENSATIONAL NEW DEVELOPMENT IN BATTERY RADIOS THIS NEW 1V 2 VOLT CORONADO CONSOLE GRAND OPERATES AS ECONOMICALLY AS A.C. RADIOS K3« UD to 60%. This new Coronado prints the famous console Sand cabtaet with all the beauty of finest furniture to homes without electricity. Two dual purpose tubes tfte 7 tobejpejj a'^^^fes^ $a4S§ Less batteries..; *. ',-.•• •'• •;• • e» "•§ , $1.25 Per Week, Payable Monthly Includes tire, flood «rtd toriudo Insurance ** *"* lern Cleaners K.C.A. li/ ? VOLT CORONADO BATTERY (MANTEL RADIO B»tterydr»Jiicutup- volt low dr«intilbes. Stylish w«ln«t cab- iaet, MSileJ 802A ' C«sb Price I'PHttffiw mem TOUR FRIKKl) AT MEAL TIME FRIDAY ASD, SATURDAY, JfOVEMBEll 11 AM) 12 ~~ ~C ALT AGAIN! When yop dine on purchases made at Council Oak we want yon to'be so delighted that yon will return again. Thatis why Council Oak gives such close attention to both duality and orlce. Beef Roasts p cr Pound,iec«nd———-*v^ Shoulder Boasts cut from well covered, fine flavored, ma- tare beef. Fresh Side Pork VvnA 12'/zc ™vy •$£?£??JS&* Sftt rtSK. TnVrS sliced at, the samp, price. BIG AND RING BOLOGNA, pound 12%c FALL SALMON, per pound 14c BLACK COD, per pound ** c WIENERS, fresh smoked, pound i* 1 FRESH OYSTERS, per pint 2i * BeefSteak Now that the weather is cooler you can buy beef steak for more than one meal. These steaks will be cut thin, medium or thick at the following prices. RIB BEEF STEAK, pound 16c SIRLOIN STEAK, pound _ —— 17c ROUND STEAK, pound — — 18c Blue Berries Superb Brand 1 7 f* No. 2 can .—— -•*• • ^ Blueberry pie was an expensive luxury in 1928 when it was necessary for Council Oak to get 33c for Superb Blueber- rins. Blueberry Pie is a popular priced luxury when Superb Blueberries can be bought at a special price of l<c per can. /"* ~l_!^_ Chocolate 9 97/* V_O OKieS ararshnmllow ----- ^ Ibs. ^ « ^ With cooler weather these dainty cakes are again on sale at all Council Oak Stores. A popular number with the youngsters. A round vanilla cooky topped with marshinallow and covered with dark cocoanut butter icing. Macaroni Products 2 S^LglSc No better "Budget Balancer" than our duality macaroni and spaghetti packed in cellophane. Affords such a wide range of delicious and economical dishes. T Extra 17 C Una Fancy No. % tin •*• * There are several varieties of tuna. For an extra fancy, solid pack, "light meat" tuna try the Superb Brand at our special nrico. Mushrooms *{£• an(18 .o, can -27c Unbleached cultivated mushrooms. They add to the flavor of steaks, roasts, stews, gravies and casserole dishes. SUPERB WHOLE KERNEL Golden IOC Bantam No. 2 can ^ choicest corn in the field is packed under the^si^ J. B. C. Grahams 2 55? rrisn cranchy jrraham crackers contain the required rough- SsVr a balaSdiefc Children enjoy graham crackers spread with peanut butter for nourishing between lunches. . LJPTOS'S YELLOW LABEL Only 18 c meal Orange Pekoe Tea Pound 20* SPECIAL PRICES FOK THIS SAM Ponn<l TRY COUNCIL OAK Cracked Wheat Bread and enjoy Its delicious nutty flavor Tomato Catsup 14 °S e 10 c The rich tomato flavor of Council Oak^Catsnp adds to the iWoyment of meats, fish, salads, cocktails and casserole dishes. COUNCIL OAK WHOLE BERRY Coffee pound, 25c 01* 3 Ibs. for _— '.V* for the bags In which you buy this excellent blend of coffee. c Q 49c Spry O Lb. can ^ Yon will be delighted when yon make your next white cake with this light, fluffy shortening. SPECIAL FOR THIS WEEK-END P. & G. Products Camay Toilet Soap, cake ____---P & <1 Soap, 5 giant bars — - - - ---- 19c SUNKIST ORANGES, sweet and juicy, each ^ lc TEXAS GRAPEFRUIT, Marsh Seedless, doz. „—2»c HEAD LETTUCE, crisp, solid, each—_ -___-6c POTATOES, 25-lb. bag >,_,-,——T——** C 6c 1939 ijjpeeS&fte. MOD EL You'll "Pick it" too ., . .. CORONA Speedline Portable Students in school and college want Coronas to help in their work. Better Grades—Faster Progress. CORONA STANDARD has floating shift, touch seleo k^ys, to yp«r own 8tyle),pian9-keyacti6Q, Streamlined appear* ance, and many e»cl\i* , sive fcatures. Carrying 'iB*!*"'* 1 *' ( > • V«*- 'V •^. • ,<* ' t V ' ! ? 1( " *J\ .»-v V } 3 % U> *,B*v k5 f f ^« s fi fi CW\,24 ij^^^f^^. 8e«0wll , **~~ ^v- ;%~~ J»4 -" 'ix^ " •: «--- ,- ^ - L 'tj> »:$. , ' ' n i^i' M x?fe'i^kii> t ' H l._-&,' 1 . ^'sfT'i/^i •H, ", 3 \. jf * ..*». firt^lJ 1 ,... -, ,-r.j,Ei.. t «)i!,.tj ^«.sJ3W-i

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