Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 10, 1938 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 10, 1938
Page 5
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RMI5TIC DAY \ KOftSUTft COUNTV ADVANCE. ALGONA. IOWA FIVE f tne orldWarWas [Celebrated. years ago tomorrow '•he first authentic word .Utlce and the end of the r was received in Al- 'telephone call from Min- H. C. Adams at 5 a. m. Radio was then i W news, Mr. Adania began rlng- " Congregational church other church bells Mrs. . V. Jnnso. left Friday for " i , ( . : ,^ i ° visa h C1 . ltayu r ter, Mrs. Miller. r Grove, were Sunday at their son Russell's here The lho (Thursday) Butler. She remained Friday and Saturday to look after errands in connection with a literary organ- 1/atlon to whcih she belongs. Mr. nnd Mrs. Vcrn Clark went to Emmetsburg Sunday to get their son Larry, who had spent the . ,. ., u.j, week-end with Mr. and Mrs. Jack at the Masonic Temple. 1). D. Mon-1 "rennan. Mrs. Brenmui is a niece lux Is worshipful muster. °f Mrs. Clark. Mr. Clark runs "•" Mrs. Frank I>ot| cr , Sioux City came a week ago Sunday for ' a with ,, fe the Sheehans most of her but wafl attending grade who Is in a Mayo hospital. Mr. Be'hrens suffered a severe skull a' ho e rs a e S °Mr W fcke e r «"ool at Bault St. ^Tarte this year. returned Saturday, Mrs. Barker The Sheehans expect to bring her remaining for a longer stay. here as soon as she is able to leave In a recent letter to her parents, the hospital, Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Keen, Mrs. En- i jf r . nnd jf rs . T _ j, yincent drove £5? fit" Sr^I^ft.^ «» <«» <*-.r Rapids Saturday made a week-end trip to New York. f °r a visit till yesterday with the City, where Mr. Wettstone attended an athletic association meeting. Mrs. Wettstone was Eleanor Keen, i and her husband is athletic teach- ; er In the Pennsylvania school. i local Vincents and old friends. ™ oy and lhe 9' W ' Lawrences still "ve on a 12-acre fox farm just outside Cedar Rapids. Mr. Law- ver.cn, a former Algona high school cousin, Mrs. Merlyn |,|( till Tuesday 1-were soon niaces of business were 0P 'en but Mayor Wads- clared a holiday, and ev- wa s closed for a celebra- uding the city schools , ere { 0 have opened that • after having 'been closed ral -weeks because of a flu ic Flags appeared every- and automobiles crowded -onle soon formed a contin- jocession down State street. Ifhe Kaiser Sn EWIgy. kind of noise-maker was people on visit of Indefinite length with her L. K. Potter. le snout from Sunday nt Minneapolis, and drove back a new Pontiac for tho Algonn Motor Sales garage. Mrs. Curl Wiui^e and her nephew, Arnold Bobo, got home Monday from two weeks with relatives at Waterville and Jackson, Minn. Miiry Kiiln, now a nurse in a hospital at Denver, has been visiting her. mother, Mrs. John Kain, near Algona, for the last two weeks. . Mr. nnd .Mrs. Sigurd Jacobson, Schaller, were week-end guests the Intter's parents, fr^lSSaz ST& K : 2°«J»L= ., „ , „ , gan is a sister of Mrs. "Bud" Zcn- hverctt nnd Konvrt, son of Mr.J del , and of H ay,el Potter, who is nome 400 foxes on the ranch at this time. Pelting operations will THIS MAYO DOCTOR SHIES AT POPULAR 'IUMS' AS REMEDY the streets. Vita were kept ringing all nd the fire truck and fire used intermittently. were Kaisev the Alexander, were Sunday guests of Dr. and Mrs. H. M. Olson. Mrs. Jacobson is a sister of the Doctor. Mrs. Leslie .Stephens has been sick two weeks with the "flu," but wan reported improving Tuesday. Mr. Stpehens Ls a rural mail carrier. Mrs. A. A. Bishop left Tuesday evening for South Bend, Ind., to visit her daughter, Mrs. B. L. Hil- Ikird. Mr. Htlliard is district manager there for a finance company. County Agent A. L. Brown and Mrs. Ruth Hicks, county H. D. A., are at Ames this week, attending an "Outlook" meeting at the State and Mrs. Herschel Hhompson, attended the Drnkc-Iowa State foot ball game at Amos Saturday. Their cousin, Wilbur Harvey, plays in the Drake backfleld. The boys visited «. sister at Gilbert. Mr. and Mrs. Thompson motored down after them Sunday. Mrs. W. S. Windcll went to Des Moines Saturday to help care for her daughter Irma, who is Mrs. J. B. Altwegg, and a new Windell grandson, born Friday, weight nine employed at the Iowa State bank, j Mr. Lonergan has a drug .store at Schaller. pounds. employ. Mr. Altwegg is in state There are two other chil- 'into existence during ,.,.* collegc . ours of the celebration and, ^ Ospnr Andcrsollf Mrs Gco Conklin, Mrs. Alfred Sehultz, Weri- dren in the Altwegg family, one a hoy, the other a girl. The Rev. Daniel E. Grieder, of Austin, Tex., was a dinner guest last week Wednesday evening of njours <»• i "° •.""-—• - Liiant service all day. One Eshed to the 'rear of a hay- Another swung Ingloriously board strapped to the top of Itomobile, and another hung Led from a tree near the house bandstand all after- Another showed the Kaiser gibbet with a rope around feck. irthoiise Cannon Fired. old courthouse cannon, a W the Civil war Known to ev- and daughter of old Kos- 1 played its part In Monday's Itice celebration. he shot in the early morning t the echoes. That exhausted Iowa football game. Mr. Enclwon fe ammunition In town: J. A. travels fr a hardware company nell, pressed into service as there. Ins carrier, motored to Mr.s. Ralph Cooper, Colfax, was lemore after more powder, and a week-end guest of her mother, rSiing, hardware merchant Mrs. Charlotte Parsons. Mrs. Coo- gave up his whole stock, 25 per is the former Janet Parsons, D"' " L _ ... _ „,, A lirti« lmt<Viii r»rl 10 nmnlnvml m n ley Schultx, and "Bud" Anderson were at Fort Dodge Saturday on a business mission. Mrs. Frank. Wnkel left Sunday to spend the winter with her daughters at St. Paul and Minneapolis. Her present addross is 110-E. 44th St., Minneapolis. Guests at the A. A. Sterling home Friday and Saturday wore Leigh Batcman and his daughters Beiva and Patty, Webster City. Leigh is a brother of Mrs. Sterling. Mr. and Mrs. 0. W. Erl'jknon spent the week-end at Minneapolis and attended the Mlnncsota- Mr. and Mrs. Alwin Huenhold. Ho was a speaker Sunday at 60th anniversary Presbyterian services at Lakots. Mrs. Huenhold is a former Lakotan, nnd Mr. Grieder ,s, a former pastor there. II. A. Tnttle went to Minneapolis last week Thursday to attend Northwestern drug company sale.-, meeting. G. L. Vans accompanied him and bought holiday goods foi the drug store at West Bend whici he and his son Carl operate. Mv Tuttle formerly traveled for a Des Moines drug company. with Mrs Fr ay for Burnham " begin ooon. As he grows older, Mr. Vincent lonkr, more and more li'to the late Phil Hanna, of Lu- Verne, who was once consul-general at Monterey, Mex. prosperous' Ml ' s - "• v - Alllnsoii, Chicago, ar• rived Sunday to help care for her Robert Welter, staunch republi-' falher ' K W " Bechwith. who is sick can at Wesley, came over Wed:vs- day to get the election returns. Mr. Welter is a pioneer resident of Wesley. He and his wife have; three daughters. Justice Delia Welter and Edith Welter, the latter of the county agent's office, are the only children "the old folks" and they spend only week-ends at home. P. 31. Collins, manager of the Pioneer Hi-Bred Corn branch here, is a new member of the Rotary club. The club's, membership now totals 54. Mr. Collins' old home town is Menlo. He and his wife have two chidlren, a son, who is in the first grade at school, and was a daughter three years old. Mr. An employe at. a gas station at Bancroft had an em- Iwrrnssing moment recently. Ho sold gas to a stranger who asked, for a bottle of strawberry pop to settle the stomach. The attendant be- in a generous fellow, pulled out a package of turns and offered them to the stranger, saying that Tunis never failed to relieve him. Hut. the stranger, who took out a professional card and handed It to the yonng man, said he could not advocate the nso of Tunis. The card carried the name of one of the lead- Ing doctors in the Mayo clinic." Bennett Mitchell Son Dies at 78 at Hospital at Minot J. W. Mitchell, 78, died Sunday morning at a Mtnot, N, D., hospital following an operation. He had been in the hospital some weeks and had had three blood transfusions. Funeral services were held Tuesday at Mr. Mitchell'* town, Palermo, N. D., And burial was made there. Mr. Mitchell Is remembered here as the son of the late Dr. Bennett Mitchell, Methodist pastor t» Al* gona many years ago and a pioneer Methodist circuit rider, tie was a brother of the. ROT. C. ft Mitchell, former Burt pafttor, now at Buffalo Center, and of the Iat6 D. J. Mitchell, Algona. Mrs. D. J. Mitchell and her daughters could 'not attend the funeral. ___^ drove to Maouoketa, where she] got her mother for return to Algo- nn. Mr. Yeoman recently purchased a Ford garage at Maquoketa, and his wife had spent a fow days with him. During her absence Mr. Beckwith was cared for by Mrs. Bernard Yeoman. The G. C. am} HOSPITALS KOSSUTH. November 8—'Mrs. Clarence Jacobsen, Britt, boy; Jerry Weiner, Bernard Yeomans live in the samel Lone Rock, broken, leg. house. November 9—Louis Olson, Algo: Alfred Matson, once .a Lotts na, medical. Orelt farmer, later 'an Algonian, down Saturday from the quarter section farm northwest of November 10—Mrs. George Gamblin, Wesley, girl. and he has lived for the last several years. He has a family I living with him and sub-rents Tlio Rev. Din-id K. Martin,' new chusetts. Mr. Livingston is Collins was with the Hi-Bred com- A I m . s . tr ™ g ^ hlc ,^.. h , e ,. ren .^ Pany at Des Moines before coming to Algona. Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Norton are "••"» ;•"." •»••• «-^-_ ou^-,^..^,, reported on the way home from a '", ° two weeks tour in the cast. They and Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Livingston, Cresco, who accompanied them, , . , . , ,.,,_, expect to arrive Friday. The two hta Potatoes were drowned out this couples visited New York City, *™. r - Hla swe ? 1 co ™ » sold ., t o * Washington, D. C., Chicago, Pitts- Fairmont canning factory. Alfred burgh, Pa., and points in Massa- usually snends his winters at Den- sales vel- ' ™h ere ne nas three married .the land to the head of = family, devoting his own attention to raising potatoes, onions, and sweet corn. He reported that] by the daughters and a son, and he Is preparing now to leave for Colorado PS, refusing to accept a. cent ,jient. out 10-30 word''that the. can- l-was going to be fired again •passed, and a curious crowd Ved on the north side of the house lawn. Chas. E. Lamp[ drove home a charge of about and her husband is employed in a sanitarium. Mrs. Frank Shllts and Mrs. Alwin Huenhold will take an auto- load each of women to Lakota today (Thursday) to attend an annual bazaar at the Presbyterian there Gold- Congregational pastor, was a guest manager for a tool made of tho Rotary club Monday. Mr.. Norton machine shop. Martin was a member of the Aus-! The A, W. Belirends family, tin, Minn., club ten years. A. B. Tom B. Dalleys, and the Herbert L AT?OR MAP OF COUNTY Mallory, Clear Lake, and H. E. Bursts were at Lakota Sunday, at- j able for f mm i nCi Barringer, Emmetsburg, Rotarians, tending exercises, for the 60th an- eacb Kossuth county from their respective towns, were niversary of the founding of the j also guests of the local club. , Lakota Presbyterian church. They ( linger Michel, Jesse Reynolds, visited the women's mother, Mrs. Robert Ditsworth, and John and Minnie Heetland. Mr. Behrends Tommy Kohlhaas, high school foot- janitor at the high school building ball boys, attended the homecom- here, Mr. Dailey is building con- IUK game at Ames Saturday and tractor for Botsford's, and Herbert, brought Howard Medin back with is a mineral salesman. them. Ho is a .senior at the col-1 Mrs. Archie Hutchison, Mrs. D. lege and spent the week-end here C. Hutchison, daughter Joan, and with his father, Samuel Medin. Mrs. Emma Dorian, tho latter of t>ui|? Vinson and Orville Hane- San Diego, Calif., were Des Moines gau, students at the Mitchell, S. visitors Tuesday and Wednesday, D., college of which Dr. J. H. Edge visiting relatives. Mrs. A. Hutchi- is president, arc expected for the snit- Our Greatest FUR SALE W e d and »« C**» CXltV* Oct. 16 and 17 week-end with their mothers, Mrs. Howard respective M. Vinson and Mrs. Hanegan. Craig is a frefehman; Orvlile. a sophomore. br WaQsworth's home, but the fir nnd all his belongings es- damage. Guns Recoil Terrific. Amfahr is a Fuller brush salesman. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bohlln spent the week-end at Hartley with Mr. and Mrs. Harold LaMay. Mr. toe cannon was fired again at' uohlin, who is with the Gamble tals during the day, and gave at0 re here, formerly clerked at the mal salvos at the bonfire at Hartley Gamble store jetic park in the evening. When fired at ninht there was a son visited her sisters, Mrs. Gardner Cowles and Mrs. F. E. V. Shore, and Mrs. D C. Hutchison visited her sister, Mrs. Frank Car. roll. Mrs. Dorian had for three Ionise Smith and Lucile Gal- ! weeks been visiting at the home of houn, both freshman at the I. S. T. her brother, J. T. Chrischilles.. | C., Cedar Falls, spent the week-end! Albert Gran/ow got home Tues- at home, Louise with her mother, ' day evening from Rochester, where Mrs. Clyde Smith, Lucile with her he had spent a month and had a parents, Mr. and Mrs, Ross Cal- major operation. He came by bus noun, farmers north of Algona. and surprised his family. He re- City ported yesterday (Wednesday) that Mon- he. was now feeling fine, and said ; that before leaving Rochester he called on Mrs. Samuel Medin, also a patient there, and found <her doing -well, though she will have to be there two more weeks.. Mr. Me- ALGONA, IOWA PHONES 420 - 421 Free Delivery SPECIALS Fri., Saturday, Monday, Nov. 11-12-13 10 Ibs.45c Mrs. Smith went to Sioux Sunday to visit friends till i'enora, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ' E L ' Hagg, spent the week-end at Humboldt with Lavonne, daughter Brown Sugar Lb. 5c extending several feet from ^outh. Ivery time the old gun was the recoil drove the trailer rear into the ground about I feet. The roar accompanying [cannon's discharge "was heard niles. John Huschka reported ng heard It at St. Benedict, t miles away. ! It took four to five pounds of Ider for each charge, and every V the guu went off up town the Jcnsslon broke neighboring win- la. Half of the windows in the side of the courthouse were ishcd. McDonald's implement p> Delmert'a hotel, the old laun- Horan's furniture shop, the nnce shop, the opera house, |.oilier buildings suffered sim- damago. One of the window is in the courthouse belfry was •ro in." Mass Bonfire at Night. i the evening there was a mass fire at Athletic park and boxea, barrels, and other refuse coy' the Ki-ound for 100 feet in cor- iference. Even an old puthouse i. contributed. A wagon load of law was dumped at one end, and N auto company gave a barrel loll which was spread over of- Ttttag. An effigy of the Kaiser, I head adorned with horns, was «mtod at the top of the pile. 1 crowd of thousands watched 1 "re, and the cannon was shot I nearby. The band played and » procession around the tire finally back up town. 'We Kaiser's *»Obseglnes. M {" the afternoon, thousands at- a ™ "the Kaiser's obsequies" on courthouse lawn. The band Patriotic selections, and , s were made 'by Mayor Msworth, Judge Quarton, S. E. fNahon, au d Congressman-elect Said the Advance: of them suggested a that had struck many oth- • that November 11 would there- Br t>e a holiday and he celehrnt- Practically the whole civil_ I World." . •.'..••'• |«ne Rock had & part in the big ^ration, when dynamite was to blast out a, big rock, which thrown 50 feet to air. The ex- rattled windows as far as Baucroft, cally the entire front page « week's Advance was given to the celebration, and sub"" were urged to save copies the boye" when they got Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Schutter, of West Bend, with t- wo sons > were callers last week Thursday at Tom K Dailey's here. Mrs. Schutter is a sister of Mrs. Dailey, and Mr. Schutter Is a mortician. ttertnide and Ida Stoffel got home Monday from a few weeks with relatives at Chicago, Joliet, 111 and Dubuque. They are daughters of Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Stoffel, farmers north of Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lyle. Minn., with two Ostrum, children, were Saturday and Sunday guests of Edward's parents, Mr and Mrs. Frank Ostrum. Edward is m Botsford lumber employ. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ehmke of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Prew. The Frews were Algonians when Mr. din, who had been with his wife, Prew was head cook at State's was to return yesterday. Cafe. Lenora is in the fourth I^™ Sorensen left Tuesday for grade at school, and her father is employed at Norton's machine shop, Knrlmm. daughter of Mr. and Sorensen left Tuesday New Providence, where he is spending a few days with his daughter, Mrs. Warren Reece, tho former Evelyn Sorensen. From of Mrs. G. C. Schobee, spent the week there he was to go to MarahaU- end at Britt with the Elmer Ander- town for the rest of the week with sons. Her parents went after her another daughter, Mrs. Harry Mal- 1 Sunday and spent the day there. oy, nee Edna Sorensen. Mr. Reece The Scobees were neighbors of is a farmer; Mr. Malloy, quarter- 1 the Andersons when Mr. Scobee master at the state Old Soldiers' was depot agent at Britt. Mr. Sco- Home. Lars continues to improve bee is now agent here for the Mil- from his recent Rochester operation, and, m fact, is having the . Britt, with their son Bobby, were Sunday dinner guests of the Hai- vey Hackbortnu. Mr. Ehmke works for a oil company at Britt, ana Mr. Hackbarth drives an oil trues. The It. It. Hutzells ^pent Friday and Saturday at Fairmont, guests of the V. K. Petersons. Mr. Petei- son owns a cleaning plant and Mu I-lutzell is manager of the Intel national Harvester shop here Mr. and airs. L. F. R.ce and Mi. nnd Mrs D. D. Monlux attended a Masonic meeting at Eagle Grove htst week Thursday evening. They also attended a dinner for the White Shrine, a Masonic ordei. Me. and Sirs. George w ukee Among Algonians who attended the 60th anniversary celebration of the founding of the Presbyterian church at Lakota Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Henry Guderian, Mrs. time of his life as a man whose only job is to get well and leave ^™**J O *™* "}' ° thDel ' S s heenan Mr. and Mrs. Edw. D. Sneenan leave today for Sault Ste Marie, Powdered Sugar 2 Ibs. 13c Potatoes Irish Cobblers 100-lb. bag _-75c Butter Nut or Folger's Coffee 2 Ibs. --,47c Navy Beans \ Choice Michigan 31bs. _ Marc MoorrMayo,. and'irs. C. F. Mich, for the week-end with Ros- Specht, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Behr- anne Brown, who Is in a hospital Alwin Huenholds, Mrs. Aalderke, "•— '-»—'— • ™- •»"<*»„> nf the Edward Wolcotts, and Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Monlux. Druggist and Mrs. T. H. Barker there, following three week ago In which she suffered brain concussion. She was unconscious more than a week, but drove to Rochester last week is now conscious and can recog- Thursday to call on Mrs. Barker's nize people, though still unable to, brother, R. B. Behrens, Postville, '-"• " , talk, Rosanne has made her home . Schheff Me. an r. B p?n Sunday at Emmetsburg with 11 „,««! SS? ^ at the Gamble BO*. store THU11S.-FRI. NOV 10.-11 LIONEL BARRYMOKE Lew Ayers Lynn Carver '*^ Ben4 Couple in Minnetota ra SUNDAY-M01V., NOV. 18-14 A NEW TRIUMPH AMERICA'S SWEET FOR an Graham Crackers Presh, good 1 Ib. box IQc Fresh Cookies Fancy and Plain Presh 2 Ibs. 25c Corn Meal Presh Ground Sib.bag _-----9c Fig Bars Fresh 1 Ib. lOc IGA Flour 49-lb.bag--$ljg Oyster Shell 100-lb. bag _JB9c IGA Hi-Test LYE, can 7$ Iga. Xtra Whipped Salad Dressing 8-oz. jar 15c Strawberry and Rasp. 18-k Pure Presen-es, 16-oz. 23* > T o. Mb 18-k Saner Krnut 2 cans 19* All Flavor IGA Jell PoAvder, 2 for __9* IGA Pnr« Vanilla, 2-oz. 23* IGA Down Toilet Paper 3 rolls 19* MATCHES, 6 boxes 17* IGA Plain or Iodized SALT, 2 boxes 136 Snring Heat? MOP STICKS, ea. .126 5-lb, bas Whole WHEAT FLOUR _ IS* 5-lb. ba«r Pure GRAHAM FLOUR 15* Cnp and Saucer Free Coffee, Blue G, Ib. .25* Coffee, Red A, II). _17* 2-lb. pkg. _ 33* 8-lb. pkg. 47* Brown Betty Coffee, Fresh, 2 Ibs. 45* Thompson Seedless RAISINS, 2 Ibs. ___!$* CRACKERS Fresh Soda box TEXAS SEEDLESS GRAPEFRUIT Large 96 size Sweet P#»f»lr (Full pack by weight) _ lTr:t»,lV Competition Defying Prices on QUALITY Rubber Footwear All First Quality, No Seconds, No Rejects. Regardless of Price You Pay You Get Only First Quality Here. Men's All Rubber Dress, 4 Buckle Converse ARCTICS Light weight satin finish rubber. Fleece lined throughout. Neatly lasted to fit up to date shoe styles $1.85 BOYS' SIZES Some outstanding features $1.69 Youths' sizes 11 to 13y 2 , $1.39 Men's 4 Buckle HEAVY DUTY ALL RUBBER Heavy corrugated sole. Made to last. Men's 2 Buckle Work Rubber CONVERSE MAKE Snug fitting, heavy duty rubber for all types of work. $1.29 It's values like this that make the Hub headquarters for rubber footwear. An unusually low price Men's Sheepskin Pac's 69C Heavy Wool Work Sox 19C Exclusive Dealers in Algona of Ball Band Rubber Footwear Clothiers Plus • Autumn Styles Gibbons Adventures News SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 12 fii ° '"ends Nov. Tie 8— Lois stole a marcn driving t(? a ^d eetttas , who bad been bew, to the Our Greatest FUR SALE We4. and Th»rt, Qct, 16 and IT • Joa^AVI^^manda "SuRoHso^TEffsiL Plus Oranges, good siase, 2 doz. -------- 25c Lettuce, large solid heads --- 2 for I5c Cranberries, 2 Ibs. Eatmore, Ig. size 35c PURE LARD, 2 Ibs. ______-----,- !9c Bacon Squares, Ib. _ ------ ____-- 12|<? Fancy Beef Roast, Ib. ____------- 14|c Fresh Liver Sausage, Ib, ------ - - - - 16 c Ring Bologna and Mince Ham, Ib. _!5c Pork Liver and Heart, Ib. - ------ 12£c lib; Stick Chili ---------------- ; 23c Pork Roast, shoulder, Ib, -------- 14|c Boston Best Pork Roast, Ib -------- 19c Pure Pork Sausage --------- 2 Uwh 29c Ground Beef _____________ 2 lb«. 29c FANCY HEIFER BEEF— Fore quarter, Ib, - - - I3ic Hind quarter, Ib. -- --.-. --.- ,- ^jc THURSDAY THRU SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 10-12 The Three Mesquitters {Gloria Stewart in "RIDERS OF THE BLACK Hills" Michael Whalen in "TIME OUT FOR MURUER" Dick Tracy Serial. SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 18 AND FOUR DAYS Mama, those men are here again! Broadway's biggest Road Show Hit! Qytl«jri - » Part* "jnT^&*[j>if * ->j.. '"*•< Sti,

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