The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 14, 1954 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 14, 1954
Page 10
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FACE TEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, JANUARY 14, 1954 Tidbit Masterpieces Are Made of Pecans By CECILY BROWNSTONE Associated Press Food Editor STRICTLY FOR MUNCHKRis AND KIBBLERS — and who isn' one j _ are these three tidbi masterpieces. Perfect to serve Whei friends come calling. Bring a tray- ful of them on with your favorite beverage and your winter party wll' be off to a good start. Pecans figure in one of our three tidbit foods — all sweet and spiced ThU year we have the largest pecan crop on record ready to be Uied in wonderful things to eat Nearly alJ the pecans sold in the their shell* are thin and easy to crack, the meats are large and they're not hard to take out of the shell if you don't feel like cract ing pecans you can. of course, buy the nuts already shelled. Another of these tidbits is shredded bite-size cereal squares. Have you noticed how these cereals are getting all tucked out with seasonings these days, and have come into great favor as party fare? Try our recipe — double or triple it, if you like. Jiist make plenty — people Jove these. The third choice morsel is a cheese wafer — a combination of sharp Cheddar, butter or margarine, flour and a dash of paprika. All the good old-fashioned cookbooks had a version of these wafers; theyre so delicious they should be perpetuated. These wafers have a great advantage: you can keep a roll of them in the refrigerator and bake as 3'ou like. We're all for giving each guest a plate of his own on which to stack his snacks. Save yourself work and use paper plates — the kind that are lunch-size, firm and nonab- fcorbent. Then with paper napkins on hand you'll be all set - and to will your guests. SPICED PECANS • Ingredients: 2 tablespoons butter or margarine, M cup sugar, teaspoon cinnamon, dash of cloves, dash of nutmeg, 1 cup pecan halves. Method: In heavy skillet, melt butter. Add sugar, cinnamon Beef Roll-Ups Easy to Make Biscuits and Ground Beef Combine Well By GAVNOB MADDOX NEA Food and Markets Editor You'll enjoy this combination ot 'ground beef and biscuits. This recipe comes from friends who live on * farm up the Hudson River. They enjoy good food. Here's evidence. Beef Roll-Up» (Makes 8 roll-ups) Filling:: One pound lean ground I beef, one-third cup nonfat dry milk ' powder, I teaspoon salt, V, teaspoon pepper. Biscuit: One and one-hull cups sifted flour, i/ 2 cup nonfat dry milk powder, 3 teaspoons baking powder. "2 teaspoon salt, 14 cup shortening, two-thirds cup water. Filling: Combine all Ingredients. Reserve. Biscuit: Sift together flour, nonfat dry milk powder, baking powder, and salt. Cut In shortening with two knives or pastry blender until mixture resembles coarse corn meal. Add water a little at a time tfl make soft dough. Roll out on lightly foured board to rectangle 12 x 8-inches. Spread meat filling evenly over dough. Roll up lengthwise, jellyroll fashion. Cut Into eight parts approximately IV, inches thick. Bake on ungrensed baking: sheet in moderate oven (375 degrees .1 until browned, about 30 minutes. OMvc Sauce (Serves 8) One and one-hnlf cups water, onc-tinrd cup nonfat dry milk powder, 3 tablespoons .flour, 3 .i teaspoon salt. 1 4 teaspoon curry powder, 'j cup sliced .stuffed olives. Place water in top of double boiler. Sprinkle nonfat dry milk powder, flour, salt and curry powder over surface of water. Beat with a votary beater until .lust blended. Cook, stirring constantly, over hot water until mixture thickens. Stir in sliced olives. Serve over Beef Roll-Ops. This Soup Aids Menu for Bridge Party Guests Your table of bridge-players will enjoy this delightful soup. VEGETABLE CREAM SOU!' SUPREME Ingredients: One 10-ounce package Irozen peas and carrols,, 1! small onion (chopped), 1 ciipj chicken stock or bouillon, 1 cup light cream, Vi cup cooking sherry, Salt and pepper (to taste), croutons and paprika. Melhod: Cook peas and carrots with onion, covered, in 1 cup boiling lightly salted water about 15 minutes or until Very tender. Tore* vegetable! and liquid through sieve or food mill. Addj •lock, cream »nd sherry. Heat, tently to simmering; add salt and pepper. Pour into heated soup bowls or nips; sprinkle with croutons and paprika. Make* 4 good servings. N«t»: If. you have an electric blender, you can blend the cooked vegetables with the liquids until •mooth, then heat and season. cloves and nutmeg; stir well. Add pecans and cook over low heat, stir- rinp constantly 1 until sugar Is melted —about 8 minutes. Turn out on buttered flat pan to cool, separating pecans. CEREAL CRUNCIIIIvS Inyredlenls: i< cup butter or margarine, U teaspoon poultry seasoning, 'i teaspoon salt, 3 cups bite-size shredded wheat squares. Method: In 10-inch skillet, melt butter; stir in poultry seasoning;. Add shredded wheat squares; mix well over low heat about 3 minutes. Serve warm or cold. CHEESE WAFERS Ingredients: 1'ictips sifted flour, !i cup butter or margarine, 1 cup firmly-packed grated sharp cheddar cheese, paprika, Method: Put flour, butter and cheese into mixing bowl. Blend with pastry blender, finngcrs or two knives. Form into two rolls about 1 inch In diameter. Chill several hours. Slice '•;- to !=-inch thick. Sprinkle with paprika. Bake In hot (400F) oven 5 minutes. Makes 60 to 75. Given Beautiful Effect Is By Flaming Cherry Sauce By GAYNOR MADDUX NUA Food and Markets Kditor F'roin a New York test kitchen famous for desserts, comes this ruddy warm cherry sauce for '-st cream. If you want lo have it (lame as served or as the French say, to serve it flanibe, then use brandy as n flavoring. Tills produces a startlinRly beautiful effect, especially if the Hunts are turned down as it is brought to the table. Bins Cherry Sailrc (Makes 4 cups sauce) Two tablespoons quick-cooking tapioca, !i cup sugar, dash of salt. 2 cups (No. 3(4 can) pitted, drained canned Bins cherries, cherry juice plus water to make I r2 cups, '/« to one-third cup brandy, if you want to serve 'flfimbe." Combine quick-cooking tapioca, sugar, salt, cherries, and cherry Juice and water in saucepan. Cook and stir over medium heat until mixture conies to 8 boil. Remove from heat. Cool 15 minutes. To serve flaming, stir In half of the brandy. Warm remaining brandy, pour over the warm sauce and ignite. Serve the flaming sauce over ice cream or cake. Here's another novelty, Funny Cuke. It's a Pennsylvania Dutch idea and a very delicious one. Strawberry I-'unny Cake Lino 9-indi pie plate with pastry, rolled '/« inch thick. Make sauce and set aside to cool while mixing cake batter. One and onp. quarter cups sifted cake flour, 1 trn.ipoon double act- ins bukins powder, ^ teaspoon salt, •'', cup siiKsr. '', cup quiek- mix-type shortening, '., C up milk, 1 teaspoon vanilla, 1 egg, unbeaten. Combine sifted flour, baking powder, salt and sugar in sifter. Place shortening in. mixing bowl. Sift In dry Ingredients. Add milk and vanilla and mix until all flour Is dampened. Then beat 2 minutes. Add CKB and beat 1 minute loiiRcr. Pour batter Into pastry- lined pic pan. Dribble lukewarm sauce o"or cake batter. (Sauce will form a layer between cake and pie shell when cake Is baked.) Bake in moderate oven (350 degrees F.) 50 to 5S minutes, or until done. Strawberry Sauce Combine 1 tablespoon cornstarch. Ci cup sugar, !' 2 teaspoon wilt and (' 4 cup water in a saucepan. Cook and stir until mixture is thick and clear. Add two-thirds j bles appear around top surface. In cup sliced, sweetened, frozen (or fresh i strawberries and 2 tablespoons shortening. Bring just to a boil. Remove from heat and cool. Spoon over cake batter and bake. Smooth-os-Velvet Sunburst Custard Is Company Dish Here's,a sinooth-as-velvet dessert, and so pretty, too! . SUNBURST CUSTARD Ingredients: 3 cups rnilk, 4 eggs, !'i teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon vanilla, '4 cup sugar. 1 cup drained, sliced brandy-flavored canned peaches. Method: Have kettle boiling for water-bath for custard. In saucepan, heat milk just until small bub- medium-sized or large mixing bowl, with rotary beater, beat eggs until yolks and whltccs are combined. Add salt, vanilla and sugar; stiri with spoon. Gradually stir In scalded milk.' Strain Into buttered Hi-quart baking pun; pour boiling water Into pan so it comes almost to top of custard. Bake In slow (3KF) oven 1 hour, or until knife Inserted In center comes out clean. Remove from oven at once and place custard In pan of cold water to cool quickly. Chill. Before serv. Ing, arrange peaches In pretty de> Piles'Pain Grieved Him- This Relieved Him:, He discovered pa in -sooth IIIJT, pile-shrinklnr TM (Thornton & Minor) Ointment formula, developed by doctors at America's leadinjr rectal-spec I a list hospital I So fast. DCH)thine. »fe these doctor* UM TM Ointment for relief of patienU who comt to them for surgical treatment. Worka wonders for simple cases. Ask druggist for TM (Thornton * Minor) Rectal Ointment •nd Suppositories—11.04 tab* «r sign over top of custard. Makee I" servings. KIDNEYS MUST REMOVE EXCESS WASTE acMe.HopupuMtrtr,, and dlzzin«M m»7 be du« to •lowdown of kidney function. Doctor* Mr food kJdnw function U very imporUnt to food tt»lth. When §ome«veryd«y condition, mch u itreaa and •train, cause* this important function toilow down, many folk* suff«rnag. S nif back»ch«-(«l mistrable. Minor blad- r irritation! due to cold or wrong diet may MUM getting up nighti orfrequentpamsco. Don t neglect your kidney* if these condi- tloni bother you. Try Doan's Pills-a mild diuretic. Used •uecessfully by mllllom for over 50 years. Jfi amaiinf how many times Doan a give happy rtlief from thcae dlacom. JortV-helpthelftmilwofkidneytH t«r> fluib out wait*. Get Doan'a P serve RONCO pure egg noodles SUPER 421 So. 21st Phone 9910 We tarry a full line of nationally advertised brands, the choicest meals money can buy—U. S. Gov'l inspected and graded-—(either sell service or our butcher will prepare your favorite cuts). We carry the freshest eggs and dairy products obtainable and a full line of fresh produce. We are cash and carry which enables us to give you the finest Merchandise at the lowest prices. Country Style ... .Seasoned Just right. 00 all meal Lb. Olio pkg Fresh Meaty Rib Brisket .. Ib Vlbs. I 390 SAUSAGE Daisy JUrancI SKINLESS WIENERS STEWINGBEEF GROUND BEEF JT42SS. 3 .*. 870 CHUCK ROAST cSS' 1 ... R, 390 Club or Rih CTFAK Chok ' e cut s JQX U I kfin well Trimmed Ib "*}* JELLO rSit Fla : oi : s . 2f0 ri70 DOG FOOD Bust _290 I* A 1ft UIY Belly Crocker -100 UftnC I7IIA White ;.. 3 for I Fl OUR Sllil)lcy ' s Wondcr S. R. 179 SUGAR Carnation or DFT Mil If It I ITIILn 't cans Betty Crocker White f. . 3 for Shibley's Wonder S. R. ''i print hajrs 25 Ibs. Factory Pack QQri 10 ibs. 03y 3 tall or G Small Cars 390 SALAD QUEEN SALAD DRESSING 8oz.16c,16oz.26c,32oz.44c CORN MEAL, B. & M. , iMade Fresh Svery Week 10 Ibs. Armours, Ifi-oz Will) eHans 2Sc l(i-oz Plain ,'ioc Swift's Premium In Sauce 13'/2-oz can Country Fresh Medium, . . Doxen Wilson's Hake vile .... 3 Ib. can Fresh Produce Icscbcrg Large Fancy Green 2 heads CMBAGE Fai :: y . Grccn ........... ,, 50 SWEET POTATOES No ! Y TL 250 ONIONS ™™ spailish .. . Ib . 50 POTATOES. Red ........... 5o,,ba e 1 2!) Frozen Foods CHICKEN NECKS & BACKS u, 2 * 390 BLACK EYE PEAS v ^StX 240 OCEAN PERCH GortonBand ,,,490 STEAKS BONNIE . BU ' m . R ,.Serving 490 340 BONNIE BUCTKR -I Servings f|DJ||lflC IIIIAE Adams Unsweetened UKAnUt JUICE 1.-../. can "It Pays to Shop with Mays" Swift's Premium—Boneless VEAL ROAST Lb. SLICED 1 Lb. Layers 39' CUDAHY'S PURITAN— HOT or MILD Lb. 39' PORK SHOULDER Lean & Tender Lb. 55' U. S. CHOICE STEAK 55 YOUNG—FRESH DRESSED HENS Lb. 49 FOR THAT FISH DINNER WHITING 2Lbs, 25 10 c SPECIALS Joan of Arc 303 Cans KIDNEY BEANS Sterling Free Running SALT --..- Mayfield Cream Style CORN Hunt's 303 Can - - - ea. 10< - - box - 303can10l TOMATO JUICE - - each 10? Jack Sprat 303 Cans PORK and BEANS - each lOc Campbell's TOMATO SOUP - • each lOc Standard Brand Cut GREEN BEANS • 303 can 10* No. 303 Can TOMATOES each 10* Tidy House SANDWICH BAGS • pkg. 10? Tidy House GARBAGE BAGS • - pkg. tOc Canned BISCUITS • Hi-Life DOG FOOD Royal Instant PUDDING can 10? can pkg. lOc Yummy VIENNA SAUSAGE • can 10c Baxter's POTTED MEAT Large LETTUCE - - Yellow ONIONS • Juicy LEMONS • Golden Ripe BANANAS • 2cans10< • • head lOc • 3 Ibs. lOc • Ib.lOc PREMIUM CRACKEIM' RICHARDSON'S CASH GROCERY MAIN AT FIFTH Open Until 9 p.m. Saturday

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