Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 10, 1938 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 10, 1938
Page 2
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«A0B TWO KOSStJTtf COtJNtY AtMANCB. AtOQNA; —^^^—^-" '—~ — • ^ icrtaqUTH COtJNTY AflTANCfi. ALQONA. tQWA Pl^yt^ans^aU.a^ta Celebrate Sixty Yfears SERVED DURING SEXTON T W< . M * V v^ M A^ l MP,* •**,»• \ SERVED DURING THE PERIOD BY 17 MINISTERS I«akota, Nov. 9—The Presbyterian church's 60th anniversary observance Sunday was a big success in every way, a day long to be remembered by the people of Lakota. One charter member, Mrs. John Rippentrop, attended the afternoon Berrice, and two others live here— Mrfl. Kienltz Ennen and Charles A. "Winter—who were not able to attend Ministers who served the church in the 60 years were: J. Llesveld, Adolph Krebs, F. Schmidt, Henr> Wortman, August Kolohm, G. J Blumendahl, all deceased; Hllko DeBeer, John Everds, A. C. Kruse Jerrie Johnson, John Meory, Thos D. Arends, Herman Kossack, Dan- led Grieder, R. T. Cordry, Alvin J Kanaman, and O. H. Frerking. Mrs. I, E. Wortman, giving the history of the church, mentionec the fact, in connection with the early members, that many of. those ol the third and fourth generation are now helping carry on the churoh'e work. Mrs. Wade Ball, chairman of the invitation committee, read greetings from former pastors and mem- The Aid met with Mrs. B. E. Sanders last week Thursday, and there was a good-sized attendance. Goods donated were sold, Mrs. Bemis serving as auctioneer. Mm. Eliza Richards, of Algonn, was a week-end guest of her sister, Mrs. A. L. Greenfield. Mr. and Twenty Years Ago MYRU3 CORA CURYBA, Ger- raania (now Lakota), republican candidate for recorder, had died only a week before the general election. Nevertheless her homo ct gave her all but one vote, mrs. A. LI. ureenfield. Mr and j s.<"o u<=i au uui. one voie, Mrs. Floyd Richards and Mr and 4 ; n the count y 963 votes were, -„ »~~ t ., c CJ vi, Icas Mrs. Donald Hunnicut, all of Blue' 0 ?? 1 r She had nui> sed twoj.les. The'local office had Earth, were Sunday dinner guests ohlldren through the influenza, but i truck. about a trip to California .by automobile. * * * * ALGONA'S three express offices ,had been consolidated by the government, which had taken over the railroads and the express compan- Earth, were Sunday dinner guests ohlld £ en , through the influenza, but at Greenfield's. p^ught^lt herself while campalgn- A Farm Bureau woman's "~ " ' ' a new bers> who could not be here. Part of the afternoon service was given over to students or past stu v dents of the University of Du- buQue, among them Tube Loats, sou of Mrs. Cort Rippentrpo, Calvin Ukena, son of Mr. and Mrs. Willium Ukena, Virgil Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Smith, Nor- nmn Frerking, his sister, Mrs. Gerald Ukena, and the Rev. Gerald Ukena. At an evening service a lO-nrln- ute song service was led by the Rev. Mr. Grieder, who also preached. An aggregate of 1500 people attended the three services. The membership now stands at 250. project tea was held Friday i Mrs. Masterson's, near Corwlt. 40 in attendance. Mrs, Bert Sane ers and Mrs. Albert Johnso poured. The affair was in hono of Mrs. Hicks, the new H. D. A. Yvonne Stratton, of Britt, i spending a few days with he grandmother, Mrs. Sarah Wise. FORMETlONE ROCK WOMAN HURT IN CRASH Lotie Rock, Nov. 9 — Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kueck, daughter Ruby and Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Jensen spent Sunday at Colesburg visit ing Mrs. Margaret Moser, who was seriously hurt in an auto accident Thursday. Her sister, Mrs. Cate Worbehoss was killed, her uneral being held Monday morn- ng. Mrs. Moser sustained a broken arm, a cut on the leg, torn ligaments in her neck and severe ;hock. Mrs. Moser is a former /one Rocker. Many Attend Class The Fred Wegeners drove to Algona Friday, getting Mrs. Emelie Heidenwith and Mrs. Russell Thompson, ,who attended the junior class play here. Others from out of town attending the play of the church | were Mrs. Bridget Quinn. daugh- Some 150 per- i te r Margaret, son Charles : and Madeline Lattmier, all of Banai-oft and Mrs. Virgil Schrader, Burt. Attend Shower at Hnmboldfc— Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Mueller, Mrs. A. D. Newbrough and Mrs. — • - - ~- "*'*u-U£,** **UU Lawrence Newbrough and sons at dinner at the church, and supper was also served for out-of- town guests. The Rev. Daniel Grieder. speaker for the day, is a former pastor, now serving a church at Austin, Tex. He left here 18 years ago. Many here for , them former residents of Lakota. Faro Bureau Women Meet— The Ledyard towushin F. B. pro , . _.. ject women met at Mrs. Charles, spent Friday at A, D.'s. Gutknecht's Friday, and there was' Ing. 1915. Her h,usbattd had dle'd The ohlldren were to in * * * * INSTRUCTIONS were being giv- -~i~ !.« .be en to parents and friends of sold- taken care of by her foster parents, iers overseas concerning Christmas with a special label sent PORTLAND A large group of Portland young people had a skating party at Tl- tonka Friday evening. The Portland Progress club Is to meet next week Thursday, and at which plans for the club's annual banquet in December are to be laid. Mrs. S. M. Peterson went to Waterloo Friday for the week-end with her daughters, Mrs. Harold Nelson <ind Mrs. Clarence Larson! Mr. Peterson, Mr and Mrs. George ARCHIE HUTCHISON had turned over $260 in fines toi dresse <l w .,.u tt airev j a i jaoei sent rar. ana the county, $200 of the amount home by the soldier. The packages Brookings, made up from fines against An- had to De Wrapped so they could "dren; were drew Godfredson and Charles!^ e opened for inspection. -rir_i__-_>... _ Johnson, who had held an automo- ™ CITY ' sc VooL S were to resume on the following Monday, as the flu was subsiding. * * * * DOCTORS IN THE Austin Flint- ulng, and Doris Rich went to Waterloo for her Sunday. in- bile race in which both were jured Kind a third man killed. * * * * THE OPERA HOUSE had been closed for several Vweeks because Mr. and Mrs. Watson Dittmer, of S. D., with their chil- . were week-end guests of Watson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. E B. Dlttmen •--«•- • " wuu*? UClxC&UOC V^CUtl: of the influenza epidemic, but was'their Capt. Cedar Valley district were to hold ARMSTRONG to reopen with a Barrymore ture. ~ * * * * pic- R. S. SHERWOOD had received annual E. C. then at Molnes, was to Camp • Fort be one of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Smith, Es- speakers on curbing influenza. the orders to report for Y. M. C. A., v i ™ ty and wae to go to New! THB L - B - LARSONS arrived, af- York City for a week's training be- ter four weeks on a trip from Call- r ore sailing for France. °"~ ' ' * * * * WORD HAD the death ront, shot down in a drive against i • he Germans. A cousin in the! THE LAST CHANCE had been ame company sent the message, i °, ffered j?7 the government to ex- ler returned Friday from Esther- vllle, where she had spent several days at Olaf Twedt's. Wesley Kehoe, Gary, S. D., is lornia 'Dy automobile. They had visiting relatives here. The Harold burned 185 gallons of gasoline and Hansons spent the week-end at Ce- had nnlH no bicri, no KC,, _ „„!!„„ Idar Falls with Mr. and Mrs. John sisters. Ringsted, •"--"^" j.w gtiiiuua ui. gasoline ana i «i^w»»i, L.»\J <i**^ih HAD BEEN received of had paid as high as 55c a gallon dar Falls wltn Mr. and of Carl Hagg at the New casings had been bought 'Sires. The women are £ down in a drive against l * * * * Mrs. Neil Helmers, of 11R A s*rtttnt*. 1 — *l-_ THE TYASt'T /^TT.A NT/^17' V.«J U«. u rfniirrltt/ii. Tlnv.«« T««.. ame company sent the message i °" er ea by the government to ex- The two young men had been in cllan £ e first Liberty bonds for lift ft T»TVnr nn 1 ** _1_. ,* .. ' fVlll t»fVl T .lKnnl-*r> 1. « _ J _ «.( * . v - 0 u.>.uu. *1«4,U UCCjli. Ill he army only six months Al- fourth •ona's Hagg Poet of the American more 'egion was later named after Carl. Liberty bonds, which bore A FENTON SOLDIER had writ- en of being swept off his feet by big wave while he was on ship- oard. His name was not given. * * * * BANKER McNIDER, Mason City, AL FALKENHAINER had been appointed -state chairman for the Red Cross drive, and W. E. M"Donald was to he -county chairman i m his place. daughter Donna Jean, and son Donald were Saturday afternoon guests at the parental Andy Burt Sr. home. The Carl Halvorsons and sons visited Sunday at Frank LeMaire's, Lu Verne, Minn. * * CLAIRE LAIRD LONE ROCK s was reported P rls oner in Germany, airplane had been * * * * ad spoken ^tiTM*"^ -£„"„» ar work societies which hoped to down ollect enough money to help eo 1 - lers overseas. He dwelt on the _, U£lu acu , , , angers of demoralization when Dickinson to congress for "he^ire' le troops were demobilized if the time. He won over^aWrFi tel nVo «»QT.rt nnt. *.._11 i < a -r. . -~ "a.»YJOi .TIICO, ot Fort Dodge, by 8,000 votes. Harding had a majority of 10,000 in the fight for governor. T P THE ELECTION had sent L. J. * * * * R. H. GUiDERIAN had written he had been a member o iciL licit; JO .vuars apo. I *—•" ' c«<-c nuwui'UUgn anQ SOU Gordon GT liaH !„<>» r nTr Vr , out-of-town visitors were Frederick drove to Humboldt Sun- City and wa, on t>f ''^^ Y ° rk r the celebration, some of day, where they attended a show- top&?>mWtoL™?*%? noB rmer resirirmte of T,.-,lrntn er in honor of Mrs. Clifford Muel- s ^ J u . neral march. ler at the Mrs. Pearl Reynolds Harrington had been reelected to -,the legislature; E. H. Beardsley Camp |and Mark Sarchet had been unop- Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Cotton attended the Drake-Iowa State foot ball game at Ames Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Hanna spent Sunday evening at Charles Barrickman's, Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Dittmei spent Sunday afternoon at A. R Cruikshank's, Algona. The Ralph Hurlburts were Sunday dinner guests at the Ornie Beh- son Gordon GTh^f^f £ l ^»p and » ferk Sarchet had been unop- iun-lc, t y and ™! ah ^"f°r?™ Y 0rk P .° S6d , f ° r L he ^^tor and trewur- . ~ ^M., j. J.VCJ 1LU1UO jhorne. I he John Newbroughs and JW. J. Reynolds, all of Humboldt, , a large attendance. This was Guest day, and a special program consisting of a play, Thankful Birthday Party Given— A birthday party honoriug Carl ienei was at his home last Last, directed by Mrs. Lou Nitz anu . J hur ?, day evening. Attending: the played by Mesdames Howard Jen- 'll oy ,£ ll! ; isc , ll ! !les family, Mrs. Marsen, Cort Rippentrop, Charles Gut- " knecht, and Charles Eggerth, as- slated by Mesdames Ted tine, Jerry Heetland, and Holcomb, was given. Luncli was served following the autoload of women froi wood township attended. i - -" ~HUIAJJ, iTixa. iviar- tha Chnschilles, the F. F. Schroe- ders, and Doris Gelbart, all of Fen- Wallen- tAon , :lr ^ he Henrv Schroeders, the H. J. H. * * * * A TRAIN containing an exhibit of relics was to come to Algona for er; J. A. Freeh had won for district court clerk by 800 votes. R. the war material. it „„,„ a part of the campaign to sell the Fourth Liberty bonds. for Dickinson. In the first ol , lJe ,.._ to j visor district Bedell had won over It was | Peter Bormann by 35 votes, and in <-- the fifth district Peterson had won over Ogren by 116 votes. Supervisor Tjaden ha'd been reelected in district without A. Wieners, and SnrprJ.se Party jg Given- Be«ts ai-c Shipped— The'sugar beet harvest daughter Ruth attended a surprise party Saturday evening at ^ lph F,^ rtrs in honor of their rin«p-i oVIil L K '" n °nor or ,nSr«d ff^^^S.an^versary. It was Mr= TJ X*i~ i-V il", '' tta birthday anniver- last week Tuesday. One hundred forty-two carloads were shipped to Maaon City in six weeks. The weather was ideal for beet work; Sonth Dakotan is Preacher— not a day was lost on account of | The Rev. and Mrs Carl esinm™ bad Wfiathfir A tntnl nf 7Sft =/.^^= Pl^r,!,.-—»__ V. ti ' ^ arl &ln ning. -- —"' - *-"utility, o. D., were Sunday bad weather. A total of 780 acres Plankington' was under contract, but one-third guests at N! L. Cotton's ~tlfe~R7v waa drowned out. The beets aver- Mr. Sinning preaching serviced a^ aged from ten to 14 tons to the the local church st - l v,ces at acre and totaled some 8500 tons. The largest shipment loaded in a day was nine cars. Managing the work were Nels Nelson, operating i dump; Truman Turley, weighing; Emory Smith, loading cars; and Julius Strobel, checking beets. Surprise for Emma Thaves— A group of friends gave Emma Thaves a surprise party for her birthday last week Thursday evening. Bridge furnished part of the entertainment. The hostesses .planned a "hard times" party, and guests wore house dresses. Granite cups filled with popcorn stood on the table during the evening. Lunch consisted of doughnuts and coffee. The doughnuts were served in paper sacks; coffee in granite cups. Comic papers were used as lunch cloths and napkins. Score cards were Aunt Het's sayings with paper for tallies tied to each. Mrs. Garrott Stelsell Feeble— I. E. Wortmau received a letter one day last week from a nephew of Mrs. Garrett Stelsel in Wiscon-i «in saying that Mrs. Stelsel was! feeble. Mr. Stelsel died some yeans ago, and his widow is living in a house part of which is occupied by a sister. The Stelsels were pio- neera here. After leaving the farm south of town, Mr. Steleel, in partnership with Henry Slyster, operated an implement shop here for many years. anc Otlur Tone Rock. Mrs. Elmer McCallum ir ~" last der's. All were supper Dr. D. R. Snyder's, Elmore. Sun™' » and Mrs - Ray SQ y de '' were dinner guests Coupanger's, Eimore. DOAN at at William The P. L. Persons",' Mr. and Mrs. Dan Harris, and the Everett Harris family were Sunday dinner guests of the Ed Hoppes, east of Burt. The John Kylens, Swea City were also guests there Mr. and Mrs. M 0 Richards . spent last Thursday afternoonTith pjph J' Za p Ri .<; hards ' A 'eona. The Richards family spent Sunday tit William Bilsborough's, Algona ™ Q n mi •—•:•. •'" Howe, Rockwell City, spent the week-end at George Pettit's. Dale Earing COG camp Bancroft, spent the weekend at Mrs. Evelyn Baring's. Mrs. H. J. Henrickseu, Ringsted f Thursday, at Ralph Weiss. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Weis- Mr. and Mrs. Howard Sparks am son Darrel Roger attended a show er in honor of a friend of Mrs Spark's south of Britt Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Emmet Paetz entertained the following company from Dubuque from Tuesday till Friday: two sisters and husbands, a niece and a cousin, all relatives of Mrs Paetz. . Banns for the approaching marriage of Gladys Paetz, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Emmet Paetz, and Cyril Venteicher, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Venteicher, of Osage former Doan residents, were announced from St. Cecelia's church at Algona a week ago Sunday. A P. T. A. meeting was held at iJoan school Thursday, and a Halloween program given by the I 0 ?. 0 ? 1 5," d ™ n w as the entertaln- i e the daughter Marian, who has their Bridegroom Critical!)- Sick- Bill Trenary was taken to the f at Little Rock. Deleina Rogers, who attending beauty school has at been Fort - — *• — ww* cit J?UI (. has completed her course ^".i iiv;uai> was liiiteu 10 cne " "° «• n. ilieueis, Aleonn anrl hospital at Buffalo Center one day; ' he B ert Olsens, Swea Citv wpV-fi 1*>0+ TDn^llr- f...rP n ..:«» --.?... .1 i Rllm1o1r flt^. . * ' " Cl C Dodge, and is now at the tor Rogers home The W. H. Riedels, Algona, and parental Vic- ; last week, suffering with blood, f unda >' dinner poisoning in the face reauitiug from a pimple on the nose. He has their at ment. Miss Van Buskirk teacher. The Doan Woman's club met with Mrs. Mabel Hansen last week Wednesday and the lesson was on family life. Maud Brink read a Paper on Child Psychology, and a Paper was given by Elna Buffington on the art of story telling Mary Young gave children's songs and they were sung by the club. Lunch was served by the hostess at the close of the meeting Mr and Mrs. Fred Girres entertained their weekly card club at four tables of "5oO" Sunday Mr and Mrs. Henry Mertz' enter- tamed a group of friends and relatives Sunday in honor of their daughter Janet Sue's sixth birthday. Those attending were Mr. and Mrs. Dean Andrews and Roshell Ann, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hansen and Sheila Ann, Mr. and Mrs. The Hoover and Diane, Roger Buffing ton and Mr. and Mrs. Dale Struth ers and family. Mr. and Mrs. Lou Kutschara and Mr and Mrs. Oscar Amundson, al Opportunity: Knocks i READ the ADS The Clarence Endersons', of Armstrong, spent Sunday afternoon at Jim Ackarman's. Joe Madden, Haifa, spent a week ago Wednesday at James Wadsworth's. PRESBYTERIAN Public Supper SATURDAY, NOV. 12 at the church Beginning at 5 O'clock MENU Fried Chicken .Mashed potatoes and Gravy Baked Beans Lindberg Relish Cherry Salad Rolls Jelly Pickles Apple or Pumpkin Pie Coffee Cover charge, 25c and 40c. been in critical condition, but isl The Aeijelt Meyer family Rine no-w thought to be a little improv-| sted - M »'- and Mrs. Edward Mev ed. Mr. Trenary was married lasti 61 "' ^euton, and the Lloyd Hutohin- spring to a young woman from In- sons were Sunday dinner guests at diana, and they are farming on the place near Gerled that was occupied by the Hassebrock family for seyera.1 years. Serea See Iowa Beaten— Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Schissel, Merrill Westerlund, Carl Gerzema, EUnar Ravn, and Mr. and Mrs. George Heetland were among La- kotaaa who attended an Iowa-Minnesota football game at Minneapolis Saturday. Iowa was defeated. Other Lakota News. Tfrs. Harry Moe and her daughter Eleanor were taken by Mr. Moe to Bsthervllle Sunday afternoon aipd there took an evening train to Minneapolis, called on a business mission. Harold Koppen was brought home Friday from the Buffalo Cester hospital. He is convalescing from an appendicitis operation. CjKift Jfoppea came borne re- frwa seven w^eke jn WIs- „„.,„ . V^re $& wp looking after, repair^ on a * A. J. Meyer'e. Al^na °' W ', Peters and family, Creek, 'spent Sunday aftemoo^at Arthur Zumach'e. Mrs. p. W . Col]JnSi ch ,, d Francis and Donald, Livermore. wm" Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Angle en- ertained a group of relatives in honor of Mrs. Amos Angle's birthday at dinner Sunday. Attending were Mr. and Mrs. Amos Angle Ted Mrs . . s and son Earl, Mr. and Mrs. Feuschen, Algona, Mr. and Raemond Weiland, Wesley , „ Leland Hautelmans and Mr and Mrs. Paul Voigt. Fenton, spent Sunday with Mrs. Dora Laabs and family. Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Orvick, Ledyard, and-daughter Myrtle, spent last Thursday at Henry Schroed- ^r s, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Zwie- rel, Lotts Creek, were Sunday evening callers at Will Christenson's' Otis Sanders spent Monday afternoon with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Sanders, Swea City. Mrs. H. J. Bacpn an.tjf daughter . . Etta, A|gon,a ner **r- were Sunday <Hui. w . jjggpn-a. aaijl ]B1- FOR SALE-L. C. SMITH second hand standard full-sized machine at a bargain price. Also an Underwood standard full-sized machine I 6 1 ,? U J", display wmdow.-Advance Publishing Co. AGOODTHINO SAVE Money •**+»*•«••*••**»•« ^^ Our entire line of r!rv«tai sot* of vn Crystal V>UL <jrmssware and J sets of dmnerware on sale starting Fridav Rnv and save from 33 1-3 to 40 % on this qu?' and 1S e. Make wonderful Christmas gifts. Have sherberts Dolly other coronet Ivory, Englis h other patterns. BUY NOW AND SAVE BARKER DRUG STORE Beat "Old Man Winter" to the Punch! ' ~ •—5 Reasons Why You Should Heat with Coal 1. 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