Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 3, 1938 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 3, 1938
Page 7
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a, 1938. KOSStJTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA IOWA PAGE SBVHN in i in, i I|I|H -H. CALS pupils had I seventh grade at the high school were ob- building. Mrs. M. C. MeMnlion and her little daughter Nancy are spending Minneapolis, spent lift her Whtttemore nd fl< Ilev. afternoon. J19 returned ursday) from a hlcago Mrs. C. H. Beardsley. a senior. a business mission. arents, Mr and din and Mr. and Jsley. Both boys e college, Ames, rehsman, Howard Woodbine, was in ind Wednesday on n. For a time he ige in the former next west of the t he is now in to the Emmetsbuvg neighborhood on a hunting expedition the same day. W, J. Pfl Tribune m Saturday. Mrs, Alii In Hncnhold* with her j daughter f mother, Mrs. William Aaalderks, Mr. Payne spent Friday evening near Lu- for the we Verne, attending a rural school I ues Mom Halloween hunt. The school is 'He Is hea< taught by Elsie Hunt, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Hunt, farmers near Lu Verne. The Algonians visors, wi working i They coll* were guests of the Hunt home af- papers. M Algona hotel, but he - ..John Schumacher road construe- ter the program. Mrs. this week at-Minneapolis with Mrs. McMahon's mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Briiner! Mangan and two brothers, John H'R Wrede'B.'.and Harry. Mr. imtl Mrs. Samuel Medin went went to Rochester last week Thursday, and Mrs. Medin had a [Mary's hospital. Word ot her con- this for the P< ______ , «» hnmJ dltlon hafl not yot T)ccn received. Spencer, went. home. j lr . ftml jM rs. Fred Frost wer few ! Sunday guests at the former's sis- tm . Mrs 0 R Mlixwcjr ,. f j 0l(glo ' Grove, and the Russull Ma swells j were therc Salurday Rus «,,u is ., . was o. Sunday gu'-st , aon Qf Ml . , uu , M) . s ( , ,,, M . lywr , u ., J. Bredall, ' teaches j. Bredall. n< A(lan , H( tormcl . now practicing at •Preston. • M \ dentist mn\TM, mother °V™' 8 ' \ Moinea, waa here Tuesday night! [achllles, came ,n o ™o» a nd part of yesterday. He reported' ler two weeKS wiwi t , mt he lmd ont(llnod a sutisfuetory rrectionvme. practice since moving to Des T Robert* returned Molnes Strahan, where ^she j K , nor ,, (l M j , weeks with her «"- lion employ. Itcrt Kandall went to Mason City' Saturday, returning by train Mon- Ho i« butcher at Sorensen's grocery. -Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sorcnscn spent Sunday with the former's sister, Mrs. Warren lleece, near New Providence. Mr. Reese is a farmer. Mrs. (J. I,.. Vohs got home 'Monday morning from Chicago, where she had spent three weeks with her daughter, Mrs. Donald Grettie. Mr. Grettie is a research chemist at Swift's, and Mrs. Grettie is the former Edris Vohs. The Gretties have two soiivs, Donald and John. Mr. iiml Mrs. Leo Spilles, with J. H. Stcivnrt* who for ten years flic attended a Register aettng at Fort Dodge Mrs. Payne and the orma accompanied him. is state! field manager .„ „ ^akly pay division of the Moines Register & Tribune. These m4n all attended the meeting at Fort Dodge. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hagg, with «»• Jl« v5M5nHIl4 WUU IUI LCIl .ytTttiO , ,. , i .-, . had charge of service departments their two childreii, were Sunday for Buick dealers at Fort Dodge guests of Mrs. , Hagg ,s father and Cedar Rapids, arrived Monday , Frank Ernst, and (her sister, Ruby to accept management of the ser- Ernst, at Humboldt. Abort <° " vice department of the local Buick ! Painter here »- *'-- M1 °'<"" dealer, the Birum-Olson Co. Hla Haggs spent is a at West nda soon. John Boe is manager of the local sales office. Guests lust week Dr. and Mrs. Karl wm co^ B«3 attending celebration o, : the The Eislers, who West Ol' . ( Bend held 0 , pen Ilou8e all daV) and were Mrs. Millis, Shreveport, LA., yo ) , e]ativeg he i pc (d them celebrate. daughter Emma; Mrs. L. C. O'Toole, Mrs. Donald Hanson, Mrs. and " '" County Snpt. and Mrs. Wm. Shir, ................... - ........ , ....... their daughter Arlene. spent Sun- cousins Mrs O'Toole a sister, of Winslow, Washington D. C. Mis ., ..... , — .... , „, ,,,,._ ., ICOUblllB, ana. v muiv/ a a , at.1 „!„•«• l^Pf fm. ' VTanhlnflnn thnt Mrs. ZenBass. Milsou c ., tVi wcrc gue3ls lltH the s. enp^a. iy e g ten i a y O f the former's parents, was sick eariy in M ft]ld M] . s w a Payne K i canoi . .- "fin" and' wa-s ,., , . day at Britt and Mason City. At ]) oct0 r Hoffman. Britt they visited Mrs. Spilles' sister, Mrs. Helen Dlngman, and the Hitter's little daughter, and Mrs. Dingman arid her daughter accompanied them to Mason City. Mr. mid Mrs. J. A. Seward, of Stratford, were Sunday afternoon I 1 , eg | 8tol . ed nureei is now iibn*v - *jrt i * >lc ra lotui *j*-> 11 ui rat t 10 nvj w u c at his work at "> e • vate duty aml rooms wltu insurance oHjce. whalen. ,man, assistant princi- „ Moines school, spent id here. She formerly ,e local public schools, llnkait, manager of the store here, is attend- 1 Oak stores meeting day) at Sttfrm Lake. Vcstplml and Donald Park, Hi., were OT -J of the A. A. Stera ld is a nephew of Mrs. ernm, Sioux City, traf- he Bell telephone corn- district, visited the e last week Thursday | Mrs. M. C. Stillings nday from Forest C*y istrom apartment here. travels for 1 the Fisher jfrs. John T. McGuire their new brick home -odge. They had been Ee Irving Urch hoase on Bell, with The Wlllifliu 1'cstotniks, Roone, were Sunday guests of the I/. H. Shirley left for ; Washington that honor of an aunt, Mrs, E. J. Shear- being the Gilmore also spent a few . Hale Shiiley, Iowa another elderly aunt, Winslow who to in City, government callers at the Methodist parsonage. 1 M™"! Giimore"' s father was a Shear-' emipoy,i'te ^ or ^L.^ B ^'^. Mr. Seward is manager of a farm- er , once editor of the Upper Des his wife is the former Peail Shh- , ers' elevator, and he and his fam- . Moines-Republican. . ley. „- ., u . u ,.. uu ., ..... ,. mj it 4iu »».u LI**** i IVIUHI tSO 1.4.17 |yUUll^«*il« ' _ J i\ff ily are former residents of Shel-! Mrs. Tiln K. Nlckcrson spent from ' Mrs. A. M. Jflsperson and Mr don, where Doctor Burgess had a Friday till Sunday with her daugh- and Mrs. R. 0. Jasperson, all ot _, , pastorate before coming to Algona. ter Mrs Fern Huling, near Britt. Glendale, Calif., arrived Friday to Robinsons, near Algona. IhePes-j .Mrs. Uomili! Cool,- was taken The Hulings brought her home and visit Mrs. Jasperson's other chil- tnt«iif« ,,ro fnrmnr AWninn* MV. I homo Fr i day from tne Kossuth ' w)th Mrs * N1 ckerson were Sunday dren here: Mrsi H. B. White, Mrs. hospital, where she had for a few gues ts of another daughter, Mrs. IT. L. McCorklej and Elmer, the lat- days been a patient for eye infec- Arthur Alexander, west of Algona. ter a farmer in Plum Creek town- month, with short intervals at home. She was called down again last week Tuesday, and Mr. Hutchison was called Friday. Mrs. Oliver Moe returned last week Thursday from Ponca, Neb., where she had been since the preceding Tuesday, guest of Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Christensen. Mr. Christensen, who was sheriff here at the turn of the century, left Algona 30 years ago. He and his wife went to New York City, later locating at Neligh, Neb., where Mr. Christensen served as sheriff again. Mi 1 , and Mrs. Christensen are both in goo'd health. They are now retired, and are living in a home of their own in town. They also have a large ranch three miles out of Ponca. As the land there is productive, the ranchers do not bothei to raise cattle, but instead raise large crops of wheat and corn The Christensens have not forgotten Algona. They told Mrs. Moe that if they could dispose of then property they would not hesitate about moving back to the old home a town. Mr. and Mrs. Lee 0. Wolfe, Ti ,onka, were here Tuesday, passing through on their way to the South where they will spend the winter They expected to call that day a Emmetsburg on their former Ti tonka neighbor, Dr. ,D. E. Kulp dentist, who had just lost his wife F^rom there the Wolfes were to g to Farnhamvllle, where they wer to spend Tuesday night wit friends. They expected to stop a tourist camp somwhere in Mis souri tonight. Mr. and Mrs. Wolf reported a trying time of it leave home. Mr. Wolfe has live totniks are former Algonians. Mr. Pestotnik, who once operated an oil station here, is at present out of business. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Douglas, of Webster City, were Sunday guests at the Henry Douglas home. Henry and Frank are brothers, and. the besota. hfrs. Robert ers and they usually meet oh he last Thursday in every month. Mrs. R. W. Roeder entertained he B. T. W. bridge club yester- ay afternoon. There are eight lembers in this club, which meets eekly. ' ; The First Lutheran Aid will leet this afternoon at 2:30 at the iiurch. Mrs. Ben Bakken and Mrs. Mildred Miller will be hostesses. The Henhussies bridge club met Monday evening with Earl Griffith, ^fter a series of games the four ows will entertain the highs. + Kossuth Hospital. October 31—'Edward, son of Mv. ,nd Mrs. M, T. McGuire, Algona, It by dog. November 1—Mrs. August Robinon, Swea City, 10-lb. girl. Hunter Bags Drake Which Bears a Tag A leg-band, bearine , the her 611028, and the request, "Notify Biological Survey, Washington, D. C." was found on a pintail wild drake shot Sunday by Rupert Luedtke, Lotts Creek. The bird was banded since 1936, according to a date on the band. Mr. Luedtko shot it at Twelve Mile lake, five miles west of Graetdng- er. Mr. Luedtke'e father, Ernst Luedtke, a skilled taxidermist, has one of the largest collections of mounted wild fowl In the' state. Most of the collection waa on display in a large tent at the county •Field day, near Bancroft, on September 18. . . ,i 4 THUBS.-FRI., NOV. 3 AND 4 Daily matinee at 2 p. m. 5-Star Comedy Janet could kiss, cuddle, cook GAYNOR • MONTGOMERY 10NF at Titona 38 years, and his wi has also been there many years having come to Titonka as a teacher. The couple have many warm friends, and it was a tug at the heartstrings to bid farewell. Mr. lion. She was able to sit up awhile still another daughter, Mrs. Lurhl ship. The visiting Jaspersons ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ lc ,, v , 11 . „... Sunday, but will have to rest dur- Fessler, Ringsted, with her family, well known former Algonians wno |Wolfe is looking in better health Ing the next few weeks. A Strayer were also guests of the Alexanders, lived here many years. The victoi \, lovf than b e f ore In some months, girl Is caring for the Cook chil-j Mrs. Mnbel WBrinerscn has en-'Youngs, Mason City, were faunaay| an(J he jg nope£u i that the f av0 r- dren. Pertained the following guests at guests of the McCorkles, Mrs. ab , e weather and warm sunshine latter is employed in a factory | ]j pr nurd Wilson, Lake Mills, and different times in the last week: Young being another daughter of there. Henry is employed at the a Miss Haggenson, of Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. J. V. McMillln, Mrs. Mrs. Jasperson; and the R. E. HoE- Riaing elevator. | WC re Sunday guests of the former's William Freidow, granddaughter ers, Goodell, were here Saturday, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Ulfers ; t\ v i n 8 i«ter, Mrs. V. K .Rising, and Carrol Freidow, Ralph Wermersen, Mrs. Hofer being still another moved Sunday to Belmond, where • O f Bernard's and Mrs. Rising's .par- au d Alma Tegtmeyer, all of Britt; daughter. R. O. Jasperson owns the former is now employed in a< cn ts, Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Wilson. Harry Chambers, Corwith; Mrs. ice cream trucks at Wenciaie. Plymouth garage. He resigned Bernard has a restaurant, and Miss Minnie Thompson, Mrs. Myra Peit- Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Dutton were from the Hoenk Motor service here i Hnggensou is in telephone employ y.skie, and Sidney Grant, of Lu- at Elmore Sunday, guests at Otto Saturday. Mr. and Mrs, Ulfers : there. • i Verne. Richter's. Mrs, Richter was enter- of the South will bring him back to at least near normal. have no children. John Hoc, manager of the Birum- A ConffrpKiitJoniil "unit" meet-' llicluml Keen, freshman at Coe taining for her son Donald and for ing was held yesterday at the Con- college, Cedar Rapids, and Richard the Clifton Engleby son Ronald, Olson Co. here, spent Saturday and i jr,. eKnl t ona i church, Eagle Grove, Norton, freshman at the state uni- who were celebrating first birth- Sunday with his sister, Mrs. Henry and northeastern 'Iowa churches versity, are expected Friday for day anniverasries, having been Einerson, Montevideo, Minn. Mr. RC11 t delegations. Attending from the week-end wiflii their respective born on Halloween a year ago. Einerson is in slate highway em- i j, c ,. c W ere Mestlames E. J. Mur- parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Keen, Mrs. Richter and Mrs. Engleby, ploy. The Birum-Olson Co. has the laK \ lt H. D. Hutchins, H. R. Cowan, and Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Norton, the latter of' Ledyard, are sisters, ~ " " ' land Josephine Southgate, and Miss Richard has pledged the Du fra- the former Mary 'and Valletta Wen, ^Yere Sunday af- lests of the Otto Bells, ar Whittemore. Robert re brothers. en, daughter of Mr, and Halpin, was sick Mon- unable to attend school. the ninth grade of the i school. Wright, of Des Moines, •lazel, a registered nurse, Warren were .week-end Lon Wright's. Mrs. | Lon's mother, [orimm and Joseph Elbert Rodman Sunday to visit Urs. Clarence Zech. Mrs Norman are sisters he men are farmers. [Bich, of the W. C. Dewe B Irene Heller called on feller Tuesday. Esther ha [ing been conducting the shop at Ledyard. Ira Deim and her sister Buick agency here. ^ Fred Jacob, Mr. and Mrs. Rob-i Ella Thompson, ert Liesenor, Mrs. Louis HinU, Mr. j Sunday guests and Mrs. Max Bast, and the Rev. ] ca j t ' s were M r , and Mrs. P. J. Braner attended an I \Vallukait. Dakota City, Algona circuit Lutheran meeting at | cn iidren, and Hazel Tate, the Lutheran church at Lu Verne, yesterday (Wednesday). Mrs. Lacy Patterson, Marshalltown, was a guest Tuesday and Wednesday of the A. A. Bishops. Mrs. Patterson's son married Esther Bishop, and they are living at San Diego, Calif., where Warren is in social service employ. Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Clum, Emmetsburg, and the former's father, ternity at Iowa City. "Dick" Keen Adams, nieces of Mr. Dutton and at Chris Wallu- i s majoring in commerce and fi- daughter of i W. W. Adams, de and Mrs. Matt nance, and "Dick" Norton is tak- ceased, once |an Algona " three mg a liberal arts course Other guests of the Richters were Mr. and Mrs. C. R. LaBarre were host and hostess to the din ner club Monday evening. Follow ing 6:30 dinner, the six couple played auction bridge. No prizes are given by Ihe club. Mr. an'. Mrs. A. W. Amunson were .guests Mrs. A. W. Behrends entertalne her knitting club Tuesday aftei ,_.noon. There are 12 members, ant . t |," afternoon are spent at sewing an t „_ Hum- Mrs. T. J. Hill, Fort Dodge, went Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Montgomery, boldt. Miss Tate, a sister of Mrs. home Monday evening, after a Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Juhl, and the Wallukait, is bookkeeper for a week with her daughter, Mrs. Juhl son Roger, all of Forest City, gravel pit company. Matt and Chris Hugh Colwell. Willis Colwell, of Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Hutchison re- are brothers, and the former is the Des Moines, spent the week-end turned Tues'day from^Cedar " m Humboldt county clerk. " " " " *~" knitting. Guests of the club wer •Mrs. Klahr and Mrs. J. D. Me Plus Important March of Time Inside the Maginot Line First Pictures of French Forts ^ews-Coraedy Cartoon SUNDAY AND MONDAY, NOVEMBER 6 AND 7 here with his parents. Willis, who ids, where they attended the fun- Wilkins was graduated from the local high eral Monday, of Mrs. Hutchison's ,,, u , cu ..^uu*, ,— ,...- Thelma school in 1936 and then attended a mother, Mrs/Frank Schulze. Mrs. Johnson apartment on south Min- business college at Des Moines, is Schulze had for a month been crit- They had been living with now bookkeeper for the Green ically sick with heart disease, and Mr. and Mrs. E. moved Monday into C. the nesota. Mrs. Wilkins' parents, Mr. and Colonial Furnace company. she died Friday. Funeral services Mrs! F. L. Miller, farmers south- Mr. anil Mrs. O. T. Solberg went were conducted at St. Mrs. D. D. Paxson entertained the Delphians Tuesday. She also had charge of the lesson, which was a review of last year's Pulitzer prize play, Our Town, by Thornton Wilder. 'The Embroidery club will meet this afternoon at 2:30 with Mrs. Chester Cook. There are 12 mem- Prodnction Tues.-Wednes., NOT. 8-9, continuous from 1 o'clock W F Clum, of Ada, Ohio, were west of Algona. Mr. Wilkins is a to Ottosen Sunday to visit Oliver church, with burial in , Clum operates a billiard hall. Arlene Soncrliolm, Crystal Lake, was a guest Monday of her sister, Mrs. H. C. Anderson. She had been Schulze, employe, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Lighter brought" recently to live with the survives, and there are two other were Sunday guests of Mr. and Solbergs. The Solbergs also called children, a parried daughter wno Sunday guests of the Gordon Ke on sign agent, and Mrs. Wilkins Christensen, father of 8y 2 -months- Rapids cemetery. Mr. Kuhns. Mrs. Clum and Mrs. Kuhn is ,. x Morrison beauty operator. . old Billy Christensen, who was who is a rqtired postal are sisters, and the junior Mr. were s . . , Mrs LeRoy Peterson, of Humboldt. on Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Rleppe, lives at Des Moines and a sou m Mrs. Peterson is the former Mar- who took care of "Billy" before ho California. \ Mrs. ian Lighter, a newlywed. Pwaine was brought here. Mr. Christen- her 69th year., Mrs.. Hutchison had vVsitinK at Fort Dodge and Red|i"i'; llte v""} a 'ck ~Hemphill, "Bud" s en, a farmer, is a brother of-Mrs. been in Cedar Rapids caring for Oak two weeks Miss Sonerholm Halpin, and Stanley Muckey drove Solberg. Recently he lost his wife, her mother i during most of the last . ser, were Sunday . dinner j nas teeu employed at Gamble's [Mr. and Mrs: -Matt Kram-j llere during Christmas holidays. oft. The women were : .j(ji,i r(! ,i jUch, of the W. C. Dewel some years ago. i j, 0 ' mo attended homecoming at the K. DeLano was a guest ^ Tenc ], e rs college Saturday Thursday of Mrs. Freda d Sun( ] ay . she went down Frier, Emmetsburg. Mvs -!(iay afternoon with Mr. Dewel, who her came home with Mrs. j was on nis wa> - to Iowa City to |»nd spent Friday here. | ' d Da d' s day with his son Bob. i Mrs. Wm. Dehhert were^'y^.f,,,,,],/,,,,,) ('m-oline Peters and City Tuesday, guests of| V1 ian Morgan, Algona, accompan- jord Dehnevts. Clifford, e| , ed Elmev Bell, 'Whittemore, to postal clerk 'on" the M. & We jj St er City Sunday to visit Mr. | a son of Mr. Dehnert. an d Mrs Walter Peters and Ever- Ji Treasurer M. J. Duffy, ett Peto ,. s . Walter and Everett are and three daughters were , bro th e rs of Gertrude and Caroline. Winner guests of the Mar-! Ho , v ,J r d Mcdin and Charles h, Wliittemore.' M. J. is a ! Be . ir ii s i e y spent the week-end with |r. and Mrs. Martin Duffy. ] ___ -Mrs. J. Harold Brandt week-end at Ames and Bes. At Ames they visited I brother Floyd. Both Har[ Floyd are Decker sales- Mrs. T. H. Holmes took ie Dean to her home at ke Sunday. She had spent ' :s here, Mrs, Holmes and were girls together 38 I Mrs. Tom E. Dailey were [guests of the JLo«is Heet- ernvick. Louis, a brother [Dailey, is a McCormick- T dealer. Kngler, Arnold Park, "B an extended visit with [it, Mrs. Julia Dearschs. It good many years sin'ce Ircd after two terms as the |recorder, Lieiweu and Mrs, [ DeGroote, both of i Hum- }nd the la'tter'e 'two children Bturday evening guests of Jter Klampe. |»ary Dole, Irvington, went in Sunday to spend the a daughter, Mrs. Ches- 011. Mrs. Dole is the moth- :ile and Evelyn Dole, em- . the courthouse, fs of the .local public i faculty will attend a state " meeting this week-end at All teachers are ex(unless working on class and other school activities. '• son of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. has been unable to attend I since Mon'day, because of an "' the "flu. 1 ' He is in the BARGAINS THURSDAY THRU SATUR, A MYSTERY, HORSEMAN MEETS HIS MASTER IN MONARCH RANGE SALE! For Your Old Range On Any MONARCH During This Sale a Tip from the Squirrel MEN'S MEDIUM AND HEAVY UNDERWEAR WINTER WEIGHT Cotton Ribbed (Full 12 Ib. Weight) 7 Long sleeves and ankle length. ... Ecru color. This is an unusual low price GOOD WINTER WEIGHT 10% WOOL RIB 67* Announcing the new MONARCH TRACY Serial Second Feature SEE THIS BEAUTIFUL NEW MONARCH ! It Is the most beautiful coal-wood range ever built. For under the gleaming all lection • ANCE WEDNES. November 6-9 Grand for the Whole Family Tlie Entire Program Th«. world'i only the beginning. you'll find; A big, 19-inch, insulated oven that bakes and roasts A Mlrco process polished cooking top with plenty pans, kettles ... And, of course, this New Monarch is full malleable construction ... firebox is equipped wit* special linings, duplex grates nd famous duplex draft ...all bright pifts are protected with «MIRpOBRITE, w a brilliant tarnish-proof finish, Plus The price of this New Monarch Coal-Wood R»nge-^ outstanding ii»proveme»ts^is LOW! Let us show Your Old Stove I» Worth More Here MALL NOVEMBER 8 Walt 100% Kohlhaas and Spies Algona, Iowa But its beauty is porcelain exterior, to perfection ... f space for pots, n spite of all these t to you soon! Long sleeves and ankle length. This quality sells regularly at 98c. Special WINTER WEIGHT Heavy Fleeced Random mixed,. . . . Warmly fleece lined , . . snug knitted wrists and anklets. GOOD WEIGHT 20% WOOL Elastic rib knit ... 20% pure $^ ^Q wool,' balance strong cotton. *• ^i £^^£ Special ^^ MEN'S EXTRA HEAVY 50% WOOL $ Warm and serviceable well known brand EXTRA HEAVY WEIGHT 100% WOOL Soft, warm all yarns. 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Full ut. • FLANNEL PAIAMAS Several styles, solid colors . . . fancy trim CHILDREN'S UN/ON SUITS ^^^ COTTON CHILD'S

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