Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 3, 1938 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 3, 1938
Page 6
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PAGE SIX LEGIONNAIRES TO CELEBRATE ON NOV. 11TH Plans for the Usual Banquet are Laid Hagg Post. My Klennor Fraser. Plans for the annual Armistice day banquet, which will be served to Kossuth LeRloniiaires by Hags unit No. 90, of Algona, Nov. llth at 6:30 p. m. at the Legion hall were laW at a meeting of the executive board of the Legion auxiliary on Monday at the home of the president, Mrs. L. w. Fox Mrs. Marie Green was appointed chairman, with Mrs. Pox, Mrs. J. P. Pellsek, vice president, and Mesdames Fred Bartholomew G D. Brundage, W. C. Dau, and K. J.' Kelley, as kitchen committee. Mrs. H. E. Stephenson and Mrs. J D Wesley to Observe the Armistice Day Wesley, Nov. 2—An Armistice day program will be given In the Kleinpeter hall next week Friday, under the auspleces of the local Legion post aivd the Auxiliary unit. James I. DoUiver, Port Dodge, past state commander, w.lll he princi'pa speaker. Musical numbers ant talks will be given by local peo pie. The program will start a 2:30. The pupils of both schools have been Invited to take part. H, S, PUPILS ARE TO HOLD ANJ.ECTION Sample Ballots Will Be Provided for Use Tuesday. Pupils R, R, ENGINE BLAST VICTIM EX-ALGONIAN Geo. E. Nelson Dies When Locomotive Blows Up. papers featured a Milwaukee railroad accident west of Elgin, 111., In which the engineer of the locomotive was killed. Accompanying pictures showed that the engine's boiler had exploded and been cat- apultsd 200 feet ahead of the train. The fireman and a brakenran were killed in the s'ame accident Pew, if any, here recognized tlie lame of the engineer as that of i former Algona boy, George Nelson, well known Algonlan of 40 years ago. s He was an elder brother of Theodore C. Nelson CU1- £(WNTlr AftVAEKm ALQONA. JQWA Minnesota Couples Still Marry Here of eight licenses to wed le- sued In Kossuth in the last week weie eold to Minnesota couples, and two of the couples were married by Justice Delia Welter. There wfl£ »° "censes Issued all last week till Saturday, and four were issued Tuesday. The license^ * M a ^ rence J - Meehlhouse, Nellie M. Shirt, Hartley; ™ Hea J; e ?' Allne J - Ke "ey f ™ oe ' Mlldr e d Champaque, of Minneapolis; Phillip Prls- bie, Opal Harris, both of Hanlon- Raymond O. Harlg, Dorothy ,, both Jilor-la;, or Laokta, Irene P , a, rene P 8i »' Elmore; Erick Henderson, Elizabeth Echumacker, .both of Jjlue Earth. Child Known Here Run Down by Auto Rosanne YOUNG G. 0, P, CLUB GIVING FENTON BALL The county Young Republicai club la giving n dance at a Pentoi pavilion this week Friday evening The public Is Invited, and the onlj requirement for admission is i 2Bc membership In the Young lie nnHw ondition at she was one and old is in serious a Lutheran hospi- room sc hool will hold an election — ---«o» -*'*-vifcjvi<nin;O JvdV dendoi-ff and C. W. Morck will -•harse of decorations. Education Week Program. The board voted to change the -- -^, aay ot the current regular month-! ^ve been ly Auxiliary meeting from Friday! Period " •o ext Mond n with tho tolk nn r aV °i «"""<* 'J, 011 WU1 ' be C °n1ucted in much " ° sovaWa Same Wny as II real election. ballots have been prepared the use of the pupils. The voting will be held at the George Nelson was born at Oys- scliool bu'lding nil day Tuesday, i ter Bav - Long Island, New York """ election judges and officers home of the elder Theodore lloosa- for each study i velts - This was in 1878, and he the day. The elec- wfts 60 at death. When he was ten ._,„_ _. .. - • own mother fo w Womans clu b for 1 8 lively. o observe national ind the twentieth old hie parents moved A1 Kona and he was brought here - s °™ Present old will remember him well. to up he signing mistice wpf-k ' 4 T' r"" BVI " 1C degree of the annlveraa^ of tl ^ nd ° f the ele <=tion will be World war af'f ble tr , om Uult source earlto, . r .^. Mrs. Fred Bartholomew; j 'Vifn ir T^ l ; etUrn8 ' •ihairman of the .program commit-! .,.T°. 1 l t !.' s ., has . pl ^ yed a » ««nport- ee for the year, tenderit Laing t education. Roll call publican club. Music will be furnished by the Algono. Rhythm club orchestra which consists of George Carraody Bernard Yeoman, Ray Cook, Edward Green, Lloyd Pratt, and Engene Kelley. The Young Republican club sponsored a similar dance at Al- ?ona October 21 at the I. 0. O. F. hall, «ind it was well attended. Brown, who has lived Tne club now has a membership '. D. Sheehans most of more tlla " 20 ° youn e men a» d nee she was one and wome n. It was only recently organized, with H. B. White as the county chairman, and Dorothy Minkel, Swea City, wife of Dr. R. M. Minkel, as county vice-chairman. Eighty-five counties in Iowa have similarly organized, and the clubs have been given considerable recognition from the senior republican organization. The purpose of the clubs is .to Interest young people, especially all voting for the first or second time, in clean politics and to maintain that the republican party offers more to the young people of today than any other party. Particularly does the club stress the fact that the present federal government is accumulating an en- normous debt which the members an automobile accident on om bei :, 2 V h V W * S going home om school when a car etruck been the last and Lumber Yard at Corwith Entered by Burglar Sunday Convtthj 'Novl 2—The Cbffwllh lumber yard \vtis broken into eon-<v, time during Sunday night, tlie burglar, or burglars, entered, tte building through the back door of the alley ( pried open the Infllte office door with a crowbar that was hanging near by, and thejn pried open the cosh drawer, taking a few nickles left in the draper for change. Some pennies weie not taken. A. R. Gardiner, manager of the jtords, stated that it looked very much like'the work if youngsters. NOTICE LUOIBN C. SPR.AOUE, RECEIVER OP THE MINNEAPOLIS & ST. LOUIS RAI'LROAD (X>MPANY, hereby gives notice that on tlio 17th dny of October, 1938, no fllejd with the Interstate Commerce Commission at Washington, D. d., in application tor a certificate or )Ubllc convenience and necessity permitting abandonment of the 'lne of railroad extending froni JorwHh northwesterly to St. Ceiie- lict, a distance of approximately 1.6 miles, all in Hancock and Ko>f- inth counties, Iowa. LUCIEN C. SPRAGUE, Receiver of the Minneapolis U St. Louis Railroad Company, STATE TREASURER • PIrrt <u a lab,,,,,. . " Democratic Ticket VOTE NOVEMBER 8th FOR Bumper Corn Crop Humps Farm Cribs Nov. UK I -. i »"•!«»» ni^ ouiiuui (jQ t j^ gf *!,„ TfVwn TV H l r* w !/• /l «*<*»Y uaunjg ifllS JttSt <* ' trend'of^the^ction^m be'a vafl- som ""f Danish Arn^r^n war. | • f a"ners U \b O ond d o r n'ed W ?he he m a ch?ne eS ot ,able from that source earlier than M? 1S buddies w ere Gaorge and picked by hand RaS T,,o :r-,i,, ,.„„! „!_„.._.. .... e ' llut -> tnan Mnhonev. f!hn« w v n ,,i~- ...j'rio,, ,,i~u.i ... * "* na - wain Tues- Union Twp., Picking in the mechanical _ "as had its drawbacks thi<s ]«•«> Guard..week, due to dry weafher Som e farmers abondoned the way of the Present Young Republican H. Taylor, ant part in school a talk on will be answered with reminiscences of Ar- t'ontribnflojis Ordered. •nistice day. Other business included votin" contributions to be m.ide by Auxiliary from the unit's activities. Pla^ t ^s on four tick- ui»—democratic, republican, farmer-labor, and progressive — have Mahoney, Chas , W. H. Gilbride. I Tinft, S5 Years Ago. 1 In 1903 George left Algona and entered Milwaukee employ in which he continued till the acci- and fe," 1 ^ Ws -icome and oe^I Smte^brr 0 ^ 31 ^ >n he s •mppy fund, accumulated from the - ..j sum i for the hot lunch Miss Bonnstetter, ninisters, o the for the 'assigned child" or "ive years of age. A contribution of $9.30 based m lOc a member, as of last year, i' f 01n ' £,• «vas ordered sent to a holUlav' PUbhe cheer fund of the state or.'ani^a- Uon for use at veteran's hospitals. The Harriet Hoffman educational tund, maintained for the benefit of veterans' children, and the rehabilitation and chiitl welfare funds have also received contribution from the local unit. Campaign 1'osters. Committees for campaigning were organized, and many and various home-made signs, draw- in —^....u emu. in. In fact „„ among doinc expects of the engine":" Th7 wno^ froTt J?»1.'^ *'* to^T^ end of the engine and the boiler . is believ- oeen due to defective vulv- cese corn - club, will have to pay, meanwhile also paying crushing yearly sums in interest. The Republcan party, the club maintains, offers to young people the best opportunity to forge ahfead in Individual endeavors tho i without countless restraining and l °° restrictions. Sheriff and Party See Football Game t City is Now 1-Newspaper Town Sheriff and Mrs. Casey Loss, with Fred Jacob, of the Coffee Shop, attended the Iowa-Purdue football game at Iowa City. W. C. who spent Dad's day Satur- son Bob, sophomore, till Sunday noon, In the sea of Tribute from Brother. -—, _. ~. „„,.- Writing the facts for this men- a .... superintendent tion, Theodore Nelson paid a tri-!'postmaster Tin, -, lnstru ctiou. Altogether bute to George that not every bro '- asier ' 11 pu pl l s were on the program in , ther can give: talks lasted) "I ffm probably Theodore ivrote,' "for ' 1 „..„ the 'kid' brother, but George wn s the finest fellow I've ever known." . . - Loss car, s- Loss party, on entering °'' minutes. M, lt orcveli.st IVin.s 1-ri.e. ^ 8 »J Ledyard, Nov. 2—Raymond Bars- , . lou, Walter Owens, and Robert Barslou entered a motorcycle "hill •:limb" Sunday at Algona, and Robert won first prize. The climb was without chains. Hospital Releases Car Crash Patient Irvingtou, Nov. 2—Tony Klooster, who was a patient at the Kossuth hospital a few days following a recent auto accident St. Joe, was released Sunday. the I 'FTiii Trt TI ~ """** v»*w- j_/v«3o i^eit L.Yt un. tfjjttJJ'iiif^ LflC CltV, •v i-? if fnvm 1 ' ^'.^ew'tt,I recognized the Dewel car, parked ,—uuu^w HJs so^ vh 01 'f * CUy '° n the Street ' (It>s a Sma V WOTM! > ly practiced law u' thn i,,T 61 ^' he A1 son ! ans report an excellent of the former Lp'la w u husband ^ ame for spectators—a test of sus- daughter of Lee O Wolf*' T! n 61 ' taiuted b 1>awn an « akHl between ka. noire, Titon- contenders so evenly matched that Another Sherman Story. Richard Sherman has the lead story j n this week's Saturday Evening Post, and, as the is entitled Preview on movie two installments, installment will ap- suffered variouscuts and Depends on What You Want e t0 SGe evei T bod y & et wh at they want 1 and fH ° yOUr neighbor and find out afterwards that you paid too much for what you got that il your business. You had the satisfaction of paying it If you go out of town and pay $5.00 for the same shoe you could buy at home for $2 98 you simply stuck your neck out and got the axe, but you got what you wanted Mc wan ted whiskey—he y fiAMBLE'S BATTERY WEEK NOVEMBER 5th to 12th Save $3.00 to $5.00 On Batteries At Gamble's To make these savings even greater, for one week only we are including, in your container, 2 gallons of our finest wmter oil ($2.00 value) with each Super-Active battery SCld. GUARANTEE WITH EACH BATTERY 45 PLATE SUPER ACTIVE BATTERY Guaranteed 24 Months 2 Gallons Oil (less can) Included Exch. • 51 Plate Super Active Battery For popular cars. Packed with EXTRA power. New one piece cover. Guaranteed 36 months. 2 gallons «^ AO oil included. Exchange '^nw 1 !* • 57 Plate Reverse Assembly Super Active Battery For Ford V8, Terraplane and other cars. Guaranteed 24 months. 2 gallons oil included. t4» BQ Exchange *«%<w5F • 57 Plate Super Active Battery For Master Buick, Chrysler and similar cars. Guaranteed 24 months. 2 gallons oil included. <Q OR Exchange *^p"*^5* Other totteri** At Low A« J2.SS Exch. (Oil Not Included) BATTERIES INSTALLED FREE. Battery Charging at Low Prices GAMBLE STORES »•• N t D b i t M P t and Most people at this Airne of year want good warm clothing and shoes. The ones that want to make their money go as far as poyible, the ones that wantglod clo hS Neville? 8 gaiU PriCeS> are headed for They know that Jimmie sells standard for less ' Anyone can sell junk at a low price but you can not build a lasting business with junk. The fact that sales have increased every year from $24,000.00 our first year to $108,000.00 is proof sufficient that we sell good merchandise and take care of our customers. Even this year we are running away ahead of 1937. We carry the same lines that are being carried by the best stores all over the state Peters shoes I am sure are the best ^ ° f g °° d wearin S shoes in the States. Nunn-Bush makes the best ankle fitting men's oxfords on the market For men's kangaroo shoes and oxfords' Connolly and Carter surely are' out in front ihey are the largest importers of kangaroo leather in America. T- t ? atr |« ia<pa t, the Lloyd line, and Hug- £5%/nn haS ; ^ 6iS> ° f Ci ncinnati, are all in the $5.00 retail class. We sell them for less, but that does not hurt the fit, style ox- wear of these beautiful low shoes. Men's and boys Diamond Brand and Original Chippewas for work shoes. Sky-Riders for the boys. They are the best boys' oxfords I ever handled. Washington Park men's suits. Rock Knit overcoats, Prim-Era and Post Script hosiery, Nashua blankets, Haines underwear, and so on all through the store. , We handle standard well known lines. You get the same goods for less money at Neville's Stove IOWA Thank You! w> E,WISH, at this time, to express our sincere ern.Hf,,,i , response extended our new store on openinfdavf n th ° 8ple '"M expressions by those In attendance more than repay us for ^,,7^? enthusl * wfs We ° nestly consider one ot the finest istoresofiu ^° in open - andl' a"? a^ftLe^t^sui^^ut^--' 1 ' 8 ^^'' th ' ? Store sha ^° * **" Exclusive! r *«^*£^g&&^£SSSi at prices that will meet with your approval! «><Mi, »v;^n;aunc and your doorstep "Kayser" Undenvear, Gloves and Hosiery <n 'Baymor" and ">IEEKBB» BAGS "Form-Pit" Foundation Garments "Mother Love" Infants' "Belle Sharmeer" Speciaiy Proportioned Hosiery "Patricia" and "MARTHA MAID" Lingerie HIRSHMAUR COATS "Gay Gibson" "Debutante" "Jane Arden" "Levine" "University" "Brucewood" "Georgianna" "NellieDon" . Also Complete Lines of MILLINERY AND WOMEN'S FOOTWEAR Ciiristensen B PROTECT YOUR CAR AGAINST FREEZING SILVER-SEAL ' GUARANTEED ANTI-FREEZE ! WEEK-END SPECIALS Per Gallon, AUTOUTE MANIFOLD REPLACEMENT HEATEItS FORD A 1398 FOIID V-8 _I_"Z$8.*49 ••—^n^ ALCOHOL FLO-E-Z MOTOR Oil FLOWS AT 80 BELOW ZE Per Gallon Bring container 49c 188% Proof Gallon HOT WATER HEATEB HOSE Iteplace your Hose STOVE PIPE 28 ga., 24-in. long, 4 M ^ 6-m., per length _ 1 •1C Adjustable A*Ir Elbows, 6-in. .. Z2C Corrugated 4 Zf Elbows, 6-in. j___ | f ft HICKOBY AXE HANDLE OUADE 4c EMPIRE HOT WATER HEATER With Lighted Swith »•« Complete Fittings $6.75 G-E LICENSED AMEBICAN MADE BULBS J5-30 or 60 Watt 19C ^ . NITRO EXPRESS SHfirrv you thlsheavy load she B BATTEBIES 45 Volt 39 PLATE BATTEBIB8 m ,, sheet ___. ^ — : sheet -^ JOE BLOOM &**«»* Iowa -'- -'**•'•*!:

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