Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 3, 1938 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 3, 1938
Page 5
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a. VOTE FOR . E. McDonald for SUPERVISOR, 2ND DISTRICT , PtUM CREEK, UNION HEADLINERS FOR 0CAN EDUCATION WEEK IN ALGONA kOSSUTH COttNtY ADVANCE. ALGOMA. IOWA PAOBTHRM WOMEN'S F, B, PROJECT MEET HELD IN SWEA Cartoon in Sunday Paper Shows Oddity at Corwith November 7 to 11 sdfty Nor. 8, 2t80 p. m. — Elementary Parent Teachers association meeting at the Bryant School building. Lav IVor. H> 10*45 a. m.—Armistice Day program P in the Algona High School building. , Nov. H> 2 p. m.— Football game, Algona ' . . i. __ il._ Ait,1«il« ««1,1 Humboldt on the Athletic field. ALGONA PUBLIC SCHOOLS Visit your schools. Attend their programs. ISm FMENB AT MAI. TOTE -•-M^""^—•""•' " ™ FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, NOYKMMKRj ASP 8 ~~Skillf ul Planning from easy to continuously plan meals ^t delight for marled menus and mate It easier lo keep 3. Swea-Eagle, Nov. 2—JThe first township's meeting o£ the Swea Eagle, and Grant, and Harrison women's project was held at the home of Mrs. Herold Cits-worth, last week Tuesday afternoon. This year's lessons are on making the best use of home produced foods. Ruth Seatou Hincks, H. D. A. gave some helpful facts on the lesson of canned and frozen foods. Interest was shown among the women as many used refrigerated lockers last winter. After presentation of the lesson a tea was served. The meeting was well attended. Sirs. William Helmick Dies- Mrs. Theodore Plathe has been at Estherville the past week. Her mother, Mrs. William Helmick underwent a major operation at the Coleman hospital a week ago peritonitis set in and she died last Thursday. She was 48 years old. Corwith, Nov. 2—'Corwith broke into the "Iowa Oddities" column in October's 16th's Des Moines Sunday Register with: "Water dripping from the meat case into the basement of the Quality store, Corwlth, has cut through a ;wo-lnch board and taken off the surface of the cement beneath. It is conservatively estimated that 15,552,000 drops of water have fallen on the spot during the last eight years. i mvo is a clerk at the Quality store la Interested In photography, hasj a fine camera, and takes some very good pictures. He is also interested in journalism ami ex-t pects some day to give it more thorough study. He took a picture of the board and the dripping water, but It is not known just how burg, and her daughter Janice have spent a few days this week at Ralph Walker's. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Walker spent Sunday evening at Mrs. Chas. Larson's, Algona. The Harold Kueckers,, Algona, were Sunday dinner guests at Ralph Walker's, and Mr. and Mrs. John Diedrich, with their Marilyn, were evening he' estimated the total number drops. dinner guests there. 'Clifford Crawford, Ray Oliver, Mrs. William Roeber, and Mrs. Charles Ostwald were reported sick last week. Mrs. J. W. McCreery has returned from a week at Ray Albright's, VOTE FOR J. J. DOOLEY Democratic Candidate for Re-election as County Recorder A record of more work handled with less expense. GIRL DROWNS SELF OFF ALGONA BEACH •Saturday's Mason City Globe- Gazette reported the suicide by drowning in Clear Lake of Ella Schultz, daughter of farmers north - . & Mrg Qene Martlnl of Ventura The story is o« Inter- * gun wUh m . s Mal , tlnl , 8 eat here because Miss SchulM i t Mr and Mr9 Thomas Fln . chose the water off Algona Beach/ Armstrone. The James Gee- her grandfather, W. A. Korleskl, visited the Frank Farrels last week Wednesday and Thursday. •Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Leitel, New I Hainpton, and their son Marcus I were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Spillea Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. 3. M. Fleming spent the week-end with friends at 3ioux Martini 'of'Waterloo, and with relatives at Cedar Rapids. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Liebenstein, Frederlcksburg, spent Sunday with Agnes Liebenstein, who is sick at the local hospital. A girl was t>orn Monday to Mr. and Mrs. Tony Kajewski. John Mulroney, Mallard, his son i,,, , „, —-•""• •"-- ior ner purpose. lans, were at the P. J. Schlltz Thursday. She was 48 years old. Mlss Sc hultz's parents left if™. £™ t nooVe Funeral services and burial were Thursday morning for the ^f; i Mercedes Holder went to Anthon held Sunday afternoon at St. Pet- 1 , oto rt-nnvn.iiii«kine match. They did' J r e :'.. a .ri !::__;„ %..„,.*„ «^o,._ 'P. J. Schlltz Sunday afternoon at St. Peter's Lutheran church at Ceylon, Minn. She is survived by her husband and seven children. Many at Husking Contest— Hle - — - ---- * — -- — " - j|j sted-cprn,huskng match. They did not return till towards night. Find- . Saturd and ,„ now beaut y o per, n & shop there , ghe recently •"•" «•.-— — - i ator in a aauv mere, one IC^OHLIJ ing their daughter absent, they in-.; fin , 6ned a course tll the Samuels stltuted search for her and notified t o£ Beauty culture at Sioux authorities. She was still missing all day Friday and that night. John, Chicago, and Mrs. Peter Mulroney, Mallard, spent last week Thursday at J. S. Cullen's. Mr i Mulroney Sr. is a brother of Mrs. Cullen, and he will spend the wln-| ter with John. The Louis Braatz family, Whittemore, and Mrs. Martha Braatz, of Milwaukee, spent Sunday afternoon at Henry Krueger's, West Bend. The June Seeneys, Omaha, are visiting the William Diedrichs. The Martin Krusea spent the week-end with relatives at Minne- The H. R. Zumachs visited attended the husking contest at Ringsted last Thursday. A few re-|— the~Schuitz"car Search mained at home and husked. The gome Q , end of this week will find many e _ hat> hrough picking and In Seneral and Nearly were a atlsfled with the fine corn crop • bo Q£ j hal£ emp . Veal Steak e budget. s rr veal Uib Chops at 18C per I'™"' 1 Beef Steak very Oak SHK- it hin male veal Ind virtual his year after the floods this fall. larnm Entertain Sunday- Sunday dinner guests at George •Sunday omner guests ai \jcuis<=, -«-.>• -- ••-» —-~ - „«,„„,, Earner'/were Mr. and Mrs Obed, from _ 6 horeymg face down where . tied, and a mixing cup. Search in the water revealed the body. It was some hundred feet City. . _„, ~- --_- _ . Mrs A D. Brogan, Stanley, and Saturday morning it was found' Bonnle Bl . ogan , Betty Schmitt, and Algona Jieacu ^^ Theresa Schmitt spent Friday with relatives at Mason 'City. Mrs. John Meyer, Emmetsburg, spent a few days last week with her sisters here, Mrs. E. E. Pearce, Mrs. James McGovern, and Mrs. We Think it is Time ior a Change. Don't You? Kossuth County Young Republican Club. Tall and son Carrol, of Alden; | the water was hardly more than Mr. an'd Mrs. Thomas Anderson and, three feet deep. daughter Sharian, of Jewell; Mr.I It is not known and Mrs. S. Anderson, of Blairs* >urg; and Mrs. Hans Lura, of 111- nois; Mr. arid Mrs. Merlin Anderson and their two children, of Fenton; and Mr. and Mrs. Eli Anderson and two children of Grant. Other Swea Many friends here were sorry to learn of the death of Mrs. Fred -why Miss Schultz committed suicide, but it Is said that for some years she had been In poo.r health. Minister at Britt Speaker at Dinner Here Sunday Night •Members of the Methodist Ep- sister of Leo Geoders, who taught in Swea schools six years. Mr. and Mrs. Herold Evans, O f >**£ cs attended. . . Swea City, moved into the house on the Wm. Evans farm vacated by the Frank Grimer family, which moved to Swea City. Mr. and Mrs. J. Denton, of Raymond, Minn., were wee-end visitors with their daughters, Mrs. Veal Roast i (jnlrementg at VEAL STEW, pound —SLICED BEEF LIVER, pound _-GOLD COIN PICNICS, pound i FRESH SMOKED WIENERS, Lb. BACK BACON, pound Menry Grone and ' Merrl'l. , Mrs. Sheldon Jos. Schmitt. Mrs. Ray Oliver, Mrs. Peter Schumacher, Mrs. Tony Schmitt, and Gwen Kelly drove to Mason City last week Thursday for the day with relatives and friends. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Klink, Fayette, called on friends last week Thursday. Henry Priester, Taopi, Minn, spent the week-end wl'th local relatives, i Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Yahnke returned Saturday from a month with Mr. and Mrs. John Schumacher, Woodbine. The Simon Webers Jr., the Peter Weyderts, the Simon We'bers Sr., and the Henry Haags attended a birthday party at Paul Weber's, Burt, Sunday evening. Kay Ann Reding, St. Joe, spent ••^•••••^•^^••^•^^^^•^^^^^^^^^^ GILLETTE attended. ,,,,,„„ „„„.„, last week .with her uncle and aunt The Rev. C. N. McMillan, P««toi M fl M Nick Reddng whiu of the Britt Methodist church was - . R ., speaker on The Two Drugs, Alcohol and Marijuana. Donald John- her mother, Mrs. John Reding, was at a Fort Dodge hospital for treat- floi ana ivianjuauii. ^uuam «>^« ment son sang a bass solo, accompanied: ^ &nd Mrs Wayne Brunner, at the piano by Mrs. V. K. Rising, i M • Gertrude Hockenberry, and Thls , Wa , S , Jfr Pera T n ^fn the latter's daughter Velma Mae and Mr. McMillan spoke again m the evening, this time on The Tem- and lie our re- _13c _16c _19c _20c _24c Anthony Shau came home from a Fort Dodge hospital last week Tuesday but returned Saturday for treatment. A. J. Appelsheimer and a daughter, of Plover, were Sunday visitors with the former's daughter, Mrs. William Thompson. Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Jenson were Sunday dinner guests at J. H. Jenson's at Ringsted. perance Situation of Today. Ogrens Depart for Sunny San Antonio Bny a No. 2 can ol ! of 1O4. Heat Beans and M. L. Wax Beans with Velveeta San™ sance over beans. Bartlett Pears Check vonr fruit cellar. You maydecide to buy a Corn-I'lcker Gashes Finger. Irvington', Nov. 2—Jos. McConnell's fingers on one hand were painfully injured one day iast week, when they were caught in a corn^picker. all of Masno City, visited the Robert Finnels Sunday. •Mr. and Mrs. L. W. S'wanson entertained Sunday evening at bridge. Attending: Messrs, and Mesdames R. A. Bartlett, Walter iCampney, Harry Seeley, Ralph -- jReimers, G. L. Benschoter, and Mr. and Mrs. Abert Ogren de- , Karl Anderson. parted Tuesday for San Antonio, j Mra _ Joseph Meurer and her son Tex., where, as usual, they will L Uc i an spent the week-end at the spend the winter at Grande Courts. I Jolm Rels an a George Koehn Their home is meanwhile occupied jj 0mes a t Jackson, Minn. Mr. and by Jeweler Jacobson, of the Bor-.jj rs> p e ter Fuchsen and their son chardt store, and his wife. Wheth- 1 Joe were a t William McCauley's, o PORTLAND grown and packed in the Northwest "8AJ.AD BOW Salad Dressing A deUcious combination of eggs, salad ""^"X^lrtVr at cereal, and spices In proper proportion. Try a big q»p« j it special price of 25£Cracked Wheat Bread For Tariety in b«.d U,e Council Oak gm^-^ *fe wholesome cracked wheat bread. Try this new oreau it's nutty, cracked wheat flavor. White Loaf The Brink Shiplers, of Maxwell, were week-end guests at William Ringsdorf's, and George White, who had oeen at Maxwell, caina here with the Shiplers. Lola Shipler, Maxwell, spent Sunday Lavonne Ringsdorf. Mr. and Mrs. Wyott Stott Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Ringsdorf attended the corn-husking contest at Ringsted last week Thursday. Laet week Wednesday visitors at P. A. Ringsdorf's were Mrs. Mervin Dickson, Eagle Grove, Mrs. Patrick Mulligan, Bancroft, and the lat ter's daughter Isabella. er Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Smith, of Mason City. Wabasha, Minn., will again winter , Mrs _ at San Antonio Is not yet known here. Mr. and Mrs. Lee O. Wolfe, Titonka, who were scheduled to leave for the South Tuesday, are, expected to spend a few days or) weeks there. Gas Station Burns Down at West Bend West Bend, Nov. 2—The Diamond D-X service station here was with burned to the ground Sunday night at 2 a m. It was situated across and the road from the Casino at the park, and Lee Fry was proprietor. Origin of the fire is unknown. People of the paving crew living m cabins nearby notified Mr. Fry, who lives east of the site. An alarm was turned In, and the firemen arrived Immediately with the Schumacher, Emmets- i The Thirsty Flour" th»t ««to« mow 1WJ bag. Thb week-end the W bbL bag for fl.M oaves «*•»&• A.IUA ff «J*7»-W»»«» »—« '- -• First Prize Flour, i bbl. bag Cookies ..... f>tl i KJf/fpU* vvv*'t»""^* ••• ~* ~~ with macaroon cocoanut A very Corn Starch There should always be one or more pta. of on the pantry shell to n»e In Carious recipes, nuy this week-end for 15* Evaporated Peaches .89c Cl D U«***(3 *•*•*.» »•*—«*•— Sunday evening callers at the Sumner Parsons home included Messrs. and Mesdames Melvln Simpson and John Jenningls, Whittemore, and Viola Smith and Hugh McDonald, Burt. D W Smith wae a Sunday dinner 'gues't at his daughter Mrs. Ev erett Banna's. The Hannas are newlyweds near Lone Rock. Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Mann were Sunday visitors at Mrs. Mann's, Burt. Letha Mann Motion by Morris and second by Helken that Minnie Thompson be given a cash allowance on contract of July 1, 1937 ot 110.00 per month In lieu of $25.00 payment, allowed while Peter . Thompson lived, starting for August 1, 1938. Ayes: all. Motion by Fraser and second by Cosgrove that Mrs. Rosie Krueger V^UOB ' *•* * f hJ4Alr J«*« o, A»VK>«V «>.• be given a cash allowance of «».»» per month beginning September 1st, 1938. Ayes: all. Motion by Fraser and second by Cosgrove that the Indemnity Bond of'Bessie Dunn bef approved. all. Motion by Morris and second that the report of C. Ayes: by and Leroy Lee were ____ __ ______ "at Everett Han- Letha Mann and her ten pupils gave a Halloween party at Evelyn Beker's Friday evening. A .prl^e for the best costume was won by Robert Keith, and Evelyn won a prize for guessing the identity of all members of the group while they were masked. • ' Weil ttin V15** ••*».*«'—•— v—- fire-engine. A car owned oy sMr Fry was ruined in the blaze. Severe Burns for Child_at Ledyard Ledyard, Nov. 2—Joyce, email daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. Paul Nitz, was badly burned about the face and hands Saturday morning. She was with her grandparente, Mr, and Mrs. L. A. Nitz, and while Mrs. Nitz was outdoors the chlia got a can of kerosene and poured some of the kerosene into the heat-r ing stove, which'had a fire. In the blaze or explosion that ehe suffered the burns, dressed the burns. .neii&Bii< umi mo ns^fyt i. VL ^->. t Chubb, Drainage. Engineer report on Drain No. 80 be accepted and apprpv- ed by Board. Ayes: all. Motion by Cosgrove and second by Fraser that the report of C. E. Chubb, Drainage Engineer on drainage district No. 69 be accepted. Ay.es: all. Motion by Fraser and second by Heiken that the Township Clerks of Eagle, Irvington, Plum Creek and Sherman townships be authorized t< call a meeting of the Trustees of their townships to appraise various School Fund Loans now In the namu of Kossuth county and the State o: °On* motion'Board adjourned to qnl HVU "Yf^W. ^P^*- --T ••*. nllttllffP* 1.UU Hi** wv '•'•"TO !K&r^ty fl pt£^WU* at 2 lb, ffr Blue Rose Rice Quick cooking, whole grain, oking, whole gran, T W.*sr»'!P> I s*w Our "Red Bag" Coff«* LOTTS CREEK for SENATE CLUB (non-partisan) Dear Fellow Citizens : You as a voter will be interested, we feel, in what prominent people are saying about Iowa's Senator Gillette. For instance : Hon Joseph T.Robinson (Democrat) the later Senator from Ark, •In my twenty-five years in Washington, no man has come Into the Senate who shows more ability and promise than Gillette of Iowa. Hon. Wm. Green, President American Federation of Labor— "The record of Senator Gillette is 100 per cent for organized labor." Hon. James A. Parley, Postmaster General— "He is an able and sincere public servant. I'm 100 per cent for hia return to the United State Senate." Hon William Borah, Republican Senator— Idaho "If I were a resident of Iowa, I'd walk to Iowa to vote for Senator Gillette." A Soldier in France (1919) writes in his Diary— "Every man in the outfit votes our Captain Gillette a Prince Guy." Hon Jos ; 0 O'Mahoney (Democrat) Senator from Wyoming— ' ' "*• I i ••/venture the prediction that Senator Gillette's efforts in the ' iJ, farm pro^aucte will be one of the most valuable things done for farmers of the middle west Hon. Hiram Johnson (Republican) Senator from California— "Senator Gillette has won the admiration and respect of his colleagues. He is truly a great Senator." Edward Keating, Editor of Official Railroad Brotherhood Publns. "Senator Gillette carries the endorsement of all standard railroad organizations. The defeat of Gillette would be a national calamity." Senator Gillette, we think, represents the ideals that all parties of this middle-west have been striving to secure for a generation. Iowa needs his services. " . .'• We ask your personal assistance until after election to return him to the Senate. Sincerely yours, GILLETTE FOR SENATE CLUB Cherokee, Iowa. resulted A doctor Whittemore 3 Ibs. for Table Salt sale in the The young people'a society will meet in the parochial school basement this week Friday evening The Edwdn Wichtendahls were Sunday dinner guests at William Ben's, West Bend, and afternoon visitors there were the Hugo Faul- stiches, Lotts Creek, and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bell, West Bend. Marie Faulstich was an afternooij guest of Lorna Ruhnke, and JtutH Meine was at Dorothy Wichten- d8 Slle Kressin, North Dakoti* te visiting relatives here. Mildred Faulstich spent the week-end with the En*ll Bieretedts Mr and Mrs. Herman Hintz were Sunday dinner guests at Maurlc.e Mr. and Mrs. E. Woodward, of Portland, Ore., arrived Saturday - r a few days at Mr. Woodward s rother Dr. H. E. Woodward's. It ad been 20 years since Doctoi 'oodward had seen his Brother. Harold Knecht, witfr Mary Yen etcher, Algona, drove to Stacy llle Sunday for the day with Mary's parents, Mr. and Mrs Tony iTenteicber. Miss Venteicher Is em loyed at D. E..Dowel's. The Arnold Hllberte, of Moneta with Mr. and Mrfl. Noroert Hilber nd Edna Hlloert, Bode, spent Sun day with Mre. 'Emma Hllbert Mrs Nell Farrell and the local Mrs Jilbert were at Emmetsburg Mon low pricey f Ha.kin. HardwMer CWjftfM* --• Bl«eBarrel Soap, 2_poundbarf| w — *y ^-^(f F' 29c -S« n with the son ?aul, drove to Mason City Friday, and Paul consulted • •^*1*^ «•»*»* ««f» •yw-*y» T , "T" odS^tisrwwaiirifew parents Mr. and Mre. August Pi 3a jtr. and Mrs- Henry £ressl have returned to their home a Pasadena, Calif. They ha.d via %^&J*L*y& -*'•* Clean as Laughlln, Ornaha and Mrs. Ann Peterson, Sioux City spent a few days last week wit rfrs Mary Fries, Cylinder, and the Farrels 'here. Meedawes i Person, Fries, and Far- C.' P. Sweeney, pastor of the Sacred Heart parish, Fort Dodge, called on old friends here last week Thursday- For eow years he was pastor pt the local Catholic church _ Mr. and Mrs. Enjll Wj"m «; Joe, spent Sunday with the lattet'* parents, Mr. and MTB. Mike Geug- l6 patrlcla Laughlln, Omaha, and AS IF IT HAD NINE LIVES, a clean, correctly lubricated motor keeps going mile after mile, and year after year .. .with less fuss and noise, and fewer costly visits to the repair shop. The dictionary says that refi»t means "to purify, to cleanse"— which gives you an idea of what we do to produce Phillips 66 Motor Oil. Out go destructive impurities and harmful elements. Out goes wax, to insure free, fast flow in winter. Out goes gum which might make piston rings wick. What remains is ft great lubricant ... 100% Paraffin base... 100% PW^ips v«lue, with rich. body and high'degree oiliness to provide a tough, friction-reducing film...resistant to high speed, high pressure, high beat. And the big plfu is' the Phillips name. This ma^e« for peace of mind, because you know that you. we getting all the lubrication ypu pay for, when you drain • and reftll with Phillips 66 Motor" Ojl ,.. at the, Orange and Black 66 Shield. each MAP OF COUNTY, for fnnntaB. Wjo cpujity PHI HARMS '•*r frffj \ v~Jr jf*i '. '.., i.^

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