Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 27, 1938 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 27, 1938
Page 10
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?AGB EIGHT COJTNTY APVANCB. AtXSONA, tOWA Rummage Sale ANNEX Every Friday in the Month Beginning this Friday we are going to inaugurate a new policy in the ANNEX, that of conducting a real old-fashioned RUMMAGE SALE every Friday from now on. This will mean that one day a week will be housecleaning date—when all odds and ends, small lots and single coats, suits, dresses, blouses, hats will be sold at real rummage-sale prices. We will positively give a reduction on every item in the store—some only small reductions, others a. wholesale slaughter. Right now, we have winter underwear, sweaters, coats, dresses, corsets, and a little bit of everything —all good quality merchandise but difficult to move at regular prices. \VE WILL SELL THIS MERCHANDISE AT TERRIFIC REDUCTIONS FRIDAYS only. Be on hand this Friday (October 28th) and join the throng of real thrifty-wise shoppers who always take advantage of special offerings at our ANNEX. NEW MINISTER TO COME FOR CONG'LCHORCH Dr. David R. Martin, Ex-Iowan, Arriving Next Week. Arrival of Dr. David Ralph Martin, who is to be the new Congre- Wa-«an-rans Meet In Portland— | initiation of the pledges and spon- Flfteen members of the Wa-tan- sor took place in the Blue Room. ye club met Tuesday evening at After initiation other guests arriv- Rachel Becker's in Portland town- ed for an evening of cards and of ship. Mrs* Lura Sandere, presi- dancing. dent of the club was assisting hos- less, and guests of the club were F'TC to 0. E. S. Grnnd Lodge— Letha Mann, Mrs. Wyott Slott, and Mrs. R. S. McWhorter, all of Port- Mrs. May Harrington, Mrs. Cfts- Loss, Mrs. C. H. Taylor, Mrs. land township, and Rose Lanipe, H. T). Hutchins, nnd the latter's gatlonal pastor, November 1. is expected by ! Algona. Doctor Martin will be returning mother, Mrs. Ida Minldcr, left Tues- A "ghost", with soaped hands, day for Cedar Rnplds to attend the Sunday. Gueste were Mr. and Mr*. Leo Reaser, their daughter, «nd the Earl Andersons, alt of' -Fort, Dodgei Henry Immerfall and L^o Latnpe, Piittvllle, Wis.; attd Martha Platt, Algeria. Mrs. tteaaer, Mrs. Anderson, and Mr, Immerfall are slaters end brother of MM. Weiner. Mrs. Burdette Agard entertained at two ta'bles of bridge Tuesday afternoon, Mrs. w. C. Irelan -win* nlng high and Mrs. A. J. Eaaon being- second'. Aj dessert .luncheon was served at a long table dec* orated Jn Halloween style. Mr. and Mrs. William Runchey, farmers southwest of Algona, entertained at dinner Sunday the John tflfers fainily and Wayne Smith, Algona, nnd Mr. and Mrs. Earl Powell, Mason City. The three women arti sisters. spertd the week-end at Des Molnesl With felatltefli llcrt .Kldfan went to Sunday to attend an era salesmen's convention. Albert Itftg* haa been elck since Friday with the flu. Mr, HOKE (an P *wl er LY^ Ale £ Nellflen «r«w! Mr.^Hnd Jlrt...Everett Anderson and Mr. and Mrs. Holman Ander- greeted the girls at the back door 61 st session of the grand chapter Mrs. Fred Bartholomew enter- of the Becker home and ushered of the O. E. S. Mrs. Loss Is local italned her Bridgetto club Tuesday to liis native state, for he was born them into the house, which was worthy matron. .The women will afternoon at ono o'clock luncheon, at carrou January ol, 1884. For decorated in spooky Halloween return Friday, except Mrs. Loss,'Prize winners Were Mra ,T W t'ie last M years he has been in fashion. Miss. Latnpe, Violet Nor- who will remain for the week-end ; Little, high; Mi's. Ed. DeZollar tne ministry in other states, and man, and Darleen Stott won prlz- to attend a Coe college homecom- second; and Mrs. Earl Griffith now he has served only two esjit games. ing. Mrs. Loss is a graduate ofjwnglow. years in Iowa. The pasitoral record began when Doctor Martin Following games a short pro- the college. Mildred Dole, Irving- gram was presented by lour girls: ton, is looking after the work at the Loss home. „. . . T , was assistant to Virginia, Mary Janice and Joan Bishop Naphthall Luccock at the McWhorter, and Evelyn Becker It Union Methodist church, St. Louis, j consisted of a play, two recita- Johnsons M'cd 25 Years— Then he was associate to JDr. A!- "~ " ' bert Jordan, of the First Congregational church at St. Louis. Pastoral .Record. Leaving St. Louis, Doctor Martin house- tions, a song, and a "stunt." The Mr - ft" d Mrs. George Johnson, stunt" was a human horse upon ne! »' Titonka, were taken by sur- which rode little Joan McWhorter, Prise Sunday, on the'Ir silver wed- who sang a aong, My Pony, then ding anniversary, when, by invita- . „.„ asked the pony questions, which tion of the daughters Marjorie and returned to Iowa as pastor of the Were answ ered by nods of,the head Vera, close members of the family- Sioux Rapids Congregational ^stamps of the hoof. The horse arrived for the afternoon, and church. There lie served two years. £J, g a and Mnr y Janice Me- neighbors came in the evening, to After that he was pastor of' I he WIlorter ) ended its capers by do- help the couple celebrate. Mr. and Financial Statement ST4TE OF IOWA, KOSStTTH COUNTY AFFIDAVIT I JSS. We, J. M. Patterson, President, E. L. Vincent, Secretary and H J Bode Treasurer, of the Kossuth County Agricultural Association, being duly sworn on oath depose and say that the said society or association, being duly incorporated under the laws of the State of Iowa, he.d a fair known as the Kossuth County Fair on the 5th to 9th days of September, 193S, in the city of Algona, Iowa, and that the said fair consisted of a bona fide exhibition of live stock, together with agricultural products, farm implements, etc., as contemplated in the law. We further -depose and say that the sum of $3413.65 as shown in the financial statement attached hereto has been paid to the winning exnibitors m settlement of premiums won at the fair for the current year and that no part of this amount was paid for speed events or to secure games or amusements. We further depose and Church of the Redeemer, Alton, 111., five years; of the First Congregational church, Austin, Minn., ten years; and of the Pelican Rap- ds, Minn., Congregational chruch, five years. ing a tap dance. Mrs. Johnson were presented with The Wa-tan-ye girls joined in a a set of knives, forks, and spoons song, accompanied at the piano by Jl i silver. Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. *lora Tiss, before going to the Clark, Britt, parents of Mrs. John- dlning room, where they were son, were among the guests, seated at a long table. Favors It is from Pelican Rapids that! were . !1 ' tle black cats and "fire- Courtesy for Past Mntrons— Doctor Martin comes to Algona. "acker Packages which explod- Mr. D. D. Monlux, Mrs. G. C. Doctor Martin served as chap-1 f u ? on belng opened. Inside were Lighter, and Mrs. M. J. McCall lain of the Illinois senate for one I r oun 7 oran ee hats,, fortunes, and were hostesses to the past matrons term; as a member of the Nation- go °, . * k " ch arms. of the O. E. S. Tuesday at one o'- al Board of Charities and Correc-L * ried °hicken" was includad on clock luncheon at the Masonic tions, one term; as moderator of ,,„ mein . u ' ? nd as the sMs left for Temple. Halloween decorations gave them an- wel 'e used at the long table cen- Mrs. M. J. Diiffy entertained the „ Lnf-n-lot club Tuesday afteriuon. I Prizes at bridge were won by Mrs. 1 James Watts, high; Mrs. Tom B. | Dailey, low; and Mrs. George Mahoney, travel. Mrs. George St. John entertained the 0. N. 0. bridge club of eight members Tuesday evening at | her home. Mrs. D. D. Monlux won the high score. _ The Bel Canto music club met 1 1 yesterday with Mrs. M. G. Bourne.'I The leader was Mrs. Florence Kirscht, and the program was on Art Song. To give you the ben ^ HELENA RUBINSTEIN'S NOVENA NIGHT CREAM when' ifour skin needs it most the Minnesota Congregational con- °. me the "Bhosf ference, one term; and as delegate scare, to church general councils at Kan- sas City, Omaha, Detroit, and Beloit, Wis. Three Grown^ChUdren. Doctor Martin is married has three children. His wife and EXPERT AT ROWLING 'SHOVKSVTHE LOCALS Gene Gagliardi, expert bowler, ;ave an exhibition at the Barry al- last eveiiine:. Mr Miss Becker i s Advance book- stenographer, and report- . o* -«*-•» u U£) lltll UI,' who won the 1937-38 singles world championship, bowled against four Is a member of the club. ,, ' Boone. Algona Girl Sunday Bride— Marian, daughter of Mr. and Woman's Club Program Given— cultured woman with B S and A Rov ' tered with a bouquet of fall flow- firs. Twenty women attended _ the afternoon was spent at making Henry JoTaniisen,' Henry *.„.,,. rugs for the O. E. S. home at William Geering, and Andrew God-' fredson. Afterwards he demon- onstrated trick shots. Monday night the "Nick Shiners" B. degrees. She is a member the University Woman's club; the D. A. R.; and of the National Guild of American Penwomen. There are two daughters one son. One daughter, Mrs. Martin Raub, lives at Austin of A. of ried Algona, and Le Tn e Algona Woman's club met at and Mrs. « le PUblicJibrary Friday, and Airs. discussion Ancient only J Now from Oct. 29 to team won three games from Wesley „ f,,iV" '?'""=' "°i jua « »»" s"y that the attached financial statement is other daughter Ruth" A™7" a full and complete statement of the receipts and expenditures for the AVOS a junior ast vear in ( current year and that the attachftri stzitfatir.nl rtoto t* »,.„„•.....> ~~ t ,..~r.f: J " _ r 4 _ ast 7 eal ln ' nnd 'of the the brld Drlaal year and that the attached statistical data is true and correct. J. M. PATTERSON, President E. L. VINCENT, Secretary. H. J. BODE, Treasurer. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 25th day of October 1938 by J. M. Patterson, President, E. L. Vincent, Secretary, and H. J. Bode Treasurer, of the above named society or association. ' F. L. McMAHON, FINANCIAL STATEMENT RECEIPTS Cash on hand from last report (do not enter an overdraft here) __________ Receipts outside gates (hid. season and family tickets) ------------------- $ 3,652.29 Receipts day grandstand and quarter stretch -------------------------- 1,482.34 Receipts night grandstand and quarter etretch -------------------------- 794.44 Total ticket sales _____________ • j Entry fees, speed department _________ Concessions and privileges ____________ Advertising in premium list and program State aid (this year anticipated) _______ Miscellaneous receipts of fair: Stall and pen reut--^ ___________ _$ 290 00 Entry fees ------------------------ 195.' 50 Exhibit space rentals ------------- 380.00 From all other sources of fair (dance) ---------------------- 315.90 Total miscellaneous receipts of fair _____________________ Total receipts of fair- County aid ___________________________ Off season rents ___________________ ~_ Other receipts (July 4th celebration)III Total receipts from sources other than fair _____________________ Grand total receipts ______ DISBURSEMENTS Open premiums: Horses, ponies and mules $ 324.00 Cattle (beef and dairy) . 796^00 Swine ----------------- 623.00 Sheep, wool and goats___ 144.50 Poultry and pet stock _. 186.75 Agricultural products ___ 148.00 Fruits, plants and flowers 109.75 Culinary products ______ 136.00 Textile and art dept. ____ 259 50 School exhibits _________ 130.75 Dairy products _________ ig'gO Total open premiums 4-H Club Premiums: Colts __________________ Cattle (beef and dairyTI Poultry ________________ Other than live stock __" Total 4-H Club Premiums __________ Total premiums than speed Premiums for speed Music and attractions .IIIII. Miscellaneous expense of fair: Advertising -----------Printing -----------------Postage _____________ _ Salaries . _ t All other expenses of fair (police, mclse., misc.) ----------------- 1,565.15 Total miscellaneous expense of fair ________________ Total expense of fail- Insurance, Interest, etc. _______________ Permanent improvements Maintenance of grounds and buildings" Any other expense ( July 4 celebration) Total expense other than fair ______ Notary Public. $ 747.20 r- Un- the piano by Rose friend as ot Mrs - Sylvia Gunn's Party descended "the anne Reding, Patricia'Hull, June was accompanied at Ann Scanlan, Meredith Raney, Mar- Titonka Bode. «yn Tuttle, and Ardith Kresensky., Farmers Ullllllllir" 9 yes- iversity of Saskatchewan. Son is an Author. The eon, David R. Martin Jr., is a Harvard graduate now on the ed- ^u 6 <c, riUK ,. — • - .r cu - iitonal board at the national off'.c- cerem °ny. after which Miss Knudt- , g , ann >versary Friday by enter- , ,_ ~ — •—**» tjiw/jjj, XJUUtJ bride was given away bv her father. The bridegroom's father To Obse ™'» Wedding Date— w aSt °K ,^ f the Ba P«st church, of ,T he ? ev - and Ml- s- E. J. Strong Humboldt, performed a single rin<r w , celebr ate their seventh wed- PPPOTTl/M'iir n £*•«« ...l. • _t. •» _.. _ O nillfy rmn iirn«n« —. TM.._i _i __ » Silver Gray es of the Boy Scouts of America ,' son sang J Loy e Y °u Truly. '""'"' He is well known author-traveler-I lecturer. He was co-author of' taining the Rev. and Mrs. H. "s. The bride wore a'duionnet velvet £ alm S u!st ' Minneapolis," at dYnnor.' Wesley ~~~~~ 7 Courthouse ~~~~ 5 ' - r Three Boy Scouts in Africa; auth-! 10 . w bouquet of yel- M J"' Palmquist Is an evangelist white pom-pom chrysan- °, 0 been conducting rev.val 5,929.07 320.00 2,211.42 375.00 2,000.00 1,181.40 4,000.00 1,024.29 3,104.84 12,016.89 8,129.13 " ~ *• •** *" *»«.* AViOi | CIUL11~ ' AT. *-*••**» I/V/.LU \JU.i JtScUl™ I *'*'**«Wi»rffctu& J U V * Y ClI or of a Boy Scout Sails with the' * he '? lum s with sweat peas. The n j eetln »» at the Nazarene church Sea Devil; and author of The P/ idesm aid, Wanda Knudtson, of ot which Mr. Strong is pastor. Scout Jamboree Book Bode, wore black velvet and' her w n "" Doctor Martin was' graduated 1°™*?. wa <* of yellow.roses and M™^"J?H!^. c 5 ndc . P1 " nned of Mr. and . will entertain and girls at a masquerade party Saturday evening jfrom the Mt. Ayr 1898 and from the State Teachers college in 1900. He holds a professional teacher's certificate He was graduated from Fremont college in 1902 with an A. B. degree I and a life certificate. He is a post-graduate student of the Divin- in yn o ™ o1 ' Ulllvel 'Slty of Chicago, 1908. ^ The honorary degree of doc- conferred on ' •"-—*w -"'{jUtpd | UI I bride, was best man. Following the ceremony, IS YOUR FARM FOR SALE? Tell Recondition your beauty for fall! p u t your , ered skin in perfect condition for the autumn (, ties. Protect it to the utmost. Helena beauty luxury, Novena Night Cream, will dodg things. And for seven days you can get it at j price ... in this thrilling ouce-a-year Value EJ Take advantage of it and buy a full supply off Night Cream today. It's the beauty buy of thejij Marigold sho PI PHONE 808 the immediate families by Mrs. Oscar K. Grefstad and Mrs. James F. Temple, both of Bode, and Mra. k. Stewart, Manson. . and Hall- refreshments will be serv- riam is in the eighth of the local public schools. 'God's Acres' Corn Given to Churches Corwith, OctTlrl^wo thousand ^1 bushels of corn will be harvested from the "God's Acres" in the Cor- boldt 20,893.22 $ 2,877.75 12.00 392.50 5.00 126.40 other 535.90 3,413.65 1,337.26 4,396.77 9432 4,395.26 1,945.25 1,694.34 1,293.26 2,490.33 13,542.94 7,423.18 Grand total disbursements Balance on hand—overdraft 8TATI8TICUT, DATA Estimated value of grounds and improvements Present indebtedness, $13,770.00 and $6,428.23 notes" Totjal number exhibitors, all departments Number of exhibitors, live stock departments Number of horses exhibited Number of cattle exhibited III"" Number of swine exhibited- 20,966.12 72.90 , —• Number of sheep exhibited ____________ "" Number of head of poultry exhibited ___! Admission fees charged at outside gates: " Adults," VoV day," "260" Total number paid admissions, outside gates Total attendance at fair (include both paid and non-p"aid"admTs- sione) ------------------------------------------ 18 nnn Arhpission fees charged at grandstand: Night, 35c; day 35c io>uuu Adijilssion fees charged at quarterstretch — None. ' Totjil number paid and non-paid admissions, at grandstand— Day, 5200- . The Rev. Karl W. G. Killer, pastor of the local Methodist church is planning a festival jubilee for farmers, landlords, and their famines concerned in the God's Acres Program. Nazarene Revival is to End Sunday Revival services, which have been held every evening at the Nazarene church for the last two weeks will end Sunday. They have been conducted by the Rev and Mrs. H. S. Palmquist, Minneapolis. Arrangements have been made for a special Rally Sunday at the church, and a large attendance is expected. The Rev. Mr Palmquist will award a chalk re- P' -od uct!on of Hofman's Christ in the Garden to the person bringing the most people to Sunday school Delegations have been present at the meetings from Forest City Iowa City, and Fort Dodge. The Rev - E. J. Strong la pastor. New Store Opening Brings_1200 Crowd At opening of the new Christensen store Friday some 1200 roses and carnations were presented to levied for next year's county aid, .011. Amount you anticipate levy will return, 14,000.00. Aie grounds owned by society or county? Society. How many acres in the grounds? About 40. OFFICERS OF THE FAIR Vice Swaetary. , J - M - Pa «ereon, Algona, Iowa President .................... ----- Clark Scuffhaw, Algona, Iowa B. -H. VJnceot, j. Bode, Algona, Iowa women calling, and a few were given to men. The attendance was so unexpectedly large that there were not enough favors to go around. Manager Roy Christensen, who was highly pleased by the response to the store's Invitation for calls, received many ment on the appearance of store. A common comment was that it would do credit to city. compli- the any with community. John Mullins, ° ldt Parish Sapper for EpiscopalinnH- r,?\TC d se ? d - corl1 Producer, B T P U K«li7^7 r LT here Wil1 be a St. Thomas donated the seed corn last spring qV f y nt E * Gf ~ Episcopal parish supper at Mr and to farmers who agreed to plant : BaDt1fit e nh»^ g Be ° ple of the Mre> Henry Teen's, near Burt one acre for the benefit of any i f, aptlst church, accompanied by next week Thursday • hureh. The Corwith elevator is £f "I 8 ,, ' P 6 Rev ' F> C ' Volsl£ e, R ev - • - * storing the corn free of charge f ttended a district B. Y. P. U. ral- the Carl Long, farmer living south of T a . t . Ea £,l« Grove Sunday. Ronald will _„. town, was first to deliver his con- t>f iT 8 ^, dlstrlct . President, and This will.be in tribution, which was 67 bushels , ^,, ' Volsk e is district ad- Every Member v '°"" There are 18 churches in rector of visor. the church's work, an the district. Going down, besides Mr. Volske and Mr. Jenkins, were Mildred and Surprise for Mrs. Brown— Twenty-two friends took Mrs, A Brown by surprise last week , wee Roy Richardson, Edna Mae Sill, Tuesday on her birthday. Bingo Bessie Humphrey, Jame s and War- was P^yed, The Browns for ren McMahon, Lillian Schultz Hi- man y years operated a dairy farm ram Sleeker, LaVonne and Naomi south O f Algona. but their son L™ relkamp, John Lee Stephens, Ruth, , ren is now running it, and thev are Biack - missionary, the Rev Mr T». „ -- Hatch, Dengal-Orissa, India,' and D1 r er fo / jM»ert Birthday- the Re A Mrs ' J , , the Rev. Vance .Webster, Muscatine, were speakers. There were 138 registered delegates In aUen- dance. ***** PasioTnfeet Hero- The Rev. and Mre. F. Earl Bur- , Mrs ' J - B - Winkel en- at a dinner Sunday in "f 6 U ^^ anniversary Capesius, father of Mrs Winkel, daughter Frances Wllfl ' ed ' 4 p. m. last week Monday. In at- T tendance were the Rev. and Mre £ ay evenln g ftt- 7:30 Arthur Bottom, Wesley; the Rev Masonic Temple. This Is and Mrs. George McDowell, West ^L matr , on f' aljd Bend; the Rev. Thoburn Speicher, „ g f' and the Rnvt- +lm TJ«,. A T /-..., ..i.r ~. ' Dast natrrmo -nr will meet at the to be Past patrons- matrons and lu Stov FREE DELIVER! 4 DAILY Hood's PHONES 430 ANDTsi ALGONA, IOWA Specials for^ Friday, Saturday; Monday, October 28, 29, SUGAR io L iBs47c I FLOUR° MAB $I' — iu LUS. T • v » m*^r %s cm 49 L u$j \ ,i Cobbler Potatoes oLisi^r o—QT Boxes. wC KRAKLKRISp; Large... ^ Boxeg IGA Dessert Powder All flavors pkgs.. 1 fC Corn Flakes IGA. Gold Toast 2 Large Boxes —' r Brooms Good grade aurt; the Rev. A. J. Quirin, Sioux f,? 81 , patrons will formally open City; the Rev. and Mrs. Allen H the lodge meeting. Initiation of Wood, Good Hope; the Rev. and new memb ers will take place. Titonka pastor; Dist. Supt. and th<T Mrs. J. C. Buthman, with their ShermTnlwp™!! Monday night. m a daughter Jean. To Speak on Czechoslovakia— A talk on Czechoslovakia will be t 0 , -, —-«. « given under auspices of the Algo- "dock, and lunch tin "Wr»Tna»\»,. nlt.V* •ra u u . &BrV6u. Halloween on Program is presen na club Friday evening 8erved to begin will be wv Cerney, Maso'n" cTty" Cink Babe, Woden, is Burned by Lye Wesley, Oct. 27—Mr. and Mra George Cink, Mr. and Mrs. LouU R. Wingert, and Mrs. Agatha Haverly called on. the Edw. Clnka, near Woden, Sunday afternoon. Oonna May, 10 months daughter of the Woden Cinks, suffered severe burns on lips and in the mouth last week Thursday, from a can of lye. Her parents ruehed her to the Kooesuth hospital, a»4 the burns were treated. Mrs. three in Europe, pear in brought home. and Mrs. ago from two months to*toao7 oTVh^ 9 U , Monday and Mrs. Cerney will ap- ed 12 ™<£,t * ocoasio ' 1 entertaiu- costumes which she . t he Ambrose 1 ran ! r / 0ast at «».. A*?s^ft»s £?Hs charged to ielp delrav exnens^a. a en ' a Doy and a Other _ ielp defray expenses, . IB open to the public and will be of Surprise for an Algonlan- intere&t to men a s well as women.! Everett Lee was Mre. Cerney gave a talk on Burop- prise Sunday o ean travels before a meeting of friends came to at the Okobojis last sum- They mer. Sorority In Pledges Bauquet- Tbe local Beta Sigma Phi sorority caaptey had a formal dinner in the Algone, hotel dining room , fried people attended chicken cile Black, Marlon Corey, end Esther Pratt, was given by EJennor * W PraBer, aud 0 the »; entertained IGA Extra Whipped Salad Dressing Quart OB A jar ODC Rice Puffs IGA Wheat Puffs 2 Large 4 Q A Boxes I *>C 1 ...... Red A Coffee Lb 2-lb. bag __ 3-lb. bag __ Coffee BLUE G -New style cup. and saucer free Lb — i 25c — • - --Crackers 2^B. Bpx 15c ™ i _ Matches « BOXES ~" 17* Tokay Grupe* 5c Cookies Fresh Plain, jfrosted and sandwich 25c Cookies New, fresh, good sandwich style Full Lb. 4 B^ Box _____ 1 PC 1 Bart Fresh 10c Lb.__ Chocolate Cherries BOX.. 21 C 1 quality guaranteed, 100-lb. bagi CANNED FOOD SA1|| still continues—same items, same es as in last week's paper Peaches, 18-k. No. 2J£ cans Tomatoes, corn, No. 2 4 cans Bed .Kidney Beans ISk No. 2 for 18k cut Green Beans No. 2 2 cans 18k Cut Wax Beans No. 2, 2 cam Whole Her. Corn No. 2 18k 2 cans Mix. Vegetables, 18k No. 2 2 cans 18k Peas, Guest No. 2 cans 18k Peas and Carrots No. 2 2 cans 18k Sauer Kraut No. 2 —3 cans 18* Sauer Kraut No. 2}£ l ' aus2 ' 18k Bed Salmon, fancy 16-oz. cat Pink Salmon, best, 16-oz. 2 cans 18k Milk, fancy large cans 3 for Bipe 'n Bagged Peaches, IGASH Cut Cfr»n Beans, IGA, No. 22c«W Cut Wax Beans IGA, No. 2 2 cans IGA Early June Peas No. 2 ca« Potted Meat, IGA, % can—1» Peas, Corn, Cut Beans No 2 4 cans Salmon, pink, 16-oz. tall can Carol Corn, Peas, Tomatoes, Carol Cut Green or Wax Be»ns Spaghetti, IGA 16-oz, cans ----Apricots, orchard ripe, KM Canoed Goods prices good Oranges, good size 2dflZl Grapefruit, Texas Seedless -S Early Ohio potatoes 100-H). to Sweet Potatoes '. lettuce, large head, each -'? Celery, well bleached, large — Beaiw, 5 ib«. ftt^glb.,-- Mince Meat, bulk, , 2* Pure ILard, 8 Ibs ....... — — : Hmok, PtoBl«. Httji. % or whole i Sirloin or Bound Steak, »>• .-••; Pur* Pojrk Sausage — - — J JJi Ground Beef_,__ ----- — -*

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