Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 27, 1938 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 27, 1938
Page 5
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KOSStiTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA PAGE PIVB CALS , Minneaipolls, one o£ o. Bates Mr. and Mrs. Norman Walker at- Mrs. Philip Welsbrad, and another tended the Homecoming at Ames brother, Henry Boevers. over the week-end. Others there from here were Mr. and Mrs. Geo. jln fission. Mrs. '.F. Earl Brn- gtte&ts of Mrs. and Mrs. Irents, Mr. Sac City.' Clark Smith, Mrs. Karl Hoffman, and Mrs. H. L. Gtlmore. Mrs. Win. F. Stccic Is doing supply teaching this week in the kindergarten at the high school building. The teacher, Madeline Hess, U sick. Mrs. Steele, nee Georgi- r=;rcfa^,:v''CrKs^,r,r''- lra *' --r. Agard is a local agent I , „ nlld MrSl E - U ' R1 s'ng and Mr. and Mrs. Vernon M Krusc ' Bells B P ent - Sunday at Will'iamsburg, spent Sunday aiid Wost Bcllci ' guests of Mrs. Rising's Monday here at the former's broth- ?!?[P r : M ™' I rv l n J 3 ™^ M™ ; Mr. nnd Mrs. Burdclto T will attend a district . Htli has *f •-• »vi, ^*iv>ivjiiiiv;iHUrULIl~ Titi * i n -„ - - i A hna been sick Gr H - N - Kruso's. Vernon is man- Be V > ll , le £ ° rmer G ^^ s Uisin & lft ^H« n l f?U and a e^ r of and a partner in a lumber- ?, nd *T h(usband ls employed at Intestinal nu, ana UIMULI Greenberg's auto supply store. had to IOOK auei .eery alone. GcorR(i Jfrs. I). J. JtrcdnU, who has been fs corR(i ^^ w))() was , u , s. . . rcn, wo has been Rochester part of last week, con-' sick Bm ' ce onc day last week with Mnyo ph at f ' Ul was Relieved threatened Mr. nnd Mjfs.'C. M. Corey,, Des Molnes, were week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Becker. The Coreys lived here some years ago, Mr. Corey Is now state representa- week-end guests here of the Han-' Harvey Hackbarths were Mr. and erson, and sisters Ida and Mrs. A. sens. Mrs. Johneon is a sis-tor of Mrs. Orvllle Allen, Rldgeway; E. GUayton. Another sister, Eva, Mrs. Hansen, and Mr. Johnson is ; Edna Bigalk'and Herbert Bigalk, who is in bank receiver employ at an electrician. Cresco; Mr. and Mrs. Amos Iver- Rockford, 111., was here Saturday Brooks Potter, Russell Buchan- son, Dowe; Mrs. Henry Hackbarth an a Sunday. an, Mary Jane Neville, and Mary | and Ray Hackbarth, Dows. Ray, 3 , rSi aco< G< Co , 0) daughter jffi_ Lee Nugent, accompanied by Mrs. Iverson, and Harvey are chil- nov Maxwell, and Maurice Chris- the latter's eons Ronald MA Jolffi Brooks' mother, Mrs. H. M. Pot- area of Mrs. Henry Hackbarth, and ^ agr | cu i tura i teacher In a con-' Phillips were dinner guest* Bun- the ter, attended a Mitchell district Harvey drives an oil truck.. s olidated schol near Maxwell, will day evening of'Mr. and Mrs. J. IS. Christian Endeavor conference at| After five weeks here at his bro- spend the week-end here with Mrs. - Wilson, Titonka. J. E., who baa 4 a Mason City Congregational ther B. J.'s, Ray Giimore left cole's sleter, Mrs. R. A. Thorpe, restaurant at Tltonka, is a eon of church Sunday. Brooks and Mary .Friday morning for his home at T ne v i a (t ors tlve of the Carter Stoker Co. -Mr. Becker is still representing New York Life. Frances Walter, Lu Verne has begun work' as office assistant at the local AAA office. She is a 193G Lu Verne high school graduate, and" her parents are Mr. and Mrs. „ _.. — —„ C. P. Walters. Miss Walters is | were .Sunday afternoon guests of ma »y years he was a Seattle street rooming and boarding at the Mrs. j Lars Sorensen. Mrs. Hansen and car ^conductor, but^he js now re- J E. Moulds home. ~ ----- *i... _ _ ... _ -, -_ - „ Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Wilaoh were at Blue. Earth Tuesday," looktag af- '.er Mr, Wilson's farm there and attending to other business Matters. Mr. and Mrs. Wllaon, daughter Mre, Florence Peterso», and the latter's eons Ronald Md John Jone gave short talks. be accompanied Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Wilflon. ! Seattle. He was to make stops on by another .agricultural teacher j Mrs. OUre Moo came home last Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hansen, of the way, the first at Los Angeles. an a his wife, intimate friends of i week Thursday from three days at Ringsted, with their son August, 1 Ray left Algona 31, years ago. For Miss Cole and Mr. Christie. Mies Sioux City, Sergeants Bluff, and "Cole, a former Algona girl, and Tonca, Neb. She wae a guest of Mr. Christie are to be married at, Mrs. Ellen FOBS at Sergeante Bluff. ~. .„„„.„„ ,.„,.,.. .Lars are cousins, and Mr. Hansen tired. His wife died some 25 years Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Hutchins. is a retired farmer. Mr. Sorensen ago. A son and a daughter live at and Mary Ellen Halpln' 1 spent the, continues to recover from his re- Seattle. week-end at Ames, attending home- ! cent operation at Rochester and is coming, and Mary Ellen visited her ; able to drive Ills car. Christmas time. Mr. Fose, who had a tailor shop Mrs. Donald Cook was taken to:here 30-odd years ago where the the Kossuth hospital Saturday for' Druggists Mutual building now sister Ida, sophomore in the State) . ,j. Prcsncll, Flndlay, O., A good plcinre of the Very Rev. | treatment of infection in both eyes, stands, 'has been dead ten years. T. J. Davern, former pastor of the] The pupil In one eye was dislo-lThe elder son, Roy, lives -with nls local St. Cecelia's Catholic church,: cated when one of her sons waa a] mother, and the other eon Alvln Is lldren, spent the week- nome agl ^ The'doctors' did not witl1 Pneumonia Tuesday. Her I college. Mr. Hutchins is a gnidu- [ s 'yisi'ting'relatives here and' at appeared on the front page of the | baby and kicked her in that eye. I at San Francisco. Mrs. Moe visited former's ^parents, Mr. fin( j muc y, wrol , K W |, lh llc) . ])Ul n(] _ mother is here from Spencer to ate of the college, and Mra. Hutoh-' Spenceri she waa at Ackley before Monday evening issue of the Fort (The same pupil was dislocated Fri- o'd friends at Sioux City, where U3 t Huenhold. vised rest. . gni)(n, Kanawha, was jj rs | |,- /V1( 1F1;1I|I ani Lller here Monday. She spen t Sunday with | care for her. Mr. Bredall is in In„„,, j onn I ternatlonal Hnrvestor employ here. f.ho former's! I'iMvrence JHsbm-li began his lilt; I ****•— - ., _. ti|jv«n b wu nnd. j >v I LII IIIL; lUrillCin •"* m>"r**\. ii >j i^t-, it, n ni-j 'after the estate p£ net father-in-law, John Deim fanner! n(!W tlut 'es yesterday as traveling Lta Dan Long, , . . - . .. . . near Swea City. Mrs. Deim j s ! salesman hi Iowa and Nebraska ..'8. AVbln Spongberg HeaT n S tr e s!; f or , t i 10 Modern Drv for il anlrt concern. He expects to j Union Sunday to visit cleaners. ""' ' "- - ' ' fe,. Emma, who teaches Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ostrum, ins once attended the school. ! coming to Algona. Mrs. Presnell Dodge Messenger. A story in w hile she was hanging cur. . Jolm Mulronoy, Chicago, is a j s a d au ghter of Fred Anderson, nection said that Father Davern tains. Mrs. Cook, the former Chris- guest this week at William F. arid Fj n d'lay is his old home town. 1 would give the invocation at a t j na Gould, is a daughter of Mr. Steele's. Tuesday evening the men Mr p resne 'n W as Injured in an ac-! Community Chest dinner that ev- Ret home for most week-ends. Lawrence ha« not disposed in his; state university. John is now em- ere at. Garner, visiting Druggist c ident some years ago and has Free. John, William, and George fl ince been unable to work, were fraternity brothers at the : Orie Iliitcmun, Oak Park, 111., ening which 25 persona were expected to attend. Kathleen Evnns left the Iowa she and Mr. Moe lived before coming to Algona 43 years ago. Mweditli Richardson, freshman and Mrs. Ben H, Gould, farmers , a t the Ames college, and two clOBfl- near Algona. A Strayer girl is caring for the two Cook children. A card under date of Friday re- mates, Helen Thebiay, of Eagle Grove, and Marcia Bliss, Corning, snent the week-end here with grade there. . ]_, y i Ri 'Minn., with their two' child-i fn ' tcl ' ost in tllc Misbach clothing ployed in a bank at Chicago. : n,, J ?.' ls -*?J?'^?—u- row, .spent the week-end with Ed- sto ,','?: __, „ | c;!)nrlc '< Middlekanff, two-year- of flit, J>il IV llltllly Wttlt i a.1 n, J.H.) «%HI,H»V*I;II iv T tin n ici i, LII« j.u <» a, ^«. \,t*i\ji utiu^i, *««tmj w*. j.- » »u«,jr * \j a IJU Lit, LlltJ W et;iV-tJUU UCIC W 11,11 il Mrs. Frank Hughes. Fort Col- : City hospital Tuesday, after hav- j ported Dr. Guy B. Anderson, Ack-i Meredith's parents, Mr. and Mrs. s, Colo., were week-end guests ing had another eye operation last ley, son of Fred Anderson here, at B. P. Richardson. Howard Medine, tfl.mtiT, — 4oi», Bi^nt m<-. "iTulY-tfUU WIIII l!jU- .. ow, after two weeks war( i' a parellls , Mr. and Mrs! -"''• nn(l )lrs - Frank Dan, who Buch attacks have been Frank 0strum. Ei ward is in Dots-1 f! "' m near Stlllwater, Minn., were cabouta this fall. f 0 rd employ. ! hnrn Insf "'""'•' '" "*'»•"' tl10 f""°"- sister, Mrs. A. A. Sterl- week. She wa.s to spend a few Philadelphia, but did not say what rs. Fred Jacob were . hcro la - st week to attend the funer- Vc'rgnson, still connected' 111 of Ml ' s - Herman Dan. Frank '' , . Mrs. Jacobs par- w!th the f orcst , T unit at the State'""" Hol 'm<'i» are brothers, and old grandson of Mr. and Mrs. A. L.; j n g. Mr. Bateman and Mrs. Hugh- days at her brother Wallace's, near i he was doing there. He wrote: senior in the college, spent the week-end with his parents, Mr. and I>r. and Mrs. H. M. Olson spent id Mrs. Albert Witt- college, Ame-s, spent the weeiT-end mnny ycars aK ° F ' f ank conducted in. month ago from a visit Avith Hie , s near Lone Rock. w j t j, ) lis mother Mrs. Hoi-tense i wnat is now the Smitl1 store at ^"'''iipitniirfa in C.allfnrnin.. Mrs. LSmit.li, who has been Fergusou , LewiK ,„ a ' Knulualo * ot weeks at her cousin the collegc . Long who has been visiting here, o-, 'had been visiting their mother, Iowa City, and her father, Dr. R. I "Lots of interesting facts here, j Mrs. Samuel Medin, and the four has been sick a few days with in- ]»,-•*. Samuel Bateman, Webster A. Evans, will go to Iowa City this I Will try to get some and send to j young people went back together. testinal flu. He was brought here city. They wil return for a cou-i week-end to bring her home Sat.ur- 1 you. The weather is fine; the ] a te Sunday. Mrs. Richardson and by iMr.s. Long when she came home n )f. more day* here this week. [day or Monday. This was the third : mountains beautiful. Politics in Dwaine Lighter took them down. M'rirHekaiiff Is to come later. , The K. H. California. Mrs. v /eek-end at Hubbard spent the eye operation, and it is hoped and Pennsylvania seething. The papers Dwaine, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clln- with Mrs. thought to be the last. Do Lano's mother, Mrs. W. C. i Mr. nnd Mrs. Robert Simonsen. Mr. nnd Mrs. C. A. Samson were ciark. A guest last week Thurs- daughter Roberta, Mrs. Elizabeth Ist'e will return Sun- Mnudaltno SIoiVI office uirl for " 1C weel{ - encl at Ruthven with (Mrs. j among Algonlans who attended the (jay and Friday at the DeLano Mor'an, and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur ' ' ' * contain much rank stuff candidates." about j ton Lighter, is in j Cleaners employ. Modern Dry nome at Minneapolis. Dr H M oison. uuuumiii , Cilmore returns today brother Anthony, Burt, to Dos Olson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. J. | 25th wedding anniversary celebra* home was Mra. Freda Schumacher, Richman, all of Graettinger, were .lohnson. Albert Olson, Rowan, lion Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Emmetsburg. Mr. Schumacher for- Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. fpn'n'uis""where she has Moin'^' CiTwooK- TimrLrin'v ^ brother of the dentist, came Tues- George Johnson, farmers near Ti- me rly Avorked at a DX station "Dick" Sorensen. Mrs. Simon=en Tuesday, guest of two thony attended a hardwtmimeii's d!iy f o' - the-boys' mother, Mrs. Bcs- tonka. "Open house" was held all. there, and Mr. DeLano is in DX is a sister of Mrs. Sorensen; Mrs. oiie of "whom is 90. 'meeting ' * " sie Olson, who had spent a week day, in the afternoon for relatives eln p] 0 y here. ; Mori an', their mother. Mr. Simon' - ••--- -'• •"-- — : here. land in the evening for friends. | Guests nt the County Treasurer sen has a meat market in a, gro- Hotty, daughter of E, B. Turn-1 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cowan, M. J. Duffy home Sunday were cerv store, and Mr. Richman runs umwved section at ithe ovner of the postoffice meeting. Mr. and Mrs. Tt. E. Hofcr, Good-; were s ulu i ay O f Dr. and Wen graveled as Mr'q H T M^rnrklo \nvn M •« cr, Lone Rock, has been sick more with their little daughter Marcia Mrs. Chris Larsen, P. J. Larsen, a Standard Oil bulk station, •i. for employe care. I Hnfor and Mr« M^rnrklo nrnTu' thlln a week at T - L ' Larson's. Bet- Kay, snent Sunday at Fort Dodge and the Arthur Meyers, fatnilv all Miner Peterson, who operates e 1U1 «'"^l"Y' ,...^_ JlUll-I IU1U mib. UlCUUlKie .HO felb- , ,„!,„ ;„ „ I,:™!. „_% 1 C 1 ...HI, TIT- „«,! -HIT..* *«„,•„ U n .,*C n ~,l _« All 1 T !><«„ r\,,l*f,r T> T !,<„ n i,rn nnio^r nnn,. r>n,.«rHTl WOO Webster City, 1 ^,.^ n« M,' iwnr • \, , u, n, n «n ty - who is a h 'K h scn ° o1 fi'eshman with Mr. and Mrs. Arnie Horsford o f Albert Lea. Mrs. Duffy, P. J. his own apiary near Corwith, was _ . ~ •. -wit I I- 1 - 10 , tlllU 1V11. IIULtl Ib 111 U1L Ull „.] j . .^ T „„„„„ u«^«_ .,.,1,11* n«^ tlm «n,,, TTn,..*fr,i./1 on« 'MT-i- ^ „..-.«» ««'^ TVffi.r. 1\Tmf/M.t3 ni»o ^liilfl- >iQro Mnnrl'iv tn oon ln\a dilator TTMnn Itcman and is at the Lai-son home while and the new Horsford son. Mr. Larsen, and Mrs. Meyers are child- here Monday to see hie sister Edna teman, Oak Park, HI., business. VOTE FOR A5R. CRUIKSHANK FOB SUPERVISOR °f ALGONA, UNION, PLUM CREEK Your support will be greatly appreciated. Inneajpolis with a sister, j teaches music. . Andersons sipent the | 'jph c u,v v . and Mrs. R. A. Bur- ter two weeks with old f in telephone employ Neville, with her kter Laura Ann, spent fend with the former's R. L. Emry, Sioux , Schnltz, Waterloo, vis- jreek with her sisters, tech and Mrs. Chas. T. She is a former Ti- [t'oigt, employed in the surer's office, spent the vith her parents, Mr. iHermau Voigt, farmers Ttemore. Blinliinan returned to Monday, after a week his mother, Mrs. Minnie |He is manager of an A. r there. ' . ' bso Kolilhaas will spend end with her parents, |rs, P. J. Kohlhaas. She Hamilton busine.se col- son City. |e, dnii^hter of Mrs. Kate Tiittemore, was a week- of her cousins Dorothy be Dailey. Shei&a.sen- IWhiittemore academy. 11/, Ollmore and Mrs. W. attended North 'Cent-Teacher institutes at |Clty last /week Wednes- t Spirit Lake next day. friends an alumnus of Iowa State. Mrs. sister, Mrs. Ralph Green-1 , Tabor, and her husband met; here with M. P. i the Foxes a't the game and came to -. „ . ,.„ , ,, ...v hbu . u . Algona Saturday, night for the Mr. Burrows is still pastor of a 31rs> Lona v , Dwi g hti m.,j week-end. ' Presbyterian church there. Lpent part of last week here with! Wade, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Jlr.aiKl Mrs. I. L. McDermott, or her brother> Geo . w _ Boevers, who' Hansen, 1 -spent the week-end at De s Moines, were week-end guests s Wayalde farni| north of Al- Ames,'attending homecoming. He of the H. A. ruttles. Mr. Mcuer-, gonil> S]]e went to Penton i a st attended college there a year. Mr. mott is a foreman on the Uock is- . wook Thursday to visit a sist ,, r anci Mr9> , Tack Johnson, Rolf e, were land, and Mr. Tuttle travels for a I -I. 'Moines drug company. Dr. M. 0. ISournp attended an 1 Austin Flint tri-district medical so- j cietv meeting last week Thursday j at Mason City. He is secretary of the organization. Dr. R. M. Minkel. Swea City, accompanied him. Mrs. S. 0. Anderson got home Monday from' Mitchell, S . D., where she had spent several weeks with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. N Thompson. Mr. Anderson is In International Harvester employ here. J)r. and Mrs. G. D. Wai rath have now moved their -household furniture to Lu Verne and are living in a Kubly house there. Doctor Wai- rath recently succeeded Dr. 'A. J. Eacon, now of Algona, as dentist there. A number of high school pupils spent the week-end at Ames, at-! tending homecoming and visiting friends. Among the number were |Lyle Anderson, Roger Michel, i Louis Neville, Eugenia Little, and Betty Scanlan. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Walker and UT RATE GROCERY Specials for Friday and Saturday Sealof Minn. • bag XYDOL2 ton's Rose MILK . 19c Brown SUGAR 41b». __23c SUNDAY THRU WEDNESDAY, OCT. 30, NOV 2 T\T,, U :,.,,I Comedy Drama SALES PROMOTION" DAYS IN CONJUNCTION WITH OUR GREAT SEVENTEENTH ANNIVERSARY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Here are 14 "specials" that usually appear in several ads, all rolled into one ... 14 of the most sensational buys of the year ... "Hand picked" by S. & L.'s sales promotion department. Pkgs. Kellogg's COBtf FLAKES 31g.pks.25c 1 Crisp e, 2 U kisT is, doz, . 15c M» 10 11)S. __ 33f Texas Seedless large Grapefruit, -10 for Jonathan Apples, 6 Ibs. Bleached Celery — 10 and 15g POTATOES— 'pk., 18* 100 Ibs. 95* Men's Suede FLANNEL SHIRTS lixtra full cut "Forrester" suede cloth in grey or leather tan. Comfortable coat style. Here's a value that will "jar" the thriftiest shoppers. All sizes up tn 17 included. 57 Family Sale of SKI SUITS A bright, colorful wool ski suit for , every member of the family from 3to20. Many handsome styles...Plaids or plain combinations. Only. .. Women's High Styled . SKI SUITS '[Men's Jersey ," GLOVES Good weight jersey with ' warm, durable , knit wristlets. Geor&eous plaids and combinations . . . Warmly fleece lined Sizes 14 to 20 inniy iiveii: $795 Sizes 8 to 20 Wool SKI PANTS Heavy "Arctic" cloth in popular new styles ' and colors. Featured at THURSDAY, FBIDAY, SATUBI>AY, OCT. 27-29 CHANGE OP PROGRAM Men's Cordovan WORK SHOES (iENUINE GOODVEAR WELT Sturdy, soft, cordovan horsehide work shoes. Durable leather soles. Regular $2.98 value. $2— Men's WOOL UNION SUITS Heavy winter weight, random knit . . . Long sleeves and ankle length. 67 t 98 Pound FLOUR SACKS Perfect quality, heavy weight... No holes or tears. An unusually low price. Stock up. 7« Part Wool BLANKETS Large 70 x 80 double part wool blankets in gay new plaid designs. Sateen binding. f|57 i.-srU.-" fn's Tenderized SMOKED HAMS Armour's Star 2 center slices 37fi lb.25* Shank Ends, Ib. pt. -31* PL 2 §11 Meaty -21* nel Beef, ' Soda Rib Cut Loin Pork Roast, Ib. Sugar Cured Bacon, sliced, IP. Fancy Long Horn Cream Cheese, Ib. Smoked Country f»prk Sausage, 11>. 'Creamery No. 1 , Butter. 2*lb. roll ~99f KILLER-DILLERS GIBBONS ADVENTURES Donald O'CONNOR ELLEN DREW Elizabeth PATTERSON A Magnificent Collection of Fur Trimmed, ^ COATS It's impossible to compare them with any previous showings .,. , they're all so beautiful ... so gay and bright... and so terrifically low priced. Exciting New Fall DRESSES CRACKED ICE NEWS T&e home piovieB wm aoc pe siiowl tRik weefc. ~SAT., U P. M,, AND SUJ^MONToCTOBEB 39.80-81 Covtosto OB Stage lo? Prfew 14 Buys a cpat for which you'd reasonably expect to payup to $19,50 DEANN4 t j J f J- ^ J J^f & very onc of thunia "feuturc" ii) Itself. Thrill- new colors, and styles Htiti for which you'd expect to pay dollars more Look for the fUttcrlnt new leal. Chateau and Rural Women's TEA APRONS f 'R««&y" Type SPORT COAT Regular 25c novelty apron* in 9 variety of printa and design* A new "line" for '99 ... of the wnf»rt.e»t mo»t colorful untrim- coatf you'w ever laid . for eye« on Saturday only PERCALE PRINTS *• f • • i u , . * • "*j> ''.'• '.-l^i' " »' /", ^J J V # '' f v< L

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