Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 20, 1938 · Page 15
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 20, 1938
Page 15
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VOTEJFOR Fr«d S. Geigel Of Irvington NOMINEE for HJNTY TREASURER KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA. IOWA [TE FOOTBALL SECOID HIGH SCHOOL, GAME ona vs Hampton Sclool Athletic Field—8 p. m. FRIDAY; OCTOBER 21 ion 35i and 25c Support * our Team STODDARD, OF LU VERNE, ILL AT IOWA CITY Lu Verne, Oct. 18—A telephone message from Iowa City Monday reported the serious illness of Jesse gtoddard, who has been a patient at the university hospital for some time. Members of the family drove down that afternoon. His sister, Mrs. Flora Raney, who went to Reiiibeck Friday, expected to call on him Sunday. r'imr-ll Girls Hear Program— The Sherman Shiners 4-H club met Saturday with Kathleen McClellan, and seven members responded to roll call by giving fall color combinations. Papers or talks were given on care of the hair, care PAGE term, 1938. RUBY HAMLIN, Plaintiff, ve. CHARLES HAMLIN, Defendant. TO CHARLES HAMLIN, Defendant: You are notified hereby that there is now on file in the office of the Clerk o£ the District Court of kossuth county, Iowa, the petition of the plaintiff above named, which alleges in substance as fol- ; Iowa: ! That plaintiff is and has been for many years a resident of Kos-; suth county, Iowa, which, residence has been in good faith and not for the purpose of obtaining divorce, and that the defendant and this plaintiff were married In Algona, Iowa, on the 10th day of August, 1933. That one child, Kay Valeire Hamlln, was born to this union. That subsequent to their marriage < the said defendant has been guilty! of such cruel and inhuman treat- j ment of this plaintiff as to endan-! ger her health and her life. The ] petition asks for decree of divorce and for custody of the minor child and judgment for the costs. of the teeth, how to "eat out 1 ', the ' For Particulars see eald petition 4-H measuring stick, and flower now on '!!•• arrangement for winter cheer. Pay ' AnJ you are further notified hereby that thereto and . Krauae and Anna Genricli were the comriiittee on entertainment. fXlgona Auction Co. here -ft serve both the seller and buyer at our pav- i eviry Saturday. Saturday 9 Oct. t .forget ive will run our regular Saturday Sales. ave opeied up for fall trade with our sale and expect a j of stufl For Saturday we will have a truck load of ) for any room In. your honie, if.you are-looking forany- MACHINERY tare handing the Corn Belt single row corn picker, look r over bfore you buy. Also the Kewanee Grain Eleva- P 1CE—Tusday, Oct 26, we will hold our opening Tuesday te will hare a good offering of stock, consisting of milk •ring heifers, yearlings, also listed some ewes and could me good pork horses, also bring in your veal calves as I have poker and'veal calves buyers here for Tuesday. 1 also hive all kinds of buyers here for anything i have inttie line of stock. Get your stock in early. We n fromthe central part of the state last week. Tleaae i and le us know what you have and we will get the j Daj Sale Barn phone 77, Res. Phone 3F22. Start c at 1:30[>. m. . , , RIDDLE & SON Operator Mid Auctioneer rs. A. II. Ehmkc is Dead- Funeral 'services were held unices you appear defend on or before noon of the second day of the next term of the above named court, which will be the November 1938 hursday afternoon at Humboldt term thereof which will convene or a former L.U " Verne resident, and be held in the Court Hou.se in TS. A. H. Ehmke, who died last Monday, after a sickness of some wo years. Besides her husband he left three children: Margaret, eilef director in Humboldt county; win, Gilmore City, and Harold, Britt. Mnner Celebrates Birthdays— Gustav Krause, daughter Emma, ,nd son Arthur have birthdays in Octoher, and it 'has long been a mstom to have a family dinner to :elebrate. This year the event took place Sunday at Arthur's, and other guests were the Clarence Kraue- es, the Frank Krauses, Renwick, and Arthur Maasdam. Tills advertisement Is intended for farmers who intend to hold a public sale this winter, and its object Is to provide a form calling: for everything the printer will need to make a good bill and a good ad. Interested fanners should clip this advertisement and save it till they need it. When yon are ready, Just fill owt tliis form and take it to your printer. Form for Sale Bill and Advertisement 1—It is customary to start out with some reason for holding the sale, such as "As I am about to quit fann- ing and move to town." Give your reason here: Algona, Iowa, commencing on 'the 21st day of November, 1938, default will be entered against you and judgment rendered as prayed in said petition. Dated this 4th day of October, 1938. HARRINGTON & LOWE, 3-6 Attorneys for the Plaintiff. Attend Big Band Festival- Some Lu Verne people attended marching band contest at Eagle rove Saturday. More than 1600 nigh school pupils played in 28 jands. It was estimated that there was a crowd of more than 3000 in attendance. The Humboldt won superior rating. Becomes • Aunt and Great-Auntr-r Mrs. Helena Stripling 'became OFFICIAL NOTICE BEFORE THE IOWA STATE COMMERCE COMMISSION TO THE CITIZENS OF KOSSUTH COUNTY: Notice is hereby given that a petition for a franchise to erect, use and maintain poles, wires, guy wires, towere, cables, conduits and other' fixtures and appliances for the purpose of conducting electricity for lighting, power and heating purposes has been filed by the Hancock County Rural Electric Cooperative, Garner, Iowa, in the office of the Iowa State Corn- band , merce Commission; that said petition asks the right to construct, operate and maintain said electric transmission ..line :,over, along and across , the following both an aunt and a great-aunt last j public lands, highways, week Tuesday; -when a- son was j'and private '-lands!' described streams, born to her niece, Mrs. Edward i Beebe, Fort Dodge, and a son to Mrs. Harold Reddel. This is the Reddels' first child. Former Teacher is Mother— Announcement of the birth of a daughter, Kathleen Norma, October 14 to Mr. and Mrs. Evert Wilkowske, Morristown, Minn., has been received. Mrs. Wilkowske is a former teacher here. She was Miss Partridge. There is one other daughter, Sue Anne. -few House Under Erection— Chas. Wolf has begun work on a [•new house on a lot south of William Hedrick's. It is to have four rooms. lave You Rooms that are bd To Fit with RUGS? thatdson Furniture Co',s New Room'size Rugs .; by Mohawk vill solve your Problem [MAKIITOOl IWMOU IOON YES. I •> ijUfDiroosri SOUTTLE Streets Get Gravel Coat- All streets here are being resurfaced with a thin coat of gravel. Other Lu Verne. The Max> West>fam'ily, 'Beresford, S. D., Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Ruppel, Webster City, and the George Deavers, Zearing.-spent' Sunday -at G. A. Eggleston'e. Mrs. West and Mrs. Ruppel are Mr. Eggleston's sisters, and Mr. Deaver is a cousin. The Harry Christensens were at Gilmore City Sunday. John Skow, (7200 volts, single phase, wye connected, neutral wire multi- grounded.) Beginning <at the northeast corner of Section One (1), Township Ninety-five (95) Nortfy Range Twenty-seven (27), West of the 5th P. M., Kossuth county, Iowa, thence west on the highway on the north line of said Section One (1), one (1) mile; and begin * ning at the southeast corner of Section Twelve (12), said Township and Range, thence west on the highway on the south iine of said Section Twelve (12), one (1) mile. Beginning at the northeast corner of Section Twenty-four (24), Township Ninety-four ' (94) North, Range Twenty-seven (27), West of the 5th P. M.; thence west on the highway on the north line of eaid Section Twenty-four (24),* one -(1) mile. ..,.*,. ,. .-..;.. 'The Iowa State'Commerce'Com- mission has fixed the first (1st) day of .November? 1938, ten -(10) o'clock a. m., in its office at Des Moines, Iowa, as the time end place for hearing said petition. Any objections to the granting ol such franchise must be in writing and filed in triplicate with this at toy. for ruptured appendix. ! , Walter Peterson, Mrs. Alex Evans, and Mrs. J. E. Lindebak spent the week-end at Decorah and Katherine Dimler accompanied them ae far as Mason City. They also called on Edward Lindebak at Forest City. Mr. and Mrs, George Merkle, with the son Elmer, went to Minneapolis and St. Paul Saturday to visit sons Walter and Carl aiid the daughter Wilma. The Earl Riehesons, Waterloo, were week-end guests at'Dr. H. D. Meyer'e. .Doctor Meyer attended a district osteopathic- meeting at Decorah. Friday. The Rev. and Mrs. Gerhardt Hesse spent Sunday with the former's sister, Mrs. Frank Gronbach. Mr. Hesse Is a Lutheran pastor at Wellsburg. The J. K. Belmans spent Monday night at Dr. R. L. Corbin's. They were ene route to their home at Al- gests that the objector be represented at the bearing by someone who has full authority to act for it. Dated at Des Moines, Iowa, Oc- ober 4, 1938. IOWA STATE COMMERCE Commission Attest: JOHN H. GILLESPIE, Secretary. 4-5 File E3223. Fro,, $24*50 for 9x12 sire k hw much smarter your rooms will look with rugs corrctly. ^-sjss ,. jj^at allows the same amount of floor t UP sides • •' T v '-Mi BIB ">»*« tardson Fpiture Co. W?¥ WORE WITH ooiwro* ?iac*;s ton, after Ottumwa. having visited a son at NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL No. 4429 In District V Court, State of Iowa; Kossuth county, en, September term, 1938. To All Whom It May Concern: You are hereby notified, That an instrument' 1 of writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Eva F. Gardner, deceased, dated November 4, 1929, Y having been this day filed, opened and read, Monday, the 31st day of October, 1938, is fixed for hearing proof of same at the Court House in Al- Iowa, before the District The Henry Kublys'were at Algona Sunday and brought down their granddaughters, Janice and Ruth Ann Marty, for a couple of Weeks. Mrs. Helena Stripling, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Emery, and Julius Stripling spent last week Tuesday with relatives at Sherburn, Minn. The Fred SchipuIIs, Garner, visited relatives here Saturday. Hans Hanson, Forest 'City, spent the week-end at Lloyd Smith's. The other Marty families were guests of the William Martys at a family dinner Sunday, This is an annual event. The Lutheran parochial school is not in session this week. Parochial teachers are having a conference. Vera, Tiede, head dietitian in a aanatarium at Northville, Mich., arrived Saturday for a week'e va* cation. Court. of said County, or the Clerk r>f said Court; and at ten o'clock a. m., of the day above. mentioned all neraons Interested are hereby notified and required to appear, and show cause if any they have, why said Instrument should not be prorated and allowed as and for the last Will and Testament of said deceased, ' Dated at Algona, Iowa; September 30, 1938. KATHERINB McEVOT, Clerk of District Court, Alma Pearson, Deputy, 3-5 LEGAL NOTICES| ORIGINAL In the District Court of Iowa, in and for Koseutb county, November HLW.POST Uray Hnd Tr»nifer STORA6EOFALL KINDS Ixjng Distance Hauling Bv<;ry load insured »gau>M loss and damage of all kind*. Equipped to do all kind* of -lauling and drarinf PHONE m Alfon* |ow* »••••••»»»» THE PRESENT Thst U»ta A Y«fr A SUBSCRIPTION TO 2—Give the distance from such towns as you want to mention to your farm. (Do not say "Five miles northwest of Algona"—say, "Four miles west and one mile north of Algona") 3—Give day and date of sale , 4—Give hour when sale is to begin 5—What about lunch, if any? 6—How many horses? Describe each animal, with weight and age, and if you have any out- , standing horses or teams give particulars 7—How many cattle? __ Describe them, and be sure to give particulars about bulls, dairy .cows, purebred or good grade beef cattle, etc. Play up the.merits of your stuff. The fellow ten miles away will know only what you tell him in your bill and ad. 8—How many hogs? ..Dp as you did with the cattle. Tell everything you would want to know yourself if you were looking for'hogs and saw a bill or ad of a man ten miles away who was going to close out. Let the >printer,sweat'if yours is a long bill—the price will be the same anyhow ... , 9—Sheep, mules, or other stock?- 10—Chickens, ducks, geese, etc.?. 11—Which do you want to come first—horses, cattle, or hogs? _ 12—Farm machinery. Give make and condition. Make a complete list. In these automobile days a grind'....,'!..., . .-..-•. stone may fetch a buyer ten miles away — ' _ 14—gee your banker, get the terms, -and set them out here. How many months? _^How man? bills do you want? (The usual number is 100) 16— How largei an ad do you want? (The usual size is one-fourth page). Npte-^-The customary order calls' for 100 12x18 bills and a quarter page ad. That requires setting the type once for the bill and again for the ad. But you can, if you like set only the ad and then, print bille from the same type. This is considerably cheaper, but your bill will be considerably smaller than the usual ejze, and this arrangement is not recommended for sale where considerable property is to be sold. / 17—your namp 18—-Auctionee 10—Clerk Remember that from the north line of Fentou, Burt, Portland, and Buffalo townships to the south line of the • no sale la well advertised unless it is advertised in the Advance. Even if you give your bills and, an ad to a local s^op, see to it'thk your advertisement is run in the Advance. Your local paper as ft rule circulates only $ few ndtaf, tjoin your trading point, whereas toe Advance circulates throughout the county and goes into practically §y«rjr farm boju* Ja.;. the south 15 township* of the county. In these days of the automobile farmers think noting of tWfUng f£ |o 30 a " fpr what ttjey went, and one buyw from a distant* will o#e$ pay many time* the eypens^ ojt tn (-— ^ H where yoi ft§i flid It wkei ;'•&>>**>& '. '%•; v > vA^l^iii'liar^lMl^ i444S*«a&sVias..-«-, ^ i & vV-uJBa ..

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