Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 20, 1938 · Page 14
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 20, 1938
Page 14
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RURAL SCHOOLS ARE TAUGHT BY 135 TEACHERS All Teachers Except in 3 Schools are Feminine. There are 135 rural school teachers this year in Kossuth county, according to latest compilation by Supt. Wm. Shirley. Of the 135, only three of the teachers are •men: Gerald Angus, Bancroft, Alfred R. Nelson, Dolllver, and August Grendler, Armstrong. Townships, arranged alphabetically, with district numbers, teacher, and the teacher's address, fol- iBuffalo twp.—No. 7, Vera Gels- king, Titonka; 8, Ruth Butts, Algona; 9, Marjorie tonka. Johnson, Ti- Too Much Speed at 1 Corner; Apto Upset West Bend, Oct. 18—In an auto accident west of town Monday two women whose names were not learned sufered severe scratches' and bruises, but were lucky to get. out without serious injuries or death. The car bore an Iowa license, county 8D, and turned the corner at such speed that It was upset in the ditch. The car top was crushed. A traveling salesman brought the women to town. Ringsted; 3, Bruce Hoien, Estherville; 4, Burnelle Watts, Annstrong; 5, Alice Glaus, Armstrong; 8. August Grendler, Armstrong; 9, Vivian Morgan, Armstrong. Union— No. 1, Marjorie Crulk- shnnk, Burt; 2, Mary Fraser, Algona; 3, Mildred Elmore, Algona; 4, Anna Jensen, Algona; 5, Ellen Steussy. Algona; 7, Berdie Schulz Irvlngton. Some Schools Closed. Wesley— No. 1, Rose Smith, Buffalo Center; 2, Edythe Roeder, Algona; 3, Vera Van Buskirk, Ottosen; 4, Grace McNeill, Algona; 5, Arlene Felter, Algona; 6, Anna Flom, Wesley; 8, Rita Wingert, Wesley. Whitteuiore — No. 1, Marcella Fandel, Whlttemore; 2, Ruth Stevens, Algona; 3, Helen Ford, Whlt- temore; 4, Wilhelmlna Harms, West Bend; 5, Selma Egesdahl, Algona; 7, Pauline Weydert, Whittemore. Districts not mentioned have closed schools and, therefore, are not listed. In most cases where only two or three rural schools in a township are in session a consolidated or town school in the com- Such is , Fenton, Greenwood, Harrison, Ledyard, and Seneca townships. Communlty Room Ust week Wednesday for the firat meeting in the new church year> 35 present. Mesdames Gather Rath arid Myrtle Rutledge were hostesses. Plans for the year were made, including a bazaar at Algona to be announced, unique social and money raising features, and a vacation during the busiest weeks in midsummer. New officers are Mesdames Esther Rath, Doretta Plumb, and Ethel Smith, presidents; Nellie Jenkinson, secretary-treasurer; Myrtle Rutledge, assistant; Maxine Dittmer, captain contest roll call. Three to Aid Gnest Day— The Rev. and Mrs. Allen Wood and Martha Madson Were members of a Whlttemore L. A. S. group Wednesday attending a guest day of the West Bend Presbyterian Aid. Other Good Hope. Sabbath day dinner guests in the community were Mr. and Mrs. Will Hawcott, Algona, and Lulu Haw- munity takes the pupils. the case in Buffalo, Sexton Burt twp.— No. 2, Maxlne Fraser, Burt; 3, Marie Bahling, Burt; 5, Linnea Mathson, Bancroft; 8, Gerald Angus, Bancroft. Cresco twp.— <No. 1, Marie Brandon, Algona; 2, Etta Bacon, Algona; 3, Dorothy Fraser, Sexton; 4, Bernice Button, Algona; 5, Maxine Devine, Algona. Six Teachers in Swea. Eagle twp.— No. I, Katherine Larsen. Swea City; 2, Alice U.hr, Swea City; 3, Lillian Brones, Swea City; 4, Alfred K. Nelson, Dolliver; 5, lone Argenbright, Swea City; 6, Myrtle Holcomb, Swea City. Fenton twp.— -No. 7, Sarah Neeling, Algona; '.), Myrtle Hanna, Lone Rock. Garfield twp.— No. 1, Augusta Buttemore, West Bend; 4, Lillian Ford, West Bend; 6, Jessie Van Buskirk, Ottosen; 8, Ruth Blair, 1 The John Floras returned Fri- West Bend. day from a week with relatives in German twp.— No. 1. Ann Greif, South Dakota, where they lived 13 Buffalo Center; 2, Laila Hanson, years. Lakota; 3, Helen Christ, Lakota; Mrs. Eliza Richards, Algoua, was 4, Gladys Berglund, Elmore; 5, Jo- a Sunday dinner guest of her els- hanna Erickson, Algona; 7, Helena ter, Mrs. A. L. Greenfield. The Senne, Woden; S, Mynle Ama, Ti- Floyd Richards family and Mr. and tonka; and fl, Mnry Oesterreicher, Mrs. Donald Hunnicut, of Blue Titonka. Earth, were callers at Greenfield's Irvington Has Ten in tne afternoon, after having been Greenwood twp.-No. 4, Evelyn din " er g ", ests °. f , Mrs - A , R»°hards' Johnson, Bancroft; 7, Mae La ti- , m % ber ' M "' Ze , lgl f r ' Algona ' mer. Bancroft; 8, Esther Hutchin- ' D T£ Cunnl ne^m Irvington, son, Lone Rock. i?? 8 " 1 *" 1 ? week - end wlth Mp - &n& Harrison twp.-No. 2, Evangeline ' ^" \ £. ^ Greenfield and Edith, Cruise, Swea City 3 Acnes Heunetta Puffer was a supper DroeWler. Bancroft Agncs suest of her sistor, Mrs. W. J. Hebron twp.— No. 1, "Agnes Hau- G ™™; Henrietta is employed at gen, Rake; 2, Mildred ofwa'd El- %* J ° hn £ n lun ?. h a « d s | rvicef ^ more; 3, Eleanor Yahnke. Elmore; " , northeast edge of Al- 4, Daisy Jordal, Buffalo Center; 5, ° %£' ™ H v , . „ , Arlene Busch: 6. Mabel Hartman ! . **. f H ^ relatives. The No. 1, Donna * 0 ™ . anthe da " gvter ' Mls ' Buffalo Center Irrington twp.. , -., r , , Dooley, Algona; 2, Ruth Fraser, | Jl* 0 ™ £f™?' ^ ^^ AlRona- 3 Panlinp Blir-v Ai^nm- r Constance Joy, all of Mason 4, Helen McManon. Lone Rock 5 ! ^ ty ' a " d tllecL °" Boleneus fami ^ Helen Lemke, Irvlngton! 8 Helen R^Vr* ^ U ° dayH sue ^ °* Mr Schulz, Irvington; and 9. Myrtle f pnv M ™' =• E - Sanders. Mrs. Haw- Jordan. Lu Verne: Ella™ Walsh le . y ? nd _ Mrs .- Boleneus are sisters Jordan, Lu Verne; Eileen Walsh, Irvington. Ledyard—No. 5, Marjorie John- of Mrs. Sanders. Mrs. A. L. Greenfield and Shirley and Marilyn Nearing have been son, Lakota; 6, Clara Oslanu.Buf- n ™ ™^ , . , , falo Center; 7, Florence Looft, SI °M r « Ph "l^^ 1 , flu ' " Mrs. Chester Fitch spent Saturday evening at the Nordstrom home at Algona. A sister from Minneapolis and the latter's family were there. City. Algona Girl in Lotts Creek. Lincoln—No. 1, Dolores Donnelly, Buffalo Center; 2, Faye Olthoff, Lakota; 3, Feme OHhoff, Lakota; 4, Frances Schroeder, Lakota; 5, Dorothy Smith, Buffalo! Center; 6, Kathleen Smith, Buffalo Center; 7, Irene Christ, Lakota. Lotts Creek—No. 1, Amanda Kading, Fenton; 3, Mildred Laabs, Lone Rock; 5, Ruth Schmiel, Lone Rock; 6, Helen PaetE, Algona; 7, Evelyn Dodds, Lone Rock; 8, Loretta Fandel, Whittemore. Lu Verne—No. 2, Mathilda Ruhnke, Whittemore; 4, Elsie Hunt, Lu Lotts Creek The Young People's Society met Friday evening in the school basement. Visitors were Carol aud Marian Jackman, Mabel Luedtke, Arlin Kohlwes, and Robert Dreyer. Games were played and prizes went to Alvin Ruhuke and Mildred Faulstich, Verne; 6, Edna Naser," Corwith; 7~' Evelyn Radig, who is attending Lorraine Clapsaddle, Corwith; 8, £°! leg ? at Des Moines, came home Dorothy Schulz, Irvington. Plum Creek—No. 2, Mabel Bowman, Algona; 4, Frederica Girres, Weeley; 5, Genevieve Altwegg, Al- Saturday to visit her parents, the Alex Radigs. A number from Lotts Creek attended the rededication of the Fairville Lutheran church Sunday. Mrs. Henry Meyer and daughter Elsie, of Lu Verne, are visiting at M. F. Meyer's this week, is teaching the parochial gona; 6, Natalie Mann, Burt; 7, Neva AlbriKht, Algona; fl, Dorothy McNeill, Algona. Eight Teachers in Portliind. Portland—No. 1, Nellie Nelson, Tuonka; 2 Kathryn Schram Ti- The Rev . and M Fj tonka; 3 Lorene Trenary, Ban- Thursday evening visitors at Her- croft; 4, Verona Radig, Lone Rnck;| man Hintz'g 5. Vera Carlson, Titonka; 6, Mary i Tne Rev ^nd Mrs Flene B^rTs iTh 1 7 M^ ndRa nT altmaU ' ed theXfe a Sc?" Hurt; 8 Let ha Mann Burt. Teacher Schmiel attended the Prairie-No. 2, Mabel Kent, Wea- teachers conference at Boone. ley; 3, Cecelia Eisenbacher, Wes- ^~«uc. ley; 4, Sister M. Arsenia, St. Benedict; 9, Ruth Eisenbacher, Wesley. Ramsey—No. 2, Catherine Rahe, Bancroft; 5, Maxine McCarthy, Lakota; 6, Maxine Greise, Lakota; 7, Marjorie Turner, Algona; and Alma Stork, Bancroft. 8, Rlverdale—No. 1, Florence Fude, Cylinder; 2, Mathilda Wagnur, Whittemore; 3, West Bend. Cecelia Crahan, Seneca— No. 9, Leona Borchardt, Fenton. Nine in Sherman Sherman — No. 1, Marie Wiener, . , , Lu Verne; 2, Virgle Hardcopf, Lu Verne! 3, Pearle Leigh, Irvington; 6, Lenore Arndorfer, Lu Verne; 6, Mary Metille, Corwith; 7, Doris Keister, Lu Verne; 8, Esther Merkle, Livennore; 9, Elizabeth Lem- , kee, Irvington. Springfield— No. 1, Alma C. . , . Junkermeler, Ledyard; 2, Mary C. Trenary, Bancroft; 3, Arlene Berhow, Ledyard; 6, Cleo Gable, Elmore. Swea — No. 2, Lucille Neve, Rich Point Mrs. John Wober attended a club meeting at Mrs. Alvin Weber's last week Wednesday. The Harvey Johnsons spent Sunday at West Concord, Minn., with the Irving Urch family. Mrs. Cora Raney was a visitor last week at her son Hugh's. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Johnson took Mrs. Samuel Smith to Ames Sunday, and from there she left for her home in Oregon. The Johnsons went on to Story City to visit an aunt of Mr. Johnson. The Plum Creek Literary and Social club has postponed a meeting to be held October 19 at Carrie Johnson's till October 26. This was because the club is to furnish lunch for a corn husking contest at Harry Bode's on the 19th. John Erpelding, Jamea Black, and J. A. Johnson are building double corn cribs. Good Hope Church Witt Be Host Next Sunday Evening Good Hope, Oct. 18—A gathering to include all who worship here in church services or Sunday school or who support us with their money or labors in any of our organizations, or testify friendship in any of our activities, ie planned for Sunday evening, October 23, in the Community room of the Good Hope church. Supper will be served at 7 o'clock by the L. A S. Each -woman of the church i» to bring a covered dish and sandwiches. Coffee will be furnished. Following supper a program including community singing and special music; reports and discussion of the work of the past year; an inspiring and 1 exceedingly interesting report of the recent session of Northwest Iowa Conference by Mre. R. A. Bartlett, lay delegate from the Whittemore M. E. church; and an informal discussion of plans for the local church for the new year will he given. Everyone is asked to attend primed with suggestions to pep up activities and make them more interesting and profitable. There will be breaks in the program Just for visiting. There will be ao charge for supper, and no collection of any kind. Aid Lays Tear's Pl*n&— The Aid met at the Good Hope cott and Sellna Clifton, Burt, at R. P. Hawcott'*; Mr. and Mrs. P. A. McArthur, Algona, and .the Win. Leo Delpordftng, patrol B. C. Alien, labor . Con Hljrfflns, labor t finrtii ifnTin «f Dnr- C. L. MeVay, Kr.lulfhfT .... uooa Hope, at uur Knrmcrs ig^vator Co., sup. wood McArtihur's; the L. C. Han-|Adyance Publishing Co., n sens, Algona, at William Rath's. ' notice: Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Reid and Mrs. DCS Molnes Sreoi Co.. sup. «U«lnrh«ri loft PvlHnv via niitrt for Concrete Products Corp., sup stemman leit *iiaay via auio lor ,, A TMrn»M»Mnm wttw Racine, Wls., to visit the John Al- 134.18 Kossitth Hospital, host*. 128.40 st. JOSetfh Mercy 1 HOspltAi, "J' 0 " hosp. care ...< .... 11770 Emma Schmelllng, care . 8060 Klnseth ft,Son, prov. ... 3*7.11 Joe Mtito Grocery, prov. i, " .Albert Schneider, prov. . 7,70 I Moo & SJogren, prov. 7 in 'Cut 843.SO MAINTBNANCR FUND . ., - .... lene, returning Tuesday. Mr. and gf l fc & &?g™'oii g cl'sup! Mrs. Allen are uncle and aunt of the Reid brothers and Mrs.'Steinman. The William Spears, Blkton, Minn., spent Saturday night at Nathan Pftrr'e, and Sunday were guests at Roy Sarchet's. Mr. Spear •is Mrs. Sarchet's brother. The Good Hope L. A. S, had a successful dressed chicken and fresh egg sale at the Secthell shop at Algona Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rutledge accompanied the Orlan Rutledges to Rockwell City Sunday for the day with relatives. •Mrs. James Wadsworth and the Harris WadsWorths, Lone Rock, attended the service ait Good Hope Sunday. Board Proceedings AUDITOR'S OFFICE ALOONA, IOWA, September 21, 1038 11:00 O'Clock A. M. Board of Supervisors met In special session with nil members present. Motion by Morris and seconded by Fraser that C. C. Chubb, engineer, be appointed to make report on Drainage District No. SO. Ayes: All. There being no further business, the bonrd adjourned to call of the Auditor. W. E. McDONALD, Chairman. E. S. KINSSEY, County Auditor. . Dakota City Court House 1:00 O'clock P. M. August 20, 1»38 Humboldt - Kossuth County Line Bond: The Boards of Supervisors of Humboldt and Kossuth counties met In joint session at the Court House In Dakota City, Iowa, on August 20, 1»;)S for the purpose of receiving bids for the construction of County Line roads between Sections 1, 2, S and 4, Township 03 Range 28 and Sections 33, 34 35 and 30, Township 01 Range 28, pursuant to published notice. The following members were present from Kossuth county: Cosgrovc, Parser, Helken, Morris and McDonald. Huin- boldt county: Boothroyd, Hoffmann, Siivcrudc, Sawyer and Weir, and County son. Auditors Kinscy and Johii- Dralnag-e District H.-K. No. 1 bo approved. Ayes: all. _ Motion by Fraser ]and second by Heiken tliat the Insurance policy on the Dora Dale property Issued by Kossuth County Mutual Insurance Co. be approved and accepted. Ayes: Motion by Fraser and second by Cosgrovo that Helken make necessary repairs on Drainage Districts No. 71, No. 160, No. 136, No. 139, No. 4, No. 12 and Sub. of 60. Ayes: all. H. W. Post, frleght ........ Standard Oil Co., sup ....... Peerless Oil Co., sup ..... .. Kossuth OH Co., sup ...... MeCormlok-Deorlng Store, sup . 229.16 32.51 ....... Standard Oil Co., sup. . ...... 1B ?8-S9 C. M. St. P. & Pac. Ry., frt. . 11.84 Mult C C .).' W."Neville,' sup. ...... Whltlemoro Elevator, fuel Rotsford Lumber Co., fuel Halph Brown, sup !K. D. James, sup L. W. Swanson, amb. serv. L. M. Merrill, funeral Oco. Oxley, rent • • C. H. -Uchty, rent N. W. Bell Telo. Co., tele. serv. 21.158 Harry Helmke, patrol "" 54.B9 20.00 20'.00 6.00 14.61 22.00 17.50 Mrs. 0. f 1 , WoMke, h&gp. care Mfss geAft fuebrandt, care Berths. banieiB, taro ...., Mri M, JU vlnaaji, 'cafe ,, SorensefiB", prov. ....... sirilth Dept, Store, prov. .,, Merrill Bros., prov. .,..., O. P. Me&onaid, fuel ,... Mis* Sena liebrftntt, care 81.frft 8.00 2.60 9.00 24.75 10.00 37.fi? 1 K.OI) 4.00 8.00 6.00 Augusta Bdltss, care ....'.'.!' 15 6.00 J. H. Sheridan, rent . ! . . . g' . . .80 C. H, Sclirador, rent . . B. F. Burlls, Hufeh Kaney, rent rent Roger P. Elbert, labor Hubert Mergen, patrol .. Francis N. Elbert, patrol • Ed Fuchsen, patrol .... Wm. F. Gronbnch, patrol Wm, O. patrol District No. 2— Dr. .Tanso, med •••• Dr. Janse, med Dr. Crotzmeyer, med, ...... A. H. Borolmrdt, med. sup. .. ., rnn Kossuth Hospital, hosp. care 125-92 iKossuth Hospital, hosp. caro 120.45 Cut RatQ Grocery, prov Hoods I. O. A., prov 36.00 108.50 8.00 4.00 .00 6.69 15.00 65,00 ,10.00 >6.00 8.00 1Q.OO 87.00 23.50 8.00 17.80 11Q.40 S. D. McDonald, patrol 123.CO Ralph Markla, patrol 10S.CO Frank J. Burk.e patrol 91.00 Bert Sliellmeycr, patrol .... 98.00 Clarence Hentges, patrol .. G1.2S Archie Dodds, patrol 99.05 $m 1 & U ,S 1 Tf rB ™ h t e n'i Palro1 ' rS^R I M "™- Mary Taylor, earo Will Knight, patrol S8.4G U R S t c | n man, caro Oliver Your.gr, patrol , n8 '°9!R. A. Clark, prov. Reinder Kromlnga, patrol ,. 125,00 «.- ntrn ., a rirnrnrv rtrov T T^ TT,— T,_ .... J_.. , 1 * f rt/1 1 ." L .» > J ' ** \JI"*-VJ»J, ,*»*<>« J. W. Neville, sup. Botsford Lumber Co., fuel Dr. I3ourne, med Dr. Wallace, med. Dr. Bourne, med Mrs. F.lla Brlggs, caro .... 76.25 41.25 38,50 31.50 6.86 .i. H, Sheridan, rent J. B. McQahcran, rent Dlstrct No. B— 18.00 10.00 Kossiith ,, hosp. caro .T W Dr. waiiace, wed. Dr. Chohoweth, glasses Dr, Mljikel, mod? ........ Warburlons, prov. ........ , Fred Muttnor, prov. ...... B, I* Hanson, prov. 32 Hfi 4.8(1 « 4o'oo ' Thnves Sisters, prov. ........ 2'l'nn Mrs. Otto Koppen, transp, .. ' Mrs. Albert Brand, rent.. . Henry Kline, rent ir.oo 4o'(in ' Oonoral— Botsforrt Lumber Co., sup. . . 4 59 R. W. Holse, rent ..... ..... BOO ChrlsohllleH Store, sup ....... 10 ,| i H. 13. MoMurray. labor .... iss'ss lJ-18 iCIty of AlRona, light scrv. . . ant 18.00 Kossuth Co., Mut Flro ins. 8.7B Ass'n, premium ........... i no 7.00 County Farm— 9.00 John Hcnnlng, labor ........ 50 00 80.00 \y. t» Gander, labor ...... isoo 10.00 Ralplv Gaylor, labor ........ jo.'nn Grocery, prov Orornrr r»rov pitcher prov ' 125.00 111,00 ' Robert Wbo'dT patrol".'....Y 10O.OO i Dick Baade, labor "-«!° Isiandard - Oli"stalfon; fuel .. .9?,?E er l..l^, or ".or ! R shoo S i 10 p 8 hoo repair IS™ I Mrs. August Will, care .... L. Graham, sup. Chester Alme, Alelvln R. Hawks,'patrol Mervln Marlow, patrol .. .1.' M. Long, patrol Alton Pettlt patrol J. V, Qulnn, patrol Karl Earing, patrol .1. Keller, patrol Arnold Delpenlang. patrol Mike linker, patrol Verne Mollnclet', patrol .... Elmer Jawing, patrol .... Ktl Bilker, patrol Hugh Buttorflekl, patrol .. Clyde Sanders, patrol .... Roelf-Miller, pntrul J. H. Montgomery, patrol . Mrs. Wm. Myers, caro ...... House of the Good Shepherd, Motion by Fraser and second by I Henry Wohlers. 'p'ntrol Cosgrove that McDonald make necessary repairs on Drainage District No. 134. Ayes: nil. Motion by Fraser and second by Morris that Cosgrove make necessary repairs on Drainage District No. 90 and No. 93; Ayes: all. Motion by Morris apd second by Helken that Fraser make necessary repairs on Drainage Districts No. 07, No. 9, No. E.-K. 2, and No. 127. Ayes: all. Motion by Helken and secqnd by Fraser that Morris make necessary repairs on Drainage District No. 13K and No. 77. Ayes; all. Motion by Morris and second by Fraser that C. C. Scharlock be appointed as Drainage Engineer to make survey and Investigate drain- swe district No. 133 and to make report to the Board of Supervisors on same. Ayes: all. Motion by -Morris and second liy Heiken that the flnal estimates of PaT,^ w'fifia^S oTicSrfoa 0 ,? ^^^^ C '^- A^e^&r-A^^r 90 - iind loEt^ECH n- : Motinn hv WoIUon an f t e ar t n *wi U., « , . _. "l jlllt «, »Up. . Motion by Hoffmann, seconded by Boothroyd that McDonald act as Clmlrmnn of tills meeting. Ayes: All. Motion by Boothroyd, seconded by Weir that E. S. Kinsey and O. H. Johnson, County Auditors, net ns Secretaries of the meeting. Ayes: All. The minutes of the meeting lield August 11, 1938 were read and approved. No bids having been filed for the construction of the above mentioned project, motion was made by Helken, seconded by Boothroyd tlmt Soptciil'T l;.', 19S8 at 2:00 o'clock p. in. at the court house in Dakota City, Iowa, be " sot as tlie time and place for letting 14 .. • of contract for the construction of i,.,?, 0 ", u }*"_--• , — said project, ana that the County Au- J 1 * ".,'"£* B > Burt Incorp. be changed ditors of Humboldt and Kossuth ,'° 91560 as recommended by the counties be and hereby are ordered to i low " Council of Burt Incorp. due to publish notice to bidders as provided assessor's error and that a refund "lloo - T ' 1l1 ' Carl Gnrrett, put nil .Tunics TCplsn, pntrril Clifford Holmes, patrol I'eter Movick. patrol 1-ypll W- Mlllor, p.-itrol M. IA Worliy, patrol Clurence IS. Jhiff. pnlrol .... I... O. Kpkholm, labor finncly Slehrlt/.. Inlmr Hi-nry TJnilpn, Inlmr Malt Laiix. labor Carl 1. Anderson, labor Henry Meinrlers, Inbor Dirk .Baade. labor '.. K. G. Stinstrom. labor \Vnller S'chmlrtt. labor iiKust Pcbr, labor Chas. Kmaniinl. labor Peter N. TMIg-es, labor G. W. Guilder, labor ....'.... Titonka Topic, printing .... Moore & Moore, sup. '.... Elmore Cement'& Tile Cu., sup 30.00 84.70 83.30 86.45 71.05 C(m , vn'rn Win. F. Behnke, rent SSiniFrod Genrlch, rent .... roKn'''"'•"' Oenrlcli, rent vJr M iCIms. Miller, rent ., ill 70 'Otto NnlHon, rent .... I'll'.," i A. M. Colllnson, rout So'ii!i! ft. F. Tlonovnn. rent. ijaJrlMrs. Ttiise Hoiisolio.Ider, cut -s'lii ^'' r .Tnhnson. rent if j'jHnrold Schmidt, rent .. i-p'r.n i^ r . G. McCullough, nmb. serv. 'M -ifi Dlsirlrt No. 3 — EV'r.o ' I""'- Jnnsn. med jojj'.'io iKosstilli Hospital, hosp. care o.'.'oo Cut Rale Grocery, prov i)100 Hoods T. G. A., prov 4.00 !Botaford Lumber Co., sup. 9.00 Cut Rate Grocery, prov. 1»-«0 lijonslng Groc,, prov. . 6.8" iCIirlRchllle Store, sup. . 1.44 SSendo'r'R, Blip. /,«•?!! Or. Bourne, mod 20.00 p, % janse, med. ,.„„ • n»,Fred Park, oxp. 072 10.00, NO. Cresco Telo. ,Co., tele. 4..|fi .10.1)11 , 3.47 4.IS 4.1.20 40.72 10.21 ?!r.2 17.fiO i.nn BOSH DIKC1I Quarto Office 20.00 F au i Pnlmor, labor 20.00 Howard Hardware, sup 10.00 Kohlhaas & Spllles, sup 10.00 Standard Oil Co., sup. ...... 20.00 iMcCormick-Doerlng Store, 10.00 I sup. i , "•JJO jCosstitli Co. Impl. Co.. sup. .. 10.00 Joe Arndorfer. sup 10.00 \vm. Fltngerald. sup . Neville, sun - Wnllnr". med ......... 90 30 Honnekcrs. prov ............. TT'BD .Fnsbenders, prnv ........ ;.. MOO i^'i'f. Math Krdmiin, prov. .. •>0 00 < T. P. Docrr. ri'rt ........ ",('"-, i Kenneth Swan. amb. serv. . T'TO Tilstrlrt No. -I — ->Vi ;Kossnth Hospital, hosp. cnre. VdO 'Kossnllv Hospital, hosp. caro 20 00 |J. W. Neville, sup ......... 4 00 ! n ''. Ecan, met! ........... .l!fl(i Pr. Es-an, mcrl ............... 7.3R | Dr, Clnpsaddle. med S.'KI 37.0» :t.M 4.20 .HO i Dr. Hal.nson, med. 20.00 10.00 4.00 2.00 7fl.r,n lo.on 8.00 7.fl2 7ion fi.OO 4.20 10.00 5.00 24.50 32.50 15.05 SO.50 39. M 1.50 12.04 Iowa Blind Products, sup. A'. H. Borchardt, sup Concrete Products Corp., sup. P11ECINCT Algona First Ward Motion by Heiken and second by Fraser that the following reports: sheriff's quarterly report, clerk's report of fees collected, recorder's report of fees collected and auditor's report of fees collected be approved. Ayes: all. Motion by Morris and second by Fraser that a pauper notice be served on Tl.urtnan Moore ai-.d family. Avns: all. Morris and second hv l<cn that tl-.p valuation on ],ot by law. Ayes: ,A1L Motion by Boothroyd, seconded by Cosgrove, that this meeting adjourn to September 12, 1038, at 2:00 o'clock in. Ayes: Ail. . S. KINSEY O. H. JOHNSON Secretaries w. E. MCDONALD, Chairman. Dakota City, Iowa Court House August 29, 1938 Humboldt—Kossuth Joint D. D. No. 1 The Boards of Supervisors of Humboldt and Kossuth counties met In Joint session on August 20, 1938 at 2:00 o'clock p. in., at the court house in Dakota City, Iowa, pursuant to adjournment of meeting held August 11, 193S, with the following members present from Kossuth county: Cosgrove, Heiken, Fraser, Morris and McDonald. Humboldt county: Boothroyd, Hoffmann, Saverudc, Sawyer and Weir. Motion by Boothroyd, seconded by Fraser that McDonald act as chairman of the meeting. Ayes: All. Motion by Boothroyd, seconded by Fraser that E. S. Kinsey and O. H. Johnson, County Auditors, act as secretaries of the meeting, Ayes: All. • The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. The following bids were opened In the matter of reconstruction ot Humboldt-Kossuth Joint District Drain No. 1. Clearing, grubbing and old batiks leveling, 1SH sta.— A. R. Eno 3.80 H. C. Young 6.00 Jay McCorniick 6.00 •2. (n) Excavation only, 30,000 c. y.— A. H. Enn .078 (b) Leveling new ' banks, SO.OW (c) Excavation and new banks leveling, 30,000 c. y.— A. R. Kno 084 H. C. Young 089 Jay McCormlek 10 'A. Installing 15" lin. ft.— A. R. Eno overflow pipe 400 33. H. C. Young 40 bo made to E. C. Blerstedt for the amount of taxes overpaid Treasurer of Kossuth County, Iowa. Ayes: all. Motion by Morris and second by Heiken that the Resolution passed by the Town Council of Burt'-Jpc- corp. to refund the Burt Creamery Co. the amount of tax on $2480 valuation on Lots and Buildings and also a refund on J1600 valuation on personal property the reason for 'refund was found by the Town Council of Burt to be due to an error of the assessor. Resolution approved ard refund ordered made this 3rd day of October, 1938. Ayes: all. Motion by Morris and second by Cosgrove that a transfer of $82.50 be made from drainage district No. 7 .to Joint Drainage District W.-K. No. 35-89. Ayes: all. Motion by Helken and second by Cosgrove that a refund be made to Henry Mitchell and Edgar Inlay on ^ersonal Property lax as recommended as per resolution adopted by the Town Council of Lakota Incorp. Ayes: all. Motion by Fraser and second by Morris that the application for Soldiers' Exemption of Matt Selzer on personal tax, Algona Incorp. be approved. Ayes: all. 'Motion by Heiken and second by Cosgrove that the resolution adopted by the Town Council of Algona Incorp. to abate the 193G Poll tax interest and penalty of Herbert H. Furst, reason party was 46 years of age in 193G. Ayes: all. Motion by Fraser and second by Cosgrove that V. V. Naudain be awarded the contract for coal for winter. Ayes: all. On motion Board proceeded to audit and allow bills as per "Schedule of Claims" hereinafter written. SCHEDULE OF CLAIMS Frankls Store, sup. Peter Reeling, sup Beed Hardware, sup Dutch's Super Sorv., sup. .. Staehle Hardware, sup W. G. Klalg, sup Arnold Motor Sup. sup. ...... E. & H. Chevrolet Co.. sup. .. Greenberpr Auto Supply, sup. Gen. Holtzhnuer, sup C. S. Johnson, sup. , Howard Hardware, sup MeCormlck-Deerlng , Store. sup K. & H. Co-Op. OH Co., sup Cords Piston Rlnsr Co.. sup. .. Central States Electric Co., light serv. Certral States Electric Co., light serv Iowa Public Serv. Co., light 4X.O!) fi.50 17.11 30.00 7.68 4.26 20.91 45'I.Of, •I. 03 1S.7C 1.9-1 •K75 1(54.02 SO. 84 IS. 3 2 1.02 1.23 1.53 8.33 M. J. Duffy. Treas., adv. frt. . Paul & WIVllams. graveling 2450.50 Paul & Williams, graveling . 2399.8!) Paul ft Williams, graveling .1240.35 J. 1. Merryman, bridge work . 369.25 fiieg Ft. Dodge Co.. sup ..... 83.05 Standard Bearings Co., sup. . . 7.01 speeder Machinery Corp., sup 121.25 standard Sup. Co., sup ..... 30.70 Great "Western Laboratories, sup.- ... .,i ................. 14.95 Owatonna Tool Co., sup ..... 15.15 D. TV. Onn.n & Sons., sup. . . 104.00 Southwestern Petroleum Cci.. sup ........ v ............. f>4.75 Central Auto Electric Co., sup 51. S3 The Qnlbach Co., sup ., ..... lbbs-Cook Tractor Co., sup owa Machine & Sup. Co., sup ....................... alobe. Machine & Supply Co., sup. . .................... DRAINAGE FUND Dr. No. 4 — John Welch, labor ........ 5.25 George Looft, labor ...... G.OO Dick Baade, labor ........ .80 Chas. H. Cooper, labor .. .70 K. G. Stinstrom, labor , . 40.00 Carl I. Anderson, labor . . 34.30 Doyal Sanders, labor .... 17,40 Dr. No. 9 — Roger P. Elbert, Jabor..,. 36.00 James Kelso, labor ....... 16.00 Clarence Hentges, labor . 14.00 Dr. No, 12 — John Welch, labor ...... 10.50 COUNTY FUND Nellie Van Allen, salary ,...$ W. W. Sullivan, P. M., postage City of Algona, light serv, .. Mary K. Sands, salary Evelyn A. Dole, salary Dorothy T. Shatto, salary ,. Jay McCormlek 40 i Lucille Dole, salary Tnat-fllHnf* 1R" ftvnrflnttr nln» 9flO MMHo Von Allan HO Nellie Van Allen, salary .... Bancroft Register, printing . Northwestern Bell Tele Co., tele, serv 67.37 V. E. McDonald, comm. & session 183.30 P. J. Helken, comm. & session 206.16 J. H. Fraser, comm. & session 208.01 W. S. Cosgrove, oomm. & session '200.30 Chas. Morris, comm. & session c '... 205.30 C. H. Obtwlnkle, del, tax coll 43,42 Installing 18" overflow pipe 200 liD. ft.— A. K. Eno 25 II. C. Young 40 Jay MeCorniick 50 It was found that A. R. Eno had submitted the lowest bid. Motion by Hoffmann, seconded by Bootbroyd, that A. R. Kno be awarded the contract for the reconditioning of H. K. Joint D. D. No. 1. Ayes: All. Motion by Weir, seconded by Heiken, that the Chairman of the Humbold!; and Kossuth County Boards be and hereby are authorized to execute contract with A. R. Kno. Ayes: All. Cojiy or contract now on Hie. Motion by Morris ,seconded ' by Boothroyd, that the meeting adjourn to call ot tho Auditors. Ayes: All. B. S. KINSEY O. H. JOHNSON Secretaries ~w. E. MCDONALD, Chairman. Dakota City, Iowa Court House September 13, 1038 Humboldt-Kossuth County Line Rpad I uVernp News, printing The Boards of Supervisors of Hum- Xlnn Office Supply, sup. boiat aud lioBsuth counties met -------joint session at the court bouse 20.00 17.28 74.42 95.00 62.50 65.00 65.00 45.00 59.21 ID in Dakota City, Iowa, on September 12, 1938 for the purpose of receiving bids for the construction of county line road between Sections 1, 2, 3, and 4, Township 03, Range 28, and Sections 33, 34, 35 and 36, Township 04 Range 28 pursuant to published notice. The following members were present from Kossuth county: Cosgrove, Fraser, Helken, Morris and McDonald. Humboldt county: Boothroyd, Hoffmann, Keverude, Sawyer and Weir. Motion by Boothroyd and seconded by Saverude that McDonald act as chairman of the meeting. Ayes: All. Motion by Morris, seconded by Fraser that O. H. Johnson, Huinboldt county auditor, act as secretary of the meeting. Ayes: All McGuiro Bros., 33,417 c. y., excavation per c. y., .144, installing 15" pipe, per Iteh'in'& Buckwalter, 424 ft., excavation .138, Installing 15" pipe, per ft, .30. It was found that McGuire Bros., of Algona, Iowa, had submitted the lowest bid. Motion by Fraser, seconded by Hoffmann that McGuire Brothers be awarded the contract for the construction of said road and that the Chairmen of the Humboldt and Kossuth county boards be aud hereby are author- 'zed to execute contract with McGuire Brothers. Ayes: All. Copy of contract now on file. Motion by Hoffmann, seconded by Saverude that the meeting adjourn. Ay69 * All, O. H. JOHNSON Secretary W. E. McDONALP, Chairman. Auditor's Office, October 8. 1938 9:00 o'clock a, m. .Board of Supervisors! met pursuant to adjournment with all members ' "* Casey Loss, bd. & lodge. prls '.. 328,55 Wm. Shirley, travel exp. .. 44.50 L. A, W4nkel, office exp. .. 5Q.65 Kossuth Co. Farm Bureau, approp 375,00 F. E. Cromer, tax account.. 67.50 Mrs. Clotilda Hutchison, O. A. P. I-vpot 13.89 T. J. Oiiffv, Tretis., adv lily. 22.22 MitKKurd & Waller, printing 326..90 .Advance Publishing Co., , printing 388.21 T'liiieroft Register, printing 242.36 8.50 13.55 366.90 10.44 120.00 38.13 2.00 2.50 18.00 1.00 S.OO 93..07 33.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 2.50 2.05 3.00 1.85 .50 10.50 19.70 2.60 2.05 6.00 6.80 .. ...... B.47 Kossuth Publishers Ass'n supplies ..'.......' 115.69 INSTITUTE FUND Klipto Loose Leaf Co., sup. ,. Duro Test Corp., sup Hillyard Sales Corp, sup. .. Howard Hardware, sup. .. G. F. Towne, sup Dr. Janse, med Monroe .Calculating. Mach. Co., sup , Fred Yates, labor Dr. M. G. Bourne, med P. A. McArthur, labor John Ravsten, weed comm. ,. Joe Schaller, mtg R. B. Berninghaus, mtg H. W. Harms, mtg. Mike Wagner, mtg P. A. Danson, J. P. fees .... H. A. Van Alstyr.e, marst 1 . fees , P. A. Danson, J. P. fees .... Henry C. Ailts, const, fees A. A. Droessler, 'J. P. fees , P. A. Panson, J. P. feeg .. Casey Loss, sheriff fees,... Delia Welter, J. P. fees .. Casey Loss, sheriff fees .. Iver H. Nordln, J. P. fees W. H. Steward, const, fees , J, J. Dooley, office exp. Shirley Hamrln, lecture Grace Sweet, demonstration Ruby Van Meter, demonstration H. A, Mahannah, demonstration Wm. Shirley, exp , CONSTRUCTION FUND McCormlck-Deerlr.g Store, 4J.86 30.00 28.7§ 25.72 9.30 sup 1496.32 Paul & Williams, graveling Paul & Williams, graveling 731.92 449.80 Paul & Williams, graveling 1166.00 Con Higgles,.labor 10.00 H. M, Smith, .salary 250:00 Don T. Nugent, salary 155.00 John X>. Fraser, labor ...... 34..00 Tow Weir, patrol , 128,80 Joe Motton^by Morris a,nd second by tor repair work on Joint J Eager, patrol 143.50 IS. 90 0.67 2G.42 347.48 in.as iQ.ni 0.51 O6.r,o 0.18 1.4S us n" RESOLVED: That the County Auditor Is hereby authorized to ISMUO warrants for all hills allowed at thlo meeting as per "Schedule of Claims" hereinbefore written. On motion Board adjourned to October G.-1038. B. 8; KIN8T3Y. •Countv Auditor. Auditor's Office, October K, 1938 9:00 o'clock a. m. Board of Supervisors met pursu- r.t to adjournment with all members ircsent. •Motion by Cosgrove and second iy Fraser that the following list of icrsons named be appointed as udges and Clerks of the General Election to be held Nov. 8, 1938. UDGES - CLERKS V. A White Nellie Van Allen Toe Greenberg ..Harriett Selcbell ilary Walsh COUNTING BOARD J. Sands Jr Geo. J. Elb.ert Hortenso Ferguson Phone: o«| ce , AlRona Second Ward Tl.lrd Ward Algona Fourth Ward Buffalo Tp. liurttTownsnip Cresco Township Ka??1e Township Kiisl [.one Rock (Burt Twp.) Fenton C!:irfleUl Ciernuin Grant George Looft, labor ...... 1200 Dr. No. 20— Chas. H. Cooper, labor .... 4 55 Dick Baacle, labor ........ 840 Dr. No. 25— Chas. Kmanuel, labor .... H GO August Fehr, labor .... 10 15 Rr. No. 31 — George Looft, labor ...... 4 00 John Welch, labor ........ 350 Dr. No. 33— . * Dick Baade, labor ........ 2.40 Chas, H. Cooper, labor .... 2.10 Dr. No. 60 — John Welch, labor ........ 10 50 George Looft, labor ...... 1200 Dr. No. (!9 — Chas. B. Chubb, engineer . 3000 Dr. No. 80 — Chas. E. Chubb, engineer 2600 George Looft, labor ...... 1200 John Welch, labor ...... 10.50 Theo. Dorenbush, labor . . 9 60 Edw. Mayer, labor ...... •> 00 Dr. No. 83 — Chas. E. Chubb, engineer . . 18.00 Concrete Products ,Corp., sup ................ ...... 4570 Dr. No. 85— Elmore Cement & Tile Co., sup .......... '..... ........ 48 Dr. No. 86— Dick Baade, labor ..... , 240 Chas. H. Cooper, labor . . 2 10 Dr. No. 88— • George Looft, labor ...... 400 John Welch, labor ...... 3 BO Dr. No. 90— Dick Baade, labor ........ 10 00 Chas. H. Cooper,* labor .... 875 Robert Wood, labor ...... o 00 Dr. No. 102— George Looft, labor ...... 6 OU John Welch, labor ........ 525 Dr. No. Ill- George Looft, labor .... 4 00 John Welch, labor ........ 3 50 Dr. 114 — •Chas. E. Chubb, engineer 61.50 Peter R. Chubb, labor ____ 7,50 Fernley Nolle, labor ____ 9.00 Homer Nolle, labor ...... 9 00 Dr. No. 132— Augusl Fehr, labor ...... 3.50 Chas. Emanuel, labor .... 4.00 Dr. No. 134-E. J. Palmer, labor ........ 1750 Dr. No. 136— Ed Meyer, labor ........ 20 00 Theo. Dorenbuskv labor . . 22.00 Dr. No. 139 — George Looft, labor ...... 8.00 John Welch, labor ...... 5.35 Dr. No. 157r— Dick Baade, labor ........ 2.00 Chas. H. Cooper, labor . . l 75 Dr. No. 159 — Francis Menke, labor .... 3.96 Dr. No. 166 — George Loofl, labor ...... 28 00 John Welch, labor ...... 19 25 Dr. B.-K. No. 2— * ° E. G. Stinstrom, labor .... 2.00 pr? H!-K. No? SUp- 9 04 1 12 2.04 50 00 17.60 CJreon\vood Harrison Hebron rlvngtor. Chas. E. Chubb, engineer . Haggard & Waller, notice . Dr. W7-K. No. 35r89— Chas. E. Chubb, engineer POOR FUND District No. i— Dr. Andrews, med. . . ...... General Hospital, hosp, care Dr. KeneflckV med. 17,50 Dr. Janse. med. Dr. Beardaley, mod. 4.00 4.50 Dr. Meyer. • med 15.00 Dr. Keneflck:. jn«d 178.50 Dr. Janse, med 4,00 Dr. Cret?m.eyer. m«* 29.00 Wfljto X)r«K Store, jnefl, sup. 6.78 A. K. Boronardt, me*, sup. 7,86 —--"- Rospjtfti, j»o w . s*re 3-5Q Lakota (Ledyard). Ledyard Lincoln Lone Rock (Fenton) Lotts Creek LuVerne Plum Creek Portland Prairie . Ramsey Riverdale Seneca Sexton (Irvington) Sherman Springfield. Swea Union- Wesley Whittemore ..Alice M.' Hutch Ins H. M. Harris Office Phone 213 - — . D. Shumway Attornemi.|J Hutchison I Phone 58 Attorney-at.iii I Hutchison: ' HIRAM B. lazel Lusby i. S. Blossom "'rank Geljrol .. . C. Scharlach has. Nolto OUNTING BOARD Irs. Len Keith Mrs. Mart McCall Idw. Capeslus ...... .Norma Flnnell Tarry Nolto lary Strelt ....Holmuth Huonhold Oscar Norman ....Mrs. Ed DeZeller T. S. Crowe 11 COUNTING- BOARD J. Nelson Mrs. Dor Nugent icrtha Johnson ... .Linda Clapsnddle Ir.s. Alvjn Huenl'.old . A. Brownell ....Mrs. Gale Towno ohn Kohlhaas .Mrs. E. C. Dickinson faille Trlbon COUNTING BOARD 5. E. Norton May J. Harrington ohn E. McEnroe Mrs. Tom Sharpo ohn Overmoyer Vm. Stengel E. P. Hanson "lirls Brandt ..Minnie J. Kennedy Andrew M. Hanson 1OUNTING BOARD Peter Beenken L. F. Callles Hara M. Bruns .; Wm. Stott mm Andrews . l-i. Dremmel ....Geo. P. Hawcott ;. .R. Woltf ...... Vera Boettcjier 'aul Kriethe COUNTING BOARD O. Chlpman ....D. F. Slaughter G. W. , Bleich Vera Boettchcr Tarvey. Gratiam- Qllbort Hnrgreaves ..M. N. Phillips Jarry Sabln Minnie ,Matern len Dwenger olin. P. Peterson O. H. Llode .awrence Thorson . .Richard Newton foe Von Rank Delbert Hanna Karl Ewoldt ..em Marlow .' Merle Richards 'Vm. Stoutenberg 1. H. Dryer W. B. Laa.iro laylord Johnson .. . .W. E. Stoebcr CJus Krause 'OUNTTNG BOARD . T. Walto .<W. C. Stamer ?red Bobn ;• Frank Elgjer Tohn Newel. - • Edwards ......H. W. Balcteman Too Schaller Mike Wagner }. B. Berninghaus Tbho Winter ... .Herman Dreesman Robert Kruse .... John .Boekelman ienry Schmidt W. C. Engstrom ... .Floyd Colwell illl Anderson ......Harold Fischer Richard Anderson eo. W. Nyman ..Mrs. Vern Aus.tln Tohn Karsten ........A.' Fongman Take Keller COUNTING BOARD Urs. Clins. Baker ..Mrs. A. H. Fucbs Mrs. Roy Hutton Mrs. Geo. Carmean T. F. Coyne Toe Rahe ., J. J. Anderson Take Kelly May mo Sperbeck Peter Looft COUNTING BOARD Geo. Butterfleld Mrs. Hattle Pults tfrs. Jennie McCrary .Fred Berggron Mrs. W. G, Smith Tom Berg .Ray Elchorn Lets Ehrlck ....Wm. Franke Tohn Simmons Henry Sheppman ....Carl Hutor.lhs tf. L. Roney Herman Becker U. B. Frankl C. O. Peterson. O. S. Nelson S. P. Powers ..Mrs. Loga Wortman Sam Warburton COUNTING BOARD Mrs. Jen Gutkr.cht Harry Mussman Frank T. Lewis Mrs. Laura Rosenau Mrs. Gertrude Schlssel J. H. Mousel D. A. Carpenter J. H. Holcomb ..Mrs. Wm. Fly.nn Ed Looft COUNTING BOARD John Hartshorn ....Norman Plngle J. H. Welfare . ...Theo. Wallentlne Ed Halveraon •Paul Hertzke ..Bert Coder ?• T?' Edwards ,..,.., .MInno RUius J. H. Warburton P. M. Chrlstensen ......Geo. Pettit Alex Radig Art ~ ' " W. G, Fjaig Noah Reisnor ......John Kohlwes Andrew Elbert ......Martin Meyer COUNTING BOARD Richard Pot rate Nick Gensler Louis Haackbarth . .Alfred WIttkopr Otto Ruhnke C. F. Chambers H. O. Allen 4 lb ^ r kA SchlpuU ....Harry Wchty F. J. Chapman COUNTING BOARD P. K. Clapsaddle Arthur Hof Hulda Fritzemeler ....Anna Murray Lucille Hof .' " , ; '• Henry Bailey Leo C, Miller Alfred Jergenson ,.. .Clark Boufth.am J. B. McEnroe Russell Shlpler B. O. Mann Wyat Stott ,W. W. " " W. H. Sohwletert John Arndorfer O. B. Ludwlg Geo. Gink ..John -—•—••Isadore Mayer Albert McCarthy ....John HeUmac John Farrow Earl Cusbman A. B. Lapps John Frlderes John Bormann Charles Plathe Wm. ~ Henry Bormann > rl»t P> Eisessor Chris K»bl 9'to R. Jensen ,.,.,.Art Paulson Joe Crowley ' A. J. Kirsohbaum ..L, O, HutoHns o. J. Devlne Henry Barman '***** Kohihaae Paul Phillips -- rr .,, Leigh ....John P. Bormann Herman WarmWer Guy B. Risk :.,.., S. P. Blome Louis Anderson f-"" 1Dtr iroaaoi Hutchison Ell fhone 206 r.A.DAMffl1 Attorney-aHfll Office over Iowa 8tttI Phones: Office, <60.JiJ Cheater Johnson W. ...,O. Thorson Barvey COUNTINO BOARD DONALD C. ! TIH30BOBE tl Attoraey..it-In| Security State Bail Phone 261 MAURICE c, i Attorney-aMjil Office in Hehi I Phone 325 DOCTOR^ JOHN N. IE Physician and S Office over Rexall Dijl Office phone» f Res. phone KI1 C. H. CBETZME!E(| Surgeon and f Office John Galbi Phones 4(HU| Algona 0,1 Physician and S Phones: Office, 197; i DENTKB; DH. H. M. ( Dentist Office in New Call' Phones: Business, Id; I Algona, lonl DU.C.D.SC Bentlrt Algona, loifj Hutchison BttllW Phones: Bus, 13V* KABLB.1 Deittt Office to New HdM Phones: OKIce A. J. Dentist Office over James Phones: Office, 59; t J. B. Vete West State •Hones: Office, EOS8UTH IS8CB. 119,000,000 turn I«an» j i InsuMBce Hi,! Hutchison , Phone m Tour TU*fll Office [en low occurs f*w tbe WANTAP STUFF P @ T!^

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