Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 20, 1938 · Page 13
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 20, 1938
Page 13
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pri-1 Wnwii. e Couples Hold Joint Celebration COUNTY ADVANCE. ALQONA, PATES {SERVED INEROCK Dot 19—The Fred Or °£, n ed Mr. and of guests at Karl Ewoldt's. Tho C C ' Cushlngs, Swea City, W ere Sunday! afternoon and supper guests there I The Otis 'Sanders family and 1 Marian Jensen drove to Fort Dartre i a week ago Monday, Mr. Sa'ul.'i'-s I continuing to Grand Junction oil' business with 11. II Turner i The M. H. Hcito Mr. and Mrs. M. A ter Nfltt, and Gnry LEDYARD The Ross Browning family, of me Rock, etienl Sunday at D A. Llnk'n. ' ' " enry Cnriste " s °» two Mra. P. F. Schroertor nnd Mrs . Hcm achr()00(1 ' , TMra - AJ J»J" no " ?»«'«»•» and Jerry, Mrs. Arthur Ziolake and children, will move on here next March. A. C. Sprouts spent Saturday and Sunday at Cherokee. The Frank Kelleys were at Elmore Saturday evening. The Gene Wordens, near Elmore, were at L. J. Worden's the same day. George Hagge, daughter Alyce, Sunday at the son Chester's and knecht. th ? " on J?!Vr ton ' 8 - i The Sydney Spears, Algona, were [ SkaarV The William Brandts, Hubbard, Sunday dinner guests at the Wai-,'Skaar. Friday night supper guett Aft IJtft She Is an aunt <M Mr. — — , v „,,. ..w. v, jiv^b .tiLtn v>i4> ^jcui go J 4 »&«'-'t uitugiiitjr Jiiyue* Mr. and Mrs. William Buckols, of i and the Arthur Zlelskes were Sun-! The Farm Bureau women ?? OI l e .'_^ e . re y, eo i" eI , uI . vlslt0l ' s wlth d ,ay dinner guests of the Victor An- with Mrs. A. J. Rippentrop „ .,<..,».... f^ f uiauw) *iU«--JJIAJ Uf «JM JJUO,^ UJdVJCl gUCOliH it (, CilO VV ttl" MKflrQiF ~ were Sunday dinner guests at Edw. ter Hans home. The Walter Loge-! Mrs' Gus Anderson has received Looft's, and Mr. and Mrs. August mans were with the Selmar Sands- word that her son Anton A»dersb«, Knoner accompanied them to their gaards at Rosedale. The ri-«iMir,i., ...„ Jr 1 ," LU ". •""?"?' home for a visit of several weeks. O'Keefe's were Sunday Daniel j Chicago, and his wife are the dlnnsr j ents of an 8%-lb. son, bof* .his brother Al Buckels. 'Charles Bashara was a business dcraons, Guckeen, Minn. ~.,~. „ ~.> w v>-u u nisJi* RSJU Aiuuij uiiuiwi leu \,n \JL v met guests at the parental Thompson ' evening. — - — •-• --.i.^.-.-v. „,.. Fri- home at Rake. Kennpth Thnmnunn Si«iir fH-r dya, 30 attending. The old officers. Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Sanders and Looped at the parental -3«rS Mrs. L. A. Nit/ the Paul Nitzes drove to Dlue [ Thompson's Monday moraine. «* 'Charles Bashara was a business A VPP JIn7^ MrTmi M, n y ' a " e . n ° ln s- /"/ oia oiricers Mr. ana Mrs. Edw. Sanders and Monped at the pan Amines uasnaia was a ousiness Alyce Hagge, Mr. and Mrs. Ray-iwere reelected, and Mrs. L. A. Nit/ the Paul Nitzes drove fo Hlnp Ttinmnann'a Mnnrfav caller at Des MoinesMonday. j mon BarBlou, son Jerry, Mrs. Ar- was made publicity chairman. Mrs. Earth Sunday'to help Mr. and Mrs i ,-out? to Maeon City unKtZ,r^^^ Slf^ °«^ * *™ £ IS 6 ?' Sunday. Those attendine were the Peter .Tnhnnnns. Ttnnnwift viau.:>/i ^m,o. 1^,1 i,»r iu., n .m—1._ n.. t »* r ... ,-,, •,.,. _. lenng consioeraoiy Chester Wordens, of the Charles Gut- Mrs. Lar a Skaar, Illinois, was a tism. Mrs. Gus Anderson has be«« suffering considerably wllh rbtmma- , Gene Worders, Elmore; the Ralph Heelers, Granada; the Harold Lage : family, Blue Earth; and the L. J. ' Wordens, Ledyard. There were 32 DUSw6Hj vi »»«» •• --"-i ituu 1*11 n, i JL13111 y SCllVOCtlUr Jl 11 Clltl ' 7 A 1 --•-"•...i.u sum ^mui \iii t • • — • «->i"t "\-uj H/V 1.1. j. ii\}L c VY ui i Irs Ray Stone ,and e d the dedication of the F-ih-v ini'S . . Hagge drovo to Mankftlo Present for the .picnic dinner ' r no iT.n Vernfi.'at T.nthni-nn „!,„,.„,, a ." ,.'". lllc I.Saturday, whore Alvce remn.lnp.il tn' noon. '3, K&y Wfcw"*' ..-"- llu LilB UtJUICimnn nt ilm j;Vi,...lll., , « . -" '~ •••-no« v.iu»^ Lw iH(i,iu\*VL<J i A" ~~""i. *wi nni iiii/i.iv; ulllut;L at; •a Lee,'Lu Verne,'at Lutheran ^.. llltll ounuuv iimv . - — i Ei honor of the Ras- noon. ou " ull > anci-^mor the Mankato Commercial I Mrs. J. McDonald and Billy and B e's 13th wed- . Delelna Rogers who i\.tma«. ., ' s< 'l\ nn '' (Mrs. Charles Hilferty drove to Car-; , 10U and the Gen- beauty school at Fort Dodtn ,mi n r. '' luul MrH ' Wllllam Oarry alld i ro11 last Thursday to visit Mary I dins anniversary. g i,-i friend spent the work m .,^' Confitl j nce a nd Paul drove to Mln-! '" on McDonald, who Is a nurse in the parental Victor RoMnhome^ t " on ' 10 S SatUrday to nttond the -the hospital there. | „ ,,- , Mr. and Mrs i,',i W! r,i %. ^ otba11 gamo - Mra. Bertha Neubauer and son -Hatina spent Thurs- eaat ot Bu ,. t a pent from Ti'»'^ ^ M , iss niM)lcl ' w "s ill with the flu Edward, ""« Mrs. Ira Neuhauer, of j lit Victor Parson's, tm Sumlay ^, tlh Mrs Ilonnn'i iy and unab 'c to teach school. | RndeHfe, and Mrs. Jasper Olson, of | lie Hanna and ents, Mr. and Mrq l'>'T Pnr= i Mrs- Glon Yah 'ike and daughters , Jewell, came a week ago Tuesday H C left Friday for , Mr> d M LawreiicP nui',' ') Vcro at Bufal ° Cenler Saturday at-; to vis »- their daughter and sister,! Mrs. John Jensen. and tn Loon ,: d D1 7tmor« ,1.1, ? lnn ) oon at the parental Julius Jen- ' MM - Robert Weiler, and to attend .turday at Webster Ces Lnday visa!? - - C . t0 son > i t - hc funeml of Mrs ' Ida Wellel ' f tt band concert in Shellito's and at V j I Eagle Grove. They Mr and M) . g c _' w nner guests at fcari gona| nnd Madeline 5 Sunday r v , u ,i I'er eueais at Frank Llisll- . . Supervisor YOUDONTHAVEIOBERICHTOONNTHK AUTOMATIC HE . . , Cllfton E " 8leby ramily and o therout-of-tow p people to attend ' Bl Mayer and d ^B h ters were Will and Albert Weber, Ern. dlnner « uests ** Asa ' ^nkato ; and the Will Weber fam- Wnrnor'a were Mr. and Mrs. Gerald "* Bll ' d Island . Minn. uests guests Aleona lne D0ara °» a businos.s at I. W.' cherokee 'ast Thursday. the f Nelson, who also It-end there, return!hem. ilii Tlslt— ,n, Redfleld, S. D., Ik-end at Paul Ol- I Center. Ledyard Ing at (Held f?om last >veelf.) | „ „„. family, of Joh " Pals ' Meserv ey, spent from i, „ * i ' "„',,"' jFort Dodge, spent Sundnv nt liipii ' {l - st week Wednesday till Sunday, Mm. Andrew Thonwcn left Sut-'ard Ziolske ; s Mrs BUanche Jenks at Hem- y Fl 'y e ' 8 horae - a " d the urday for a week's visit with hor and Mrs. Laura Noiater of S2e Fl ' yes a «°nipanied him to Meser-l i S T l .i ai i? iimily ' tlle G - IT - D «tya, .Grove, acoomnanied them here to vcy ' the Harm Groens, Meservey, I \, p \ ., 'spend several davs with Mrs Knv Dril 'glns the Fryes back Sunday; Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Dlanchard ,-iot Mat,oner. VuiTday afternoon G ™^' ! •JlltUiwutS V V ••»«•»•«••*»* — (fe tliey attended an jil Livestock ftlie trip. ***** , i j i -r """""" •' '^- >( - **j«iL'ttiiujr. Qiinrnv nt'tnvimrtii -- v , him to West Bend and the Lawrence Newbroughs Mr. and Mrs Raymond WilcoV Md Mr " and Mrs ' Oscar Anderson, of Ihe met friends from were Sunday dinner guests at Edw. thmr baby son Gary Duane bap A1 S° na ' visi ted at Mrs. Han-let Intinuing to Kansas Zunkel s. ', isec] b (] ^ R ^ v A ' • <• > Matzener's Sunday afternoon. - - Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Randall and i, ako ta Mr and Mrs ArthuTziel! M '" and Mrs " Robert Curtis ' " f show, daughter Marie, Algona, spent Sun- s ke were -ponsors ! Bricelyn, Minn., were last weak -'ay with Mr. and Mrs. V. J. Gross.; Sunday'evening 'dinnor cueste ->t 'Thursday dinner guests at Bert The Alton Hurlburu.. of Whllto-.Wnllor Miller'.s wereMMr. Ind J .„ Sunday- id Cradle Roll excr- , ' "*•" i " ".n,ui ITI 11 lur iS wGlG ir;!? 2"1,_" 10 . **>* « urib !»' ts ,™*. Miller, Elmore; Scifert's. Ray , Higley, Mrs. Gus i M,. 1 . , . : Anderson ' Mrs - William Green, and - -.-,,..- - — . ., „. ^.,, i Jl( ty . t \i juui , j^jimoi e ivir nun MI"; ------- — ...*i*j^* « ^ v^^n, ui>.u- spent Sunday at Ora I-Iurlbiirt's. ; Tico Brack and Mr and Mrs WI p Esther Green were at Burt the The Clarence Endersons, ' ' Iheld at the local at 1 a. m. Mrs. _ _________ ...... _ through will have Mrs. Hattie Sprank nnd family. ..radle Roll depart- ig folks the rcmaln- lices. filvcn— S. D. Jensen, of [the week-end at E. .Sunday evening the kined at duck dinner Rigors, Mr. and Mrs. nil the Roy Jensens. Ikccting— Tenson accompanied _ [and son Jess, Al-l^^t^ Sunday , Arm- son Brac.k The occasion wq«'w-!l ' same day> arld Mrs - Anderson had strong, were Sunday visitors with .tor's birthday ' dental work done Betty Matze'nor, of Clarion came' v Ernest Erlckson, Armstrong, has a few days with the The James Ackarmana .spent . for the week-end to be with joines Sunday, wnere fa meeting of the bsociation. _ . „ — |.v..v uuiuu iur me weeK-enu to be wirn «,^ „ • Sunday afternoon and evening at. her mother, Mrs. Harriet Matzmier ' A] , bert B a™es Ben Guenther's, Esthervillo. | who is quite 111 M«"z,nei,, Mr. and Mrs. George Thompson The A. H. Kaunas called at Al-j. Mr. and Mrs Laurence Swift nd Mrs ' Di B> Mayer - wi th the !at- bert Wolfgram's and Gco. Jentz's,; wont to Graettinger last weak ter s dau 3hters Barbara and Peg- Fenton, Sunday afternoon. i Wednesday where thev have t iob sy ' were Sunda y guests at Garner. Mrs. Arie Di timer and daughter, picking corn i The Ross Brownings, Lone Rock, Burt, were Sunday evening guests Elmer Weber and Frances Han-' Ml ' s ' Viva Thackeray, Armstrong, ,at James Wadsworth's. i scn , Ada, Minn.,, were Sunday din- er ch ' ldren - and the L. D. Maynes . Mr. and Mrs. Charles Morris nm- guests of the Robert Wallers £ ere , S £ nd ? y dlnner guests of the .were Sunday dinner guests at A.!. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Darnell, ™' c 1 i° 1 i eyB -. , r F. Krueger's, Fa.rmont. I.Estherville, were week-end visitors 1 , Rob |^ M . orns '-° f . Gre ene, was Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Schult/. , at August Buschs. Mr. Darnell is he - r ? Saturday, calling on friends, with the Charles pi OW i U g on the p]ace w hich they Elmore. Bock. [M. 0. Richards and gona, Schultz 3HU11/, lamny, Elmore. I The Emil Krafts attended a "500" i funeral ot Henry Wegener, Algona, party at Noah Reisner's, Lotts; Monday. .Creek, Sunday evening. I The Robert Murrays, Spencer, •Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Hampton, Al-'spent Sunday at Charles Bierle's. were Sunday dinner guests j Ruth Meier, Burt, spefyt Monday H. Ortman, Burt, • at William Rath's. I at the Rudolph Peters home. Ifternoon callere af The Robert Schmidts, Fairmont.! The Jim Longs spent Sunday at [r and Mrs. Charles' came Sunday for a few days visit Walter Leonard's, Cylinder. were at Blue Earth Saturday. The READ THE AD$ Along With the News HI. auu ima. xmanw uumc ^ui*«wj *v Ispent the week-end, at Fred Schmidt's. t Mrs. Everett Ha'H. Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Ackarman lisited relatives at . spent Sunday afternoon -with, reia- THE CONSTANT flREOED KEEPS WARMTH 'CIRCULATING' A1WAYSI NO MORE COLD AIR AT THE fLOORI I NEVER DREAMED COAL COULD BE BURNED SO CLEANLY WITHOUT SMOKE AND SOOT! SEE HOW IT •PIPES'COAL TO THE FURNACE AUTOMATICALLY! AND YOUR FUEL BILLS ARE ONLY HALF WHAT YOUR NEIGHBORS PAY FOR'SNAP-ON SNAP-OFF' GAS OR OIL HEATI \ YOU,TOO,CWOWNOHEI ) I THE ONIV HEATING DEVICE YOU CAN) I GET WITH THE fAMOUS /I {] DALANSTAT ( £riREBED CONTROl THAT \ 'GIVES MORE HEAT FROM 11 LESS rUEl I ^ AUTOMATIC FREE HEATING SURVEY! Phone us today for Free survey showing exactly how much you can save with an Automatic Butler in yourpresent heating system. No cost, no obligation for this engineer's report. You'll benefit by it! CQRL STOKtR NEW LOW PRICE 1795? STANDARD MODEL (Plus Minimum Installation Cost) F. S. Norton & Son, Algona, Iowa "Your Heat Merchant"—Phone 229 lompson and daugh- ire Sunday dinner [er Thompson's. Mrs. ith, Algona, was Iguest there. After- fcre the E. J. 'Helden- lity, and Joha Whit- [ ; and Jessie Smith, o[ Saturday evening itives at Kanawha. . 'Mr - and 'Mrs. Henry Lonnlng, Irvington, spent Sunday afternoon at George Marshall's. Mr. and Mrs. Alex Krueger spent | Sunday with the Lawrence Lald- levs, Rockwell. Mr and Mrs. Ralph Weisbrod spent Sunday at J. P. Rasmussen's, Ringsted. . . The Fred Wegeners attended tne I Join the pie's Purge PAY LESS FOR A AMERICA'S FINEST LOW-PRICED CAR FINER THAN EVER IN EVERY WAY AND NOTABLY LOWER IN PRICE! • Dickinson . Geo. A. Wilson of Bes Sloines lote Republican toiler Your Three 44 R's ff IKK CONFIDENCE IN PUBLIC OFFICIALS SUSPICION FftOM PUBLIC BUSINESS > TO ECONOMY Is Go Places With These Candidates Jessie M. Parker, take Mills Candidate Supt. of Public In Btructloii Frederic M, Miller, Pes Moines Candidate lor Supreme Court igcar Hale, Wapello Candidate for Supreme Court Ealpb A. Oliyer, Sioux City «*»»v*^ _ fo? . g upj . eme court I 01 ' U. S. Senate on, DCS M Governor r, Cedar Lieut, ; Secretary r e' Au4itor -!!!;* for Attorney- fi*i# li ^V Barr ' ' r, ShewwdwOi for Commerce Ct \w.n. \ \ ,. iu "~~" , FOR LIGHT LOADS SENSITIVE UPPER SPRINGS ELIMINATE PITCHING rc> nun lows wnuur IPIUKSS COME MTU ACTIOH HEWIEST (IDE WITH BUflCi SPUNCINC lOWEtlODlESWITH. 1)% MOM WK4COW AIM ' IMS' »'. r I. A GENERAL. MOTORS VALUE AMERICA, WE GIVE YQUs Th« Qu»lHy §i* • . . *h» P« Lux* »"«; Aitf on« 190^ at the price t*g tellf you Jh?t soii(**Pr»»'* »., s^* and'fhe D« Iwe Eight! 1Thr#« *tl«Wliwf new Silver at last succeeded in building a quality c»r priced so clo»f Ja k beautie* that wiU win your;h«»rt M it'» never beer* to the lowe*^ you'll never miw the doHar^iffere^cel Get i before.' /One glance ft nd you'll know that thjiy'rt styb^ th* whole, r ,won4erlul story from your Pontiac r deai«r today! [/ __ .... CAM »nnmwnur rtn« rirlo anil 'vou'll tiiever lac vV - , , ' 9 MtUl > SMOOTHB KUOIMANCC WITH O« WITHOUr IUNNING K>A»DS AS DESIRED- IMFIOVER SAFcrr SHIFT AT NO EXTRA COSH . HORHAC05I Wi^n uviviv' 'WMT •«W»»T TJ**r Ai" T Tir wittf an «y» for tomorrow* Pnt r»i« »ati*fi«d with to* *b*n Pi«iti»(p f f amazing new TQ QWN f.J^ rfeiV-.Oi. ,'i ,!!„«[ • '—J ,*-* ^ '- ', ^';4K^f

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