Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 20, 1938 · Page 12
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 20, 1938
Page 12
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3£ V^^J^l^ff^ff-'^ " Lecture Course Engaged at Swea City HIGH SCHOOL SPONSOR FOR FIVESEVENTS Swea City, Oct. 18 — The high sckool la sponsoring an entertainment course of five programs recommended by ten school superintendents and principals, including James Rae, Maaon City; L. R. Kresensky, Mankato; and B. M. Hanson, New Ulm, Minn. The numbers are: Oct. 20 — Other Worlds Than Ours, Dr. Arthur Debere, astronomer. Dec. 13—Spooks and Frauds: hour $125,000,000 is spent every year on fortune tellers and other fakes. Jan. 23—Microcosmo: a lecture by Paul Louis Pi ret. Oct. 23—'Alabama Jubilee Singers. March 29—J-kirl Conrad, demonstration on the art of jui-jitsu. PTA Program Commended — The first P. T. A. meeting of the season was held one evening last week, and much favorable comment has been beard about the program, which included an instrumental quiutct from the school, a vocal solo by Mrs. Harold Hunter, iccompanied by J. Iva Moats, and i -talk on "Parent-Teacher Relationship" by Mrs. John A. Anderson. A greeting to the teachers was -,'iveu by D. w. Fults, president of .he school board, and was respond- od to by Boulah Gladstone, sixth jrade instructor. IVu to Auxiliary Meeting- Local members of the Legion Auxiliary who attended a county meetiuj? at Fen ton one day last week were Mcsdames Minnie Thompson. Fern Peterson, Graco Kennedy, Rena Haglund, Helen Nelson, Martina Peters, Gladys Barker, Annie Clark, Mary Leland, ind Mae Rohlin. Mrs. Peterson, newly elected president, presided. Portland's 'Peppy Pats* Meet Saturday; Program Portland Twp., Oct. 18 — The I day guests at the Laurence Pease 'Ortland Petinv Pnls rrmr Stitnrrlnv', J-auience rease Portland Peppy Pals met Saturday'>,„„,„ at Tom Trenary's, and 12 members ' answered roll call on What I Have Done to Improve My Posture. A health talk on the importance o vaccination was given by'Lavonne Ringsdorf^ and a demonstration on bouquet arrangement by Virginia Trenary. A talk on courtesy When traveling was given by Marilyn Long. Games Avere followed by lunch. Last week Monday Mrs. Samuel Winchell was hostess to Mesdamea George Lanning, S. M. Peterson, and Alfred Godfredson. Harley, small eon of Mr. and Mrs. Chester Fitch, Sexton, spent' last week at Del Fitch's, lona Godfredson, employed nt Aid's annual fall bazaar, with a chicken supper, will 'take place at the Doau church next Week TUCS-* day. •Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J. Mnrtlnek entertained «it four tables of cards Sunday evening. The Frank Asas, Irvington, were diniiisr guests Sunday at Mr. Asa's brother Bryan's. Mrs. Bryan Mrs c . Sadie — — „„., , . Struthers, and Mrs. Ella Martinek (spent Monday afternoon with Mrs. TJllMi Qr\A«*1rn w.., \.»"i-/lVJGU (It Jewell, was an over-Sunday visitor at home. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Trenary were bunday afternoon callers at Wyott Stott'e. Doan I Genevieve Graham, Burt, orevsident, was presented mesh, purse. retiring with a Firemen Hold 10th Uanquct— The volunteer fire company held its 40th annual banquet at the Le?ion hall last week Thursday uight, served by Arthur Christensen. Fred Berggren, who has belonged to the organization 32 years, is authority for the statement that this was the 40th consecutive banquet. at Party Here— Mrs. Peter Ehlers was hostess to relatives and friends last week Tuesday. Out-of-town guests included her daughter, Mrs. Wm. C. Dau, Mrs. Ben Ingebritson, the latter's daughter Inez Jean, and Mrs. Fred Engle, all of Algona. Mrs. Enters received many gifts. Gifts for Old People's Home _ From here attending a harvest home festival at the Wiunebago old people's home were Mrs. Olaf Pearson, Mrs. Jimmie McCrary, Mrs. J. A. Erickson, and the 'Rev.' and Mrs. R. P. Pronleewe. Gifts of caaaed goods and garden supplies were taken. T« Hear U. S. Navy Hand- Tie municipal band bought a block of 40 tickets for a U. S. nav/ b«*i concert at Estherville this week Thursday night, and the tickets were distributed to band members, their wives, and single persons who played in the band last summer. »»ck lUuter is Wouuded— Numerous duck hunters from southern Iowa were in this vicin- itj lost week-end. One casualty OMHrred, when a man from Dea M»iaes was shot in the leg Saturday while he was hunting north of tews. Unique Club Has Meeting— The Helping Hand club met last week Wednesday at Mrs. S. M. Peterson's. This is a unique club in that the women gather at each other's homes and help whoever is hostess with work of some kind, such as papering, canning, sewing, or anything she needs help for. News of the Manns— Letha Mann and LeRoy Lee were Tjtonka; Mr. and Mrs "Arch i MartlneK Sunday visitors at Oscar Johneon's Struthers, Sulphur SnrinEs- fho ' wlthl Mr and Prank Ryerson's. Mr. and I Loyal Youngs, Plum Creek-' Mrs week-end Rosa Andrews and the Van Han-' Emniet Paetz alid Leslie McEnroe have returned from Alabama, where the Paetzes plan to locate In the late fall. The daughter Doris will remain here to finish her senior year at the Algona academy. Mr. and Mrs. Ted Teuschen, Algona, spent Sunday afternoon at Amos N Angle's. Frederlca Girres George Oxley Horn* at Corwith it Hit by Bolt of Lightning Convlth, Oct. 18 — The George Oxley home in southeast Corwith was. damaged by lightning in a storm last week Monday'night. The loss was estimated at $250, and it Was covered by Insurance. The bolt struck a tree, in the yard to which a clothes line was attached. The line was attached at the-other end to a garage, the door of which was torn off. Via the garage the bolt traveled ,to the cor- BBtt.TWO HCNDftR& BtGriT (248) OF THE <31t¥ (HP ALGOtfA, IOWA. , . BE IT ORDAINED fcY TH6 CITY COUNCIL OP THE CITY Of ALGONA, IOWA: Section One. That the internee tlotis of State Street and Dodge Street, Call Street and Dodge Street, North Street aiid Jones Street/Phillips Street and Elm Street, North Street and McPhor- son Street, and North Street and Phillips Street in the City of At* gona, Iowa, be and the same are hereby established tie school zones. Section Two v That, it shall be unlawful for'the operation of a mo- ner of the house, the back porch of un'awful for the operation of a mo- which was torn off. Electric fix- tor vehicle approaching any one of turea were torn rrnm wnii« nnrt said zones*, to enter said zone when tures were torn from walls, and •the electric meter and the radio were ruined. In movable stop signs are in the streets at the limits of Said zone, without bringing said motor ve- the Oxley bath room the ••••••"'-»• "••••ts-'-o «»*«»* u»*i.ui ,~ medicine cabinet and the flush' hlcle to a Bt °P Immediately fcefpre ---•--•-- said zone. tank were torn from the walls, and in the kitchen dishes -were jarred out of places and broken. The next door house occupied by Mr. Oxley's mother and sister Section Three. Anyone violating any of the provisions o£ this ordinance shall upon conviction be punished by a fine of not to exceed ~ ' " ~ - ~.. UW£7 -ivii£,*tj o, j? reueriuu, LrirrcS u « IM.I, \jAi*sy a uuuLiici uuu SloiGr * "•*—*-«« —^ *» ---*« v*. **w.w »,« »»**<***» was a Moaon City visitor Saturday.'bad jt » metal ridge roll ripped off Twenty-five Dollars (125.00) or Mrs. Ruth Sparks, son Dean, and I and shingles tofn away. Other I by imprisonment not to exceed five Mr. and Mrs. William Altwegg, of, neighbors reported damage to ra- days lni ^ &n Plum Creek, spent Sunday at Lake dio's and light fixtures. A blown . Section Four. That. Ordinance . u .. u A.ito. 'TTiiiiuiu Auwegg, 01, llv ' 1 e lluu1 ** icijui LCU utuuuge 10 ra- Mr. and Mrs. Theo Hoover en-' Creek, spent Sunday at Lake | dios and light fixtures. A blown tertained relatives at dinner Sun-' £ rystftl|Minni ' wlth Mrs - Joseph ! f use in a cable terminal put many day: Mr. and Mrs. Dean Andrews i Balter ' sister of Mrs. Sparks and telephones out of commission. Burt; the Howard Andrew• family! !?• "i^'egg.. M '- an ^ Mrs - A. J.I nnmvATgri? vn OK« Tjtonka; Mr. and Mrs. Arcli M , a F tln . ek S P?"A Sunday afternoon „ Kr „ »*?™H?*JSV "?-. Mrs. E. O. Manii were guests at Mel Peterson's, Fort Dodge, and Dean and Fay Mann had dinner at Lyle Mann's. Two to Attend "Aux" Meet- Mrs. Henry Smith and Mrs. Tom Trenary are to attend a Legion Auxiliary meeting at Fort Dodge this week Thursday. Other Portland News. Mrs. Samuel Winchell, Mrs. George Lanning, and Mrs. Doris Bess spent last week Thursday at Corwith. The Lcnnings were Sun- West Bend W. H. Daubendiek left Saturday evening for Des Moines and Chi- caRO to attend conventions of independent telephone companies. He is president of the local company. Lyiimn Riley and John Krug drove to Waterloo Saturday uight on a business mission, and Sunday night they left for Sioux City with truckloads of cattle marketed by Chris Bonnstetter. Clifford Munson, employed in a bank at Wesley, spent the weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. T. Munson. Gezina Schuttet spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Schutter. She is a teacher at Wesley. Ida and Oscar Riley spent Sunday at Lost Island lake. Gnikl to Entertain Friday— Tke Guild will be hostess to all w««ie* of the Baptist church at a tea Friday afternoon. There will ae a guest speaker, and several musical numbers will be given. New Pastor Preaches Sunday— The Rev. Watson Hen-old and his family moved to Swea City Friday, from Dayton. Mr. Herrold conducted his first service at the Methodist church Sunday. Another Son for Kelleys— Mr. and Mrs. Everett Kelley became parents of their third son last week Monday. The child weighed ten pounds. Other Swea City. Delegates here who attended nn Icwa Baptist state convention at Ottumwa last week report a fine gathering with some GOO enrolled. The convention next year will be held at Fort Dodge. H. Bert Ley, of California, was here, greeting old acquaintances, one day last week. He and Mrs. Ley are visiting relatives at Lakota, where he was once publishe of the Record. •Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Zinser, Gold field, visited the Bronleewes ove the week end. Mr. Zinser is brother of Mrs. Bronlewe. Mrs. William Watson, Fores City, is spending this week wit her daughter, Mrs. George' K. Nel ion. Henry Groen was given a sur prise party on his birthday las week Wednesday evening. Darlene Kesler came from Dow Friday to visit her parents, Mi and Mrs. Charles Kesler. The Ray Lords visited Swea Cit> friends several days last week. Nothing to Say Trade is good, just about all we can Handle. The clerks are working fine • The cash register is ringing most of the time, i he wire is pleasant. When she is on good behavior the buckwheat cakes are as light as a feather, but when she is mad they are as heavy as lead. Everything is lovely just now. In fact I am the only back number in the gang. I have had my fingers in the merchandising pie so long that I have become a dead head. My mental battery is running low. My thought ignition is dead and my legs are wabbly. Friends tell me to take a vacation, but what is the use—whiskey costs more up in Minnesota than it does here, and besides I have the biggest bunch of bargains this week that the women of this community ever had the pleasure of mussing up I just can not leave it for I love to dish out the bargains. It is a part of my life. I know where to get them and my happy god-natured bunch of clerks know how to sell them. New shoes, underwear, shirts, jackets, sweaters, blazers, sox, sheep lined coats and mackinaws: A big truck load of the best buys I ever made. The bargain basement is full of overshoes. It is a carnival of bargains, a picnic for the careful buyers that have to balance their budgets. Jimmie Neville sens, Ottosen; and the Dale Struthers family. Mrs. Rosa Andrews, accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Struthers home for a visit. Mrs. Fern Anderson will be hostess to. the Aid on October 27,! Mrs. Pearl Knox assisting. The Mrs. Emmet Paetz. MERCHANTS WISE Advertise! INNCE NO. 250 AN ORDINANCE ESTABLISHING SCHOOL ZONES AND PROVIDING FOR THE'STOPPING OF ALL MOTOR VEHICLES APPROACHING SAID ZONES WHEN MOVABLE STOP SlGNS HAVE BEEN PLACED IN THE STREETS AT THE LIMITS OF SAID ZONES AND PRESCRIBING PENALTY FOR THE VIOLATION THEREOF; ALtO jtlr No. 248 of the City of Algona, Iowa, be and the same is hereby repealed. Section Five. This Ordinance shall be in force and effect from aid TO SELL 'EM, TELL With An Ad >X7 Ttal GREATEST SAVINGS IN OUR HISTORY On' Completely Denatured Alcohol Full 188 proof. Complete protection for your car against freezing dam-^jjf!ffl age at money saving prices. 80c Sealed Gallon Can. 5 QUARTS 110% PURE PENH. (Permit No. W) OIL FREE of Charge With Each of These Batteries Save from $3.00 to $6.00 on batteries of equal quality. va uel Written Servic ' GulRAN - SEALED CAN 20c Sealed Quart Can. GALLON . 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