Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 1, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 1, 1896
Page 3
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lpBBSsKHraffiRS^lPiffllraa&sWw f|fffi|ifl^^ Between the two THE RAILROADS ivcness, or the economy —soap and poor washing powders— the women who don't use Pearline have-a troublesome time.. If they want'•to make sure of perfect safety,.they have to .take the hard work'; .if they try to riiake the work easier, then they have to take the risk of harm. Now, how much better it is tu get rid of the hard work and the risk, both together, by the use _ of Pearline! Every question as to the safety, the effect- of Pearline has been settled by Send it Back STATE >• NATIONAL BANK LOGANSI'ORT. IJfD. $2OO.OOO BUCK STANLEY. j I ____. ;Qoes Into the Oil Territory to Work. j. F. Johnson, President. 3. W. UJlery. Vice President H. J. Heltbdnlc, Cashier. DIRECTORS. I r Johnson. 8. W. UJlery. J. T. Elliott w. M. Elliott. W. H. Snider. Buy lin'i s"'l Government builds. Loan money on personal security and collaterals Issue special certificates of deposit* bearing I per cent, tntoragt when left one fear; 2 per cent, per annum when deposited nix months. Boxes in Safety Deposit Vaults of thin o«nK for the deposit of deeds, Insurance p»llden, uinrtRttses anO other vn-Juanlw. runted fit '-nm J5 to $15 7«r year. CATARRH ^r Your Protcc- tlon. We positive); state that 'thin remedy eo s not contain mercury or any othsc Injurious drug. ELY'S HREAM BALM Cleniis»a taeNasnl Fassa««», allay? intlamnm- tlon, heals and protects ttl6 membrane irom colds, reato.es Hie senses i>( tiuste und sme 1. IT WILL CURE. Samp es ICj, fcj a all. ELY BROTHERS. 5<i Warren St., New York. CHAS.U WOLL, -.-: UNDERTAKFR ••= ST.. 417 Market . Callu attended to promptly, "central "Onion »nd Mutual telephone*. Office, No. 16; Beddence. Ko. m. Cash for old gold.-Ben Martin. The Columbia cigar, best in the city, Get a coupon. Bargains in gold filled watches.- Ben Martin. • Hon. W. D. Owen will speak in Wayne county nest Saturday. . Head big ad of Hnrry, embrace the opportunity, 'buy now at actual half price. ' ' • Special sale on boys' and children's knee and long pants.-- J. D. Ferguson & .Tcnks^ \V. .7.. Bryan will speak at South Bend Sept. 3. Excursion rate via Vandalia line, $2.00, ' Disease attacks the weak and debilitated. Keep yourself healthy and strong by tnktng Hood's. Sarsaparllla. Many people will go to South Bend Sept 3d to hear W. J. Bryan- speak. Half fare for the round trip.— Vandalia line. Today, Tuesday, September 1st, \$ opening day for the celebrated Dunlafl hats, fall and winter styles. Dewenter, the hatter, is sole agent for Logansport. The State Christian Endeavor conference will be held at Muncie Novem : her 20. 27, 28 and 20. Logansport should have the 1807 meeting of this society. Under a new ruling of the postofflcc department hereafter no fourth-class matter will be received for mailing In packages weighing more than four pounds. This applies to mail matter which Is of an official . .nature and which goes free, as well ns other matter. The next State conference of the Epworth league goes to Lafayette probably in July. The matter of establishing a hospital will be presented, at that time and also the establishment of a summer training school. Three places want tie-, latter—Acton, Island Park and Battle Ground. WINE PRODUCTION. According to the report of Consul •Germain, the wine production of the world last year was 3,672,000,000 gal• Ions. .The estimated population of the 'world is .1,479,000,000. This would give nearly three gallons of wine to '.•every man, woman and child In the ,' world. The Toledo Bee says, "These • figures may be'a starter for some tern. p'erance mathematician with a lioad >'• for Jiggers." '" And they will probably ; be -utilized by' some , one-sided IndTI- duals by way of showing that the | {'whole world Is going on a high old \ ;• lender. 1' Marion Chronicle: The Impression has gone abroad that Van Bnren presents a field for the sen-ices of a good, active missionary. At any rate the conclusion is justified by me fact that :i series of temperance meetings liavi; bi-on inaugurated under tin; auspices of tho Good Templar*. The first moot lug was hold last evening at the Methodist church. Buck Stanley of Logins- port Is in chiivsc of tho meetings and will deliver a. series of addresses; Sunday nftenioon there will hi; a lootin-o n> men only. The concluding lucniro will be u.cl(;scriinive :'u:0ouut o;: tho oa> tiirivof the Green brothers, Amer and Hill, two Cass county desperadoes whom Mr. Stanley followed into the wilds of Texas and brought hack, the one to be sent to tho penitentiary for lito and the other to be taken out by a .mob and hung. Buck Stanley. 1 Is n 'character who attracts . attention wherever lie appears. He. has been through the mill. He has been an officer, and prison guard, and lias gone the pace. He -has had to do business with some of the most desperate criminals In the country from time to time, and the contingency lias never arisen that caused him to flinch. Nobody ever questioned tho quantity or quality of Buck Stanley's sand. During the last six years he has been engaged In temperance work, and his labors have been influential in reclaiming many men who were supposed'to bo hopelessly besotted. At the recent Prohihitioii Congressional convention held In Marion Stanley's najne was prominently mentioned in connection with the Congressional nomination. . $100 REWARD, ?100. The readers of this paper will be pleased to learn that there Is at least one dreaded disease that science has been able to cure In all its stages and that is Catarrh. Hail's Catarrh Cure is .the only positive cure now known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh' being a constitutional disease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood arid mucous surfaces of tho system, thereby: destroying the foundation of the disease and giving the patient strength by building up the constitution 'arid assisting nature in doing its work. The proprietors' have so much faith in Its curative powers, that they offer One Huu- dred'Dollars for any case that it falls to cure. Send fqr list of Testimonials. Address F. T. OIIE'NEY it CO Toledo, Ohio! - .'...'• Sold by Druggists, 75c. NOTICE TO CONS,UMBHS. OF ILLUMINATING GAS.. We desire to notify .those who are favoring us with their patronage, that the price on Artificial Gaa consumed after September 1st, 189G, will be reduced to a maximum of $1.25 per thousand cubic feet net. . ..:, We trust that this material reduction will result not only In a continuance of present custom, but also in Increased patronage, which wo will Continue to endeavor to merit by good service and low prices. Very respectfully,- LOGANSPOET & WABASH VALLEY GAS COMPANY. Correct Tests for Color Blindness on Railroads. WHITE LIGHTS ALONE General News of Railroads and Rail i . road Employes. ' For some time past the question o£ , the correctness of the tes'ts for color I blindness made by officials of the roads i who stylci themselves oculists have i been agitating the brotherhoods o£ loco motive engineers and firemen and the recent discharge of a number oC enpiu | eers on the New York Cenlrnl ha? i added to the excitement, and not onlj ' in New York, but In some other States it need not be a surprise if some legislation is asked which 'will protect the railway .employe against any injustice being done him by the color-tost examinations. The question of using col oral lights on railronil trains, it is said Is being seriously discussed by the members of the brotherhoods of locomotive engineers and liremen. The> assert that the tests ns applied by tht, oculists are confusing, and that it is n very uasy matter for a man to become confused In picking out particular shades of gveun and rod. It Is as..... that white lights can be ar- ..,.!gi>d so that they will answer jusi as well as colored lights for signals and lu such a way that it would bo im possible to have any confusion resulting from them. Atmospheric comli lions often confuse trainmen, partly, uhirly when trains are running fast With white lights arranged in tho form of a square, triangle or cross c'onfu sion would be possible only wbeu the lights were not'burning, and such a condition is liable to happen at auj time with colored as well as white lights. It is reported that the question of having a bill drafted and presented to the Legislature of New York, muk ing a uniform code of white light slg uals.on all railroads -in that State i; being discussed. Old railroad runners say .that such a law would undoubtedly work to the advantage of the railroads and railroad employes. RAILROAD NOTES. John Grimes, the nighf, watchman is off duty on account of sickness. Toe Klein, assistant tender inspector is off duty on account of poor health. F.iuhandle trainmen are this week to bo measured for their winter uniforms. Engineer Charles Loins' and wife visited, friends at Indianapolis over Sunday, • Harry St. Clair is taking a three weeks' . vacation. He is spending it at Bass Lake. Bruce Shcpha.rd and Lewis Kin? of the Panhandle offices spent Saturday nt Indianapolis. ' • The Vandalia yesterday, discontinued its lake'special, which Is run through the summer months, . . Fireman.W. -M. Bethge the Panhan dle.drenntn,.Is spending a.thirty-days' vacation at Richmond. The TCITC Haute car manufacturing company is building 100 refrigerator cars for the Vandalia line. Joe Whinnery and wife'were among the excursionists, to the National 'encampment at St. Paul, Minn.. Engineer Frank Williamson has. returned from Greenville, Ohio, where he attended the Drake county fair last week. ,c ,.-:... George Hartman, an employe of the Panhandle blacksmith shops, caught 52 perch in the Wabash one.day. recently. ,,.•:• : Harry Miller, general superintendent of. the Vandalia, and N. C. Dean, superintendent, .of the Vandalia main line, have gone to Pittsburg. .. Rudolph Berndt, foreman of the yard gang, accompanied by his wife and daughter, will go to Cincinnati today for a short visit with relatives. ; Engine No. 359 will leave the shops this morning where she has been' for the past, two months undergoing third class repairs. It will be run on the Chicago division. . • ; A'uew terror is added to the life of the railroad man. Now ne will have to look out not only for tramps and hogs and farmers at the crossings, but for the man who rides the bicycle ou the rail. One Wilbur of California recently rode his bicycle behind a train, Long Havana Filler Select Sumatra Wrapper !W Meets Every Requirement of a First-Class Cigar., Only Five Cts. fW Askyour dealer for Cufcanola A, KIEFER DRUG CO^IPANY, Sole Distributer^, Indlanapolu CLOTHING. CLOTHING. We have no old shelf worn goods, but everything new and up to date. Read the following prices: Our $15.00 Suits go for $12.00 Our $12.00 Suits go for $9.00 Our $10.00 Suits go for $ 7.5O Our $8,00 Suits go for $5.50 Our $5.00 Suits go for $3.50 50C FOR CHOICE OF &BY STRAW BAT IH TBE STORE, •.'•'.' * 25c choice of any/of our Children's Straw Hats. Boys' Duck «• Suits one third off, they are bargains. fc'ow is the time 10 buy a Suit of Clothes, a Hat or Gents Furnishing G'J ds, and 526 Broadway is the place to save money, These Prices are For Cash Only. JOSEPH G. GRACE & CO. 426 ^ HO AD WAY. on the top of the rail, from Tiberton to Santa Rosa, on the San-Francisco & Nortlioru Pacific railway, a distance of I'orty-five miles, The rail lieail is two luches wide. He used a separate wheel to steady himself, which rail on the ties between the rails. Mi 1 . Fred Kelly, night man at the Vandalia office is sick. William Cassnbee, oC tlic carpenter shops, spent Sunday at Fowler. . The Panhandle trainmen will be measured this week for their winter uniforms!" W. C. Feunock, master mechanic at the Panhandle shops will return home today . after a two weeks' vacation. He has been making a_tour of the great hikes. Samuel Kane, of the repair track gang, Is off dutyoa account of sickness. B. R. Peurose has resumed work at the repair truck headquarters after an illness of a few days. Henry Aliner, of the lathe room, had his right hand badly mangled yester day afternoon while at work at the emery wheel. His fingers accidently got between the wheel and the guide and were badly mashed. On some of the eastern roads conduc tors of freight trains are now required to Inspect their trains to see that trucks, wheels, etc., are in order, ,1'hls Is an Innovation of American..roads but quite common on foreign- roads. The Panhandle between Pittsburg and Columbus, is said now to be in the best physical condition of any part of the system.. lu the last few months a large mileage of new heavy rails has been laid between Pittsburg and Den nlson. .. Shipments of political campaign mat tor are now so heavy that the postal department is obliged-to haul addition al.postal cars to carry it. One day last weok the mall train over the Penn- !ylvanla, west-bound, hauled eleven :ars,'including two extra cars, to carry the political matter. Work Is already in progress on- the link of railroad from Shelbyvllle, on the Chicago & Eastern Illnois, and St. Elmo, on the Vandalia. When this link Is completed the Vn.ndalla and Chicago & Eastern Illnois will establish a through line from St. Louis to Chicago; only four miles longer than that of the Illnois Central. HELPED BY DULL TIMES. /losing the Factories Mas Prolonged the Life of Gas. Kokomo Tribune: Prof. .T. C. Leach, State natural gas supervisor, has fin shed -taking measurements for a por- :lon of his next annual report ami the result is quite encouraging. The out- ook for the future of the neid Is decidedly, less gloomy than a year ago, vhen the prediction was freely made jy outsiders that gas was on Its last egs.in Indiana. •; ' ' ' Tlic'dranght on the .field during'the last, year was corislderahlj- loss tow :xpected. This is from three .causes, .i-st.'the mild winter, second, the-more CO' ujihic;:! use-of the:fr.el, third, the '• .'•;? iii.iny of the largest •macufac- 1 '. .';:,! :v;a'are closed down,' and others operating light handed owing to the dull times. Concerning the- situation, Prof. Leach says: "While I have not exact data of the entire gas field at hand, the indications are that there will not be as many ) wells drilled this year as 'there were last. On account of the mild winter, the effective effort that is being made by the manufacturers to husband their full supply and the fact that many of the large consumers are using but little gas tbi's fall, the draught on this field has not been as heavy as was expected. Consequently the necessity for new wells in many localities does not exist, Wliile the pressure is decreasing all over the field, the indications are that the supply will be ample for a number of years, especially for consumers in the belt. About 400 square miles of .good territory has not been invaded by pipe lines. "Next annual report in addition to the data specified by law will show the amount of 'wealth that has been .added to the State on account of the' natural gas, and amount of money paid to farmers and laborers of the gas belt on account rentals, labor, etc.. The result will probably show .that the farm- ersabove all should be Interested, in any effort to save this gaseous fuel. "The result -will surprise some. Have not complete reports. Madison county tax duplicate 1SS7, $9;SS7,095: 1805, $20,994,775. -Other couutic? have increased In same ratio. • "An examination of the manufactories and their fuel supply will not fail to convince any one that gas will be used for manufacturing purposes in the field long after its sale In cities supplied by pipe lines' has ceased to be profitable. A number of the larger- factories, not located in the hciirt of the belt have large pipe lines and suf-. ficleut territory to protect their interests; others more favorably located are .using gas'froin wells 1n the vicinity ol their factory, 200 feet of pipe.in some Instances being sufficient to connect the well with the burner. I have in niy mind, a factory working over four bun dred men, that has never had use but for one well, and It Is in splendid'con- dition at present showing a rock pressure of 240 pounds. The proprietors of this factory practice an economy commensurate with the value of the fuel. I could mention a number of factories with records equally us good. An examination will further show that other fuels caa be used in certain departments of a majority of the factories without serious inconvenience, that is to say, when the supply of gas becomes low, it can be well supplemented by coal and possibly oil." THE Munson Typewriter Is a Good Machine. / ' V^'C-v'"*^ /-/r-,: '•' f "££jr§*.-;fe /,-. ••'.- . :v\^f~ i *j^. A high standard ot excellence. MHBJ ot the "Munson'' consider It THE'I'BEST., You win find It a valuable asslstaut In low ofiBCj floe. Address for partlcolan THE MUNSON TYPEWRITER CO MANUFACTURERS. 240-244 West Lake St., Chicago, I1I~ Greatest Discovery of the 19th Century. NIWBZHZDt Medicated Air For the Care or Catarrh, Aithnut and all Pulmonary DIseaM*, It has no equal toe Sick and Nervous H***- aehe, 1,000.000 peopta die annually from ths above named dlseutf.' Why suffer and <Ue. when Medicated AltU guaranteed to cure TOO. Medicated AJr and Dru« Co., Blchinond, bid., U.'S. A. THE LADIES. The pleasant effect and perfect safety with which ladies may use Syrup o'f Figs, under all cpnditlons, make ; it their favorite remedy. To-get the true and genuine article, look for the name of the California F.ig Syrup Company, printed near the bottom of the package. For sale by all responsible druggists. . The 24th Indiana regiment will meet in annual reunion at Centerville on September 1st' and 2d. Grahanffc Morton TRANSPORTATION CO. TWICE DAILY STEAMERS TO CHICAGO. CONNECTING WITH THE VANDALIA RAIL- WAT AT SJT. JOSEPH. Beginning May 25th and continuing intll about Sept. 30th the steamers of tals line will make two trips each w«j> dally between St Joseph and Chicago, •a trie following schedule: Leave St. Joseph at 4:30 p. m. an4 10:80 ;p. m., daily,' ^including Sunday. Leave Chicago at 9:30 a. m. and 11:30 p. m.,' daily, including Sunday. Extra trips on Saturday leave St. Joseph at 4 a. m., and leave Chicago at 2 p. m. Banning time across lake 4 houra. Trl-weekly steamers to Milwaukee, leaving St Joseph Monday, Wednesday ind Friday evenings. The equipment of this line Includes ihe side wheel steamers City of Chicago MuLCIty of Milwaukee (the largest and dnest west of Detroit), and the newly, rebuilt propeller City of Louisville. Service first-class. Connection? with all Fandalla Yalns. Tickets on sale'at all fandalla Una stations. Chicago dock -aot of Wabrtsh avenue. J. H. GRAHAM, Prefl., Benton Harbor, Mich.

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