Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 20, 1938 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 20, 1938
Page 7
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; 1938. ins Are BaptisedSunday ADVANCE. AtGQNA; IOWA .UOWIG, INAJNE SPONSORS Oct 9— The twins, J. H. Berschman, south of Lakota. man. Auf wledersehen, Herr Mil- j\tM ~~ «-*_-,« , « . , , , '"fin. .-UL wieuersGiiuii. Herv le and Charles Peter, waa taking down an old corncrlli ler-and we'll bet a cookie «on respectively of Friday to make room for more et cooKie that * * * * oi moit your ni , ces t 01 . s j n Germany spelled Joe ana u "Mnoiir,,. >• IJohn Volk, were bap- corn. The twin boys, joe ana i lt "Muellpr 'Michael's Catholic John, were helping. The boys are, MUellel v and sponsors were 12, and they like to help Dad. They Clarence Boettcher, neighbor to Ludwigi West^Bend, confided that they like to read their,. W. Ehrich, south of Elmore, name out of the house when we arrived last week Monday and re- o-- ... - . on Al marked that he had just had a ire. Mr. and Mrs. nitschmeler, southeast of Wesley, good dinner, and in the course of IB West Bend, and The farm is owned by.his mother, it someone had remarked that It °'. _ ».._il_a.*ji TM_ '.-.'_._.-_». _!_-_.-_!•«__ *-»._» »__. . . .. - . _ _ Ludwig on, here, Rose Lud- funnies In our papers. Carl Ludwig, . * * * * Inner guests at the Last Friday wo called lere |Ew S old Zuetlowe Ludwig, Tl- who is a sister of Ben Studer, Wes-j was about time for this writer to PAGE CITY BILLS Dick Helmers, labor ----Vern Scobba, labor _____ Neptune Meter Co., rnlse.. George Holtzbauer, rndec. Lalng & Muckey, mdse. _Botsford Lumber Co., 5.40 gona owe to the honest and effi- 'Adah Carlson, salary 70.00 ^onnn clent servlce of Mr - KeIIv tn <* su ' Harold Roth, labor - &2.80 129.00 perior light and water service they Wayne Stephenson, labor 46.00 September 29, 1938. The City Council met in regular session with the mayor and all the council-men present. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. Ordinance No. 256 was passed. Kohlhaas & Overmyer appointed Cecil McGinnis, salary -— a committee to investigate the pur- Nelson & Lcns'ing, salary- chase of a police car. Kohlhaas & Spllles, mdse. The following bills were al- A - v - Larson, gas l owe d. N. W. Bell Tel. Co., service APPROP. ORDINANCE , H. A. Van Alstyne, dogs . mdse. H. W. Post, freight ______ G-BNERAL FUND H. A. Van Alstyne, salary Moulds, salary ____ 34.60 now enjoy, and 31.76 .10 23.85 61.00 55.00 ,„„___,_ „ ., „ , Chester Webb, labor 47.48 WHEREAS, Mr Kelly not only Joe KeHy Jr labor 19.20 made a name for'himself in his Erhet Thlel| meter read ._ profession and in the community Shen Pet . Cor , pi fue i O il _ in which he resided, but he formed and retained the most lasting 23.99 377.26 C. M. St. P. & P. R'y, freight on fuel .!_ 244.57 friendships. Few men are more jj -^ p^ f re lght sincerely loved by their friends W ' e8te rn Union, service" 50.00, than he. He wns an honor to Ma-n'v~Tfainrf<i*~Aeenpv~ 10.42|prof_Mlon and to the community Less 8.60; in which he resided and will ever Treaa ot oj cc' L i ,v , . • . ireas. 01 oiaie, ss-ies lax- SKR 1 ^ £ G u," grat f f "', remembrance George Uch ^ r , i a1 jor ... •>.&» by the citizens of Algona. ' NO. 485 ELECTRIC FUND Jesse Laehbrook, salary _ Elliot Skilling, labor ____ Wlllard Gregson, labor __ 3.50 70.00 86.24 73.15 46.20 44.66 J. W. Kelly, salary $ 97.50 OUvel . Bakken, labor Leo Bellock, salary __ 70.00 Frank skilling, labor F. C. Dailey, salary 70.00 Oeo> Gunder, labor 44.66 Tom Halpin, salary 67.50 John Helmers, labor Walter Gorman, salary -. H. E. Step'henson, salary- 67.50 65,00 Herman Lyons, labor ____ Chas. Harvey, labor 47.74 42.35 37.35 NOW, THEREFORE. BE IT RE- WATER FUND * __ __ , . «r Aft -—ni -« •* • •— Hi** c«.u "ii LUG i ei_ui uc. Ray Barton salary 65.00 Riner Helmers, labor ... 9.00 of Algona, Iowa, and A'/' Wri f ht ' sal f y —- *5'52 Vern 'Scobba, labor 9.00 sent to Mrs. Kelly. Adah Carlson, salary — 70.00 Eagle Iron Works, mdse- 60.14 Harold Roth, labor 52.80 Pittsburgh Steel & Tool SOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL ^ S '^ £;**"*' f a ^ ry ' OF THE OITY OF ALGONA, £™* S?!:™"'.!^/ '" IOWA, that we lament the passing of Mr. Kelly and we express our heartfelt sympathy to Mrs. Kelly i ^"™ w "|«|"""'f* 1 ^ — and the children of the deceased. Dlck Helmers ' labor -— AND BE IT FURTHER RE- 1 SOLVED, that this Resolution be spread on the records of the City ^ e "' rtP A 1 rm*-.n Tn-<f n -. M .rl -. -..-.M-I l-« i-'OIl r abor ... lm ' "" a copy be Wayne Stephenson, labor' — -"- -.-.~ .. . . _-»* „.- yy iL v 1JU O LCy 11C .1S3UI1. | ley, and she is building a new set | call. By the way, 'Clarence, did! Ve rn Scobba, labor of buildings: barn, 32x52, lower you tell Mrs. Boettcher the dinner Jlrlde— story of hollow block; corncrib, was good? So many of us hus- t -«" S'tven at the Ac- 27x36, inside elevator, without bins I bands are negligent about little U in honor of Chris- overhead; house made over from | things like that which mean so W ho was iriarried to the former depot at Hutchlns. imuch to a hard-working wife. We —-* nt fit. MichaelS Frit.7, T. 'ftf>PrrlnS \Vnr1nn In tUnllmnW TVKIII -\lr-Vl/l llfmllrl rrl\rn nnv- Bertha Johnson, labor — Electric Supply Co., mdse. West. Electric Supply," mdse. W. D. Allen. Mfg. Co., 53.55 Co., mdse. 11.93 standard Oil Co., mdse. I. 3 - 50 J. D. Adams Co., mdse. — 206.35 Harris Bros., gas .-. I George Holtzbauer, mdse— 28.16 1 Norton Machine Works, mdse. ,et nt St. Michael's Fritz T. Gecrdes, Woden, is the I know men who would'give any-) md se. 43.66'. Kohlhaas &"spiHea""niaVe". rch this week Tues- contractor, and he said he had five thing to have the iteriroon -was spent at corncribs to build this season. H. W. Oealan won * * * * light of the Midwest Supply Co., mdse. household back to find out how Terry-Burin Co., mdse. _| much she did to make life what ItiGarlock Packing Co., Mrs. James Gco.lan, Fred Gray, south of Lakota, was ' ought to be and how flat life seems j mdse. » picking corn last week Thursday, | when she is gone. Cresco Elec. Supply, mdse. , and ne said he had the best corn he j ,,**** Gen. Elec. Supply, mdse. n Improving— had ever raised. He had picked T ,. f ; 1) . 1 ' ls ,. Anderson, southeast of Gregory Elec. 'Co., mdse. _ fMeehan, accompanied j a n hour and 15 minutes, when we Bancroft, says he' gets 'a kick out rs. James Meehan, of s aw him, and had 25 bushels on the of our farm news ' °- K - as lon S as 'burg, drove to Des wagon. It was easy to pick 60| he doesn't aim a kick our way. He last week to see bushels in an afternoon. Mr and nncl two children live near Union uu sband, patient at Mrs. Gray have a b'aby girl, and Slouh, and they were surrounded [hospital. Mr. Meehan ' s he will be a year old in Novem-' by water in the recent flood time. , Shell Petroleum Corp., but will have to stay Hal till next April 1. km Loses Brother— [rs. Ed. Fickbohm, with i went to Des Moines fe funeral of Mrs. Fickler, William. McCrane, iday evening, .October iBervices were held at tliolic church, Des ablcs Born— Urs. Fred . Lenz, near parents 'of a boy, ard, born Friday. Mr. like Thul also have a Sunday, named John „ an Operation— ighter of ,Mr..}an'd'. Mrs. ndel, was operated .'on citis at Mercy hospital , 1'ast week Wednes- tftends school there. _dparents Again— Mre. Ley Oliver, of Le- erits ot a girl, born .Tuesday. Loy is the land Mrs. W. T. Oliver ber. The Grays have bought the Ch!-is was at home last wcek ' Tues 80-acre farm south of Titonka i lla - v - and llis B Jrl and bov were where Bruno Bruns now lives and P |cki "S corn. They do not want their father to work so hard any will move there next spring. * * * * When we called at L. J. Johnson's, on the Ole Alison farm, more, and they enjoy the picking. Elmore, * # * * L. W. Ehrich, south of southwest of Bancroft, lost week I who had an operation a few weeks Tuesday Mrs. Johnson had just now looks fine and says he is . . come in from the corn field, where feel '»S fine. Mr. and Mrs. Ehrich as P'' eUv flowers as one will nywhere. This summer they ehe had been helping Mr. Johnson pick corn. The Johnsons keep this farm yard in tiptop shape. 1 had the lal 'S est bed of moss roses * * * * • ! in the country. - C. M. Gross, southwest , of Lone I ** * * Rock, wa.s painting his barn last - *_«• •week Thursday. C. M. can paint Fred Schmidt and Robert i Schmidt Jr., south of Lone Rock, were rebuilding a corn crib Dad and last Mrs. illy Sick- he Theodore Ostwaid , been sick, Elnora oisoning, Dorothy with thumb. Mrville Exercises— Irowd from Whittemore Ire-dedication of St. Iheran church at Fair mals. as well as take top care of horses. He is a lover of good horseflesh, and he likes to keep his barn in' _ . . , ._, good condition for his fine ant- Tf"' 1 " 0 " 1 ', Ti't th f 6> Th « se , nlor ; Mr. Schmidt likes to come back to j the farm now-and then, and he was John L. Haupert, southwest of'helping'the boys'with" the'building. Bancroft, was cleaning out his Mr. Schmidt says he went to Fair- chicken house last week Wedues- j mo »t rather than Algona because day. John is another farmer who ne likes the lakesJihere. keeps yard and buildings in good condition. We like to see that. John Frandle, southwest of Ledyard, had just come in and chickens root right up to the foundations of the house. * * * * At Fred Kadow's, northwest of Bancroft, last week Tuesday we found Mrs Kadow and some of the was on ground seeded last spring He says the only time sweet clovei makes good hay is when seeded in the spring and mowed in the fall * * * * The H. G. Hamilton place south- 56.57 K. C. Implement Co., re- 117.34 j p a tr s I Botsford Lumber Co., 19-67 I mdse. 15.89 F. S. Norton & Son, mdse. 9.16 H. W. Post, freight 472.50 Tom Frank!, gas ' Dutch's Super Service, gas mdse. 77.40 j Algona U. D. M., printing Northland Elec. Supply |Bert Whitmarsh, salary _ Co., mdse. __ , 199.99 Mrs. Collinson, salary — 32.01 14.43 14.80 14.10! 8.58 189.90 46.721 12.60 7.57 88.41 Adopted and passed by the City Council of the City of Algona, Iowa, this 13th day of October, 1938. ADAH CARLSON, City Clerk of the City of Algona, Iowa. Approved by me this 13th day of October, 1938. C. F. SPECHT, Mayor of the City of Algona, Iowa. Treas. of State, sales tax GENERAL FUND H. A. Van Alstyne, salary A. E. Moulds, salary Cecil MoGlnnis, salary _Kossuth Motor Co., police car. __* 29.21 .38 2.49 474.82 24.30 37.50 65.00 65.00 52.80 55.00 17.55 e'.so 10.80 125^08 61.00 55.00 50.00 .485,00 Sec. of State, use tax --- : 15.79 Jesse iJashbrbok, salary - W.OO Elliott Skilling, man and team .__.._.. 79.31 Wlllard Gregson, man and team _____ —— 63.91 George Gunder, labor — 41.58 Frank Skilling, labor 41.19 Oliver Bakken, labor 37.34 Herman Lyons, labor — 37.34 Chas. Harvey, labor 36.42 John Helmers, labor 40.04 Dick Helmers, labor 8.77 Ryner Helmers, labor — 4.50 Clear Lake Sand & Gravel Co., sand 30.06 SEWER FUND Mrs. J. W. Kelly, salary- 15.00 Verna Scobba, labor 12.04 Dick Helmers;; labor 12.04 FIRE FUND C. C. Wright, salary 22.60 SWIMMING POOL FUND Vern Scobba, labor 4.05 Dick Helmers, labor —_ Treasurer of State, tax __ 4.05 18.44 DEPOSIT FUND Cora Miller Mantor et al, refund on account 16.00 C. F. SPBCHT, Mayor. Attest: ADAH CARLSON, City Clerk. Approp. Ordinance No. 486 was passed. Malleable Iron Range Co., fuel 387.44 Vlihvaukee, freight ______ 289.47 ocony-Vacuum Oil Co., oil ___________________ 354.22 lemington Rand, mdse. - 1.02 Matt Parrott & 'Sons, mdse. ---------------- 12.70 Norton Machine Works, ' labor —A— ________ 126.12 Pratt Electric Co., mdse- 149.35 Dr. Sawyer, rent Joe Greenberg, mdse. ____ '. Advance Pub. Co., printing 25.00 16.32 47.05 SEWER FUND J. W. Kelly, salary _ _____ 15.00 , FIRE MAINTENANCE FUND C. C. Wright, salary ____ 22.50 SWIMMING POOL FUND 2.92, APPROP. ORDINANCE 24.39! No. 486 5.051 ELECTRIC FUND -11.70 | Mrs. J. .W. Kelly, salary . 25.00 | Leo Bellock, salary 20.00 JF. C. Dailey, salary Tom Halpin, salary Walter Gorman, salary __ H. E. Stephenson, sajary. Ray Barton, salary C C. Wright, salary oun rs aow an soe o r Bancroft looks better eve children at home and Mrs Kadow t , . Th ffl d hb are now .hawing up fine. These home sometime this week. He fell cident Reported— suffered a gash in seriously hurt. The Kadows own a farm about 300 miles north in Minnesota, and Fred suffered a I broken arm and broken ribs in a fall from the house on the place. folks even plan to build a swimming pool, which "will be something unusual for an Iowa farm. Mr. Hamilton said the chick business had been good this season. * * * * L. C. Hatten, northwest of Ban- Botsford Lumber Co., mdse. Kohlhaas & Spilles, mdse. S. Johnson, mdse. Kennedy & Parsons, mdse. Tom Frank!, gas Harris Bros., gas R'y Expr. Agency, express H. W. Post, freight E. W. Hansen,-, labor N. W. Bell./rel. Co., service -— Cresco Union-Co., signs ? -_. Postmaster, box rent T. T. Hutchison, mdse. — Algona Laundry, laundry Advance Pub. Co., print- Joe Greenberg, mdse. Leightoa Supply, mdse.'__, Henry 'Lichter & Sons, labor _•— Dick Helmers, 'labor Geo. Lichter, labor Chester Webb, labor WATER FUND J. W. Kelly, salary Harry Barton,' salary — 'rank O.strum, salary — iaura Mitchell, salary !arl Bowman, labor Friday, when the Is truck. hood fer AYhittemore. jieller, Sutherland, vis- t week-end at Charles The Henry Thilges and Mr. and Mrs eding, Ottosen, were ste at Nick v Reding's. ||rs. J, Reeb, Deerfield, heir daughter Virginia, [visiting at W. t. Lah- fcrrel, Masfln City, spent He was in a cast for several weeks croft, is always busy. This time, afterwards. Mrs. Kadow and the } i as t -week Monday, when we were children have meanwhile been at his place, he was repairing an looking after the place where they O ld wagon box. He said it would live. Fred has 81 spring pigs, and hardly pay to buy a new one for corn-picking is now about the only time a wagon box is used. The °j Hattens pick corn by hand. they are doing fine. * * * * At Frank Cink's, southeast Bancroft, there are two boys, and they were at home, doing repair work on the automobile, when %ve were there last week Tuesday. * * * * At Cecil Black's, northeast of Lakota, the men were picking corn with a two-row picker Friday. They said Dad and mother had^They had the 'Steve Powers picker. gone to a wedding. We saw Frank i He is a neighbor of Mr. Black and ' " '" " ~ at Bancroft next morning, and he told us that he and the wife had a h her mother^ Mrs, Nel I fine time at the event. The Wed- Jd Hildred Elbert7 also f, was here the same day Parents, Mr. arid. Mrs, plbert. Still another an who came was. Lue- whose parents are (Irs. James Bisenius. I J. McGovern and Mr. ding was near Britt, and the people were old friends of the Cinks. * * * * Henry Ennen, southeast of El- "lifting beets" last week Monday. He had Mexicans topping and piling them, This is hard work. Hear Lake, spent a few Henry had some beets drowned out was doing the picking. . The ma- .chine was doing a fine job, Cecil said he had most of his corn picked. Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Goche, east of Bancroft, showed us their new boy more, was at what they call last week Tuesday. He was borii July 2, and he has been named James William. The Goches also have a girl, Mary Helen. Goche said he is like his Nek with relatives and Haniey, we-e at' Er- Mrs. Dad in the recent floods, but the beets which goes to show that Ed must be a good scout around home or his wife, wouldn't pay him such The Russell Saun- on higher ground did well. fy pay that evening. and Mr Ma MIS. 'We were ... southwest of Bancroft, last week ! Wednesday. Mr. Heldorfer's brother was plowing, and E. H. was hauling soy beans. He came this county from near East 47.54 24.42 2.73 21.00 5.83 4.11 5.52 4.80 57.32 25.03 3.17 .75 36.00 5.81 52.80 4.28 155.95 350.00 11.93 51.75 60.98 -37.50 65.00 65.00 55.00 52.80 Algona Laundry, laundry. DEPOSIT FUND Theodore Elbert et al, refund _________________ 5.28 25.00 October 13, 1938. The City Council met at the City Hall in adjourned session with the mavor and all the councilmen present. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. The following resolution was read to the council and a motion was made by Overmyer and seconded: by Kohlhaas. that resolution be adopted. -On roll call the vote was: Yeas, Hawcott, Harris, Kohlhaas, Overmyer, -White, and Huen-r hold. Nays: None. RESOLUTION NO. I WHEREAS, the hand of death has removed from us Joseph' William KeHy, superintendent of Public Works of the City of Algona, Iowa, and • WHEREAS, Mr. Kelly at the time of his .death had been Superintendent of Public Works of the City of Algona, Iowa, for more than twenty-seven years last past, and •WHEREAS, the citizens of Al- r» M,™ 1 DeuniY Capt ^*- ***** his folks Iive ' 1 f 1ld he foe la ter's father Jos nae not been back to tb ? ° 1( l ^^ . B utuei B ratner, jos. . . .„_,._ v,nt is nlanninc a , . Rolfe,' visited Mrs. in four years, hut is planning a H. Heldorfer's, com pi lmen t. -• • • '- * * * * A. E. Jorgensen, northwest. Bancroft,-and his hired man had to come home, last week Monday St. when we called, from the farm which. A.. E. .bought recently ot Frank Kuhn at the northwest edge of Lone Rock. A. E. is already making some improvements. Among other things- he is laying a Meure'r and :her son visit * * * * . • .- -I j. B, Sholtes, east of Bancroft, wa t er pipe- under ground to the ire ,T?v l Wabrod, of wafi g ettil ,g his wagons in shape to i hog houge _ A> E . h as been farm•>£, ana the son-John, of plck corn j ast wee k Thursday. He' jug 320 acres w here he. now Jives, ££•«•. .S 1 '^ nl £kt knows how to keep his machinery I and h a 3 been renting, I but hereaf- M,. T M £,P a MrsJ> in good running order. ] te r will have a home of his own. , Mis. Leo Elbert, and * * * * _ i Mrs Jor gensen died a year or two |w Kelso returned Sat-i Ferdinand Miller, southeast ot<. There are tw> boys> JameSi a week at Davenport Elmore, is one of the oldtime ^ n, and Martand, 8, and they go to L i? is> ' there - When we Baww h"n last we ^ school in Swea City. Mr. Jorgen- l ,. Herman Meyer, Monday he and his boy were lea'ly , d . hat fae lan _ tQ move to by Mr, and Mrs. Wm. t o go to the field to dig potatoes | ^ e0 inetime this fall, 1" the women's father, so we did not have our usual visit i ftg soon as Mr _ K uhn ha & a sale. I»f'« spent ^Way «» ld with Mr. Miller, who likes to .-aK; M _ and Mrs Kunn plan to m ov.e lam n 11 ade ' 8 cousln a Httle "Peutsch" and is a jo"y to Mary i an( j. Mrs. Mattie Sprague, Quills and at the . —— : ; ,„, ,,„„ oftol . Flint, Mich., new housekeeper for the Jorgensens, arrived last week Sunday.. She has three brothers on farms near Gr'innell, and she was there to visit them -when she A COMPLETE LIVING ROOM OUTFIT All the furniture you need to make your living room cozy and bright. We recommend the entire outfit as an investment in Home Happiness. 7 pieces. See . them in our window '. $89.5O Albert Guhl homes'at to their home at Milwaukee aftei a week at August "'-*'-° M ™ M >'s. Williara Roeber, Henry Pretzel is •" and _MeJvJn. and. daughter. ^ ^__ j [oi* •"•** -^ugiitti vitmCi • u * 4 • &^.^ *'** gneldou Sunday toj-.tho Springfield, 111., & ' ™"°ShlS "f/^rVt."^ » « *x-tt_ws'a'a.%!Vii?5g Savage. She is a sister of MIS. ,. Maude Fish and her aister, Towne, the latter of F ft. Monday " seven years ago, and there are no children. She thinks she wil? like t in Iowa, though she remarked that it was rather wi/.dy here, There is Jittie wind wflere she Ived in Michigan. S. ..Jos. , ir . wald, ^nd Mrs. Fred McWhorter Jong the si<* last week Henry Beckers. WaM* Sunday to «ee Albert who is still sick. Yaudt is at Bode this week, helping care for a new girl ftt Arthur Vwdt* itfid the Fran* ''•mar LIVESTOCK FOR SALE — THE quick, easy, inexpensive way to find the buyers—Advance for-sale ids. "PLANT HYBRID m •-..* , Knee Hole Desks Roomy and useful, yet smart and graceful. Veneered in rich walnut. 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