Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 20, 1938 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 20, 1938
Page 5
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Scarce and AUOW. of opinion of, 40 of Algona chapter of County Conservation a meeting Jheld ht Oct. 12, at the Lei Ray McCorkle, presi- -it at most there are only fnheaants for s*etl stock li an open season for .ys, and with foxes to Ithat survive the hunt- „ tt he pheasants will be| Algon n iiminated from this part i HOSPITALS Hut- GENERAL. October 12—Mrs. L chins, Wesley, .boy. .October M—Deaii and Kenneth Meyer and W. H. Meyer, D. 1). Monlux, Algona, tonsllMidenoidectom- 168. October 38-Gary Green, Wesley, tonstl-adenoidoctomy. GotTNTY APVAKCfi, ALQONA. tOWA October KOSSUTH. 17~Mrs. W. E. Stow, Hurt, surgical; Mrs. Axol'Larson', Wesley, girl. _ October 18- Dorothy Kitchens, Swea City, tonsillcctomy. Mrs. G. I). Stokes, who has been sick with the flu, is reported much better. Mrs. Clnra Wcstiiiorclnnd, Fort Dodge, came Tuesday for the rest ot the week with Mrs. Ida K. Nickerson. Joyce, daughter o£ Mr. and "Mrs. F. M. Sterling, is reported improving from bronchial pneumonia. MRS. HERMAN DAD, 64, DIES AFTER 3-MOUICKNESS Mrs. Herman Di\u, 6-1, died Tues•]day morning nt her home north of Iver and H. E. Rlst re- a 100-mile'trip 1 in they Vee |"raail carrier,'reported 1 * . • «.._- 4A u.11 . n months. last sickness Funeral ot services She is in the fifth Bryant school. grade -at• the Mrs. S. Vf. Meyer and Mrs. H. R. Knsmusson spent the week-end at Minneapolis with the former's sister, Myrtle Rasmusson, secretary In a business office. Miirlan Itlslng, employed in the farmers west of Aigona.. Mr. and Mrs.'George White, Harrison, Ark., with one of their sons, had been here a week, caring for Mrs. Herman Dau, who died Tuesday morning. Mr. White is .a son of Mrs. Dau, and he has a small farm near Harrison. Pierce Montgomery, Forest City, came Monday for a visit with his aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Dutton. Pierce, a last year's 1 .graduate of the Forest City high school, is a son of Mr., and Mrs. C. D. Montgomery, who once lived here. Mrs. Henry Liivren/, her daughter Esther, and Mrs. John Dutton were guests Saturday and Sunday , „ ,, r , • . Western Mutual Fire Insurance | ot Mrs> Lavrenz's.. mother, Mrs. Co. offices at Des Moines, spent the week-end with her' parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Rising. Eugenia, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Little, spent last week- Emily Helse, and Mrs. Lavrenz's sisters, Emily Heise and Mrs. Robert Gruenberg, all of Minneapolis. Mrs. W. H. Freeman was brought home Sunday from Nevada, where ^ Tuesday hree pheasants. . i end at Eagle Grove, guest of Wil-' she had for some weeks been a pa- were held thl« morning at 10:30ima Atwood. Eugenia is a senior 1 tlent at the Iowa Sanitarium. Mr. at the Laird & McCullough chap- •••--- ' - - . -- el, with Dr. F. Earl Burgess officiating. Burial will be made at Lake City. i regular daily ,43-mile j Mrs. Dau was Julia Ann Peebles, i only four or five. hick in.Nortti End. mpson, of the U. S. Bio- ,ey and E. V. Pierce, ration officer, -reported 1 concentration of ducks ty north of Algona, due water and- exceptlonal- d. They also discussed state hunting laws gov- shooting of migratory and said that every- ducks must have a duck ated by his own signa- Ithe face. 1 was given; on the tree Ion and talk to be held Wday and members were jand she was born April 26, 1874, at I Janesvillo, Wls., to Albert and Mary Peebles. Her father was a carpenter. in the local high school. and Mrs. Leroy Knapp, of Nevada aughter have a home at Anainosa, ut they live at Lakota during the chool year. Mrs. Margaret Dalley arrived Wednesday from Kewanee, 111., ?here she had been visiting rela- Ives, and was a guest till Friday ,t her son Tom's. Mrs. Dalley, vhose home is at Hollywood, Calif., vent to Whittemore Friday to visit elatlves. Her son Leo, Sioux -ity, was to come ther.e for her, nd a he was to visit a few days at ils home. Mrs. Datley has been naklng a summer's stay in this >art of the country- Mr, and Mrs. Wm. Dehnert, with heir grandson, Howard Hedrlck, spent Saturday at Mason City, as guests of tha latter's mother, Mrs. Helen Dedrick. Mrs. Everett Miller, the former Velma Hedrlck, and her little daughter Kay Joyce ieft this morning for California to join Mr. Miller, who is now employed there. Mr. Miller formerly worked in a creamery at Mason City. Howard lives with Orville Hedrlck, farmer near Algona. Mrs. Jnlin Korglnnd, Bozeman, Mont., who had been, visiting her brother and other relatives at Humboldt, 'spent Tuesday and Wednesday here with a niece, Mrs. Clarence Shilts, and the latter's son Fred. She left Wednesday Snpt. and Mrs. G. A. Wolfe, Mer- and their son Lester brought her rill, two daughters, and Frances' "P- She Is reported much 1m- nemington, also of Merrill, were i Proved. Saturday and Sunday guests Druggist and Mrs. Barker. . .. Mrs. G. W. Stillman, with her, Friday „ „ „ (laughters Ann and Marcia, will go 1 vance of the 60th anniversary of of j Mr. and Mrs. A. A. • Bishop and | Mrs. Minnie Long were at Britt " '' evening, attending obsor- White, Harrison, Ark.; Mrs. Neva ' here. Kearns, Fort Dodge; Mrs. Mildred | Murinn Lighter, with her grand«-.._;,-..- ~ , _ .. Gail mother, Mrs. Addie Ellis,,drove to Lyla, Spencer Friday "to get the former's Lois! mother, Mrs. Clinton Lighter, who I had spent the week there with rel- Saunders, Cedar Rapids; White, Des Moines; Mrs. Seipman, Algona; and Mrs. Brayton, Sexton. In 1925 Mrs. White married Mr.< atives. iitend. Interest -in. the pau, and they lived on the Dau S'trees Is evidenced by f a rm near Burt till last spring, ' planting of 19,500 seed- when they built a home here. Ullcn rommerenlng is taking a week's vacation from the Sorensen grocery and is visiting her sister, , When sho was a sma11 to Maxwell this week Friday for a. 1 ; the Methodist church there. Mrs. child, the family moved to Lake! visit till Monday with the former's Bishop gave a talk on a foreign City, then in I'm to a Kossuth mother, Mrs. Minnie Holland. • (missionary convention which she 1 ^ n- v, u Mn nn(1 Mrs< H «rbert Furst, with i attended recently at St. Louis. On February 10, 1892, she WES | their daughter Marilyn, were j Mr. and Mrs. H, E. Malloy, Mar- married to Clarence White, and to guests Friday of Mrs. Furst's moth-! shalltown, with their daughters them seven children were born: er. Mrs. Minnie Heetland, Lakota. ! Jacqueline and Patricia, spent M . 1 i s .', ,, y Bruce, Lake City; Gco. Mr. Furst is a mineral salesman Sunday here with Mrs. Mall-ay's father, Lars Sorensen, her brother Dick, and Mrs. Mabel Sorensen. Mr. Malloy is quartermaster at old Old Soldiers home. Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Gill returned Saturday from Litchfield, Neb. where they had been called by word of sickness and death of the former's father. The elder Mr. Gil was 65. Mrs. Gyi is a sister ' oi Mrs. L. F. Rice, and her husband works at the Rice bakery. The Rev. P. J. Braner attended a Lutheran conference this Wednesday at Emmetsburg. Mr Braner gave two lectures Sunday forenoon at the Lu Verne Luther an church, of which he was form erly pastor. The Rev. Mr. Rich mann, Burt, called on the Braner Mrs. Saunders; Mr. and Mrs. Gail Bui 'Ee s s. and P. A. Danson, accom- i Tuesday. White; Mr. and Mrs Norton' Mr P'" lie d b X "Bill" Higglus, Whitte- Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Rae, Maso: ••- - * City, with their children Eleauo and Walter Junior, were Suu-ia, guests of Mrs. Rae's parents, Mi and Mrs. E. N. Taylor. Mrs. Web ster, sister here of Mrs. Rae, ac companied'the Raes to'Mason Cit for a few days' stay. Mr. Rae i in Decker'employ. J)r. and Mrs. S. W- Meyer wer at Decorah Friday, and the forme attended a district osteopath; raring. J. D. Lowe ap-i Besides Mr. Dau and the sev- M >' s - Dan Geis, St. Paul. Ellen is ji Foth and Mi P. Weaver .en children Mrs. Dau is survived the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. R. t the conservation league, by two brothers: William Nortor;, Pommerening. j Beatrice, Neb., and Clarke Peebles Meredith Kiehanlson, Ames, and ~ -.--.- a friend, Marcia Bliss, will come Friday for the week-end with the and Mrs. former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. Kenneth p - Richardson. Both are freshmen at. the State college. . Misbacli, Dr. F. 'Earl and Mrs. R. J. Jones, Des Moines; ' more ' attended an army reserve Sioux officers' meeting Monday evening ion Dncks Unlimited. , ..,^='«~" ding Wednesday, at George (without reference to iion league) to contri- movement as they are ...„ assurance that they) Mrs - Maude Manderscheid, •best possible returns in | Cltv '' and Mr. and Mrs. fetion of ducks.. | Jones, Des Moines. Junior honorary member; *" was introduced to the ith his two months old ker spaniels. Bob has ugh money selling papers |0 shot gun. Shows •Pictures.;''-' ournmcnt of the business , C. Dau showed ama- i taken at the cpnserva- fourth annual 'field pt. 18, at Bancroft, also ken on a western tour last attending Ralph Pupils in Musical Organizations Now at the 335 Figure Algona public' scliool musical organizations now have a total 1 enrollment of 335, 220 in instrumental groups, 115 in vocal. 'H. R. Rasmusson is director o£ .he grade and high school bands arid of a eaxette class. This "sax- I day pictures were taken feu with a camera owned ['him, Mr. Pierce and Mr. Mures taken by W. A. nd some aerial pictures [Louis Bartlett, TItonka. ne owned by an Esther fwere also shown. —* —• ' i, Then Snow (apid City, S. D. Mrs. Edw. D. Sheehan Tuesday from a week's Black Hills; and to , S. D. They were ac- by Mr. and Mrs. Jos srs near Maxwell.' The Mr. Sheehan's cou- |Rev. and Mrs, Noel Ar- City. Mr. Adams is 13 C. C. C. camps Sheehans found the |at Rapid City warm ere still blooming, aiid about on the streets Icoats, But when the [started home it began to at the Bancroft C. C. C. camp. Mr. and Mrs. John Blinkman and Mr. and Mrs. Lester Atwood, Spencer, were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Foth and Mrs. Lenore Peck. John is a son of Mrs. Peck and brother of Mrs. Foth. Mrs. L. E. Potter got home last week Thursday from a week with her daughter, Mrs. Ray Miner, at i convention there. This week Mon Mallard. ette" class is for pro-band training „• with the Fimiels . Mw . B iu- and operates to determine the mu-] ]e] . , g sti]] emp i oyed in Comptroller «. ^i?, 1 ?, 18 ° J - PU1 ? ^ ... I Murtagh's offices in the statehouse . Miss Dilling directs the high | at D&sb MT)ines While she was there she day evening Doctor Meyer and Mr attack,! W. D. Andrev/s attended an ost- ' eopathic clinic at Dr. H. H. Bob- benhouse's, Ottosen, and Doctor Andrews gave a talk on fractures. H. B. Holland, experienced phar- added to the D. James drug school orchestra and the girls' glee | Jrr and ^ H Witham, clubs. Miss Stern is director of the grade schol orchestra and of the Junior high glee club. Mr. Rasmusson has charge of the boys' glee club, which has an enrollment of 48. All music departments are work- ing'towards a late fall public program, date to be announced later. but she is now up and around again. Mrs. Ada M. Butler was a weekend iguest at her father I. M. Finnell's. Her daughter Ruth Ann i macist, has "been force at the K. store. Mr. Holland, a single man, halls from Shenandoah, but for the last two or three years has been employed in a drug store at Es- Mlnneapolis, with a daughter, werej therville. The. rest of the-force *reek-end guests of Harry's moth- j conisls of James Chubb, Virginia r, Mrs. Hattie Witham, Algona, Arn, and Margaret Egesdahl. Women Escape When Car is Overturned Royce, spent Sunday at Ruthven j Oeorge M. Walter, Milford. Mr. ivith the Witham daughter, Mrs. i Walter, who has an electrical shoe Raven, the former Thelma With- j repair shop, is a brother of • Mrs. ,m. The Withams are well known Shilts. Mrs. Chtpman and hei •Header for light's Bowlers Verne boys won the! games of the . season Monday evening ii ne league. Tuesday nigh »'s won two; from the Last night Ntek'a and ve to bowl, and to- ire will be a double head- ftne Silver Grays playing _„, J,,C.,C,team uonka when that game The reason for the «»• is that the high Qall team plays Hamp- [*rtday evening, and the Hampton Lu Verne, Oct. 18—Mrs. Bertha Meier, Keosauqua, and Mrs. Nellie Kissling, Cantrll, narrowly escaped injury Monday afternoon, when .their car was overturned 5 mites from West Bend. They had been visiting at Appleton, Minn., and were on the way to visit Mrs.' Pearle Conoway here. When they etruck a soft place in the road the car was upset. Mrs. Meier suffered a badly wrenched shoulder, and both women were badly bruised and shaken up. Jacqueline Connoway took them to Des Moines Tuesday, and they were met by a friend who took them home; Nazarenes Holding 'Special' Services Special services are being held every evening at 7:30 a the local Nazarene church, the speaker being the Rev. H. S. Tahnquist Minneapolis. The meetings began Tuesday evening and will continue till Sunday, October .30. Mrs. Talm- ouist conducts the singing, and a feature of every meeting is a poem composed by Mr. Talmquist or " ,nd his brothers Howard and Evrett, local farmers. Harry is a ;arage mechanic. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Witham, vlth the latter's mother, Mrs. Sunday guests of Mrs. Clarence Shilts and her,son Fred were Cora Chipman, teacher in the public school at Lakota, her mother, Mrs. Fred Chipman, and Mr. and Mrs. THTJRS.-FRI., OCT. 20-21 It's thdit giddy-up Ritltt on a gag-and-nag laugh-jag! SUN.-MON., OCT. 23-24 BROTHERS •. Damon Runyon'b STRAIGHT/ PLACE 'sAMD SHOW K/'I I with RICHARD ARLEN PHVLUS BROOKS ETHEL MERMAN GEORGE BARBIER OCTOBER 23 SPECIAL THEATRE TICKETS FIBST 8§ FATlfeONS SATURDAY SIGHT 5 ANSWERS TO r or Minneapolis to visit her daugh- er, Mayme korslund, business col- ege student there. Mrs. KdrnlUnd s the widow of the late Chrla Korslund, once a prominent Mv- jrmore banker. Guests at the W. H. Freeman wme Sunday and Monday were Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Biggs, of Long Beach, Calif. Mr. Biggs, who retired a year ago as a passenger conductor on the Milwaukee rall- •oad, is a half-nephe.w oit Mrs. Freeman and an uncle of Leroy Knapp, who lived with the Free- marts while he was attending high school here. Mr. and Mrs. Biggs left Monday for Green Bay, Wls., to Visit their eon, R. C. Bigg*. Brown's Stndlo has begun i annual rush on senior claw pin tures. Five /boys and flte gift .from Dollivef had plct«r«« take Monday. They were accbmpftttie by their sponsor, Ralph Roblnao The Titonka , seniors, number in 25, had pictures taken Friday. < A. Hoon is their superintenden A class of 12 from Seneca kad pl< tures taken Tuesday, an* tt Ringsted seniors, 20 or more, WBI here yesterday (Wednesday). A classes are entertained at the Ne Call theater through courtesy < the studio and N. C. Rice, toeat< manager. Regular Prices To take the Wind out of So Called Sale Prices Every Item SUPER CHARGED With Values Hundreds of Men's and Young Men's uits, Topcoats and Overcoats TOPCOATS and OVERCOATS They're smart, they're long wearing, they're soft as a kitten's ear, yet rugged as a mountain-lion. Greens, grays, blues, in all models. Raglans, full belts, 'balmac- ans, ulsters, half belts^ These coats spell SAVINGS in capital letters. •••'•-'• . Try on our Try on our Barpaca overcoats. A Knitted fleece of Angora, Mohair and sheeps wool. They are soft-silky, and retain their lustre. Light in weight, but awfully warm. Either full-lined or half-lined. 16.50 19.50 24.50 29.50 One special lot of Topcoats and Overcoats to close out for 7.95 They Are Quality SUITS We'd like to do some tall bragging about these suits they're so amazing—so emphatically under/priced. Well let the suits speak for themselves. Worsteds, cheviots, and twists in stripes, herringbones, and checks. All in new models, sizes from 34 to 50. Regular, shorts, slims, stouts, and half stouts. 19.50 22.50 29.50 A Complete Line to . • • •' . /" Pick From Underwear Hulking Mitte and Gloves The world's best husker Wool Jackets See these bright new patterns in wool sport jackets. Pull zipper, Leather Jackets r ,, , jo.^n.ci,p. ^uii ai^ipci, 111 boys, small men s, ; sport backj g OOd full cut Stock up now on your winter requirements, short sleeve or long sleeve. Cprobed yarn, full cut 49c to 1,2$ and men's, 12-oz. flannel. 1.49 and 1.98 Chore Sweaters . We have a full line of chore sweaters — just the thing for chilly days , to keep you warm- k 98c to 1.95 Winter Caps Fancy ' cord\|roy caps with fur inband and tie top, aljl colors, ch.ecks; and plaids. 49c 2.69 to 4.95 Work Jackets Covert jacket, lined or unlined. Moleskin jacket with a sheepskin lining to keep out the cold blasts of winter. 1,95 to 3,95 Flannel Shirts These roomy, full cut flannel shirts will keep you warm a.nd comfortable. High colors of red, green, blue, gray Boy«' 59c and 95* 4,95, f,5Q, 9*50 First quality suede leather cossock styles coajB tliftt f}t. pull zipper-good style. Slims for ta,ll ,lr"^*rPWwS^w*

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