Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 20, 1938 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 20, 1938
Page 2
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PAGE TWO COUNTY AbVAKCfl ALaotJA t IOWA •^p^fc ,H - ' • ^^^^^^^^^*^"^™"*^*jjjjjjjj"gj^^^"^^|^g^^^^^Jl^^;!T/7' J :r.y 1 rr~l^ Graham Children All Home for Burt Reunion .THURSDAY RELATIVES IN GATHERING IN GUESTS' HONOR .ducks' in this vicinity Saturday and Sunday. Hurt, Oct. 18—About forty relatives gathered at the J. H. Graham home Sunday for a family reunion in honor of the Graham children, who were all here for a few days for the first time for many years Besides Lee, Harvard, and Allen, who wore here from California, Harold came from Des Moines and ??i re -r,, Archle Holdi "S. of Pontiac, [H. Oliver lives here. The following other relatives were present: Allen's wife, Harold's and Oliver's fami'lies, Mr. and Mrs. U A Illff the Walter Burckles, Mi-, and Mrs.' A ^ w. U !' ckle ' Webs ter City, the A. (... Wickwires, Des Moines ' the George Grahams, Titonka, and'Mrs. J. N. Holding. Woman's Club nt lincll's— The Woman's club met Monday Schrocder Hns Operation J. H. Schi-oeder and. daughter Huth returned from Ames Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Schroeder went to Ames Friday to visit their son George, who had been operated on for appendicitis. Mrs. Schroeder remained for n longer vis- I — ' Juniors Stogc Class t'ljiv— ! The Junior play Special Dellv- ery, was presented In :the high school auditorium Friday evening. After the . members of the class were entertained at a party at Mary Jean' Rachut's. -Mrs. Stow to Hospital— agent, Mr. Ashby; of MANY GOME FOR THE ARBOGAST RITESjJENTQN Fenton, Oct. 18—Out of town relatives and friends attending funeral services for Mrs. John Arbogast, si, who died Wednesday and »» ~;— —•"• u«mi mu.i/-,, wuu was burled Friday, were Mr. and!*, i?* 1 ™ Mrs> Frank McRiU and Mrs. Edw. Arbogaet and Mr, andiV 16 ^° Fa11 d » u ehtere Phyllis and Mrs. Charles Artoogast, Watertown. , a , net( left Saturday for points .in southern _„„_... U rt gave ! "hlgh~spots" 'of a district A, A; A. meeting last week Tuesday at Sioux City. All old officers were reflected: president, John Kerber; vice, Mrs. Kern; secretary-treasurer, Mulr. ** • - - ' **rs. Arthur Kressln, Is recovering trom a severe case °* Pneumonia. and Mrs. ,„„„ Berkeland, and •- . • Fcntonltcs In Ylsiting Trip- Mr, and Mrs. John Menz, with Mrs. Charles Artoogast, Watertown, S._D.; Mr. and Mrs. Theo Arbogast, Watertown, S. _D.; Mrs. Emma _„, _ v ^ v p^»i,« 1U m,jr AUJ - points .111 M ' nneso , ta to visit relatives: the Edw. Hlndermans, and Mrs. Mary nm w ' S> "•' MrS - Em «Ha Wnvon ^ an8 ' atld Ml>S - MarV TU -•.„„;• r•-' - D11 's, Florence, S. D.; Mr. and Mrs itr, yenga> Owatonna ! the Herman ! Mrs. Willard Stow fell sick Harley Fredericks, Mrs. Agnes m- -X? lsts> Seville; and the Edw wth appendicitis Sunday night Hvir, and Mr. «Ad Mrs .^ete,- i R lsens ' Austln - A * the Olsen home ad was taken to the Kossuth hos- O'Leery, all of Emmetsburg- Mr "^ ™ et the ° tto Voi et«' ^°^< pital, wjiere she was operated nn and Mrs TiVnnt ™~™Z S:.^ 1 Minn. The FWnn «»X »„*.."". * pital, wjiere she was operated Monday moi-ning. It's Halloween Time Again- | Ml . s Eu e e i Halloween socials will be held and Eula Mae fhn i.ii»..,i ,,«v.«~.i i ,- L ^^ r ailu ^"^a iwae J -m» ... *-"-""^l.aUFUJ ft , Ifir, on and Mrs. Frank Blwood, Esther- <*,, n j- (vnie, and a son; Mr. and Mrs. Sunda y- i • — w—•.. t •«**. miu 'iTira, jCharles Weir, Graettinger; Mr. and -_. T.:— • v. O w t Anu^ri) The Fenton party returned Birthday Party for Boy- Gerald Elmers was . Halloween social will be toU?££^^^.^<^\3^,K Uha M-urn'on O^X/in^H^ H e -j aud U ™~ Chr^S^"'^^ -blrthAiy party aT'hls 'school t^uKhi hv w » ^ / the sted: Messi ' s - and Mesdames Be?ti 6 " tal ' Mr> and Mr ^- An •oSSM* 1 ^ Maiy TJade " °" S-.H-jr BaumgardnerTnd 8 Mrs £**!*£ J"? 1 "* ' OM°V r n° U , C011 °" S °meth7ng Old, My Orandmother's House by Mrs. W. A. "-*— "-- -- - en by Mrs. C'. ' May Theisen i. .„.„ J. W. Dorrunce home. Dinner for (Jriihjini (Jiic.sts Mr. and Mrs. J n at the Rochester Sunday, went throu ^ Other Bnrt News. IK a ^' Speneer - son ArchTej^M* a«d M Mrs. Myron Alderson, Ruthven, j son Arnold; Raymond Alderson, Mr. and Mrs. ., ' " * •• ^^ • •* •»»«' ii^ifn* I ~--«•«• •jwiiwv/mvuou AUUl iill 1G6 VV 631 '« £~ I Mattie Warner, Era ' Whitney i of Fenton> Dr - J - A - Mueller, Fen«. Graham, , Alice Eighme, and Mrs. Maud'e I tOn ' talked on prevention of com- ifee. i ontiac, iHanna were entertained Sumlnv nt j municabl e diseases, Marlon B)rk- Mnyo Fn ™ " IlrAc «« Meeting Cu.., u A .Palo Alto county Farm Bureau meeting was held Friday night at Center schoolhouse four miles west i of Fenton. Dr. J. A. Mueller, Fen- j ur and Mrs. E. A. Nash, Dike, called on old Fenton friends Friday. They were here especially to see about a monument for their daughter Frances, who was buried Other Fenton. The Lewis Reeds, Algona, visited the Raymond Stoebers Sunday. Mrs. .Gage Fink, Graettinger, spent last week Wednesday with her sie- ter, Mrs. Wailter Fisher. Mrs. Carrie Haose, Algona, and her daughters Pearl and Gail, en route home from St. James, Minn., were Sun- iday evening supper guests at Her- 'inan Gade's, and Clifford Haaee and Elvira Laabs were also there. Mr. and Mrs. Ole Peterson, Mr. and Mrs. Emll Bleckwenn, daughter Norma Jean, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Long, daughter Marlys, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Olson, and Mr. and Mrs. Hans Christiansen, the two couples last-named of Haifa, wero entertained Sunday at Rudolph Christiansen's, Haifa, where there is a new daughter, Judith Ann, i jboi-n last week Tuesday. Mr. -and Mrs. Wesley Witter, ! daughter Joan, and Hazel Weisbrod, all of Des Moines, came Saturday to visit the E. A. Huskamps and Mrs. Freelove Wetebrod. Hazel went back'Sunday, the Witters of Mrs. A. Render, of Fair- Leonard Maddens, Ringsted. I Lake, the Edgar Schulkes, Altfe and the Rev. H. Befner family) 01 Ireion, spent Sunday, at the Itev and Mrs. Render's and remained tor the night. The Evening Bridge .club met al Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wlddel's Ittst week Thursday evening, and bridge was pl'ayed at four tables, high for men going to J, A. Schwartz, and Mrs. Wajter Ohm winning high for women." Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Theesfleld played for absent members. The Alt Kresenskys, of Algona, called on the W. P. Welsbrods Sunday evening, and took Ruth Weisbrod to Algona to care for her grandmother, Mrs. J. C. Kresensky, who Is in poor health. Mrs. Weis brod and Alt are sister and broth er. John Bailey and John Stoner, the latter employed at Clarence Osborn's, visited relatives at Peterson Sunday. The Earl Osborns! and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Goetschj returned Monday from visits at Rockford, 111., and BeJott, 'Wla. Mr. and Mrs. K. Wtbben, of near Bancroft, were at their daughter Mrs. A. R. Wlllrett's Friday afternoon. Mrs. Ernest Haack, Livermore, and three daughters visited > the Wlllretts Saturday. Mrs. Haack' and Mrs. Willrett are sisters. Mr.-and Mrs. Oliver Stoeber en- the Alfred ' for " City te .visit dther rete r°h , lives. Mr. Htyer and MrDrey* hrls are cousins. y .The kuguAt Movers were guests of the William her sons Dean Mr; hfl S int i her were p eB Price, »wlght, MI. arrived <*u-ly .. last *efek to visit her slater, Mra. Philip Welsbrod, n"~ Ernest ° h °me. ^ ront "-Mr - •«< Sunday were entertained Sunday"at i !" u !l icable dis eases, Marlon Blrk- u j tne Wallace Eichhorn home in sn " s ' and the new county '-.Forest City. Mrs. Eichhorn "" formerly Mildred Methodist ^cmmery. ; is a former Fenton] , having 'practiced here' some 20 years ago. to New Home— Fairmont, spent Sunday at "Man™!' hP^'L^iT* 6 L f sen ' A 'g°na, and Greisers. Mrs. Greise's mother I 5 S SunLv'Z^ 3 " d , BeU ' nt th7 week-td ^[ m8troils 'i Marthf LiSaf S ** isc and wfth The .son' Dale^' ».T?_ e _ C ; har ! es Olsons met the attending an I. 0. 0. B and Mrs Rebekah " R C Biel ' stedt vis ' al Fail ' vil 'e Sunday the dedication of '. Hoppe, Fort -u-, ...... —miuaj. dinnei- with their daughter Marian Hoppe, who teaches here. The Roy Andersons, who have "'"" '- Mrs. Lillian Sheldon's 'M,* w ^£° me at Greenfield, where .Mi. Wewfcrod Is now field manager: jfor a Farm Bureau Oil Co. John 1 Weiabrod, student at Iowa City ' was also here. Reunion at Harrison Home— A family reunion was held Sunday^ at Robert Harrison's, and at tending were Mrs. Harrison's parents, Mr. and Mrs. James McGovern, her brother Joe. hi and ' Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Hawcott, j at the R. F. Hawcott home. Mr. and Mrs. A. G. .^ te G. W. Bi e ,ch and hunted Mrs. L. H. Schenck entertained fe^'daysl"" ^''^ tO SP6nd a Sewing Club Has Meeting— the. L. J Weisbrod entertained the Hook & Needle sewing club last week Wednesday, and ol^b guests included Mesahanei. William Stoeber, John Bollinger, Wilfred Stoeber, and Walter Widdel. Baby to Iowa City Doctors- M }-s Allan Bollinger and her email daughter went to Iowa City last week Thursday. The daughter was to be examined by doctors who were to prescribe treatment. Pneumonia. Patient Recovering— Loraa, 8, daughter of Mr. and The Modern Restores the Original Beauty All the lustre, richness and beauty that was originally in your rug will be brought back. Stains and spots are carefully removed. You'll be pleased with our fine work and the appearance of your rugs. The prices are very reasonable. Phone 537 at once for an estimate. MODERN DRY CLEANERS PEERLESS For COMFORT /fTllAwmnjvnl '¥>«<&««._ >v ^*.BB I (Chemacol Prooegsed) If you want fullest value from, want to enjoy a comfortable, we , winter—burn PEERLESS (Che The King of Fuels. Algona horn for dependability and economy less Goal • Peerless Chemacol COAL Processed row money-if you ll-heated home this (Chemacol Processed)i-owners agree that " can't beat Peer- PILL YOUR BIN J 'OW! PRICES ARE DOWN! QUALITY IS HKiH! Phone 256 BOTSFORD LUMBER CO Jim Pool, Mankger Potatoes Fine Table Stock 100 LB. BAG 89c COFFEE, BED A, COFFEE, BLUE G »>. 41c, 2 lb. 29, J Ib. ground fresh, Ib. 21 e COFFEE, BroMn Betty, cannister pack, 2 Ibs. 18-K COFFEE, fancy cannisters ______ 2 1J|fc Flour, IGA, 49-lb. bag $1.39 Gold Nugget Flour , 49-lb. bag _]$1.09 Candle Light or White Castle 49 Ibg. 99c Omar Flour, 49-lb. bag $1.39 Graham Crackers, 2-lb. box 19 C Fresh Fig Bars, Ib. I 0c Wheat Puffs, large pkg. 3 for 25c Pancake Flour, IGA 5-lb. bag 25c W. Wheat or Graham Flour 5 Ib. bag 19c Macaroni or Spaghetti _ _2 Ib. pkg. 15c Brown Sugar 2 Ib. pkg. He Cnsco or Spry 3 Ib. can 48c Oyster Shells 100 Ib. bag 69c ALL QUALITY MEATS Pure Lard __ 9 Ik. ll/f L r, ^ IDS. Meaty Spare Ribs, Ib. Fancy Beef Roast, Ib Lean Bacon, in piece, Ib. _ 24i c Center Cut Pork Chops, Ib. _ _ " " 2 3c Lean Boiling Beef, Ib. l lc Pure Ground Beef, 2 Ibs ~_~_~_~ " 2 9c Pork Sausage ..... 2 Longnorn Cheese _ 9 f i_x-v ^ Fresh Oysters, qts 55c, pints _ _ _ . 28c Fresh Side Pork, in piece, Ib. I 4 i c Lean Pork Roast, Ib " " " 1938 PACKF1* BUY STOCK UP ON THESE NEW NED FOODS-NOW IS THE E TO QUANTITY LOTS AT WORTHWHILE LOWEST PRICES IN Y E A B g fl TN CANNED FOODS. ASK FOR DOZEN PRICES IN Luscious halves or slices 8-K PEACHES Doz. cans $1.8O MEATS. Golden ripe in heavy syrup No.o 2^ 29-oz. can 1 16c ^^^i 8- Red cans each * 18-k and No. 2 -0/. cans 2 for Red Salmon 18-k fancy Alaska No. 1 tall cans 24c Sauer Kraut 18-k fancy silver thread, 20-oz. No. 2 3 .cans ^Jfted'Early June Peas »«• s SUGAR Fine Grnnulntcd (Limit) Friday! and Saturday 10 IbS. 2 for25c Apricots, IGA Ripe and Ragged No. 2U cans Apricot,, IGA orchard fresh, No. 2 H can IGA Ripe 'n Ragged Peaches, No. ~ IGA Potted Meat No. IGA Sliced Beef, medium size IGA Veal Loaf, 7-oz. cans fam-v IGA Vienna Sausage, fi cans IGA Chili Con CarU 10%-oz c each crushed 25c 18-k Milk Pure evaporated toll 14}£-oz. can 3 for ____ 18 Tomatoes 19-oz. No, 2 cans Red Ripe 8-oz. cans 3 for - , ^^^^^^^^^^^^^MW St'ndard Corn No. 9 white 19-oz, cans cans___ Tomato Juice, 50-oz. IGA jumbo __21c lomato Juice, tall can IGA --2 for 19c 2 for 25c .5 for lie p/ > large boxes » *; «fc G. Soap, jumbo bars ___.« .„. ... Marshmallows, fre.h, .oft, 1 Ib. pkg. 13c Peanut Brittle, freih, l^q. 1 L.2 Ibs. Ifc Crackers, Johnaton'. Daisy 2 Ib. box I5c yer ag e., IGA, all fla. Be D «on Bulk Date. Dark Syrup, No, 10 Ma ciT C Matches, can . 3 hot. 25c 2-lb. bag I5c 2 Ibs. 19c _.49c b.bag!3c 5 cans •WIN A GENUINE SAMPSON you have to do Canned Foods I .words or less. .RULES: Statements will be judged on originality and All entries must be in by November 10. ' will be awarded. No purchase Golden Bantam Peas, standard 1 ••••i^m^^^^^^^^— Cut Green Beans Cut Wax Beans White Corp Early June Peas Carpi e»ns4cans .4 at $4,00 Hood's PHONES *20 AND 481 Carol Brand Each _„___ 91*09 doz. ple ?' Fancy Delici T> me d. ^WW^ CARD TABLES AND y|IGJ!TABLES STOCK UF NOW AND

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