Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 13, 1938 · Page 12
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 13, 1938
Page 12
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PAGE TEN TREE CULTURE EXPERT COMES HEREWDAY KOS81TTH COUNTY ADVANCB. ALQONA. IOWA "Bonqnet for Our Brides"— I i»uiM|iii-t j wr ir nr «ri«es"— Demonstrations Will ^\ A ™* £^!^, is ™": Be Given; Quiz in the Evening. By Eleanor Fruscr. The public tree demonstrations, tioned on the International roll of honor in the October issue of The Torch of Beta Sigma Phi, business girls' sorority. On pages devoted to "Bouquets to Our Brides" are listed Alpha Psi's three brides in August: Leona Lichter, now Mrs. Dean Clapsaddle, Iowa City; Valeria Pickett, brated her (enth birthday Saturday •by entertaining eight guests at her home from 2:30 till five. Guest were Bobby Kuhn, Billy Eaton Frances Bunting, Kathryn an Joyce Knudson, Janice Bartholomew, and Jean Butler. Her grand mother, Mrs. Eli Burbank, wae also there. Loretta May is in the fifth grade at school. ™ K Slven now Mrs. Robert Williams; andjDepnrtlni? Visitor Honored— u? g ?^ b .V*'"I 2 U l h , IloI « nd ' ™. w M »- Deiinis Uil - A party of women spent a day sion horticulturist from the -state college, the U. S. department of agriculture, cooperating, will begin Friday at 1:30 p. m. on the high school grounds. It is planned to go from there to Rlverview cemetery, thence to St. Cecelia'e cemetery, finally to the Ambrose A. Call state park, where Herbert Rush will represent the Iowa conservation commission. A .public meeting in the evening will bo held in the high school auditorium at 8 o'clock. The demonstration and evening meeting are sponsored by the Kossuth Flower club, with the cooperation of the Farm Bureau and llngsby, Des Koines. To attain a place on the honor roll, a chapter must have all membership dues paid, minutes of last week at Mrs. Claude Slgsbee's Burt, honoring Mrs. Lillian Norton, Denver, who left for home Sunday evening, after a month meetings In national headquarters here with her daughter, Mrs. Fred by the 25th of the current month, Frost. Entertained were Mes- and have followed the course of dames Fred Fleming, Humboldt; study at meetings as outlined in ~ the sorority manual. Alpha Psi has 14 members, be- Ray Bierstedt, Lone Rock; Harvey sides the educational director, Helen Corey; the sponsor, Mrs. E. W. Hanson; and an honorary member, Mrs. D. P. Smith. Peck, George Stewart, W. J. Slgs- bee, Walter Klamp, and Fred Frost, Algona. Public Card Pitt? A card party wilt be held nex Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock at the St. Benedict church, with Mes dames John Ludwig and Joe Ros enberger as hostesses. , . Other Society. The Baptist Loyal class meets today (Thursday) at the church Hostesses are the Mesdatnes Charles Reaper, Alvin Hill, anc William Bowman, The program Is In charge of Mrs. Henry Furst, Mrs. P. L. Latng, and Mrs. William Presnell. Mrs. Walter E. Roberts entertained the Thimble club Monday, 14 in attendance. The afternoon was devoted to sewing. Guests of the club were Mesdames H. B. Mason, E. A. Qenrlch, R. W. Anderson, and Lottie M. Wheeler. Mrs. George Stewart entertained the Brldgett club Tuesday at two tables. Mrs. Fred Bartholomew won high; Mrs. J. W. Little, second. Mrs. John Dutton was a guest of the club. •Members of the Presbyterian Women of Hancock G. O. P. Club Mold Corwith Corwith, Oct. ,11—The republican Woman's club of Hancock county met Friday at the Legion, hall here and gave a program which Included music and a tnlk by Mrs. E, P, Healy, Brltt, aiem* ber of the legislative ' committee. Mrs. R. R. Roberts, Brltt, Is president of the club, and she is assisted by four vice presidents who represent the four corners of the county and,cooperate With tiie pro- jlnct committee-women. The club ivas organized in September, ami .he membership Is now more than one hundred. Women of Corwith and the vicinity attended the meet- ng here. MARKETS H008 Best light butch. 180-200 —.-|7,00 Best light btltoh., 206-220 —17.25 Med. hvy., 220-250 -^ ;.! 17,30 Med. hvy., 260-270 $7.30 Med. hvy., 270-290 . ...$7.20 Med. hvy., 880-325 ,_...-$7.00 Butchers, 325-350 Butchers, 360-400 .«...*—._-$6.CO Packing sows, £76-360 -..$6,60 Packing »ows, 350->IOO -—....$6.40 sow®, 500-S50 CJHP f I.K Xmkulc , <tet, ii-ifien Hatfleld mechanic at the L. C. Strand gar«*«, *llfl«f»d * wnfefe blow on the chin from the handle of a jack ha w«« using while h« was fixing a tire Saturday morning. He was unconscious for an hour. month. 6.00 IRVINGTON Gladys Miller,. Minneapolis, has Hnll.v Day Pin s Awarded— In a Presbyterian Rally day sar linger Ilurgcss lias Birthday- Mrs. F, Earl Burgess entertained H boys Friday at the parsonage in honor of her sou Roger's llth birthday anniversary. Guests were the Altrnna r-h<,nt Q fTr~T-" '""," V ' Ce Sunday 3G you "S people were Kenneth Brown, Janies Grooters Const™L T«t Kossuth awarded perfect attendance pins..Teddy Herbst, Freddie Ray, Floyd Lonservatim, T .„„„,,„ Awarded highest awards were Lyle I SaAvyer, Dickie Allen, Webster Or- Burbank. 11-year pin; Dorothy nnd ton, Donnld, Wayne, and James Conservation League. Flower Club Meets. Announcement of this information was made at a meeting of the Flower club in the assembly room Ruth Butts and Eleanor Pfeiffer, 10-year pins. Others receiving pins were: man, Jerry Ludwig, Barbara I-.ua- Will, and Kendall Ward. Pnrowell for Jfcw Hridc— Mrs. Ernest Egel and Mrs. Russell Cook will entertain this evon- of the Algona library Monday ev- Barbara Hardgrovc, Treba Bow- ening. Mrs. Harry Bode, presi- ....... T ....... '"" ...... dent, presided, and 22 persons attended. A. L. Brown, county agent, by , „ --------- ------- --------- -----request of Mrs. Bode, took chair- Harnet and Vaughn Brown. Mar- (Hughes will leave October 15 lor wig, Madelyn Furst. Mrs. Vernoll, Ing at 7:30 at the former's home in Hardgrove, Mrs. Clarence Bowman,! honor of Mrs. Donald Hughes, the Everett Brown, Robert Turner, ' former Cleone Worster. Mrs. ev- r.a- manship of the meeting. Paul }0ry Wille, custodian of the Ambrose A. D . onM Call state park, was asked to servo e on the committee, and Glen Raney -'\rdis is to represent the Flower club. A member of the local conserve- ( ' hr 's Bowen. turn unit will be appointed by .1 I!o °ert Butts. D. Lowe. Further plans for par- s l"i-ley Ann ticipation by the league were inaao at a meeting of the Algona chu'.ner last evening. Jfatun» (it' ]>i'im>nst.riitions The outside tree demonstration will include, "as much actual work as possible .showinc different methods of pruning: and how treat same.'' Professor Edioc^ will discuss various i-iii-ural ommendatioii;? for :r?r.s. The ening lUtX'thv- ^1:1 !>;• ir. ^ho ture of QUtviii.r.s .iiid .iiiswt'rs, with blsckKv^v. di.i;:-.-,;-.-^ "to show the ered in ;•: u::i:!; .-.v.a -raining the tree?." Sinct. u:v.:i;-r .-. niHn.n of the Iowa sis:e cvir^c-: varion commission, is require-d that a representative of the commission must be pre-ceiu when any work is done on the trees of a state park, a Mr. Rusi is beins sent here to observe :i* demonstration at the pari. 'fnllp Show Phnaeii. At the library :n*;r.i:i:r. -Mior- ..-.ii a committee oa scjietitiin iir i ~'.i- lip sh.o'S' to 'ae held at; Tirana ai;sr May was ?iver. '•— Tv^hwGr ••1-liMn- pie, chairman. Mrttabfti-a ,ui;r.v.»r^a roll call with "Oov/oiri' Eli;i:m;i ui my Gardan". Wrs, C'. Daa .ih.i/T.iii movies of hU •* fishing west of Tuesday evening at the katlng rink. They chartered the ink for the evening, Dorothy Lund entertained the Needlecraft club Tuesday evening at the P. J. Lubker home, where she is employed. There are elgat members. Mrs. D. D. Monlux entertained the O. N. O. bridge club Tuesday evening. The club does not give prizes. The Methodist Aid will serve its annual harvest dinner Saturday evening, beginning at 5:30, at the church. Mrs. G. D. Brundage entertained her bridge club last evening (Wednesday) at two tables. The St. Thomas Guild meete to- Frances Soronsen, ! Erametsburg, where Mr. Huglns is Bl ' ow n, Lois Colwell, Lu-ja grocery clerk in a Briardaie store. Kresensky, June, Merle, and Esther Strayer. Richard Lund, Durwood Bowman, Loretta Burbank. Bowman, Valeria Butts. Paul Pfcifer, Anhur Pfeiffer. Maxine -Moore, \Vihna Moore, and Marcella Bowman. S. S. ("lass Closes Contest— Twemy-oi.cht persons attended a i-omost luncheon of the Bible ?.>arehers S. S. class at the Meth- to odist church Tuesday afternoon. so i';'.i)i;iins wore Mesdames F. A. -'- William and Jos. Dietrich. Table] diH-oratioRs wore pink, red, and \vhite dahlias and carnation pinks, i Mrs. K. N. Tiiylor ,-uul Mrs. Mne) Harris led devotions. Mesdames E. consid- \. 'I'aylor, Kdna Smith, and Grace Wane-hard tied for prizes for perfect attendance with Bible versos at Die monthly meetinss. lies- it ' dame? Witham and B'.anchard tied for 45 Sundays at Sunday school, and Mrs. Clark attended 44 times. Most pc:r:-= TO a for a year were 75 -.-.-,-:; :-.;,- \£ ri . Blaachard. and Mrs. W"::iizi -a^ n^s; -i-h 73. Mrs. H. —• -H--r'.r.in. '.vou iz a nunirrral coc.- f. IVntanynns Entertained— Flora Tiss and Amy Johnson entertained -the Wa-Tan-Ye club Tuesday evening at the former's apartment. Eleven members attended, and the evening was spent at sewing. The next meeting will be a dinner at the Algona hotel next week Tuesday evening. Handkerchief Shower Given- Mrs. George Stewart was honoree at a handkerchief shower Friday at her home. Eight women attended. Mrs. Stewart passed the birthday before she went to California two months ago, but there was no opportunity to celebrate it till this' time. Fareivcll for 3Irs. Yeoman— I Mrs. L. S. Muckey and Mrs. Gor- : don Kuhn entertained at a hand- \ noon in honor of Mrs. George Yeo- j man. who is leaving Soon to live at Maquoketa. where Mr. Yeoman will; manage a Ford garage. There were! 14 guests. ; H:--. Ivi xaTi a, and rsadinz. eKcru tcur Wfcst in Union Slough, and the lo-va. State Gladiolus .= ho-A- held in AU-'i- na, The secretary of the club, Mrs. Paul Wille, announced that the club has ben given a. book, "Wild Flowers", for obtaining ten .subscriptions to the Flower Grower magazine. Because the local library already has a copy of this book, the club will keep its own copy for circulation among , Prank iUijrliler, Slkiiart. former ^vsnia? ar. 3 o'clock to irsc. Des i'loines. The wed- 5l3.es a; cb= Clmrch -i. X L, Meets at Chnrch— The A, A. L. society (insurance) held a business and social meetins Mocdar evening at the Trinity I.u- taeran church. Rita Will, a new member. -*as iatiated. The local A. A. L. representative, Martin BretJhaaer, Emmetsbure, was a sliest. members. i Seeds for Hefnce ^ s ' Chubb ' a - Mr- ^^rk U en • , Bceus Jor -Kcinte, editorial writer for the Dea Moines Mr. Dau, when complimented !•>•: Register & Tribaae. Mrs. Wm. . Ferguson, on behalf i — of the club, on hie home hedge of i P. T. A. }fe«u at Bryant orange cosmos, said that he had, Thft Parent-Teachers association gathered a market basketful of; met Tuesday afternoon at the Bry- seeds which he intends to plant ant school building Mrs E A. on the wild life refuge south oI ; Genrich gave a talk on proposed organization of a Shakespeare club in Algona, and the Rev. C. W. Pfeiffer spoke on the purpose of the P. T. A. A committee of three —Mrs. W. H. Rockey, Mrs. Wallace McDougall, and Mrs. O. B. Laing—was appointed to decide on means of raising funds for hot lunches in the winter. A district Fenton, Oct 11—James Schwartz ! p - T. A. meeting, to be held at second son of Postmaster and Mrs. I Spirit Lake on October 20, was dls- J. A, Schwartz, has discontinued i cussed. Mrs. D. J. Bredall is pres- Bri(tee Hnsbands Entertained— t Tne E. T. W. bridge club women E-ithart. and a. reception entertained the husbands Saturday .^"v 1 fs'-ioT at -he tome o* tie evening- at 7 o'clock dinner ,ind bride's paren:a. : cards at Andrew Godfredson's. Mrs. \". K. R.:iir.z. here, will sing John Larson and Mrs. Meta Red- for the Teddir.2. O-rier Albanians field won high score, and Mr. and I'oin? down will be Mr. Hlsrug,' Mrs. Fred Powell were low Mrs. r. T. Caubb. Irene Leonis- j ., . . ^ berry, and Ruth Alice Jofcnatoa, j A te°nian f s Xother is 72— the latter two Al?ona teachers, j Meadames Fred Engel, Wm. C. The bride-to-be tan?&t ia the j Dau ' an<1 Ben Ingebrltson drove to Third Ward school here the last i Swea c ' lt ? Tuesday to attend a sur- three or four rears, and ane room-! prfee Party for Mrs. Dau's mother. 5rrs - Pe ter Eblers, who was 72. Thirteen guests helped Mrs. Ehlers celebrate. Fisher's bridge. The Rev. and Mrs. Joseph Doms and Mrs. C. C. Smith, Burt members, attended the meeting. Another Fenton Boy Becomes an Editor Sale Announced— The Dorcas society of the First .utheran church will hold a rummage sale tomorrow afternoon Friday) at the church, beginning at 2 p. m. and ending at 5. Lunch f doughnuts and coffee will be erred. Academy Party Draws Crowd— There was an attendance of about 200 at the Bingo party Monday evening at St. Cecelia's academy. tostesses were Mesdames R. W. loeder, James Watts, L. J. Nelson, ™>. L. DeZellar, and Harry Har- reaves. studies at Iowa State college, where he began his junior year of journalism this fall, to accept a position as managing editor of the Denison Review, weekly paper owned by two professors of journalism at Iowa state. To be named managing editor of a paper in a town, the size of Denison is considered an honor as well as a position of responsibility. Karl Schwartz, brother of James, has for some time been editing the Rockwell City Advocate. Mr. and Mrs. Schwartz visited both eons last week-end. Another son, Bob, edits the Fenton Reporter. « You'd Better Get Duck Stamp First Duck hunters are warned to get their Federal duck hunting stamps before the opening of the season this week Saturday. Up to yesterday only 56 duck stamps had been sold at the Algona poatoffice. It is not known here whether any other postoffices in the county have the stamps, but all county seat postoffices are required to handle them the year around. The stamps cost a dollar and are purple in ident of the local P. T. A. Kpworth Leaguers to Britt— Eleven members of the local color, showing three ducks flight They expire June 30. in Newspaper Solicitor Here. Mrs. Margaret 0. Mohr, of Victor, began yesterday as subscription solicitor for the two Algona newspapers In the territory noith of No. 18 in Kossuth county. She expects to spend some weeks rl the task of covering the county. * Laing Attends Conference. Supt Otto B. Laing attended an educators' conference at the state university last week Thursday and Friday. It concerned administration and supervision in schools, and nearly 400 Iowa school superintendents attended. Methodist Epworth League attended a 6:30 dinner at Brltt Monday evening as guests of the League there. The occasion was celehra- tiou of the 60th anniversary of the Britt Methodist church, and a number of Epworth League other aoel- eties were entertained. Going from lere were Jean Murtagh, Joan. Stephenson, Ruby Turner, Eleanor Thorpe, Eugenia Little, Marilyn Puller, Wayne Douglas, Andy Phillips, Clark Orton Jr., Donald McCorkle. Roger Michel, and the Rev. F. Earl Burgess. Queen Esthers to Organize— A Methodist Queen Esther committee meeting was held Monday afternoon at Mrs. V. K. Rising's. Plans were laid for a meeting next Monday evening at the church, at which time election of officers is to take place. A 6 o'clock pot-luck supper will be served, and Margaret Miller is to give a book review. Mrs. Rising la leader of the group; Mrs. Donald Miller, assistant; Mrs. S. W. Meyer, president of the Women's Home Missionary eo- ciety, which sponsors the Queen Esthers. King's Heralds Name Oficers— The Methodist King's Heralds (boys) met Monday evening after school and elected oficers: praai- dent, Kenneth Brown; vice, Roger Burgess; secretary, Teddy Herbst; treasurer, Jack Bronmell. new members have Nine joined. The Girls King's Herald met Tuesday evening and elected oticers: president, Anna Mae Rockey; vice, Jane Brown; secretary, Rose Anne Reding; treasurer, Phyllis Kuchenreu- ther. There are seven new mem hers in this club. Little Girl Party Hostess— Loretta May, daughter of, and Mrs. Marion Burbank, cele Long's Food Shop Try Our Quick Delivery System FOR FINE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Buy at • LONG'S • THIS WEEK Extra fancy California oranges, dozen Nice big Texas Seedless Grapefruit 6 for 25* Headquarters for those extra fancy nice juicy Delicious Apples. GROCERY DEPARTMENT P. & G. Soap. 5 big bars Quaker Oats, quick or old- fashioned grind, large size Potatoes, pk. 19£ Palm Olive or Camay, Ige. bar 9 MEAT DEPARTMENT Our meats will please. Sniffs Baby Beef Order your chickeja for Sun^ day at f LONG'S '• WE BUY EGGS dny (Thursday) at 2:30 at Mrs. Carl Van Hoven's. Mrs. W. C. McDougall will entertain her bridge club of eight members this evening. Algona, and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Miller. She was honored with a dinner at Bartholomew's Sunday and other guests were the 0. L. 'Millers, Irvington. The William Champions, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Asa, and the Asa soi Eugene spent Sunday at Osage visiting relatives of the Cham plons. The William Boldrldges were Sunday guests of friends a Britt. Mrs. Jessie Schmidt, Ruthven and a son spent Saturday and Sunday with Mrs. Schmidt's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Fitch. The Fitches and Mrs. Schmidt visited relatives at Britt Saturday. Mrs. Mary Dole is now employed at Frank Bormann's. Mr. and Mrs. Bormann are parents of a daughter, born one day last week. 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