Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 13, 1938 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 13, 1938
Page 9
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flCfOfllSft 18, 1938. tf STEP SURE-JO US£FI/fL COUNTY ADVANCE. ALQONA. IOWA BurUo Get New Building LEGION POST STARTS WORK ON NEW HALL PAGENINH The Legion boys resumed work FARM 0. H. KLAMP, Field nepre**n»mlr»> weeks ago. At that time the foun- When we called Friday at Jay s, fit tnG -soutnGfi-SL Guj^G or Mr. Budlong was not at though as a rule we find winch will he (lit \tr it i a '11 tics. Fred Lavron, islifchargetf Bu ^ lo ™h a ve some tteVloadad the work and a number of Legion boys are assisting with the work. on the conservation program Frl- HIP m ha e ve Pa ai As ! we The building is being erected on' lots east of the light plant. Dinner is not inquire. * * * * Ben Weasels, north of Wesley, day. pers to real b( him to wanted soon as he was was o. k. and he went right to ; sleep. * * * * At Wayne Keith's, southeast of Burt, the men were getting a trac- j we arrived Saturday. He said he had been listening In on a baseball game and then on a football game. Mr. Priebe, who keeps up on sports, likes to shoot ducks. Since the big rains there has been a large pond of water on Ma place,, and he said a great maiiy ducks were coming down there every night. * * * * Last week Wednesday we called on Ray McWhorter, on or near the Plum Creek-Portland line. Ray is potato king in these parts. The potatoes were being dug, and Ray said he would probably harvest more than 3,000 bushele. They are all Cobblers and are a fine lot. Early Ohios were ° U « The strange part of «« toldI evervthinK I !a having toia, eveiytnmg 1<r | t v, +v,o the flood. •potato house fixed up the best type of insulation to COAL us at dinner Sunday In honor of her j ob , V!lfi an rieht HI , little grandsons, the sons of Mr. Z ^ *$££*• UU Jives on one of the Julius Kup.z. tor read y for a new two-row corn I farms, and last week Monday when' P' cker !a fi t- weeh Tuesday. Lynn we saw him he was renaintinc the' K eith, Wayne's father, of Algona, Stanley Keith, who sells iur= t ,,,11 v .1 . , , we saw him he was repainting the Mrs. Lydia Koestler entertained buildings 'Ben sold thp dlnnnr Sumlnv in imnn,. «r h»* p ullai nes. wen saw tne and purified better heating standard [idea, if we do say so. s dependable, .ky fuel before its huge plant was built. Now [still higher heat and I ash -- its your logical I to order again and { ^ ' eaner, better-burning TOW S-P with your blivery. You'll,enjoy i coal, thriftily! IORTON&SON Phone 229. aud Mrs. George Koestler Jr., and of Mr. and Mrs James Christian- We Cttlled at Mlke Hoffman's, SSrafch^ "sW rn^hi: """^ ° f Banoroft F '" day - a " d Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Kollasch and Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Krantz, who j ng The acted as sponsors, the Rev. L.' * * * * men , ack nsov ™ bov, were up to i cars ' were helping. A new type of ! wagon box was to be used for J hauling corn from the picker. * * » * Rudy Rahe, southeast of Burt, had been raklng hay wlth a 8lde ' rake when we talked with him Sat ' LEGAL NOTICES OF PIlOBAtK OP WILI In District No. 4429 Court, State of Iowa Kossuth county, ss. Septembe term, 1938. To All Whom It May Concern: You arc hereby notified, That an instrument of writing purportin to be the last Will and Testamen Richmanns, and their are •u te lUrday. He struck a rough spot]of Eva P. Gardner, deceased, date neighbors. ^Mikf certainly ' a " d broke a tongue ° ff ' *° had N ° Vember <• 1329 ' " aving bee Bertha Koestler were also guests. Mrs. Lydia Koestler and her grandson, Donald Nordin, the George Clifford . n i n T ri " • me " ChnS ; |Wi11 Rode ' 6 ' at but he had come to the house to repair it. We noticed that, he is a handy man at • repairing machinery. I * * * * _. l At Ray Deibler's, southwest of Last week Monday we called at'Titonka, we were told Friday of a Titonka. .^Vessels fioiiK! from Trip— The Rev. and Mrs. G. H. Wossel and daughter Lurena returned Sunday after a week visiting friends at Dows and Waterloo. From there they went, to McGreg- of Titonka, trip the family made recently to to a neighbor's for i southern Kansas. This was for the a potato-digger — machine, not man. ! benefit of Mra. Deibler and the Mr. Rode knows how and so rais- ! SO n, who are both troubled with es fine potatoes every year. Mrs. ! asthma. A specialist there was Rode was feeding the chickens, and . consulted and great relief was r,e- we noticed that she has a fine | cured. Mr. Deibler's father is a flock. The boy was at William : long-time Algona farmer who has Schuttcr'a, across the road, help- 1 retired but still lives on the old or, the home of Mrs. brother, T. E. Hartwick. Last week Tuesday Mrs. Wcssel accompanied her brother and his wife to Stillwater Minn., where they .visited friends. From there they went to nd judgment for the costs. For particulars see said petition ow on file. And you are further notified ereby that unless you appear lereto and defend on or before oon of the second day of the next erm. of the above named court, hlch will be the November 1938 erm thereof which will convene nd be held In the Court House in Igona, Iowa, commencing on the 1st day of November, 1938, de- ault will be entered against you nd judgment rendered as prayed said petition. Dated this 4th day of October, 938. HARRINGTON & LOWE, -6 Attorneys for the Plaintiff. STATEMENT if the Ownership, Management, Circulation, Etc., Required by the Acts of Congress of Anpnst 24, 1012, and March 3, 1033, of Kossuth County Advance, published weekly, at Algona, Iowa, for October 1, 1938. County of Kossuth, ss. Before me, a notary public in and for the State and county aforesaid personally appeared D. B. Dewel who, having been duly sworn according to law, deposes and snyt that he is the business manager ol the Kossuth County Advance and that, the following is, to the best of his knowledge belief, a true statement of the own ership, management, circulation etc., of the aforesaid publication for the date shown in the abov caption, required by the Act August 24, 1912, as amended by th Act of March 3, 1933, embodied i this day filed, opened and read Monday, the 31st day of Octobe 1938, is fixed for hearing proo of same at the Court House, in A -1 ^^n^, PortaTfi^ £d wo ™ I?'!?! ™°™. '** J? 1 '*™ ulations, printed on the reverse of eiieve that any other person, as- ociation, Or corporation has any nterest direct or indirect in the aid stock, bonds, or other securi- es than as so stated by him. D. E. DEJWBL, Business Manager. Sworn to and Subscribed bef«« me this left day of October, 1938. (Seal) ANTON ('My commission expires July 4, 1939.) ' BARLEY MIXED OATS We have an excellent outlet for barley mixed oats. It will pay. you to see us when you have grain to sell. Anderson Grain & Coal Co. ALGONA, IOWA I'. _ uourt of Raid County or the Clerk this , to wit . of said Court; and at ton o'clock a. ^ That the na najnes address . m.. of the day above mentioned all es o£ the pUD n sh er. editor, manag- fied required to appear, and ing stack soy beans. * * * * Last Friday we called at Chris Dolie's, southeast of Burt, and i home place, where another looks after the farming. * * * * Albert A. Johnson, east of Ban- found the men plowing with hors- croft, had heen in town and had es. Mr. Bolie said it was almost sold his hogs. The price had gone impossible to do any work because down 90c in the course of a week— sliow cause if any they have, why said Instrument should not.be probated and allowed as and for the last Will and Testament of said deceased. Dated at Algona, Iowa, September 30, 1938. KATHERINE McEVOY, Clerk of District Court. Alma Pearson, Deputy. 3-5 ling nrp* editor and business managers Eau Claire, Wis., to visit the Rev. |fij e , s and mosquitos were so bad. maybe because the war scare in Mr. Wessel's sister. Mrs. Will Mil-1 He owns the 160 acres where he'• Europe was over. Albert was at ler. They returned home by way j lives, but would like to exchange home only a few minutes before a of The Dells. The Rev. Mr. Wes- j t.he farm for a larger one. Mr. and truck came for the hogs. Th.3y i stayed at the Hat' wick home during their absence. ORIGINAL NOTICE In the District Court of Iowa, ii and for Kossuth county, Novembei term, 1938. sel and Lurona stayed at the Hart- Mrs. Bolie have boys who are good work fast at the North End hub. | RUBY HAMLIN Plaintiff farmers so more land is needed. • The writer remembers how it was; vs _ ! always some chore to get wagonsij CHARLES HAMLIN, Defendant. _ , Stitch inTIME modern mending reweaving meth- save your clothes ruination, at low Let us give you lestimate. on The Tailor (Ise Bldg. Phone 38 Algona, Iowa Picnic is Held Sunday— Raymond Moyer, northeast of' ready to haul hogs, and most of Relatives who enjoyed a picnic j Hurt, was not home when we ar- the day had to be spent getting dinner at Clnlre Winkle's Sunday, rived last week Tuesday, but was them to market, were the I. W. Hansen, E. M. Han-1 helping Ross Elvldge, a neighbor, I * * * * sen, L. H. Schenck, and Roy Han-j with some work. Mrs. Moyer saidj Joe Reiter, south of Bancroft, sen families, Mrs. Matt Hansen and daughter Cora, J. K. Hansen, Burt, the Harold Hansens, Algona, and Mr. and Mrs. H. Fain, Mr. and Mrs. W. Wendel, and Paulson, Humboldt. Mrs. Mary that Raymond had rented one of < tells the best mosquito story this the George D. Stone farms, east of! week. He claims the mosquitoes next year. Many years. have been sucking his cows! And - • - - - they must have sucked the cows | j o ^g. TO CHARLES HAMLIN, Defendant: You £re notified hereby that Lunch for S. S. Workers— A one o'clock luncheon will be served at the Presbyterian church Thursday afternoon for all officers and teachers of the Sunday school. Miss Des Jardines, of the Presbyterian board of Christian education, will be the guest speaker. Stanley Blacks are J'urent.s— Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Black are parents of a daughter, Mary Helen, born Sunday evening. Helen Schwietert is the nurse in charge. The Blacks have one other daughter. ago Mr. Stone farmed in Portland wnship, but when he retired he ent to Illinois. * * * * At M. H. Nelson's, northwest of itonka, we found Mr. Nelson and there is now on file in the office of the Clerk of the District Court of Kossuth county, Iowa, the petition of the plaintiff above named, n. substance as fol- re: Publisher — Advance Publishing Co., Unincorp., Algona, Iowa. Editor, W. C. Dewel, Algona, Iowa. Managing Editor, D. E. Dewel, Algona, Iowa. Business, Manager—D.. E. Dewel, Algona, Iowa. 2. That the owner is: Advance Publishing Co., Unin- zorp., Algona, Iowa. W. C. Dewel, Algona, Iowa. D. E. Dewel, Algona, Iowa. I. G. Dewel, Algona, lo'wa. 3. That the known bondholders mortgagees, and other security holders owning or holding 1 pel cent or more of total amount ol 3onds, mortgages, or other securities are: None. 4. That the two paragraphs nez above, giving the names of the owners, stockholders, and security As we see it—- IBANK YOUR MONKY: evaporates xo quU'kly as a pocketful Jot loose change. Start Ian account with us. 1WA STATE BANK Algona, Iowa l Deposits Insured dry for the cows have quit giving milk. Anybody want a certificate that Joe is a truthful man? * * * * R. C. Priebe, northeast of Banay Budlong doing some figuring i croft, came out of the house when SELL AND Jfciv Bible Class Meets— The newly organized Bible class met at the Methodist church Sunday evening with an attendance o: 28. F. L. Ryerson is the teacher Other Burt. News. The R. J. Hammerstroms movei Monday into the new home the; recently purchased. The Harol Stewards, who have been occupy ing the house, moved into th house vacated by the Hammer stroms. The Rev. and Mrs. Thobur Speicher went to Evanston, 111 Wednesday for their son Billy, wh had spent several weeks there wit his grandparents, Mr. and Mr William Fenner, They returnoa Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hanna, of Nora Springs, spent the week-end at Mrs. Maude Banna's, and attended, the funeral of Walter's grandmother, Mr.s. J. Q. Jamison at Algona, Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. L. Widdel, Paula and Reuben, Readlyn, spent Sunday at the Rev. L. Richmann'fl. Walda Knig, Waverly, came with them and visited his uncle L. H. Riedel. Mr. and Mrs. Verne Shipler moved the first of the week into the C. W Patterson tenant house, ana Verne will work for Mr. Patterson He has been working for Floyd Ba- Mrs. Martin Anderson and daughter Wilraa, and Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Anderson, Dows, spent the week-end at George Worden's. Mrs. Marvin Anderson is their daugh- t61* C'leo Weldin, who teaches at Buffalo Center, and Selina Clifton and Lulu Hawcott, with whom ;ihe spent the week-end, were Sunday dinner guests at' G, P. Hawcott'a. Sarah Schroeder accompanied Harold' Schlei, Marjorie VoigU,, and Dale Weisbrod, all of Fenton, to Ames Sunday, where they - ited the George Schroeders. UNION CLUB'S YEAR BOOKS DISTRIBUTED Union Twp., Oct. 11—The Union Mothers and Daughters club year books for 1938-9 have been issued, the Laurence Gisch home Mrs. George McDonald, son Ber- all of Winifred, S. dames McDonald nard, Mrs. A. J. Bigger, and son George, his wife, and son Francis, D. The Mes- and Bigger jwere Lizzie and Katie Lentsch and !are sisters of Mrs. Gisch. The party stayed over night leaving Sunday for Rochester, where they were to visit a son of Mrs. Bigger at a hospital who recently had an operation. Other relatives at the Gisch home Saturday evening were Mr. and Mrs. U. Lentsch, of Clare, two daughters, and a son, That plaintiff is and hoe been for many years a resident of Kossuth county, Iowa, which residence has been in good faith and not for the purpose of obtaining divorce, and that the defendant and this plaintiff were married in Algona, Iowa, on the 10th day of August, 1933. That one child, Kay Valeire Hamlin, was born to this union. That subsequent to their marriage holders, if any, contain not only the list of stockholders and security holders as they appear upon the books of the company but also, in cases where the stockholder or security holder appears upon the books of the company as trustee or 1 n any other fiduciary relation, the name of the person or corporation for whom suca trustee is acting, is given; also"that the said two paragraphs contain statements embracing affiant's full knowledge and belief as to the circumstances and conditions under which stockhold- the said defendant has been guiUy of such cruel and inhuman treatment of this plaintiff as to endanger her health and her life. The petition asks for decree of divorce and for custody of the minor child ers and security holders who -do not appear upon the books of the company as trustees, hold stock and securities in a capacity other than that of a boha fide owner; and this affiant has no reason to CRAZY ; If you do not care for anyone else in this world. If all you want is to trample rough: shod over the rights of others and satisfy your own depraved nature then it is great to be crazy. Europe today is a shining example of what misery a couple of crazy rulers can cause just because they want more power. With European governments it seems that contracts verbal or written amount to nothing. I am not crazy about war, but we are all crazy about the splendid new overcoats' that we have on special sale. Say boy, how they are selling. Everybody is buying overcoats. Eight different patterns, all new, right from the wholesale house. It is the first time in my long business career that I was ever able to offer such values in men's overcoats. This is because I bought them at a big reduction when Northern Jobbing Co. was closing out their clothing department a month ago. I first bought their suits and closed them out. Then put the money into these overcoats. Now I am selling the overcoats and will put the money into the next big buy that shows up. I do" not like to keep merchandise—I like to sell it.. Our special prices of $9.98 and $12.98 will soon clean the decks. Then I am ready for another cash deal. Jimmie Neville THE SHOE MAS years. One evening party has already been held, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hofius, whcih took place.last week Thursday evening. Judge Quarton was speaker, and there were musical numbers. Jos. Lentsches, Fort Dodge, the and snows, being dated for December 1. The Christmas meeting, with exchange of gifts, is as usual to be held on December 15. Another of the noon get-tog3th- Jay, also the rural schools day in mid-May, a daughters' meeting in contest (EXPENSIVE PTPROOF . FIREPROOF Blood I on the Moon and Mrs vis- the [Botsford &er Co. Jim Pool, Mgr. *^^^^^^^^^^^B^^c^fflii^^^S^^^ lall Loans 'P to $309 courteous^ IOW FUME CO Faith Reed aud Camilla Frasei- Cedar Falls students, spent week-end here with their pa; Mr aud Mrs. Earl Reed, and and Mrs. Donald Fraser. Mr and Mrs. A. H. Melnzer and Mrs L. Di Hodgson and daughters Esther aud Ruth, visited the Rudy Kautzkys and Anna "'"" Fort Dodge-Sunday. The Rev. and Mrs. J. visited Mrs. Herman Dau aud Mrs Carrie Larseii and daughters .in Algona Sunday afteiaoou. Kenneth Evans, Blythedale, Mo. came Friday aud will husk corn a K P. Elvidge's. He is a dtatan relative o£ Mr. Elvidge. C E Sigsbee returned Saturday from Rochester, Mmn.. where Meinzer i) M. DJms had spent several the clinic. days , who is attend ing the Hamilton school of com merce at Mason City, spent th week-end at home. Margaret Rash returned to he work, in Chicago Saturday afte wor* m v m * bsr eatt ----- , v,.,,., fVl ., rs at which the hqvp a have a Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Kramer, Lu Verne, came for the day. Sunday Picnic at Winkle's— Mr, and Mrs. Clair Winkle entertained Sunday at a family picnic dinner at their home in honor of several birthday "anniversaries, among them the 76th anniversary of J. K. Hansen, father of Mrs. Winkle. In attendance were the Lloyd Schencks, the Harold and »t luck dinner and heai a pi o Hansens, Mrs. Cora Han, * ram will be at Mr. and Mrs Bart, . R ^ & Mr _ ^ aylor s. A Mothers day tea 111 * - - _'.Mrs. Will Wendell and Mr. 'Mrs. Harry Fain, Humboldt, and Mrs. Mary. Paulson, the latter a weinur uly, and the wind-up arty in August, with a oast, are other events. Mrs. Oliver Graham, Burt is cheduled for a book review of Sunday to take tne -Beck daugn- Ol- ^ her ^ r to .their home in Colorado. sister of the elder Mr. Hansen. Recks Off for Colorado— 'Nels Beck and his sou Arthur AI-B. Moe has a before the . lub before, and her music is much ppreciated. The next meeting of the club vill be with Veda McArthur, just iouth of Irvington, on October 20, Jora Reid assisting. Roll call will be on Highlights of the Fair; talk, Florida as I Saw It, Margie Dearchs; talk, My Recent Trip, Helen Vogel. . 1). (Juests at Gisch's— Guests over Saturday night The local men expect to be gone a week or so, Birthday Is Celebrated- Mrs. Fred Will entertained 18 young people Sunday evening at 6 o'clock dinner "in honor of her son Milton's '18th birthday anniversary. day dinner guests at the parental \V. R. Carney's. Frances Vaughn, former Burt eacher, now teaching at 1 Clear ^ake, spent the week-end with Ma- •ie Bahling. Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Sewick spent he week-end with their daughter, Mrs. Kenneth May, at ..Emmets- >urg. Other Union News. Messrs, and Mesdames George .and Carl Benson, of California, at lwho had been visiting the men's .sister, Mrs. Harvey Kohl, at St. 'Paul, stopped here en route home Friday and spent the afternoon at MORE QUALITY. . NEW FEATURES „. EVERY WAY. . . ..better in appearance ..better in performance ... better in all-round value George Kohl's. It was John Mahoney, not Geo. Mahoney, who was helping •buildings farm last on the Ricker week. Joe and paint Bros. Will Ricker also did some painting. 'Mr. and Mrs. Egbert Darleue Brayton attended a state j -were at Minneapolis Jast week and Christian Endeavor convention at their daughter Mary Carol mean- hile visited at her Mrs. Frank Thompson's. Mr. aud Mrs. John W. Etherington and their left for their home at Sully Sunday, after a week at William Eth- erhigton's. Mr. <uad were callers at Stanley Gardner's Sunday. Council Bluffs from Friday to Sunday. •" George Powers, Keith Thavas, and 0, H. Graham attended- the football games at Iowa City Saturday. The Bernard Phelps family spent Sunday with Mrs. Phelps' sister, Mrs. N, A. Halverson, at Thompson. • Pearl Wilson and Marguerite Bueghly spent the week-end with their parents at AHa and Conrad Mr. and Mrs. Walter Faulstich d Alice and Adeline were Sunday dinner guests at R. A. Bleich's. Mrs, Bertha Sohwietert spent Thursday with her daughter, Mrs. Vernal Hardgrove, i» Algona. A new corn crjb ia being built on the Gibbs farm where Harry McChane lives. Mra. EUa MacArtMur, of Junction, spent the weefc-end ftt John Hecker'8

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