Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 13, 1938 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, October 13, 1938
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* 1 ..*» < ln again wf Pan; other- 38 ALGONA, IOWA, THURSDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 13, 1938 10 Pages 80 Columns Number 4 OUNTY HUSKING TILT NEXT WEEK [COURTS SIEOWITH IRUNK CASES ••'Hunter' Draw* a Fine; 2 Boys in Court. offenders'have been tak- '; the local justices or the 1U the last week. Hentges, Algona, was glv- suspended sentence for hness by Justice Delia Wel- wns paroled to Marshal KcGinnls. ur Bhrhardt, Lu Verne, and .Von, Humboldt, were caci 15 plus $2 costs on charges r Patrolman W. C. Lentz of fling trucks. Hagg, 'Algona, arrested on arges, was given a 30-day ntence for intoxication and Ulior fined a dollar plus $2 driving without a driver's Hunter Jailed. nstice Danson's court Ervin ion, Swea City, was fined 150 of which was suspended, i is spending 15 days in jail of the balance. He was ur- [ in Greenwood township by feonservatioti officer E. V. [for killing a wild Suck and 1 it in his possession. |ge Lichter, Algona, drew a $25 for drunkenness, but $15 spended on payment of $10 sts of $4.45. 1 Springer, Algona, was fIn- fplus $3.25 costs for drunk- k, after pleading guilty to the | filed by Marshal McGinnis. IFraser, Sexton, won a 30-day for drunkenness, but the was suspended on his __nt to stay out of Algona. . Germann,,St. Benedict, was [guilty of drunkenness after I entered a plea of not guilty barge brought by Marshal llstyne. He was sentenced to •jail."--- 1 /---...- —.'•-• Break Windows. Superintendent CUPERINTENDENT of the Al- tack. ^ goua district of the Northwest Iowa Methodist Conference is the Rev. John C. Buthmaii, who comes to Algona. after four years as pastor of the Methodist church at Clarion. Mr. and Mrs. Buthman and their 13-year-old daughter Jean will live in the former Mrs. George Free home on south Minnesota street which Mr. Buthman recently purchased. The Rev. Mr. Buthman, son of a minister, was born iu Oklahoma. He is a graduate of the Garret Bible Institute Chicago. His first pastorate was at Arthur, where he was located for four years. Then he spent three years at Lake Park and four at Belmoud before going to Clarion. The Algona district consists of churches in the north central part of the state, and there are upwards of 50 churches in the district. AIGONIAN CHOSEN AS LIEUT. GOVERNOR OF KIWANIS CLUBS DEAD MAN IN •TRUCK AT D, M, FOR TWO DAYS « Brother of Mrs. C. A. Samson Suffers a Tragic Death. Ralph Bates, 42, Des Moinos brother of Mrs. Claude A. Samson here, was found dead Monday on the seat of his truck, parked m front of 1637 E. Grand Ave., Des Moines. He had been dead two days in full view of hundreds of passerby, but everyone apparently thought him. to be sleeping. Coroner A. E. Sraw, Des Moines, uaid death was caused by a heart at- 20th ANNIVERSARY POCKET PIECE FOR LEGIONNAIRES ..Two teams to conduct the annual membership drive for Hagg Post of the Legion were named recently by Commander Saul. One team consists of W. A. Lorenz, captain, John Momyer, Glen Raney, J. D. Lowe, Theo. L. Larson, B. A. Galbraith, E. V. Pierce, and I. H. Chapman, of Lu Verne. The oth-1 er team is composed of M. H. Falkenhalner, captain, John Beiser, Anton Didriksen, H. W. Becker, A. E. Kresensky, R. H. Miller, Leo Spilles, and G. D. Walrath, of Lu Verne. This Armistice day will mark the 20th anniversary of the close of the world war, and the membership teams will be aided in their drive because 20th-aniver- sary pocket pieces commemorating the date Will be given to all ex- service men who pay up 1938 dues. As "a special inducement to the teams Mr. Saul has promised the winning team that the members will eat the Armistice day banquat at his expense. James I. DoIIiver has accepted an Invitation to be the principal speaker a the banquet. Duck Hunters Beware! 'G-Man Is Stationed Here for Season Mr. Bates was an employe of the oner A. E. Shaw, Des Moines, said he left work Saturday to go to the bedside of his wife, who was seriously ill at Iowa Lutheran hospital. A Des Moines.woman saw him drive up in front of her home and stop, and others noticed him in the truck Sunday and Monday. Viola Kruger, 1638 Capitol Ave., was passing the truck around •! p. m. Monday and seeing the body .sprawled out on the seat she informed the police. The police investigated, notified the coroner, and relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Samson went down Tuesday, and the funeral was held yestsr- day (Wednesday). Mr. Bates' wife, who had a critical operation for an internal disorder Monday, had not been informed of her husbarid's death, according to a Tuesday story in the Des Moines Register. ELMER PETERSON'S MOTHER, 91, PASSES DUCK STAMPS MUST BE HELD BY HUNTERS Thousands of Birds to Attract Many to Kossuth. HOW JIM LOST HIS FISH POLE & REEL BUT GOT 'EM BACK Last week Wednesday evening a group of local gathered in the D. E. Dewel was elected lieutenant-governor for the northwest youths about il years old j quarter of the state at the annual '" Nebraska-Iowa district convention jf Kiwanis clubs at Cedar Rapids at the closing session Saturday morning. 'He will succeed Edw. V. Corbet, if Sioux City, and the term of of- Ice of one year begins January 1, before Mayor Spacht day afternoon on a charge of gout 13 colored; windows ! north side of the Methodist : with a eling shot. One of oya had been held on ""the [ charge some months ago, |ie broke windows in the the Godfredson farm at buthwest edge of the city, arrests and sentences ,1ur- > past week have 'brought the er of boarders and lodgers at IK Loss's "hotel" to 14, in [of a "cleaning" done at the of the district court. Dnka's Bowlers [Still Head League jonka still leads the bowling in the third, week of the •with six wina. Titonka again tonight. The Court) team, winner last year, is |in sixth place, having lost two to Hurt Tuesday evening ngs up to last night follow: ouse Won -6 ,.5-' -5 -6 .4 .4 Lost 0 1 _2 conservationists Algona hotel's i Blue Room for a .banquet and toj hear a talk on the organization of Ducks Unlimited. ,. To see the real thing in ducks one has only to drive to the North End to see the greatest congregation of wild bird life since'the good old days. The heavy rains of a few weeks ago flooded- all low places, and A copy of the Lindsborg, Kans., News-Record dated October 6 sent to Mrs. Alma Nelson, Algona, reports the death Monday of Mrs. S. P. Peterson, 91, known as "Moster" Emma to her home people and thousands of readers of Swedish- American periodicals to which she often contributed. Mrs. Peterson was the mother of Elmer T. Peterson, former Better _ W. C. Jarnagin, of Storm Lake, is present governor of the two-state districts and he will be succeeded >y W. F. Zimmerman, dean of Mid- and college at Fremont, Neb. The Kiwanis convention was attended by R. J. Harrington, secretary of the Algona club, James R. Murtagh and Mr. Dewel last week Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and the closing event on the entertainment program was the Wisconsin-Iowa game at Iowa ity Saturday, which they attend- There are 29 Kiwanis dlstricte ed. ^ 6| t'Kept on the Run Filling Dates fttqr ,L. ; J, Dickinson te .now 'Buing - steacHiy over the Tuesday he spoke at Shel- yesterday at Stbux City; to- is at Onawa; tomorrow he at Id* Grove. Saturday he 1 "Peak at Sa'c City, and then [come home for the weefr-end. Tuesday be will be at Win• Wednesday, at Amat; next 'Thursday at Clinton; the foi- toy at Davenport and Ced- s. Next week Saturday he broadcast via WHO, The elee- lrom in the United States and Canada, with a governor at the head of each district. The' districts are divided into smaller division units, and in the Nebraska-Iowa dstrict there are four Iowa divisions and three Nebraska divisions, each with a lieutenant-governor. Installation ceremonies will be conducted at the regular meeting of the Algona Kiwanis club here January 5. After this ceremony the Algona club will be presented with a "home club of " "' governor" banner by iClty club. , lieutonant- the Sioux Homes & Gardens editor at Des Moines,' now living at Oklahoma City, author himself of a successful novel, and the family once farmed in Plum Creek township. Mrs. Peterson died at the home of a daughter, Mrs. Peter Larson, Lindsborg. 'She was born in Sweden December 3, 1846, and with her widowed mother emigrated to America in 1863, settling in Illinois, where, three years later, she was married. The Petersons' farmed there till 1883, then came here. After 10 years here they moved to Lindsborg, where they celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in 1926. Mr. Peterson died In the same year. There were 11 children and eight survive. Elmer T., who resigned the Better Homes & Gardens editorship a year ago and moved to Los Angeles, has just located at Oklahoma City, where he ia writing editorials and features for the Daily Oklahoman, the same work he did for the Wichita, Kans., Beacon before going to Des Moines. - • Gladiolus Group now the North End seems to be the feeding ground'" _of millions of duck'sT""' ' : ' •"""••'"" •'•'"";• " '"'"'.' Some local duck hunters have commented on the number, and the general feeling among the public seems to be that the wild duck situation is the same all over the U.. S. Ducks have shown some increase, according to a recent national survey, but the real reason that the .local duck hunters will have such a goodly num- br of targets is that the season opened in Minnesota October 1 Many of the ducks crossed the line In order to feed In peace. The hatch this, year was good; but the number of ducks now in the North End shows that water and feed are what is holding, them. During the last several years feed and water had been absent and the. ducks found better feeding grounds elsewhere. Uelieve it or not, Jim Puryea has a real fish story to tell, if von ask him at Barry's. ' Jim was fishing last week at Horseshoe lake, Minnesota. He went up a week ago Sunday and remained nil week. Last week Wednesday, Jim says, he hooked snch it big fish that it pulled pole and reel into the water, leaving Jim with nothing but a long roAV back to camp to borrow equipment to try for that Ms fellow again. That week-end other auto- loads of Algonu people arrived to fish, among the fishermen being Dr. W. B. An- drcds and Mrs. Ethel (Morrison) Anderson, Saturday Doctor Andrews noticed weeds moving In (ho water rather strangely. He investigated and found a -fish on a line tangled up in the weeds. He pulled in the fish, then kept pulling in the line till nole and reel came np. Tho fish had been hooked three days and had pulled the pole several blocks from where Jim hooked it. The reel belonged to Dr. L. W. Fox; the bait to County Auditor Kinsey. Needless to say all were delighted to recover equipment and fish, Jim most of all. ALGONA 'AUX' UNIT CARING FORJUJHILD Helps in Support of Needy Unknown Boy or Girl. ALGONA IS TO BE HONORED ON WNAX NOV. 11 PROGRAM No Slaughter—Warning. Hunters are. warned not to IRTHOUSE LAWN WES AS A BED FOR LOCAL OBUNK Salesmanship to Be Shown in Movie A special film on retail merchandising will be shown at the Kiwanis club meeting next week Thuraday following which two special ehows will bo held at the Iowa theater for the benefit of clerks and office employes of Algona concerns. The film, developed by the Coca Cola manufacturing company, shows the fine P«»n*«« f K 00 *"^ mansbip as opposed to los ng sales. The film was shown at the Rotary club Monday. Seventeen Here at the 'U' Homecoming Football drew 17 Algona fans to the homecoming game at Iowa City make a slaughter on the opening day. Ducks Unlimited is still in its infancy, and with, an enormou death toll this year the program would be set back, Hunters should take what they need for a good day's sport afield, leaving the rest for migration and a, promise of better duck-hunting In future. With the Ducks Unlimited organization the motto seems to be, Where .there are ducks there should be wardens to protect them. The organization Is also making resting places and feeding grounds attendance were David Phillips. Moyle, to Meet Monday The Algona Gladiolus society will meet at the Chamber of Commerce rooms Monday evening at 7:30 o'clock. Election of officers will be held, and a discussion will be had on a tentative date for the local enow next eummer. A menv- bership drive will also ba opened soon after the meeting. Tlw Algona society gained state-wide recognition for the excellent manner in which the state thow was conducted here thb summer under auspice^ of 'the local club. Realtors of State Have Get-Together Representative 'P. J, Koblbaas and H. D. Hutchins attended an Iowa association convention of real estate boards at Waterloo Friday and Saturday. Nearly 30Q pereons attended thie 20th annual meeting. Two natlonally-kROwn men, Mon- algnor Lulgo Ligutti, Granger, and Dr. 0. B. Sweeney, Ames, were among many speakers. The lepartment has announced tion of an effort tp elevate the standard of service rendered by realtors to a point equal to that of professional men. for them. With the millions of ducks In Six Sew Autos SoWj new cars were sold in week. Buyers wore Algona, Annsirongi .. Bancroft, Hudson the north Iowa this year, there will be the usual rush of hunters, besides .the new local converts who have got the fever from watching the ducks this fall, U, 8. Wwden Here. To outlaw shooters of the county, If any still remain, "a black horse" appeared on the horizon this week Wednesday. Jess V, Thompson, U, S. game management agent and federal game warden, is on hand, and he dropped into the Advance ofice to issue a warning. Mr. Thompson commented on the large number of ducks and the situation in the county, He fears that a great many hunters will be on hand on the opening day and that the ducks will have a bard time of it, He also said that his body of agents and all available game wardens will be on band to help the ducks. Duck Stamps Bequlrpd. Mr. Thompson, a duck hunter himself, fears that the temptation of so 'many ducks will lead many good hunters, perhaps even con- Bicycle Battalion to Be Organized School boya and girls in grades from four to high school seniors are invited to attend the organization of the Algona Bicycle Bat-j tallon, a division of the Safety' Council at the high school auditorium at 7 o'clock Tuesday evening. The object of the battalion is to promote safe rules and regulations for boys and girla on bicycles on the strees and to encourage them to observe safety measures. During the program the hazards of bicycling on the street will be explained so the individuals will know why certain rules of conduct should be observed. The dues for membership In the Battav lion total only one dime to cover the cost of the Battalion emblem which ie to be affixed to the bicycle. Ity Eleanor Fraser. Announcement of assignment of care of another child of an ex-service man to take the place of the former child who no longer needs assistance was made at the October meeting of the local Legion Auxiliary unit at the Legion hall Friday evening. Mrs. Joseph F. Pelisek, first vice president, presided in the absence of the' president, Mrs. L. W. Fox who was visiting in Illinois ovei the week-end. Thirty-five women i were present, including five offi- 'cers. Six members of the Methodis Aid presented a one-act comedy "Have You Had Your Operation?' Ellen and Helen Johnson sang tw< songs, accompanied by Mrs. Vaughn Rising. Mrs. A. H. Borchardt won a free membership prize; Mrs. Pelisek, a door prize. Mrs. James D. Burns gave a report of an annual Iowa department convention at Waterloo. Chidl's Name Unknown. For some five years the local unit had contributed to the support of a child of an ex-service man -assigned .by the state department. To avoid possibility of embarrassment to the child, the unit was not informed of his or her identity or even of where he or Aa lived; This is the? case in all such assignments to units throughout the state. The department secretary, Mrs. M. Myrton Skelley; no ' Algona will be honored on the "Scattcrgooil Balnes" program of the Wrigley interests at 10:14 o'clock the morning' of November 11, according to announcement re- colved by the Advance and the Chamber of Commerce from the company. This "salute to Algona'' will deal with items of special interest concerning the town, and information is being secured by the Chamber of Commerce to be sent in for the broadcast. Tho nearest station on the network to Algona will bo WNAX at Tankton, S. B. Mid-October Finds No Frost Here Yet; High Temperatures WILL BE HELD ON WEDNESDAY AT BODE FARM Bounty Divided Into Three Parts for Contest. A Kossuth corn husking contest will be held next week Wednesday beginning at 10 o'clock in the morning at the Harry Bode farm northeast of Algona, and will be sponsored by and under direction of the Farm Bureau and the Algona Chamber of Commerce. The field in which the contest will be held was planted to Pioneer 315, and it is estimated the yield will toe 70 bushels to the acre, hence picking will be fast and furious as the contenders go down the line. Only ten contestants will be permitted, and so the entire county vill be represented three sections lave been made. The two south iera. of townships will be section .; the three center tiers will be section 2; and the two north tiers sections 3. Entries by Saturday. Entries ,vill be received at the Farm Bureau office in the postof- :ice basement in Algona, and must je made by Saturday. The entries will be considered in the order made. Rules and regulations for the contest will be the same as those entered in the district contest near Storm Lake, and the three high men in that contest will compete, in the. state event to be held at Ringsted October 27. In close cooperation in the event is the Pioneer Hi-Bred Corn Company, and wagons and .tractors will be furnished by Harry "Keith, Edwin Hovey, and the John Deere, Klassie, and McCormick- Deering implement companies. Prizes to Bo Given. 'i The Plum Creek "woman's club servationists, tp step over the limit. The mission of $09 Blows Nose T rold Bockes, w Hard. travels lor « „. l company, has been unable to work for several days, because of » burst ear drum which has been causing him much P*J». The drum burst when he blew his too hard and air was violently ced up the Euiflachlan tube. West iteiflers Atopt »0y. West Bead, Oct. U-Mr.. Mrs. Joe. AnlJker have «togt baby boy, «ad they brou^fet of men yrWcfl he expects to help him this year will be to see •tihat every euch overstep . which, can be discovered will be punish* ed. Mr. Thompson said that everyone who hunts, even the landowner, must b.av e #. federal duck stomp. If the postoffice runs out a written receipt by the poefnastei; will not be considered equivalent to 'a, stamp. Hq said that in one " Local Griddert to Play Webster City The high school football team goes to Webster City tomorrow for a game beginning at 2:30 in che afternoon. Webster City has lost two games so far this season, one to Sac City, another to Clarion, but won a decisive victory 33-0, over Hampton, showing plenty of power and speed. Coach Lawrence Flndley and the local boys will leave shortly after morning classes are over, planning to arrive in plenty of v time to dress before the game, The looa.1 line-up will be much the same as in the game with Spencer last week, , except that Bruce Miller ie out with a game leg. Miller's Place on o/fpn-r sive.will be'filled by Julius Baas or I4oyd Spear, and Junior Long will be on the defense at end. Minnesota Couple Married, Elbert Turner, 25, and Mardella Paulson, Jfl, both of Brainerd, Minn., wejre married Tuesday attar- noon in Justtpe p. A. Panson'a office. Witnesses were LeRoy'Eide and Minnie Paulson, Brainerd. tifies units from time 'to time what needs are, and .birthdays and Christmas are occasions for special gifts, Mr. Fred Bartholomew .is unit program chairman for the year. Unit Hears Play. The cast for the play consisted of Mesdames Paul Danson, Russell Maxwell, W. C. McDougal, Donald Miller, Walter Roberts, and F. L. Thorpe. The Johnson twins, daughters of Walter Johnson, sang the | official songs of the State Teachers college and the state university, Announcement of a committee to serve the annual Armistice day banquet: will be made shortly. „ Mrs. Clara Walker has beeen appointed chairman of a committee for the November meeting of the Auxiliary, with the following to assist: Mefidames Maurice Bartholomew, L. E. Hovey, Donald C. Hutchison,= Anna , .< Matson, Spilles, Frank Sterling, all Up to • yesterday temperatures so far this month had been unseasonably high, on some days as much as 15 to 20 degrees above normal. One day in the 90's, six days in the 80'e, three in the 70's, "and only one in the 60's have 'been recorded. A light rain early yesterday morning brought the first moisture in October and cooled off the atmosphere. The first frost last year was recorded September 16, but as yet none has been recorded this fall. The temperatures so far this month follows: October October October October October October October October October i . 2-. 3 .4 5 6 7 . 8 9 74 80 86 90 71 62 84 82 85 October 10 J. 81 October 11 78 49 55 56 58 53 48 52 50 53 56 60 -will serve a lunch during the noon, hour, and the women hope to earn • enough money to pay for a piano which they recently purchased for he Center school. Prizes will he furnished by the Chamber ofo Commerce, but have ot been determined as yet. Algo- ians and others will act as offi- ials for the contest. Some other ntertainment may be provided during the afternoon at the close f the picking while tabulations of he results are made, dependiij? upon suitability of the weather. There will be no charge for the contest, and a parking area will be provided. The field to be pick- Landscaper Dolls Up P. O. Grounds Landscapes arrived last weekend to plant bushes and trees around the new *postoffice build- Ing, which .was completed more than a year ago. One hundre< twenty-seven Japanese barberry gona, and Mrs. Irvin Chapman, Lu Verne. Mrs. Maxwell won high, and Mrs. Oscar Erickgon was, low, at auction bridge following the eerv- bushes were planted along the side walk on the north side of the building, also in front, and 7! buckthorn bushes were planted along the south line from east to west of the lot line. Also planted were four ' thicket hawthornes and two hardmaple trees. A large tree at the rear of the building -was trimmed, fertilizer was sowed ""Leo and fresh dir|; laid,,The wprlfewae of AI-- contracted for by W. H. McFafldaa, L "**•* •fer^Jl» A « T17I» Ql..!n_ -«P BA.T.-A 1 '#n/lf ed is just south of the road. • jytt] Mullins, the Seed Corn Man, Buys the Rockwood Farm John O. Mullins, Hybrid seed corn grower near Corwith has completed purchase of the H. E. Rockwood 320-acre farm, also near Corwith, at $90 an acre. It baa a full set of buildings. The sale wae affected by the Hutchins Real Estate agency, Algona. Mr. Mullins plans to use this farm for the production of hybrid seed corn, and he will also develop it into a display farm for the public to show farmers how the seed is produced and what it will do. of refreshments. Madison, Wis. Strips of sod a foot wide were laid around the edge of the sidewalks and driveway of the building and the ground was all seeded. use the stamps for ordinary postage- Ducks to Be Protected, ' , case § "small (jut, the postm*ster worth.' of ttaee ppstof,fjcewa8 Mr. Thompson and hie colleagues are real sportsmen., They know the temptations of hunters, but it 1» their job to protect the ducks and enforce the Jaw.- Violations are-federal offences and will be i tried in federal courts. ing Mrs. Arbogast, 81, Fenton, Succumbs Fenton, Oct. 13— Mre. John Arbogast, 81, died Wednesday. Funeral services will be held Friday at 2 p. m. at the Fenton Methodist church. She is survived by her husband, who has both legs off at the knee, due to diabetes, and one daughter, Mra. Alex looses, California. A granddaughter, Mrs. Eu- gqne Pearson, lives at Algona. Five Permits to Wed. Licenses to wed have been issued to Gordon Stanley Nutt, Ledyard, Deloris E. Stark, Fairmont; William Stroebel, Lakota, Marfha Adams, Buffalo Center; L. W. Wyatt, St. Croix Falls, Wis.; Elna Korttng, Luck, Wis.; Eugeae Henry Zeimet, Bode, Christine Mary j;enue, Whittemore, Elbert Turner, Marelle Bauleon, both of Brai- To Give Talk at "U" Short Course Mr. Mullins last spring adopted the unique plan of supplying church members with enough seed corn to plant an acre, called God's Acre, the returns to be used in helping churches. He donated 15 bushels of hybrid .seed corn to churches In North Central Iowa this year, and it is understood that he contemplates continuing this generous plan in 1939. Algonian Displays Peculiar Corn Ear Something unusual in an ear of _____ corn ^ag exhibited yesterday by Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Dewel will Nl .°£ ^illger, who showed an Mr* go to Iowa City tomorrow, where w »h 20 rows of kernels at the the former will give a short talk »"»«, but only 16 rows at the otbj tomorrow afternoon on the pro- ^ ena< The corn is ft hybrid, and gram of the Profitable Publish-™ 8 sjown on hie eon-m-law Sling Short Course conducted "by the m °n Hirner s farm at Wesley. University eohool ot Journalism and extension, division. The pro rerd, Minn. f»4»*f v^**>>i»*V*vu j •,»^*(•««»*• .-. mm** f*»*f- i _ gram opens tomorrow morning at end to the other. 10 o'clock, and will close Satur- A _ . * day afternoon. The talk will be on AlgOlliailS newspaper co-operation, •yj^i explanation of what is now known as the "Algona Plan" of twice-a-| week publication of two seperate newspapers, normally has the same num- °* rows of kernels from one Hospital Patten* Heleawd, Jane Blossom was 'released Algona Youth Back on Football " " Donald Willason, freshman Santa Clara university Santa Clara, Calif., is reported back 1 on the. football field, after saving sutter- |<*Udren. ed a sprained ankle more than a month ago. -^--- '• -'--• Mrs. C. L.' Ingersoll and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Klemp attended the funeral of their cousin, Henry Meyer, last week Thursday at VUle, northwest rp . new **4 ***! i th ftect , « hte ^ e »ad 4 «ve *?** H ® J«k.P* *Mk. mage line only two and «n>-h.alf rom the, Kossuth hospital. Tues hours when tb,e ankle, wae turned day an.d is again at the home of and he had to be curried. Ad son? R- 3. Blossom. Mr. Taqmjjepn, also, te lered a 1*11 FrWay i* tjw the J,4e&l s,et-ua in. lien of a duck stamp The mdney Jn §uc& cases dps npt ^•topirtt'p

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