Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 6, 1938 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 6, 1938
Page 7
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I'ti'M-l I I I I II I » COUNTY ADVANCE: ALGONA, IOWA PAGESBVHTN "H-H-+4 Steclc-wettt to St. r T week with Mrs. Mr Steels and Mr. go af- the flu". She was in hod most of last week and almost developed a case of pneumonia. Now Kim la much Improved. The Orvlllc- Klldns p. Walker went to Des Molnes yesterday for the remainder of the week with Mrs. Gardner Cowles, sister of Mrs. Hutchison. They were accompanied by Mrs. James Patterson, who was to visit relatives. .Wr. and Mrs. A. B. McCall, of Kenoaha, Wis., were guests from last week Thursday till Tuesday of tlicir daughter, Mrs. 0. C. Shlerk. Mr. McCall and Doctor Shierk spent the week-end pheasant hunting in South Dakota, returning Monday. tronp McDonnell, employed at . r /R..M.,V^«. work i moved Tnto'thrwriri MZ'lff t'». i,. n . ^ 'j'sr* *"°s a«tre.^i5i~ ™ »'=«"« -* » K ,<«;;,*-»» *a^^^™'«^™^*-^-.ra been living on oast Grove flt reoi. jtrona, worked at, the shop Satur_; teaching In' the Ma Kdiools this year en Ed «!«> her Long. «pent !' 2T; taught 0 ?.' Kohlhaas go tmlaV ~ (Thursday) for a o with Mrs. Kohlhaas's ,_ j 0 aepli Licktelg. Mr. pfintB r of the Algona ,t at the local Trinity Emday afternoon, 12 pa«Ging. The Rev. R. W. Ka- hton, presided* Mrs. Rohert Simonson, ' W ith their daughter Lent Sunday at Ricnard F Mrs. Simonsen and sen are sisters. • Treasurer M. J. Duffy, v and the three daugh- 011 friends and relativ- u Bend and the old home rhittemore Sunday. Jlrs. Leo Spilles and Hr. nnd Mrs. II. \v. Hockcr, their'.day. Miss McDonnell's home is nephew, Duane Jensen, and Mr. at Wliittemore. and Mrs. G. D. Brundage, with 1 Mr. nnd Mrs. Robert Clement, their daughter Maxlne, had a'Kllldeor, N. R, and Mrs. Thomas •week-end outing at tho Okonoji.s.' Clement, nnd I.eon Clement, both They reported good luck at fishing.'or Medinger, N. D., are expected Tho F run k Scclcys lofl yesfor- : tlu]:iy (Thursday) for a visit at day (Wednesday) for Orlando, '-' ! "'bor and Mrs. C. H. Clement's. Fla., where lliey will spend tlio u " hol 't, Thomas, and Leon are Mrs. C« I/. Ingersoll spent the week-end at Clear Lake with Mrs. Grimm, whose husband formerly served on the state supreme court. The Grimm home Is at Cedar Rap- Ids, where Judge Grimm is senior partner in the law firm of which Tyrrell, son of the Ingersolls, is a member. The Grimm, cottage is part of the Outing club series of cottages in one building a block or, so long just north of the lake's outlet on the east shore. Mr. and Mrs. Anton Didriksen Mr. nml Mrs. Tom E. Dailey, with j day at the Dairy Cattle Congress an d their son Roger spent the their two daughters, were Sunday,at Waterloo. They also visited|week-end with Mrs. Ruth Pike and )orn and bred. She had been vaca- Evanston, 111., stopped here briefly tionlng in Minneapolis two weeks Sunday morning to visit Mr. and and visiting brothers there. Mrs. Chltty owns a chicken hatchery, and her husband is a dentist. Dr. and Mrs. M. I. Lichter, Burt, are parents of a daughter, born Tuesday at the Kossuth hospital, weight 6Vz pounds, the first child. is the former Loretta was bookkeeper at Mrs. Lichter Howie, who Kent's for some years. Doctor Lichter, who is a veterinarian, is a son of Henry Lichter hero. Mrs. Ellis McWhorter. Mr. Hebard works in a factory there. The McWhorter grandson, Donald White, Newton, also called Sunday, on his way home from Esthervllle, where he had taken his wife and eon for a visit with relatives. Donald works for the Goodyear Tire Co. at Newton. Mr. nnd Mrs. J. C. Mawdsley, of near Irvington, with their two children, spent Friday and Satur- he fruit ranches In California, and hey had just finished picking ItOO ugs of prunes. The children are Loselda, 7, and Howard, 6. Mrs. or'dan (Leona) Is the eldest of guests of the Jerry Schutters, West' Bend, and Mr. and Mrs. Harvey S. i winter. They wore to Springfield, 111. for the with Fred Skinner, brolliei Mrs. Soeley. Dorothy Minvdslry, who is a sophomore at the state- college, at Ames, npont ihe wenk-end with her father, Kdwnrd R. Mnwdsloy. farmer near Irvington. Dorothy was graduated from tho local high school in 1937. Tin- <\ C. ShicHis will move lo stop at ''I'ntlicrs of Charles. week-end'' T1 "' l ''' Uv!lr<1 !1 " r1 The Kdwurd and Albert Haggs Mrs. Mawdsley's parents, Mr. and ; the latter's son Dick at Clinton. Mrs. W. H. Weiier, Reinbeck, and! Mrs. Pike and Mrs. Didriksen once Dailey, Wliittemore. Mrs. Scrim- ' her brother, John R. Weiier, near , taught school together at Lone tor is n sister of. Mrs. Dailey, and. there. Josephine Elsenbarth, who Rock. The Didriksens spent Sun- her husband is a mortician. H. S. stays at the Mawdsley farm, spent | day at Miles, visiting Mr. and Mrs. Datley, who is an uncle of Tom, the time with her parents near St. Fred Kutzli, Mr. Kutzli being sup- has of late been in poor health. j Benedict. | erintendent of the schools there. Mrs. >Vm. K. Ferguson spent the ; Mrs. Mary Kngcl, West Concord, Mayor and Mrs. C. F. Snecht ire week-end at Ames, guest of Jier Minn., and Mrs. Peter Erlckson spending the week at Miles, Mr.s. son Lewis, technical foreman of a.f'urrie, Minn., were Sunday guests Kutzli being the former Elsie forestry unit on the State college at their brother Walter Brandow's Specht. grounds. Two boys from Panama in Cresco township. In the after- i Mr. nnd Mrs. Roy Ingham .spent who are friends of the Ferguson noon they were guests of honor at from Sunday till Tuesday with boys were also at Ames for a few : a picnic at West Bend, and among their respective parents, Mr. and days. Lewis was graduated from relatives attending were the Verne Mrs. Wood Hartley, Sigourney, and on lehter Arlene spent Suu- funt Hamlll with Mrs. stor, Sister Mary Amelia, ' mi academy there. Jlrs. M. H. Falkenhainer Syracuse, N. Y., Saturday fa national meeting of the |re insurance company. traveling by auto. •v. Des Moines, came iu .' a week with her par- nty Recorder and Mrs. J. She is still in old age commission employ. Mrs. V. K. Rising ware it week Wednesday even- he former's grandparents, Ira Hoover, West ., Hoover is a farmer. llocUcs, who travels for bmpany, went to Chicago Ithe week. The company he works is taking em- tlie World Series games, daughter of Mr. and C. Dau, had as .. guests the M. .1. Young apartment south JoncK I his week-end. They have been living in tlio Kirsrh house on oast. North si root, which has been sold to Matt. Milhert, |.' farmer near node. Mrs. John Knutscn nnd Mrs. Oliver. Kwing, both of Swea City, and Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Johnson, Buffalo Center, wore guests Ur.it week Thursday of the Win. IMrs. Daus. Mr. Johnson owns and con- i ducts a produce plant. j The Norton Miichlno shop is undergoing exterior repairs. The metal siding was in part renewed, an'd the whole has been painted nf spent Sunday at Pilot Knob, For'csl: City. They learned that the, elevation there is M50 feet, highest in Iowa. They had 6:30 dinner at Edward Hagg's. Albert is ;i pnliiter, and Edward works nt the Norton machine shop. Mr. nnd Mrs. H. W. Post took I heir son. Bob to Marshalltown Friday, and there he joined his roommate. Henry L. Wolse, o! Marshalltown. for a drive to Chicago in Henry's car. Both arc students in ii school of optometry there, and this is Bob's junior year. .Mr. mill Mrs. B. T. Agard will go lo Iowa City this week-end to attend the homecoming football game. Both are graduates of the "U." Mr. Agard in '26, Mrs. Agard in '28. Mr. Agnrd belonged to the Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity there, and hor Brandows and Mr. and Mrs. Har- Mrs. Herbert daughter Patricia left for their, , A , home at Cottage Grove, Ore., Mon-: old Brandow, Algona. day, after two months here, visit- 1 -''Irs. >\. .). Bourne was brought ing relatives. Mrs. Schmeling, home Saturday, after having .had the Slate college in forestry work, and C. Gross families, Lpnejlock; Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Sqars, Oska- coffee company, and Mr. Hartley is a baker. The Inghams are newcomers to Algona, having movec from Forest City, and Mr. Ingham who Is the former Grace Witharn, an operation a couple of weeks ago j is now manager of the local Grais a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. at the Park hospital, Mason City.! ham store. They brought Mrs Howard Witham, farmers west of She is feeling much better and isjlngham's mother home with them Algona, and her husband is man- improving satisfactorily. Her'sis-(for a week's visit, and Mr. Sears ager of a hotel. ' ter, Mrs. W. J. Easterly, has re-1 will .come Sunday. . Thelina ItliiiUinaii is taking a ei, mis. iviuiuiti .uiiimiijeiii, ojijcuu. , yesterday (Wednesday) with Har- has co . ml ^ et ? 1 ? i' ecovei ; ed old Blinkman, now manager of an four Collinson cWldreS: ' Iteti- ''-* ents, Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Collln- ,on. Starting home Friday after- cMrs. Marvin Faith) livee at Satt oon at 3:30, they got here at 5:45 Francieco, and her husband ia em* ployed by the Northerft' m. Sunday. The Jordane follow railroad. TwIDa (Mfa. Mllo Nel 1 ' son) lives at Oroville, Caltt., wher* her husband is a city employe. The only son, Lloyd, also at is a Chevrolet salesman. ALWAYS COOL THURSDAY THRU SATUR, OCTOBER 0-8 Big 3-Way Show, 21c WAR and Mrs. Agard to a sorority. Mr. nnd Mrs. Hugh Colwell, with turned to her own home at Cedar j 3J'r. anil Mrs. Lloyd Martin an vacation "this "week" fl : om"t'he"Sor- Rapids after a fexv days here. Ba-'. ho former's mother, Mrs W. L ensen grocery She and her inoth- tner Wetzel, Lotts Creek, will be aljMarfn, .spent last week Thursdaj Mrs Minnie Blinkman spent tne Bourne home till Mrs. Bourne! and Friday at Mitchell and Marion ' '---' i-*-i« > ' S. D. Mrs. W. L. Martin wen Or. C. I>. Schnap will go to Iowa i through a clinic at Marion, and who is the only son of Mrs. Blink- City Friday to attend an alumni j then they went on to Mitchell to man, formerly clerked at the Algo- [ dental meeting that day and Satur-j visit a corn palace which is a na A. & P. store. 3Ir. and Mrs. R. M. McAfee, with their son Craig, Congress at their children, Lois and Dorothy Butts, and were Wayne, Sunday gray. The foundation is beins paired. The appearance of place is much improved. Laura M. Smffh, Ren wick, been a visitor in Algona a guests of Mrs. Jerome Colwell, of iLivermore. The latter is Hugh's , r , e " mother. Relatives from near Fort the has, few! Dodge were also there, a well known auctioneer Hugh here. days. She returned recently from Mrs. Martin ('oonnn, Emmetsburg, and Mrs. F. H. O'Halloran, Thursday. Friday and Saturday at day. Bob La Barre will accora- ' block long and a block wide. Pic- pany him, and both will attend the tures from oxcart days up to now, Td' - , the homecoming football game Satur- all made out of day afternoon. Doctor Schaap is a ! found inside the last week Thursday. They, stopped graduate of the at Waverly on the way, and took and he was head cheer leader Lydia Meyers with them. Miss the "U" four years. He was Meyers formerly clerked in the member Cummings store here, and she is are to be building. Jim dental college, I D'Orsay and his orchestra provide at music both afternoon and evening was a for the onlookers. of the Phi Epsilon Phi | Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Jordan, with fraternity. Bob attended the uni- two children, arrived Sunday for ...THAT CALLS FOR DOUBLE- OARING! SUNDAY THRU WEDNES. OCTOBER 9-18 2—TOPS—2 MICKE* ROONEY Grand Star of "Boys Town" ^-in— "The Hoosicr School Boy" Second Feature YOUR NEWEST FAVORITE OF THE RftNCE! „ . week-end Dorothy and itz, Whittemore, .daugh- and Mrs. Louis Braatz. J Mrs. W. A. Button spent week Thursday till Sun- f Waterloo, attending the Lttle Congress and visiting lion's sister at Toledo near I Mrs. Carl Seibel, Spen- their sons David and pent Sunday with the 'W. )rs. Mr. Seibel, who is a a brother of Mrs. Fui- id Mrs. Holman Anderson • son Jerry Bob were Sun- of Mr. and Mrs. A. 0. at Crystal Lake. Mrs. Is the former Alva Son- 0. Anderson went to , S. D., Saturday for a few with her' parents, Mr. and flmpson. Mr. Anderson Is [ here by the International ;er Co. K. Knisc is again able a ten-day- siege of a summer home. Mrs. Smith has • made visits here for many years. She is a former Renwick banker. Margaret Vicars left one day last week for Chicago, where she is continuing her post-graduate M. .1. Streit's. Mrs. Coonan is the mother, Mrs. O'Halloron a sister, of Mrs. Streit. Mrs. O'Halloran came to see the new Streit daughter. Mrs. Chris AVallnknit, Mrs. Henry studies at Chicago University and Fur &ud Evel Toothman ^_ settlement work She had spent spendlng today (Thursday ) at Fort almost two months here with her |Dod M , Toothman , Algona navanfc Mv ourl Mvo \\T A Viir.ira . . ". . ' . e Mr and Mrs. W A. Vigars lelephone operator, Mr. and Mr.s. E. W. Hanson got ' de Toothman home Saturday from a four-day j who was knled is a niece of Fort Dodge, in a fall Friday, trip to River Falls and .Eau Claire, reported ,„ the Advance's Burt Wis., and back. They visited Mrs. I co)umn tfld ***• Mayme Chltty, Correction- Hanson's sister, at River Falls, and friends at Eau Claire. Mr. Hanson is a contractor here. The Myron Ludwigs have moved from the A. L. Webster house on | east McGregor street to a Goeders j house near the Swedish Lutheran church. Mr. and Mrs. Dermand, of Dermand's (formerly Pierce's) Cafe, have moved into the Webster house. Dr. and Mrs. F. Earl Burgess, Dr. arid Mrs. W. G. Muhleman, and Chris Johnson, a local carpenter, attended the funeral of the Rev. Henry Albertson, retired, at Fort Dodge yesterday;- A daughter of Mr. Johnson married a son of the deceased. Mesdames Archie Hutchison and now in partnership with a brother in a Jack Sprat store. Mr. nnd Mrs. W. A. Vigars, with Mrs. Vigars' sister, Mrs. E. C. Olson, Pocahontas, and the lattor's husband, drove to McGregor Sunday. As they were passing through maJin street at Strawberry Point, a 5-year-old boy at play with a B-B gun shot a hole through the car window. No one was hurt. The youngster's parents were out of town. Mr. nnd Mrs. Irving Urch, West Concord, Minn., with their small son Albert, came Friday for ten days with Mrs. Johnson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J... A. Johnson, farmers southeast of Algona. Mr. Urch was butcher at Long's grocery for some years before moving to a farm near West Concord early last versity last year. | a month with Mrs. Jordan's par- Second Feature Lois Wilson in "Life Returns" Serial, "Dick Tracy Returns ville, was a business caller in Al- spring. Mrs. Urch was a rural gona Monday. She is. the former school teacher prior to marriage. • Mayme Bradley, an Algona girl l Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Hebard, of THURSDAY AND FRIDAY, OCTOBER 6 AND 7 Daily matinee 2 p. m. IATERRIFIC GEORGE Marjorie JACK CALLIN6 ALL'SWEKBIS Why Not Dress the Part and Enjoy the Game Women's Bright WOOL SCARFS 49* Here's a chance to flaunt your favorite team colors. Gay patterns and interesting designs. LINED LEATHER GLOVES Choice of either black or brown. No need to pocket your hands now. \\ SPORTSMAN Skagway grain upper stock waterproofed. Storm welt, "Rook Oak" $ sole, Stud hooks aers to $3.98 BOYS 1 14-IN. PLAINSMAN • Retan Uppers •'Wide back stay • Plaid trim top • Double oak leather soles MEN'S 16-IN"CHALLENGER" « Heavy Oak Sole f Leather topbinding 9 Retan uppers f Outstanding value '32S MEN'S ie-ra.. CONQUEROR" ill grain black re- oa.k soles. Triple i o Important "March o* 'I 1 ! in o** "CZECHOSLOVAKIA" and "FATHER SATURDAY, OCTOBER 8 • ". Jimmy Fidler on Radio says 3 Bells for ANN SHIRLEY _ in— "GIRLS SCHOOL" FIFI DORSEY in "THERE GOES THE BRIDE" SUNDAY AND MONDAY, OCTOBER 9 AND 10 TECHNICOLOR VAUMGIANT!, The New Rugged "Rugby" SPORT COATS AH the new football colors Included. Warm fleeces and plaid back, woolens in ulster type styles . . . and talk about a "backfield" . . . you'll find every all American "back" in the country in this line-up. DRESSES For during or aftet the game. Many new arrivals with fragile waists, swirling hemlines, briU liant colors to give you added fascination. 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