Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 29, 1938 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 29, 1938
Page 9
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Wtftty*," £ *f y dOttNTY ADVANCE, ALQONA. IOWA " '"A PAGE NItffl AT MEAL TIME AS0 SATURPAY, SKVTKMBKK 80, OCTOHKK L sk the Family I Hv shortM enjoy help'nff J' 011 I' 1 "" ""' mennn from Mie "i scasonnblc specials. For nddlUonnl inenn su^es- i have b»* to el" 5 "'* thc wWc vnrl «t)' of Duality Foods on "nt Council Oak. Beef Roasts assortment from which to select the roast for your ^Dinner. j lcc f Shoulder Koasts nt 136 and 17<i PIT n | cc Standing Rib Roasts,at, 156 P«r pound. Beef Steak I n onioyahlc steak dinner with mushrooms and olher Irini- we price Sirloin and Short Cut Steak at 196 per Hi. or \ s | icc of Round Steals nt 206 l»er pound. re Ground Beef _ _ 2 Pounds 25c and Ring Bologna Pound, 12|c Superb Hominy !'H U . keenest enjoyment you serve this fancy snow white LY southern style. Fry In bacon grease and place in a side L ('over wllli Robb Ross maple flavored Syrup. The liinre [oiS emi of Superb Hominy for only 7V46- Dole's Pineapple L I'iantatioii Rnmd has the true pineapple flavor licc.nisc I nicked ripe. Keep » few cans on hand to serve with porK Ls; also for the down side up cal««. This Saturday the large, [o;j can at a special price of 176- Wheaties "Till; IJRKAKFAST OF IIIUMI'IOSS" - cmitest enjoyment serve this "ISn-aUfasl of Champions" nnaims and c'reain. For this sale 2 pkgs. of AYheaties ior SWEA GITYAN AT MEET OF POSTMASTERS Swca City, Sept. 27— Mrs. Ida E. I-iaraon came home Saturday from St. Paul, where she attended the 38th annual convention ot the na- iona! association of postmasters. Others who attended fw>m this vicinity were Mr. and Mrs. W. vllle, and Hugh Butter-fields, and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Evans. The Rev. and Mrs. H. E. Harvey, with their children, Supt. and Mrs. Armand Shuler, Misses Buerkins, Pollock, Haafke, and Paulln, Mrs, Anna Dahl, and her daughters Francis, Edith, Ardls, and Alice, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Dahl, Mr. and Mrs. Keith Alberts, eon Jimmle, Mrs. Beth Johnson, daughter Phyllis, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver E'wing, Mr. and Mrs. August W. Peterson, Mrs. Ida E, Larson, and Mr. and Mrs. Walter G. Smith. mained to be seen. * * * Sister of Kx-Algonlan Here- How they M'ould keep re The Clifford 'Andersons, northwest of Swea 'City, had just come home from Iowa Lake, where they had fished for an hour after dinner, when we saw them last week Thursday. They were putting up hay, but Mr. Anderson said |t was too hot to work, so they tried fishing, and were rewarded with a fine catch of perch. * * * * At Charles Brown's, west of Ti- tnnka, the Insurance company „„,, „. ....... „ ......... — which owns the place has built a Mr. and Mrs. Campbell, Fort new narn an( ] n new chicken Worth, Tex., arrived at their farm II 1 <TU I lil*l-n J»*.-i rf«^---'- Alice Olson, "nurse at St. Paul, house. The carpenters were still there and were doing some repaii work on the house. The contractoi doing tho work was from Charles City. .:.t Herman Dontje'a south of Clerled, plowing with two tractors find 'Lotts Creek Store" owned by the decedent, as a going concern, and as a unit including the stock of merchandise, fixtures, and the juildings and real estate upon which the same are situated, and described as follows: Commencing 34 rods North of the Southeast corner of the Southeast Quarter (SE%) of the Southeast Quarter (SEVi) of Section Three (3), Township Ninety-six (96) North, Range Thirty (30), West of the Fifth P. M., South 13 rods, 5 ft. 6 in., West 12 rods, North 13 rods, 5 ft. 6 in., Eaet 12 rods to place of beginning, Kossuth County, Iowa, at public auction, for cash, to the highest bidder, with a substantial down payment and the balance in cash as eoon as the Abstract, of Ti- [Political Advertisement,} IXJCARLYLEH, BECKER Educated at State University of Iowa Republican Nominee for COUNTY RECORDER Your vote and support will be greatly appreciated. Small Loans Up to $300 OH AUTOMOBILES LITE STOCK HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, BTQi "Prompt, courteous, confidmtlal service. NORTH IOWA FINANCE CB lext to Upper Dei Koine* •Hie* Phone 1« AlffOM, low* . going on last week Wednes' day. Herman himself had t.he horses, for he would rather plow with them. He explains that some- . . •: , - • ...... -------Included among the speakers were K. P. Adrich, Washington U mhcr Swesl C ity. Ml'S. to cuss a little, knows the horses can hear him, it does a little good, whereas a tractor wouldn't mind at all! Herman told us a good fish story, said aficr the rains carp invad- *ji*j . i HO saicl aticr tne rains carp mvaa accr/mpanied j e( j his Vmy field and the cow pas c.luef inspector; E. H. Elli doniltv fnr PnitvnnolPl- Ppnpvnl i Ml'S. al'SOn W&S -^u...— i e u Ills Uiiy liuiu ;uiu UIK uuw .Ju=.Frey. R- msev S P^ck th n "ome by Mrs. Mollle Kar.helhoKer, furo . and he thought that maybe F-n-lev Hir rr\ , ! "f Aoklcy, and the lalUr's dau*h- the fish wanted to suck the cows! i'ailey, llamson,- ---- •' . I .,,,,,,t Snhmlav I ,\,,-,,,,, n ,r v,,, nmi,riit n cr,-,nrt r>in«c ,,r n F-n-lev tn i'ailey, for 'tor lAiceta, who Parkma'.i, purchasing agent im-,--- ----- ----- . „- ... tho P. 0. department; Paul M. »'S 1U w ' th , the Lilisons ' Younts, North Carolina, chairman ( Sunday for home.^ ot national air mail; and a Mr., ,-, . »* «.!.'•» Ji»*. i« Smoot, of Salt Lake City, who is j DUrt MethOdlStS in president of the national associa- 1 leaving lion of postmasters. Rally Day Program he caught a good mess <)E 4-lh. carp in the pasture. There Is n 32-inch tile through this field, hut it couM not carry off the water fast enough. I\ I>IU)IJ\TK 1350 B«rt, , day morning. Sun- Four persons were . taken into preparatory membev- two into full membership. Six sorghum, and scrambled eggs, ( Decker's ham. At the close [Iowa corn song was sung. Many Hear Rufe Davis— j*i"i-> '••" •••••" • .------- , -. , Relatives and friends were invi-• children were baptised. v A picnic tod to the Ray and Elmer Smith .dinner was served at noon in tlie home Sunday afternoon to hear a; church dining room. The uev. ^. .short program given by Rufe Dav-iE. Harvey, Swea City, gave an TO- lis (Uufus Davidson) before he and ' dress in which he presented some his brother Bcrnie proceeded on of the highlights of an Intel na- their way to Mitchell, S. D., in-'tlonal Sunday school convention to eluding the Ernest Smiths, Esther- which he was a delegate. . OF HKAmXfJ 05V AT'PT,T- f'ATIOX FOR AUTHORITV TO SUT/L \tK\1, ESTATE A>'I) PEIl- I Tomatoe Juice Tomato Juice is a most delicious and refreshing up- jfoor. Stock up on the blf,' 20 ; «/. tins at a special price of 8c Evaporated Peaches L select uuaUly peaches aro stewed many prefer Ihc'in to h or canned fruit for a change. 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HERBERT ZUMACH; NORBERT ZUMACH; ALICE ZUMACH; MARIE OHM; HELEN OHM; LOIS OHM; LORETTA MEYER; LUELLA MEYER POTRATZ; LUCILLE MEYER; ELVIRA MEYER; ALVIN tie to the real estate is approved, possession to be delivered when final settlement is made; and also asking that he be authorized to sell The Southwest Quarter (SW'/t) of Section Ten (10), Township Ninety-Six (96) North, Range Thirty (30), West of the Fifth P. M. subject to the balance remaining unpaid on tho mortgage of Twelve Thousand Dollars ($12,000.00) to The Federal Land Bank of Omaha, and subject to a lease expiring March 1, 1940, which .shall be assigned to the purchaser and free and clear of all other liens and encumbrances at private sale for not less than the appraised value fnr cash with a substantial down payment and the balance in cash as soon as the Abstract ot Title has been approved. You are further notified that said Application alleges that it is leccssary to sell said real estate ind personal property to pay the egacies in said Estate and (o make distribution as provided t>y the Last Will and Testament of said (decedent.) For further particulars you are referred to Application now on Robert Schoby, south of Algona, I Swea City, was preparing ground was helping his neighbor, Alfred for alfalfa seed last week Wednos- Grill, with'haying Saturday. They J day. This was one place where we were' putting up hay on the J. M. jliad to walk through a field to get Patterson farm and had got stuck;to the house, for the road to the with a load on a side hill. There.east was covered with water, and ire a great many soft spots on,also to the west. H. W. said that side hills since the big rains. This j people who tried to drive in from writer lias seen a number of trac-; the west got stuck and were being tows with plows attached get stuck j pulled out by tractor. On the east ;oing down hill. * * * » Charles Scott, south of Burt, was looking after his hogs when we called on him last week Monday. Some of them were-sick, but he dfdn't know what was the matter The hired man. was road autos could get through, but it was risky. * * * * 'Henry Reutzel, south of, Swea City, had just come in from the field with a big load of hay, when we arrived Friday. He said lie needed a good man. His father had to his farm n«t|to family health, has not been able Henrys * * We had a visit with Mrs. Emma Heifner, Titonka, last week Monday. She ie Mail Carrier Lewis Heifrier's mother.' Mrs. Heifner is H *v,ot o man getting up in years, but.she still ,esday we found that a i oaa fl ^ anfl flhe of corn had^en^e^tojee^^o sayg Jfc would ^ ^ tQ do ^ bine his corn. He will move to the out Koppen farm, east of Lakota, m like to see a farmer take pride fixing up "ni s property. » * * * When we were at A. M. 4V- miles east of Bancroft, week Tuesday we found that a - : n picked toteea w, ~— - ---, ^ ^ the stock. Mr. Fnest is not crlD-. «# * * he spring. We met Harold Jones at Swea tuc iicii City Friday, and he said that P^yt j.j ie |. wo mu & ooys were ac uome of a field at the west end of nis and Mrg Moore was preparing to 'arm was still under water. Tills matoeg f Or canning. She said th was overflow from an eighty that •.-,.,•.*-.— ..-.— i--^joins his land. * * * * Virgil Moore, southwest of Swea City, is always busy. Friday he was helping with haying at one o the neighbor's. Mrs. Moore and boys were at home * * * * children were being vaccinate against school. smallpox at the" 'Sene This is where the Mooi August Christ, east of Lakota, c j,iidreu go. and one of the boys had just' come , . , . in with a load of hay when we saw | Last week Wednesday at Mabel horn last week Tuesday. This hay ,Mino's, north of the Grant school- wnq from a near-by school yard, house,.the boys were digging pota- MV Christ is the gchool director, toes. They were wearing high ov- Thk Christs have repainted all of 1 ershoes and digging with their their buildings, and also built a hands. It was a muddy mess, but new corn crib the framework of the potatoes looked fine after they which is home grown timber, and | were cleaned. The potatoes were * _-. . . ,.j t's_ „„.« n«i*r\antnr hMiia- nut nn .n P.nrn nrih Tlonr tO RU'HNKE; ELMER RUHNKE; WILBERT RUHNKE; LORNA RUHNKE; EDWARD RUHNKE; WENDELL RUSCH; KATHELEEN RUSCH; FRANKLIN RUSCH; PHYLLIS GENGLER; BETTY ANN GENGLER; DOROTHY KORTEGAST; LORRAINE KORTEGAST; CHARLES KORTEGAST;RODELL RUSCH; MARILYN RUSCH; SALLY RUSOH; WILLIAM LENT3; ROBERT LENTZ; OLIVER LENTZ, JR.; MAXINE LENTZ; KENNETH RUSCH; MARIAN RUSCH; ARNOLD MEYER; FRED MEYER; OLIVIA MEYER KRESSIN; LORENA MEYER; MRS. PAUL McDERMOTT; MRS. LEONARD HARNESS; MRS. VERNON REED; MRS. ROBERT EVANS; MRS. ROY ROSS; ARTHUR MAKON; ALMA MARON VOIGHT; FLORENCE MARON; MARCELLA MARON; ERNEST MARKGRAF; ROY MARKGRAF; AUGUST MARKGRAF, JR.; RALPH MARKGRAF; PAUL MARKGRAF; MRS. HERMAN ZUMACH; MRS. MARTIN MEYER; MRS. OTTO RUHNKE; MRS. NICK GENGLER; MRS, WM. LEI'NINGER; ARTHUR RUSCH; WILLIAM RUSCH, JR.; LLOYD MUCKEY; WILLIAM MUCKEY, JR.; BERT •MUCKEY; MELVIN MUCKEY; MYRTLE BOESHAR; EWALD RUSOH; MRS. FRED KORTEGAST; MRS. OLIVER LENTZ; WILLIAM MEYER: ' You and each of you'are hereby notified that there is now on file in the Office of the Clerk of the District Court of Kossuth County Iowa, the Application of Nicl Gengler, Executor of the Estate of John Markgraf, deceased, asking that he be authorized to sell the file. You are further notified that by Order of the above entitled Couvt the hearing on said Application will be had at the Court House in Algona, Iowa, on the 10th day nf October, A. D. 1938, at 10:00 o'clock a. m. of said day, at which time you may appear and show cause, if any you have, why an Or- cler should not be entered as prayed. NICK GENGLER, As Executor of the Estate of 1-2 John Markgraf, Deceased. \V lllvll >a *»w»»«« ci- - •• — Mr Christ did his own carpentoi work There are a number of va- •ieties of apples in the Christ orchard The family had already picked some of the winter apples, for hey were starting to fall. The apples are not keeping as well as in some former years. ^ When we called Friday at J, A. Carlson's, four miles west and two miles east of Swea City, Mr. Carlson showed us the twins born to him and his wife. The pair are Myrlin, a boy, and Mirline, a girl, and they will be two years old on October 8. They talk some. Tbe Carlsons ere proud of these children, and they certainly like the r Daddv. Mrs. Carlson was not feeling her best that day, for she was having summer flu. Mr. Carlson said he was planning to make room for more corn. He has more than 2,000 bushels of corn and more than 3,000 bushels ot oats on tne place, holding out for a higher market. Last week Thursday J. A.. went fishing and caught a good- sized mees. When we saw Mrs. Anna Janssen, on the Moe Bros, farm, east of Bancroft, she had just come home from town, where she had bought groceries. She keep/ two hired men, the Johnson brothers they were bitching _a two-yc colt to the mower. It wastfee fir" time the colt had been hitched to the mower, and a weather eye was being kept on him, but there was no trouble. These boy* know how to handle horses. ; When we were at John B. Pann- kuk'e, north of Titonka, last week Monday Mrs. Panukuk asked abput the war news. She has a right W ask, for she has three hoys who might be called into . u.eryice it America got into another war, aud, all mothers, she objects to that. Mr. Pannkuk was re&djrto go to a sandpit, for he was-doing lome repair work on the fouada. Won ot the bosee. John B. keeps bulldogs always la S°° d being put on-a corn crib floor to 666 Liquid. Tablets Salve. Nose Props * we As see it— -^• LITTLE Wet, slippery months are coming! Why take chances—when husky new Goodyears cost so little? Think how much safer you'd feel with center- traction grip and patented Supertwlst Cord blowout- protection. Every Goodyear Speedway carries a f ulV'Lif etime Guarantee." Come in today and see what a great buy this is! MOD**** "» i t tt travel \ii.nviattty . ~~ --- DON'T BE RUSHED into an investment by u stranger. AVe can get you reliable information. Investigate first. IOWA STATE BANK Algona, Iowa Deposits Insured YOU CAN BUY GOOD/YEAR Tires • Batteries Bicycles • Radios Auto Supplies In our BUDGET PLAN AUTOMATIC SAFE TIMING WINGS AUTO RADIO • Juit pub a button — ana then'* your station 1 HakM driT- ing later bauniia you need not take your cy** off th« load. 8t» and bear it. 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