Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 29, 1938 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 29, 1938
Page 7
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ft. 1 . '' mil Ill * oHLHAAS ,NT slS'HYBRID RURAL LETTER CARRIERS MEET AT LONE ROCK jt> Lone Rock, Sept 28 — County j-ural letter 'carriers held their tne«tlng a Week ago Tuesday even- to* at Fred Gernrich/s. Officers «*6te elected: president S. E. Straley, Fetitoh; vice, Dick Berg, Swea City; secretary-treasurer, Mr. Genrich. .-The-officers for the Auxil- ,lary are Mrs. Floyd Schenck, ot Burt, president; Mre. Dick Berg, Swea City, vice; Mrs. Fred Gen- rlch, secretary-treasurer. The following program was given: piano isolo, Doris Blanchard.; musical reading, Dorothy Jensen; violin duet, Maxlne Flalg and Viola Sprank; piano solo, Lucille Genrich; song, Dorie Blanchard, Lucille -Oenrlch, Dorothy Jenssn, Mary .Ann and Maxlne Flalg, and KoiteimrcotjW^ XriVANCR ALCANA. IOWA PROTECTED HIT' for Ad»p«Wl- (or Fort Dodge, where she is visit- Ing her sister, Mrs. Poole. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Radlg and Mr. and Mrs. John Schftllln, Lotto Creek, visited Mrs, Clara Orem- mela at Fairvllle a week ago Monday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Radlg were Sunday dinner gueste at Martin Dreyer's, Lotts Creek. June Blerle, teacher near Rock Rapids, epent the week-end at the parental Charles ,Blerte home. Sunday Russell Blerle, Ralph Bierstedt, George-Klssner,"v"erOna Rad- lg, Viola Blerle and liola Marlow took.June to her school. Mr», Hattie Sprank and children and Anna Flalg were Sunday dinner guests at Walter Goche's, Bancroft. Evening guests at Mrs. Sprank's were the Edw. Qoches, Margaret Quitin, and Madeline Lat- ttmer, all ot Bancroft. Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Rice spent now Finfflclent Vtola Sprank, Games were played, after which lunch was (served. Wedding Date Is Observed— A picnic was held Sunday at a Fairmont park honoring Mr, and Mrs. John Harris's tenth wedding anniversary and Mr. Harris's birthday. Attending: Mr. and Mrs. Dan Harris, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Harris and son, and the P. L. Persons. .Those from Bancroft were James Van Schooler, Carol Baylor, and Mr. and Mre. Henry Fox and son. last Wednesday at Fort Dodge They visited Mr. Rice's slater, Mrs S. G. Ford. Theresa Rlchter and Edw. Otis, Wesley, were Sunday afternoon visitors with the Rlcea The Paul Olsons accompaniec the Edw. Marlows, Burt, to Splrl' Lake Sunday, where they were dinner guests of the George Harms family. They also visited the | Charles Hawks family. Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Krueger ftt tended a Standard.Oil banquet 'as MADE I can afford the and satlsfac-. custom made J topcoats—ex- lltored — mod- ost. ,pton le Tailor |dg. Phone 88 ona, Iowa week Wednesday evening at Ent- metsburg. Mrs. M. O. Richards and son Ralph and Mrs. Roy .Webb, Burt, attended the cooking school at Algona Wednesday and were dinner ;uests at William Bllsborough's, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Welsbrod spent Sunday at H. J. Henrlksen's, Rings tod. They alsto Ytelted Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Sorenson and Mr. and Mrs. Martin Peterson. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Morris were Sunday afternoon callers on Ernest Krueger and daughter Ruth, Burt. They also called at Jay Godden's, Seneca. The Albert Shasers, Mrs. Martha Rath -and son Lawrence spent Sunday afternoon at Harvey Rath's, Lu Verne. The Mite society meets next week Thursday with Mrs. Charles Morris, Mrs. Jay Godden assisting. 'Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Jensen spent the week-end at Carl Jensen's, T«l«ph phone service Interstate row service .... The Balbach Co, Gate City Iroi piles .... I. I). Adams Co Fort Dodge / Co. ( supplies >n« Co., teW- suppl Machi ne Iowa supplies Siege Fort Dod Wilson, Road fe Supply Co., supplies • . Globe Machine supplies Drulnniie Fund Drain No. 7— Concrete Prod Drain No. 116- Walter C. Boi Iowa City. The Legion Auxiliary will meet next week Wednesday with Mrs. Gust Nelson, Ringsted. The Rev. H. E. Andrews, Phllo, 111., preached at the local church Sunday. The Andrew Thomsons attended a Parsons reunion at Ames Sunday. , en . orks, sup,, supplies .... uto wrecking 3.90 2.24 51.82 31.80 7.40 18.32 ;c Co., supplies 11.93 Machine, Co., cts Co., sup piles Drain No. __ Concrete Products Co., supplies lamin, labor Drain No. 128- F. Jt Ludwlg, l&bor ..,,...«.. Drain N«. 189— Concrete Products Co., sup- plica Drain B. K. No. 2-3«— John Collins, labor F. J. Fisher, Drain W. K. CH Algona I near 1 Algona Inde] Hurry Fraud; on, labor Drain H. K. No. 3-49— John Collins, labor .......... Harry Frnndsou, labor ...... Farmer* Co-op. Co., supplies Drain P. A. K. No. 1— labor. No. SS-W- 893.14 117.66 9.71 10.62 0.40 12.14 4.11 3.08 .61 - .73 .39 2.09 Concrete Product* Corp., sup- Standard Wp'pir" Co.',' supplies' Buffalo Center Lumber Co., supplies ...........'., Elmore Cement & Tile Co., . supplies , Drain W. K. No. M-llt— Robert Van Hoose, labor ..... Drain W. K. No. W-lM— Elmore Cement & Tile Co., supplies ,T. R> Johnson, labor ........ . Kinfteth & Son, provisions .. linkers Dairy, provisions I»ntrlpt No. S—*'-<" KM«'MA Store, supplies District No. 4— Hoods I.G.A. Store, provisions Smith Departent Store, provisions Kennedy Bros, provisions .... Dlrtrlrt No. B— Brarlck Meat Market, provl- 1.05 l.flO 2.91 6.53 8.00 8.10 4.75 29.00 6.00 0.00 Wesley Township, 2.79 miles at MAIM . Vesley Incorporation, .75 miles at 110,101 Wesley Indepenettt, i.25 miles at $10,101 Vbittemore Incorporation, .78 relies at Vhlttemore Township, 4.18 .miles at 1..,- - Vbittemore Independent, 1.2$ milea at $10,101 C. R. Smith, provisions .... Warbnrtons, provisions , 0.10 10.00 9.00 Bertha Dettman, labor 2.75 K. W. Ilelse, rent 6.00 PafmerT labor 117.40 Miller, light service . 14.31 •BSOLVED: That the County Auditor Is hereby authorized to Issue toll meeting as "per Schedule of CUIms Hereinbefore Written." OK motion Board adjourned to call of the Andltor. M County Auditor. CAOO. MI&WAUKKB, ST. fAVI* * FAC. BY. CO. >oratlon District No. 1, 1.31 miles at $10.101 $ 1V32 endent District No. 2, .75 miles at $10,10} 7.Bil Board Proceedings .. ., » it t . Alsfona Independent, Cresco, 1.08 miles at $10,101 AlRona Independent Irvlngton, 1. mile at $10,101 ft>A«AM Wn^..nWI« O t\-t _!*__ _*. •-tr\-4A1 . Cresco Township, 3.01 miles at $10,101 30'<°J IrvlnKlvin ToWnship 4.P5 miles at »10101 ou.uui Prairie TowiiShip, 1.21 miles at $10,101 I 2 - 222 AUDITOR'S OFFICE Range 30 be approved and that cor- September 12, 1938 Attend Poultry Convention— Mri and Mrs. W. J. Cotton at- ended the Iowa Poultry Improvement association banquet at Des ifoinea Wednesday evening. Their on John -^Morgan remained with ils grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. II. 3.'<Morgan, Algona. Mrs. N.. L. C.pttpn'acconipanied them to Ames, where she 'Waited .the Harley Shel- Itos. All returned Thursday. Co 'Conduct"Church Meetings— •Dorothy Smith, Spencer, spent Saturday at the Rev. S. M. Gladstone's. She will hold evangelistic nestings for three weeks at Otto- aen, where the Rev. Mr. Gladstone .a minister. Old Schoolmates In Visit- Mr, and Mrs. John Larson, Story City, were Sunday dinner guests at Mrs. Tillle Hanna's. Mrs. Larson and Mra. Banna were schoolmates 60 years ago. Other Lone Bock. Mrs. Kate Hawks and daughter Mrs. Jessie Stebritz, spent Thurs day with Mrs. Francis Poole, For Dodge. Katherine Stebritz let with Fort Dodge friends Thursda •-.00 o'clock A. M. Board of Supervisors met at regular meeting with the following members present: McDonald, Morris, Cosgrove, FniKcr and Helken. Absent: None. The minutes ot the last regular meeting and all adjourned -meetings were read. Motion- by Morris and! seconded byv raser that,. the-A Resolution', on page •"CS of minute/bobk> N.o:,Wr«ferrlng o' Max Spcicher. account be reclnded. And'should read as• 'follows: That a :iiHh settlement of $302 for care of Max Spelchcr at Cherokee be approved, Ayes: All. After the above motion Wttsr maae and approved it was motioned by L'rasor and seconded by Cosgrove that the minutes of the last regular meet- tug and all adjourned meetings be approved. Ayes: All. Motion by Ueiken and seconded by Cosgrove that a served on each „ _. named persons: Byron Stratum, Mrs. Clara I'erklns, Willie Bilsborough and family, Edward Juchem, Julius Juchcm. Cecil Koepke, Oscar Monson and family, Howard Westcott and family, Joe Platt and faintly, Theo. Johnson, Mrs. Kate Barton and family, Hen Hatfield, H. B. Frcy and L. J. German. Ayes: All. Motion by Fraser and seconded by Cosgrove that Morris make necessary repairs on Drainage District No. 77. Ayes: All. Motion by Fraser and seconded by Cosgrove that Helken make necessary repairs on Drainage District No. 71. Ayes: All. Motlort by Helken and seconded by Fraser that the survey of C. C. Scharlach on SEV4 Section 12 Township 90 •ection on plat be made to show game. ' ^Cotton by Helken and seconded by Fraser that a refund of $16.97.be made on SEli Section 12 Township 96 Range 30 for excess taxes collected by County TreaHurer for the years 1935 and 1930 arid' that $8.70, be abated;''on : 1037 tastes,;.these amounts; due -Kdn»; ' M£ Smith /after a! recent correct ,sur- I *ey. Ayes: All. 'i ' , • , , . , . Motion vby Fraser and seconded ; by Cosgrove that *the following assessments on Railroad, Express, Telephone, ' . , Cbrwlth independent, Lu Verne, .21 miles at $1462 Corwltb Independent, Prairie, 2.44 miles at $1482 rairie Township, 3.83 miles at $152 ' Lu Verne Independent, LuVernei* JL^— — -j— ±' LiUVerne Incorporation, 1.24" miles' at $14GS DMICAGO^BOCK ISLAND * PACIFIC B. C. ». * N, »T. C». (O«« Buffalo Township, 3.84 miles at $5,056 .* Tltonka Incorporation, .48 miles at $5,956 .,..«>..... TOTAt MItBS 3.82 . ^^ Oarf leld Township' 1.25* miles at $5,956 ... Lakota Independent, Lincoln, .64 miles at $o,956 .... Lincoln Township, 4.99 miles at $5,956 .............. West Bend Independent, Garfield, 1,81 rallea at $5,«iq Ottoscn Consolidated, Onrfleld, 1.25 miles at $6,906 , $11.2*7 $22,752 . 7,446 »,8U 28,720 TOTAL MILES 9.04 C. B. I. H*. (I.AKOTA MV.) Lakota Incorporation, .53 miles nt «5,»06 ...-•••. ........... • LiikoUi Independent, Lincoln, 1.15 miles at |5,956 .............. . Lakota Independent, Ledyard. 1.59 miles at $5,956 Harrison Township District No. 2, 2. miles at *5,1'56 Hebron Township, 2.43 miles at $5,050 Ledyard Independent, Ledyard, 4. miles at $5,958 ...... Algona Independent, Irvlnirton, 1.32 miles at $12,407 Algona Independent, Union, .81 miles at $12497 ... ............ ..: Algona Independent, Plum Creek, .47 miles at $12,497 Bancroft Incorporation, 1.01 miles at $12,497 •••••••••• Bancroft Incorporation, Greenwood, 2.01 miles at $12,497 ...... .-. Burt Township* 3.58 miles at $12,497 ..................... . Burt Incorporation, 1.04 miles at $12,497 ............. * Burt Independent, Burt, 1.03 miles at $12,497 ..... Cresco Township, 1. milea at $12,497 ..................... TOTAL $5B,20B . 9.470 14,47.1 23.H84 44,73» «.»» 12.OT2 12,497 (Continued on Page 8.) M A Tolecra'ph, . Pullman . and' Electric pauper notice be of the following TransinlBBlon Line.. Companies be *nd are hereby -made for the year 1938 In the various taxing districts of the County In pursuant of certificates made by the Iowa State Board of Assessment and Review. _^_^«MM On motion Board preceded to audit and allow bills as per "Schedule of Claims Hereinafter Written." Countjr Fund . W. W. Sullivan, P. M., postage $. .10.00 Northwestern- Bell Telephone Company, telephone service United Chemical Co., supplies Richard Janssen, bounty ... Howard Shlpton, apiary Inspection •.• Construction Fond Paul & Williams, graveling .. Paul & Williams, graveling . Paul & Williams, graveling .. J. I. Merryman, bridge work 60.72 13.83 . : .30 21.12 264.24 435.91 185.40 84.00 World's Finest Inner Spring Mattress with a Matched Box Spring. Special Offer On This Combination for this Week's Sale of Mattresses I. A. oivLiy UAUU, wi.«e« ,.v»» . --• — E. C. Allen, labor 50.20 Concrete Products Corporation supplies 3 18 - 81 Maintenance Tund Northwestern Bell Telephone Co, telephone service ....... 14.14 Titonka Topic, printing .60 Claude Seely, labor 30.00 USED CAR BUYERS V! *&' ••£?. *7*ji\ . I ing Strong! ^ •- . • ,'.i t t, ' CLEAR THE D // 1936 Ford Fordor rJluxe, bldck, with mohah' up Wstry, practically new tires, otor overhauled, looks like * $ 120 >wn paywent !. 1937 Ford "60" T^dor , with%eftte^ good tires » M nice, clean upholstering, Tishlike j&W, '' • • $155 own payiblent 1 ' M 'i I 1937 Ford Pick-up Blue, with 6,400 miles, in perfect condition, cannot he told from new. '•> Down Payment ___— 1936 Plymouth Coach Black 31000 ntiles^practically new tires! upholstering an£fo> ish like new. Down payment ——- -> jc/, MANY WITH MON6Y- BACK GUARANTEE nJin tMt•*>•*"* <*• * * C •*"•»* of Finest Quality INNER - ,340^, Master Coach PractieaUy new znotor, f li^foraTWlor 1936 Ford Fordor K' SSr^^l ' 1935 Chevrolet I Motor just recently o by owner. Tires fair, — ? 1QQ Down paymept 1931 Chevrolet Coach £ Good tires v and mptor^body good, fenders rough; *25 \ ' - • - • • " • For one week only—you can buy one of the finest Inner-Spring Mattresses—regular. price$29.75. Yousaye$10. ; , ....-; /. .= •/'• • '/. : ; ':• '. ;•• ' SISSs" SmnSnifnaii »%«ite; ;:.'•:. ,,' I * * »'"' "^^f^^'-ftff '1; ' t NT HOTORCO. This mattress Is nmde hy the inakers of the^ainous PAW^dwd ?awes our rt)f& ' lute guarantee. Make you*? selectipn early^-as they should not last the week,,, SEE THEM IN OUR WOW WINDOW

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