Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 29, 1938 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 29, 1938
Page 5
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29, 1938 KOSSITTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA PACffl FlVl A I- C. O N A 29-30 atinee 2 p. m. daily. Exceptional t JAMES. in "VIVACIOUS LAD!" Pius (t YIj i)E LUCAS BAND SPECIAL—NEWS Rim SHOTS "FLOODS IN THE EAST" SATURDAY, OCTOBER 1 Fun, Thrills, With Music, Plus .riinny Diivis and Trumpet with Penny Singleton —in— MICHAEL"WHALEN "CAMPUS CINDERELLA" """ Gorgeous technicolor. Musical Peaturettc. 'LYNN BARI RfUKDAV AND MONDAY, OCTOBER 2 AM) if SCOOPS "the hottest NEWS! -•••"•••••••'••••••••••••-•••-••"•••••"•••••• ^••••BPM^^^W ^^WMB^^ ^^^H^^^^^Wi ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Mi ^^^Hl^^ Viola Holler, I{. N., has spent a few days this week with her mother, Mrs. Pved Bierstedt, AVhitte- more. Dr. and Mrs. P. Ear', Burgess left for Sac City Tuesday to attend the annual Northwest Iowa Methodist, conference. Algonlans going today (Thursday) are Mr. and Mrs. 3. P.. Overmyer, Mrs. P. L. Trlbon, and Mrs. W. A. Foster, Mrs. James Dnnigan, of Emmets-, burg, and her daughter, Mrs. Joseph Joyce, Santo. Monica, Calif., were guests Monday of Mrs. Nellie MoMahon. The women were neigh- bora when Mrs. McMahon lived at Einniolsburg. Mrs. l/co SpillcH, with her sister, Mrs. Helen Dingman, Whittemore, und the letter's daughter Betty, was at Britt last week Tuesday, visiting relatives. Mrs. Gertrude Spilles has been visiting her son They will make other visits In Iowa before going home. Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Hill, with iheir daughter Jean and Mrs. T. J. Hill, all of Fort Dodge, were Sunday guests o£ the Hugh Colwells. Mrs. T. J. Hill is mother of Mrs. Col well and L. A. The latter works for a finance company at Port Dodge, but has been sick for some time and unable to work. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Jenkins, farmers east of Algona, son Ronald, and Evelyn Graham, second grade teacher at the Bryant, left early Wednesday morning for Winnipeg to visit relatives. They were to stop at Bemidji, Minn., to visit a sister of Mr. Jenkins. They expect to be back by Sunday. Gcsina Schntter and a Miss Boyer, Wesley teachers, were Tuesday dinner guests at Thomas Gerald clerk in the store here, end Miss Hovey clerks at Kresensky's. Mrs. KMon W. Llndstrom, with her daughter Diane, got home Monday evening from northern Minnesota, where they had spent two weeks with Mrs. Lindstrom's father, Floyd Pierce, who now runs a resort near Big Boy Lake. Mr. Pierce formerly operated what Is now known as the Dermand cafe here. Mr. Lindstrom is in the employ of the Algona Rendering Works. Mrs. Itajinond Held, who had been abed since June 15 with sciatic rheumatism and arthritis, has been able to sit in a chair this week for 15 and 30-minute intervals. She is slowly improving, but it will take some time yet before Walter PIDGEOM- Leo CARRILLO AN M-G-M PICTURE It's Another "Test Pilot" [JESDAY ASD WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER t AM) 5 Continuous from 1 O'clock t'LASKY ROSS GLORIA STEWART —in— "THE LADY OBJECTS" Ihey'rc Always Caught," "Goose Hangs High" ico here two weeks. The Hoy Wnoldrldges drove to Hear Lake last week Tuesday to viio she completely recovers. Her hus- community at that time. Both are now married, and Bernice's home is at Columbus, Ohio, where her husband is an insurance salesman, while Vernice lives at Minneapolis. Bernice has been with her parents since early Jn the summer, and her son is attending the Grant school till return to Columbus. Druggist, and Mrs. Prank H. Eigler, Fenton, with their only daughter, a senior in high school who plans to become a nurse, were Algona visitors Tuesday. Next spring Mr. Eigler will complete his 40th year as Fen ton's only druggist. His old home town southwest Iowa, in pharmacy and for some years clerked in drug stores before he opened his Fenton store. His wife in a street parade, and also were thrilled to see 160 airplanes in, air drill honoring the national Legion convention at Los Angeles. The Stewarts came home via Salt Lake Beauty Salon. City, Utah, and Omaha, and at tn* last-named point they visited Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hicks. Leona has returned to her duties at Ma.rle'8 M* ALWAYS COOL —-. is Defiance, in He took a course the former Retta Nellis, who operates the Hobarton eleva- wa » born at Whittemore. There are L , .,- ° ,. _.. _ -i <-L-~ -tc i two Eigler boys, ahd both are tor, and they have a daughter 15 months old. Mrs. Reid is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. N. E. Bartlett, Algona. Saturday afternoon and Sunday guests of Druggist and Mrs. H. T. Barker were Mr. and Mrs. Arbe Behrends, Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Hill, son Louis Jr., and Mr. and Mrs. William Lieui, all of Postville. Mr. Behrends is a brother of Mrs. E. Dailey's. They came to attend j Barker, and the Lieuises are par- the grade teachers' meeting at the eiits of Mrs. Behrends and , Mrs. local high school building the fiame I r-Till. Mr. Behrends farms, and Mr. day. Miss Schutter, niece of Mrs.j Hill has a hardware store. On Sun... . iDailey, is a daughter of Mr. and I day morning, the Barkers enter, i°i£ ™ P °ii C< !i e there ;lMrs. Jerry Schutter, West Bend, 1 , tained their guests at breakfast at \lr. ami Mrs. Wooldridge were at | d M Schutter is an undertaker ; the Ambrose A. Call state park, < orl Dodge last week Wednesday ' ' : a business mission. Mary Gisch, who teaches the there. Mr. and Mrs. George were guests last week land in the afternoon took them to Mahbney ' West Bend to see the. grotto. Thursday i In n letter to his parents, Mr. I'll* , . i j. T j W \J1 G £•) UG<3(sD mo u TYCCIV j. *i w*i tjutiv i LIL <i av>tiii. i w *i »*j j/u* o»n.«j) *.«.- . lurd and fourth grades at Lone l d Fl . iday of Mr- and Mrs.. Jack | and Mrs. B. P. Richardson, Max Rock, spent the week-end with her Hanseu , ^ c city . The Hansens! Richardson, New York City, writes parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. Gisch, wflre A i gonians w hen Mr. Hansen that he and a classmate saw part who farm near Algona. Miss ?risch taught last year at Pioneer, n Humboldt county. Mr. und Mrs. John Nordstrom, < the Same com ™W tllere ' who left one day last week for, M ^ Loomer, Portland, Ore., plan to remain i '• gd there till spring, if Mr. Nord- > tlons buna A y Strom's obtains expected relief from asthma. They have two sons there, Arthur and Howard. Dwaine Lighter started work Monday morning for the Modern Dry Cleaners. He is the only son or Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Lighter, and he had been working a few months at the Miller lumberyard, of which his father is manager. Mrs. Charles Kcinsen, Sarasota, Fla., left last week Monday, after was meat cutter for the Council of the recent disastrous Atlantic Oak here. He is now working for The Ma- coast high wind storm in the city , recently. One of the sights was | honeys visited Mrs. Mahoney'a sis- I to see chimneys ripped from hous- !fo,' iw,-a Annn T,nnmnr. at Arm- es. Max, who worked in Bell tele- ._„„ phone laboratories more than a Mr. and Mrs. John Simon Sr., year, is now taking a part-time southwest of Algona, received i course at Columbia university, word one day last week that thair j studying mathematics, mechanics, daughter, Mrs. W. C. Winandy,;etc. Chicago,' had given birth to a 9-lb. i The Rev. Til. A. Sjostrand will girl last week Wednesday. This makes three girls and a boy for the Winandys. Mrs. Winandy is preach at the Lutheran church at Pocahontas Sunday morning, and he will speak at a mission festi- the former Marguerite Simon, and: val there in the afternoon. His wife her husband is an accountant for a railroad company. Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Holm, Swea City, daughter Margaret, son Robert, and Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Martin, here, were Sunday evening guests at the N. H. Bolin, W. H. Heerdt home on the Ward • farm a month here with her parents •Judge and Mrs. W. B. Quarton. She was to leave her son at Charleston, S. C., where he attends school. Her husband is a surgeon. ^'fc V"Tlgonar"other' callers Bert Baldwin, Fred and Maurice j there the game evenin g were Mr. Bartholomew, and Conrad Herman, m , & Marlow Mlllel . and Mr . left yesterday for a week or ,en d M chapman, Lu Verne. Mr. days of fishing at Lake Winmbi- ' goshish in northern Minnesota. Bert, who is employed at the Norton lumberyard, is local Woodman IARLEY MIXED OATS le have an excellent outlet *f or barley mixed oats. It |ll pay you to see us^ when you have grain to sell. tnderson Grain & Coal Co. ALGONA, IOWA clerk. Iineldn Poolcy, deputy county recorder, returned last week- Thursday from Dubuque, Hohn farms near Swea City. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Swansea Clarence Bruns, Ardella Hovey Marcella Mertz, and Gerald Gronwall drove to Cherokee Sunday to visit Harold .Blinkman, now. man- and little son Ronald will accompany him. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. graduate pharmacists, but one prefers working in the open',' so is driving an oil truck. The other boy Is employed in his father's store. The H. A. Thorpes were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Boevers, West Bend. Mrs. Boevers was Nellie Waters, once an Algona Third ward teacher, and Mr. Boevers has for many j'eavs managed a West Bend lumberyard. The Boevers son Charles has entered the Ames college as a freshman. Mr. Boevers has almost completely recovered from spinal in- iuries he suffered a year ago while lifting lumber. He had an operation at Sioux City some time ago and a piece of bone from, his log was grafted on the spine. Doctors say that he will be able to do any amount of work by January 1 Mrs. George Stewart, Sr. and hei daughter Leona got home Mondaj from California, where they had spent two months with Mrs. Stew art's father, Bert Peck, Long Beach, and her aunt, Mrs. Frank Ranney, Orange. During their stay they drove some 1200 miles altogether to visit scenic points in California and across 1 the border to Mexico. Mr. Peck made the trip to Mexico with them. They saw the planet Venus through a telescope in an observatory tower at Los Angeles. "It looked like a ball of red fire," says Mrs. Stewart. They visited the Coronado Islands, off the THURSDAY THRU SATURDAY, SEPT. 29 - OCT. 1 More for Your Money Than Erer Before BIG 3-WAY SHOW PRICES, 10-2 lc \\ COME EATHERMECK1 Richard Cromwell Marsha Hunt A Republic Picture Second Feature CRITTER ' ^ "•'»?,,„ "White Flath"i« D NATIONAL PICTURE Plus she had visited friends a few days. On the going trip she accompanied ,„,,„„„ ager of the A. & P. store there. He was formerly assistant manager of the local store, of which Mr. Swan- UT RATE GROCERY al of Minnesota lh. bag FLOUR $1.55 |oney back uarantee Michigan Pears Bu. Howell Bartlett Bananas Sard lellow. .Lb. 5c New Crop Lettuce f or15C Regular Large 2forl7c21c ^^^^^^••^•••••i^HIM^Hi^^^HH Brown Sugar ___.__ 23c Powdered Sugar 31* 23c UX T ££3forl9c Soap Breakfast Food ^ssorted ' SHORTENING 3 Ib. can IS PRY 55c Pancake Flour Oriole, 3-lb. pkg. ""l Ib. can 21c [Seedless Rftisins . for _,^___^_ T 15(B s. for _____,.-,27c Fancy Cookies Assorted, 9 iff* fc*'*' ifebuoy Save With Thet e Quality MeaU Lean Plate BOILING IFrances and Dorothy McEnroe, who are attending Clark college there. Mrs. Flora Tiss and Amy Johnson got back last week Wednesday night from ten days at St. Louis and Kansas City. They had a boat ride across the Mississippi. Mrs. Tiss is employed at the Security State bank; Amy, at the Chevrolet garage. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Knudsen and the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Knudsen, drove to Osage 'Sunday to 'visit Mrs. Kenneth Knudsen's mother, Mrs. Florence Byvank, who came here with them and is spending a few days NVith her daughter. Tlielma Aimin, who has opened a beauty shop at Eagle Grove, ha* named it The Fashionette, She worked in an Eagle Grove shop three weeks, and before that she was at the Cottage Beauty Shoppe here. Edna Gilmore is proprietor of the Cottage shop. Mrs. Joseph Christensen, Jewell Junction, was a guest from last week Thursday till Sunday of her niece, Mrs! George Spongberg,jmd Mrs. Marie Rosewall. Mrs. Christensen lived here for years before moving to Jewell two years ago. Her husband is dead. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Chubb, with their small son Jimmy, left Monday for Ames, after two weeks ,here wlith t!he former's Parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Chubb, and with Mrs. Chubb's sister, Mrs. Joel Herbst. Peter is still in state highway commission employ. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Walker, with their small sons Roy and Norman, epent the week-end, with Mr. Walker's parents, Mr. ana Mrs Boy Walker, Sioux City, Norman is a salesman for Kennedy & Parsons here, and his wife is the former Helen Goeders. Mrs. K. F. Rabin, Des Momes, and her son Glair spent the week-end at the parental Philip Schemels here. The Rahms have now lived five years at Dea Moines, where Mr Rahrn has been employed at the statehouse. Clair is a senior in Drake university this year. > Mr, and Mrs. Fred Frost, with the latter'e mother, Mrs. Lillian Norton, Denver, spent Sunday at Eagle Grove with the C. E. Maxwells Mrs. Maxwell is a sister of Mr. Frost, and the Maxwells are farmers. Mrs. Norton is making an extended visit at her daugh-j el Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Goedera attended the funeral of their sister-in-law, Mrs. Nick Goeders Cyl- Jinder/ at the Catholic church at Emmetsburg Monday, The deceased was the mother of Tou.y Goeders, former Algonlan. She had for some time been, afflicted with g °Boy CUristensen, with Mrs, C. H. Williams here and Mr. and Mrs, L. M Christensen, Eethervllle, left Tuesday morning on a buying trip to Chicago. They expected TO be gone all week. The merchandise will be for the new Christensen store, which is to open about O,c- son is manager. Both Clarence and Sjoatrand, St. Peter, Minn., parents of the Rev. Mr. Sjoatrand, will spend the week-end here, and the elder Mr. Sjostrand will conduct Sunday morning 'services at the local First Lutheran church. Next Monday and Tuesday the Rev. Mr. Sjostrand will attend a northern district meeting at Dayton and Stratford. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Nelson, custodians respectively of the Grant Consolidated schoolhouse and the teacherage, were here Tuesday, accompanied by their daughter Bernice and her 13-year-old son. The Nelsons farmed many years in Union township, and their twin daughters, Bernice and Vernice, were highly popular girls in coast Irom San Diego; the Hollywood Bowl, a natural amphitheater setting near Los Angeles; Beverly Hills, home of movie stars; and the Memorial Park, Glendale, where Jean Harlow, Will Rogers, and other notables are buried. They saw "Wrong Way" Corrigan Serial, "DICK TRACY RETURNS" SUNDAY AND MONDAY, OCTOBER 2-8 2 GREAT SHOWS mms 1M.MUH TOB&RICH Plus JOHNNY 1VEISMULLER MAUREEN O'SULLIVAN "TARZAN ESCAPES" M PICTURES ARE YOUR BEST We honestly believe.. we have the greatest values in the Northwest JBboh Black, Chateau Wine, Porto Plum, Indigo Blue. Every important high style included in suedes or smooth calf. . /{MS ^^ Others Black Suede with natty multi-colored stitching. Widths AA-B Leather soles WANT ADS , Mrs. W. Q. Clark, Hubbard, the Barley Hortsjnaas, Iowa Falls, aad the F, I* Hortemaus, at Rockwell City, were week-wjd guests of the B. B. Defcanos. The Clarka are parents of Mrs. Delano, and Mr. Clark owns a hardware store. Harley and F. fc are Mrs. Del/ano's brother^ and both are nlumber&. Pr. and Sirs, J. H. Emmerspn, who live in a suburb of Bqston,jan. rived Tuesday evening *or» visit with the Jatter's parents, Mr. S£ a; pi «#?£ * ' ' You simply can't miss. '. . . 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