Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 22, 1938 · Page 12
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 22, 1938
Page 12
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KOSSttfH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA TOUR FRIEND AT MEAt FRI1UY AND SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 28 AJTO 24 Thrifty Shoppers look for more than "Special" prices on a few Hems. Shoppers who are truly thrifty and economical make a careful comparison—first, for satisfactory quality'and then for the lowest prices on everything they use on the home table. We invite a critical check of our prices and quality. A Steak Dinner Council Oak will supply the steaks for the dinner at popular prices. Sirloin and Short Cut Steaks cut thick, thin, or medium at 19t per pound. Beef Roasts This week-end beet Shoulder Roasts of the desired size at 144 and 180 per pound. Bacon Squares A popular priced bacon for thl s sale. Fine flavored bacon squares In piece or sliced at 1S< per pound. Fresh Beef to Boil Pound lOc Ring Liver Sausage Pound 13c Big and Ring Bologna Pound 15c Wieners Pound 19c Summer Sausage Pound 19c DOLE'S H AWAHAJf Pineapple Juice I Pineapple juice is a most healthful beverage. An Important source o vl airiuis A, B, and (!. It contributes to the alkalinity of the blood; helps correct acid condition and helps the body resist disease. The 12-oz. win of Dole's Pineapple Juice at a ""'"""' '"•""> " f «*. The big 16-oz. tin for 25*. Pumpkin Pie )• and waiting for the first pumpkin pie of the FAMILY HOLDS GATHERING AT FENTON HOME Fenton, Sept. 21—Mr. and Mrs. Heman Struecker's was a gathering place for a family reunion Suu- day. Attending were Mr. and Mrs. John Lauck and sons Leslie, Herbert and Arthur, of Alta Vista; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Struecker, the Louis Braatz family, and Albert Lauck, Whittemore; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Krueger, Mrs. Mary Struecker, and the William Struecker family, of West Bend; Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Johannesen and Kathryn Ann, Bancroft; and Mrs. Katherlne Eimers aiid eon John, Fenton. Cnlifornlnns Mnke Visit- Mr, and Mrs. Earl N. North, of Manhattan, Beach, Calif., came Saturday evening to visit till Thursday with Mrs. North's parents, the H. C. Lindseys. Other visitors over the week-end were Dr and Mrs. C. C. Kitchen and son Clyde and Jerry, Oskaloosa, Mrs Viola Stedman and son Norman o Carroll, and Mr. and Mrs. C. M Cousin of Swea-Eagle Man Dies of Accident Injuries 'Swea-Eagle, Sept. 21— Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Treat returned last special price of Umsted, Fairmont, who returnee home Monday morning. (Birthday i s Observed- Mr, and Mrs. Paul Saxton enter tained Sunday night In honor o Mrs. Saxton's birthday . anniversary. Present were the Raymond Petersons, Sylvester Hainzingers and Maurice Wallaces, and Lorena Meyer, Lois Boyken, Mervin and Gordon Wallace, Jack Tieman Fred, John, and Carl Haack, and Dick Jentz. The evening was spent White Loaf •"THE THIIISTY Ff.OUR" Before buying a supply of flour for the winter you should make white lo" ve llff y ( >T" ^ hlt * I<OBf Un(I C °" nt tlle nunlb "»' «* SJK First Prize Flour, i-bbl. bag 99c SUPERB WHOLE KERNEL Golden Bantam Corn There need be no regrets because corn on the cob is not in SuS iffi.^^* *°^ «- «?M ta Packed nVe 0 /the 1 , Ihis tender, Golden Bantam costs a little more Upton's Yellow Label hiKV£ tl 'm "^Id-wide distribution. Those who fancy a ^9t^^^^^^s^JE^ prlcc - w Council Oak Bread Council Oak Bread i s the bread that satisfies.' In our model ° lei ;V S - "° scrj '"I )h " ! '' » n the essential iiigredJent" re°" S >vllolosome bre " d - A wide Turiety and baked playing cards, after which lunch was served. Huskiimps Have Visitors— Sunday dinner guests at William Huskamp's were Mr. and Mrs. Harley Fredericks and Phyllis and Shirley, Cylinder, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Earnhardt, Graettiuger, and Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Huskamp and daughters Phyllis and Janet. The Earnhardts spent last week at Irvin Huskamp's and this week will visit Mrs. Earnhardt's sister, Mrs. William Huskamp. Ediv. Priebes Have Guests— The Rev. and Mrs. H. D. Stahmer and the former's mother and Mrs. Stahmer's aunt, a Miss Jensen, were dinner guests at Ed-,v. Priebe's last week Tuesday. The Rev. Mr. Stahmer officiated at the funeral of Mrs. Ernest Priebe at the Lone Rock Presbyterian church Tuesday afternoon. j Girl Injured in Fall— week Wednesday from Dee Moines, where they attended the funeral of Mr. Treat's cousin, the Rev. Henry Mlckelson, who died at a Mason City hospital September 11. The Rev. Mr. Mlckelson, pastor of United Breathern church near Des Moines, had attended a conference in eastern part of the state. On returning home near Garner he lost control of his car, which .rolled over several times pinning him under. His neck was broken, but he lived a week after the accident. Mrs. Marie Jacobs stayed at the Treat home while they were away. Visiting Illinois Relatives— ;Mrs. William Tompson accompanied her father, A. J. Appels- helmer, and son Clarence, of Plover, for a week's visit with relatives at Chicago and Kankakwe, in. Mr. Appelsheimer was called by Illness of a brother at Kart- kakee. Returning home lost Saturday they drove through many places where water covered the highways in Illinois as well as tn Iowa. Stndcnt Pastor In Visit— 'Everett Bexell, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bexell, who has been serving as student pastor at the Lutheran church in South Dakota, spent last week at the home of his parents, leaving the latter part of the week for Rock Island, 111., to resume his studies at the the- logicttl seminary there. Other Swea John Blum and Floyd Treat and others of Armstrong drove to north ern Minnesota a week ago Monday to try their luck fishing for a few days. Mrs. Maggie Thackery, who has ben helping at the Tipton home In Armstrong, i g visiting her daugh ter, Mrs. John Jongberg. J. E. Harner filled silo Friday His corn was on high ground. They had to drive around soft ground to get the silo filled. Otto A. Jenson Is building a hog house on his farm south of Swea City where George Juhl Is tenant LEDYARD The Clifton Engelbys went to Forest City last Wednesday on business. They also* visited at Clifford JuhTs. Mr. and Mrs. "Glenn Yahnke and daughters visited at Julius Jensen's and Edw. Yahnke's in Buffalo Center Sunday evening. Don Sprout returned home Friday after several days' visit in Maon City. Mr and Mrs. Walter Miller and Pnscilla, near Elmore, visited Sunday at Tree Brack's , Harvey Betake, Ceylon, visited unday at Fred Bauman's. Mr. and Mrs. Hargreaves, Algona, spent Thursday at their daughter, Mrs. L.. C. Strand's. Mrs. August Sprank left Saturday for Spencer to visit a week at her daughter Mrs, Peter Wiedan- camp's. Mrs. "William Wenzel.who had been visiting there, returned the same day. DOAN Dg White, who has been in poor health for some time, has been ill In bed for the past two weeke. The Doan Woman's club held the opening meeting September 4 at Mrs. Edmond Larson's. Mrs. Ollie Stoll was hostess Thursday to tfle Aid, Mre. Thelma Anderson assisting. Quarterly conference was held at the Doan church Sunday. The Clifford Hoovers, Mr. Hoov- er'g father, M. E. Hoover; and Brothers, of Lu Verne, and Robert, «ritt, had a family gathering Sunday. Rally day will be held at Doan hurch Sunday. There- win be no e »y u es ln the mor ning, but there ill be a picnic dinner at noon and a short program and sermon i he afternoon. The Bryan Asas and' L. S " nday ,-! _ VivUM* son Darre home from Wednesday Mr. and bara Jean after two i* nesota, am tlves. Ba Waterloo Gates colic Mrs. -B. Wise, Mrs Ham Hart tended Doa BoleneUs h LOT Mr. and son Claren tors at Au{ Mr. and and daught wero Sund thur Jackm Mr. and daughters drove to C Mr. Gengle The Hugi Phyllis am were Frlda 3tto Ruhnk Mr. and ] Friday ever Ruscli's Sr, ilso callers Paul Zun lome for a 2lty hosplti nent Frlda; ind Mrs. V ind Mrs. 1 aughter E; The Hugo iunday ove Vhlttomnra V 11 1 LLcllluJ t? 'Martin M Ira accom Villiam Rt flnn., Sun< rith Mrs. » t St. Mary ?. recoverii ome soon. fnt.n A~II.. > : ' 1 l *" ' ' i f Roger Were to come the General hospital rs. 0. & Hott and Bar* Arrived home recently eeks in Michigan, Mlii- Illlnols Visiting fela^ lara Jean returned to resume Studies at e. Sanders, Mrs. G. B. Taylor and Mrs. Wll- y, all of Sexton, at- L Aid at the Mrs. L. A. rne Thursday. rs CREEK Mrs. Carl Zumach and ;e were Saturday vlsl' ust Zumnch's at Rolfe. Mrs. Frank Cruikshank r Ruth, Plum Creek, y dinner guests at Arn's. Ire. Nick Gengler and hyllls and Betty Ann wens Sunday to visit 's sister. Faulstlch family and Betty Ann Gengler evening visitors at e, rs. Nick Gengler were ng visitors at William at • Whlttemore, arc at Otto Ruhnke's. ich, who has bean 'ew days from a Mason went back for treat- wlth.hla parents, Mr. Ham Zumach and Mr. rman Luedtke anc ier, Fen'ton. ''auls'tlch family spent ng at Otto Bell's at yer and daughter El- nled Mr. and Mrs. ch Jr. to Rochester, y to spend the day yer, who i s a patient hospital. Mrs. Meyer rapidly and will be ' •^O^tV^'' * SENECA MrY and Mfa, JHtettry Irmlter J r of near Ringated, are parent* of a boy, born Saturday morning; lririlter Iti the former lone llg, daughter of tlje J. w. 8tom Baasett: left t( i . work at 1 Bueha Vista college. TULIP CITY HAD Friday for school Rusch family visited Tulips In Every Garden — . Is Algona to vie with that famous Dutch city of Holland, Michigan, in Its display of tulips? if Richardson Furniture Co. has its way about It, that's exactly what will come to pass, for they aro making available to everyone a Rainbow collection of fancy assorted tulip bulbs as a special glf offering. 'By paying the bare cost of handling and transportation you get the bulbs gratia. Under such circumstances we can look forwarc to a riot of color next Spring, for everybody will probably want to avail themselves of the Richardson Furniture Co.'s generosity. The reason for this unusual of- 'erlng Is that the makers of the Spring-Air Mattress are celebrat- ng their tenth anniversary, and as ous. - ......... .. vsie Sunday aftel-noon at Fritz Meyer's a memento of tfl e event they have The LotJ Creek band enJoved a « rran Bed to make thte gift offer of ° U tu , lip bulbs> Jt ^ «' fitting party at -enint Arnold \s 0C1U1C UU.y r . *-„_« , . , — — M,J tTlLll LIJ Mr. and Mrs. Edward Halverson ] ton S r ° th6P Frank at Irvlng and Mrs. A. Kallested Visfted relatives at J'rost Friday. Mrs. H. Frey went as far as Easton with them daily Ap and re- rcots BBT this popular fruit for sauce and pies in No. 10 K .•&*£"£.? needed - The Xo - 10 Mondi Peanut Butter .Council Oak Peanut Butter is ancononiical spread that retains of C 22i'Tn IS theTlb.tr ° Sh M * ^"^ A ^^» Marshmallows Fresh, fluffy, tender marshinallows for salads and cakes. Sell mg at Council Oak Oils week-end at 2 1-lb. bags for 230 Seedless Raisins Thompson Seedless Raisins are choice raisins for sauce nies " Doris, 9, daughter of the George Bellingers, was injured last week when she fell from a hobby horse on the playground at school. The left side of her face was severely bruised and the cheek, was cut Two stitches were and visited her motnar;, Mrs. Joseph Welch, Mrs. Henry JJyer, and Joe were Algona shop- Mrs George Johnson was calie to Britt Thursday to see her fath er, Charles E. Clark, -who suffere pers Saturday, and Joe _.„.„„„ |IJloy] the proud possessor of a new bl-idren are cycle. Joe has taken over the Des home stroke of *,„,».,„,„>. Boleneus took James Asa ««- p'~:" JftSTLT "° 4 •A. Rice quite deep, taken. Girl Has Face Infection- Frances Halversen, daughter of Mrs. A. E. Nelson, is suffering from an infection on her face caused from a pimple near the ear. Thursday it was necessary to have Jt lanced. Other Fenton. Mr. and Mrs. James Mason and daughter Randa Lee, of Boone, came Saturday to visit at Paul Eigler's. They accompanied Mrs. Mason's father, a Mr. Flnnestad who will visit his brother Lars Finnestad and other relatives. They will return home this week Thursday Sunday dinner guests at the Mrs. Moines Register carrier job his brother Glenn has gone away to school. Saturday afternoon 21 little friends surprised Genevieve Lebins in honor of her eighth birthday Oames were played and a lunch was served by Mrs. Lebine Mrs. Agatha Keller, Nicholas and William, returned a week ago Monday after a week visiting in Indiana, and at Matt Keller's in Ken- cookins Our Red Bag Coffee Those who prefer the flavor of this mild, sweet "Always Fresh" Coffee to all others will be pleased to leara that our Irerr^lar low price is now 160 per lb., or 3 lbs..for 450. eTCry " m y House Brooms this Colgate Palmolive Peet Co. WEEK-END SPECIALS * Palmolive Toilet Soap, 2 cakes He Crystal White Soap, 6 giant bars _ _ _23c Kate Menz home were Mr and Mrs. Shelby Weisbrod, Mr and Mrs. Francis Wars and son, Maple Hill, and Mr. and Mrs. Louis Reimers and daughter Lorraine, Milwaukee, Wis. The dinner was in honor of the Milwaukeans. The George Jentz family and Maxine and Maynard Jentz were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Mark .Simmons, who live at iairmont. 'Maxine and Maynard's parents, Mr.'and Mrs. Walter Jentz were other callers at the Simmons' home that afternoon. id Mrs. Peter Thorson and Ringsted, were Sunday evening guests at Fred Brown's. Mis. Thorson and Mrs. Brown are sisters. The Brown farm home, wo miles north of Fenton. is being remodeled and repaired, with auditions. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Reimers amJ daughter Lorraine, of Milwaukee EdI Reece and Ray Marquis drove to Oskaloosa and Des Moines Thursday to bring Muriel Keeoe back from Oskaloosa, where she had started school for the second year. Muriel has accepted a position In the state bank as bookkeeper to succeed Mrs. Harold Herzog, who is leaving after October 1. Richard, Frances, Oscar, and lona Berhow, and Hazel Kemp were dinner guests Saturday at Arthur Runksmeier's. Hazel Kemp K from St. Paul, and is spending the-week-end with her .friend, lona Berhow. Mr. and Mrs. Otto. Engelbarts and Meta Poppe attended the Martin county fair Friday.. t Mr. and Mrs. Rotterman and Helen were business callers at Algona Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. John Miller and Mary Elizabeth were- Sunday dinner guests of relatives in Whitie- ™ The Boleneu Sunday school officers elected a 3an Sunday were Mrs. Ethe Kf°A' superintendent, Mrs L e , ar i^. a :'_ asslstant - ^d Mrs. Ma secretary-treasurer P. T. A. held its firs meeting in' the Tom Youne school Buffalo township, Tuesday S and Mrs. John Fisher, Tltonka county committeewoman, "v?s guest speaker. Miss Butts Al- sona, is teacher. ' Mrs. Alice Bufflngton will' he S£?SJ? 2?** S *P<ember S er Mr E T? Buffln Ston, assisting: Mrs. Howard Sprank' and babv CITY BILLS -T.,. r, September 15, 1938. The City Council met at'the City Hall with all members present A motron was carried that the fence and building now located on Ackley and Linden St. be removed newed. S *— •>• w« A muu' . iieatty beer permit be re- wa * carried authoriz- mayor and city cleult to, en,i J? c °ntract with the Pioneer Seed Co. — contract for furnish- more. Mrs> Tice and W /H ' ^ me . Satur(J ay for a week with the former's mother Kate Menz, and his sister Shelby Weibrod, and other tives. MJOU **•*• -"V** 11 "" / BLACK ARROW MAI. AT AN ORDINARY COST/ strengthened heat and lowered ash found in furnace small egg, stove and stoker sizes' Mrs, Mrs rela- Weisbrod Kate Menz, and Mr. and Mrs. Louis Reimers and daughter Lorraine, Milwaukee, were Wednesday ^rat\Se a s?H. Mrs - F -°>* Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Zumach and son Gary Jon, and Mrs. Zumach'a parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Theesfield, Swea City, left Thursday for Ladysmith, Wis., for a week with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Wallace entertained Sunday. Guests were Lorena Meyer, Loi s Bovken Fred and T -' " - ' . and Mervin and Gordon Wallace. Malmda Hantelman, teaching at Allison, and a Miss Kleinhart, That<s wh y you'll remember it ' ' pleasaatl Y ! And why it is well worth ordering for ~ F. S. NORTON & SON PHONE 339 , who teaches at Nashua, spent the week-end with Miss Hantelman's mother, Mrs. Dan Hantelman. I he E. W. Ruskes drove to Spencer Saturday to get the former's mother, Mrs. Emma Ruske, who returned from two months with her son Ray at Grand Lake, Colo Mr and Mrs. Hugo Denker and daughter Elinor Ann and Mr. and Mrs. August Meurer, of Lester. were Sunday visitors at W. 3. Weisbrod's. Mr. and Mrs. William P. Darow and 8 on Wintou, of Garner, visited at Henry Berghofer's Wednesday. Mrs. Darow is a sister of Mr. Berghofer. Mrs. Prank McPall entertained the Hook and Needle sewing circle Jast week Wednesday after- Mrs. John Newel was a noon, guest. Mrs. George Jeutz and Mrs. Fred Jentz were hostesses to St. John's Lutheran Aid in the church. Parlor^ last week Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Stoeber andl daughter Gladys were at Fort Dodge Thursday, where Mrs, Stoeber had medical treatment. John Leister and daughter^ A, H, > ' Alfred Zielskes, George Hagge and Alice, Arthur Zielske, Helen Odell Kathryn Sprout, Doris Welfare, and Edith Logan attended a bazaar m Lakota Saturday evening. The J. Blomes drove to Hollau- dale Sunday to see their son Arlowe, who is working there for his uncles, the Brand! boys. nis and Alice,, of Minneapolis, vl^- ited Herman Strueckersr and Mrs. Kathryn Eimers Monday. Harold Newel, Des Moines, and Lyle Newel, Ames, spent the weekend with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chartes Newel. Mr. and Mrs. J. Marshall Seglin, cmcago, came Monday for a week with Mrs. Seglin's parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Huskamp. Mr. and Mrs. Emil Bleckwenn and daughter Norma Jean were Sunday guests at Rudolph Christensen's, Haifa. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kyhl and daughter Ruth Mae were entertained at L. M. Holldorfs in Ceylon, Mmn., Sunday. Edith Laage, Florence Weisbrod and Harold Newel, of Des Moines spent the week-end with their par- i ents here. ' Alice Dreyer, Des Moines, is expected home Friday for a week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs H H. Dreyer. • Gerald Dean, son of Mr. and Mre. Edw. Reimers, is recovering from a severe case of intestinal Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wegener and four children, of Whittemore visited at Sam Warner's Sunday The John Snyder family, ot Bancroft, wa s entertained at Clareace Theesfield's Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Stoeber were Sunday dinner guests at Dr. B. K. Bahneon's, Burt. J. A. G. Smith and son Wallace were Friday evening guests at W E, Stoeber'e, Alvina, infant daughter of the Willjam Millers, has been ill the past week. The E. K. Johnson fcunlly visited at Lester Johnson's in Bancroft Sunday. Mrs Kate Newel, Hartley, Saturday with relatives hire. The H. E. TheesfJelda visited at Henry Ttanaa's Sunday, ing electricity. App. ordinance No. 48-4; he passed. • • ue T w J. W. Kelly, salary __ $ 97 Rn Leo Bellook. salar£ ....II* gg *• C. Dailey, salary ____ 70 00 Tom Halpin, salary .."I gJS Walter Gorman, salary .. 67 50 w. E. stephenson, salary. 65.00 Ray Barton, salary .. 6 50 C-C. Wright, salary .I"" 42 iiS Adah Carlson, salary ___ 70 no Ernst Thiel, labor -!___ £>2g Harold Roth, labor ... " SI'S Chester Webb', labor —I" raw Wayne Stephenson, labor. 73*90 J° e ,Kelly Jr., labor _____ 4749 Shell Petro, Co., fuel ___ Johnson Oil Co., fuel „._ Milwaukee, freight ____ Western Union, serrlce "I nual fall fef Mr. and afternoon Pompe's. ] Mr. and Mr HAVE YOU Many wll soon. Try ad. tival. Urs. Bert Specht were visitors at Frank Ivening visitors were s. Otto Ruhnke. A ROOM TO RENT? be needing rooms an Advance For-Rent if flee is the city that the tulip has made world famous — Holland, Mich. Every year in May hundreds of thousands of visitors descend upon this clean, thrifty city to admire the millions of tulips that loom In orderly lanes end artistic mass plantings. The city fathers nnually perpetuate the event by lanttng thousands of additional ments of their g| (t People had i stock and repreaentM of varieties. None o 1 L! ess than three feronce. Twenty each box, no two beinj color or shading. The Richardson is authorized to offer to all who ca u their store; the only that their quota is ,„ when the supply | s m, will be the end to of people will undoubtedly that the Spring-Air thi s _ manner of celt,,.,,, anniversary, and it g0tt saying that all who plant ip bulbs will contribute „, general civic beauti«ca« Spring. ' I CHARD SON URNITURE CO. makes this extraordinary i offer |H»ssi],lo through Spring-Air .Ma 750.09 255.25 ____ W, Post, freight - ___ 7292 - ___ Pulton Iron Works, on ad count <WATEB. J. W. Kelly, salary Harry Barton, salary Frank Ostrum, salary Laura Mitchell, salary Earl Bowman, labor Dick Helmers, labor I uoo Wlgman Co., mdee. 3 13 . 80 Leighton Supply, mdse. _ 1123 57 H. W. Post, freight 17 50 Thorpe Well Co., on ac- 698.5 90 2.92 29523.001 37.50 65.00 65.00 55.0i 79.20 5.85 3TOW 4 ket for tuos,e fall thirougli Advance and gilts * •count Vern Scobba, labor Hill" Ryner Helmers, labor""" GENERAL FUND H. A. Van Alstyne, aalary 61.00 Arthur Moulds, salary ._ 55 QO Cecil MeGinnis, salary _. 5000 Bert Norton, labor - 141 Alvin Hill, labor —_«____. 13'^., Jesse Laehbrook, salary— 70.0C E. Skilljng, labor^ .._..__. 30 42 Willard Gregaon, labor _, 8816 Oliver Bakken, labor F. Skilllng, labpr —. John Helmers, labor —.1 02 77 Geo. Gunder, labor —,.__.. 6277 Herman Lyons, labor _,__ 4390 Chas. Harvey, labor „ 43.'l2 Mike Miller, labor ....... 150 H. W.^Post, freight . . os, reght ___ - 394 G. ^. Sjogren, mdse. _ ____ i«'oo SITWER FUND J. W. ICelly, salary _ ---- PJ'KEFUND C. C. Wrlgit, salary „ ---- 22.50 Algona Company, fires H. W. Pflet, _ _ ' • f WIMJPNG POOL Bob geii^jtr.pm «t al, labor 160.00 1.45 Geo. foecwa et & refund 150 00 G. P. S?SCHT, Sfeypr. fHE MATTRESS THAT ALWAVS FEELS SO GOOD SOUVENIR RAINBOW COLLECTION OF DUTCH Tulip Bulb A "R.mtD t, 40 VALUh VOURS YOR ONLX Spring-Air's 10th Anniversary we mike this remarkable offer ArTunusuctt, irresistible^ gift I No'airings tie'd to fo {nothing you must buy, II is strictly a good-will oiler' /ing. mad* possible' by the producers of Spring-Ail Mattresses, to honor the 10th Anniversary of Iheii 'celebrated product. 0 Fill out the Gill Check with your name and ad; ' drew and'bring it to our store. For only 39c - It' cover the bare cost of handling — you will be given /a box of 20 Dutch Tulip Bulbs o! Cerlilied SI.40 | value. H'« a'gorgeous Rainbow Collection, with no |«wo color* alike. Guaranteed blooming sin (all bulb» are over 9 cm, in dia.), and Jree from blemish. The supply is limited, so clip your S1.01 Gift Check """ m * "" yourTulip Bulbs at once. —=* s f" .w^Sf SIT- See Our Window* Today For Fall Showing of Air Spring Mattresses *

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