Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 22, 1938 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 22, 1938
Page 7
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'Fit->*/•'„,' KOSStTTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA. 10 >WA PAGE IPT AN «!' EL IT A .8 JFEST Ch<is Si *" ' — " , Algona, Raymond V and the writer 'fall Register and I 1 " 0 Jitlon. These con- l con hlS and better i al ' e Monday morning Sec T 1 . the ftrtt, speaker and • , many things abou :re«t ma y | Ifhere will in the be 200 more hnthe.^ state this the nox but accompany ng chores when we called last rhursday. They are to move lo he farm where Charles Scott now lve.s, south of Hurt. Charles has lought the farm. It la called the _j6W Owen farm and is in Port- all d township. » * * * Ray McWhortcr, the potato Idng, was in his field Thursday wearing rubber boots and was examining lia potatoes. Ttc said they wore not hurt by the moisture as yet as this ground is well tiled, and if it does not rain any more his potatoes would be o. k. i't V Sit lit When we called on Lewis H. Winger!., south of Wesley, last Frl-1 day Lowia wa« busy unloading dirt; Into the chicltciiliouso a« it iieodH' fllllnR in. Lewis is a strong man for he was using a No. 12 scoop; shovel in unloading this dirt. He! took time out and asked us in the ' house to show their litt.lo boy. Ho! Is now five months old and already DAILY FEATURES ALGONA FLOOD SCENES Four Corners i . t . __ jter, Mrs. W. C. Taylor. Mr. Mil- Aid meets this Ichell came up with Mrs. Gfeenley Mrs. 8!m Bemifl. Thursday .They have mimed Ipher.iWa: • P ^ c lik7gettrns"'Hncdihas some tooth. Ten football games. I him Charles, of the picture- : "" IVI "' „ ii,,,,ril Portland township, „ Announcer mum. building n fence for some pigs Frl-i was third speaicsr. dyft He h . us two s()WS c . ich h . iv _ Hurt, in ; was busy| I Whittemore jeffey was u"»" "i-------• iaya. Jie na.s two sows, i L the announcer over WMT, , ng 13 pi ,, B , uu] , 10 ams l() 1)1;u . 0 L Gardner Cowies J ''m lc sows and pigs on new ground. Et sneaker and said he liau He aaye tncy do butler by doing L m Chicago Sunday to at- th(a Mr Sll | p , ev a)ao ROWGe i a .meeting. He'was nursing mal! fiol(1 lo ril n vyo f()1 . oar | y 5 "and but did not say how , fced L s broken.- He gave a| * and explained how the ' ab ie to give all of the l n "d the many ways they • setting the news: _,. \M3onald then introduced « start September 29 Mr. and Mrs. William Illasey, of, in eister How 'Can I Look Rockwell City, their daughter it Is the title of the story- Dorothy, with a Mrs. Haas, of Chili time H. 0. Monahan, the cago, and lier little daughter were L subscription manager guests of Mr. and Mrs. Mike Weir i Jf W e were going to give the Sunday. I a write-up in the 'Advance. Ml . s i\ K Woodward cntcrtain- •d: "01), yes, we read your et j 20 boys at the Ambrose A. Cail lews" state park at Algona_Saturday in fgroup meelings were then nonor O f her son Melvin's 12th! I Each group talks about Birthday. Mrs. Peter Schumacher Jiey can improve on their an(1 M ,: s o R Benschoter helped lake the boys to the park. irdncr Cowies Speaks. T [ le Guy Farrels have moved to today William Cordingley, the Saundcrs farm, near St. Bene[ the circulation department, diet, and Mrs. Farrel will work the job. He and Gardner there during the winter, i Sr had a chat. Then Mr. Donald Jacobson has come from was introduced, and he Mapleton, Minn., to husk corn for i fine talk. Mr. Cowies gave A. L. Rochleau. [advice to the young couples George Bartleman, cattlebuyer ' " '"- for the Wilson Packing Co. at Al- fcere there, as some of the •r men and their wives had invited. He said if the young Iranted to get rich he would them to get their wives- lit first. He also said R. & T. not employ lazy workers. ,,owles always talks right to fcint and is a fine speaker, and lot seem to change. We had -A visit with him. He told us |y Ingham was In the hos- was improving. He also „„„ us that Mrs. Cowies was and asked how Algona was, to DHS veterans' fine crops, etc. fcays interested Mr. Cowies in Kossuth V IF f f , Wednesday when we called ,,'T. Price's, south of Swea JMr. and Mrs. Price were do|he week's washing and re- that it was rather late in id that it was rather late in Sun( j 8 y eflCto wash. The Tains haii*" _ them from washing r before. " 'rice and his son tann 500 _; They bought a 'new Com- f this year and eald It worked !actorily in /dry season, but ; an unusual year. •. * * * « mes Doocy, southwest of Swea : has his driveway well grav- Otherwise one could not j into the farm yard, as there [ over a foot of water on this e. James said he had the best i where it did not';drown this that he ever had. He farms I acres. * * * *. J A. J. Martinek's, northwest of •ley, last Thursday they had [ veterinary as the pigs had kind of lung disease. The i were being treated. ' * * * * • . Thursday at A. J. 'Harms lea west of the Doan church ' were doing the. evening milk_ Mr. Harms has a fine herd of |s. He has more cows than he milk, and may sell one o Ji. Mr. Harms showed us some beans that were standing in t«f over the top and was afraid '' were ruined. * • * * tlvm Andreasen, % mile west o church, was doing even bert Lea, was here last week Thursday. , i Mr. and Mrs.Andrew Elbert, Mr.' and Mrs. C. W. Elbert, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. J. Winkle, and Mr. and ; Mrs. -William Lauck left for north- j ern Minnesota Sunday for a week; of fishing. Jos. Median has gone Moines and entered a hospital there. | Mi', and Mrs. Lloyd Walker, Mrs. | Dorothy Sobers, and the latter'sl son Ralph were Sunday dinner guests at Ihe Arthur Jass home fit Garner. The J. T. Meurers, Wesley, visited Mrs. Joseph Meurer and her son Lucian Sunday. Mr and Mrs. Arthur HeidenwUn, with the son Ellsworth, visited at Erwin Heidenwith's, Swea City, PLANT MULLINS' HYBRJ2 Tho THIPl^K PROTECTED H>'- JHIH, Tlme-Testod for AtopUbil- ty, Yield, and Quality. •lni-« vour order now and Insure ylurseif of a sufficient supply of he seed you desire. .••••••••****** • H. W. POST | Dray snd Trftn«r«r , STOBftBEoFALLMNOS i Long Distance Haultn* ' =? —"I For Sale SEED CORN' F0» Inspected and Field Certified by Iowa State College. Price $2.50 90 POUND BUSHEL Oscar Strom PHOUJ! IF* Ei'.o filling in this neighborhood | finally got under way Monday morning at John Sabin'a. Plans' i were In ptart the week before but | it'io r'eUY, were too wet to use the j ' bi-iilf.:. Vuo-sday the crew filled, I 1 -r C.eovsc Lee. Thoy planned to till Wednesday at tiie Art Cruik- i",!in«U'.? fa"m tenanted by tha John I McNeils; then Thursday <it Louis | Lowmnn's and Friday at Edward ! Rich's. Tho t.wo chicken houses at the Ida Nlekerson farm tenanted by the Arthur Alexanders got a new cement floor and new shingles. Art said, "If the heir; didn't Hlte it, they could KO lay an egg." Perhaps tills is an idea for increasing egg production. Mrs. Noble Mitchell and family spent Sunday afternoon at Mrs. Martha Geilenfclt'a, Algona. Mrs. Ida Nlckeraoti, Algona, spent from Saturday till Monday at Louis Lowman's. The Fern Hilling family, Britt, also spent Sun- ! day there. Last week Wednesday was L. J. Lowm.in Sr.'s birthday. His daughter, Mrs. Cora Smith, Burt, ; brought home made ice-cream and , c;ike and surprised him at. the Louis Lowman home where he slays. The Everett Withams were also there. • Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Alexandei spent Saturday and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Leo Ramus at Sibley and her son-in-law Henry Carton, who went to Sioux Falls, S. T>., fov Mrs. Gorton and her . . Sunday school officers Will elected next Sunday morning mir ing the Sunday school houf; ,*. f<r-v : 'v _-»*••! ^' i ',' , '•'••*- '^L ::'m '?4'/',,-4,f,i "-':* >j#£v <; ;•«< 3ys* • t-Xi -?", f A ; - / ~ ' ;-.•,;•«>:'' ." f i /;.-' SEXTON ,..i: , : Wv 1 Kalhryn Kirschbaum is recov- I cring a.1 the Kossuth hospital, Ali i;ona, from a ruptured appendix i operation. She is the daughter of the August Kirschbaums. Mr. * Kirschbaum operates the Sexton' garage. Mrs. John Voss, Lu Verne, went j home Saturday after the week neve j caring for her daughter, Mrs., Herman Wise and new daughter,! Charlotte Ann. . | Mrs. Sarah Wise and daughter, i Mrs. Drusie Noble, had dinner, Sunday at Herman Wise's. I Roy Mitchell, of Corydou, is j spending a few days with his sis- Iowa Hybrid ! NO. 931 CERTIFIED NO, 939 Seed Corn 90 LBS. PEK BUSHBL FROM FIELD $2.50 PER BUSHEL No. 931 is corn certified for planting in Northern section. No. 939 is corn certified for planting in North Central section. Corn has passed all certification requirements to date. I proclce my own single cross parent stock from certified in-bred lines, and can supply certified seed stock for anyone wishing to produce either No. 9rfl or No. 939 seed corn. The above price is subject to change without notice. We urge you to get your seed before a freeze as prices will advance after a hard freeze. The first 20 customers to bring the advertisement with them will receive an extra 20 pounds of corn. 2 miles, east, 2 miles north of Renwick. ALVIN ENGSTROM KE1VWICK, IOWA ; Telephone ]S T o. 14F22 l^ FROM the D.s ,nd Trtt.ne SHELLS ijwVuutie&d Equal to Any Shell Made I Satisfaction or Money Back ! Performance In Every SMI! We are offering the foilov^itemsatabi^ be aold at once. We can give you terms. 1933 Ford V-8.1% ton, LWB Dual tires. A goo^ truck at a tiargaln pnce. 1935 Chevrolet, iy a ton, LWB Dual tires. This truck is in first class shape. 1933 ^Ford V-8, iy 2 ipn f ijwi> r | Dual tires. Rebuilt iftot^r. At a bargain. 1930 International, lf/ a ton, LWB _ •. i.!--- •»• »XX>I-'«M hBRvv duty trucl Dual tires. A good : 'old all around. ^ 15-30 Reconditioned and repainted. A bargain. 15-30 in A-l Shape. Bepa&twi Repainted. J? 20 Farmall. All steel wheels *^l m »i n t«,j 1 afj4 in 'tost class condition. ; extra teani. Regular Fannall : Bubber front and Ste Good mechanical condlltion F-12 Farmall, AU Steel One year old. New tjondition. J*^ 1 .,^ • I snaailer farmer or to tea m up with a big tractor on a large farm. heavy duty truck. 1 rear. Repainted. F 12 Farmall Rubber front and steel A good buy. rear. Used one year. GAMBLE'S S&G Shotgun SHELLS Good quality, C«tetirti,Mr"« loag range, A7c •economical. ** f price. 12 Single »<•* 70c gauge. , Low Prices I GAMBLE'S ACE SHEfctS We' positively guarantee savings and satisfaction/Long range, hard hitting, uniform power. Patented cone base insures max«nuf power behind the load. No back burntag. Water proof. Progressive burning powder. High brass base. 12 GUACE MAXIMUM LOAD 4, 5, 6, or 71/2 Chilled Shot In Case Lots, Per Box $1100 Single Box $1.05 fc*fti»«^Sri'fe±-KSf'E. S|7b^%^i^^^^ Tn rt «r Tohn Deere, three bottbjn, 14 i»eh, go< torn,14 inch, rebuilt and repainted. x GAMBLE'S PIONEER SINGLE BARREL SHOTGUN ejector. Pistol grip, American plate. Full choke. Available in Z, 16, 20, or 410 guage DOUBLE GAM»U'S WONEER anun type. Walnut stock,'pist9V«iWp-S^ted'fWf«4 ' ftJSbarrels, Double l-yman ivory sights, Recoilp»4. Avfil*- •-•»l Phone 52 Bast State ! (1 t *,. j Jv

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