Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 22, 1938 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 22, 1938
Page 5
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Store to Jadges, Award teach schoo dlgn to I highway ! week by Norman safety will b< part of the S. & !• .nd special badges foi d windshield deri and heiiiK provided nn of the children at . th« " -,,!..,., tlioi-A will bC KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA PAGE Fiva » I ing Mr. Gilmore formerly worked for n. street car company at attle, but is now retired. Se- a liberal arts course and lives with an aunt. Enid was graduated from the Algone high school last spring, and she is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Fuller. _ ...... Fred Engel and John Frankl sot iBocttcher was Mrs. Schuit/,'s motli-i Kfr. and Mrs., Vernon Pederson, home Sunday from Wyoming, er. Mr. Schultz works here ."or i Bode, are parents of a daughter, where they had spent ten days, the .state highway commission. (Patricia Mae, born Sunday .morrtr looking after lands owned by Mr. Walllngford last week Thursday on a business mission. Mr. Vohs _..... ..... i.s now nn insurance salesman. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Scbulty,, Formerly he traveled for Wallaces' wilh their sons Armln and Wesley,! Farmer. Wallingford Is a small attended the funeral of Mrs. F. A.}town north of Graettinger in Em- JBoettcher at Elmore Monday. Mrs. met county. from T it for ^ome County . , . and Mrs. A. iJhig, September 18, at the Kossuth Frankl there. After return Mr. 1 .--_.. ™_— , -------.... attended a monthly social!hospital. The baby weighed 7% Engel went to Davenport to get hie county agents' meeting at the!Ibs. Mrs. Pederson was Tola Stott, wife, who has been visiting rela- Country club clubhouse at Clear, employed at Dr. R. M. Wallace's lives there, and both were to come and Mrs. s. D. Wilson wove'.,,<,, » at Blue Earth Saturday on a bin-i Peril's iness mission. | lime '' e"nTFru?n*ffi C ^Mo n ,.dw a f ry ^^"'fmnrnv^r'inSfJ conoltlon 1S now |Lakc Saturday night. Ten other office before marriage. s™HH> ^Er^sfireWKS^^ 1 ^-*-- *-- — l)r. M. G. Bourne got back tills' n _ oi s and is back on duty at the 'Mrs. C. W. Morck, and home Wednesday. Mr. Engel is a and was brought mechanic at Dau>i3 ' brother of Chris, is manager for &« M™. Mrs, Walter Good returned Su:i- the Iowa_Public Service Co. there. with Mr. and Mrs. Walter Schultz and the Schultz daughters, all of New Hampton, were week-end guests of the Alfred Schultz family. Mrs. DeBettigness Is a sister, Walter a brother, of the local Mr. Schultz. Maureen Brekke, niece of Mrs, Schultz who teaches near Albert Lea, was a Sunday visitor at the Schultz home. employed by the commission. Mr. Schultz is state highway The Chris Walluknlts attended a Wallukait reunion at John Wallu- kait's, Cherokee, Sunday. John, da from Aamosa wh,, she had wr. ji. u.i«nirne got back this! noi 8 and is back on duty at the' Mra . c. W. Morck, and Charts : ; o rvation and treatment at Mercy spent three months -with her morning (Ihursday) from Cliica-j sportsman's Tavern, while G. A. I Stophenson, son of Mrs. T. T. hospital Mr and Mrs Glen daughter, Mrs. Cecil Benner. Mrs. go, where ho attended a medical; witlkopf, owner, and his wife aro Herbal, left Saturday for Minneap- Rnnev Mrs Walter Fraser ' daush- Benner is the former Virginia convention yesterday. away on vacation. l oU , to ,. esume attendance at the {er Eleanor. Tnd Mrs Clair' Ander- Good, and her husband is manager Mrs. I). ('. llnirlilsoii i c n Sun- Raymond (illmorc, of Seattle, Minnesota university. Virginia is K0)1 ca lled on her Friday. for ^ c Be " Telephone company day evening by train for days with her pin-cms, Mr. Mrs. Schulf/.. Cedar R-.vplcls. few Wash., brother of E. ,1. Gllmore,'a sophomore; Charles, a senior. i 11and a Mr. Duncan, Humboldt, were! The HOT. John Firth, a. returned ! guests at the Rotary luncheon missionary from Affan, India, was 1 r - Tlio Hoy OhrlsteiiNCiis, Graettin- there. The Benners are parents of a son born a couple of weeks LONG'S Food Shop » Where You Get Quality and Big Quality tot Yott* Money. Jumbo size Ivory Soap. of 'Hie Oliver ago ' l Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Norton took Mr. mul Mrs Hirrv 1'nttm- nn.ivi MnlltIa >" noon. Mr. Duncan !s an a guest Saturday of the Rev. and West Bend, and 'their daughter !umlci ' takor al Humboldt. >M.-.s. F. 0. Volzke. He is now re-: ^(enl^, w'lir"manage"the new their son Richard to Iowa City Fri- •flrtltion "there will be Joan were Sunday dinner guests of' Kathleen, daughter of Dr. and^'-ed and makes his headquarters chvlstensen store the Dul id mg for day to attend the state university. &.Xboy«aiid.glrte|Mr and Mrs. R. M. McAtec. ' , Mrs. R. A. Evans, went to loWa'^PeUa Prom here he went to Wh , a b , td «intent for u , 0 . Mrs w y. (iiii, is ,,i (1 i, M b <u .CHy yesterday for further eye Ayrshire to visit other friends. | nor(h ]f]e Qf ,g tate t t y« ars .°i..i.«; inn words- the P. W. Tobin homo ion '.l.nvrJ treatment. She will meanwhile' (llnr1 ^ < r«'t'/,impr left yester-: ; ' who c ' a y morning for Boston, after hav- '" •"• ilng spent the summer here with Illem) ' e1 ' «» tn <5 Jomitres I'OO words- the 'P. W. Tobin homo ion ietlu ,^| „{ i 10 Scrin f '""In be awarded Wll oe awarueu , The contest will close ..jj There are no tricks or ^'tricks f the contest, M tllCKS i ,!,„,.,, „,.„ - . . n ays, . in Scaring for Mr. Tobin, who has boo. i ! visit, her brother Wallace, for in poor health for somo time. farms south of Iowa City. i Pella. From here he went lo ™T belnR Prected on the The elder NorUrae stopped at Tip™hi-» to visit other friends. !l.!,r JM» „, l.»,ll,,S..» ton and Keokuk to visit relatives, returning Sunday. Tipton is Mrs. mp a npw . ™ . * "fT Norton's old home town. Both Mr. HoUiy club and Mvs ^ ortou attende(J the 8ta i e Mrs. Mnry Frnnkl was a Sunday' Mary HigfdiiK left for Dubuciuo dinner, guest of the I,. Gisclies,! Saturday morning after a week farmers north of Algona. Mrs.: here with her sister-in-law,' Mrs. J. ass? a r,Xi " ! —/"s^s-a ^° =« - ™r^^ at Harvard university, [that and there are i Frank! is an aiinl of Mrs. Oiscli. ]J. Biggins, who is housekeeper j'sary of any! Mrs. Doiwlri (!imlm>r has resmn- the Marvin C.'ain home. Mr. ^ilyTntrance require-[ed clerking he boy or girl sign '.week 1 *, absence < tin. w .7 Qho tu tlln Fnrmnv entry blank giving »t ! M n at M. H. first time. -The club voted to hold its meeting week after next on nnd he will be a senior this year. Tuesday evening, instead of Mon- Hinith, who teaches t'he ' day noon, to enable members to hear a talk by a district official. in 1916. Mr. nnd Mrs. George Guy and Mrs. John Guy, all of Stroator, 111. arrived Monday, and Mrs. Keith Waterloo, arrived Tuesday, The family celebraled Ihe birthday anniversary of another brother, Andrew, county engineer at Adel. Still other ibrolhers in allendance were Hans, manager of a light and power plant at Rutland; Martin, Humboldt; and Matt, district court clerk at Dakota City (Humboldt). Dne sister, Mrs. George Beebe, Humboldt, and all of the children's father, David Wallukait, Humboldt, also attended. Robert Schmidt, formerly of the Lone Rock neighborhood, now of Fairmont, was an Algona visitor yesterday. Though he retired recently, he has not yet learned to stay away from the farm, so he has been back for a day or two to help the two boys on the place fill per bar Jumbo size Big 4 Soap Chips, per box __—. Half gallon jug Clorax : per jug Wilson's Cheese, 2-lb. silo, dig potatoes, etc. Mrs. T rniv, .* r\ n i,« J^JcjJiJ. \vtiit;i iuu, ai i IYUU A ueou«.j i ^ e l. Gi l br T: .' 9 S <± all for a week with Mr. and Mrs. Schmidt came down with him. After 38 years on the farm, the Schmidts recently moved to Fairi •ShTuVe-rmor^a SS nonpo. n=y™ were ,£!"£ VcleWSi ™»<™' °^V±> le^es loo^a, left Wed Rafter a few -» ™ w -.-— —• ^ ^ mont where they bought a home. obser ve the following only at intersec- _rs of' traffic off!-', Took in both direc- crossing; help the across; not play in the I nor ride a bicycle 'or a In the middle of'the street; itch a wagon or sled to a ,bsled when moving, n6r , on a moving car or a n look and listen at. rail- sings; and do everything Ent accidents, either per for to others. Litest is now open. _«nd tanks can be obtained by lion at the store. is an aunt, Mrs. Kiepp a sister, the Kruse agency. He 'is a partner in the '. week-end guest of Major and & BlosHom insurance ,,..,,.. . ,, ;are Gertrude Zander, a senior, and Sunday night from Long r. ,s the father and Mrs.! Mary BHzabeth God ' del1i a man. i Sweaney a sister, of the Major. Mr. nnd Mrs. c. n. .Pommoren-1 'Hie- ,lc>rry Sclintters West.Bend.: j frs< r ,. AV> 0 n 1(!S , )ic and ^.'uiere since'late in and Mrs. drove lo two boys Beach are matriculating in the univers- Vresh" 1 . Calif.'," where "they "have "been visit- Ity this week. Bolh are sopho- j ing relatives. Leona had bean mores. Bob i s preparing for den- i " orthodonlia), Lg, with Ihelr son Bobby, were at were Sunday guests of the Tom b. | daughler Marlone were Sunday i Stewart since August 10. ] ason City Sunday, visiting rcla-1Baileys. Mrs. Schutter is a sister stg of Mri ana \ Ml . Si H _ F _ Dor .U n operator -at Marie's g lives. Mr. Pommcremng works at;oi -Mrs. Dailey, and Mr Schutter is , cy af . Led , d _ Mrs _ rj ors , ft 'Salon. f . Oreeiiberg'B. a morUciun Mr. Dailey IB build- jB , 8ler ol jj rB . Glllesple.- and the 1 Field represon Mr. anil Mrs. Rcmharl. Liob and -ing contractoi- for Botsfords. irjoraev* are farmers. Mr. Gillesnie : company met at Their farm consists of 280 acres. There arq five boys and three daughters in the family, all married except one daughter and the boys on the farm. It is betraying no secret, however, to .say that one of the boys on the farm expects to quit the bachelor state before long. box GENUINE SPRING LAMB Right from Swift's SWIFT'S BABY BEEF You will like our Meat* New Crop WACOMA PURE SORGHUM has arrived. BUCKWHEAT FLOUR Plain and Prepared. BUY YOUR QUAKER OATS and AUNT JEMIMA PANCAKE FLOUR of us and get the new 1938 CROP LONG'S FOOD SHOP Phones 214 and 215 MANY QUICK DELIVERIES il BOY WRITES TRIP TO COAST weeks ago Tuesday, as nere- July Mrs tistry (eventually Leona is while John, who works his way at Beauty tlle University hospital, is majoring in accounting. entatiTes ot a brush Mrs. Fred lingers, who lives at .... AI .. c . ,, . . ... ... U1 » oja a , c lallllclD . „*.. „,„<;„„„ t .^., met at M. F. Amfaar'a Los Angeles, left Sunday morning, the- Rev. and Mrs. P. J. Braner Mrs. M. J. htrcit, and her infant , a employed at the i ocal Smoke, here Monday evening. Attending: after a visit since last, week Wed- .were supper guests ot Mr. and,daughter Margaret Mary are to be gnop i Mr _ and Mra _ Harry Tweet and W. nesday with Mrs. T. H. Holmes Sr. Mrs. Fred McWherter, near Whit- dismissed from the Kossuth hos-, ^i r ! mill Mrs. M. J Anderson and!E. Harris, Fairmont; Karl Una- The Rogers family lived at Water- temore, Tuesday. Mr. nnd Mrs. George attended the funeral Mahonuy pital today. The baby was born j Mr and Mrfi Eal>1 Hyatt Mankato/man, Garner; Lawrence Young- loo, also once at Wesley. Mr. Rog------ '--• •"> ..... "-- •- "~ and Lawrence Goetz, both of firs, who has been dead 11 years, September 12. and this is the sec- of Mrs. ond child, the other being a son. with Ml , £nd M] . s Frank Thomas Powell, Spencer, Sunday. I Mr. nnd Mrs. Dennis Pratt, with !(lay ' , ard, St. James, Minn., were Sun-: Wesley; and 'Mr. and Mrs. Jewel, was connected with a gas-electric at c_ W- orck's. Mr. Mr, Mahoney. Mrs. H. S. Duncan, Minneapolis left Tuesday, after a visit since i Merle i s a junior in the local high; Thompson. .company. Mrs. Rogers has been .. ..*,...*.~ - - .. - „, , * . ^ i liu J S utI «l.S irlL v_>. VV . 1UU1 Ulv. D. IV! I . i liuiii^ouii. , VU -.. L ,«..^ . u--~ Mrs. Powell was a sister-in-law of the children, Betty and Merle, vis-, Anderson, a brother of Mrs. Morck, Mrs. Dora Urch accompanied Dr. .spending the summer 'at Water- ited relatives Sunday at West Un-, Js connec ' tet i wltn a Mankato elec- and Mrs. Evans and their daughter loo. plis, ion, the old Pratt, home town. tv i c company. • .Kathleen to Iowa City yesterday j Dr. InCC! Merle is a junior 111 Ule local hlgll ; -ir T,' A.nf,,!,^ iithnnlnil n hrnoh in liavo nil nnornHnri fnr romovnl T.unoi FBI. - SATUR., SEPT. 23-24 M. F. Amfnhr attended a brush ] lo have an operation for removal Lansing, and Mrs. John Shirley, Easl left Saturday after icll. i i..v,.)v.llj , «tiv,i ib , ..j.v .,...~~| - « u -l •! ' JUIIHIIII lll.li. II1IV11 fl Ul U^»ll | LU Helve till U^JU 1 atlull lul 1C111UVO.I iJtHlalllfi, ivall^ll., ICLL Otll.ul \ACI.Y till.'-* Friday with her daughter, Mrs. E. school, and Betty is a grade pupil. ! sa i osm en's field meethu; at Desjof cataracts. Mrs. Urch has for a week with the former's parents, tir TT,, « ™ —« .11,*,. TTn. n n n<i 1^ „ itsiTt t f ,^I I* !JllM »I I***- -1-1 it WV T ,J1 1'RAll . tPf)Y— '•«*•. * i . T mi T 1_. 1 T__ 7 ^ ff t ..! ^. . t •* *- . • -trr (••«»_ J.,1 T\*.n eported five local boys -^ Hanson. Mr. Hanson is archi- . for the Coas,t in Donaldjt ect for Bolsford's. |esl •delivery truck', wilh his V-8 Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Wilson,' Ti-; Sund ooked on as a Iraller. Th3y| t0 nka, were evening dinner guests ' parents, Mayor and Mrs. C. in North Hollywood lale j Sunday of the former's parents, Specht. Mr. Larson' conducts Mr, mid Mrs. Harry Larson, For- | Molnes fl . orn i ast week Thursday some years been hard of hearing. Supt. and Mrs. Wm. Shirley. Doct City, with their children, were. tlll Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Wil-!'Kathleen, who has had two opera- tor and Mrs. Shirley made a trip anduy guests of Mrs. Lai-sons ;j,, m gainer, Osage, came here! tions on her eyes recently, may abroad this summer to England, u-entB, Mayor and Mrs. C. F. it j i ljm »... ,j. e wee k-end at the; have'to have another. i France, and Scotland for educa- llowing Friday. The accompanied Donald .boys,Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Wilson, were O p er ates a restaurant. J, E.! hardware store and a chick hatch- a . Amfahr home. Mr. Schiller is alsc lory. . lhe Kohlhaas & Spilles iKelly, "Bill" Spencer, Ken- tynk, and Joseph McNeill. h and Joseph dropped off 0, where they are attending is a letter written home Ithe trip: > ; _ just a fair one. Had bits |uble getting acrpse some , and got fined Jtor missing iectlon station in Nebraska, j dollar. I teamed up with a kid from , and picked up another fel- |rtaer on, both of whom we I all the way to Los Angeles. [200 miles out we picked up joys from Bode. .At one time •were eight of us. On -Thurs- pght we played out and atop- mgside the road for 2% store! sleep. Outside that out- tag was done on the go. [Don) am trying to get into pniversity of California, but ; know for a week .or move er I can make it. .There are an d friends. 19000 students there." : . letter to his mother reeeiv- jpnday, Donald Willaeon said lie liked it at Santa Clara, This is his freshman year medic com [university there, and he is ics course. ng to be an athletic coach. iok an active part last year Algona high school foot- am, and he has already gone • practice at the univeT-slty. » . ton Girl's Poem Wished Recently In a recent issue of the iet", a magazine ' published International Walther a poem written by Alvina , a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. >reyer, Penton, appeared. The 1, which was entitled "Another", .Lola Jlrcesninn, assistant principal of a Des Moines school, spsnt the week-end with her father, .Mr. nnd .Mrs. Herman Schwandt, Webster City, with two children, a brush salesman. Lars Sorenscn, veteran local grocer, left yesterday for ' Rochester, Mrs. AV. 0. McCnllough and Mrr,. tional purposes. Mr. Shirley teach- D. H. Goeders took the former's es in the English department of son Bob as far as Des Moines Michigan state college, East Lans- Tuesday, and from there he went ing, Mich. where he will be operated on Fri-1 on to St. Louis to attend a carpen-. Among Lu Yerne women who me ivcen-Biiu «•,.,.. «=. ^.^...werc Sunday dinner guests of the day 0] , Saturday for ulcers of Shelter'* school. He was graduated came U p yesterday to attend the Chubb Dreesman, who has been in A. A. Sterlings. Mrs. Schwandt is stomacll- Alma Madison, R. N.,jfrom the local high school three mov i e cooking school were Mes- .., _ ,. . n -ntnnn nf Tlfli'n Gtrtnl 1r»OC ATlH T net _ — . ' • i^. ••«•._.. _. ___a*__-i. J»__iji_ « ii*w t*« ww v %»--o u poor health for some lime. Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Christensen Minneapolis, with their children,;City. i a niece of Mrs. Sterling, and the, Lone R OC I C) accompanied him. Mr. I years ago, and he attended the uni- d ames , j Schwandts farm near Webster orensen expects to be there two versity of Iowa one year. j_ H j were Sunday guests of Mr. and! Ifowurd Enffsh-om, Elmore, left Mrs. 0. T. Solberg. The visitors Friday morning, after a week here ! . „ .. * r«_ii tiritli T^llVMrnrtrl TlnlrQi. Q n rl n+noi' Alare cousins of Mrs. Solberg. with Durwood Baker and other Al- Mr. nnd Mrs. Joseph Pelisek left j gona friends. He is a 1936 gradu- yesterday (Wednesday ( for a week i ate of the Algona high school, and with relatives and friends at Ta-|he is now employed in a grocery ma, where they formerly lived. Mr. stow. ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^_ uoketa, left Wednesday after an overnight stay at Dr. and Mrs. V. hTr' e slsTe;Mrs U ."w.TDuUon and' .Earl Burgess's. Mr. Boyer, po»t- "^ Leo! the latter a Partner :n master at :Maouoket,^ was on ms , he Mississippi river. Miss Tiss is .Howard, at Otlumwa. Mr. Rhue is chapman, is present Advance-U. employed at the Security State ! retired, and the elder Mr. Howard Pelisek is local express agent. Mrs. Gertrude -Spilles, Whitte- week with hardware | way to a national convention I St. Paul. Mrs. II. M. Smith, the former Strelt for some years an Ad- Among out-of-Kossuth visitors lhe Field day Sunday was E. B. . Dr. and Mrs. L. G. Baker their son Durwood and Roland Larson to Ames Sunday to attend college. Durwood is taking a pre- medic course; Roland, an econom- s course. Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson Grott, of Chicago, arrived Sunday for a few days with Mrs. Grott's parents, Mr. irens, was formerly a took' Humboldt. resident Mr. nnd Mrs. Wm. C. Dau, with their two children, were at Swea City Sunday, visiting Mrs. Dau's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Eh lers, and Mrs. Ehlers accompanie( the Daus to Bancroft to attend 1 the Field meet. ~ Mrs. H. C. Anderson and her son Jerry Bob were at Britt Monday P. I. and Irvin Chapman . , r - , , r _ _ , , .. ~. Benedict,, and Joseph Lichty. eeks or longer. Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Howkard. Except Mrs. Irvin Chapman, the Flora Tiss and Amy Johnson are were guests last week Tuesday and wonl en. are sisters, former Patter- xpecled back Salurday from a (Wednesday of Mrs. Howard's falh- son g i r i g . Mrs. F. I. Chapman is a en-day Irip to St. Louis, Mo. Theyjer, George Rhue, and Mr. How- f ormer Advance correspondent, and ' ilso took an excursion trip down|n.vd's parents. Mr. and Mrs. S. M. daughter-in-law, Mrs. Irvin is in the laundry business. G. M. •has the local Howard Hardware. I Mrs. Clinton Lighter gat. back correspondent. Maurine, daughter of Mrs. Cora . Miller, arrived yesterday from where she is a sten- for a large wholesale Mrs.' Miller met her at Eagle Grove. Mise Miller attend- -r,r j j a i. ed school here three years, later Auxiliary Wednesday, and Mrs. wag graduated tram tne Hamilton , ,, ., , . business college at' Mason City. Mrs. Stewart and Mrs "eWer are ghe was e geographer at the Y. former members of the Bode Aux- wr c A there for fiOme years be . going to California. iliary. Means, Villisca, spent last >ank,' and Miss Johnson at the Chevrolet garage; Mrs. Zeno Bass, Strahan, and her daughter Anna Rose left Monday, after a week here with Mrs. Walter Roberts, another daughter I Mrs, C. E. Stewart for four days. of Mrs. Baas. Anna Rose, who will Mrs. Stewart entertained the Bode ^ft'choo'rhere "th1^e"™years~"l(_ter be a senior this year in Drake uni- ••-•«—• «r^_.._... .-^ «_„ ed school heie tnree yeais, versity, Des Moines, Is majoring in music and dramatics. Mr. and Mrs. E. R. 'DeLano, with their two daughters, spent Saturday at the Spencer fair, and from there went on to Spirit Lake to visit Mr. DeLano's sister, Mrs. John Noel, whose husband is a buttermaker there. Mr. DeLano works, at the D-X station here. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Gilbert, Eldora, were week-end guests of Algona friends. The Gilberts, former Algonians, now operate a laundry at Eldora; Mrs. Gilbert is the former Helen Knudson, and before marriage she and ner husband both worked,in tl»e local laundry. Mr. und Mrs. G, L. Vohs were at r - r,Hi Foxes and their guests "f to a^' Henry Jonannsen a scran of happiness i all that God had given): d it into a gracious bow land I tie ribbon;, i to her soul she pinned it tight f the glow of her faith might shine , ••.:.'".". :<'• '.'•'.• : another's saddened life, "' —It shone on mine. ives to Minneapolis m; Clair Winkie accompanied farry and Kd. Wlnfcie of Algona "• to Minneapolis one day last ^returning the next day. He d flood conditions terribl Blue Earth hut 'condition: 1 north were 'more favor ood Brim's Vacation lnn Ida Sto«pel e?j joyed a shor at home frpm £er 4utle Wallburg lunch room due t »Md. The WaJHwrgs stays Emil Stoffel home while their ' "•" under at was , }ndefjnlte length at his bpother E . J. Gilmore's. The visit- SUN.-MONDAY, SEPT. 25-26 Starts .at 12 o'clock to care for crowds. "Holy Smoke' A Lights BOYS' TOWN Greater than the imagination of the best writers!/" PlUS ' WALT DISNEY'S ."HAWAIIAN HOLIDAY" week Wednesday and Thursday » rs - w „ np of Gree ne of here Tuesday lor a few days with his grandmother, Mrs. J. E. ween, \veuuwutt.j' uuu j.iiuiautij' , . ji. i_ i.^. xt. t «« T«V« with hi s daughter. Mrs. M. H. Do- H^boWt^rougli^ their son John hei-ty, and incidentally met his new grandson, Jimmy Doherty, for „,.-„. mt! „ »_.,,„ the first time. Mrs. Means has been Moulds. He is recuperating from here two months and will stay a anlna P pend ' cit ! s °? e l at '2? - n huh few weeks longer. Mr. Means went a 1984 graduate of the Algona high on to Chicago Friday on a business school, and he lived at the Moulds home while he attended school nlisted in the n His aa E.MI'Fuller, freshman at Po- here. He has enlisted in the navy mona college, Pomona, Calif., hafi and expects a caM1 any day. . Hte written home that she likes Call- father is a Chevrolet auto sales-- fornia and already has made trips man into the mountains. She is taking Mr. and Mrs. Tlwo. DeBettigness. TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27 and 38, From 1 o'clock continuous. Critics agree it's the best general picture of the month. ROB'T YOUNG, LEW AYERS, RUTH HUSSEY —in— "RICH MAN, POOR GIRL" City and County ~ Hi ii u mi | niiuniijiii inn i in 1 .' K»rie Kutscbjui* is sic «u at her daughter Mrs ' '" 7 ALWAYS COOU THURSDAY THKU SATURDAY, SEPT. 22-28-34 TERRIFIC BARGAIN, 21c SUGAR Limit 10 Ibs. _______48c 100-lb. bag $4*74 Pork and Beans • 10-02. cans Beans — 25C Dill Pickles Joel were Tuesday guests a C. Schobee'e. • ** E. Potter caine home Pri- "~i Charles CUy, where ebe ed her daughter, Mre. Alta L. F. Rice'Beaded a " the Bnw»etshij,rg Ma- Tue«day even- .Mrs. at the >P» daughter pf Mr. tt-Kapp, has hegun Beauty " Second Feature —Plus— ^DICK TRACY RETURNS" "BORN TO DANCE" Second Feature ^ of Royal Mounted , SE?TEH»ER 87-28 Hood's Store Algona Iowa Special Friday, Saturday, and Monday Free Delivery Phones 420-421 FREE Cannon Towel with IGA Soap Grains Jumbo Pkg. 16-oz. cans 49C IGA LYE Hi-test lOc box 7C FLOUR Omar or Gold Medal. 49-lb. bag—. $1.59 PEAS Early June. No. 3 can 25c MATCHES IGA Blue Tip 19c Boxes RED A COFFEE, Ib, 2-lb. bag, 29t—3-}\>. bag 43* COFFEE, 18-k, cannlster ___2 Ibs. COFFEE, Brown Betty 2 Ibs. 49* PURE CIPER VINEGAR, gal, ——1»* GOLD NUGGET FLOUR, 4» Ibs. $1,09 RAISINS, Seedless .—2 Ibs. IS* PRINCE ALBERT, VELVET 2 cans 19* SODA CRACKERS, 3 Ib, box —-'-15* GRAHAM CRACKERS, g-lb. box -.19* GRAPEFRUIT, No. 2 cans — .2 cans 25* BED BEANS, Carol, No. 2 _ -'- icans 33^ BED KIDNEY BEAKS, Stokely's, No. 2^_3;caus 25^ OATMEAL, Quick or Bag., 5-Ih. bags ___4- 7 __:;31<r PANCAKE FLOUB, IGA 8^ llvpkg. __^i -_»* PANCAKE FLOUB, IGA 5-lb, pkg. —__4; 30* C'BEAM CEBEAI/, IGA, 5-lb. bag ——;— *!_.___j|»^ COBN MEAL, Yellow, fresh, Srlb. bag J__'_ 13* SALT, plain or iodized, round tubes _—__2 for 15* MILK, Armour's large cans —^ .—-3 for 20* SAUER KRAUT, Stokely's, large No. 2^ can,—10* BANANAS 5 Ibs SWEET SPUDS — ____ —7 Ibs, 25* CELERY, well bleached and large —15* CRANBERRIES, Ib. — — --------- 15* LETTUCE, extra large — _2 for 19* ORANGES, n»ed, size — ^-2 doz. 29* POTATOES, Irish Cobblers, pk. — ,19* RED JONATHAN APPLES —5 Ibs. 25* ONIONS, good size, 10 Ibs. CARROTS, large bunches — ,2 for 13* TOKAY GRAPES —_—-___ 2 Ibs. 13* Apple Butter & 13c ROUND STEAK Fancy Lb. BABY BEEF ROAST 14 1 /2C PURE LARD 2 Pounds 21 c PORK CHOPS Center Cut* Lb., PORK LOIN ROAST tiVac BACON SQUARES 15c LON6 HORN CHEESE 2 Lbs 286 SPARE RIBS Pound 11 1 /26 BOILING BEEF or GROUND BEEF 2 PICNIC HAMS Smoked Coffee Blue G *&& LB.I »tw« 25c Cheese Am* •

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