Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 22, 1938 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 22, 1938
Page 4
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'AGE KQSStJTH COtJNTY AfrVAKCE. ALGONA. tOWA Dresses For Early Fall in Fine Corded Poplins GILCHRIST AT BANCROFT FOR THE FIELD DAY Congressman Gets an Eyeful as He Sees the Events. MARKETS lly Kleanor Frnser. Congressman Gilchrist, who HOGS Best light butch., 180-200 $8.00-8.20 Best light butch., 200-260 ...$8.40 Med. hvy., 260-270 _$8.26 Med. hvy., 270-290 $7.00 Med. hvy., 290-325 $7.50 Butchers, 325-350 $7,20 Butchers, 350-400 $700 Packing sows, 275-350 ...I.TjeifjO Packing sows, 360-400 $6.60 Packing sows, 400-500 $6.25 Packing sows, 500-550 $6.00 CATtLE Canners and cutters $2.75-3 GO Veal calves $5.00-8.00 Stock steers $5.00-6.00 $7.00-8.00 Fat yearlings ___•_ T ..„„_„.„„ Fat steers $7.60-8.00 Fat cows $4.00-4.50 Bulls $4.00-5,25 came to Bancroft Sunday especially to see what the Kossuth conservationists do with their "playday," was most favorably impressed. As] GHAUT he watched, and talked with othsr (No. 2 mixed corn _..! 37 C visitors, he reminisced %bout the.No. 2 white corn "~~~J~38c days when he was a boy on the'No. 2 yellow corn II" ~I~37%c farm near Laurens and told of!No. 4 yellow corn (new)~I~ " 30c 10,000 geese he had seen one year. (No. 3 white onts 'They came back the second year, No. 2 rye too. Geese do come back; they fly up and down the same runway. That's the theory of these game refuges-" 1^"' £ "- — Mr. Gilchrist, who drove up with| r 'h "„""""' •E. B. Whine, president O f the Lau- Cl £j cream - rena bank, formerly a resident of! Mr,' 3 new automobiles hit by a Brown '(new) _____ III" " 30c EGGS .,_„..„,.,.„ ^uvemuer v ' -------------------- 27c December 16c -•_26e no rt „ — £DtJ Sweet 26c POULTRY Huniboldt, was particularly anx- ions to know whether same laws are being observed, since that was! tlie question when he pushed i Springers, over 5 Ibs. ________ 13 C through the purchase of Union ' Springers, 4 to 5 _______ "II~Iucl . Ho was assured by one j Springers, under 4 Ibs. I_.III (j c Whlttemore. ' " ' " " SORRY SHOWING ON 1938'S AUTO SALES Dealers in •certainly been Bomber wallop this year as cotn- .pared to 1937, according to flg- 'iires kept in the county_ treasurer's office. So far in '1938 only 388 •new automobiles have been sold by iKossuth dealers as compared to i»07 at the end of September last •year. The grand total for 1937 .was 1006. The percentage in 1938 •is already less than half that of last year at this time. The comparison by months follows: • . 1937 1938 January 37 28 February "II 57 30 March 132 46 April ...113 63 May 117 01 June 97 59 July 91 45 August - 81 36 September 78 20 October 51 46 .103 1006 388 REWRITES Itrlcfs summarizing principal news in Tuesday's tip* per Do's Molnos. MRS. A. 1). CABJfAHAN, 64, who for some years was housekeeper here for Fred Anderson, died last week Thursday, following a long illness, end Dr. F. Earl Burgess conducted funeral services Satur- inado at Storm take, ger's old home. SCOKLVG WAS CKOSE on couh- ty fair butter entries, Martin •Bleich, Titonk'a, scored highest, 95, and P. G.' Engeii and Clinton Mc- Elly, both of Wesley, were at his .heels with only a quarter point and a half point behind respectively. I. L. Seeman, Algona, was fourth. Out of 21 entries, nine .were from Algona, but seven trailed, four at 93, the rest at 92%. M. J, STKEtr, Earl Griffith, and Doctor Cretzmeyer, Albin Spong>berg, Mrs. F. A. Corey, W. J. Larson, reelected secretary! T. H. . Is now president or the "Country club; l>t>sa, Vice; T. •Sheriff treasurer; William y Steele, J. A, Hagngrd, Mr. Loss', Jamea Wurtftgh, w. A, Lorenz, new directors. A CAttl) Pe,e rW .T, •March of Progress queen, reported her passing through Fargo, N D., en route to the Coast. She said she had a fine, time during her day's stay in Chicago. TlfRKE • KOSSUTir boys win enter calves at the Waterloo Dairy uunuuuieu luneiui services oatur- mere, mia. r. j\.. uurey, TV. <i< cinoi UUIVDB .0.1, mo »atenoo .Dairy " t " 'H' \vns •! \ day at the Emmetsburg Methodist <Pfiyne, Doctor Keneficlc, and MattilCongress, which begins next Mon-.' 10 formed m [ nv .' /-> VlM-mill T)ii«l « 1 «.* n n »« _J« J« _« CJrtl r*s\» \tn tfn ttinJsillrttl fl A A nit J-*4l n 1 i rl n \M * \f 1 f rtt»* t^m*! n« BA....I f ' 1 H M7 i,.l. . <l »n'H r-1,,"! nl !l:3( Jc-Hopl,'"'/-"• *"* Aft «it - "* church. Burial was made in an lEmmetsburg cemetery. Mr. Carnahan, who was a farmer, died 13 years ago. Mrs. Mary Webster, Algona, was one of five children. The family lived near Emmetsburg for MRS. TiYDlA DIJfGER, 79, mother of Mrs. C. E. Wilson, of State's Cafe, suffered a stroke last week Thursday and died Sunday. Her husband died 35 years ago, and for 25 years she had lived with Mrs. Wilson, only child. Doctor Muhleman conducted , brief funeral services here, and further services i* it j iiU) JL-»V/V>I,V/I j-jcviiiv^j. jvsitf uuu. -IT At* 1.1- ,." — -• CT • vu u) •• uiuji u^(*)iiiiQ 11CA L IVIOlJ" ' " 1 Selzer have Installed 90-day trlaljday: 'Mitch' Taylor, Sexton, Jer-i 1f)37 ' w '>fn — ' othsr Bey; Robt. Mayer, also Sexton, a ' He " .water softeners. Twelve othsr • sey; Robt. Mayer, also Sexton, a Ie " Vp 'l ;it ('•. homes are to be equipped. .The[Brown Swiss; Floyd Bode, Plum; forc coming ]'' " C1 city council Is having them trlod Creek, Holsteln. , _Mr. Tnhiii man-i out to see whether MIRV will make rmn t «nt««cc™.4,»rt,.,.., _ i'f'()Rcnivi> i '. Pl -ML "c mm (•ariiQi out to see whether they will make unnecessary an expensive municipal plant. DAIlKKTJj and Clarence, sons of Auctioneer and Mrs. C. O. Riddle, CORA CIIRISTKNSKN, Spencer sister of the late P. J. Christensen here, also of Roy Christenaen, died last week Sunday, after some years of poor health, Mr. Tnhiii •lill)ll!||.y had south of Algona, left Sunday for p u layette, where they are junior Ins 7 on ' ' pxhihitov i,«r •and freshman respectively In 1 T P- ,"?, L, °' . , %. e •per Iowa university. They are best tel) cnis at ' the S P enc <> In the last week only five new cars have been sold. Chevrolet were bought by Adolph S. Anderson, Swea City John J. Besch, La- - —«j -.•w.vf it,mix* J-U.1H1G1 S3CI T IU13Q tllll* U\JL were conducted at Alta. Burial was coaches. •graduates of the Bnrt high school, •and both plan to become athletic » . the r fair. JUIK3K QlJARTOJf told the no-1 thumb.' | Io „„, tarians Monday noon about his-crushed it i,^,, 1 recent visit to England. Slough. in ;i position , . ------ ------ , „„ Icota and George F. Foertsch, Wesley. Buiclcs were sold, one to Mrs. ( '" Bi Wilson, Algona, the other to Ballker Frank Bestenlehner, to know that oven "pirates" who used to shoot anything whenever they liked, never lake a thing out of season now, , bccaii.se they arc so impressed with the value of Conservation "Scree's work. Leghorn springers Hen's over 5 Ibs. _ Hens, under 4 Ibs. .Leghorn hens Cocks, under 4% „ Officar Cocks, over 4% Ibs. Geese, live Hens, 4 to 5 Ibs. I~12c Ducks, live, 4% Ibs. " So , , . Ducks, live, under 4% lbs."II~~lGc Evangelistic Drive on at Local Church i An evangelistic campaign in co- upenition with the Northern Bap- list association is being held this jweek and next week at the local Baptist church. The Rev. G. Smith, Waukon, is speaking every evening at S o'clock with the exception of, Saturday evenings. Doctor Smith,! Gardner, who died Monday, were who comes highly recommended, is | held yesterday afternoon at 2:30 not only an influential speaker, |«t the Congregational church, with luojBaby at Lone Rock Dies Friday of Flu Lone Rock, Sept. 21—Dillis Lee, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Cushman. died Friday after a short illness of intestinal flu. Funeral a chisel. -Gc _8c -6c MRS. EVA GARDNER DIES ATM YEARS Funeral services for Mrs. R. M. but a musician as well. He will give several instrumental numbers in addition to the speeches. Doctor Smith came Sunday and is a guest of the Rev. and Mrs. F. C. "Volzke while here. IVe give S. i H. Green Stumps. Students Enter Ames Fenton: The following young men left last week to attend Iowa State College, at Ames: Raymond Schmidt, son of the Ed Schmidts, will begin his second year in journalism; Lyle Newel, son of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Newel, his freshman year in agricultural engineering; James Schwartz, son of Postmaster and Mrs. J. A. Schwartz, his third year in journalism; Edmund Krause, son of Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Krause, to begin his first year in industrial | science and Perry Jenson, son of the' '" • Peter Jensens, his second year in liberal arts. the Rev. C. W. Pfeiffer, Presbyterian pastor, officiating. A Masonic quartet sang, Mrs. Fred Geigel accompanying. Mrs. Gardner was 84 Mrs. Gardner,' who was Eva Pitch, was .born June 23, 1853, in Otsego county, New York, and when she was 2 her father moved to Illinois. Her parents were Mr. . services were held Monday afternoon at the Lakota Presbyterian church, the Rev. O. Frerking in charge. Burial was made in the Maple Hill cemetery, near Lakota. Dillis Lee was born January 14, 1938. Besides his parents he is survived by a two-year-old sister. and Mrs. John Fitch, later, they moved Eleven years to • Portland Fenton Methodists Meet Fenton: The Methodist Aid society met in the church parlors Friday afternoon and the annual election of officers was held. Mrs. Shelby Weisbrod was elected president; Mrs. Oliver Stoeber, vice president; and Mrs. Wilfred Stoeber reelected secretary with Mrs. J. A. Mueller re-elected treasurer. The hostesses were Mrs. W. J. Weisbrod, Mrs. Don Weisbrod, Mrs. Clarence Osborn and Mrs. Earl Crouch. The ladies served a delicious two course luncheon to 65 ladies. township, Kossuth county. Marriage took place September 29, 1872. Mr. Gardner died 22 years ago. The Gardners came to Algona in 1909, and after her husband's death Mrs. Gardner continued to live here till 4% years ago, since which she had lived with the daughter, Mrs. Hugh Raney, southeast of Algona. Other surviving children who attended the funeral were Austin .Floyd, and Delos, and Mrs. C R Bailey, all of Algona, and Mrs. c' W. Patterson, Burt. Mrs.v Gardner is also survived by 23 grandchildren, nine great-grandchildren, a, niece, Mrs. J. A. Raney, and five Fitch nephews. Rhi|thm Step J SHOES'" HAVE DAINTY WAYS OF PUTTING A 3-STEP TEST PROVES THEIR EXTRA SUPPORT T HIS year's tailored suedes will be k wearing mudguards ... of contrasting leathers! Thia new mode in Rhythm Stej shoes is daintily done with added comfort but no added weight I 1 or Rhythm Step shoes have a new walking principle, Invisible Rhythm Treads. They give buoyant comfort to heel, arch and ball of foot, in the daintiest of shoes. Just three steps are enough to discover thrilling triple support, in Jight little Rhythm Step shoes. Come in, make a 3-step test We give S. & H. Green Stamps. FieW Day Notes Our Want Ads By Eleanor Fraser. One especially impressive aspect of Field day was the courtesy displayed by the sportsmen. They deferred to each other in the matter of place, and followed rules without ((uibble. They did not crowd each other on the road. So far as is known there were no accidents to cars en route to or from Field day. Mrs. H. B. White lost her hat in the wind, and 2'an wildly into water up to her knees before she recovered ! One car got stuck in the low ground between the main field and the rifle and ptetol ranges. The driver got out, took off shoes and socks, put on chains, but to no avail. Later in the day other cars tried pulling it out with a tow rope. Cameras, kodaks, and moving- picture machines were much in evidence, for amateur photographers us well as professionals were prepared to cover all events. Bob Williams had his Argus; Dutch Lorenz his movie camera; Doctor Shierk his Minicam. HOSPITALS --•' KOSSUTH September 2 — Mary Ann and Robert Engstrom, Burt, tonsillectomies. GENERAL. Sept. 18—Mrs. Kenneth Stephenson, Bode, major surgery. USED MACHINERY — THERE IS ready demand for used farm machinery. Tell Advance farm readers what you have for sale. 34tf Want-Ad. / GIRDLE, $1.25 BRASSIERE, 59c For kbit "tmooth" appearance chooi* • •l«.k, 2-wiy stretch L»t*x girdle by MISS AMERICA. You will take delight in the comfortable and slimming hip coverage. The dainty lace bra has closely stitched supporting arcs and separation center panel, styled to impart firm, youthful contour to the butts. We give S. & H. Greeu Stamps. KRESENSKY'S , JT, An Important Sale for Those Who Want Homes of Quality Furnish your home with beauty, and you will enjoy living in it —inviting your friends to its hospitality. The prices for the furniture in this event are low-but we have consistently maintained high quality standards. HARP Special $i. 39 Robin Hood Forest inspired sport hat with tall feather, tunnel crown, and a lilt to its swagger brim. We give S. ".& H, Green Sfcuuus. A CHARMING APPEARANCE IS Rollins are unmistakably a part of being well-^X dressed. Their colors blend perfectly with your A I well-chosen new apparel. 1 And the streamlined fit of Rollins firm, flawless texture lies smooth as a shadow on the leg. STOCKINGS THE VITAL y< OF YOUR COSTUME "THEY DO THINGS FOR YOUR LEGS" We give S. & H. Green Stamps NEW FALL Bedroom Suites Modern bedroom suit Finely constructed of quality woods and veneers. 4-Piece Suites $49.50 to $135.00 KROEHLER Suite Beautiful in design, enduring in construction and particularly comfortable. Prices $59.5 And I Special Linoleuw BARGAINS Remnants and Drapes in yard goods One Half Price 9x12 Felt Rug, $3,75 We c^n save you money on your Inlaid cement job.. See us before \ buying, Bigelow Sanford. Carpets and Rugs You should see the new Fall Patterns. L^t us measure your room and give you new low prices, A number of rugs 6x9, 8.3x10,6 and 9x12 ; 25% Off

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