Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 15, 1938 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 15, 1938
Page 9
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15, 1938. nntTNTV AT,ftONA TOWA PAGE NfiNl uth Woman Gives Impressions of State Fair lUCCUMBS YEARTO lYEN'TDGO C. II. KLATHT, Field KcprescntnUve L'I s—I have attended ardson's, northwest of Elmore, Inst 1r many times. Every week Wednesday lie ho had come „ will not go again, for in from a field pushing a two?,.; much the same as wheeled carl with which lie hauls when the time arrives fencing material, lie wits fencing .i»« a deep "yen" to In seven acres Into which ho would KM and this year was turn his hogs. He said ho believed I The the first Sun- In making pigs root for part, of i'rtf fail 1 week found me their corn. *••• • * * * * evening pro- Ole Tvedten, five miles norlh- *»hA l "amphitheater this west of Elmore, was mowing roail- • nf the most interest- side weeds with an "armstrong" vev 6 een. j t featured mower last week Wednesday. He we and dancing, beau- said he and his family had been -ft by colored flood away on a trip and had just got - home. They drove to Buffalo, N. Y., to Visit. 'Mr. (ind Mrs. Jacob Seal - Parents of Mrs. Tvedten. The Features. ,* ot;w>i| jyui CIJLO he most, interesting Sea , a moved trom tllc Kiostcr| were: u Thia Minn., neighborhood in J!)22 to .poultry house, mis Buffa i 0 . Mr . and Mrs Tvc{llQn up-to-date display hOTe Uu . ee chndron . Eniesli 12; kinds of P° u ^^*' K «..,rJ Angeline, !); and Mary Ann, 4. The trip was a great treat for the children, as it was the first time they had ever seen their grandparents. Ole said some parts of the country they passed through looked pros- he had 'picked corn for ears to show at the Spencer fair. Mr. and Mrs. Gelgel are both hard \vorkers_who try to help make a and she the better Koaauth county fair, Mrs. Geigel remarked that thought this year's fair was best ever. # # * * Ralph Leo, northwest of Irvington, was doing some repair work MRS, BARTEAU IS REPORTED OH THE MEND Hurt, Sept. 13—Mrs. J. W. Dor- at C. H. Beardsley'e, Algona. Dr. and Mrs. J. G. Clapsaddle were Sunday supper guests at B. W. Brooke's here. The Emil Ra'chuts and Mrs. William Rachut, Manly, with the Wilmer Nacks, Grafton, visited Sunday at H. E. Rnchut's. They are Mr. Rachut's mother, brother, and cousins. daughters Dorothy and Mary Jean, Maurice Coffin came Sunday and and the W. W. Boettchers attended! took his wife and baby home to an Emmet company conservation' Milwaukee. Mrs. Coffin had vis- meeting Sunday and visited the ited here and with her parents at Buffalo Center several weeks. August Schuldt, Klemme, called Monday at the Rev. Geo. H. Weasel's. The Ray Smiths and L. J. Lawman, Algona, visited Sunday at Tom Trenary's. George Powers, employed by the Hormel company at Fort Dodge, came home sick last week Thursday and Is at his mother's. . Elizabeth Moore, Mason City, weeks. Mrs. Barteau's condition j will leave Ihursday for a two vislted tl . om laat week Thursday was better. Mrs. F. J. Mann, who weeks vacation. They will visit 1 o Sunday at George Worden's. had been there for some weeks, the Elbert Stewarts at Hamburg, came to Burt also for a day or two N. Y. cousin at Laramie, Wyo. AHond Em met Flnltl Dny— Mr. and Mrs. J, G. McDonald, Oliver Stows, Dolliver. NOV. 2 NOV. II • ALL SOULS DAV •ARMISTICE DAY Attend County S. 8. Mect- The Rev. and Mrs. J. M. Do.ms , attended a county council, of Chris- ranee returned Monday from a'tian education at Tilonka Tuesday few days with her sister, Mrs. Sid- 'and were dinner guests at the Rev. ' ney Barleau, the former Nellie 0 ' H ' Frerking'e, Lakota. Stahl, who has been critically sick ' lloniic.vs Leaving for Bust — In a Chicago hospital for some 1 Barfker and Mrs. J. T. ' Heancy IHR corn crib last week Mon- here with her mother, Mrs. Sarah' day. HO Is always busy, "even" Fit 1 ' Stahl, and her mother-in-la'w, Mrs j' S *' 'jj™ J|s?Goufen Rule Sun- rains. He said his crops were ex- Ada Mann, before returning to her, , ,„ t t /I 4Ut,. ........ TT_ 1-- .1 _.l llrtmn nt Vnvl Wlnre! Ho M F ! " ct v ' w week Wednesday at Mrs. Geo. H. Ira good this year. He had a small field of cane which was a good crop, and this he cut for fodder. * * id * J. P. Steven, who lives on what is called the Ridge Road out of Irvington, was mowing red clover Saturday. He plans to have the home at Van Nuys, Calif. gpolchen Visit, in Illinois- The Rev. and Mrs. Thobum mg- Weasel's, Mrs. Win. Nelson assist- Rev. Speicher. left Monday for a few| days with Mrs. Speicher's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Evanston, 111. William Fenner, of Margaret and Mel- clover hulled as soon as it is dry. jvin Nelson accompanied them as It seemed to have a lot of seed in far as Chicago, where Margaret is, StMT Cur lilt Killed— G. U. Fairbanks was called to his farm Sunday night to butcher a steer which someone had run into with an auto. :'• the noise, fjy .pleased the with birds their ,. packing company in the building in five 30-dozen cases perous !lnd some p . u . ts of OWo KU(1 white eggs lor _ a Indiana have rinc farm bui i dins , s • ™.?5!;,-*Lu;!° and crops. The trip covered neaviy 3,000 miles, but t'ho family didn't .. hurry, for they wanted to sec the 1 country. * * * * Lftg( . week TueS(Jay wo ca ,, ed ftt the Wesley News-World shop and of dressed poultry 1 meats. • display -was Iree sow sat on ^a-'seat lliltle Pig- and the sow be talking into a leated on a bench were pigs, listening. .All Mrs D j Zerb(j _ Thcy ha(] . ug( . i of lard. . ' i Installed a linotype bought from • Made of Biltter. the Advance and hope to get rid *lzed cow, with a farm- soon of the old-fashioned hand flier all made of golden composition. Mrs. Zerbe lids been on'display in the Var- doing a lot of that work, and she fries building. (But one enjoys printshop life. She was a 1 peeves me is always to Seeman girl from Algona. Mr. ' pictured with a little Zerbe's father is a minister. A v..in whiskers!) I machinist from Mason City itock display which was been cleaning up the linotype and Led town pots, and he thinks that perhaps employed. The Speichers will leave , Kvcrpcrecns for the Cemetery— umblo bee'j had worked all over their son Billie with his grandpar-; The Burt township trustees re- he field. He found one bumblebee lents till after the .Northwest Iowa cently had evergreens planted at est that kept him busy dodging. Methodist conference. 'the cemetery. * * * * Last week Monday Henry cheppmann, north of Irvington, Yontliit Home from Colorado— Other Bnrt News Clifford Anderson, of Missouri Kenneth and Glenn' Graham, iad just come home from Algona, Raymond Nelson, and Laurence Valley, visited over Sunday at Mrs. vhen we arrived, and was fixing alcj^pman got home Sunday from a Lottie Isenberger's with his broth- ock on one of the doors of thej two weeks absence in which they er Henry and the lalter's wife lew house he built this summer, attended a national Methodist He left Monday for Omaha, where Je had also built a new barn find| yout h conference at Boulder, Colo., he has a position in a dairy, i new chicken house since he| and v i s it e d the Graham boys' Ruth Thompson was a dinnei bought the farm a few years ago. | brother Merwyn, at Denver, also a guest last week Thursday evening This is a fine farm, and- the build- ngs are set in : Tenry is a good natural timber. manager. One man, inspecting getting it ready for operation, fed Poland China hogs, * *; * * ' are so many of them,' August KUnksiek, east of LOT, with thpm that yard, had come home from flosTwh her t^me'n ^t'before our arrival iast wee! the hogs or the Wednesday, and his boy had come ' ., me ^ ,5 | home from Lakota with a load o ,aby beeves, which were hulled oats. Mr. KUnksiek said he *•„,„ TVIP •'in-arid feeds these oats to the chickens, a Hereford ^ I ** and his wife had tried all kinds exhibit of Holsteins'of feeds for this purpose and had ( minoat heyaretn-e found that their poultry did best bed on record, having,on the hulled^oats. ^ frar -in Holland some , F G m ^ who ,, ves acl . oss tne i BE°- road from August Klinksiek's, east utton Demonstration. O f Ledyard, has a f'ine field of iXhibit of a pearl button sugar beets. He has 26 acres in .'om a Muscatine factory, the beets, and only a small patch fishing machine 'in- action. J was drowned out. His farm is were always watch- ( well tiled. F. G. does the neigh- nachine. The display in-borhood threshing. * * * * I At Mark Bacon's, east of Tint the machine and tonka, the men were grinding new of nearlThlch went oats with a hammermill last week came iut a finished 'Tuesday. Mark said the new oats |t the rate of 70 a minute. I were tough and hard to grind. This i colored shells were ex- C. E. Clark, Britt, Reported Stricken Irvington, Sept. 13— Mrs. Ray Fitch and Mrs. Ben Potter drove to Britt Saturday to see their father, Charles E. Clark, who is critically sack, believed to have suffered a stroke. Mr. and Mrs. Clark lived in the Irvington community many years ago, and they also once farmed in Plum Creek township. Mrs. George Johnson, of Rich Point, is another daughter of the Clarks. ut the buttons, are col- ir they are finished. J.centennial tent, which Iplay of automobiles from I'cars down to date. Some ply cars seem now to have mderfully and fearfully Was a little red. Brush in fit, and it brought nostal- for me, for it was in that I took my first arriage" ride, er Ox Cart. pioneer wagons, one *Is of wood, a tovered I stage coach, an ox cart, Ithere. All kinds of old bi- pre also on display. (•other relics was on old- parade wagon. I well the thrill we children [of such wagons as we [a parade with the (to us) people who rode on top. ^machinery was ; the first reaper; old plows, wood mould-iboards; a machine.. operated with per (a demonstration in [threshing was given' every the younger people in ice had never seen such > In operation 'before.) is the place where a sign out on the road says, "Home of Mark Ba- DON'T. LET WORMS STEAL YOUR EGG MONEY! Treat Your Flock With Dr. Salsbury's ROTA-CAPS E. W. Lusby Druggist, Algona con. Drive in." The Bacons are a friendly family, exactly the opposition of one we read about the other day, which had a sign saying, "We shoot every seventh salesman, and you are No. 7." * * * * •We were at Edw. Reece's, east of Ledyard, last week Wednesday, and Mr. Reece and a daughter ere planting new strawberry lants. They thought it a good me to plant them, for there was lenty of moisture. * * * * Carl V. Froelich, 2^ miles west f Wesley, was all smiles last week Tuesday. It was because he was going to Algona to get Mrs. 'roelich and the boy, born August 9, named Paul David. This is the ourth child, and the other children are Carl Jr., Dona, and Ruth Mary. This is Carl's third year on he same farm. He has 60 spring pigs and 30 fall pigs, and the pigs ire all doing fine. » * * * Floyd Olson, who | one inspected' the crude for agriculture used in 0w trac- attached hard to then tbe tne up-to-date ' one found "it t our father* and moth>able to harvest crops, and ™ store them, though we that in many' ways the [were happier then thau If us are today, whsh |mirry, to finish one thing >ay start earlier on else. "Women's Exhibits. * exhibits in the project department, These W • but, looking back t *uth women had exbib: successive years, that the display ha YOUR PLANT CORWITH, IOWA he TRH'LK PKOTKCTED HY- JKII), Time-Tested for Adaptihil- ty, Yield, and ({uiility. .Mime }'<>«r order now and insure ,-Mirs«lf of a sufficient supply o. !i« s«cd .you desire. bij erectinq a noble "tribute FALL MEMORIAL DAYS No tirrio it to fitting for tho erection of 4 tribute to departod loved onet «i MEMORY MONTH . . . Novombef. At time marchei on into the generation! to come, whet you erect today will prove an evertett* ing evidence of your own good taite ... if the memorial bean tho ilgnificant Rock of Ag«t teal etched in the ttone. Let ut show you the popular new design* and finishes dflv«topad by Rock of Ag« craftsmen. W. H. Godden Established 1878 - Algona DEALER Small Loans Up to $300 OR AUTOMOBILES LITE STOCK HOUSEHOLD FUBNITUBE, ETC •Prompt, courteous, confidential •errice. NORTH IOWA FINANCE GO lives nine miles north of Swea City, is across the state line in Minnesota. Last week Wednesday we found him cutting corn to fill a silo. Mrs. Olson was canning fruit. * » » * R. M. Valviek, north •ext to Upper Dea Moiaea fkoM US Algowu I«w» Premature About a month ago I bought 210 overcoats from the Northern Jobbing Co. of St. Paul. They closed out their clothing department and I made a wonderful buy for cash. It is a.little early to put on an overcoat sale but the price we are making on these beautiful coats should sell overcoats anytime. They are a standard well-known line. Handled by the best stores in Des Moines, Waterloo, and all over the state. They are new and up to the last minute in style,, fit, and tailoring. Everyone a "Rock Knit" with new shoulders and fleecy finish. . Stores over the state that have this line are advertising them at $24.00. . We are not going to ask you $24.00. "We are not going to give prizes, green stamps, or tickets for a trip, but we are going to let you pick out any overcoat in the store, your choice at $12.98. This unheard of low price is for quick sale. You or I or anyone else will never be able to buy such coats for $12.98 again. Deals like this do not happen every year. We have all sizes 34 to 46. Come in and pick out the size and color you want. They are even more of a bargain than the suits we are selling at $12.50. Buying these overcoats at $12.98 is like finding a $10.00 bill on the sidewalk. You are $10.00 to the good. We are so crowded for room had to unpack them in our bargain basement. Jimtnie Neville ALGONA, IOWA . Ann* Shirley, featured in the 1. 1, 0. Radio Pictur*. "Mother Cany'i Chiekvnt", wearing the Genuine Alaska Sealildn Coat de- •ign.d by Edward Sl.r.nlon. JXr ~ " ' signer, especially lor Cownie Fv The 1939 FUR FASHION PARADE Lovely fnrs, irresistiole styles, skillful workmanship comoine in Cownie True-Value Furs to bring you more value than ever before for every dollar you invest in your new fur, coat. Factory representative will be here to assist you. i SPECIAL PRICE GROUPS $59 $88 $111 r$ $149 Friday and Saturday September 16 and 17 Kresensky's ALGONA, IOWA •^ — For That of Swea City, was feeding his pigs when we called last week Thursday. One o£ his sows, a fine purebred Hampshire, had 12 pigs in May, and she reared the whole Utter with not a runt in the lot, and all are of even size It is not often that one finds a finer lot of pigs. R. M. has -«5 high grade plgs^ One day last week we called on Dr. H. H. Raney, Wesley, son of •Dolph' Raney, Algona, and while we were there William Eritz, north of Wesley, was getting a remedy The whole U. S. A. has been talking about it. You've been waiting to see it. It's here at last—You are invited to see Kossuth County'8 First Showing of . ! Warm Bureau, teiit, wber «onday morning that I wa toresentatives from e»cb> [» counties <4-$> girls in Forms) apfceajed on the save songd, Qur blue b y the T«ay, are «gQ- and everyfcpdy who gains confidence that tor .said that be and Mrs. Raney iiked living in Wesley fine and he has a good practice^ Fred Geigel, north of Irvlngtou, come iu Saturday from a field Glamour FROCKS •Be the first to wear a sparkling frock. Ours are inimitably chic, expensive^- ly simple. One style, more glamorous than the next. Wools, crepes, Satins. Tailored dressy, Furniture the > Bed "> >r» Ledyarder an s ith district carers' and Auxiliary at As we see it— THE USE OF elers checU is tie only mfe -ffW to handle your money when you provide them lor you- IOWA STATE BANK A complete entemWe coi|«iitin^ of everything for Room, Dining Room, *n4 Living Room lire now in our wiwlowi i^nd on p^ir islet floors, If you are looking for Something that U different, Something with real beauty , Something that will giy* real service, Something that U all <$*lityV .•.:.. Something the whole i^ti^ii wild*bout-— you will find it in thif fint big •howing of Swedish Modern * Richardson's Furniture Company Wert of Ceiirt How** A City Store WW» Country Pwe* Others at $3.99 to $22.50 "Important COATS A group of gorgeous fur trimmed coats $16.95 to $39.50 4 sport and dress coats $10.95 STYLE AT SAVINGS A ^ <J - ."^ 'q-v^ Jv -Wi* ..i.s.i'V.fev

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