Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 15, 1938 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 15, 1938
Page 6
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'AGE SIX .LATEST NEWS, Style - Comfort Quality AT A SAVING at KRESENSKY'S KOSStfTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA EIGHTY-SEVEN ALGONIANS TO MANY SCHOOLS Fifty - Seven to Iowa Institutions; 30 Leave State. H.v Rachel llcckcr. College bells are ringing,- and 87 Algona high school graduates are trekking to school, 57 of them to Iowa schools, 30 going out of the state. •* The State college at Ames will have Algoim's largest delegation in any one school, ( with 19 enrolled, and the University of Iowa, MARKETS CONNIE HOGS Best light butch., 180^-00 ___$8.30 Best light butch., 200-250 $8.60 Med. hvy., 250-270 _ $8.30 Med. hvy., 270-290 $7.95 Med. hvy., 290-325 $7.60 Butchers, 325-350 $7.25 Butchers, 350-400 $7.00 Packing sows, 275-350 $7.00 Packing sows, 350-400 $6.60 Packing sows, 400-500 $6.25 Packing sows, 500-550 $6.00 CATTLE Canners and cutters $2.75-3.50 Veal calves $5.00-8.00 Stock steers _.-_ —-$5.00-6.50 Fat yearlings $7.00-8.00 Fat steers ,—$8.00-0.00 Fat cows $4.00-4.50 Bulls $4.50-5.50 GRAIN No. 2 mixed corn .__39c No. 2 white corn 40c No. 2 yellow corn ; MRS, PRIEBEDIES AT LONEROCK HOME Lone Rock, Sept. 13— Funeral services for Mrs. Ernest Prlebo, 71, who died at her home hero i.i.nom. Sunday, were held Tuesday after- Attorney nnd Mrs, G. W. Still- noon with the Rev. H D Stahmer, '„ wlth their two young daugh - m i »i 011 ' if T}' Ftllrvllle 1)astm> ' ters, spent Sunday at Dolllver and officiating. Burial was made in th •' ••'--•- - • — •• Lone Rock cemetery. Mrs. Priebe's maiden ers, were at Albert Lea Sunday, attending an International picnic. Dealers in 'Mason City branch territory attended. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Llesener, and the latter's mother, Mrs. Amelia Knln, are leaving this evening for two 'weeks of visits at Janesville, Wis., Rockford, 111., and oth-, er points in Illinois. Emma Fischer, and she was born In'West Prussia, Germany, December 23, 1866. While she was still an infant, her parents emigrated to the United States, traveling on a sailing vessel. They settled at Bloomlngton, 111., later moved to Des Moines. On September 21, 1887, marriage to Ernest Priebe took place, and the couple lived at Des Moines till the spring of 1930, when they came to Fenton township, where they lived on a farm till the fall of tv; I Of OJJCll Lr kJUHVItl-J U L JU»V»m V *-rt r.n»«.» attended the Emmet county Field I day nt Tuttle Lake. Mr. Stlllman's name was parents jive at Dolllver. Beautiful style and quality! in this wine calf Step-in. I Going to Ames are Ila Mae Leffert. Mary Louise Gilmore, Charles Beardsley, Andrew Monlux, Mere- |dith Richardson, Kenneth Fraser, _ I No ' 2 rye (llew 30c Curtis Ward, Durwood Baiter! No - 2 Hennerys _ _ <>7 C No ' at Lone Rock. Mrs. Priebe is survived FARMS FOR SALE—IMPROVED Federal Land Bank 16d-acre farm 2 miles no. and % mile w. of Hurt, Iowa. A bargain at $76,00 per ncre. $2600.00 by March 1st gives possession. Balance liberal terms. See us nt once.—Hutching tteal Estate, Fafto Loan, 2nd floor Bftrfy building, Alfconai Idwa. p52 — ... „ FREE — D-X LtJBRI- cates Upper Cylinder parts of your motor. D-X provides this needed lubrication instantly, con- 8tftn tly. You smoother ing motor more than Johnson n. And FOR SALE — 4 YOUNG COWS, tested for bang disease.—W. H. Robert Black, Wayne Moore. Halpin, Lawrence Hutchins Lois Miller, Elfrleda Paetx John Frankl. Dozen lo State "If." — — „_ v ..j «j«»*j.»cu oy JIGV husband and six children; two daughters—Mrs. O.tto Voight, Tao- King. " Hp52 .22c Pi, Minn., Mrs. Robert Eichenber-l • 16c ger, Bancroft; four sons—Ralph,' FOR SALE—GUERNSEY HEIFER Bancroft; Clajence, Algona; and calf, 5 mos. old.—504 Fair St. N °. to 5 lbs. -10%c --...,._•. 11, tiKiiu u« ^f * ^Ilg;6lS, 4 nj o Iowa City, which for many vea-s s P ri »sers, under 4 was "tops" with Algona student's,' Leghorn springers still has a good-sized i;roup from ! Hen s over 5 lbs - '-'c ' - •--- ;Hens, under 4 lbs. lOc _ , ^--»>u.-*ui^ •Ea.J^Ull i 25c Edward and Carl, Fenton 2 23c|are 21 grandchildren and great-grand-children. Two sisters—-Mrs. G. A. Algona, and Mrs. George TH-i JUtl . - —— — —— — — — —— ___».uw j r ..! Sweet 26c and 1 POULTRY .Springers, over 5 lbs. Lone Rock— and six William, Henry) and There Ilp52-l five —— . | \IJTO LOANS — REFINANCING. Sharp, Lower payments. — Western Pettit, i Credit Co. 8u30tf! brothers Rudolpht, FOR SALE—22 GOOD BREEDING here.Knrolling will be Robert Dew- ! ns ' u el, John Bishop, Dorothy Ward t Leshonl ™s therine Hum, Robert' Cocks ' " nder Monlux, John Spencer, Isabel ami ' S ocks> over 4 i eese ' hve - 6c j Ducks, live, under 4% Ibs. FANCHON A smart treatment of the filasiex Shoe in Mack suede ami burnt copper, at •Mary Catherine Hum, Robert' Cocks ' " nder 4% lbs Monlux. John Spencer, Isabel ami' S ocks> over 4 ^ 2 lbs Harry Greeuberg, Richard Norton J ?, eese ' , hve r Paul Black. Alien Sarchet, and Or-,^" s ' V° 5 .., , jville Haines. I Ducks, live, 4% lbs. 8c i Young Huines. who has been in the navy on the west coast for the last three years, now plans to take | up dentistry. He will have to take i two years of liberal arts before en- Bering the dental college. I Two girls, Mary Black and i Martha Palmer, are enrolled in the i school of nursing at Iowa City i Six «„ Cedar Foils. ' j room table set "a" fire' whTch burn- Enrolling at the I. S. T. C., Ced- ed part of the table, two chairs, ' E±' v-L^^iH 1 ' ^ lle ?"? " 'I 016 , ill .. the . congoleum rug. Lamp in Farm Home Starts Night Fire I Union Twp., Sept. 13—A near- vT^^ OC \^ rles ' Swea City '! ewes and one buck.-Phone S'on Edward, Hlbbings, Minn., and 97, Burt. I2p52 FOR SALE—SPOTTED POLAND China boars. — Nick Reding, Whitternore. 10p52-:l Gust, Des Moines, also survive. THREElRflNJUBED IN A GAR CRASH WESTJf SEXTON Sexton, Sept. 14—A Minneapolis and an Algona car were involved _ „ evening. A lamp left burning on the dining A new Dodge sedan, driven by a 'Mr. McPherson, Dodge salesman ~uv,i.u •-— -. ..«.^, ..i n, c tuiiguieum rug. from Mnneapolis, and a mod°l A Esther It is thought the lamp, which had i coach belonging to Edith Rhodpr »/1 TTi,- hnon +n vn.-\rl 1-*-.'. i__i_i ,'AI _-• ,. _ • *"** -.v_j-/vici ( WANTED—TWO PASSENGERS to Portland, Ore. Leaving September 20.—Phone 727. WANTED—5 TO 7-ROOM HOUSE in Southern part of Kossuth county.—Call Advance. 12p52 FARM LOANS, AUTO LOANS, per- o'clock. afternoon at 5 SECOND HAND TYPEWRITERS for sale.—Inquire of I. G. Dewel at the Advance Publishing Co. tf FOR SALE — FEEDER LAMBS. . future delivery. — , e amy on te Junior college. Richard Keen goes .first floor, and she was on a sleep- tO {,np Pnllr.o-a- TUo,. T\yr;il«.. A _ ^, . J«o- ^«««-u o.^c^j MODERN MISS This delightful Shoe lots of style for those prefer lower heels suede and rust suede porch. jto Coe college; Max Miller, to Oor- Inell college; Glendora Burbank :'to Buena Vista college at Storm ; Lake. Three to t'lark School. Goiiig to Clark college, Dubuque, are. or will be, Gertrude Zender, Mary Elizabeth Godden, and Fran- T ^, " • -•>••"- ces McEnroe. Dorothy Mawdsley is i5r°°.^ n l.?. o E. k ' .. w111 represent the only Algonian enrolled at Drake university. Donald Team from Kossuth Will Judge Cattle Waterloo, Sept. 13—Walter Mescher, Bancroft, and Milton Madi- Cow-Testing association Frinkii'"" "v'" a jud ^ in S contest for the goes to Trinity college; Glared soc^ns °at W^ ^ ow - testln | ™~ Blaiichard to Morningside, in the j ^y Waterloo next Tues- ( with the j - -«• -i*«-t.*_v_ in (.11C ditch on the south side of the pavement. The two grls suffered minor injuries and Mr. McPherson suffered a broken arm and cuts and bruises. He was taken to the Kossuth /hospital for treatment. Both cars •were badly damaged. Mrs. Felter, formerly Arlene Brethorst, used to live here. , Ev-'been turned low, exploded, and 'Algona, and^drJven" 1 bT*'Mrs"'H^'ivv immediate or future delh A,tp'rtf.,: t , TI ., u I kel '°sene ran down from the table i'Felter, Algona, sideswiped The ! Cllestel> B a»ey. phone 2F23. Attending the Hamilton business over the floor. two latter teach srlinnli ,, M f ! ^"^ college at Mason City will be Mar- | Mrs. Cora Boles, sister of Mrs. Sexton. ° " l Ot T.'- Lhn Ma r? aret Nelson - An-jButterfield, had a guest room down i Mr. McPherson was coming east m,i ^h I ^ Marjorie Phillips, a'?"* and was awakened by fumes "Mrs. Felter drove off onThe s honl Tnnp MnWH a 'T° n ' • l J vhl ?, h choked her ' She aroused the'der just as the crash occurred Jane McWhorter is attending family, and the fire was put out. I The impact turned the° Dod-i college, Forest City, and Mrs. Butterfield was the onlv around and sent It backward? aev .S 6 ^,^,./^. 00 ^ ^JZ^**^ 1 *** - the era, feet, and It'iJSST"? the" GET 'YOUR SEED CORN NOW, save about half. Hybrid ,and open pollinated. — Alfred Carlisle, Whittemore. - I5p52 FOR RENT, OCTOBER 1—MOD- ern home, four bedrooms, $30 per month.—See Joel M. Herbst, Real Estate, Insurance. •i^BVMB^^BB^^H^^BB^^IB^HMBK^^H^^^HBHHII^^BHHH^^HM Two Kossuth County Farms 261 Acres and 160 AcJ WILL HE SOLD TO TMK HItiHUST RfiSPONSUILE IIIDDER ' SA1,E TO UK HELD IN IflfJU WUST UK.M) IjKMKMIIKK: This mile of tiro Ko.ssiith county farms will be lield in the West llend '.rhcnf.ro, Thursday, September 22,1088. Sale start- Ing promptly nt 2:00 o'clock, Be sure to Inspect the farms find at<«?n<l the sulc. WEST BEND, I OWA | Thursday, Sept. 22 SALE STAKTINO PK05I.P FLY AT TWO O'CLOCK The DCS .Moines Joint Stock Land Hank it) In liquidation and w> ,,ff,. r „, „. I tnrms invned by the Hunk in KossuUi Connty. Without dottbt this sale «Tll ,« Slllc (lll »fllJ liortunlty (o Hie i.erson interested In ncf.nlrlng a .KosHnth County ton. f, r , '' r "" "'"'"mi! mont. We hare in the past, sold a great nuuy farm* nt, anrtl, „ ,, n d ' e 'J, ' i • mc ° r lln • H lair fo hoHi Hie buyer and the seller. We do not 4w>l tJiat this Is a iroml Vi. , s " ""'"""1 *l lire ronylnccd that hotter prices for Iowa farm land are near at hand how ^1, S , ( ' U ''""I M Hfinidntlon nnd the farms must 1m sold now. He sure to InsnA ih,. f,,«! ,• " lis "M II attend the Halo prepared to bid the amount your f-holc/Is "offto yotu '" r " Slilt ' «•*_]'[ THE .1IJCHE3I FARM 261 ACHES MORE Ott ISSS This grood far,,, is located 8 miles north of you. TH1 ltt\u .„, ™, " 1 ' KS8 .1«0 A very nl™« nd 1 miles north Des Moines Joint Stock Land Bank "'" Subject to Hank's Approval MM M01KKS. IOWA I.KOAL DESCRIPTIONS. AJfl> TERMS „,. . * m *' TI(WV ' S: .BldcratJoiH and an additioim The .lucheiu farm Is described as the NEU ' — ' mid »)i« SU of the SEW and the JHJ! of tiie VK « of the S>V'/i Section 81, Township 91, The. Itanwart farm is described as the SKM of Section 1, Township 04, .Range 30. BROKERS: With prospective purchasers must list the prospects with the Sale Manager or assistants before sale day or no commission will be ]»«!(]. jfo prospects will be listed sale be given October 16° !Sf s » e for I 038 ' to^tl.™ »•»• mi that- may hare been collected bj »„• f 1IJIMS: 1U will ask for 10% of the sale price on each farm to be paid sale day with contract to be submitted to the Bank for con- ,.' ----- The taxes due in I9!!S wiH| )0 "i,»Mil I the Bank. W. will R lvo proper conTeya'S!' 1 property and will furnish abstract 1'""•'•' each farm. If terms different than en above arc necessary bo sure (o talk («(to I Sales Manager or Assistants before sale t$ For Additional Information, Consult 17u52 BARKER'S ICE CREAM—We have ~ it in bulk. When guests drop in, rz remember, we carry it in delicious flavors.—Barker's Drug. nursing at Sioux City. In the out-of-Iowa group gives Joe Kellv Jl- - Donald Akre, William ^Spencer, SEXTON _ (52) FARM LOANS—4%%, NO COM- mission. Can close your loan promptly.—C. W. Nicoulin, Al- llp50-8 who black a.nd b< ?f 26-October 2, this state contest ,....,mu ^pueucer, an at Whiter / g ^ w °- man teams from all college, Whittier Calif- Robert %£ * mt ° the arena to jud S e Pn=+ cM^i „* A_ t __.;.'... ^?? elt i classes representing five .breeds of Lost year's contest Post, school of optometry, ^ KO; Herbert Potter, University Arizona, Tucson, Ariz.; of „ .., -i4 1Iy _ ( A .1CUUU1 0. Larson, school of nursing, Chicago; Fred Kent Jr., Kemper Military school, Booneville, Mo.; Harold Streit, Loyola University, Chicago; Enid Fuller, Pomona college, Pomona, Calif., Virginia Morck, Minnesota state university. Harvard Gets One. Charles Cretzmeyer, Harvard- Betty Gunn,__University of Ohio; Mr. and Mrs. Loyd Steven and children, Mapleton, Minn., were Sunday guests of Mr. Steven's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Steven, north of town. They also vleitad Mrs. L. Steven's mother, Mrs. Sarah Wise, and called on the croft, official tester for the Kossuth CTA No. 3, will compete in an interstate cow-testers' judging contest on the same day. Ad Folder Features Former Wesley Girl The American Institute of Busi- i- born Saturday. . 'Mr. and Mrs. Herman Wise became parents of a daughter weighing eight pounds, born Saturday evening. Mr. and 'Mrs. Harold Cumin and I AM MAKING LONG TJME FARM •loans at 4%% interest with no stock to buy and no red tape—M P. Haggard. 21p51-G ROOMS — IF YOU WANT TO find a suitable room dn Algona, make known your wante in this section of the Advance. WINDOW GLASS AT PRICES very low. Storm eashes fitted at reasonable cost.—Lusby's. 12(2)50tf PARIS FASHION Nice fitting Step-in of black suede, at only $3 MODERN MISS Cleyer Sport Oxfords, with the different treatment o the popular mud guard. PARIS FASHION Lots of style and quality in •.bis clever high heel suede tie at $3 — ~**j uuuii, university or <Jnlo; i x " c American institute of Busi- Harlan and Helen Frankl, Univer- ness - Des Moines, is circulatin" an sity of Colorado, Boulder, Colo.; advertising folder which presents Palmer and Bob Sellstrom, Augus- cu ' s °f many recent students and ta Adolphus college, St. Peter, i amon g the pictures is that of Minn.; Vernon Kohlhaos, George Johnette Looft, former Weslev Washington University, Washing- I & rl - Miss Looft's father had a fur- g wpa ton, D. C.; Eleanor Cruikshank, l" lture store at Wesley before his school of nursing, University of early and sudden death some years Michigan; Agnes Nordstrom, iiurs- """ '"" ' ing school in California. Ted Chrischilles Jr., Beloit college, Beloit, Wis.; Kenneth Lynk and Joe McNeil, University of Idaho, Moscow, Ida.; Donald Willason, Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, Calif.; Walter Beardsley University of Texas, Austin, Tex. Four to Edge's School. Going to Creighton university at Omaha are Omar Kelly, William Barry, and John Lee Holtzbauer; l«ggms_ga_4s_.-s The list may not be complete. It is a difficult job to chase down all the collegians . From all Kossuth it seems probable that some 200 students will be attending college .this year. 'Twister' in Swea Twp. Friday Night Swea Twp., Sept. 13— High winda and very heavy rainfall did considerable damage here Friday evening between 9 and 10 o'clock. It is thought that a "twister" formed in the southwestern corner of Swea township and moved northeast. Corn was badly blown down, and large trees were uproot- «*». ci*i« -IUID. .naioiu jjurran ana *-MI.^,, «* children, of Lu Verne, were Sun- * 45 - 00 cash, day supper guests of Mr. Curran's croft, la uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Greenfield. Mr. and Mrs. Ferris Johnson and FOR SALE :— "CONN" B-flat cornet, like new, $75.00; er" flute, $35.00; "York "Wurlitz . trumpet, -H. G. Hamilton, Ban-' 20u52 FOR SALE—J36 GOOD VACCINAT- .ed pigs, 7 brood sowe, pigs by work horses, both young and —-•• _<,..iu. _._i u. A-c. i i» OUIlIlSOn UuQ -...] i *_ * — * *"O" **j children, Gilmore City were Sun- J work horses - b °th young and day dinner guests at W C Tav- u, ge 2' truck Wagon and rack.—H. lor's. ' - * M - Colwell. . 2 Q n r,2 ——»»»-• Bjvrtu^ J Vi«,l «3 ago, and she was named for hiii. Her mother conducted the store a few .years, but finally sold it and now lives a-tOes Moines. Shirley Son Home From Trip Abroad County Supt. and Mrs. Wm. Shirley have received word that their j^_John, East Lansing, Mich., got England, — had spent summer, visiting relatives and Dr. and airs. H. M. Olson drove to Spencer Tuesday to attend the Clay county fair. Archie Haines, L. A. Weber, and Arthur Hagg attended an eighth district V. F. W. picnic at Boone Sunday. Mrs. >V. H. Gleuson, Mason City, was a guest last week Wednesday and Thursday of her sister, Mrs. W. D. Nugent. Lewis Ferguson returned to his ~ uu ,*, r T . uu Jltlo tt UOCtOl OI i o,nn J, D — **-fc*«j J115U fcu /lie philosophy degree, teaches in the' forestry job at Ames Sunday, English department of a state col- after last week here with his moth- lege at East Lansing. Rhythm Band for School. Portland Twp., Sept. 13 — The Portland No. 8 teacher, Letha Mann, and her pupils have ordered a set of rhythm band instruments and plan to give numbers on a Halloween program. "Standard school" money pays for the instruments. ed. In every grove many branches were broken on trees. large _. __ _ _ t vuhtu. vm v.* ^^^a. The Ray Bergeson windmill was blown down, and small buildings at the Henry Waubin farm were wrecked. A hoghouse, a tool shed, and part of the barn roof were wrecked at Samuel Gibbson's. * The Pioneer Crowds Sure Liked Pickles Four Corners, Sept. 13—The opening of the new Pioneer hi-bred seed corn plant was an event for this community. Everybody turned out for the free lunch. Mrs. Verla Miller worked the first day and reported that she served 1133 pickles without counting any eaten by ,he help. Mrs. IVa Witham helped serve dinner Friday. The crowd was estimated at 650 both Thursday and Friday. Mrs. Edna Mitchell, W^IQ helped Saturday, said some 450 were served that day.' Lone Rock Mrs. H. J. Bacon, Algona, spent Saturday and Sunday at I. W. Nelson's. The Eugene Hofius family Ottosen, were Sunday afternoon visitors there, and took Mrs. Bacon home. The Harris Wadswortas were also Sunday afternoon guests at Nelson's. Flaig ' Sprank, the ™,, ' , h,. M., Otto, and Roy Jensens, and Mr. and Mrs. Alex Krueger were among persons from here attending an Emmett county field day at Tittle Lake Sunday. HOSPITALS GENERAL Sept. 8—Leonard Meyer. Whittemore, major surgery. Sept. SHCelesta Moulds, Algona, tonsillectomy. Sept. 10—Mrs. Henry Johannsen, Jr., Algona, major surgery; Gordon Nichols, Algona, medical. ' Sept. 11—(Minnie Scheppman, Al- :ona, tonsillectomy. er, Mrs. Hortense Ferguson. Gleudoru, daughter of Mr. and Free, cist. Mrs. M. A. Burbanfc, went to Storm Lake Sunday to begin her sophomore year in Buena Vista college. Ihelina Keene, employed at Spencer, spent Sunday with Algona friends. She was formerly employed at Mrs. Archie Hutchison's. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Thompson, Bode, were Sunday guests of the latter's sister, Mrs. George H. Mr. Thompson is a pharma- Mrs. D. J. Bredall was called to Spencer one day last week by word that her father, a Mr. Du Bois, was seriously sick. He is now reported improved. Clifford Bugger, Oxford, came Saturday for a visit with his aunt, Mrs. O. E. Butter worth. He will be a liberal arts junior at the state university this year. Marjorie Hallam, Pierre, S. D., is a guest of her aunt and uncle, Dr. and Mrs. W. D. Andrews. She is on the way to Ames, where she is a senior in the State college. C. K, Holt, now of Ottumwa, was an Algona visitor Wednesday. Mr. Holt, who was local manager of the Graham store till recently, is now supervisor of all the stores. H. C. Steley, Centerville, came Tuesday for ten days visit with his daughter, Mrs. C. H. Swansea. He is retired. Mrs. Swanson'e husband is manager of the local A. & P. store. «. Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. and Mrs, w, H. Godden, will leave Saturday for Dubuque to entsr Clark college as a freshman. Gertrude Render will he a senior in ti_e same college. »»y Bfgie* and P. C. Smith,'-' cal I»ternftio_4i Harvester * Malted Milk at our fountain is ;he answer to that afternoon let-down —Barker's Drug. (52 ) RADIO TROUBLE? WHEN IT develops, just phone 520W or 99. Expert repair man will come promptly. Complete line of parts. —E. A. Genrich. (59) All of the above parties at Hotel Fran, We NEW HEEL LATCH STYLES^ Last word in shoe beauty. Snug heels, original styling, marvelous comfort. We want you to see them.' —Krese.nsky's. (53) FREE SURVEY—WE'LL SURVEY your heating plant without obli-' gation and submit report on Butler model needed. Get full information.—^. S. Norton & Son. (52) BE READY FOR SCHOOL WITH a typewriter for homework. Ask about our second hand standard size typewriters or our new portable typewriters.—I. G. Dewel tf FLOORS SANDED. REFINISHED with permanent floor finish. A new improved method guarantee- Ing satisfaction.—Cowan Building * s . B PP ly C* 0 - 38U BARN PAINT SPECIAL! If you're •interested, see us .at once. Limited quantity Pittsburgh Barnhide, the durable, economical, e'asy spreading paint.-^F. s. Norton & Son - (52) [ F ^ [ i? HOME OWNERS—LATE INFOR- mation to your advantage in neaping home and sarin/g fuel now available. Write at once — [Jreen Colonial, Engineez-ing Dept Des Moiues. (52) THIS WEEK'S PAINT SPECIAL! ^ Quart Pittsburgh Waterspai- Enamel, Quart WaUhide, Quart Watergpar Varnish, one 2-in. Gold Stripe Brush, only $3.50. — F s Norton & Son. (52) REUABLB MAN WANTED TO call on farmers in Kossuth county. No experience or capital required. Make up to |13 a day.— Write MR. THOMAS, P. O Box NQ. 63. Waterloo, Iowa. ' 30^52' *5,000 (OR OWNER WILL "TAKE back" some) buys owner's equity ft a high-class 240-a. improved hpme farm, Iopate4 5 miles NE O f Weslex- A splendid opportunity to own your own home and be independent of a landlord. Already fi- «aace4 with '-'government i/ui n »» , 'foverrent . HutcWBS, 9 yer Barry'iT Al- Store! Special Friday, Saturday, and Monday Free Delivery Phones 420-421 IGA FLOUR Highest grade Guaranteed .__ $1.39 OXYDOL Large boxes 39c COFFEE BLUE G Pound P&G Jumbo Soap Regular JELL-0 19c! MACARONI or SPAGHETTI Fresh. 3 Lbs.__. 1 9c COFFEE BED A Lbs. IGA DAWN Toilet Tissue High grade. 3lC Ited and White Caniiistcr WAX PAPER 150-ft. Rolls IGA MARSHMALLOWS 1-11), 4 n Pke 1 2C' ••HW- 1 Pure Cider VINEGAR Gal.. BROOMS Good Grade 49c • — •— — ~_ Mason Jars Quarts __ 69c Pints . . LIMIT Sugar 10, 47c Sugar Fine Granulated, 100 lbs. S4.74 OMAR FLOUR *9.11>. ^1 CO Bag.... 9J .59 Mason Jar Covers Dozen TOKAY GRAPES Umit 5 lbs. Lb.. 5c For Canning l«-lb. tug 65c ALL LOW PRICE ON HIGH GRADE CANNED FRUITS APRICOTS,-18-k No. 9% can ... W' PEACHES, 18-k No. 2}£ can .—18* PEARS, 18-k. Hart It'll ,2^ can -2# All in heavy syrup. PORK & BEANS, 18-k No. Zft can 10* CARROTS, 18-k diced, No. .—-UK BEETS, 18-k diced, No. 2 -10f WHOLE KERNEL CORN, Ko. 2, ., — 2 cans 2§f MiAS, IGA, Earjy June —2 c«ns25< SALMON, 18-k fancy red, tall — Hf SALMON, fancy pink, tall -2 for 27* CORNED BEEF HASH 16-oz. can W CORNED BEEF, IGA 16-oz. can Jl* PANCAKE FLOUR, IGA 3^-11). Pkg, ',_„ II* PLY RIBBON, Russell's _-5 rolls W RAISINS, Thompson Seedless, 9 lbs. ..—..-____._ -COFFEE-^ Brown Betty, 2 Ibs. -Chase & Saoborn, lb. Stokely't Tomato Juice, No. Scan Wi Coda Cracker*. 2-Ib, boxJjJ! MEATS FANCY BEEF ROAST ik ™' 7^ ONIONS — ^ "^TJ^T^-^WI JM»» — — ~ ~ ~ Lettuce, Irg.i each Celery, well bleach- Orimgw, ro«d' £ liojf'_;-,:-• Grapefruit, B

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