Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 8, 1938 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 8, 1938
Page 8
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EX-ALGONIAN'S NEPHEW IS WED IN CALIFORNIA The Son of a Sister of T. F. Cooke, Now a Benedick. KOSSttf M COUNTY AftVANCB, By Selllc G. IlcMvycr. Hollywood, Aug. 16 — Harrison Rice was marriecl recently to -— ....^ u.iL. L icu leuuuuy 10 njunn trances Roath, and they have just returned from a honeymoon trip to Gautamala. Harrison's mother was the former Bertha Hancock, a half- sister of Col. T. F. Cooke. Harrison took the place of his father, when Mr. Rice became unable to carry on as manager of Hershey products on the west coast, a po sition the elder Rice had many years. Harrison and his wife are .graduates of the University of California at Los Angeles. Irene Cnpeslns is Brldo— Irene, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. •Jrank Capesius, southeast of Algona, and Leland, son of Mrs. Al- cla Hurley, Mason City, were mar- Tied at 9 oclock yesterday morning at St. Cecelia's Catholic church A ^ 0 " a ; the Rev - F a«ier Mallinger officiating in a single-ring cere- Lee Holtzbauer, Algo- .reading, Mrs. Herman Soderberg, Bancroft; vocal solo, • Meredith 'Austin, .Bancroft; reading, Whaa .Our Minister Calls, Eldon Hovey, Aigona; vocal solo, LaVerne Aus- ftnrt Group Ig Entertained— Dr. and Mfe. R. M. Wallace en-- tertalned at dinner laet week Wednesday. Guests, were Mr. and Mrs. John Trunkhill, Banker and Mrs. Jos. Haeney, Mr. and Mrs. G. U. Fairbanks, and Mrs. Wallace's sister, Marie Grover, all of Burt. The evening wae spent at games In a well-equipped play room. Pnrty for Atlantic Visitors— Mm. Ralph Finkblne, Atlantic, s a guest of her sister, Mrs. G. W. Stillman, and Mrs. Donald C. Hutchison entertained Tuesday af- DWHJ, jjitverae AUS- HUIUIUBUII enienainea Tuesday ai- ---, piano and cornet .ternoon In honor of Mrs. Finkblne. Edwin Wolcott and her There were two tables of bridge. ifl. V*"\Y1 tl f\ • 4"»r«. —-. 3 1— I'AjT., n C3i t 11*-u _ .. .. *_ I __». . 1 •« _• LaVonne; - Norman. Gifts were presented am Mr. dorf and H. Frey's Prey's brc Mr. ant LG6NA, IOWA PORTLAND . . i ^"*o * •n «3 CllJU ^VicJl" * * *-R>tlilli .delseohn's wedding marches, and M °nlux, (Vlgo- Glf ts were presented by Mrs. feuest prize. Men-' Presthus, Bancroft, and Mrs. D. D.! • <*u.u Aici '-"—•« ii ^* \* \> IT u tctuico ut ui lu&Ct m u. .tJieiSr e readings, Mrs. Stillman won high, and Mrs. Zielske were Finkbine wae presented with a thur Zielste's. 'tellpsf nrlzo Mrs. Charles Beesen on, of Frost, visited a Sunday. He Is Mr.< her. — — Mra William BaUdmn spent seviiral days laet week at tending tie state fair at De Moinos. Alice Jihnsou is working a Marvin Bdum's in Lakota. The Raymond Wilcox family, o. Fort Dodje, the Alfred and Richard ZielsPe " " of enC n d ti ng R 0 H arC Tr e l',i and Un OI !, lUX> AlgJ ° na - Vlolet Norman'al- Hush Week for Sorority- and Betty Kohlhaas so Presented a gift to Mrs. Sjos- The Beta Sigma Plii •esius, Algona sister 'tafk in which h^i^H 6 a Bhor J S ' rls w111 have thelr " ru .... ' I*? .' Slscer i. . " wni.cn ne'related some of snn tiovf -nroot >ri, a ,, „ Capesius, Algona, sister. -.. wmun ne'related sor bride, was maid of honor,'the interesting things he saw r>oert Casey, Mason City.'Ing his stay in thp pnsf of the bridegroom, ' The Beta Sigma Phi sorority girls will have their "rush 1 " season next week. They will meet and Herber guwta a Are Mrs. Anna Johnson, of Webster City, Is viiiting at R. E. Johnson's The Faim Bureau meeting held at Gus Kdppen's In Lakota Friday was well attended with 60 present. The playltt given under the dlrec- "• -" ahe)ride was; l:blue dress, - gallic wine-colored ac- Stock Organises Classes- Stock, local dance in- held "open house" Mon- Mrs. Cooke, accompanied by her son Edwin, his wife, and son David, is on an overland trip to Boston, and they plan to Iowa on the return trip. Tribute to Oldtliner. In the death of Mrs. Marsh Stev- >ens old Algona friends lost a lov- .able woman. Her family moved fvr\m T11i_~! , _ •*••• .. . Following the ceremonv •ding dinner J£?"t*r " lnt °r term, .which be- guest at the country home of the .onae a parents. newlyweds will .be at home . . l * tic ntJ stop inf at Mason ^ , .TUCIl; Lllc Ul l(le- .groom is bookkeeper in the North- .west Savings bank. He was graduated from the St. Joseph's academy there in 1930 and is also a In tap, toe, ballet, and .ballroom dancing. So many patrons have asked lessons in ballroom dancing tnat she plans to have special beginners' and advanced classes iHer studio, which is located in the ouu ncAt, ween, -rney wiii meet lu e piayjtt given under the dlrec- for a business session Tuesday ev- tion of Mrs. L. A. Nitz was enjoyed ening at Mrs. Kenneth Knudsen's.' by all. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hans and OTHEK SOCIETY. Mrs. M. G. Norton entertained Mrs. Carl son, Wilmjir, Minn., and Mr. and Zollner and two chil- mra. OT. u. worton entertained " l "°- <j «" Conner ana two cnu- her Birthday club at 6:30 dinner' dren ' ot Brlcelyn, visited over the Friday evening, honoring the an- I week-end ill the Walter Hans home niversary of Mrs. Emily Spencer.' antl at tn f p eter Hans home at Mrs. Antone Johnson was a club .Lakota. I „. , ..^.^^ , s iuy«.ibu in tne new Hutchison building, above the b & L store, has been decorated in frmn rrom ie to Kossuth in the college. early seventies and settled on a farm east of Algona. Later the family moved to Algona and for v-.-.j tuuie m liiav ana is also a crpnm n.,rt r<m -ov-uiB.IBU m graduate of the Mason City junior .^00^ Kg'^ 2^" and even the piano in the studio The bride was and was guest. Bridge was played at two' rhe Hailley Berhow family, and .tables, with Mrs. D. D. Paxson '""" T " ning high. The D. A. R.' 9 will meet next' 8 "^* 6 at> ' IWO -*«.|*^j u^iuu\v lituill^, UUU win-! Mrs - Lee fierce and family, of Ali ben Lea, I Minn., were Sunday • fcJ •* ••" AO-t^d, JAQJVll .Tuesday for one o'clock luncheon at Mrs. Hortense Hostesses will be Ella vatlll , and Mesdames W. L. Whitney, L. — Tillmoney, of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Till- children, — ——****** ******* o TT i -i_j, TT iiiLinjy - i j, TT- *'Vi tL —•—. ... jT rri,r £^"2^,1 j^fes-s«»«« The Methodist Sunday school hoard met last week Wednesday moved fiito thd Bfand home ..,— will have room* with'the Holts. Both men are teadhew, Mr, and MfsV Steve POwef9 and Mrs. Edw, Looft drove to 'tiodaf Fells Sunday to take their daughters Kathryn Powers nnd Beillah Looft to register at the teachers college. Mr. and Mrs, Edw. T. Halverson took Alvlna, who Is also entering "T. C." The Halversons also visited Mr. and Mrs. A. JB. Laurltzen at Parkersburg. •Work Is being commenced this week on the new home Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Brack are building on the lot just west of the Tice Brack residence. The Albert Brands and the John ManthelS moved Into their new homes last week. We.Iey Ball Game End. fa| tig, 1S.AU , «.;--;•• • S«l>t</ £"*BaBebaII fans of Weeley witnessed an exciting game at the lodal diaffiotid Sun. day between the Wesley Tlee« and the "Old Tlmera." Players „« Uie latter team were dharlle and Elmer Obson, of Austin, 'Minn w^^'W'^'^-'^rt? Bd Wolf, of Bancroft, Tom forbur^er George Vftzthum, Tom McMahnn Jack Studer, Art and^ Frank Blelch, Welter Drummer, and C oral men from Blue Eartn' Tho scores piled up untlla tie of 15 all was reached and time Wn& called out of sympathy for the "od ~ «**u MiLi^c LfCtJU Clll~ .ployed as cashier at the Sears & iRoebuck store, Mason City. former Wesley Girl Weds— . Mrs. John Nicholas Looft, 2846 iBrattleboro Avenue, Des Moines, -announces the marriage of her daughter Margaret to John Luett! Hinrichson, Ames, son of Mr. Bernhardt Hinrichsen, S ome> cars -nved- t rere7 Remomilf-m th7 A^I. B^ll^'^ * h ° W £^ ] ^^^^^ She has -'- "en S been living mostly with her son Earl, but a part of the time with the daughter Harriet, who for many years has been a teacher at Minneapolis. When the family lived at Algona Mr. Stevens was elected sheriff. He was a popular man and a leading county politician of the day. Finally he wag beaten by Jack Graham, of Bancroft. While Mr. Stevens was sheriff he was called The Little Giant of Kossuth, and Mr. Graham when he won, was dubbed Jock the Giant Killer. Mrs. Bradley Recalled. Mrs. Kesia Ayers Bradley was •another oldtimer, now gone. Her •family came to Algoua in the early seventies and settled on a farm •southwest of town. Before her marriage she was a teacher in county schools. She was a faith- for JTew Bride- Sixty guests were entertained at a post-nuptial shower for Mrs (Ronald Gardner at Mrs. Paul Work u Begun on the Installation of Fulton Engine The second big section of the city's new power engine—the Imposing outside shell—was hauled up the hill on north Hall street rom the city's spur on the Milwaukee railroad yesterday morn- ng. The first eection, or base, weighing 25 tons, was put into place last week. The second sec- Ion, which has the cylinder bor- ng, weighs 38 tons, These are the argest parts of the new 8-cylinder; DOO h. p. engine, and as soon as he second section Is In place the ssembling of the smaller work- ng parts Will be started} This „„„„„, „„»,,.„ 0i , CIll , will take several weeks. Operation laet week [Monday, Tuesday, and Is not expected for a month to eix , , Wednesday^ in Des Moines visiting .......... u vjtuujier at .Mrs. Faul' """• "*w Harrington entertain- wlacks Saturday evening. Assist- ed 16 women Friday evening at •ing hostesses woro TWoorf,™,,,. .6:30 dinner atiif hrldiro i? n ... SS^^SVSffSAt MB , the ,r, m ,.y d.partm.nl M. m ,- Kr.n.r, of pi™ ".f™, ™"! Mrs. May Harrington entertain- state Miss , phone office. years for th Mesdames J. A. i .DIHUK, J A •—-"•«a »T ^A \, in j/mj'i Erpelding, al- Rl Cow an won higfc, T,--^, The p irs( , ,.._.. dinner and bridge. Four were in play, and Mrs. H.' She worked Smiths when . , operators at Fenton -i._ »• — vH»V4At four, th°y * — — «-w« UbV* O CH, jp tEUKUIl* Mr. and W Mllo Halvereon of iiff^i- /-.-li__ ... •""'venuon, Ot weeks. Snowplows Used to Remove Paving Mud Dr. and Mrs. W. G. Muhleman drove to Sioux City Tuesday, and Margaret Looft, Wesley Girl, Wed • Wesley, Sept. 6—Margaret Looft daughter of Mrs. Bertha Looft ^^rried 'Saturday to jffi Luett Hinrichsen, of Amee, at Des Moines. Miss Looft wa» graduated from the Wesley high school and f , I 1 ? 1 ?. colleee at A mes. She taught home economics at W.(n- throp; Wesley, and at Ward-Belmont school at Nashville, t Tenn an exclusive glrl'a school, and 'at the state college at Ames. They will be at home after October 1 at Ames. . , » ' • OJfLY $&«0 WAS paid by the county in bounties In August Hunters collected $2.80 for pocket gophers, $3 for crows, $2.80 for starlings, and a dollar for a fox. WE SELl 'NSULATIOJ 'EXPENSIVE • in ROTPROOF . Lumber G Pool, Mp, t'"°- ^"uo JiaJvereon, of ul " yc >•" OJUUA oiiy luesaay, ana Cehter, visited >t Edward Mr - Muhleman attended an execu- ' ii i • =li •- Ro &erta Skilling „„ ,^ ^ ,. live committee meeting at the " The ceremony was read Septem— 3 by the Rev. Percy Nickle*5, I Halverson'd Sunday. —„„.„„„! *"t i-uoi, uuiuerun Aid served Mrs. Martha Gable and daugh-, ethodist hospital in the morning Mae Sill and| lu ncheon yesterday and today at '® rs cleo - ^n. and Marjorie, were and an adjourned board of trus- "'" ""' tlle new Plioneer Hybrid Seed ,_ ^ e f SUeijtB at George Heetland's tees meeting at Mornmgstde col- oaf Tiro^^lr rn..__.3' Tatxa ITI ^1m nll*i.*-.n.*_ vr_ »»._. i , Jenkta - 8 ' recelved plant. i . T ~ " 1~ «••<• ^cuige ineeuaaas - -- a «... I m Dakota Ijist week Tuesday even- • le % e in th e afternoon. Mr. Muhle.'!"f: Mar J° ri e and Jean remained man reported traveling over some . ., _ ipastor of the Central Presbyterian .Little Girl Has Birthday- Mrs. Hinrichson received B S Kay, daugher of Harold her sixth been an instructor in the and nutrition department same institution. church, and she reared a fine family of five children. She was known as a woman of intellectual ability The Millis family came to Al- .gona about the same time as the Ayers family, and Ella Millis Web- .ter, now also gone, was one of ffive children. Mr. Millis was a •contractor and builder, and he built the house directly west of, Mrs. R. M. Gardner's. He and his 1 family lived there till the place was sold to the H. S. Vaughns. Then Mr. Millis built the home now owned by H. B. Mason. Afterwards the family moved to a farm north Previously she -- -ie department at fnnria i', Sharon ' aron Reding, Bonnie Durnin, Madon- ' and Rachel ine afternoon was spent games, and refreshments were Mrs. A. W. Amunson win enter- !£ g ' Mar J9 rie and Jean remained man reported traveling over some tain her bridge club next 'week f Visited till Sunday even- of the w °rst roads he has ever .Wednesday cvenine- nf t-mv. »<>Ki nn , n ?i ibeen on, on the way to Sioux rir.v. .Wednesday evening at two tables. °- .been on, on the way to Sioux City. „,„„,„ * " —- )• 'Mr. and Mrs. Jack McDonald and Driving was dangerous in mud on MOTORCYCLISTS from Swea IDor jf ! witl ( D °ris Welfare, drove No - 33 . south of Sheldon. A flood Ity won honors in a hill-climbing to f mm etsburg Saturday to meet' south of LeMars, had washed mud intest at Eethervtlle rm«> ^-.v i« n * another daughter. Marv iiiiion -,,rv,« ! 18 inches denn nntn tiio i» 0 >r Qm ««* -^ —rrf A* \SUJL »J Vf CC* j. -n J •»*-»* t*l. Cj U1UVC * «-«•» \ft. Iw'iJ City won honors in a hill-climbing ^mmetsburg Saturday to meet' south of LeMars, ho contest at Eetherville on« day last anotner daughter, Mary Ellen, who ! 18 inches deep onto week. They were Robert Barslou ^ am€ L from Carroll to visit over La- and if wa s being cl Walton OVPTIQ T.m«r».ov.«« TI_I DOr daV. nnntir nlmirof week. They were Robert Barslou, Walton Ovens, Lawrence Balmnca and Richard Leland. who sold paints in day. and Mrs. William Gelhaus Mr. Hinrichson Is a grauuaie or ™ a State college and received Visitors"'•^ *-""cj5B aua received. nr «, _ M. A. and Ph. D. degrees from 1 , ^ rs ; W \ E - 1 *''* entertained a Harvard university. He is now as-'f ? clock dlnner Tuesday even sistant nrnfpasni- nf ™o*i,~_i! . i'ing, honoriner Mr. nnri iw^a T «,»r • of mathmetics at State college. The couple will be at home ..„ — and Mrs. Loul Fowler, Colo., who leav has been vis ,oPS. couple wil1 °e at home at : ^r ida y- Mr «' Nelson has been vis •*21 Pearson Avenue, Ames nf'er I s relatlves and friends here October 1 ' .lor the last twn Tnnn+v, n TT— October 1. Shower for the Sjostrands— The Rev. and Mrs. M. A. Sjos- honorees at a canned Monday evening at ..of Burt. ,_, -~ —„„. , ^u t*i*v» j.j. iCilUB Z1CT1 for the last two months. Her hus iband, who came for her a week ago, owns a large Fowler. ranch near f raft Festival at Church- -family. She had one , Mina, who once lived at Burt, later moving to Montana. 'His granddaughter, Marie Heidke, Esther- vine, on becoming an orphan, was adopted and reared by the Websters. Mrs. Webster also was a faithful member of the Methodist •church. Mrs. Korrie Stricken. My daughter, Gwendolyn Norrle, las been sick more than eight weeks. She had four strokes, and at the time of the last one suffered a cerebral hemorrhage, since •which she has lain in a state of coma in a nurses' home, where she has constant care. In a letter received today Mrs. Katherine Baughn, Oakland, tells me she recently met Mrs. Emily C. Dodge at San Francisco, where the latter was attending a national W. C. T. U. convention as a delegate from Nevada, where she is state secretary. Mrs. Baughn also met a number of lowans, among them Mrs. Ida B "Wise, national W. C. T. U. president who was a great friend of Mr -and Mrs. Ben Reed. Zelda Eeed in Australia. Mrs. Baughn said her daughter Zelda is still in Australia, do:n magazine work. A Nevad-i paper recently printed a letter she wrote to Mrs. Carl Dodge, Fallen, Nev., her sister. Stetson, son of the man who made the famous hats, is in Australia now, and he plans to start a big hat factory there. He is also planning an expedition into the interior of Australia. There aro parts which have never been explored. The expedition will consist of 12 men traveling on camels. Zelda has been invited to go along and write the 3i>ry of a new race like our American Indians, •which has been discovered. Zelda expects to go and to get a great thrill, besides a great story. THREE HEW BUSSES'will carry Ottosen school children to and from school this year. They are of steel, and will carry 35 children. FABMEKS IH UNION township have found that rats are devouring tomatoes, eating the soft center. ——===—— Small Loans Up to $300 OH AUTOMOBILES LIVE STOCK HOUSEHOLD FUEHITUBE, ETC. •Prompt, courteous, confidential service. NORTH IOWA FINANCE GO Iwrt to Upper Des Molneg office, 186 Algoua, low* -Jft ^ , nerm «on,,, M „, .'asss as <TsU° of?; ^^ ^^ Popular site post binder* in imitation leather or caitMu tedter X!%:^%% awt-s rottivS RUBY LEDGER OUTFIT-Loo*, leaf Innde,, 200 Aeeu, and A-Z, 26 division, leather tab index. Durable red or black C J ft A binding. Sixe 6x9}£ Eac{l +AUU EAGLE LEDGER OUTFIT—Dur^b^^^bbkUr. 200 sheets, and A-Z leather tab index. C O fl H RAVEN POST BINDER—Bound'tabi^w^i..,^ i oplock or eudlock. t A 4 C Sizes TJ^xlO?^ and 9J^xll% Each ^ ? RING BINDER Slate colored canvas binding. Three rings. Capacity 200 sheets and index. Label holder, metal J4 f (1 LEDGERSHEETS Peerless Ledger paper, "Regular Ledger" ruled and printed both sides. Standard punching r 4 O C Si Z e9K*llK ^ !.. Hundred *l£i LEDGER INDEXES —Heavy Buff Delhi Ledger paper. A to A division, leather tabs. Four slotted holes. t * M f Size 9Xxliy s <s.»*l'5 "Bet * | _^_ COLUMNAR PADS Canary bond, red and blue ruling. Buff bond, browa and green ruling. 50 sheets to pad. AH sizes and f Ofl R rulings. Box of 10 pads .....* Bo T/U3 ALL-FACTS OUTFIT-Simple, co^lete/b^keepLg o ^ t with instructions and specimen pages. Printed heading for C every transaction. Size 11x17 °Each ' KB. G. D. WALRATH has moved ' to ? elate - M r. Gelhaus Is Christ to Lu Verne taking the place there un £ Ie - „ I of Dr. A. J. Eason, who .has- moved . Mr - and Ml- s- John Holt and son to Algona and hoe offices over the drove to N °<-thwood Saturday and' James dru spent Sun snow plows! the pavement, cleaned off with H. W. POST James drug store. DOBOTHY GAETJTEH. TT a I spent Sunday there with relatives *' H ° s ster ' who had as by the Albert Brands.t Hood's Dray and Transfer STORAGE OFALL KINDS Long Distance Hauling Brery load insured againat lose and damage of all kind*. Equipped to do all kind* of hauling and ' PHONE MS •*** Store On Keeping Good Algona Iowa Special Friday, Saturday, BAKING POWDER Calumet 1-lb. can_ CRACKERS Fresh 15c lb. box Pure Cider VINEGAR Gallon 19C Mason Jar Covers °ne * doben Mason Jars Quarts __ 69c Pints 59c Grapefruit Hearts, No. 2 _2 cans 25c Crush. Pineapple, 8-oz. cans 3 for 25* Corn, White, No. 2 can 4 for 25* Macaroni, Carol 8-oz. pkg. __2 f or 9* Spaghetti, Carpi 8-oz. pkg. __2 for 9f Gloss Starcht'lGA lVo~z~~p"kg7~—*8* Certo, regular size bottle _' 21* Napkins, assorted, 100 count ~~ A* Ice Tea Mixture, Carol, pkg. iJJ Oatmeal, Ige. kg. IGA „ " "JJl SUGAR Fine granulated Limit ,4^^ 10 ibs _ HIC Since 1870 The ChriscM Store There's an old saying, «i man jg known by the coa. pany he keeps," And It's > pretty true. likewise, u store is by the company it Such well and known lines as wear, Gossjird, BartliS, Bradley, 1'liocnix, Ksjsev «Si many others fonnd at this store, mean simply, Out we are "keeping good con- pany." Nationally recognized HIM or merchandise like the» are found only in the COM- try's best stores. We aw proud to be identified wlti such outstandJng merchandise. It l s YOUB protectloi •gainst inferior quality. The Chrischilles Store - r Ptir. 3 for 25* Peas, Corn, Tomatoes, No. 2 can Milk, Ige. cans[__._7;_7;;_3 fo°r 5* Oyster Shell, ^00 Ibs. aal — — — ._ W^ 18-k COFFEE Red and While Cannister f 2 lb*. ____52c SALAD DRESSING Carol jar 25C Sandwich SPREAD Carol SOAP P-&G. Jumbo 10 for 'djrRyW 9 IP O TO. IB Junior GOSS-AMOUR* Gives Feminine lure to the Sub-Deb f The young, slim figure needs a light foundation to mold slender curves. Rayon satiiTand the sheerest possible elastic net, with an uplift top of lace Model 3663. *- rt/ . fat. 20-lb. Bartlett PEARS SALMON l-lb.- tall 2 for___ 25c Red A Coffee, lb. „ Blue G Coffee, free cup-saucer, lb. 25* Brown Betty Coffee 2 Ibs. 47* Chase & Sauborn Coffee, lb. 23* PRUNES 16-lb. lug 75c Pure Lard 2 Lbs. 19c Pure Ground Beef 2 lb«. _.__2$c Bound or Swiss STEAK Lb. 23i< Rump Roast Pound Minced Ham in Piece Lb. L5c — CHEESE Am. or Brick lb, box _43c Lb. Meaty- Spare Ribs PprkRt loin End Smoked w Picnic H«m« ----- 17c Pound 20c CUIY ^COUNTY^FAI^ II Ml Center Cuts BEE J. y. ., ^^^^^, ^^^^^f ^*t>.-t- * '*j* r rf.**5(?. ..A'i.M, .tt.4 'Itf.t

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