Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 8, 1938 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 8, 1938
Page 7
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ICHftROTTWO ADVANCE. ALQONA/ IOWA IMRNE GIRLS WED IN DOUBLE EVENT Corwith, Sept. 6—A double wedding ceremony took place at the C, H, KLAMP, Field Representative HAUPTMANS, Of WESLEY, WED 50 YEARS AGO I Grace Methodist Molnes August I/iist week Monday we called at I park and other points west this la H D \AM KV»n« V nr\<i(Vnirio4- r\f Tin n _ uronlr T-Toi'm on TTva 11 Won . Oflftt OT high school in Britt. Wedding Dnte Observed- Mr, and Mrs. Anthony Hildman observed their 15th wedding anniversary Sunday. Other Wesley News. Mrs. John Kokenge and Mildred, of Gi'anvillDl, arrived Wednesday for an extended visit with the former's sister Mrs. F. A. Seimer. Wesley Sept. 6—Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Seimer, and Leone, and their Joseph Hauptman Sr. celebrated j guests spent Thursday visiting at ti,oiv sntvi wpdrtitie anniversary at the Rev. Mr, Schultes home ana \jri a,\J\j HrcLiivJumi. v~>ii LI i i./n in ui^n ' • ••"" ««••.>» 4.i>' u u»%«i*uu •-•«- *-»».. ., « w ». ~~ v ........ — .. , — - LIIOJI w \.n n^Mm*.^) >•.•»..-. v .. ^ . Moines August 26th In which croft, and found Mrs. Wibben peel- Titonka, was also there, and we tneir home in Wesley Sunday. also at Henry Menke s at mn-io^. Charles 0. "Sorenson, son of Mr.'ing potatoes for dinner. Mr. Wib- found him viewing the fine band Those present included their Mrs. Susan Lindenschmidt re- arid Mrs. Emil Sorenson of Cor-'hen remarked that we were the The members were mostly /roin • d aug hter Elizabeth, their son and turned to her home in Chicago with was married to Virginia 1 first cailer that morning, and he Burt, but some from the Bancroft f am u y) Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Haupl-1 Tuesday morning. She had spent •Ram'us daughter of Mr and Mrs 'added that now there would be high school band, and they were man an a two daughters, Phyllis the last two months visiting ner Otto Ramus, of Lu Verne, and her' company every day all week, which giving the crowd fine music. Henry al1(1 Ardell, of Corwith; Mr. and relatives, the Hildermans ana uie ,- .-„ /-<i_-i!... -n i.-'. - ii.'iu \\fhn1 linnnnna wlinti *hnva la n .Tnnnsnn. snllthpnst: of Lakota. Said "u..a T rtii TTnnntmnn Mv. nml Ml*S. 1 "Rlp.hterS al'OUlld Wesley. sister, Gladys Rnmus, became Hit .„..., J <.,„, „„„ „„ giving the crowd line music, nenry al1(1 Ardell, of Corwith; Mr. ami relatives, tne nnueniuui isiEtei- UIUUVH lumius uucHiiii- uia' ls what happens when there is a Jamison, southeast of Lakota, said Ml , s Lou Hauptman, Mr. and Mrs. Rlchters around Wesley, bride of Wendftll Jcrgenson son of Monday morning call, according to; his fine Delicious _apples had been Jnmea Haverly and son Keith, Mr. I TV „*<! Mrs. ft. K. ] Dr. and Mrs. R. K. Richardaon to 17th ONLY f patterni, •! S* 1 ™' 0 rtm«ritstometUlln««d«l i one-third on optn Hack. [ Service for 6' .x Pile* (includ- r Chest) • • RICE • • $60 00 $39.95 nriue ot wenuaii .1 ergon son, son in •"""••".i mm mus v->vn, uv^uiuuie, ^ ... a ^-^ ~~..~.w-,i a-iu/.^ *.«- «>--•- .mmes naveny UHU B <J" ivoim, «*•.. ^.. ».»- ....... —. —. — v, c ,^ M™ Harvey Jergenson of Algona «" old saying. We don't know how ruined by hail. Carl Trump said and M , S- John Hauptman, Mr. and visited her sister and husband, The Rev Thomas H Gallagher'it worked out last week, but we he would not run a footrace, for Mrs Frallcis Hauptman, Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Ze/ler, at us-1 was the officiating clorKymnii Thc'n-'c «ure of one thing, and that Is 1 , he has a bad heart. Carl Christ Mrs . Lou schleusner, Henry and akis, Minn., from a week ago faun- hrldps were dressed in dark'blue'that if It did work out the com- j was throwing balls at dolls, and cl , Schleusner, Mr. and Mrs. day till Friday, rt-esses with blue accessor cs ind P»ny was well treated, for the George Christ was pounding a rna- Joe Corothera and son Wayne, Mr. Russell Lawson left Thursday ?ho brldw^ ohlne that vlngs a bel1 ' T™ d and Mra. Frank Klasel, Mr. and night for Los Angeles, Calif., ThP b?fde7 are s stow of Mrs i * * * * Schmidt, near Titonka, was taking M Joe K)aBel Mrs . Le ona Geo- where he will work. Henrv Marot Co. will and both 1 C'.. A. Hoon, superintendent of in the sights. Fred is looking bet- des and Harriet, all of Garner-I attended he Lu Verne hl^h «'(. Tilonka schoolB. la looking flnoter^ than ever. There were all - o.u...... attended tne LU veine niyi SepleH)ber . He Bot home only:kinds of concessions, but we did l« n in-irlmtp nt last Friday. We saw him last week,not see any girls with grass skirts high school in inr, Monday, and while we were at his j (maybe because this is hay fever «ml hit since been engaged in llouso h 's little boy and the Ray- time). „ * 4 . SSnS ^h?^. M? .'-,—K'-;L^ W8recxchanglns ' academy. The Sexton school opened Monday, with Donna Dooley, Algona, as teacher in charge. The Albright school opened last week Monday, with Neva Albright as teacher. The Aid held a bake sale Saturday at the A & P store at Algona, netting $10. The Aid meets Thursday, September 22, with Mrs. Sim Bemis. The Loyd Stevens, Mapleton, Minn., were dinner guests Saturday of Mrs. Steven's mother, Mrs. Sarah Wise, and had supper with Loyd's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Steven. The Leo Stevens, Fenton, were Sunday dinner guests of Mrs [Steven's parents, Mr. and Mrs. I George Olsen Sr. Mrs. Olsen was celebrating a birthday anniver- Harvfty CALL FOR All Rollins Hosiery Club Members Remembef 'the 13th pair is FREE Kresensky's 5 HV iee for 8 (Illui.) ft Price (Includ- f . (ChesO . ,• S76.TO. RICE - • $49.95 I genson is not widely known in this' ] community. Following the ceremony 1 young couples remained in DCS > Moines for a few days, \ attended the slate fair. . n^ ^turned here and Mr. and Mrs. believe. Sorenson are making their home on his father's farm south of I Corwith. and Mrs Jergenson visit arc now at home near Algom Mr. Jergenson's mother. I Circle Officers Arc Klected— Methodist Aid Circles have, I chosen the following officers for •f * T *r , Orville Gardner, south of Lone Rosemary Schleusner, of Des] Moines. Two large wedding cakes graced the dinner table, one baked by Elizabeth and the other by Mrs. SEXTON Lou -andy corn. * * * * h ot At the Fanners elevator at Ti-1 a)U ^ one o£ Kossuth's natives,' ramiiy waincrniR tonka Fred Higgins was hulling L ud ' he can still Deutsch sprechen. I Sunday marked •iBlUd barley la«t week Monday. He hw l ^ gay some • t thl „ day at the Angus Schleusner. Mr. and Mrs. I The W. J. Greens spent Sunday married in 1880 at with Mr. Green's mother, Mr*. farmed lor Grace Green, near Lu Verne. AI irs. iney mrmcd the home family dinner was served in h where their son Joseph and or of Mr. and Mrs. Chailes till 16 years ago/ ler, Los Angeles, and Mrs. Doin, -l when they moved to town where Tyler, Litchfield, Minn, who - • - fc , I th - "° W reSi ^_ - SSffi 'irriSr.Yra.-.r, ^^ =u^^£:^,,y Oathcr,,, I.JJ.1^^, ^ M ^Fi^o^So^' ._ B were having" a "fine time. Mr..'Rock, ^7°"^^"^ lion's ' Gamer?" Hoon has been at Tilonka several den, carrying a few npe melons, tint IIP !•! do- when we saw him Friday, we no!s father is aiticed that he has a fine flock o£ at Garner, we'sheep. He also showed us some ---•-' nnn ne can Sim UCULOUH spi ojucn. ««.*-«- t . -- -— - He ., haB He een say some very funny things day at the August Seimer home machine: npl , tt . c h too Mr. and Mrs. when brothers and sisters of Mrs. a fine job. Samples of the barley are sent to big buyers. This barley was some of Alfred Oesterreicher's. * * * * At L. A. Barslou's, in the North do a Seimer came to spend the day. Those present were the Rev. J. H. chosen '.ne loiiowiug LHUI^IB iui , ^ ]_,_ ^ liarsiou s, in tne INOI-IU i this year: Delta—Mrs. David | En(i) Mrs Barslou was preparing Johnson, president, Mrs. Ferric |app j es { 01 . canning last week Mon- De Groote, vice, Mrs. Ray Bonn- day. The Barslous have rebuilt jstetter, secretary and treasurer. |tlleir h ouse . Mrs. Barslou has South .East—'Mrs. Charles Hamm, been trying out a scheme of her .. ! ,!_.,*. \ftlnl Al'tllll,' Slnllf.f f (P.- ...... f™.. rlnnm.n * I f\\* f\f * VlO lr»\t/f.t' * * * * Arthur Zumach, south of ? Lone Rock, was not at home Friday. Mrs. Zumach said he was playing in the Lotts Creek band at the Pioneer Hibred Seed Co.'s opening. "Art" enjoys playing in the band. own f or decoration of the lower IACE WOOD PREVENT CHEST INCLUDED , BUDGET PAYMENT jives you this fin* ilc lor J... • month. president; Mrs. Arthur „„„ ,„. „. _.. __ — ._ man, vice, Mrs. A. L. Boswovth, Un . ee £eet 0 £ nel . kitchen wall. She secretary and treasurer. Sunshine se i ec ted a pretty, figured linoleum —Mrs. Walter Thompson, presi- ; all( i pa sted it to the wall. This took dent; Mrs. Clarence Smith, vice tne p ] ace O f painting the wall. The president; Mrs. Frank Izzard, sec- unoleum can be kept clean much retary and treasurer. Dorcas— | easier' than even a painted wall, Mrs. W. C. Woodbury, president— .^d it does not show marks. This Mrs. Clarence Galloway, vice, Mrs. m j g ht be a good idea for mothers Retha Saniord, secretary and w jth little children who mark up treasurer. M. G. C.—Mrs. Donald (tne walls. A. B. Lappe, southeast of » * * » H. A. Salisbury, southeast of Burt, was plowing Friday, and he said it was tough going in spots. In some places the plow would not scour. * * * * Albert McCarthy, east As we see it— AUK PARTICU- rly fond of tlie cus- mer who makes out deposit slip before i comes to the win- taw! .'•••• • fA STATE BANK Algona, Iowa [Deposits Insured secretary and J'airview circle ts election. treasurer, has not yet held _.....-,, Ban- The croft, was mowing weeds with an mower last week flown thig season . of Bancroft, is one of Kossuth's big farmers. He farms 800 acres. There are 147 head of cattle, all high-grade Herefords, on the place. This family moved from Dubuque county to South Dakota, where they "dried out." Albert says he wishes he Hageman, ot Petersburg; Mrs. Albin Meis and son Frances, of Dyersville; Otto Hageman, of New Vienna; Mr. and Mrs. John Kokenge and daughter Mildred, Granville; Mr. and Mrs. C. I. Hageman of Sioux City; Mr. and Mrs. Ben Arndorfer and son Jerry, and Mr and Mrs. C. Seimer, St. Benedict; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Manke, Mrs Joe Menke and Mary Ann, Mrs Dottinger and two children, all o Bancroft. Mr. and Mrs, TI. I. Hag eman returned to their horn Monday and Mr. and Mrs. Kokeng Tuesday. The rest will visit til Friday. Card Party Attracts Crowd — The C. D. of A. card party in the basement «f St. Joseph's Cath- . Mary Mertz, Algona; Mrs. Grant) Hendersen, Lu Verne, and her grandson, Leonard Hendersen; and he Keith Shepards, Sexton. Pupils from here attending the Algona high school, which opened Monday are: "Mitch' Taylor and . olic church Sunday night was well ^ sr°srr^M=;™S"s •»!'? »» '.'"iJ!?",'1?,r.SS 'IS™ in 5 '«0 Inf ,„'«.,•„. 0«r« years in a practically rainless country. Masterson, Margaret, Frances, and at just the wrong^t.me. Roberta, John Evans; Mrs. Gordon! Walte] . Miller, west of Elmore, Hibbard and Carlene and Carol i lowing last wee k Tuesday. It o are Beth, of San Diego, Calif., who are n , ng thls £al] . Mrs. Mil- Hildman, and Ed. Licktieg, and Hugh Ltckteig won consolation prize. Mrs. Roy Kleinpeter and Dr. R. K. Richardson won high in bridge, and June Adel Kunz won low. Door prizes went to George • cink and Francis Seimer. Anoth- Mr. and Mrs. George Kelsh haveler party will be held Sunday night •ented the 80 acres of land just Sept. 18. east of town that was formerly , iego, a., . visiting here; Mr. and Mrs. Har-| feeding her chickens, and old Evans and Betty Lou, Mr. and ( cevtain i y has some, flock— 1200 Mrs. Lee Williams and Gary Lee, L hol . ns and goo White Rocks. Mr. and Mrs. DeRae Godfrey and . But & ^ knowg how to care fol . any r. a . . But & nowg Robert, of Lu Verne; and Mr. an . Q j nunlber as W e could see from the nd Renme . uooert, 01 iju veiue, ai.~ «"• -~ | n umber, as we couiu see n-um "• Mrs. Reginald Bastian and Renme h her bil . ds were jookia T ... _» ti,, m >,Mdt. Other relativ- 1 "•' Waterloo, Dallas nne - » We called last week Wednesday on Harold Herzog, near Ledyard Lou, of Humboldt. Other relatives were from Waterloo. Center and Perry. The reunion is an annual affair. Birthday Parties Given— . . Two members of Corwith s youngest, set, have enjoyed bird* [FETY SAM SAYS WESLEY wiillTo S'chopl In Chicago— Mrs. Oscar Erickson, Forest ana Rich ter' Evelyn, left Tuesday morning fo — i _ .. * _ j... _• „ i-—. "\Vll Ellen a Oil jatviuiw. -iix,.-«o, and found him at the farm where Edw. Clark lives, northeast of Lakota This is owned by an insur- youngest set have enjoyett mrtnj ' company , which has rebuil day parties during the past week. houge and built a new barn Mrs. Elmer Daughn entertained in Havold was WO rking on the barn, honor of her daughter Shirley { He had been marr i e d since we saw Aim's third birthday), aj^. Mfra> him last year. Mrs. Herzog works Clifford Meyers entertained for, tfae gtate bank at Ledyard. her .daughter, Carol, on her fifth ...» Sexton, moved last week, into the owned by Sim Hirner, and m0 Dick M Kent and Urban Richter | Evelyn, left Tuesday ™™ left Friday night for Glendale. I Chicago, where the latter twojyll Calif., where they will enter the. enter junior college Mai y Curtiss-Wright aviation school. I Bottom went wUi the «««!« Paul Erdman took his son Ber^"-nard to Cedar Falls Sunday to attend college for the third year. Duane Sherman returned home Saturday night from a trip in. the eastern part of the country. The Pete Brethhorst family, of far as Cedar Falls, where she begin her second year in collag there. Seven to School at Brltt— Alice Forburger and Et.hal Flom» are attending junior college at Britt. June Haverly, Luella Waldschmidt, Vera Forburger, Fidelis Harold Fitch, freshman; Phyllis Fraser, sophomore; Rex Taylor and Everett Steven, seniors. Leo Kirschbanm is a freshman at the | NOTICE TO BIDDERS 1. Sealed bids will be received by the Auditor of Humboldt County at his office in Dakota City, Iowa, I until 2:00 o'clock P. M.. on September 12, 193S, for the various items of construction work listed below. ' A certified check, drawn upon a solvent Iowa bank, in an amount as set forth in the proposal form, , made payable to the County Auditor, shall be filed in each proposal. This leek may be cashed ni:d the pro- , eeds retained by the County as iquidated damages if the bidder fails o execute a contract and file an ap- rovetl bond for the faithful per- 'ormance thereof, within ten days fter the acceptance of his bid. 3 Plans, specifications and pro- j posal forms for the work may be een and may be secured at the office of the County Auditor. 4. All proposals must be filed on he forms furnished by tbe County, sealed and plainly marked. Proposals containing any reservations not provided for in the forms furn- shed may be rejected, and the County Boards reserve the right to waive technicalities and to reject any or all bl 5 S 'AttenlIon of bidders is directed to the Special Provisions covering the qualifications of bidders and subletting or assigning of tlie con- The proposed work consists of approximately 32.000 cu. yards of excavation and the installation of approximately 424 feet of IB" concrete entrance pipe. This work to be done on the county•line road between Sections 1, 4, 3 and 4, Township 9s North, Ranee 28 West, and Sections 33, 84 35,'and 36, Township 94 North. Rar.ge 28 West. The proposal ' guaranty-shall not be less than five (5) T>er cent of the bid. August 29, 1938. -BOARDS OF SUPERVISORS HUMBOLDT AND KOSSUTH Humboldt County y t ' AU Bv t K'insey, Kossuth County Auditor. er .a, , birthday. A nice time was, repo t- girls received some and refreshments were served by their mothers. ed at both ^occasions. The little at Ward A. Richardson^ soutneas, rfri. received some lovely sifts, of Elmore, but did not findL Wa.d Last week Thursday we called at Ward A. Richardson's, Bpntheart Birthday Is Observed— «»„«...„, — ----- . „- . A; dinner was held at A. A. } gome ,. epall . wO rk on a may not mean that Ire out in the moonlight with • friend, but the highway \ mean what they say, i your motor adjusted for lemands of weather. More ef . Greater satety. I, C. DAD, 6ARA6E »16S. Sottfc Dodg home, for he arid one gone to Mason of the Richardson was peeling and another boy w.as do«*«*• AO« car. dinner was after which Mrs. Johnson was presented with gifts, for Floyd Mastersons— lor no} , W66K weunepuaj- , Yi f™ ht« S Po« r ^ r ooaS ffi-SS Kl^Mof.^.^-^ ^^^S^^^^SR&S^ - - "" S-SSS'^'S^in. ^,^Se,^m^^not thin, yeai o»« »»""_..„_ ic wins for ™ . /„, vtw,. ^Sn-r^her- is caring her and'the baby. Hymnals Have First n us- much of him. ^ ^ ^ ^ Andrew A. Fangman, northwest ^'^ ;, was Plowing last week , Benton house just recently vacated by the H.iKniry family. ,|,,,,,,M have voted for union. he hurch which have gbbovho od . *L home, nomtaatlouaJ LetU. Refcnan l!- Monaai ^ 1 i l ,,noh aerved'at noon. fdanuTstrawberryrroan animal, lug with lunch serveu aw a aauu, * • ». * ' otn«re^vith. — —'- «»*f time at ^ kota -£ - HS^Ss p^ift«SfSl &S&&F& »«^js.«:^«i about two Lois A- little daughter Mrs ts band JWtmctor Consolidated Bchool Doctor to attend tne of Business at Glen for Sale Credit Bureau is about to requiff a report member business firms. No member desires to make an adverse report on any customer, in owler to spare merchants tne necessi^ of reportfiag overdue accounts, please pay promptly all bills which inay be dliev podge laflt /I hernia He is recov- ispua* for ab ou * *J VRIDAY ASD SATURDAY, SKPTEMBBR 9 AND 10 No Favored Customers ZTZ^^^S^ttXSZi Uke to shop at Council Oak . . they know Council Oak as , ner g hhor that can be tn, S tedJ A clean attractive store that makes it easy to save. Beef Roasts From the beautiful display of beef roasts at Council Oak you can personally select a roasj; that pleases in every particular. These tender, juicy rousts priced at 15£ and 18C P«r »»»• Fresh Pork Roast Jfaj we suggest for the SuJday dinner a fresh pork roast with sweet potatoes or baked apples. Roasts of the desired size at 18£> 15*' nml 13 * pcr t b * SLICED BACON SQUARES, ft Ib. pkg. FRESH BEEF TO Boil*, pound LARGE AND RING BOLOGNA, pound (f ., PICKLE AND PIMEMTO LOAF, pound 20^ FRESH SMOKED WIENERS, pound Bake Kate Smith's Bake-a-Cake a Cake Kit Kit contains two 9-inch layer cake pans and a trial size Swans Down Cake Flonr-Baker's Unsweetened Chocolate-Calumet Baking Powder-Bakers Cocoa- nvt and you can buy it all for only 24c during ttis sale. Jumbo Licorice Jelly Beans These big black licorice flavored beans are a favorite with old timers as well as the youngsters. Packed In pound bags at a special price of 9e- Macaroni Products For a change make the main dish macaroni or spaghetti In ca* serole with tana, mushrooms, Kraft Cheese and tomatoes. A special price of ISC on Jthe 2-lb. bag of macaroni or spaghetti. "••;,.• >ms Tiny unbleached cultivated sliced buttons. They add flavor to steaks, roasts, soups, stews, and irravles. The 2-oz. ca» at a special price of fl|£- Extri Fancy Tun* There are seteral vaiie' pacVtnna to the Su eg of tuna. Fol? an extra fancy solid > Brand in the fi«. M can at a special ;. . ;^t White Loaf Flour YN make BO positfTe foUcast as to ttie wheat market but every bag of White Loa« Flour carries a posHlye guarantee of com-; plete^satisfaction^ as an all purpose flour. This week-end the H barrel bag for $i.! L9. ; First Prize Floiir, i bW. bag _ _ _ - - - -99c No. lOAjiricots Qiiality apricots packet in their own juice for,sauce and pies. Well-filled No. 10 cant at a special price of 45*. Kellogg's Game Books 5 thrilling games of Jmerican sports. A world of fun. 2 large packages Corn Flakes and game book for 19*. Our lEled Bag Coffee Coinoil Oak cgstbnwg are a discriminating class. They de,»»nil «iwUty »s well as price. Our «JJe4 Bag" Coffee Is a general favorite because of Its siwe«U mellow flavor. Try it at the ! low price of 16* pe- pound or 3 pottis for Bixbv'i Jet Oil bottle Children dislike to g» to school with rosty shoes, fluy ' of Bixby's Jet OH in black or brown at 1O* per bottle. l P. & G. Laundry Soap, S giant Dart I0c Oxydol, large package ----------- 20c Red Malaga Grapei, per Ib: -7c Valencia Or»nge»,.2 dozen for W Sweet Potato*, 4 pound, for *A-_l7c Ssai.tr, «t'. ..>_ .l_...^ SEETHE WINKIER STOKER ^W% "PS^W^ Anderi *U1 I' Ae far abeac of other StQkers &?^be airplafiB ff

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