Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 8, 1938 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 8, 1938
Page 5
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"r"< ! f ^* <- , ' KOSSUTH COtTNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA, IOWA PAGE CALS was ft business vlsl- Price Will cTS*??"** [ weeks of liev cousin, Mrs. A, A. Bishop. Mrs. Clifford Aalfs, Sioux City, Mrs. Morrison nnd a son liatl npent and her children went home Sun«i month with her parents at Gvurt- day, aftev two weeks here with the Center. She WHS accompanied to her home by a cousin, Arthur Jensen, Chicago. Gertrude Nelson left Tuesday for Albarado, Minn., whre she is former's parents, Mr. and Mi-s. Chester Bailey. Mr. Aalfs, who came for them and spent the week end at Bailey's, is an Armour salesman. He was transferred some J a daughter o£ the Storms. The Her. and Mrs. M. A. Sjos trend, with the little son Ronald, j got home last week Thursday noon from Kane, Pa., where they had visited Mrs. Sjostrand's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Benson. Mrs. Sjostrand and Ronald had been! REWRITES Jlrlefs summarizing principal novs In Tuesday's Upper Des •"-•-"- ago from Algona to Sioux! there since June 19; Mr. Sjostrand City. I only for two weeks. Mr. Sjostrand Mrs. Nnnnlc Sctx-linll, who broke' daUBMer o£ Mrs - Alraa Nelson, andl Mr. anil Mrs. J. T. Chrischilles! spent the first two weeks of Augher hip a few weeks aw in a fall slle was graduated this spring'had as guests over the week-end ust with his parents, Mr. and Mis. is getting along well imi showhur' fl ' 07n Gustavas Adolphus college,'Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Icelander,, of i C. B. Sjostrand, St. Peter, Minn. steady improvemont it t nn Stl r>cte <-' «'""• I Spring Valley, Minn., who came! Mr. nnd Mr.s. S. M Howard and j lea observed their BOth wedding an- known how much longer she will »• F. Hm'iihold, who left last'to attend the Chrlschillee golden Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Howard, both.lniversary at their home Monday, have to remain at the Kossuth hos- week Wednesday for Portland,! wedding. Mrs. Mabel Kerndt, Chi- couples of Ottumwa, with the last and a 6 o . c]ock dinner was given Mil. AIH) MBS. J. T. Chrischil- THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SEPT. 8-9-10 Emerson Hough's pltal. Ore., to attend a national florists' convention, w ere guests of the T. . . and her son Robert, who named couple 9 son Jack, spent trie bert, who named couple 9 son Jack, spent trie .Sunday evening in their honor by H. Chris- week-end here at G._I\1 Howard s. l Mr and Mrs T H Chrischillas. at her son fal's. M- ,.n,i u... n ,„ , F1 «" 'eft Tuesday for home, after ; George Munch, and his wife, also local Howard 'hardware, and his K crndt and son Robert, of Chi- Mr. and Mrs. George Wesley at- havinf , fipent tho summer nere w i,,h'of Arnolds Park, came Tuesday to brother is in the dry-cleaning bus- cago . Mr . flll(1 Mrs . Harry Nie iand- temieo tne state lair a week aw !,„,. „„„„„,„ T,,,!,,,, „„,! M,. n m n i.,<t«,,,i t\, n c n t,. nr ,,i MI- O n-.naiaf iness. !r>;-. f) f Spring Valley ,Minit.; Mrs. id iff". Alwin ,? U v at i"i * /I fal V'a WO , ek «*» her parents, Judge and Mrs. W. B. [ attend the fair, and Mrs. Engler iness. i Mrs. H.W.Becker at-, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and Quril ! ton , nml th e last ten days accompanied them home. Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Trenhaile, Snllie Krann, Mr. and Mrs. Herman state fair last' weett were accompanied by Mr. nnd Mrs. wiln hor brothers Sumner and Engler still owns the house on Sheldon, son Clarence, and Mr. and Hauberg, and Ted, Jack, and Ju!» 7 IT i Vernon Holm, looking ^-^in and her Child-, for their home at, i as t week .with the Huenholds. itc Kcneflck, sons ,dTolm. and her mother, ld Moe spent last week ftt Arnolds Park. „ Frank! resumed clerk- Chrischilles store Mon- v.. brothers Sumner and. Engler still owns the house _.. Mr. WCR- -William at Cedar Rapids. She is:west State street occupied by the Mrs. Charles Koerner, Sanborn,'inn, sons of the T. H. Chrlschil- ley is a carpenter for Cowan and t | ln former Helen Quarton. 'R. M. McAtees. ,with their baby, were Friday call- 1 loses. Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Chris- Son. j fr< 1U1(1 Mrs> RIchnl . d JolieSi ot j j, , 3I L 3 Nelson Fow . ers at the local Methodist parson- ichllles were married at Lansing in Mr. and Mrs. Norman Walker Cedar Rapids, were guests Satuv-; ler Color, who have been visiting n ^ a - The Burgesses knew the Tren- j 1888, and Mr. Chrischilles became and their two children go to Kl- day of Mr. and Mrs. Matt Streit.! two wee u s n t Nels Beck's and h ailes whcn Mr - Burgess held the interested 44 years ago in the dora today to visit friends and They were enroute to the Okobojis j Henry C Nelson's will leave a£- Sheldon pastorate before coming Chrischilles store, founded by his relatives. Mr. Walker works for for'the week-end. Mr. Jones is a| ter attending the fair. Mrs. Nelson'.to Algona. Mr. Trenhaile operates father in 1870. Kennedy and Parsons here, nnd grain man. 0. V. Pritz, Fort Dodge, ;is the former Marie Beck, daugh- air elevator, and Mr. Koerner, Mrs. Walker i fl the former Helen was a gueest Tuesday of the ] tc r of Mr. and Mrs. Nels Beck, and once a Sheldon resident, is now Gocders. Josephine Miirfnpfli, DCS Moincs, was a week-end guest of hor motli- e r, Mrs. E. J. Murlagh. She aceom- ' archery events for the Conserva, panled the Rolnnd Whitos . Mls9 ' llon Le ue Pleld day , Doctor n. Murtagh is still employed in thei |M . Wallace was accompanied by ' Streits. He owns several elevators, i i ler husband is a cousin of Mr. On n <rip to Mason City one day | Nelson. Last week Tuesday L. J. last week to get materials for j visited Elmore, his old home town. ! superintendent of and M u Streit drovo . daughter Marian, and son ' s ' e » Sunday »* M ° neta w " h M '"' , a two weeks vacation. I soc j a ] SCC urity offices in the fed-'Mr and Mrs. Van Hoven and Mrs. ' "'- '" "*" "*"'"' era! building. Wallace's sister, Marie Grover, Sunday for , pate ' ' i been a clerk in the store bears. I Edward Carney's parents, Onal <!roium Elmhurst, 111., left where she is a „,,„. Brouthers, Mason Krac i e teacher. Miss Cronan, who , n t Monday here with' the i mg taught there several years, tit- MrsWn, nnd wlth Billy, etsburg yesterday to get' n Michael, who had been c Ug ^ ei ._ Mr . and Mrs . his grandparents there Llghtel . Des Moines, Thursday. He was dau hter Na we ,. e 1/EWIS EIKE, shoemaker here the Sanborn' pince 18 - 1 ^' died at nia nome Satur- pl a ' n t i day night, following a long 'He lived for a time at Ames, then at Clarion, Eagle Grove, and Bancroft. He was born in Norway. Two sons and a daughter survive. Clyde Mrs ' Kilce dletl m Ifl36> and a son i,. ,died in '1!)32. One of his sons now f . (conducts the shop. Mr Carney works at. the May- wife !0 f Chicago Olson's son and his JndV or'a visit till Fri- f Olson is with the Eqult- ire Insurance Co. Ferguson, Ames, came /for a week with his _Mrs. Hortenee Ferguson. [j has charge of the forestry T a C. C. C. camp. Voigt spent Sunday and with her parents, Mr. tended summer school at Cedar Falls this year and received her master's degree. 3fr. and Mrs. J. P. O'Cqnner, the week-end at Hawar den ™ o £™ Mrs" JTaftin iioux City. They visited Mr. . (Vl tllo a H . oifc . f _. », cam • came clays Waterloo, left Monday evening af-, works in a meat market there. ter a week-end visit with Tailor and Sioux City. They visuea inr. uh th stl . e|ts fol . a £ew and Mrs. L. R. Carson at Hawar- vlgjt den. The Carsons are lormer^Al-, ^ p Ej|rl Bnrgegg attendea a 'meeting of the board of gonlans, and Mr. Carson , a* Irs Herman Voigt, of near ' ' — •-- in the Oraettln:' accompanied him to Sioux City. uraeuui Hlta Hooley, Des Moines, spent and Mrs. Clapton. Mr. O'Conner is! the week-end with her parents,;«« 'J^a Qvermypr connected with the shipping de- County Recorder and Mrs. J. J.'Buigess and Mis. J._*. uveimyer partmenet of the Mid-Continent 'Petroleum Corp. ger, accom .laincs Mnrliipli has been get- ( ting around on crutches the last ! few days, having suffered a cracked bone in the left foot, when he' er. is an architect i Ma.ior Saul, A-. for the Tinley- McBloom-Higgins!L. E. Hedrick, the latter of Ames, Co., Des Moines, and Clinton is at a Chamber of Commerce meet- manager of the local Miller lum-jing last week Thursday evening, ber yard. I Mr. Hedrick was here in the inter- Mrs. P. J. Helnikc,- Swea City, est of a credit bureau. Rackets trustees daughter Inez, and Mr. and Mrs. j were discussed, and it was eseti- Arthur Claussen, Bancroft, were , mated that they take $50,000 a year Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ben :from Kossuth. Ingebritson. The infant daughter Sunday and Monday, September 11-12 SONJA &U/GREENE Wlm&l //?W v 3Irs -~ of Mr. and Mrs. Ingebritson was are both in business employ ot DCS Moines, and they room togeth- stepped from his car into the! Mrs. Dennis Killingsley, of Des She works in the driveway at his home. A stone [ Moines, came Saturday night for ."'treasurer's office. • turned the ankle. la week with her parents, Mr. and Attendance 'K.M. Wallace and her sis- Mr. and Mrs. Anton Anderson Mrs. Glenn Roland..She is the for- "L ..;:_.7. ,, Grover, Burt, werej go t home Monday from Pine River, nier Ruth Roland and was Long and her lit- baptised Inez Jeanne at the Trin- elatives at Lu-|jty Lutheran church that day, the in South Dakota | R ev . p. J. Braner, pastor, official- last week. Mr. Long is a local mail i n g i an d the Claussens and Minnie THE PIONEER Hi-Bred Seed company entertained more than 1,000 visitors at the new plant just north of Algona Friday. Free lunch reunion was-held Monday at James Crawford's, near a mechanic at Dau's. Whittemore, and amonjg persons j 3f rs . ]tf c rle Male}', Howard, S. D. were the L . H. | avr ived"Sunday for two weeks with «' e at a bridge luncheon given Lir niece, Mrs, Alvln Ras- B, at Pomeroy Friday. M inn., where they had spent the , ber of the Beta Sigma Phi > sU mmer. They have a cabin there cub here befoie hei i ecent mai and spend every summer in it.jnage. Mr. Billmgsley is a sales - , wford MinneapoliS) the N . j. Jam CrawfordBi ' L Mj , g Frefl served. The Lotte Creek played, and some of the were taken through demonstration fields. ANTHONY SHAW, farmer near Swea City, sold 105 head of cattle weighing nearly 1200 pounds sac! , _ . . Marie Drcyer, Mrs. Fred J. Mr. Anderson and his sons own the man. gh employed in a tele- to the Austin, Minn., packing com ' at Extra Special Added Attraction "City of Little Men,' Father Flanagan's Home Boy's Town THURS., FRIDAY, SATUR. TUES.-WE1), SEPT. 18-14 Continuous from 1 O'clock September 15-16-17 i p. m. TWO'S COMPANY •THREE'S A TRIANGLE OwMMlUVIlUIIDt P«mcKnOIUUS 4 the Wesley Behlmers, and the | p no ne office there. Mrs. Lillian, pany one day last week, and they William Finns, all of Algona. L. H.!Norton, Denver, Is to arrive to- 1 t~.-••-.> =- lit her family the Rev. and Vj Braner and the Arthur {.attended a Lutheran mis- Kestival at Fenton Sunday. ) m an Anderson, partner m tele Sprat store, Is sick at his f with bronchial pneumonia. fcd been sick a few days with as at first thought to be the .nty Auditor E. 9. Kinsey and bildren, Jean and Bobby, spent fceek-end at Horseshoe lake, [st. Cloud, Minn. • Jean was tated from St. Cecelia's acad- jthie yeear. Sprat store here. White James are sons, Mrs. n j g ht for a few weeks with her Behlmer and Mrs. Finn daughters. daughter, Mrs. Frost. She reach- were hauled, away in trailers. JERALD ALDRICH left one day to attend Mason City, brought their daugh-, the former's grandfather, ter, Mrs. W. C. McDougal, and the • Whorter's and at Joel Herbst s. latter's son Bobby home Sunday, • Mrs. White, the former JX>n-n a after a visit there since last week;Quinn, is a sister of Mrs. Herost. Tuesday. Mr. McDougal is employed at Botsford's. A Mr. Donson, Omaha, was a gue§t Sunday and Monday at McWhort- The Tom E. Daileys moved Tues-' er's. day into the W. F. Walker house Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Benner, Ana• --i xi..i a) .g parents of a son, oorn on north Harlan street, recently mosa, are parents of a son, om occupied by the Frank Kellys. The.' September 3 weighing 8% P oun .QS. Henry Douglases will . . have the This is the . Benne ™ * rst ^ . , house on east Lucas formerly oc-|and lie has been named turned early in the week from Des' WO men's meeting in connection "'° '' 'T' 7 0 ", fpnd a Moines, where they spent all last wlt h a G. A. R. national convention lanQ weie to auena a wek while Paul was looking after | there. The Nor tons formerly liv- his new duties as a director of j e a here, moving to Denver in. 1912. the state fair. H was assigned to . j ; . T. Griffin was planning to re- the public safety job, and he found i turn t o West Concord, Minn., yes- vention at San Francisco. THE REV. 0. H. Frerking, Lakota Presbyterian pastor, has resigned, and will move to Dubuque plenty to do. The directors have I terda'y, after a week in his old to take charge of a Bethany home family quarters in the adminis-'.haunts here. Since he Buffered a,for the aged. The Frerkings have tration building- and live there stroke four years ago, he has liveA while they are on duty. I there with his daughter, Mrs. Fred cupied by the Daileys. | Bruce. Mrs Benner . , , Mrs. W. L. Martin accompanied, Virginia Good the husband is Mr. and Sirs. D. L. Leffert took., urch, former east of Algona farm- their daughter Ha Mae back to' ers _ The Urches own a half sec- "ind'jlrs. C. R.- Pommeran- her son Lloyd and his wife to manager of the Bell telephone Iwith the son Bobby, spent South Dakota Sunday to visit Mrs. change there. by at Fairmopt. , with the Martin's mother, Mrs. Bell, "•—' ^ r - "" J v ' ;hter, Mrs. Glenn Swanson. Mr.' recently fell and suffered who, Mr. ana Mrs. * i ea broken Sterlmg, and Arno Hahn, tito on is foreman of a graveling i there. I. and Mrs. Chris Wallukait, •les Dahlhauser, and Mildred Humboldt Thursday ler attended the Ity fair last week has ter of Whittemore, were at Sunday to attend an air show. r l \t\r tn City to hip. Mrs. Bell, who is aged, visited here several times. , Cecil Wilson, son of Mr. and Mrs. I They also drove to T C. Wilson, of State's Cafe, plans attend midget auto races Mr. En to remain in Algona, and for the gel is a mechanic a; Daus, and in charge-of the cafe Helen is employedI at the local Mat- yesterday, after she had t j on O f ] an d there and are heavily a couple of weeks here. Ha engaged in dairying. Many years Mae, who was employed there most ago the Griffins farmed southeast of the summer, is a senior in the o f town, and late/ lor many years 1 State college this year, majoring j they lived in Algona.. "Lafe". has a ' in zoology. The elder Lefferts " " ' • • -were to be accompanied home by Ida Halpin, who had been visiting at Des Moines and Ames. Judge and Mrs. Grimm, of Cedar been at Lakota 11 years. SIX CIVIL SUITS have been filed in district court for sums ranging from ?230 to $6,500. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Crawford on the organ. Look on page 3 for our movoie quiz adv. Four more quiz pictures in this adv. "Suiiday-lftonday, Sept. 25 • 26— Sncncer Tracy-Micky Rooney in J "BOY'S TOWN" " . ,_ y lair laat ween. j.iiuio>i«vj yreaeiit is i" \.xxii»e,«.- "- —— 1- - T r. ..eftnoa ing. Humboldt is the old Wai-1 a t night. During the last three I ronolitan Life of.fices jit home county. , i and Mrs. Bert Palmer, with son "Dick", returned Friday i a four-day outing at the Ok- lls, Mr. Palmer, who clerks at [liquor store, is taking a r two sus,«;r,,n..t>= «i."js'*'2-^r. son, Chicago, were Monday guests of the formers sister, Mrs. Joseph Greenberg. Mr. vacation. Loren Minkler and her her, Mrs. Irons, both of Wav- | came Saturday for a week's with Mrs. Ida Minkler here. viaitors are well known for- 1 Algoniansd. ' le Kev. and Mrs. .William Eld[ Ogden, spent Tuesday at their I Bert'e. Mr. Eldien Is pastor of pwedish Lutheran church, and with the Allis-Chalmers |pany here. [fne, daughter of Mr. and T. L. Larson, started vrork- I at the local Metropolitan Life Ices Tuesday as part-time sten- in Porto Rico. din county, with a son and • a ship. The women are Mrs. . Willits was on her way back from son from Berkeley, Calif., where she | Tues^ay^from had been two months, guest of nei sister, Mrs. Harold Schuh M,ss little trouble walking, but he still drives a car. Doris Long, who taught in the Tama high school last year, has = . accepted a place as English teach- Rapids, were guests Sunday of Mr. | er j n the Mason City high school, and Mrs. C. L. Ingersoll. Judge, she accompanied her parents, Mr. Grimm is senior partner in the law firm of which the Ingersoll son Tyrrell is junior member. Judge Grimm is also president of the Outing club at Clear Lake, and he and his wife spent the summer there. He obtained the title of Judge from service o.n the state S, D., after s, . Dooley is a teacher at Sexton ana Mr. Schuh is employed In a steel factory. Mrs. Clara »alton, who has of late been Jiving In Evanston, 111., is visiting her sister-in-law, Mrs. Lynn Keith. Before going to Evanston, Mrs. Dalton » w mesuay as pan-ume o\,cu- ceacu, ^am. ~™~ — - --- ,_„.. Pher. She is a '38 graduate of |gonian, also a well known foimei Mr, Floyd I local high school. • lLakotan T. and Mrs. T. H. Holmes drove ubuque Sunday, and there met and Mrs. Wllford Resslguie, ago, with whom Mrs. Holinep W home for a weekes yielt. Wil^ is Mrs. Holmes' son. Tleiiry Meyer and Henry Hause|n, Postvllle, .were guests Sat- py of their cousin, Mrs. C. L. iersoll. They came to: attend i Pioneer seed company celebra- n. Both are fanners. ' : •'• »nd Mrs. R. U Emr'y. Sioux t Monday, alter the week-end N with Mrs. Emry's sister, Mrs, [w. Neville. Mr. Emry Is a for- V state Chamber of Commerce Fetary in South Dakota. «. and Mrs. E. R, DeLano, with ' r children, visited Mrs, DeLa- brother, Harley Hortsman, ,,at a Falls over the week-end. Mri irtsman i a a plumber. Mr, PelLd- • i\ or HS, at the D ^ Btatlon here. l«nn Bishop, youngest spn of Mr. I d Mrs. A. A, Bishop, returns to *a City today to resume stud* 'it the university,,He te a jun- ' this year, He was graduated • 2 1 the local high, school in 1935. I*, and Mrs, R, c. Berrie. Ma- F City, and their baby son spent l"nday and Monday ae guests of I • Berrle's parents, Mr. and *">• w. A. Barry.. Mr. Berrie In 'a Mason City print fihop- [w. Glen G. N»«daln leaves to- fa his home'at Roclf JBill, S. » U to be accompanied from oy hie -wife's ilster.'E&rl ui plans to leave for hi' 1 at Glendale, Cajif., Saturday havngspent the with his father, H. Chris Jensen. He is a sophomore in the local supreme bench. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O'Neil, Chicago, with a little sqn, week-end guests of Mrs. were Julia He Is » SOpnouiuie m LXX*> •---- g( . rom high school this year and is »v-| Dearchs. Mrs. O'Neill is a niece of Mrs. Dearchs, and Mr. O'Neill is an electrician. Mr. and Mrs. August and Mr. and Mre. Jack ing done school this year an s -| who were Tue8day even . with the Beckers, as he Has • £ . „_ Dearcha the last two years, _ Mr. and Mrs. Harold Falkonham- er ' with their daughter Diane, went to Independence Tuesday, and will be there a month. Mr. Falkenhainer had already been employed there as a state institutions auditor, but Mrs. Falkenhain- has been living here. They have ing dinner guests of Mrs. Dearchs, left yesterday morning for a new home at Denver. Mrs. Schults is er closed their local apartment and Mrs. A. L. Long/and her bro- j ther Jack, to Boone Sunday morn-1 ing, and Mrs. Long left from there, on a 6:30 train for San Francisco to visit the daughter Arba Dee | Middlekauff. The rest of the Longs stopped at New Hampton for the day with Mre. Long's mother, Mrs. Jackson, and the latter's son, J. T., and on the way home Mr. Long, left Doris at Masoq City. Jos. Sherman at Hospital. Joseph Sherman, Bancroft, brother of Tom Sherman, here, entered the Kossuth hospital Tuesday for medical care. He has lived in .Bancroft for the last 45 years and for many years was cashier of the First National .bank there. ALWAYS COOU THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 8 Last showing Charlie McCarthy in "Letter of Introduction' «NI6HT SPOT" "DESERT PATROL" Last Episode "Fighting Devil Dogs* No, 1 Ch^ter?DlCK TRACY RETURN," SUNDAY THRU WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 1144 2- GREAT ATTRACTIONS-? SALE OF .I»RESSE§ We're breakin' the ice again ... with the first real dress sale «' the fall season. Presses that will surely make your heart skip » heat. A handsome lot oi MEN'S SUITS TOPS::. and we mean it. For the man with a flair for authentic styling, the keenest of fashion sense.:. smart fabrics and a nose for a good buy. Every important shade ^n- ciuded. OTHERS AT Every fascinating cqlor and adaptable style ha* been included. Movie Quiz Picture , » ,-t-* > IS &'*^ *,£*£-& M«n'«Wool SWEATERS Novelty styles in two tone oombinations. Full zippar or button. Women's A k*«n Mlcction of Men's Felts Heads the preference list o! every particular dresaer. New shapes and shades for fall. [WEAR Rayon, pique, laoe eHem- inltely interpreted in many interesting styles. 49* chad's Wool DRESSES Sizes 3 to 6. ... Dainty styles for the little miss. Many charming colors. $198 Girls' SKIRTS • Sizes 7 to 14. . . ."Pleats, tucks, zippers and novelty pockets ... all colors. 98< Women's Sweaters Novelty pullover styles in a variety of colors and wanted patterns. Fine zephyr yarn. ...,...,•,'.' .;..*•••.»>•••••••• pi \ . * *? i.ltlia^'fai^'J glpves in several styles and colors. intmente lever d«-, tads. Choice Newappoin and clev Fur Trimmed FALL CO ATS . More stylo and variety than you'v* ever dreamed existed. Gorgeous tut trims and new fabric treatments. They'r» h«» ... tba important coats d «n, , Important year. SPORT COATS Iffllw^^^P '(Vt L J J~ t *• >„"•*• «> -« T ^ » -A ^ "* , * *"! \ l ** 1 i V, "* ^ 1 *J -Y^Jv* ^^MM^^^'^^'^^m^&^»M^A, r & frJi'Cj.J •••••••••••••••••{••••••i Av-*fc«Sj«,^f B '^ ^tiOHP*

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