Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 8, 1938 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 8, 1938
Page 3
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n vmn lOKTY FUR 8; 1988. KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. AtXJONA. IOWA PAGE THREB 7 — The Fenton ^eiuh^t^atuMay B»ven. by Kathryn Ann Bohn and Irene their demonstration, to Buge, -Which they t the KoBSUth county W girls, accom- by Shirley Frank on the ane Dreaming, the number fair Tuesday. -. -« f»*iil« Tfc»trttf_ Tuesday, Where Kathleen will have a check-up and examination. Other Fenton, Sylvester Ehlers, sou David, and Lona Frlthe, of Madison, Wifl., and Mr..Ehler's parents, Mr. and Mrs Henry Meyer, Whlttemore, visited Mrs. II. D. Wehrspann Saturday afternoon en route to Minneapolis to attend the Minnesota state fair. Mr. Ehlers is a nephew ot the la f o R, D. Wehrapann and Mrs. Meyers is his sister. Mr. and Mrs. A, H. Anderson, ot Minneapolis, who spent two weeks here with Mrs. Anderson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Norland, and the Melvln Norlands, Olat Nor- lands, William Jentz, and Tom Berkelands, left Monday for their home, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Martin Norland, who will spend gome time there. Mr. and Mrs. Pfeffinger and Mr. and Mrs. Emll Voolker, of Charles City, were Wednesday evening dinner guests of Mr. Pfefflnger's nephew and niece, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Dreyer. Evening callers were the Richard Hengel family, Mrs. Arthur Krause, and Mrs. Elsie Dreyer. Willard Ranney, the Herman Dreyera, Irene Kraus, and Gladys Stoeber are among those Who attended the state fair last week. Mrs. W. J. Welsbrod also spent a few days there and with her daughter Florence. Gladys remained in Dos Moines for a few days visit. Mr. and Mrs. John Zwelfel and daughter June, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Welsbrod, and Mrs. Milton Weisbrod and daughter Marlene attended a family gathering at the home of Mrs. Elmer Welsbrod's niece, Mrs. John Nueberger, at Ventura Sunday. About 46 attended. Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Straley, daughter Juanita, and Audrey Kay were entertained at the parental iV. E. Brace home at Hurt Sunday. The dinner was In honor of old friends, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Fields, of Metcalf, 111. Mrs. Carrie Haase, Gall and Earl, Algona, and Mrs. Charles Langerman, of Farlbault, who had been visiting In Algona, visited here Saturday at Herman Gade's and at the Martin and Gerhart Hantelman homes. Mrs, R. L. Padgett and sons Terence, Harold,'and Bobble, of Algona, spent Friday in Fenton with friends. Mrs. Wlllam Krause, who had visited a few days with the Herman 'Krauses, accompanied them home. •The Herman Gade family visited Wednesday evening at August Gade's, West Bend. The Edwin Gades were Sunday guests at Herman Gade's and attended the Mission festival. Mrs. William Miller entertained the Falrvllle Lutheran Aid last week Thursday. Guests were Mrs. Henry Miller, Fenton, and Mrs. Walter Wegener and Mrs. Ervln Schmeling. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jannson and daughter Elva Jean, ot George, visited at Harry Haase's Sunday. The Arthur Berkeland family, Cylinder, was entertained at Melvin Mansager'a. Mr. and Mrs. William Ford, son Pat and daughter Kay, of Farl- bault, Minn., visited Mrs. Ford's brother-in-law and sister, the F. P. Newels, from Saturday evening to Monday. William Hantclman, Winston Kerber, Merlin Wegener, and Victor ScHmeling left Monday for St. Paul to attend Concordia college. This Is Victor Schmeling's first year. Mrs. W. J. Weisbrod left Monday for Algona to have charge of the fancy work department ut the county fair. While there she will be a guest at Herman Hauborg'G. •Mr. and Mrs. Harley Peterson and Mr. and Mrs, Ernest Hendriek- sen and two children, of Rodman, met friends at Newell Sunday and enjoyed a picnic dinner there. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Wallace and children, accompanied by Frank Dreyer and Gladys Tieman, spent Sunday at Hollandale, Minn., visiting the Emll Mansagers. Mrs. Hortense Ferguson and son Lewis, Algona, were Sunday even- Ing supper guests at W. J. Weis- brod'a. They also called at W. E. Laage's. Florence Weisbrod and ' Edith Laage, Des Moines, and Ka/1 Schwartz, Rockwell City, visited from Saturday to Monday at home. Mrs. Orphia Jones and daughters Marva Jean and Lois Mae, of Boone, visited at Paul Eigler's from Saturday to Monday. Mr. and Mrs. E. L. 'Baker and Mr, and Mrs. Everett Smith, of Armstrong, were Sunday dinner guests at Mrs. Freelove Weisbrod's. Mr. and Mrs. H.' E. Relmers and Mrs. Dorothy Gerhards and children were Sunday evening supper guests at W. V. Yager's. Arthur Mueller and hi» con Franklin had their tonsils and adenoids removed at the General hospital, Algona, Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Newel, son Lyle, and daughter Lavonne, were entertained Sunday at Leeter Johnson's near Bancroft. Mr./ and Mrs. Emll Bleckwenn and daughter Norma Jean spent last week-end with the John Mick- licks, Thor. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Fields, of Metcalf, 111., spent Saturday to Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Straley. Carrol Wessel, Dubuque, visited Friday and Saturday with his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wtddel. Mr. and Mrs, Walter Flsnef ;and twin daughters visited at Howard Humphrey's at Pocanpntas Sunday. HOSIERY NEWS! 13th Polr FREE JOIN Rollins Hosiery Club Kresensky's L time members ot the - lie presented with book % the club. Both girls are dUtes and left Monday for Poetry was In charge ot ,d Marian Finnestad. Ethel ,d| joined the cliib'at this he and now the club has 18 K. Record hooka from each C %ere filled In and all ex- Uere completed and tagged lo fair. Guests were Mrs. A. ,tk Mrs E. K. Johnson. Mrs. Eelsbrod and daughters Anna g3 Marilyn, Lucille Jentz, Is- lOhm and Joan Fmnestad. A T," two-course luncheon was 1 hy the hostess and her ] ti Mrs. Charles Newel. LuFestlTal Is Held— ... I annual mission festival of John's Lutheran church was iSunday on the Fenton school Speakers were the Rev. P. ot Pomeroy, the Rev. A. . r of Fairville, and the Rov. fSc'hraram, of Vernon Center, I The women served dinner at I and after the services lunch Iserved to the visiting partots •families and the Rev.,Mr. Kali and family and members of •Little German band, of Lotts |k who furnished music, both loon and afternoon. Other pas- I attending were the Rev. Mr. imann, Burt/E. Flene, Lotts Ik and P. Braner, of Algona, {Teacher William Schmiel, of L Creek. There were many In [ndance from Falrville, \Vhitte- Burt, Algona, and Lolts fck. j are Honored— [family gathering was held at tie Lake Sunday In honor of I and Mrs. Andrew Larsen, [ghters Elaine and Ethel, and _! Arlo, Wade, Roger, and Lyle, fof Grove City, Minn. Attend- Iwere the William Domek fam- { Fairmont; Herman Voigt and ighter Mae and sons Donald and |old, Ellendale, Minn.; Mrs. Mae jgt and daughter Esther, and the |1 Klenz family, Welcome Minn.; I Arthur Voigt and William Jgt families, of Cylinder; the fin Menz and Frank MoFaU'fam- _, Dale Weisbrod, Fred, Ray, lArdis Zweifel, all ,of Fenton; Chris Larsen," Marion -Larsen I Norman Larsen families, Mrs. |ry Larsen, Mrs. Jennie Jensen , i son Harold, and the William [rsens, all of Ringsted. union Held for Visitors— Mr. and Mrs. William Buckholz [daughter Esther, and Mr. and 'S. Ed Dalke and four children, 1 of Raymond, Minn., visited at |llliam Schmidt's from Saturday Monday. Mrs. Buckholz is a kter of Mr. Schmidt. A family itherlng was held Sunday at Mr. fhmidt's in their honor. Others lending were the Arthur Kres- is, Lotts Creek, Virgil Zwelfels, iiw. Ohins, August Zumachs, or lolfe. Evening callers were thft Hex Radigs, William Fueretenaus, pd Mrs. Dora Laabs, all of Lone lock, and Martha Radlg, of Call- [>rnia, a guest of : the 'Radigs. inters Teachers College— [Mr. and Mrs, E. K, Johnson and dren, Marjorie.: Eunice and neth, accompanied by Mary an Bohn, went to Algona Sun- jay to be dinner guests at Henry Nener's, After .dinner the party ft for Cedar Falls, where Margie enrolled as a freshman at Teachers college. Mr. and Mrs. H; Dreyer and daughters Ruth pa Alvina were also at Cedar PS Sunday, and Ruth remained i enter college. Marjorie and j«ta are roommates at Bartlett , new dormitory on the college uB, The others returned home unday evening. .Wtorg are Hoiorei— • • Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Gillette, of w»g Beach, Calif,, vtalted Sunday Wd Monday at WUbur Holldorf'B. wnday they left for Sioux Falls. D., to visit a aon, Mr.' Gillette is »f>. Holldorl's brother. A family lathering was held Sunday In hon- of the GiUettea, Other guests »e Mrs. Holldorf '& mother, Mrs. > B. Metcalf, another brother, Gillette, and 'a nephew, Earl , all of Algon*. Hay Fever JteUef— Mr, and Mrs. Fred W. Jentz, «ughtar Lorraine, and Mrs. G. R. e, and son Edmund left early y morning for Anthony, B., a distance of 650 miles. Lor- »ne and E4mund have been sut- wmg from bay fever and asthma, pa the trip iva$ made to consult a . They expect tQ be away [ »r several daye. ews KbiTe Som— Mr, and Mre. Martin preyer be- ime parents of eaa. S-pound eon, "i Saturday. Mrs. Dreyer is the mer Marie SchftlUn, daughter of r. and Mrs. John Schallls. Tnla is first child tor the Preyers and t grandchild fpr 1 8 ZumacU, 6, wa of Mr. and Bill Zunjach, Lotjs ^ Creek. taken to ft'bospltfl In, Mason e ^ aso Saturday tpr and o^servfttton for dia- He ^ r *W»rt** *» a at the SPEAKS i f JL TS HARE) foe a fellow like" me who thinks apple j)ie is one of nature's greatest gifts to man to believe that there are folks who honestly 'don't like it at all* On die other hand, I can't abide liver and bacon— h I know, if s highly, regarded by many, I all have our likes and our dislikes. We're all different - thanks be! X dull world it would be if we iy I say that tfaTlrn^slTremarkable thing] , ,, . j^ yj j jibout motion pictures is that they, hit s»ch a high aye**, ruge of gleasure^giving. Take an^ individual picture aa& you'irfina tf at ffiosl people who see it will get a lot of enjoyment out of it. '• " Mot all, naturally. For example, I think a certain stw I b tops - while, to hear the way my next-door neighbor , goes on about her, you'd think she wasa't good jnQugK jfco be an "extra"* Or my wife sees a picture 'during die af ternbon and raves about it at dinner. Maybe son and I take it in that f;evening-and come home feeling that Mother is losing, .. * r** '« .*'_: ^-_ .^.A T**e +1*A ***\f\\** t\4& Ctfll9«i J (her judgment, tion afi over again;' But, taking them'att Ibgetfier, I fig^e that ^nM^ie^g^nwre^ cost than most anything the mind of man was eyer «s-i sibk foe -and have done the human race more pon It's the criticism of average folks like me that's largely j Responsible for the pictures getting better and better !••• . • .. f ^*-:'f > - ~~"' ' ' •'""" [all the time. (• ' ' ' ';• *'.**.*'-. Fhrough the years the motion picture has given its^ public countless hours of entertainment, countless hours of escape from harsh reality. It has taken miUions r.Hghcening their burdens To provide the finest ^^array of productions ever'released j die Motion Picture Industry has mobilized all ;its JskiH,; all its imagination, all its resources to , provide die ' greatest array of productions ever released. . 1 Great stories splendidly produced . . . love-filled ro> mance, stirring drama, gay adventure, hilarious comedy, tuneful musicals — star-studded casts filled with\ your favorites aod new. faces, new talents, foe whicBV ^mei when rye gone to «ee one 1 wasn't efpedaify ex jitcd aboot in tkiwnce aod been mighty, glad I ter, happier place It has tj n.T i n.iT-rnr~r TT~"-~ *~ j ~•"•"""; \j ~"-•——-—^— —— - , ^ t ^ . . . ., tewn^their Kve$.. .mlkinjg;th« wfldid ab^ J>ie world has been searched. One after another thjse, '-•-i-L~ ^u-.-.iJ'-'t^'"' ' * •'. or*at oktures are comine to vour favorite theatre. ^ .. T live ku 'great pictures are coming to your favorite theatre. Entettainment, relaxation, freedom from care i, I crkictte die pictures. I pay my money and' Authors.-.. from tonafi^tiom of the wotks of the w«Ws gieatestj TOUTS m **rf^ing m^ ^ ' • X ' : * '' ' I • . • —_—»'' ••* * \ \ . _._ 'ft' ' '^' ^.'f _tft_—.' ^^— '^9 ^ ^ *** _^»-'__ 1 —^L W' J r^-Al—— A^K fOf ••••• ,V» ,••*mt^-^ ^ ^»^^ —•» —— —- i j^j . ' ^*i I -' • . - "* ' - ' flkkm to Mcbakrf] «if«iM«6oct» of die Motion Picture hidmcijjo kMdliRcW MWOtT.^ '*ji f«U MMK SW J» »•* W*Z 6*». Make Call and Iowa Theatr«f Your TM. Ad Pal* For By Call and !«wa Movie Qulr Headquarter • p Theatrw, Algona Iowa Watch for lihes* n«w •wiwm's pkfwr** at ybor; «**»»• ffc*oft*i *250,000-00 5,404 CASH PRIZES LIST OF PHIZ!*! »«---«M-ysM^% l| FREE I FREE! AT YOU» FAVOtlTI THIATEil Hvnyl Hunyl Mauttfel 93f«i* look F*r a U»H«d r— KACKET BUSTB^S Hupwhrer VetSS TBB GLMMATOH ','•& ^i 'ffl^KSftWdd, MT ?£M.'aSK,*jS5T^^ ^ ^SSwTUSnKafcwr,* ^S-^^^ n :^^^^^^^ ^x:^**^ ''"«^' ? SS^^'^^^^^S W ^-^ f,lgB«VS«IU«i ^»*« 1 , >KR$OSSR&tii*. '*" • -- •' : -^^L ^^Si^hWtgfffi^'-aiagqaa . , * ""^|i^» rvmii, -»•»•• B'S 4 CMMIW " • m&gH&rtw** jf^Rj^^B^K^^&J^^ff^yj^y ^. j»«^» S^^^P( ^Pjrt^^^flVA Di f tnt^^pZ^*f*y^sw^<*^Y~+^ frgfitmztiBmii.it i*n»T^iH^K^' .* •ifaMtJfdlMtal'&fMtafci^iMMiM'&ft ''" ' ' * •• *''"'*T

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